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29 Jul 2021 11:51:06
Does anyone else find it strange that Dubas signed Kurtis Gabriel? He is not exactly a Dubas type player. For one thing he is big, and he is not an analytics darling. Someone please explain to me why Gabriel was signed. I'm not against signing a 6'4" winger for league minimum, I just can't believe Dubas did it.
I don't mind the Bunting and Kampf signings and giving HoSang a PTO.
We still need a couple wingers to play top 6. Even if Bunting and HoSang can play top 6, we still have no scoring in the bottom 6. Maybe Kerfoot, Bunting and HoSang can make up a decent 3rd line, we still need 2 LW to play in the top 6.
Strange day for the Leafs. I think the Leafs got worse while Boston, Florida, Montreal, even New Jersey got better. I hope Dufus has something else up his sleeve because the Leafs today are not a playoff team.

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29 Jul 2021 13:04:13
Dubas generally always signs a tough guy to play with the marlies, it’s not new.

Previously he signed guys like Justin Johnson, Tom sesito or even rich clune.

So it’s just a standard Dubas maneuver to have some beef in the marlies locker room.

29 Jul 2021 13:20:20
Yea I don’t get it either is that not what we have Simmonds For plus is you need that guy we have the guy I forget his name but he fought Lucic last year to be honest the only players I’m excited about so far is ho sang and Robertson.

29 Jul 2021 13:59:24
Not a playoff team. That might be the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day and it’s not even 10 o clock in the morning. We have a very soild goalie tandem and an above average D core. Not to mention that we still have the core 4 of guys who are going to get us close to or even past 300 combined points. Plus Robertson could have a break out year and with so many guys we have a very good bottom 6. To say we’re not a playoff team because we’re missing one too six left winger is kinda a joke.

29 Jul 2021 14:33:38
A guy Kyle was annoyed with when Owen sound played the Sau. Why not see if he can be a pest in your side now.

29 Jul 2021 14:50:04
He has done this type of thing before whether through trade or waivers. He puts the guy in the minors where he stays. I don't expect him to make the team.

30 Jul 2021 23:40:48
Just to be clear Leafsgm123, I did not question whether we are not a playoff team based on missing one top 6 LW. I based it on missing two top 6 LW, no depth scoring in the bottom 6, an average D and average goaltending. If Campbell and Mrazek stay healthy our goaltending is average. If one or both go down with a lengthy injury, our goaltending is below average.
Dubas is gambling on a "core 4" and a group of long shots to fill out the forward group. Our defense has no depth and I don't have confidence that Lilly and Sandin are the answer yet.
In the Atlantic division, Boston, Tampa and Florida are all better and deeper than the Leafs. Both Ottawa and Montreal play the Leafs tough. In the Metropolitan almost every team is better than the Leafs.
That is why I don't believe the Leafs, as they are constructed today, are a playoff team.
I also agree with the statement above - "Dubas could very well go down in Leafs history as being the GM that screwed up our best chance at a Cup since 67"

29 Jul 2021 04:55:51
Leafs Kerfoot Liljegren
Coyotes Dyorak

Look at the platers the leafs have lost to accommodate the top four forwards

Kadri brown kapanen Johnson Hyman and now Kerfoot

What has replaced those players

Shanahan and Dubas will be fired at some point in 2022

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29 Jul 2021 07:06:10
@Davis Kadri is gone because he acted like a goof 2 years in a row. Had nothing to do with salary.

Johnson has done nothing in NJ and had one decent season here. I was hoping he would be fine and I think Dubas knew he wasn't what he thought he was as well.

I look at it more as Rielly will be gone soon for free, Hyman is gone, but, what else could Dubas have found? He could have kept Brown which would be nice. He also probably could have signed an extra player or two and grabbed a backup goalie instead of beating Freddy into the ground.

29 Jul 2021 11:54:55
I agree with you David, would the Leafs be better today with Kadri, Brown, Hyman and Kappanen? They definitely would.
Which of these players is better than Kadri, Brown, Hyman and Kappanen?
Bunting, Kampf, Gabriel, Mikheyev, Engvall .?

29 Jul 2021 17:26:36
@Davido. for sure. None are better than those 4. How does T-Bay manage to only lose the players they choose and the Leafs lose players they don't want to lose and then have to fill their spots with lesser players and plugs. I sure hope someone doesn't say taxes.

