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14 Jul 2024 01:13:34
Just to change it up, what is everyone's pick for best and worst signings from free agency?

My picks

Sean Walker-Carolina
5 Years 3.6 mill

Joel Edmondson-Los Angeles
4 Years 3.85 Jill

Carolina does a good job replacing Pesce but cheaper.

L.A. already has Mikey Anderson and Vald Gavrikov on the left side so Edmondson is either playing the right or their paying a bottom pair defenceman 3.85 mill lol (see OEL yikes)

What are your best/worst?

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13 Jul 2024 23:23:58
Anybody else think stripping Tavares of his C is a negotiating tactic? Saying a real captain would take less? Just seems like odd timing.

Also I know I'm late to the party, have a 4 month old and a 2 year old, don't get to read as many leaf articles as I used to.

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14 Jul 2024 02:56:46
Bad decision as well imo Randy.

Congrats on the 4 month old. Mine are 4-5-14 and I promise it never ends lol.

I generally am only commenting on here when I'm on my breaks at work.

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13 Jul 2024 18:50:09
Okay so just to get a discussion going, don't worry about nmc and salary, it can be sorted out after. What are some props for Matthews you would be willing to accept.

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13 Jul 2024 19:40:17
Only way I trade Matthews is for McDavid or MacKinnon, which will not happen. So I guess I have no props, sorry.

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13 Jul 2024 22:11:22
I agree with Tag except I add Makar.

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12 Jul 2024 14:23:37
This would be my starting line up if Leafs don't make any other trades.
They just sign Robertson $1.35M & Dewar $1.35M and trade Jarnkrok & Timmins.

Knies Matthews Nylander
Robertson Domi Marner
McMann Tavares Cowan
Dewar Kampf Holmberg

Rielly Tanev
Benoit McCabe
OEL Liljegren


Total Cap $87.449335M.

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13 Jul 2024 01:54:27
Nice topic Tags! I’d go with this one:

Knies Matthews Cowan
McMann Domi Marner
Holmberg JT Nylander
Dewar Kampf Reaves
Robertson/ Steeves

Rielly Tanev
Benoit McCabe
OEL Hakanpaa/ Liljegren

Will/ Stolarz.

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13 Jul 2024 11:27:39
trade Jarnkrok and kampf and Liljegren

Robertson matthews marner
Knies domi nylander
McMann JT Cowan
Holmberg dewer reaves

Reilly Tanev
Benoit McCabe
OEL hakanpaa

First pp
Knies matthews mcmann
Marner OEL

Second pp
Domi JT nylander
Reilly Robertson.

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13 Jul 2024 22:54:39
Knies Matthews domi
Robertson nylander Marner
McMann Tavares Cowan
Dewar Kampf Holmberg

Rielly Tanev
Benoit McCabe
OEL Liljegren
Hakanpaa (takes lilys spot if healthy)


Nylander and centre can be a project, I didn't hate it as much as most last year.

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11 Jul 2024 14:42:23
Looking at what's left in free agency and one name I like as a one year flyer is max pacioretty not gonna command a lot played for a terrible caps team but isn't far removed from 20-30 goal seasons he's got size and a shot could be good depth signing

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11 Jul 2024 17:31:07
Another injury prone player they could pay too much for. sounds like a perfect Trevliving fit. FML

They're better off letting the young guys play and develop. Probably aren't making the playoffs anyway. Although who really cares if they do? It would be a one and out anyway. They aren't better than NYR, FLA, BOS, NJ, TB or CAR, and WSH, OTT and MTL will all be significantly better this year. Having only made it by 11 points last year, it most likely doesn't go their way.

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11 Jul 2024 19:15:05
Lol settle down Debbie it was only a suggestion he’s a guy that would probably come in at 1mil or less if he gets hurt then you fill his spot but I don’t think the leafs have any prospects that are nhl ready.

