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17 Sep 2020 02:29:51
I think the Leafs should do everything they can to get a top 10 pick next year so they can draft McTavish. He is going to be a star. Already projected as a top 10 pick, he should really shine next year playing on the top line. Especially if Robertson returns.

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21 Sep 2020 02:12:44
Watched him a ton (Live in Peterborough) . Couldn’t agree more. His play reminds me a ton of a smaller Pierre Lic-Dubois but his compete and bite make up for it. He did not look out of place on that strong team at all and will get bigger minutes now with Thomas, Robertson and Gallant out of the picture.

16 Sep 2020 17:45:21
I just wanted to say I think the leafs make a mistake if they sign petro the perfect example of that is Tavares we over paid for him which led to us moving kadri and also led to Matthews and marner deal if we sign petro to a 9 mil deal might as well say goodbye to Reilly because you know he's going to say hey I'm younger and just as good Where's my money

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16 Sep 2020 20:49:36
Don't think the Kadri trade is linked at all to cap. He was on a very good contract. I do agree I don't want Petro either though at his age. He will want long term.

16 Sep 2020 20:54:45
I don't know what Reilly will do. He really should demand his money. We all talk about lazy Nylander but Marner gets lazy as well and Mathews from time to time. Reilly is always a guy working hard.

16 Sep 2020 22:32:55
I agree Reilly will be around 8 mil but I’m saying if we go sign petro the 9 my guess is Reilly starts with 9.

17 Sep 2020 02:40:19
If Dubas really believed in his studs’n’duds system he would do everything he could to sign Pietrangelo. Of course, signing him would instantly spell the end for Rielly once his contract is up. There is no way they can afford both unless one of MNMT get traded.

I can almost see Dubas signing Pietrangelo too. His critics said you can’t have four players making $40M, so Dubas doubles down and has five players making $50M.

The pressure is on. Desperate gm’s do desperate things. Dubas knows his job is on the line. He’s pumped over $100M into these players and they haven’t won a cup. The money he is spending is unprecedented. I don’t know how he managed to convince upper management to go this way.

I hope they don’t sign Pietrangelo either. History shows that signing 30 year old UFA defensemen to huge contracts doesn’t work out very well. It’s hard to fathom Pietrangelo falling off a cliff. But two years ago, who could have predicted Doughty or Karlsson falling to pieces either.

17 Sep 2020 07:28:07
If he really wants to go all in with studs n duds he could probably have Reilly and Petro. If you have a top 6 set plus top pairing of Reilly and Petro you just need all league minimum after that. It's definitely possible I just wouldn't recommend it. Even though it is a Dubas thing to do. Just play Reilly Petro 45 minutes a night and top 6 30 mins each lol

18 Sep 2020 05:16:53
Muzen and Holl are a good second pair. He could play Rielly and Pietrangelo 30 minutes a night, have Muzzin and Holl play 20. That leaves 10 for the rookies on the bottom line to fight it out. I assume Dermott gets traded.

18 Sep 2020 19:36:11
In that situation I would say trade trade Dermott as well and just tryna a Liljigren Sandin bottom pair as little as possible.

20 Sep 2020 01:02:54
After next season, Muzzin’s NMC becomes a NTC. I’m not sure what the exact terms are, but he can be traded. He might even be eligible for the expansion draft.

Any move made to address the RHD also has to take into account the draft implications. If we bring in a 1RHD, it means we will be trading Dermott and exposing Holl.

15 Sep 2020 04:27:51
Observation on Nylander. When you go on hockeydb and click on his picture, it takes you backward through time to each years prior until his rookie year. Well do this with Nylander. Lo and behold: his lips get pinker every year. By the time you get to his rookie year, it is obvious he is wearing pink lipstick. That makeup artist made him look so purty for the camera didn’t she? Lol.

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18 Sep 2020 05:19:18
Nobody commented. But I bet you all checked it out. Lol. I seen a picture he posted of him in a running race. The emphasis was on his a$$. But all I could see was how thin his hair is getting. He’s going to have a bald head in a couple years the rate he is going. If he shaves it down, he will look like Sundin a lot more. I wonder if he would start playing more like him too.

