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20 Jan 2022 02:04:06
This is why the team concerns me. When Soup plays average or even above average instead of Vezina candidate the team collapses.

It's fine to ride a hor goalie for a bit but sometimes (like MTL in the playoffs, it's smoke and mirrors.

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20 Jan 2022 01:37:56
leafs have no defence period. Reilly and Brodie at 1 and 2 Marginal as Brodie can defend but little offense and Reilly as the offense but is limited at defense. Muzzin has aged about 10 years since last year and is a 5-6 at best this year. Holl is an AHL defense am period. Sandin is to soft to Be an NHL regular and makes to many costly passes. Dermott AHL Lillgren AHL. so you 3 Nhl defense men of NHL cailber with no 3-4-5 and marginal 1-2 and you call this group cup contenders NO WAY IN HELL.

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20 Jan 2022 02:02:19
Muzzin has something up with him, not sure what.

Rielly Brodie works for me but that's the only pairing.

19 Jan 2022 12:43:12
RLF and Tbuds

Instead of Severson (and possibly McLeod) maybe the BlackHawks are more willing to do a trade with the Leafs

How about we go after Murphy (6.4’ and 212 with some offensive upside and 28yo) and Kubalik ( a LWer who can score) for a 1st, Robertson (would have been a high first in following year’s draft) and Dermott/ Holl plus a B prospect.

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19 Jan 2022 16:28:34
I like the idea of Murphy, have had my eye on him for awhile.

He's a step below Severson (in my opinion) but definitely fills the void.

19 Jan 2022 17:34:51
@RSears. So Kubalik and Murphy have a combined cap hit of $7.55M. Dermott $1.5M or Holl $2M going the other way. There is no possible deal here because of the cap hits, so whether I think you are good on value or not doesn't really matter.

20 Jan 2022 20:45:21
You’re right on the two salaries putting the Leafs well over the cap.
I did realize this and should have acknowledged it but was too focused on my earlier message that there are alternatives to Severson’s $4.1 contract. Murphy being one at $3.8 but got carried away lol and added Kubalik.
That’s why you’re the GM and I’m a lowly scout for eastern Canada!

21 Jan 2022 13:02:13
As I sit in my armchair, maybe that is why we have the roles we have. lol.

19 Jan 2022 11:37:01
Was watching the panthers flames last night and it sparked something inside me. So I'm going to do the top 5 worse moves or non moves dubas has made so far

1: Tavares contract (7years @ 11million per)
Marner contract ( 6years @ 10.9million per)

So to me this is where dubas went wrong yes the C.V. is a factor here with the current flat cap but the leafs at the time didn't need a top center as the had Matthews and kadri both on really good deals kadri @ 4.5 and Matthews on elc could you imagine what the leafs could of done with that extra cap money. Early return looked good with Tavares putting up 47 goals but now he looks more like the player he is 25-30 goals. I lumped marner in here as well I just don't understand why he was paid so much yes he lead the team in points his contract year but you shouldn't get paid for assist atleast not that much

2: kadri trade. At the time I think all fans wanted his reckless ways gone but now we are all eating crow while he sits top 5 in league points. Oh and did I mention he is just now in his final year of his current deal @ 4.5 million a year. Even with the trade happening the return was simply not good enough dubas seem to panic a bit here bringing in barrie who clearly wasn't what the leafs needed especially after just letting the left handed version of barrie go that offseason (Jake gardiner) leafs ended up letting barrie walk as well as he spent a lot of his time on the bottom pair that year. Kerfoot was the other player and was signed right away 3.5 million for 4 year he has really been decent since the playoffs last year but I'd rather have kadri atm dubas could of done better here a 1st or high end prospect would of been better than what he got.

3. Rejecting the weegar trade. This is where I got thinking last night. So the deal apparently was Johnson and dermott for weegar this is a guy who currently is playing top pair minutes on a top team in the nhl why this is so bad is cause the leafs ended up trading Johnson for cap reasons for Joey Anderson ahl player and dermott who had promise hasn't been able to get off the third pair and has been passed by sandin and has been pushed to the right side so that he can be used. Just imagine the leafs top four right now being Reilly Brodie muzzin weegar.. Nuff said.

