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29 May 2020 01:37:43
Wanted to throw this out there. Should Columbus overcome the Leafs this year is that actually a better situation? Given the current rules on the draft Dubas may get the number one overall or even a top 5 pick out of it.


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29 May 2020 10:33:42
It's a small chance. I read a few times it's only a 3% chance. In order to get a top pick we have to lose to Columbus, one of the 7 teams that are not in the playoffs has to miss out on the lottery pick, and then Leafs have to win the second lottery.

So it's a lot of chance involved. I suppose if we lose to Columbus, it would be a good consolation prize.

29 May 2020 21:12:53
I agree that a losing team in the play round could come away with a good pick that will help their team.

30 May 2020 01:55:24
I'm going to say given how Columbus plays this makes me happy lol. Torts is a great coach with far more experience. They play a Boston-esque style of game. Rather play Tampa in the first round and hope vasilevsky is rusty.

31 May 2020 08:33:35
I'd almost rather play Tampa too and take our chances exchanging goals with them all night than to play a slightly less effective Boston style team. Even if we beat Columbus, we are going to be best up after. It will be a tough of against either Boston or Tampa when we face them next round like I expect it should be.

01 Jun 2020 23:43:45
The way I look at it is this:. There are teams that are making the playoffs that otherwise would have been eliminated. So these teams get a free pass to the playoffs.

With this many teams in the playoffs, upsets are inevitable. How would you feel if you were a too seed and got eliminated by a team like Chicago that probably wouldn't have made it in? Pretty cheesed is my guess. So the consolation is a shot at a top pick. No matter of it is only a 3% shot. It's still a 3% shot.

28 May 2020 05:12:26
How about we stop with all these unreal scenarios where we trade for players right now. J Just hope we get hockey at some point
And one thing there are a lot of
fans making up trades where the leafs over pay. Remember if they trade it's from a position of strength every team wants something
And the Leafs have one of the best talent pools right now so please as fans please stop unless it's a fair trade we really don't need to discuss it people on here seem to get offended or called names for there points of interest
I for one would love to have my point made and as a fan I don't always agree with others but I don't become an ass and berate others

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28 May 2020 12:29:25
So you’re saying don’t post trades on a trade forum.? I think it’s great when people put out unrealistic trade proposals sparks conversations I don’t see a lot of name calling on here disagreeing yes but not everyone is going to agree with a statement.

28 May 2020 15:49:27
I agree with Leafs1994. The best responses to any of my trade proposals are always the ones when I know people aren't going to be happy with it. I get disappointed when I put up a prop and all I get is "looks good", "good job", etc. I'm looking for discussion myself. Valuation is only one aspect of a trade. I try to skirt around it a lot now a days. Causes too many heated disagreements.

Every proposal posted on here is an unreal scenario. I've posted literally thousands of trades and I've gotten a small fraction of them even remotely close. MPH is the clear winner with two almost bang on trades that came true within 48 hours of posting. The Kadri trade came true in less than 24 hours and I had to eat my words on that one. Still stings.

Value is a subjective measure. It amounts to what one person is willing to pay for an asset. Everybody's opinion is different. But most people on site tend to respect each others opinions here. Not much name calling going on. It's usually discouraged on here.

28 May 2020 17:43:56
Almost everyone overrates their own teams players.

28 May 2020 18:11:20
So your saying everyone just leave the site and watch sports center waiting for the year to start? Lmao. That's a useful comment.

We will all never agree on things. That's the point. Not much name calling going on beyond a couple trolls but even they have a point at times.

28 May 2020 21:09:59
I also don't think I have ever seen you post OP. want to throw something out there following that comment?

29 May 2020 03:59:02
My point is;

You can't sit and bash everyone on the site without pointing out your views. Same as everything in life. I can name at least 10 others that won't degrade you for posting a trade. You may get an answer you don't like but you will get one.