14 Sep 2020 01:28:02
Keep reading that Vegas has issues to solve before the expansion draft. Am I mistaken in my assumption they are exempt? I'm pretty sure they were if I remember the rules correctly?

Anyone else verify this?

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14 Sep 2020 16:20:39
I also read they are exempt, which I think is dumb, if anything the team that places 31st should be exempt.

15 Sep 2020 08:06:14
Yeah seems like a bit much doesn't it? Everyone else loses at least a decent depth player. Vegas is a top team in the league and they lose nothing.

17 Sep 2020 02:44:39
Vegas had Reaves and Carrier have almost 100 hits each these playoffs. They had over 175 hits. As a team that made the final four two out of three years, I think it’s safe to say that Vegas has a good idea of what playoff hockey is about.

Oh, and the team they lost to, Dallas, has Oleksiak and Comeau, who also combined for over 175 hits so far these playoffs. Lindell has 60.

Blues had the most hits last year in the playoffs and Washington has the most hits the year they won. When are the Leafs ever going to learn what it takes?

14 Sep 2020 00:11:43
Not a trade persay, but i'm pretty sure I'm thinking holl will not be traded or even thought of. He is a perfect candidate to be available for the expansion draft. If you take a look at it, I actually think its a perfect signing now.

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14 Sep 2020 07:18:59
Yeah I been wondering about that myself. Kapanen is gone and will be replaced by some plug, you then presumably protect Reilly, Muzzin, Dermott (or whoever the new guys are) .

Team will look a lot different by then though. It isn't until after the 2021 season is concluded. By then it's really hard to say who will be exposed.

Been wondering if Muzzin is exposed by then depending on how Dermott progresses. If Dermott takes a huge step forward they may just let Muzzin go because of age. But as I said, team will look different by then by a lot.

14 Sep 2020 14:48:49
I could be wrong but didn't we give muzzin a NMC?

15 Sep 2020 02:00:20
The expansion draft is at the end of this season LeafsLife. Lol. This is the 2021 ending season.

Muzzin has a NMC, but it becomes a NTC after this year. I’m not sure if that flips over before or after the expansion draft though. If it’s before the draft, he can be exposed. If they wanted to expose him that is.

I assume they protect Rielly, Muzzin, Dermott and expose Holl. But they might trade Dermott and protect Holl. I’m pretty sure Rosen, Marincin, and Warsofsky all meet the minimum requirement for exposure.

No matter how I look at it though, either through trade or through expansion draft, Leafs are going to lose one of Dermott or Holl by the end of next year.

15 Sep 2020 08:07:07
Or Dubas trades a second+Rosen so they take Marincin.

13 Sep 2020 01:45:24
So, Lou actually won GM of the year. That has to be real bad optics for Shanahan right now. Avs were one overtime goal from being in the final four along with Islanders. It doesn’t look good for management right now for sure.

I was against Dubas since the day he got hired and took a lot of heat for it the last couple years. But I think he has already proven me right. Didn’t take long. Two years and we are already a bubble team that missed the playoffs. Good job Dubas. Good job Shanahan.

Congratulations Lou. I hope you win another cup soon. You deserve it.

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13 Sep 2020 06:17:48
I have been really on the fence about Dubas. I never really disliked him until the Kadri trade was made. The day that was done my opinion of him plummeted. Then the Ceci signing to go with it.

Have to agree. To much wrong has been done. To many bad contracts handed out.

Lou deserves it. This isn't the devil's. He took two bottom feeding teams and quickly made them something more. Good for him.

Your very right. Shanahan must be looking pretty bad right about now.

13 Sep 2020 15:44:14
I take Lou winning gm of year with a real grain of salt he hired Trotz two years ago and he has made this team a winning one the only real good move I think Lou made was pague I think we will see what happens with Barzal.

14 Sep 2020 00:00:00
Aside from hiring Trotz, Lou brought in key depth guys like Komorov and Martin, who many Leafs fans wish were on the team still, he re-signed a couple key guys like Eberle and Lee to long term contracts, and traded for Pageau, re-signing him in the process. He also let Lehner walk to free agency knowing that his strength lay in the team in front, not on the goalie. He had four big name free agents up front to sign last year and got them done. This year he might have to trade a defenseman, but he will still get Barzal to sign.

