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31 Jul 2021 02:12:26
Bunting Matthews Marner
Kerfoot Tavares Nylander
Mikheyev Kampf Kase
Simmonds Engvall Spezza
Robertson Brooks Gabriel
Amedio Malgin Anderson
Agostino, Seymonov

That's a lot of foward depth
Like a lot

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31 Jul 2021 00:30:51
Good call jdb.

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31 Jul 2021 02:44:17
I predict right 1% of the time.

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31 Jul 2021 00:21:18
So what are the leafs going to give up to get pk subban at the deadline 50% retained? I think that's the top trick up dubas's sleeve.

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30 Jul 2021 12:06:30
I am intrigued by the Pavel Gogolev signing.

Yes I know he was overlooked in several drafts but having read a number of articles I can see it happening.

He was the top offensive Marie at the end of last season so why not take a chance.

Perhaps I’m the eternal optimist but see it as a good (to great? ) signing.

Fingers crossed. lol.

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30 Jul 2021 13:01:44
Lol. I wouldn't even call it a signing for the most part. He's never really done a whole lot and odds of him moving into the NHL are basically zero at this point.

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30 Jul 2021 13:22:21
He could be a real find, but he isn't likely immediate help. Explode his last year in Junior and then had a great short stint with the Marlies. Can that translate regularly and then to the NHL? Probably Marlies for a year and if he keeps it up, a late season call up kind of guy is my guess.

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30 Jul 2021 18:16:19
Still am intrigued. As clever a move as some of the others thus far!

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30 Jul 2021 18:53:41
Let’s compare him to other he teammates he has played with and there stats last season

After he got dealt from the Peterborough to Guelph he took off as a jr player.

Nick Schnarr 3rd rd 2017 AHL 15pts 33gms
Isaac Ratcliffe 2nd rd 2017 AHL 8pts 22gms
Liam Hawel 4th rd 2017 AHL 2pts 8gms
Cam Hillis 3rd rd 2018 AHL 1pt 18gms

Now his old Pete’s line mates and himself
Now Gogolev
AHL 12 pts 13gms

Robertson 2nd rd 2019
AHL 16pts 21 gms

SDA 3rd rd 2018
AHL 4pts 6gms

Think what u want but the guy put up points in AHL better than all these prospects who are considered higher prospects. Lol

Only Suzuki is better than gogolev of all his ex teammates in OHL

Not bad give him a shot well worth it.

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30 Jul 2021 00:28:01
An interesting ufa that the Leafs could sign is krejci. Helps out out offence and Center depth.


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30 Jul 2021 02:45:16
Would have to move Kerfoot or Dermott+Mikheyev.

It's not the worst idea and I know it's getting hard to think of UFA's or even trades that work without moving one of the big three so it isn't a bad idea.

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30 Jul 2021 11:16:11
He would be great on a short term deal but not sure where you slot him he would be effective as a 3C another guy I thought about was getting DeBrusk young winger who hasn’t been able to play his style in Boston probably get him for next to nothing so Boston can use his cap hit to resign Krejci.

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30 Jul 2021 13:02:34
@Leafs1994 Debrusk name is thrown around a lot now and I don't hate that either. Just have to move some cap out.

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30 Jul 2021 13:10:12
My guess is that if Krejci was willing to sign on the cheaper side, he would have been signed by someone already. Either he has a specific term and number he is looking for or he will only sign with a certain team (s) and that is why he hasn't been scooped up already.

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31 Jul 2021 01:06:41
@RLF looks like your right.

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29 Jul 2021 20:26:36
As I said would be on Dubas radar. Dubas signed Brett Seney.
5'9" about 165lbs.

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30 Jul 2021 11:16:32
Marlies player.

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30 Jul 2021 13:12:27
Maybe. The guy is like a fireplug though. Small, but he isn't afraid to mix it up and drop the gloves even. I see them giving him a shot to make the team.

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29 Jul 2021 15:55:54
Sorry for the length of this. Read if you like. So I think most would agree that this off-season is underwhelming and we continue to watch other teams get better, while we look worse. At the moment it seems like the plan is to have Kerfoot play top 6 LW minutes and Kampf take the 3C role. The bottom 6 looks worse than last year. No Hyman and it doesn't look like anyone even close to capable of his skill set to compliment our top skilled guys.

He gambles big on Mrasek. Let's not forget, this guy was given away by Detroit in the past. He could be another Dubnyk.