29 May 2020 10:39:47
Where did this comment come from? I think it was forwarded from another site. Lol. When you click on his name, his contribution history to the site is zero, completely blank, including this comment

I think we fell for a forwarded post. That's why this guy isn't responding.

28 May 2020 03:00:25
Last installment of why I don't think Dubas will be GM of Leafs after next season.


It's still too early to really truly judge Dubas' record at the draft, but so far it has been the one bright spot. The draft is the only thing he seems to be good at, and even there he has missed a few big things (DeBrincat, for example)

He traded down at the draft, so we got Bracco instead of Konecy.


Leafs run a studs'n'duds system.   Kinda makes it easy for the opposing teams to focus on only a few key players.   Declining point values three year’s running, (note all three years of Dubas’s control), should be a flashing red warning light that this Studs'n'Duds approach is suspect at best.

We don't have any real depth (despite what at least one very popular Leafs website likes to say) .   Blues won last year because they were a bigger, more physical team that relied on their depth guys and played a defensively sound game, unlike the Leafs, who, despite having no one past the top two lines that can put the puck in the net consistently, continue to play lack of defense and attempt to outscore their opponents at all times in a game. All offense with no defense is no way to win.

Leafs lack the physicality needed to grind through the playoffs. Washington and St. Louis both won the cup and I don't think it is a coincidence they led the playoffs in hits. Both teams are well rounded teams with Norris caliber defensemen. Leafs are seriously lacking in the bump and grind department, and losing Timashov (who was by far our heaviest hitter) was a bad move.


To me, it's not so much as what Dubas' has done wrong, it's more like a question of what Dubas' has done right.   Very little actually. A few good draft picks that for the most part were can't miss prospects given where he was gifted his position in the draft

The Leafs were under .500 the last 25 games of the season. Their record under Keefe started to settle in same as it was under Babcock. Kyle Dubas is an inexperienced manager and now he is bringing in an inexperienced NHL coach from the Marlies. What do you expect?

It would be very difficult to blame Mike Babcock for the Leafs woes this season now, particularly since they continue to struggle in much the same ways under Keefe as they did under Babcock (tune out for extended period of time, including whole games, third period collapses, lack of defense, refusal to play physically, players don't stand up for each other, etc) . It is entirely conceivable they would have gone under a similar winning streak under Babcock. However, once Keefe took over and had them in a playoff position, it was on Keefe to keep them there. He almost failed.

The NHL is a business of winning. You don't get participation awards, or awards for inventiveness of studs'n'duds approaches, 6 offensive Dmen, spending 1/ 2 your cap on 4 players, no checking line, etc. No one will remember or care unless these approaches bring you results. Maybe Dubas is the Edsel of hockey. Or maybe he is the Homer Simpson. When the wheel is already round, it doesn't pay to reinvent it into another shape.

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28 May 2020 15:52:41
That statement about Babcock is especially provoking. Lol. Is it conceivable they would have gone on a winning streak under Babcock?

29 May 2020 01:00:42
Let's not forget those last 25 games we were playing without atleast one of our top 2 defenseman for all of it both for some of it. So that stretch I would put more on dubas not having enough shut down guys on the blue line. I actually am not a big fan of babcock behind the bench but I feel he is a great practice coach. Gets a lot out of guys. Kadri for example but it just felt like every playoff series the other coach adapted and babcock never did.

29 May 2020 10:22:22
He got a lot out of Gardiner too. I liked Babcock a lot. I knew he was a prick, but he got results. I think it's way too early to judge Mr.
Nice Guy Keefe. Especially since they haven't played in the playoffs this year yet.

I will say this about Dubas: I still don't know what he is doing most of the time.

He picks up every minimum contract he can, but then surprises with a good trade for Muzzin, and a poor trade for Barrie, and he pursues the odd big name UFA. I don't see a cohesive thought out plan, so i can't have a lot of trust in him to do the right thing.

29 May 2020 18:51:54
I'm not sold on Keefe as well. I don't think Babcock is a horrible coach. Just when players time a guy out he needs to go. Happens all the time.