4. Foligno trade, so last year the leafs brought in tough guy and leader nick foligno it was cool at first knowing the story of his father being a leaf and what not but looking at what was given up makes it not so cool. The leafs gave up a 1st 2021 a 4th 2021 and a 4th in 2022 for foligno and noesen who I think only play 1-2 games foligno came over and was hurt right away and it lingered into the playoff he really only contributed with fighting perry after Tavares went down this was poor asset management we lost three picks for guys who played a combined 12 games.

5: 2020 draft, this one seems minor but I still don't like it still early tho. What I'm referring to is the leafs at #15 taking amirov over rhd Schneider. For a team that has had very few rhd prospects and ones of Schneider's caliber this pick seemed like a slam dunk for dubas.. Nope currently amirov is in the khl getting little to no ice time and Schneider has played nhl games this season and has his first nhl goal. I understand that not every player in the draft is a home run but this one just seemed like an obvious choice amirov wasn't even the best player on the board so I currently look at this pick as an L.

Hope you guys enjoyed I think I'll do a top 5 on good thing dubas has don't I don't wanna sound like I'm bashing the guy or anything.

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19 Jan 2022 13:46:45
A top 5 on the positive moves would be good for sure.

I rank the Foligno trade as number 1 on your list but looking back is easy, of course.

Looking back again I now like the Nylander signing!

Also I didn’t care for the Korshkov for Galchenyuk trade, even though Korshkov is not in the NHL.

Will read your new top 5 with interest.


19 Jan 2022 16:36:38
I remember when Tavares was rumoured. I liked the idea but I really hoping for a move bringing in Drew Doughty instead (he was rumoured at the time as well) .

Marner is definitely number one to me. Mostly because I don't think he deserves close to Mathews money. Other than 3-5 guys no one in the league does.

Kadri needed to go but in all reality, I agree. He could have gotten more.

If I was Dubas I would tried to keep Gardiner. He was the original Engvall. He made some decisions that made you throw your beer at the tv but wasn't as bad as people think he was.

Weegar trade should probably be number one on the list but I can't say much. I didn't think he was going to be this good and I have always liked Dermott. Probably would have made that trade nonetheless though because of the side he plays.

Foligno I don't fault Dubas for. Injuries are completely unpredictable and I have always liked Foligno.

All in all good write up.

Top 5 moves all came in minor deals in my opinion lol. Dubas seems to find some diamonds in the rough but can't pull off big trades or signings.

Soup, Mikheyev, Bunting, Kase, Kampf, Brodie, etc.

19 Jan 2022 17:50:31
Top bad or non moves to me.

1. Weegar. The Weegar deal also meant that Brodie was likely not signed saving the Leafs even more cap space as Weegar doesn't make as much and both Jonsson and Dermott would have went the other way. Would have saved a total of about $3M. I like Brodie, but I would take Weegar and the $3M in cap space instead.

2. How he handled the Nylander holdout and ultimaytely caved and made Nylander whole by giving $7.5M per season. That set the precedent of the other two's contracts. The agents knew they had Dubas. I put Marner's contract and Matthews too short of term deal with this original move.

3.Mrazek signing. I still haven't figured out why he did it.

4. Not going after Bennett or offering enough to beat Florida's offer. He would have come cheap compared to what he brings to the ice and instead he made the Foligno trade.

5. The Kadri trade. Our best asset was traded for a new age way to build a team that has been shown not to work to the point that even Dubas has changed direction. Not drafting Schneider when he had the chance is close with this one.

Good ones. Muzzin trade. Multiple cheap value signings. Good at cap gymnastics. Being able to entice players to come to Toronto - including winning the JT sweepstakes (cap hit aside) .

19 Jan 2022 22:10:50
@Rsears what makes you think Foligno is the worst move during Dubas' tenure?

20 Jan 2022 18:44:01
Forgot to mention that is a good list you made L1994.

20 Jan 2022 21:42:57

As I said, I couched my comment by saying looking back.

With that knowledge (never known in advance) he gave away high draft positions for zero return. Nick got hurt, played poorly and left at the end of the year.

I was more a fan of his brother Marcus. Nick was older and less productive in scoring.

Dubas has put us in cap hell, not intentionally I must say. He expected the cap would continue to rise and, of course, didn’t predict a c.v. or its impact.