Our vet D depth is Biega and Dahlstrom. I don't think anyone will argue that that is a downgrade from Bogosian. The cupboards are relatively bare for prospects and we have very little left in draft picks.

I had brought up a list of guys we could possibly get on the cheap and some are still available. Maybe some of these are asking too much.

But here is the list I wrote

Dominik Kahun (Unsigned))
Danton Heinen (Unsigned)
Ryan Donato (Unsigned)
Nick Merkley (SJ 1 year .750M)
Mark Jankowski (Unsigned)
Nick Ritchie (Unsigned)
Ondrej Kase (Unsigned)
Evgeny Svechnikov (Unsigned)
Ryan MacInnis (Unsigned)
Pascal Laberge (Unsigned)
Josh Ho Sang (PTO Tor)
Michael Dal Colle (Unsigned)
Brett Seney (Unsigned)
Cliff Pu (Unsigned)
Erik Foley (Unsigned)
Justin Bailey (signed 1 year Van .750M)
Jayce Hawryluk (Unsigned)
Lucas Wallmark (Unsigned)
John Hayden (Unsigned)

So this is what is/was available. Dubas signs Kampf 2X$1.5, Bunting 2X.950, Amadio 1X.750, Gabriel 1X.7

Bunting I understand. Maybe some of these other guys have attitude problems or worse, I don't know. But this is the best Dubas could do? None of these guys were a better choice at $1.5M or maybe for even less than Kampf? Did we really need a defensive centre that has no offence to speak of?

This cap problem will go on. Rielly and Campbell at the end of the season are due. If Dubas believes in Campbell, then why not sign a cheap backup this year. Raanta just signed 2X$2M. If Campbell keeps his number 1 job, he will want more than $3.8 his backup is making. How are we going to replace Rielly and Campbell for as cheap as they are now?

In 3 years when the cap will likely finally start to rise, Matthews will want at least $13M+ to stay and Nylander will be looking for $9M+. That will likely take up more than what the cap rises and we will also have to replace Brodie and Muzzin. With who? Sandin and Liljegren? Very little in the system, very few draft picks left.

So right now, we are less dangerous offensively, are bottom 6 is worse and our defence lacks a bonfide vet bottom pair presence.

We are looking like we are going to be Chicago after they already won the cups and gave out the big money to their stars. We have high end talent and nothing else and the future is not looking better at the moment. Dubas managed to do this without even winning anything, including one round in the playoffs. How can anyone honestly defend this guy and his philosophy.

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29 Jul 2021 17:47:55
Just to be clear. I meant I am not sure if some of the guys he didn't sign on my list have attitude problems etc.

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29 Jul 2021 22:15:14
Rielly will be replaced by Dermott if Dubas is allowed to stay. That's my prediction anyway.

Soup should ask for the world. If he had a full vezina type season he should go to the highest bidder. He's never made much money (comparatively) and will want to cash in. Can't blame the guy.

I like Mrazek well enough but your caution is well founded. Not many better defensive teams than Carolina. Leafs are better now than they use to be but soup had to play well nonetheless because they still like to make sloppy mistakes.

In 3 years a total rebuild is triggered. You have no prospects to speak of, MNM will cost too much to keep all 3 and Tavares, Muzzin and Brodie will all be 35+ or close to it. I don't see how you recover at that point.

I have never really been in the full rebuild mindset but I think I would right now. Bedard and Wright are the prizes the next two seasons in 2 deep drafts. If you want someone to replace Mathews they are your best chance so at least hope and pray.

I just can't see a path where this team beats Boston, Florida, Tampa. They should have beaten MTL but didn't. Probably should have beaten Boston but didn't now your icing a worse team.

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30 Jul 2021 13:14:36
@LL. You know it's funny, a couple of years ago I got laughed at on here by many for saying Dubas could very well go down in Leafs history as being the GM that screwed up our best chance at a Cup since 67. Not as many laughing at that now.

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30 Jul 2021 21:24:08
@RLF lol. That's a good one. Even the faightful have turned on him now.

I was never a Dubas hater under Lou and actually think he did well but once he became GM it wasn't hard to see.

We all need to start talking about the other guy as well. Shanahan. The guy who fired Lou, hired Dubas, allowed all these bad contracts, etc.

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29 Jul 2021 14:30:15
Ondrej Kase

David Kampf childhood friend and linemate until age 19 then again when in Boston

My prediction to whom Dubas signs next

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