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22 May 2019 10:51:46
Leafs trade Marleau
Washington trades Burakovsky

We know Burakovsky was on the block most of the season. He should be cheap to re-sign after a poor showing last year.

I figure the only way Marleau waives is if it is to another contender. Washington is as good.

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22 May 2019 09:16:01
Leafs: Kadri, Johnsson, Zaitsev, Brown
Stars: Faksa, Hintz, Lindell, 3rd

I think it all balances out, we give them all that to free up cap (trading Zaitsev) and obtaining solid pieces. Faksa plays 4th line unless injuries or until next next year when Thornton is done then moves to 3C.

Sign Thornton



Reunite Thornton and Marleau so that they can both have a good shot at winning the cup and together.

No team can match our speed, center depth, and our defense looks good with a solid top 4 and young bottom pair.

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22 May 2019 15:06:15
An entire team of LHD is different. I don’t see why it can’t be done though. I think the team looks better overall, though I question just how effective Marleau and Thornton willl be together. Someone on here once told me they hate each other. Whether that is true or not, I don’t know. What were you going to offer Thornton anyway? 1 year @ $2M is about all I would give him. If SJ doesn't make him an offer and he wants to play here, that’s the best we can give him. Take it or leave it.

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22 May 2019 07:12:12
tor: Zaitsev timashov 3rd
Lvg: miller

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22 May 2019 15:11:03
The problem with this trade Randy, is that if Vegas trades Miller, it will be to clear cap space. I don’t think they would be willing to take Zaitsev on in return. I would love if this trade could happen. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Lol. It’s just not in the cards though. Vegas won’t make this trade. Miller is better than Zaitsev, and they were unhappy with Miller last year. Imagine how unhappy they would be with Zaitsev? Lol.

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22 May 2019 04:16:48
Leafs trade Timashov, 3rd
Vegas trades Miller, Gusev

I think this is identical to a proposal someone posted earlier, except I threw Gusev in. He’s very small, which makes me wonder if he can handle the nhl, but his 82 points in 65 games in the KHL lead me to believe he could produce in the nhl. He would have to be signed to entry level deal, so would be very cheap.

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21 May 2019 19:09:45
6'0" C 28yrs
UFA $4.5M 2020 -21

Rakek Faska
6'3" C 25yrs
RFA $2.2M 2019-20
Roope Hintz
6'3" LW 22yrs
RFA $812k 2019-20

Connor Brown
6'0" RW 25yrs
RFA 2.1M 2019-20

Ilya Lyubushkin
6'2" RD 25yrs
RFA $925 2018-19

Tampa Bay
Erik Cernak
6'3" RD 21yrs
RFA 700k 2019-20

Andreas Johnsson
5'10" LW 24yrs
RFA 800k 2018-19

Luke Schenn
6'2" RD 29yrs
UFA - 3 years @1.2M

Line up

Hyman $2.25M
Tavares $11M
Marner $11M*

Ennis $1.5M*
Matthews 11.7M

Hintz $800k
Faska $2.2M
Kapanen $4M*

Marleau $6.25M
Gauthier $675k
Moore $775k

Rielly $5.5M Cernak $4M*
Muzzin $4M Zaitsev $4.5M
Dermott $870k Lyubuskin 2.5M*
Schenn $1.2M* Rosen $750k

*Estimated contract

Cap Totals



Andersen $5M
Hutchinson $1M*

Estimated cap limit is $83M

This excludes cap restrictions such as Kessel's retention, LTIR Horton, and player bonuses.

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21 May 2019 19:33:06
CUP IN 3 years. ever heard of a good backhand from the point. that's what the goof #3 had in his back pocket. That is what we need. i'm thinking. Dougggy G. Heffdog. Tomas Kaberle.

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22 May 2019 01:02:47
If you could get both Faksa and Hintz for Kadri, that’s would be one helluva good deal. Hintz had a fantastic rookie year, and Faksa is a more than adequate replacement at 3C for Kadri. A great two way player, Faksa is already getting nods towards being a possible future Selke winner.

If we trade Brown it would be to save cap space, so I don’t know if Leafs would take Lyubushkin back in return. They might just be happy with a mid round pick. I suppose it depends on how much Lyubushkin is demanding. He’s not a bad defenseman though, and I would be happy to have him on the team.