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13 Jul 2024 11:16:35
Haha Debbie. And should someone tell JDUB that we all know you can like your own comments as many times as you like. So you getting 8 likes (or agrees) means they are all done by you. Lucky to get 2 from other people on this site. People are stingy with their Agree’s here. Just so you know JDUB, we KNOW.

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13 Jul 2024 13:32:55
@Clarky I don't think people are stingy, I personally just care about "likes" lol. Prefer the conversation.

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11 Jul 2024 13:34:30
Finally a reporter calling it like it is.

The Toronto Maple Leafs Summer Just Went From Bad to Worse
The Toronto Maple Leafs have not had a great summer no matter how hard the media spins it
By James Tanner | Jul 10, 2024

The organization is a complete joke. People need to start to influence Pelley to make some changes and fix this thing before they set us back another generation of hockey.


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11 Jul 2024 14:58:56
That makes two firsts on this site.
1. James Tanner being called an actual reporter.
2. Using a Tanner written article to try and solidify ones argument.

Jdub. You make some good points about the franchise being a failure for many years. But using Tanner as an ally?

I rarely look at anything Tanner writes as it is all just click bait where he takes an outrageous stance to get views.
What I do know about what he has wrote. Tanner loves Dubas and what Dubas was trying to do. He loves the core 4. He wrote trading Nylander would be a massive mistake. He doesn't like Treliving because Treliving doesn't think like Dubas. Tanner loves all the small skilled players.

Aligning with Tanner hurts an argument, it doesn't help it.

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11 Jul 2024 15:16:00
Lol. You referenced Tanner.

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11 Jul 2024 15:36:53
Yes I generally do not agree with Tanner's POV however he is bang on in this piece. Read it. If you disagree with it then I encourage you to point out what it is you find wrong with it, not the fact that I've used it to provide encouragement to the media to call things as they are. Even though I know they can't/ won't because the media company they work for own's the very team they should be criticizing for it's repeated failures. It's like having the cigarette companies owning the media and telling everyone that smoking is good for your health.

The only way things change is by making them uncomfortable. Hit them in the pocket books. Make it so annoying every time they are in front of the camera or a reporter they want to jump off a cliff. Hold Pelley and the Board of Governors accountable to winning when it matters. I'm not holding my breath this will happen but it's 100% what is needed. Oh and BTW, it really doesn't matter if you agree with me or not, time will prove it out. There's nobody who wishes I'm wrong more than me, I would give my left nut for a Leafs Cup win. Unfortunately I know I am right and will be keeping both of my testes.

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11 Jul 2024 16:12:22
LOL. Any one of your posts Leafslife.

What's going to be your excuse next year? Or the year after? Or after that? Maybe take Treliving's love of big D out of your face and come to grips with reality. They don't have the brain trust to put together a winner, and they don't need to with guys like you always coming back for more teet.

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11 Jul 2024 18:33:09
@JDUB I don't think they're winning this year either. I was adamant about moving on from Mitch when he tried to hold out. Same with Willy. I didn't want Willy signed this time either, and I would like Mitch traded.

Not sure where you're getting this from with me.

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11 Jul 2024 19:10:53
What they need is for Brendan and Brad to be put out on their arse before they can do any further damage. Marner needs to go because he's a perimeter player that can't play the style needed in the playoffs and he makes significantly too much money for what he brings in the postseason. This money needs to be allocated elsewhere with players that can perform. I'd sooner have two 6 million dollar players who can over Marner. JT needs to be given the option to stay a significantly reduced AAV, he's still effective and I've had no issue with his performance from a play perspective. His passion and emotion is where he falls terribly short for me. If I hear one more PC interview where he tries to say the "right" thing or the BS that we're close I'm going to puke. Fawk right off buddy! Yell, be upset, show there's a human that cares inside you. Give me something real. I also have no issues with Willy. He delivers in the playoffs and has been the only to tell Marner to shut the F up with all his high school antics. Grow up Mitch!