30 Jul 2021 23:50:07
In answer to your question RLF - contract contract contract
The Marner and Tavares contracts are killing the Leafs. I can handle Matthews contract, just wish it was longer term. But Marner and Tavares contracts are handcuffing anything the Leafs can do to improve this team.
This year we lose Hyman. Next year we lose Reilly and possibly Campbell. If Campbell has a great season he will want Mrazek money or more. Even if Reilly takes a "hometown discount" and wants 6-7 million, he is gone.
In 2023-24 Matthews, Nylander, Brodie and Muzzin are up for renewal. Where are the replacements? The Leafs should have replacements for Nylander, Brodie and Muzzin playing with the Marlies right now, but they don't.

29 Jul 2021 02:03:59
After day one here’s some targets I would like to acquire

Nick Ritchie - guy hits hard is big and plays hard from the city

Mark jankowski- similar and big as well plays c

Via trade I would target crouse, Dvorak, rakell
With kerfoot engvall or mickeyav going the other way.

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29 Jul 2021 03:19:20
I don't think enough is left to take on any of them unless Kerfoot is moved.

I also don't believe any team wants one year of Mikheyev or Engvall.

28 Jul 2021 23:53:35
Can anyone tell me why the goat was allowed to walk? It looks to me like Dubas hated the Goat because he's a black hole with respect to offense.

Now, he signs a bottom 6C who can't score no matter what he does but kills penalties.

Is this just Dubas saying he doesn't want anyone who was here previous to his reign?

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28 Jul 2021 21:22:00
So the same year Dubas signs Marner to 6 years at $10.9M per, T-Bay gives Point a 3 year $6.75M per deal. "Oh, wait and see what Point gets on his next deal" were the cries. Tampa will have to pay big.

They just extended Point for 8 years at $9.5M per. That is 11 years at $8.75M average cap hit. We are going to have to give Marner more than $10.9 to keep him.

Clean out your locker Dubas.

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28 Jul 2021 22:15:25
@RLF didn't see this coming myself. The qualifying offers for most of these Rafa's coming up is huge. I was in the "Point will get Marner money" Camp.

Looks like they locked him up for 5 extra years at less money though. Good for you Dubas. Now you really look dumb.

28 Jul 2021 22:53:57
The taxes play a big factor here with no taxes in Tampa they can take less and make the same as marner plus marner puts up better stats except in the playoffs.

28 Jul 2021 23:16:12
Marner does not put up better stats than Point.

Points best season he had 92 points with 41 goals. Mariners best was what, 96 points and 25 goals? That's not even close.

Point is also better defensively, a far, far better playoff performer and a centre.

The culture surrounding money here is the issue. If you pay Nylander whatever he wants then all of a sudden everyone gets paid whatever they want.

Nylander is paid right where he should be but his contract totally lead to the issue of Marners contract.

Anyone ever noticed the Panthers pay market value a lot of the time? Also no state taxes. Texas, no state taxes they don't get a discount. Boston has some of the highest state taxes, same as California. All of those teams get better contracts regardless.

I'm sure taxes play a part in it but so does culture surrounding a team.

29 Jul 2021 15:00:05
@LL. Well said. On top of that there is the exchange rate as well. Players get paid in USD, but spend CDN money here. When the rate is 30-40%, that $10M is $13-$14M CDN. Just the exchange can more than pay for your house for instance. Absolutely taxes matter, but the money difference is not as much as some make it.

28 Jul 2021 21:15:28
I haven't seen anyone mention this at all. Tampa traded a cap dump and a 2nd for a massive, long term, LTIR contract.

So TB just plans on doing this every season and everyone with help them with it?

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28 Jul 2021 22:56:22
This is why I suggested Toronto do the same engvall for keslers ltir.

28 Jul 2021 23:17:20

I'm completely on board with going after LTIR. I just can't believe they managed to trade a cap dump and a 2nd for that much LTIR.

LTIR rules probably need to be changed at some point. This is a bit out of hand and is 100% cap circumvention the way teams are using it.

28 Jul 2021 21:02:07
Serious question.

After the signings today .... are the leafs even a playoff team?

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28 Jul 2021 21:19:39
I wasn't sure if they make the playoffs before.

Boston, TB and FLA are probably better or on par with the Leafs.

Ottawa may fight for a wild card but who knows. They're not contending for another year or two but they seem to have the Leafs number some nights.

MTL just made the cup finals.