The initial high times after a new coach was nice but gives an unrealistic projection of his success with the team. Keefe hasn't gotten much more out of this team than Babs did.

Only thing I have to say about Keefe though is he faced some big injury's in his short tenure. This playoffs and next season will formulate my opinion on Keefe.

31 May 2020 09:56:01
Injuries shouldn't be an excuse though. If Leafs had distributed their cap properly, we would have had enough depth that it shouldn't have made a difference. And it almost didn't really. Holl and Dermott both stepped up and did a fine job too. It wasn't the defensemen themselves. Each one had a pretty good individual season. But as a whole, they did poorly. In this case, the whole was not the sum of the parts.

Goaltending had a lot to do with it too. Andersen
wasn't his best this year, and the backup situation was a fiasco by the time it finally got resolved.

But I got to think that if we had someone a little more experienced than Dermott and Holl to step when I happened this year, we wouldn't be a bubble team right now. And that's where the lack of depth in the back end comes to play: Dubas had to scrimp on defense, massively, in order to sign the core forwards. He had to cut costs somewhere. And that somewhere was the defense and goal. As a result, when Leafs lost a couple guys to injury, we didn't have the adequate depth of NHL caliber defensemen to fill the void properly. And it showed. We relying on Sandin and Liljegren, who were expected to walk in off the Marlies and instantly be an NHL 3rd pairing. Sandin instead ended up having to run the second power play.

The issue with backup goalie is well documented. It went on too long, and cost us a lot of points in the standings this year, cost us 2x3rd + Moore (not even a prospect anymore, but a pretty good roster player) for basically Campbell, and in the end, probably cost Babcock his job. A paranoid would say that Dubas deliberately sabotaged the roster this year by not getting the players Babcock wanted and instead gave him more of the same. Babcock retaliated by playing Barrie like the defenseman he really wanted, and it backfired. He lost his job first game they dropped below .500.

The only way Dubas has been able to make it work so far is because he has gutted the depth on defense to afford the high priced forward group. Up until now, Dubas has been able to bring up rookie defensemen from the Marlies each year to play them on the roster, thereby using their elc"s to keep the cap low enough to afford the forwards. Dermott and Holl first, and Sandin and Liljegren this year.

But now these guys elc's are running out, and so is Reilly's and Andersen's contracts (and Hyman) . Holl already re-signed for $2M, which was twice as much as what he was earning before.
I expect about the same result for Dermott. All told, between now and end of 2021, when Reilly's contract comes up for renewal, Leafs will likely double the cost of their back end after all the signings are done. These guys will likely grow into their roles and earn what they are making, But between now and then, we don't have the cap flexibility to bring in someone more experienced to give us a little more consistency and help bring us closer to the end goal of winning a cup.

It would be a lot nicer if we could afford a couple better RHD. But hey, guess what? We spent all our money on forwards. And not just the whole forwards. On four of them.

Dubas got himself out of the last cap crunch. But that was easy. Pay someone off to take Marleau on. Add an extra LTIR by way of David Clarkson's contract and poof. Cap problems done (almost) .

Doesn't work as well this year because we don't have any LTIR, and we don't have any bad contracts we can pay someone to take off our hands. Tough choices are going to have to be made this year. And even tougher ones are going to be made each and every single year from now until 2026. Every single year between 2021 and 2026 the Leafs have at least one big name RFA or UFA that will need re-signing. I hate to be in Dubas' shoes when he finally has to face reality and trade one of MNMT before he has a team full of ahl'ers + MNMT + Reilly + Andersen .

31 May 2020 20:30:57
For injuries I more meant as opposed to Babs. Babs had almost zero injuries last year Keefe this year was decimated.

Trade Marner+ anyone off the third line. Problem solved. 14m off the cap.

26 May 2020 19:37:39
Kapanen Liljegren Engvall To Dallas
For Klingberg Robertson

Oh wait. ...I wish....

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26 May 2020 20:02:35
Maybe Bracco will entice them.