Marner doesn’t deserve a Matthews level of salary I agree but he’s really not far off Panarin’s pay, another winger.

RLF alludes to the Kadri trade as a top bad but I really think he’s saying it was just an example of something bigger and that was (past tense) Dubas belief that talent far outweighed size and grit. He has learned that there are other factors involved in evaluating players. I love the Knies draft for example, talent with size and grit.

So he’s learning.

Too long an answer so know. Sorry.

16 Jan 2022 20:39:28
A defencemen I would love the leafs to get and I really hope they can acquire is Damon Severson. Severson is right handed, 27 years old, and has two years left on a contract that has a cap hit of $4.1 million dollars, which would easily be absorbable if the Leafs traded Justin Holl and Nick Ritchie (both of whom should be easy enough to move. ) Severson is exactly what the Leafs need and he checks every single box – he’s right handed, he can play in the top four, he’s a great puck mover, he is solid defensively, he’s got size (6’2 205) and he can kill penalties. Severson was better than 86% of all NHL defenseman last season. He is an elite 5v5 puck-mover with very good 70th + percentile defense and adding a guy like to is to your lineup could help the team and make it better and our top four could be one of the best top four in the league. So this is a move I want and fingers crossed that we can get him. He’s been on our radar for years and a lot of guys were in the past like Hamilton and Manson and we couldn’t acquire them but with Severson this is a guy I hope gets a chance to play here.

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17 Jan 2022 00:16:58
Most of us (most notably RLF) have wanted Severson for years.

16 Jan 2022 18:58:49
One player I’ve always wanted the leafs to get and I really hope they make a trade for him before or at the trade deadline is Damon Severson. 27 years old, making 4.1 million dollars, can play the right side, right handed shot defencemen, Severson is exactly what the Leafs need and he checks every single box, he can play in the top four, he’s a great puck mover, he is solid defensively, he’s got size (6’2 205) and he can kill penalties. Also Severson was better than 86% of all NHL defenseman last season. He is an elite 5v5 puck-mover with very good 70th + percentile defense. Toronto needs a guy like this and we’ve heard his name for years being on the leafs radar but never got him and I hope this is the year where it happens. Over the years you’ve heard leafs wanting to get Hamilton, Manson and all these other guys but it never happened and Severson was amongst those names so I’m crossing my fingers that Severson or anyone good could get traded here but Severson is definitely number one on the list.

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15 Jan 2022 22:59:49
Going to say this now.

All season I have watched the defence (minus a few) make a tonne of mistakes, giveaways, miss assignments, etc. Soup has bailed them out every single time. Out of every goaltender in the league I can honestly say he deserves the Vezina this far into the season.

What does this say about the team though? Are they as good as their record or is this just riding a hot goalie (like the Habs last playoffs)?

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17 Jan 2022 17:28:51
I think it is a bit of both. They are riding a hot goalie, but I don't think they are playing as well as they are capable of playing.

14 Jan 2022 19:59:01

How is it Rask signs a $1 million deal but his cap hit is $1 million

Thought if player signs after regular season starts his salary owed that year gets pro rated to the date he signed

He signed for $1 million. salary on January 11th which means his actual prorated cap hit is closer to $2 million

I mean nylanders first year was pro rated to reflect his little joke out why doesn't Rask and boston get sane treatment


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14 Jan 2022 21:08:45
I have actually been wondering this myself.

Nylanders hit that first year was close to 11 mil if I recall.

15 Jan 2022 00:29:49
I think it has to do with the date he signed on. Isn't there something to do with signing before around December 15th to get pro-rated for the whole season?

15 Jan 2022 17:32:02
@RLF if Nylander didn't sign before the 15th he wasn't allowed to play. So it seems a bit off to me regardless. Couldn't Dubas ask Spezza to sit out until January then give him league min?

15 Jan 2022 21:06:20
Sorry LL. It does have to do with when he signed. The later he signs, the cap hit can be higher than at the start of the season for UFA's. Capfriendly gives the calculation to use.

15 Jan 2022 22:21:56
@RLF that's what I thought. That's why it's so confusing in the Rask situation.

16 Jan 2022 22:31:13
I meant, sorry LL, but Rask cap hit does have to do with when he signed. My guess is that it is to precent teams from keeping a player sidelined all season and then sign him at the end and have it pro-rated.


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