The reality is that Brendan and Brad intend to run it back. They could be looking at letting Marner walk for nothing, which is terrible asset management, but still better than them extending that child to another NTC 8 year financial disaster. Pelley needs to ditch them quickly before that happens. Seems like other MLSE executives are leaving so maybe we get lucky. Leaf fans best hope is that the Leafs come out of the gate flat and lose a ton of games to start the year and this forces Pelley to act. Losing is the best and only hope to have a chance of saving this franchise in the foreseeable future. Being mediocre will only extend the drought another 10 years. The cupboards are empty and Matthews will finally have had enough of it. Unless of course he actually enjoys having his summers off. I don't think so but I still need to see proof.

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11 Jul 2024 20:01:10
@JDUB it sounds like we're mostly on the same page oddly enough lol.

One caveat, if Mitch says no, they cannot force him. You don't want him gone for free, don't want him extended, and he has a full nmc. What can be done?

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12 Jul 2024 13:54:07
See I believe they CAN force him. They control his playing time and circumstance. They control if the fans and media know he declined a trade. They also have the influence of his teammates. If I was AM34 or Willy I'd be pissed at him for screwing the team over with not getting assets for him because he's being a baby. There is NO situation where he can say I want to stay a Leaf and it happens just cuz he wants it. Ultimately he WILL be leaving if they don't want him. The only ultimate outcome is if he screws the team or he doesn't. If his choice is screw the team then getting rid of him is obviously the best choice because he doesn't actually care about the Leafs. From what I've seen in his actions/ interviews he's a child that is still trying to gain affection. He's immature and speaks like a dummy. It's truly amazing given the leaders that have been brought in to help him. Marleau, Thornton, Spezza, Boyle, Tavares, Muzzin, Foligno, O'Reilly.

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12 Jul 2024 20:14:25
@JDUB the only thing I disagree with is, you can force him to leave. I don't see it. I don't think his teammates are involved in things like contract talks at all, and Mitch just wants to max out the payday.

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09 Jul 2024 15:17:21
Here's a question for everyone.

Given that the Leafs brass promised that everything will be on the table this offseason and they have failed again to deliver, a common theme with the Leafs, will any reporter step up and ask them WHY? when training camps open up this fall?

WHY? should be the only question that is asked, over an over and over again. Bring about a storm of frustration and accountability to light and don't let them off the hook. Make Pelley's job uncomfortable. Make ownership question HIS hiring. WHY? over and over again.

Oh BTW, the answer is that non of the media folks will ask because, hey guess what? The Leafs own and control the media. Seems like a pretty sketchy and lovely set up they have.

They are, as I've mentioned before, the biggest joke in the NHL As a lifelong devoted Leaf fan I'm so disgusted with them that I won't even let my 4 year old watch them on TV. I don't even want him to know that I cheered for them. I'm so close to telling him I'm a Habs fan because I don't want him to be subjected to the disgrace that is the Toronto Maple Laughs.

And let's face it. the Habs will most likely win the cup again before the Leafs do.

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09 Jul 2024 17:35:34
I'm not sure what they could have done. Mitch refused to leave.

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09 Jul 2024 18:15:59
A) You don't know that.
B) If that's the case then you come out and say it.

The Leafs need to be in the business of winning, not babysitting these entitled whiners.

There is zero chance Marner would survive a season if the fans and media knew he declined a trade. He's so weak minded and needs constant pampering and reassurances. He would fold like a cheap lawn chair. Making dum dum statements like we're Gods here. get a grip ya putz. The guy says he wants to play here his career, well doesn't really matter anymore because even evoking your no trade only stops that for one year, then you're gone. The only thing he accomplishes is screwing over the team and his teammates because they get nothing in return for his asset. If I was his teammate I'd be ostracizing him in the room for being suck a turd.

Anyway, like I've said before, the only benefit of not moving him is that Tre and Shanny will be gone by the time the next President and GM get to spend the Marner and JT cap space and hopefully accomplish something tangible.