28 May 2020 03:02:20
Classic MPH. I love you buddy. Don't ever change.

25 May 2020 01:11:58
So I posted my take on Dubas and his record for signings yesterday. Here is my take on his trade history. Again, I'm not a huge Dubas fan. Nom sure he's trying his best. But he needs to do better if he wants to keep his job.

As a result of his bad signings, he pushed up so far against the cap that we had zero flexibility.   As a result, we had to trade Marleau away at full capacity hit, and it cost us a 1st in the best draft in over a decade.   If we had even just $3.25M in cap space (say, by not signing Ceci), we could have retained half Marleau's salary and it wouldn't have cost us nearly as much as a 1st to dump him.   Marleau held the Leafs hostage a little bit, but there is a natural reaction to see the Bruins’ David Backes salary dump in which they received a useful player back and then think back to the deal the Leafs made.   There were extra variables that are definitely noteworthy, but there still hasn’t been a salary dump of that magnitude where a first-round pick is exchanged and the team making the trade receives essentially zero value back whatsoever 

Saw cap constraints coming and decided to not resign JVR, Bozak, Komarov, Gardiner. used them as own rentals rather than flip them for picks (at least) which leads me to the next point. To get out of Marleau cap purgatory (Lou's doing) he had to trade a 1st. Had he received back some picks from trading away JVR, Bozak that sting would not have been so bad and more palatable.

The Kadri trade was a bust.   Kadri is putting up career numbers in Colorado, while Kerfoot and Barrie have been underachievers in Toronto.   I'd rather have Kadri at $4.5M scoring 30+ goals and 60+ points as opposed to Matthews making $11.5M. Trading Kadri at a team friendly $4.5M, for a one year rental in Barrie and giving Kerfoot $3.5M was very unkind to the cap longer term, as it will now create another move to a) acquire a RHD or b) ship kerfoot out.  

Traded for Campbell + Clifford.   He could have easily got Lehner instead, and could have got Ritchie for less than what he paid for Clifford.   So could have been Lehner + Ritchie + Clifford instead of Campbell + Clifford.

For two years did not pick up a backup goalie due in part to no cap space. Guys like Domingue @ 1M went unclaimed and sent to the minors and then subsequently traded. Leafs had to accept guys like Hutch at NHL salary minimums because they had no cap. in desperation late this year he had to trade Moore and picks for Clifford and Cambpell who is earning 1.6M next year. They overpaid for Campbell and were forced to bring in Clifford as a rental. Clifford is the complete opposite of everything Dubas wants in a player.
The LA deal just looks worse and worse the more it unfolds.   Basically it was 2x3rd and Moore for Campbell. Pretty big overpay.

Given the value that Pageau, Kase, Coleman and others brought their teams this year, if Dubas didn't think Leafs were a cup contending team, why didn't he trade assets?   One can only imagine what kind of return he would have got for Barrie, let lone Kapanen or Kerfoot 

Didn't trade Bracco after his standout season last year. Bracco has now requested a trade and took leave of absence after the deadline this year. His performance has dropped this season and he has lost significant trade value. If the intention was to never give him a shot, they should have traded him.

Traded away all our big bodies that might have been nice to have around for the cup run

The Nielsen/ Klimchuk/ Gagne trade. A low level trade for sure, but now Calgary has a pretty decent prospect in Nielsen and Leafs have nothing. I still don't understand the Klimchuk for Gagne trade.

Let Timashov go to waivers

Again. Lots there to chew on and debate. I'm sure you could pick every point and make a good counter argument against it if you want. That's kinda what I was hoping anyway. Lol. Just want to get discussion flowing.

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25 May 2020 23:39:55
Kadri trade I blame shanny for as well. When that crossed his desk he should have laughed, ripped it up and pissed on it.

26 May 2020 01:36:01
Timashov as well. I was a big fan of his. Leading the team in hits with little minutes. Just a small Scrappy guy.