Hard for me to say right now that this team is a lock. If Bob plays up to that contract then FLA are legit contenders as well.

28 Jul 2021 23:47:18
Every team in the Atlantic got better can’t say the same for the leafs and on top of that you look at what guys like janmark and haula got the leafs could of easily got them instead he chose to go with as many league min contracts as he could who plays in the top six.

28 Jul 2021 19:18:13
Not quite sure on the logic behind signing a bunch of 25 year old ahl players

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28 Jul 2021 20:28:15
I like most of the signings in general. I'm not against the players I'm just not sure how they're all going to fit in.

Dubas must be praying they all play better than they did last season.

I do like Bunting though. That's a solid signing.

28 Jul 2021 20:42:01
These moves are beyond underwhelming and only one is a 2-way signing. The only positives are that most are big, can skate and can easily be waived and sent down to Marlies.

I’m okay with Mrazek as a backup (but expensive) . Bunting could turn out to be a scorer (fingers crossed) while Amadio might be a 4th line Center.

We need at least one good signing and perhaps a significant trade to give me hope!

28 Jul 2021 21:11:40
Seema like an overpay on Mrazek. Except for Kampf, it is a bunch of guys who can be sent down with their full cap hit. The guys he has signed it is not like there is a ton of potential there. They may all end up in the minors. A lot of the guys I mentioned would have been better options then I am seeing so far. I am hoping this isn't it. Wait and see.

28 Jul 2021 21:26:19
The Mrazek deal also suggests they are not really confident in Campbell. If Campbell retains his #1 role, guess how much he asks for now that they gave his backup $3.8M for 3 years. Think $5M easy to keep Campbell now if he continues to look good. With a flat cap, it isn't happening.

28 Jul 2021 21:30:17
@Sears and RLF.

I think a lot of this depends on how you look at it. If Dubas is planning on making a big move soon with his cap space then I'm happy with the signings. Bunting especially is a guy I really like.

Now, if this is what Dubas thinks wins you a cup then I'm not a fan. I doubt that's what this is though. He probably took a swing at a few guys and missed would be my guess.

Mrazek I think is a scary one. He's a good goalie and not wildly over priced. He can easily be the starter if Soup is injured but, his own injury issues concern me greatly. Mrazek tends to be just as injury prone as Soup.

28 Jul 2021 23:07:16
@LL. What cap space? After he signed Mrazek and Kampf (total $5.3), there wasn't much left. Even if he trades Kerfoot and gets back a good $5M winger for the top 6, we are still filling the bottom 6 with Kampf, Bunting, plugs etc. Nevermind our 6-7 vet D right now is not overly impressive. We may make the playoffs if the refs have their whistles going during the regular season. Come playoffs when the calls dry up, it will be the same old same old if this is an indication of our team.

28 Jul 2021 23:20:10
@RLF I'm thinking he probably tries to move Engvall and/ or Dermott for slightly more space and brings in a better LW. At least I really, really hope he does.

This is a worse team than last year in a better division.

I'm not even sure if the whistles matter. Last time Hyman was out for an extended period Marner dried up considerably. He is an extremely talented player but he needs a Hyman type with him in order to show it. Puck retrieval is not one of his strengths.

29 Jul 2021 13:26:48
Honestly neither Engvall nor Mikheyev are the problem with the Leafs. Both are speedy big men with upside and defensive skills and do not break the bank.

I believe and hope they have learned from their short tenure and will acquire some extra octane to make them bigger contributors. Put Mikheyev back on left wing where he was in first year.

We lost a strong PK player in Hyman and cannot lose any others with that skill.

I continue to see Sandin and Kerfoot (ignoring Marner and Rielly for the moment) as the only trade options that can bring any reasonable return.

As solid as Kerfoot was in the playoffs he’s not our guy. Moving him to a top 6 role on the wing is ludicrous. He simply is not a goal scorer or playmaker. He is a good skater with some jam, that’s it.

I hold hope for Bunting and Amadio (though he had trouble holding a center position with Ottawa) . Need one of them to break out!

Robertson has to make the jump and contribute as does Liligren. The 2 D-men signed yesterday will get little action unless an injury occurs.

Mrazek, while more costly than I would have hoped, will make a solid if unspectacular goaltending tandem.

And of course 3/ 5 key players will be a year smarter and stronger. lol.

The Leafs are in a very tough division despite Tampa’s shedding of talent. I see FL and Boston as stronger and Montreal who knows.


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