Johnsson for Cernak is my favourite of the three here. Bringing Hintz in so we can trade Johnsson is very smart move. I don’t know if Hintz is as good as Johnsson, but he ain’t bad, and according to a lot of analysts I read, they suspect Leafs won’t be able to afford both Kapanen and Johnsson long term, and one of them might get traded. I have always assumed it would be Kapanen, but the series of trades you made here is real slick and makes a lot of sense.

I like your lineups. They look good to me. The team definitely looks much improved. It really does look like a cup contender. The LW still looks like a weak spot, but the defense is much improved, though I wonder if signing Schenn would be all that necessary right now. We have a lot of other guys that are ready to make their nhl debut sometime this year.

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22 May 2019 12:56:05
Schenn woukd be an insurance policy which hinges on the misstep this past season by Dubas at the deadline. It isn't a necessary move, but RHD would have more depth. He's played here before and knows the city also.

He was a physical force in a game for Van late in the season with double digits in hits I believe which put him back on my radar.

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22 May 2019 15:17:28
I’ve always liked Schenn, and I was suggesting on here last off season we sign him. I love his physical aggressive style of play. He is a hitting machine.

You say “misstep by Dubas at the deadline”. Exactly what do you mean? I guess because he failed to obtain a RHD and got Muzzin instead?

From what I’ve been reading, Vancouver was pretty happy with Schenn’s performance too. It’s very possible he re-signs there. But I don’t know. Anything is possible I suppose. Lol.

Good post. I love this proposal. Well thought out. You even posted the order of trades the way they should be. Lol. Still, I’m curious about the whole Dubas misstep comment?

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21 May 2019 17:09:50
As McKenzie noted, C. Miller is likely to be traded. The Leafs seem like a perfect fit for him as he played for Dubas in SSM

To VGN: D - A. Borgman + 2020 3rd round pick

To TOR: D - C. Miller

Vegas needs to shed salary bad and need returns of picks and prospects. Without signing W. Karlsson the Knights are over the cap as is.

The Leafs can play Miller in their top 4 and hope he returns to his form from 2 years ago

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21 May 2019 18:23:26
I personally think this is the guy the leafs add to the team this summer. Seems like the most likely candidate. I'm not sure on evaluation though. I personally think he's a good d man but Vegas seems to not think so. I'm not sure what they would be asking for.

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21 May 2019 18:35:06
Agreed. They clearly are not high on him, thus the return will be lower. A prospect and a mid pick seems reasonable to me.

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21 May 2019 18:47:48
Miller was scratched and was used in out of a 6th defensemen role - alternating with Nick Holden - down the stretch. So vegas will be looking to move Miller based on his current cap hit at 3,875,000. This might be the beginning of a reshaped roster of the leafs for next year. If they bring in Miller contract that probably is a sign that Gardiner won't be returning.

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21 May 2019 19:02:50
Miller was used in of the 6th defensemen spot in Vegas alternating with Nick Holden. Considering the fact that vegas used Miller in the 6th/ 7th defence spot with a $3,875,000 cap hit - it makes sense for them to want to move him. This could be the start to the newly shaped leafs roster for next year - if the leafs acquire Miller the would most likely mean that they would be unable to resign Jake Gardiner. But Miller is a right handed defensemen and the leafs are desperate for a NHL ready right handed defensemen.

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21 May 2019 19:03:42
Wouldn’t that be something if we could steal Miller for that? Miller got almost 20 minutes a night in Vegas. His performance was excellent, particularly his possession stats, and if he didn’t get injured, he probably would have beat his previous years best. Playing top line with Rielly as his partner, you got to think he would easily put up his best numbers to date. He would instantly and significantly improve our defense. We would definitely be getting our money’s worth with him. I don’t think it’s so much as Vegas wants to trade him, more along the lines that they don’t have room for him and can’t afford him.

It’s possible we see him go cheap. A lot of players went for a lot less than I expected at the deadline this year. It’s a buyer’s market right now it seems. A heavy hitter that plays a real good two way game without three years left on his contract at a very reasonable cap hit, I fully agree with everyone that he would be the almost perfect player for us to pursue if the price is right.