Wait. Bracco was an F-up as well lol. Leads the AHL in scoring, can't make the team. Why keep him?

Campbell I agree and disagree. I have always liked Campbell. From the time he entered the league I thought he deserved more of a shot but that said, Dubas overpayed for a backup because he waited so long. Difference between having Campbell all year and hutch is easily 10-15 points and more rest for Freddy. I can't judge Freddy on his playoff performance because he playing against an extremely well rested goaltender on Boston. Maybe Freddy can win a few series given a chance. Maybe he can't. Who knows?

26 May 2020 01:36:54
JVR and bozak should have been traded as well. The team they were on was a possible playoff non contender team.

Keep thinking of more points lol.

27 May 2020 20:33:53
In fairness to Dubas he was put in cap hell because he had expensive Tavaras and had to resign Nylander, Matthews and Marner at a cost that compared to Tavares contract. If he let them sit out or traded them it would have really hurt the Leafs chance at winning, plus the fans would have went crazy. He made some trades that didn't work out and now is in cap trouble with important soon to be expensive free agents Andersen and Reilly wanting to be paid. The Leafs better hope that the cap doesn't drop or he will have to trade one or two of his expensive forwards in order to stay under the cap and competitive.

27 May 2020 22:37:26
I agree fans would go crazy but this is Toronto. Fans will go crazy if you don't let Nylander sit then complain if you do. Can't really take that into consideration.

Mathews I would have liked to see more term but I do understand why he signed him. Mathews would have gotten an offer sheet from someone. I can easily see a team like Montreal or Columbus offering him 7/ 13 and then you lose him for future picks.

Marner I wouldn't have been concerned about. I don't actually think he is even worth the 4 1sts as most NHL are not barring a few.

Nylander sitting would have solved some issues. It would have made everything easier by drawing a line in the Sand. Or even if Nylander/ Marner were traded for a RHD the team would look better right now.

You forgot Hyman. He deserves a raise and has shown how important he is to the team.

28 May 2020 03:08:20
Hyman is, by far, the best trade Dubas has made. I didn't forget him. I'm only posting all the things Dubas has done wrong. And he has done a lot more wrong than he has done right imo.

Since we are on the topic of Hyman, now that we got him, what do we do with him? I'm going to call it right now. Leafs let Hyman walk to free agency next year. Which would be another huge black mark on his record.

28 May 2020 18:13:12
If Hyman walks he should be instantly fired. You can't allow that to happen.

Just had to throw Hyman out there as he is a great move lol.

29 May 2020 01:54:19
Hyman won’t walk.

29 May 2020 10:28:32
Dubas has proven in the past he is willing to use his own players as rentals. Anyone not a member of the exclusive sacred 4 is subject to not coming back. We've seen it done already with countless players, some of who are on par with, or even more valuable than, Hyman: JVR, Bozak, Barrie, Gardiner, Komorov.

As much as I like Hyman, I don't have faith in the way Dubas has structures the salary of the team to believe that Dubas will be able to retain him. Before the virus I figured it was close, but should be ok. Now, I'm not as sure. Maybe if Hyman takes a shorter term smaller AAV deal is the only way I see it working.

23 May 2020 19:31:38
I feel like pushing buttons today. I'm not a huge fan of Dubas, for several reasons. I really think he won't be the gm after next season is over. He's made way too many mistakes the first couple years. I'm going to list a few. This is just on the signings alone. I barely touch on any trades, the coaching change, player development, drafting, or team strategy. This is only the signings alone:

Didn't go "all-in" when MNM were still on elc's. There is no benefit to the slow rebuild in today’s NHL. You’ve got to time it so you can stack your team with expensive players while your stars are cheap. In that sense, the Leafs blew it.

Did not negotiate deals with MNM after year two when he could have saved 2-3M or more. Decided to wait and see how they performed, and it backfired.

He overpaid significantly for Matthews and Marner, while failing to get either maximum term, or better yet, a bridge deal, like every other gm in the league was able to accomplish with their RFA's.

