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29 Nov 2022 14:00:05
I’m guessing we are all liking the Leafs strong defensive play of late.

The forwards are not blowing the zone early and being available too: a) help out defensively and b) be available for shorter breakout passes.

I had said earlier the games following Rielly’s LTIR could possibly be a springboard for the season.

So far the team is pulling together! Not only are Sandin (yes I said it) and Liligren playing well but Mete and Holloway have been decent as well.

Let’s keep it going!

But I still think we have pieces missing and hopeful that Timmins gets his chance and surprises all of us.

I agree Kerfoot needs to be traded, if only for a 3rd pick. Cap savings and 49 contracts will give us needed flexibility.

While I like Jarnkrok with Tavares and Marner I’m still looking for a power winger that can skate and score.

Many to choose from: Kravtsov, Gauthier, Trenin, McBain, Leason, Svechnikov, Kupari or Lorentz.

Or even Comtois, Jones, Erne.

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29 Nov 2022 16:40:04
Agreed on most of it. I still see mostly stretch passes though, biut downlow support has been much better. I will give a shout out to Nylander as well. He has played with more compete regularly this year and is producing.
We all know I like Trenin, McLeod, McBain etc. I have also mentioned Rasmussen in the past and still think he has another level he could reach.
As good a team game the Leafs have played, I still believe we aren't big enough. Did everyone notice how the Leafs were dominated by Detroit's huge 3rd line? The Leafs still struggle against big, physical lines and teams. The playoffs will have many of those.

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29 Nov 2022 20:48:45
@RLF that's my worry as well. The reason Boston is always such a bad matchup is the right checking, defensive style. Mitchy and Willy especially have no answer without open ice. Need some big bodies to help create space and win puck battles.

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29 Nov 2022 21:55:26
Agreed that we are not big enough!

I, too, like Rasmussen and his unlocked offence and yes that 3rd line over-powered. Three big boys, one of which Erne who is somewhat intriguing to me.

To that question, how much weight do you think Leafs management are giving the hope to sign and play Knies at season’s end and playoffs?

It certainly is on their mind!

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29 Nov 2022 23:17:31
A better question. Does anyone think as long as Dubas is in charge that size will be added T the sacrifice of speed and so called skill or Harvard smarts?
Personally I thought this past summer we would see change and instead, Dubas reverted farther back towards his original plan. Not one player signed was over 6'. I like Holmberg, but he is another player that brings the same skillsets that the Leafs already have. Dubas has his vision, and I don't think it will change.

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29 Nov 2022 23:53:46
Not sure RLF, in today’s game there seem to be a fair number of players who combine size and skill.

Is he not intelligent enough to see that?

Some of these big guys, Tage Thompson for example, take awhile to fully mature offensively.

That’s why Kravtsov, Kupari, Puljujarvi, Comtois, Jones, Leason, Glass and Wood are some of my favourite targets.

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30 Nov 2022 19:29:28
I think the biggest revelation has been the team defence we saw it a lot last year when they got hot leafs need depth scoring in their bottom six I’m surprised malign hasn’t gotten a look again.

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27 Nov 2022 21:40:51
The leafs line up could use some botto. 6 depth/ toughness.

Bunting mathews nylander
Jarkrok tavares marner
Aston reese kampf

Kerfoot, engvall, simmonds, malgin, robertson dont seem to workout.

Who would fill these holes?

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28 Nov 2022 02:09:12
Aube Kubel lol.

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28 Nov 2022 12:48:25
I know I am pretty much alone here, but I have thought Simmonds has been solid when he has played. His presence is noticeable in scrums, or the lack of them initiated by the opponent when he is on the ice.

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28 Nov 2022 19:26:23
@RLF Simmonds didn't look bad when he was out there, but I'm not sure he can hold up through a season.

I was really befuddled by the Kubel decision. I thought he was the perfect fourth liner for the team.

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28 Nov 2022 22:12:07
@LL. Agreed. I wasn't suggesting every night for Simmonds. He will need some games off, but more than he is playing I feel he has earned.

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29 Nov 2022 06:18:03
@RLF if the plan was to rotate him in and out I wouldn't mind either.

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30 Nov 2022 12:13:51
The only problem with having Simmonds in the mix is now the rotation becomes Robertson, Malgin and Simmonds.

Certainly not ideal and perhaps another reason to send Robertson back to AHL.

Simmonds is certainly needed against strong physical teams like Vegas, Calgary, St. Louis, etc.

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30 Nov 2022 19:31:57
I think Robertson would work on the second line if keefe would give it more than one game the combination I’m surprised keefe has t tried yet is kerfoot kampf jarnkrok it kinda gives you everything good two way game and the ability to pop in a few goals.