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21 May 2019 20:19:39
This has nothing to do with Gardiner. Gardiner will not be back for 3 reasons:
1. LHD
2. Will command north of $5M on the UFA market
3. Was a bust in 2 back to back game 7's.

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21 May 2019 16:40:00
Kapanen, Stotts, 2020 3rd
To Leafs:
Pulock, 2020 5th

To Ott:
Zaitsev, Brown, Timashov, 2019 4th
To Leafs:

Marner-7 years 10.5 mill
Johnsson-2 years 3 mill

Sign a depth def. for 1 mill

Johnsson-Matthews-Nylander 21.634
Moore-Tavares-Marner 22.225
Hyman-Kadri-Bracco 7.6
Marleau-Petan-Mikheyev 7.95
*Gauthier 675k

Rielly-Dermott 5.9
Muzzin-Pulock 6
Rosen-Demelo 1.65
*Holl, FA 1.675

Anderson 5
Sparks 750k


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21 May 2019 17:22:34
Too much for Marner, that number should be below $10M. $10.5M would make him the highest paid winger in the NHL. Yes he has not scored 30 goals once. keep that in mind.

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21 May 2019 15:12:57
Another daily post

Tor: kadri
Nsh: turris

Tor: Nylander Zaitzev
Det: mantha 4th

Tor: kapanen 4th (det)
Car: Pesce

Hyman Tavares Marner
Mantha Matthews Bracco
Johnsson Turris Moore
Marchment gauthier brown

Reilly Pesce
Muzzin Dermott
Rosen Liljegren

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21 May 2019 15:48:40
Kyle Turris had a bit of an off year. He also dealt with a couple of injuries that probably will affect his play over the next few seasons. I think Dubas would be hesitant to trade our 3C for a 3C making more money, especially with the current cap situation.

Not sure about the second trade. Mantha is having a great worlds, but Nylander is doing even better, and on his off wing. Yes that is probably a cap space move, but I still think Dubas is going to give Nylander another shot. Detroit may actually be interested in controlling a RHD on a long term contract during their rebuild, so adding Zaitsev was smart.

I would go for Pulock if your trading Kapanen, he is on a cheaper contract and I don't think the leafs can afford Pesce at the moment.

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21 May 2019 16:49:44
I think dubas would rather have turris he’s more dependable as we seen the last two years as for the mantha trade I think he’s a better fit than Nylander for the leafs Nylander is good but we need more size Nylander doesn’t give us a lot other than his play making abilities and for Pulock I think it’s more realistic getting Pesce unless the islanders bring up Wilde or Dobson which I doubt and for your cap concerns

Going out
Zaitzev- 4.5
Kadri- 4.5
Nylander- 6.9
Kapanen- 2-3.5

Coming in
Turris- 6
Mantha- 3.3
Pesce- 4.025

Easy math yes our right side becomes our weak side but we have a lot of young right wing prospects and with the additional cap space we could possibly add a free agent if needed all in all I think this helps the leafs with their cap situation now and long term.

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21 May 2019 16:55:34
MostLeaf is hot today boy. I agree with everything he says. I’ll have to take a different approach.

Turris is a pussy who makes too much for 3C. We have enough softies on the team. What we need is a player who has an edge like Kadri, but less prone to bonehead plays that get him suspended. We have the talent that we can downgrade our 3C to someone less skilled and focuses more on defense, but we can’t pay more money for him. Someone like Jenner for example.

I don’t think Detroit can afford to make this trade. They have the cap space right now that they can theoretically make this trade, but they only have 18 players signed for next year, and have to fill out the roster. Adding Nylander and Zaitsev eats up virtually all remaining cap space and would make things very tricky for Yzerman. An astute GM, one of the best in the league, if not the best, I can’t see him taking on a bad contract in Zaitsev when he is focusing on rebuilding. This just does not seem like a move Yzerman would make.

Kapanen for Pesce (or Pulock) I think is a good move for Leafs, but not if you are moving Nylander too. I would hesitate to trade two RW without bringing in a replacement. Bracco and Moore (who you have on his off side) might turn out to be good players. Or they might not. I have a very hard time thinking either will be able to effectively replace the players we lose here. RW looks really weak now with two rookies.