Signed Tavares at $11M, which was in fairness probably below market value as SJ and NYI offered more, but it inflated immediately the asking prices for MNM and immediately put the leafs against the cap ceiling, when many thought 5-6M would have been better spent on a RHD.

Because he didn't get any of our RFA's signed to maximum term deals, our window of opportunity is a short 5 years, as opposed to 8 years. We only got one UFA year for Matthews. That's about as bad as it gets. We stand a real chance at losing one of MNM in just four short years now.

The whole Nylander situation was a fiasco

These huge front loaded contracts are a disaster. For example, we paid Nylander 40% of his contract ($18M) within the first 12 months after signing it.

In real terms, Leafs have the three highest paid players in league history on the team currently. Only 8 players in NHL history have signed for more than $10M AAV. Leafs have three of them on the team currently, who also just so happen to be the highest paid players in the league this year in actual dollar amounts. So we have the luxury of having three of the highest paying contracts in league history all on the team at the same time, courtesy of Dubas'

I can't see Leafs re-signing Clifford now that they signed Barabanov. That was probably their intention the whole time. LA probably wouldn't make the deal unless Leafs agreed. And because Dubas was desperate he had to accept.

Engvall extension signed right in the middle of his hot streak.

Didn't re-sign Gardiner and instead signed Ceci, thereby eliminating $4.5M in cap space that we saved from trading Marleau, which cost us a first. So what was the point in trading Marleau if you are just going to waste the money on a third line defenseman?

Re-signed Marincin. And continually allows Marincin to be played ahead of Liljegren at both AHL and NHL level, thus limiting Liljegren's development.

He signed way too many fringe NHL players that are in the AHL now. That takes up a lot of the top spots on the Marlies that our own draft picks could really use to get the playing time they need to develop properly (for example, Hollowell and Duszak being forced to play ECHL because no room for them on the Marlies)

Lots there to chew on and pick away at. Should get discussion flowing one way or another. Maybe tomorrow I will talk about how crappy Dubas is at trades.

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23 May 2020 21:06:05
So here’s my thought Dubas is young he’s trying to go a different direction then conventional teams I don’t love him but I don’t hate him I think he tried to come in with a bang and went and sign Tavares and it’s been ok but I thought kadri was just as good and way less money when it comes to Matthews and marner yea he over paid and yea they are not long enough deals but I like those deals compared to Tavares because we will get all three mnm in their best years if Dubas has guys to negotiate for him he would be good I think his future is based on what they do this year and next if the leafs don’t get out of the 1st round in that time I can’t see him being back but he’s made our team overall better with trades and picks can’t hate on him for that because the Leeds’s are legit two three players away from being True contenders.

23 May 2020 22:23:07
That's a pretty short list where I sit.

24 May 2020 05:36:36
Has Dubas made the team better through trades and picks? From where I sit he took obvious picks that a GM is fired for messing up and has made extremely poor trades. His signings are an absolute debacle. You can say Dubas just needs someone to handle his signings all you want but that's his job. If I was a defence attorney and someone said "yeah he's great except he can't formulate evidence" would I have a job?

24 May 2020 07:23:57

This was only the signings. I have a much longer list of other things Dubas has done wrong with regards to trades, player development, philosophy, etc. I was thinking about posting it all at once, but it would have crashed the server. So I figure it will just upload piece by piece. I really think his job his hanging on the line. Looks like he will be okay this year, no matter what, but next year I wouldn't be surprised if it would be his last. Once the entire list is compiled, it's pretty imcriminating. I think Dubas is a very smart man. But I disagree with the way he has been running the team since he took over and there are a lot of reasons why. I'm just listing them. He's done some good things too. But the bad things overwhelm the good.

24 May 2020 07:39:52
For the most part, Dubas was gifted the team. It's his job to keep it together and make them win. So far he's kept them together (barely) . But in the process, he has made them less competitive. The results show. Declining points totals three years in a row, every year since Dubas took over. Leafs went from a record breaking team to a bubble team clinging to a playoff spot. Under the old playoff rules, which I actually prefer, Leafs wouldn't be in a playoff position right now.