14 Sep 2020 07:20:43
I don't ever see Lou putting up with the garbage that went on here. Nylander threatening to stay in Europe so he signs. Then the year after we have little Mitchy flying across north America talking to teams about his "options".

Lou isn't Dubas. He gets Barzal on a decent contract of some kind and probably trades anyone wanting to much money.

14 Sep 2020 22:54:04
It would be interesting to see barzals next contract
It’s a different time to sign with a flat salary cap though
Players may cave not like Wee Willy or Paul, I mean Mitch marner did
But then again what leverage did they have? Only not to sign I guess
Dubas had a short window to get this done. Lots of internal pressure
Lou I think could give two poops if Barzal signs . With Trotz coaching he could find anyone to
Play that boring yet effective game.

15 Sep 2020 08:08:42
We'll put yakushev. Lou reminds a bit of the Patriots. I don't think he's willing to throw more money than he feels someone is worth, at anyone. He will just replace you.

16 Sep 2020 00:02:43
I don't mind Dubas but the money he paid Marner and maybe Taveras left me ticked.
The Kadri trade bit us bad.

18 Sep 2020 05:32:09
I don’t think Bellichek let Bradynwalk because of money, but because of term. Brady wanted a two year deal and Bellichek told him no, you’re too old, so Brady signed with the team offering him the extra year. From what I understand, his new team is actually a better team than the Pats, and now with Brady there, they are heavy favorited to win it this year. So by jumping ship, Brady got the term he wanted, and is on a better team to win another Super Bowl to cement him as the best QB of all time.

Leafs need a guy like that on the team. A real leader and hero. Not afraid to cross the line. Do anything to win. It’s only cheating if you get caught. By then you already won. Pretty hard to take it all back after the big game and celebration and parade. So they give up a few picks and a couple of bucks, and find a new way to cheat.

Why can’t Leafs do that? Have warmer picks for draws in the defensive zone, so opponents forwards have trouble managing them. Aerodynamic sticks. Things like that. Push the envelope by using technology in your favor.

11 Sep 2020 04:50:58
So guess who is nominated for GM of the year? Hint: it’s not Dubas.

That’s right (drum roll) dun dun dun LOU LAMORIELLO. Good for him. I hope he wins it. He deserves it. Not just for what he did with the Islanders. But for what he did with the Leafs. Twice now he took the worst team in the league and made them contenders.

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11 Sep 2020 07:06:43
Kick in balls for sure lol.

He deserves it though. Well managed team.

11 Sep 2020 15:06:50
Lol I think we will see what Lou is made of after Barzal deal comes out he didn’t really do much this year imo to get this nomination the only good player he picked up was jp and again Trotz gets no love for getting this team to where they are.

11 Sep 2020 23:05:38
He didn't do as much this year but the team he built is doing it. He's the reason why.

Yeah trotz deserves a tonne of credit for sure.

12 Sep 2020 02:04:39
And again, it was Lou who hired Trotz was it not?

Lou recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of the team he had, determined what style of play would suit them best, and then hired the best coach possible for what he had. He brought in Komorov and Martin, re-signed a couple key guys like Eberle and Lee, and traded for Pageau, re-signing him in the process. He also let Lehner walk to free agency knowing that his strength lay in the team in front, not on the goalie.

This off-season he will be tested as Toews, Barzal, and Pulock all be to be re-signed. How he manages to work the cap this year will be interesting to see. Most analysts are expecting them to have to trade one of their defensemen.

12 Sep 2020 18:52:30
I'm interested to see this off season for them as well. I believe Lou will do a fine job though. I don't see him overpaying anyone nor moving a solid young defenceman for nothing.

14 Sep 2020 22:58:51
Yes Lou is a crafty old school with a twist of modern thinking gm
Trotz is an awesome coach
Well deserved for Lou
Seems to push the right buttons
Should be an interesting off season though for him with some tough contracts to negotiate.

06 Sep 2020 13:08:43
Gaborik,hossa and zetterberg are the 3 true LTIR players remaining

Seabrook,shaw,hertl,dubinski,kesler,gubranson and nilsson are players on injured reserved list.

Of these guys shaw and dubinsky seem to be only players not close to returning as the rest have reports they will be ready for trainng camp.