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27 Nov 2022 18:59:05
As per my previous post, if Kerfoot will not waive to go to Arizona then put the bum on waivers!

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27 Nov 2022 22:40:41
Does he have a NMC?

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28 Nov 2022 12:49:28
10 team no trade list. I would guess Arz is likely on it.

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28 Nov 2022 19:26:55
Maybe he wants to go to a team like Arizona. Guaranteed top 6 time and probably PP1. It is a UFA year for him.

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28 Nov 2022 22:11:01
@LL. That crossed my mind as well, but being on a winner on the 3rd line can get a pretty big payday as well, if you produce of course. There is merit to what you suggest if money is the most important thing to Kerfoot.

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29 Nov 2022 06:18:49
@RLF hard to say what players want sometimes for sure. We don't know them personally so he may love Zona or hate it.

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27 Nov 2022 13:22:55
I am liking what I’m seeing on Holmberg’s 2nd opportunity.

He’s smart, defensively sound, showed a pretty good wrist shot last night, skates pretty well and can win battles for the puck.

Not sure on his size tho’, one site said 5’11” and 179 while another said 6’ and 202! Quite a difference.

Does anyone know?

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27 Nov 2022 19:26:08
That's a big difference. I'd say he's probably closer to 5'11 because Dubas hates anyone 6' and taller though.

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27 Nov 2022 22:15:36
Good logic LL!

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28 Nov 2022 12:52:12
The NHL site I believe has his "official" height and weight. Not that that means it's accurate. lol.

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27 Nov 2022 12:56:42
I’m anxious to see Timmins get his chance.

And I’m hoping he can find his game in Toronto.

He was a highly regarded Jr. and has had tough injury luck in launching his NHL career!

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28 Nov 2022 02:09:54
I am as well. He was a highly touted prospect a few years ago.

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26 Nov 2022 23:51:32
I’m thinking there is something amiss about Matthews!

That’s not the first one-timer he’s whiffed on this year and he’s not handling the puck well at all.

Maybe he’s not getting enough sleep!


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26 Nov 2022 23:49:15
Not something I thought I would say, but Matthews lacks confidence with the puck atm.

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27 Nov 2022 12:39:26
He’s partying too hard!
Just started a rumour!

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26 Nov 2022 03:21:06
Does everyone still hate Sandin? Or is he and Liljegren now destined to be our #1 pairing with their recent play?

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26 Nov 2022 05:26:44
Still not a fan of Sandin's.

Lilly definitely has a future, maybe not 1st pair, but who knows.

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26 Nov 2022 12:13:11
@LL. Sarcasm. Because of how many times a guy has a good game or two and now he's an all star. Robertson. Benn. For instance.
As for Sandin, we are hopefully starting to see last years version and then hopefully some progression.

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26 Nov 2022 15:34:27
I’ve flip-flopped on Sandin previously, I’ll admit.

And yes he has had a couple of decent games but he is still small and slow.

I’d still like to trade him and maybe there are teams out there, especially after these last 2 games, who might think he can run a PP.

Package him someone, please.

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26 Nov 2022 19:05:18
I keep seeing on here Sandin is too small. Compared to who? Liljegren is 1" taller. Rielly and Brodie 2" taller. Sandin drives play forward more than pretty much any Leaf D. He is always pushing play forward and jumping up. He is more physical than most Leafs D. Yes, it would be nice if he was faster. He was talked about on here last season before his injury as needing to be in the top 4.

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27 Nov 2022 00:46:07
So it’s obvious you like Sandin RLF. That’s okay.

But he’s still a small slow Dman and that’s why I would trade him.

He has increased his value since Rielly went down and that’s good for us.

I package him with Alex Steeves, Bobby McMann and a 4th round pick for rental John Klingberg, who will not be resigned by the Ducks.

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27 Nov 2022 01:49:21
Rsears. It is not so much that I really like Sandin, it is more that I don't believe in evaluating a player on a game or two. All players have ups and downs, so I don't change my opinion on a player by a high run or a low run.
Sandin's full body of work doesn't warrant the criticism he gets. Imo.

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27 Nov 2022 12:45:11
Okay I’ll buy that.

Would you trade him 1-for-1 (or a small add, say Anderson) for any of the following?

Forget the cap hit for a moment.

Connor Murphy
Vlad Gavrikov
Jake Bean
Carson Soucy
Nick Jensen.

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27 Nov 2022 14:35:46
My take on sandin

Might be to slow to make it as an nhl defenseman long term. Especially considering is zoning isn't great. He could learn a few things from geo about being slow and effective.

Sandin is calm and patient with the puck. This has burned him with a few giveaways but I think if he learns when urgency is important it can be a really good trait.

Everybody calls sandin soft, he lays the body a lot, especially for a swede, this is one of the often overused stories about sandin that I don't understand.

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