Slice it up any way you want. The teams regular season performance has gotten worse, not better. And the teams playoff performance has only shown us that Freddy is a shaky goalie in big games, and the Leafs as a team fall apart when it matters most. And when controversy hits, they tune out the coach, regardless who it is. Leafs were falling apart u der Keefe at the end of the season too. If the whole 82 games played out, I wouldn't have been surprised if they missed the playoffs. And with a record of 14-15, or whatever it was, the last stretch there, it was a very real possibility.

24 May 2020 18:00:44
I was also becoming concerned about even making the playoffs. If Florida wasn't playing so badly we wouldn't be in a playoff spot.

25 May 2020 02:25:20
I will actually give Dubas credit for something though. Had this been Brian Burke's team we wouldn't have Liljigren, Sandin or Robertson.

25 May 2020 02:52:58
We were lucky Bobrovsky did so badly. Next year he might return to form. And that leaves us on the outside looking in. If I didn't have so much faith in Tallon screwing up again sonehow, I would say Florida would be a much better team than Leafs next year. On paper, they ahve just about the same qualities we do. Maybe better in some cases.

25 May 2020 11:38:18
I agree with LeafsLife 110%. Burke wouldn't have missed that window of opportunity when MNM were on elc's. He would have done exactly like LeafsLife said and traded away all our top prospects and picks for guys to load the team up and go for a cup right away. There is no doubt in my mind about that.

If this was Burke's team we wouldn't have Marner either. He would have traded up to get Strome.

Nylander probably wouldn't be on the team either. He would have gone with Ritchie.

Looking back on the drafts, it's so easy to see who Burke would have done. He was all about truculence. Lol. Big bodies with skill. Our team would have been littered with Puljujarvi's, Crouses, and Dal Colle's. About the only player that would have been welcome by Burke would have been Matthews.

To give Burke credit though, if he had inherited the team at the same time Dubas did. After the core was already in place. I don't think he would have signed Tavares. He would have kept Kadri (type of player Burke loves) and used the money to find a stud 1RHD. $11M would have bought us the best defenseman in the league, no matter who you think it is. Of this, I have almost no doubt in my mind would have been what he would have done.

25 May 2020 16:04:45
One thing you didn't mention about Burke as well. Nylander wouldn't have signed that deal. Burke wouldn't have accepted MNM threats and just given in.

31 May 2020 03:07:28
That's true too. Burke was able to negotiate a deal. Made some bad mistakes with the Leafs though. But to give him credit, he inherited a bad team. He just didn't tank it like he should have in order to rebuild it properly. He got stuck in the middle of the pack year after year with the pressure on to perform a rebuild on the fly, and it never materialized. End result, we got worse and worse as the picks and prospects were all gone and the guys we had weren't good enough.

23 May 2020 01:40:47
So with this 24 team playoff format why not extend it and make a gauntlet. Top 3 each division maintain their status from previous years ex:

Bos vs ?
Tor vs tampa

Was vs ?
Pit vs nyi

Stl vs ?
Col vs dal

Lv vs ?
Cgy vs edm

Then starting with 16 they play 15 winner of that game plays 14 and so on and so on until you get to every team not listed above. team that wins it gets the best matchup in their conference team that loses that game plays first overall in their conference.

Unconventional would never happen but would be a blast to watch and would make some crazy under dog stories. In theory Detroit could win every game of the gauntlet which is a total of 8 games to make the playoffs.

Would also give the top 12 teams a chance to rest their players. The effect on the trade deadline could be interesting to, more teams would feel good about who is ahead of them in the gauntlet.

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23 May 2020 19:15:56
As you said it would never happen but, I really like this idea. This sounds like a tournament I can get behind.