If ott,ari and det won't give up the big 3 why not try to deal for shaw. If he returns he is a solid 3rd liner gritty dude. If not he goes on LTIR.

Gubranson had wrist injury. Could he gecome the next sheldon souray? Bad dman goes for wrist surgery comed back with a cannon of a shot because of the workouts required after surgery..might be worth testing this out..lol

Lastly, there are around 6 LTIR contracts becoming UFAs. If team doesn't care about player passing physical would it be wrong to sign one of these guys. Team still needs to pony up the money and the injured ufa gets a pay check.anything in rule books about signing a long term injured guy who is still part of the nhlpa who had a contract the previous year before? Odviously you can't just sign a retired player for this matter but if the guy isn't retired had a contract in the 2019-20 season is hurt but a ufa why not sign him?

Did i find a weird loophole

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06 Sep 2020 17:26:31
Hard to believe zetterberg is still under contract lol.

06 Sep 2020 18:53:07
Yeah and unlike hossa and gaborik, he has 1 extra year. lol. his cap hit is the biggest too so he actually has the best worth for ltir. He also has no nmc so you don't have to protect him next summer. funny if detroit or whomever has his contract doesn't protect him then seattle take his contract for cap help if they take dumb contracts for picks. lol.

06 Sep 2020 19:14:22
Zetterberg and hossa only have 1 million actual money due so can't see either arizona or detroit giving those contracts up unless the deal is huge. especially arizona who are tightest team to cap so the extra 5.25 million will bring in extra player thus moving their cap ceiling to 87 million.

Gaboriks contract on other hand i have no idea why ottaw is keeping it. They neither will hit cap ceiling nor struggle to hit cap floor. He is owed 3 million real money. For a real money tight franshise that's a huge waist. that's the player i hope dubas tries to get as gaborik contract is worth less than the other 2 due to the money owed. i know insurance takes care of some of money but its still a waist.

If nhl will allow teams to have LTIR and be able to minipulate the cap the way they can then they should make it a rule that if you have such a contract you must spend above the cap or you get penalized. i know its too hard to enforce but i'd like to see some rule get put in place so every team has same opportunities as others who get their hands on these contracts. If you don't need it why have it. Only so many of them around.

07 Sep 2020 07:21:02
If he has a NMC then he must be protected I believe. That alone would turn Dubas off. Protecting an LTIR deal and losing a decent forward.

07 Sep 2020 14:35:22
Only hossa contract has the nmc but its done before the expansion draft.

09 Sep 2020 04:22:50
I heard Dubinsky is permanent LTIR now. They announced his injury was career ending. His NMC is a non-factor because his contract expires before the expansion draft. His would be a good one to target. Especially since Columbus has plenty of cap space to re-sign Dubois and one more person to hit a 23 man roster.

I think Dubas will acquire another LTIR contract or two before this off-season is over. I Hope they don’t dip into it though unless they absolutely get a 1RHD they need to afford (Pietrangelo is about the only one that comes to mind) .

If they don’t dip into their LTIR, any cap space they have accrues, so that on trade deadline they can get a player far more valuable than the cap space they have available. So, for example, if they have $1M in cap space, they can trade for a player with $4M cap hit.

So even a small amount of cap space can be leveraged in a big way for teams that are buyers on deadline day. But this isn’t possible if Leafs dip into the available LTIR pool. So, unless it’s Pietrangelo, I hope they don’t use any LTIR this year and accrue cap space to trade for a valuable asset on deadline.

09 Sep 2020 06:01:24
I think a player has to pass a medical to get a new offer on contract Craigger, but I’m going to look into that one too. Nice. I’ve got something to do on a lazy afternoon now. Spend the day read about hockey.

11 Sep 2020 04:26:43
They can do that if they really want from what I understand Craigger. But the player wouldn’t be insured, so his salary would be paid from out of pocket. A rich team like the Leafs, it might not matter (Hortons contract was uninsured and we still traded for it) . But most teams wouldn’t be willing to do such a thing. The other thing is that all trades and contracts have to be approved by the league. So, while technically this might be “legal”, the league would likely just see it as cap circumvention and not allow it.

So I guess the answer is yes, and no. As in yes, there is nothing that explicitly forbids this to happen. But no, because there are safeguards and measures in place to prevent cap circumvention and manipulative or predatory practices.


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