Also, I'm pretty sure Stephen Nixon just wrote an article today that summarized what I said on here a few weeks ago. "It Would Be Best for the Toronto Maple Leafs Long-Term Future to Miss Playoffs. "

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09 Jul 2024 19:38:02
Marner is a weasel and needs to go
I sure hope they let Tavares and him walk after next year
Sign Draisaitl and Konecny.

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09 Jul 2024 23:27:14
Rumour is, Treliving hasn’t even approached Marner with asking him to leave for another team. Tre sucks and no one wants to deal with him. Even his head scout went to go work for Dubas. Bad pick up for TO. Hasn’t done anything with creativity or made us go wow how did he do that. Everyone he has signed has been for either too much $ or too much term. Supposedly Reilly from Nsh was pushing hard to get Mitch but nothing came of that either. I feel that Brad is looking for the perfect deal and he “low balls” people and I’m sure with all those ego’s, they don’t like getting low balled.

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10 Jul 2024 13:18:59
Ok so here’s my theory shanny pulls the strings so I honestly feel like marner was discussed but was never a real option either that or they’re looking for the sun and the moon in a return.

I also think management is scared, Chris Johnson said it almost feels like they are scared of the market and scared of losing a trade yet they will walk marner out the door July 1 they will get nothing for him and I think that in itself is a failure.

The leafs have a losing culture and the fact is unlike at the beginning of these players careers (the core) Toronto is once again becoming a market that no one wants to come to why.? Because the team revolves around four guys and everyone else is a side thought. The only thing the leafs have going for them is that players that need a prove it contract love coming to Toronto because of the market and the attention it gets then they walk for more money.

Our only hope for a winning team is to break up this core fire shanny and hope like he’ll berube comes as advertised and holds these guys accountable I mean not everyone loves him but nylander is the only one that ever catches heat from the coaches and I think it’s cause he can take it and use it as fuel that’s why I think he’s an ideal player for this market and he has shown it with his play and his off ice stuff.

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10 Jul 2024 14:21:19
The REAL problem here is that we need new leadership, Shanny and Tre MUST go, and the moment that Tre feels his job is on the line he'll end up trading away Marner for trash or will use the walk-away cap space from MM and JT on dummies that really only further tighten the noose. So essentially unless those two are removed before those two dipsh*ts are relieved of their duties, they're ultimately still going to screw the team up beyond any serviceable timeslot for AM34 and Willy.

Leaf fans have 2 options. pray for a miracle that Pelley has seen enough and has learned enough to make a quick cut of these dead appendages. (Fan and media influence here is needed)


Move on to another team, because there are 31 other teams that have a better chance of winning before the Leafs do.

well actually there's probably a 3rd option. keep lying to yourselves about how close they are and cry yourself to sleep after another round 1 exit. although with this lineup there's a 50% chance they don't even make the playoffs. Goes up to 90% if AM34 gets injured.

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10 Jul 2024 15:18:41
@JDUB I can't recall anyone saying they're close except DM.

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09 Jul 2024 15:10:48
Dubas is at it again
Poaches Wes Clark

Can he poach Tavares also please???

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11 Jul 2024 02:51:50
Maybe the leafs will go back to taking best player available instead of going off the board all the time it may work sometimes but usually not.

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07 Jul 2024 00:52:43
If You had to pick one player from each position to go after the Stanley Cup, who would you pick? Here is my list:
C. McDavid
RW. Pasta
LW. B. Tkachuk
RD. McAvoy
LD. Forsling
G. Bobrovski.

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07 Jul 2024 01:42:44
C. Mathews
Rw. Marner
Lw. Nylander
D. Mo
D. Tanev
G. Woll

Now everyone had a good laugh;

C. Mcdavid
Rw. Tkatchuk
Lw. Tkathuck
D. Makar
D. Slavin
G. Vassy.

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07 Jul 2024 11:17:42
Lol nice LL. Would be good enough for 2nd place so far. 😂.