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21 May 2019 20:33:48
Kadri is a plug he didn’t do a thing for us you said he plays with an edge but how often do you see that and when it does come out it’s always him taking a dumb penalty turris is over paid sure put he’s got good face off numbers and I think he could put up just as many if not more points than kadri and like I said sure our right wing is weak with these moves but the cap space we save allows us to do more mantha in my opinion will add more than Nylander to this team something will have to happen cause we need to make room to sign atleast one of johnsson or kapanen all while trying to add a defencemen.

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22 May 2019 03:16:15
I’ve read a lot of analysts saying that Leafs can’t afford both Johnsson and Kapanen long term. Right now, Kapanen is the obvious choice because he’s on the strong side and we have replacements for him, whereas our LW is already the weaker side and we are losing Marleau. Kapanen also seems to be perceived as the better player as well, probably because he was drafted higher.

It’s always a risk taking on players who have just come off a down year and injured, which applies to Kadri this year just as much as to Turris. It’s probably a good idea to let him build up some value first before trading him. At the same time, we get to see if Turris is able to get back to his normal as well. There’s also no harm in having Nashville retain if they really want to make this trade. If they retain $750k, Kadri and Turris would cost the same.

Mantha is a great player. He has numbers similar to Nugent-Hopkins. I wouldn’t mind having him on the team at all. One of either Nylander or Kapanen should do it, though Nylander is considered the more valuable. If you’re going to add to your LW, Mantha would be a good way to go.

I still think it’s two risky to be trading off two RW, one of whom many consider elite right now and relying on Bracco and Moore. I’d rather promote Brown and re-sign Ennis. I guess we have to agree to disagree on that one. I didn’t read the second post until after I had already sent mine in. Yours wasn’t posted when I wrote mine. That’s why I didn’t see your comment on RW.

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21 May 2019 14:05:26

Toronto: Nazem Kadri
Calgary: Sam Bennett, Rasmussen Andersson

Sam Bennett is the perfect 3C in my eyes. He was born and bred a leaf fan and plays with his heart each and every night. He'll be another Hyman type player who will be cheap and will be able to take faceoffs on our PK unit. I have him extending with the leafs for 2 years at 2M AAV.

Toronto: Kasperi Kapanen
Carolina: Brett Pesce

Pretty simple and straight forward hockey trade. Nylander will not be getting traded this summer and he needs to be playing with Matthews. With the emergence of Bracco, he'll be able to play on the third line. Kapanen is a great player and he's far too good to be playing on the third line. It's wasted assets having him there. Carolina will be able to sign him long term and give them depth scoring, something they're in need of. Pesce is under contract long term at a good AAV, he's a right shot and that's exactly what the leafs need.

Toronto: Nikita Zaitsev, Connor Brown, Dmytro Timashov, 2020 3rd round pick
Vancouver: Chris Tanev

People say that Zaitsev is a massive cap dump but it's been said numerous times that the leafs had offers on Zaitsev at the deadline. He was paired the majority of his time with Jake Gardiner and had glimpses of hope but I think jake's defensive mistakes make Zaitsev look even worse. When Zaitsev was paired with a defensive defencemen (Muzzin), he showed he could be a good shutdown partner. Tanev has 1 year left and is super injury prone. I'm taking he doesn't have any trade value anymore and could be worth the risk for a playoff team if healthy.

UFA Signings:

Brian Boyle (1year x 1.5M)

Big and solid centre who can PK and is reliable in the faceoff circle. Didn't produce with the leafs but I love his game.

Carl Hagelin (3years x 3M)

Speedy winger who although doesn't produce many points, plays a very solid game without the puck and drives possession.

RFA Signings:

Mitch Marner (7 years x 10M)
Sam Bennett (2 years x 2M)

Projected 2019-2020 Lines:

Hyman (2.25)-Tavares (11)-Marner (10)
Mikheyev (.9)-Matthews (11.6)-Nylander (7)
Hagelin (3)-Bennett (2)-Bracco (.9)
Marchment (.8)-Boyle (1.5)-Moore (.8)
Gauthier (.7)-Petan (.75)

Rielly (5)-Tanev (4.5)
Muzzin (4)-Pesce (4)
Dermott (.9)-Andersson (.9)
Rosen (.75)-Holl (.7)

Anderson (5)
Sparks (.8)

Total Cap (79.75M)

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21 May 2019 15:17:35
WHERE IS Marleau?