23 May 2020 21:34:46
I do that think I fully understand it. Lol. I do know that I would rather face Columbus than Tampa though. I'm game for whatever format they come up with. Leafs can't possibly draw a harder opponent than either Tampa or Boston right now, and we were guaranteed to face one of them first round under the "normal" playoff format.

As long as there is hockey again is all in hoping for.

24 May 2020 15:39:39
Leafsgm essentially top 7 are guarenteed a playoff spot in each conference. So detroit being in last place could beat every other eastern team not in the playoffs in a single elimination game to make the playoffs. It's a gauntlet you get one last chance to get yourself into the playoffs no matter how your season went. Think st louis last year if they just missed the playoffs, they were dominant january first on, lots of teams just miss the playoffs that get hot right before the end. I've always wanted a league to run a set up like this though, it would be so entertaining.

25 May 2020 03:02:43
I see what you are getting at. And I agree. Every year it seems like there is a team that starts out hot the first half and then comes back to earth the second half, squeeze in to the playoffs still, but are eliminated first round.

Meanwhile, there's always a team that starts out slow, then gets hot at the end of the year, and ends up just missing out of the playoffs, usually on the last game of the regular season. It's just too little too late.

An I always ask myself, what if the hot team got in, and the cold team didn't? How much different could it have been? If more teams could squeek in like St. Louis did last year on an unbelievable hot streak like that, they could be easy cup favorites, despite being the 2nd wild card. Momentum in sports counts. Big time. And a winning streak heading into the playoffs is a huge deal.

21 May 2020 17:26:38
Who would you like to see Leafs play first round of playoffs? If we were to enter the playoffs under regular rules, we would be facing Tampa and Boston in first and second rounds. But from what I've been reading, the NHL isn't going to go with regular format. It was suggested on a popular hockey site that the first round for us might look something like this:

In both conferences 5 vs. 12 (winner plays four seed), 6 vs. 11 (winner plays three seed), 7 vs. 10 (winner plays two seed) and 8 vs. 9 (winner plays one seed) .

So that would mean an opening round of: Pittsburgh/ Montreal; Carolina/ Rangers; Islanders/ Florida and Toronto/ Columbus in the East and Edmonton/ Chicago; Nashville/ Arizona; Vancouver/ Minnesota; Calgary/ Winnipeg in the West.

Would love to face Columbus in the first round. That would be a way better opponent than Tampa. Of course, knowing our luck, Columbus would knock us out in four games too like they did Tampa last year.

Agree1 Disagree0

21 May 2020 19:08:36
Probably the best we could hope for

Wonder what you tell people if Montreal wins the cup? They clearly are not a playoff team.

21 May 2020 19:34:42
Yea the 24 team format definitely benefits the leafs more but if it was Toronto vs Boston or Tampa I’d rather face Tampa we match up better not being a physical team I think we can out skill Tampa and the series would probably come down to goaltending.

22 May 2020 14:21:55
I am fine with this personally. Would love to see the leafs play the jackets and get past the "first round" (If we can call it that) . And I agree I would rather play Tampa. I could see us possibly beating Tampa, but not Boston.

22 May 2020 21:38:40
It doesn't really help the leafs per se, we just get beat up by the blue jackets before Boston then rampage of we get past Boston. I don't really see this as a benefit, it looked promising for us to hang on to 3rd I the Atlantic and let someone try and knock out Boston for us.

23 May 2020 04:03:48
I'm just thinking how nice it would be to win a playoff series. That's it. You don't have to call it the first round. You could call it the preliminary elimination round. I don't care what you want to call it. It's a playoff series, and if Leafs win it, that will be the first playoff series they've win in a very long time. It might give them a huge boost in confidence too. Columbus is no easy team after all. They have one of the vest coaches in the game, and still had the same record as the Leafs, despite losing Panarin, Bobrovsky, Duchene. If goaltending is going to be more important than ever this year, the. Columbus has a distinct advantage there.

If Leafs win against Columbus, that is all I care about. That's a big win and a step in the right direction. If they lose to Columbus, all hell breaks out this off season.


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