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07 Jul 2024 11:31:31
C- mcdavid
Lw- m. tkachuk
Rw- Kucherov
D- Cale maker
D- hedman
G- bobrovsky.

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07 Jul 2024 12:43:55
C- Mackinon
Rw- Stone
Lw- kucherov
Rd- makar
Ld- Slavin

G- shesterkin.

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07 Jul 2024 14:42:33
I'm pretty close to Kmores

LW B. Tkachuk
RD Makar
LD Hedman
G Demko.

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07 Jul 2024 16:45:10
Surprised more people didn't have Slavin at LD. Good topic Clarky.

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07 Jul 2024 17:35:20
Thanks LL. Figured we could take a break from complaining about the team for a post!

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07 Jul 2024 22:09:44

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07 Jul 2024 22:47:57
C - McDavid
LW - Forsberg
RW - Kucherov
RD - Makar
LD - Hughes
G - Shesterkin.

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08 Jul 2024 00:19:27
Nice pick in Forsberg. Guy is sneaky good.

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08 Jul 2024 10:09:00
@Tags that's an 80s oilers team right there lol. Going to win every game 7-6.

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08 Jul 2024 15:55:47
How about same question Clarky asked with a $35 Million cap limit?

Can't use unsigned UFA's or unsigned RFA's though.

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08 Jul 2024 16:44:41
This is tough, lol
Draisaitl $8.5
J. Robertson $7.75
Hyman $5.5
Bouchard $3.9
Slavin $5.3
Oettenger $4
$34.95M total
I wanted Dobson over Bouchard, but that would have put me over by $50K.

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08 Jul 2024 17:33:21
With Cap mine would be

LW B. Tkachuk $8.25M
C Bedard $.950M
RW Forsberg $8.5M
RD Dobson $4M
LD Hedman $8M
G Demko $5M

You're right Tags, It was hard to do! LOL.

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08 Jul 2024 17:59:16
I wanted Dobson & B. Tkachuk as well. Bedard is a good pick, but I wanted the best C possible under this cap which is Draisailt IMO.

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08 Jul 2024 18:18:24
Alright good idea, I’ll go with this lineup.

C. EK - 5.25M
LW - Forsberg - 8.5M
RW - Tippett - 6.25M
LD - Forsling - 5.75M
RD - Larsson - 4M
G - Demko - 5M
Total : 34.75M.

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08 Jul 2024 18:52:59
Another one for good measures
Draisaitl $8.5
Kucherov $9.5
Lafreniere $2.325
Dobson $4
Slavin $5.3
Demko $5

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08 Jul 2024 19:01:45
Under the cap.

Crosby 8.7
Marchhand 6.125
Hyman 5.5
Hughes 7.85
Hughes .925
Shesterkin 5.67.

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06 Jul 2024 16:09:10
Sharks Trade
3rd Round Pick 2025 (LVs Pick)

Toronto Trades
NRobertson (RFA)

*Kampf will have to waive his NTC to complete the transaction.

Thoughts ?

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06 Jul 2024 12:17:30
I really dont understand WTF Buffalo was thinking in that trade for Ryan McLeod.
This is one of the worst trades I've seen.
I like McLeod, but I think he tops out as a 3C. I just don't understand Buffalo trading their top prospect, Savoie 9OA who is scoring 2 points per game in the WHL for a 3rd line center and to a team who is in cap hell. Just ludicrous!

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06 Jul 2024 14:27:42
Buffalo looks ridiculous. 5M for Zucker and they bought out Skinner too. Not too sure what’s going on there. They have a lot of skilled D over there but no Jake McCabe style D, gonna be tough to get in playoffs for them again I think.

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06 Jul 2024 14:43:15
Trying to figure out what Buffalo is doing is always impossible. I never understand that team.

For all the rubbish we give Leafs management, Sabres have to be up there with Ballard years for how bad it is.

If they traded Dahlin for the 22nd overall pick, would anyone actually be surprised?

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09 Jul 2024 15:09:49
Buffalo has an NHL team?

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