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21 May 2019 15:59:27
Hagelin 3 for 3 is a terrible signing. There are much cheaper options out there for speedy guys who can move the puck. Someone will give him that money, but it's not going to be the leafs.

The Boyle signing is interesting, but again I think the leafs will go for a cheaper option.

Chris Tanev is not a top 4 defenceman anymore, he is even worse then Zaitsev. The only reason the leafs probably make that trade is to get rid of Zaitsev's long term contract. I would target a cheaper option like Dylan Demelo who put up more points last year while playing on the worst team in the league.

Kapanen for Pulock is a better move then Kapanen for Pesce. However this is only because the leafs cannot afford Pesce's 4.25 million dollar contract at the moment.

The leafs likely aren't trading Kadri unless they are totally screwed with the cap situation (they can't trade Zaitsev)

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21 May 2019 16:54:13
I forgot to mention:

Toronto: Patrick Marleau, Andreas Johnsson
Arizona: Future Considerations

Arizona would buyout Marleau's contract. Since he signed it after the age of 35, the cap hit would stay with Arizona. Johnsson would be the cost to take the cap dump. This may sound like a lot but I compared it to the Brooks Orpik deal last year with Colorado. After being bought out, Marleau would then sign a 1 year, $1M contract with San Jose to retire there.

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21 May 2019 23:11:22
Downgrading Kadri to Bennett in order to bring in Andersson is a smart move. Bennett plays similar grinder style as Kadri, but less apt to make stupid moves that get him suspended. Even if he did do something silly, he does not have a history, so would not be receiving long term suspension like Kadri, who is now an easy target for referees and discipline committee. Calgary has a surplus of high quality defensemen, so may be willing to add Andersson in order to facilitate the trade for Kadri.

The main problem trading for Tanev, as you clearly state, is that he is super injury prone. Even Zaitsev is better than someone who isn’t playing. I guess the bonus is that if Tanev gets hurt, we LTIR him and use the cap space to pursue a replacement. MostLeaf is right, Tanev is no longer a qualified top 4 player (his possession metrics are especially poor), and should be on third line with reduced minutes in order to limit his exposure to high risk plays that lead to injury.

I like Boyle, but he made it clear he doesn’t want to play in Toronto when he signed with the Devils for less than what the Leafs offered him.

Hagelin just isn’t very good anymore. I like his speed, but that’s all he has going for him.

Your LW looks really weak, and that’s because you forgot to add both Johnsson and Marleau. Once you insert those guys, your lineups look much better, and it becomes apparent that we wouldn’t need Hagelin anyway.

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21 May 2019 23:20:44
How does this help the leafs I could see adding a pick or a prospect like Engvall or something but to just give away a player that could be in our top 6 next year makes no sense.

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21 May 2019 12:46:45
Tor gets
Meier LW/RW
Couture C/LW
Merkley D

SAN Jose gets
Marleau LW
Mathews C

Tor gets
Crouse LW
Cousins C/LW
Lyubushkin D

Arizona gets
Zaitsev D
Brown RW
Gauthier C
Borgman D

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21 May 2019 15:50:37
Anything with a Matthews trade is a hard NO. You don't win by trading away generational talent!

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21 May 2019 16:04:20
Leafs aren't trading Matthews unless McDavid is coming back.

I think Arizona would want more then what your offering.

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21 May 2019 17:24:59
Absolutely no way can San Jose afford to make that trade. Couture is 30 and signed for 8 years at $8M. I can easily see him going rapidly downhill the second half of that contract. Is he even worth $8M? Comparables with guys like Pasternak, Nylander, E. Kane suggesting he is worth less.

None of those Arizona guys are very good, but none of the guys you are sending out are very good either, so I guess it’s a moot point. This trade doesn’t really help us get any better, but it does save us a few bucks, which we can use to sign a free agent or two. Lyubushkin is probably going back to KHL.

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