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21 May 2024 16:53:05
Total reboot to build for playoffs:
UFA signings:
Domi - 4yrs - 3.75M
Debrusk - 2 yrs- 4.5M
Broissoit - 2yrs - 2.5M
Talbot - 1yr - 1M
Desharnais - 4yrs - 2.25M
Cousins - 2yrs - 1.5M

Trades 1.)

To Cgy: Nylander, Niemela, 1st rd 2024, rights to Lily

To Tor: Weegar, Coleman

Trade 2.)

To Sea: Marner, 3rd rd pick 2026

To Tor: Larsson, Gourde

Jarnkrok to ANH for a 4th rd 2024

New Lines:

Knies Matthews Domi
McMann JT Debrusk
Coleman Kampf Gourde
Cousins Holmberg Reaves
Minten - 1st call up

Rielly Weegar
McCabe Larsson
Benoit Desharnais
Webber Timmins

1. Woll, 2. Brossoit, 3. Talbot.


1.) 22 May 2024 19:14:31
Nylander is not going anywhere. Also, in no world are the Leafs adding a 1st to a trade with Calgary plus a top prospect.

As well, for Marner, the Leafs laugh and hang up the phone, swap Gourde for Wright and maybe, but still would want Seattle to add a 2nd round pick.

2.) 23 May 2024 00:19:07
Lol you put the Leafs on a pedestal I see. Weegar is one of the best D in the league RN if not, the best. There is a lot more value in a D than a RW, so Leafs definitely add a first and Cgy would still probably say no.
We don’t need Wright. We have enough young guys ready to make the jump when needed. I don’t think he is going to be what everyone thinks. Course shows up when the games matter.

3.) 23 May 2024 00:25:01
@Clarky if that was for Rasmus Anderson maybe, but not for Weegar. As much as I do like Weegar.



25 Apr 2024 10:23:16
To Tor: Anders Lee, Palmieri, Pulock, 2nd

To NYI: Marner, Lily, Minten, Robertson.


1.) 25 Apr 2024 12:50:23
Can't get behind a trade that sends most of the Leafs youth for aging players. Lee and Palmieri are both 33and Pulock 29. Make it something around Marner for Pulock and Palmieri and I could probably get behind it. I doubt Marner waives for NYI though.

2.) 27 Apr 2024 01:22:39
Why would Leafs want Lee (33 years old) and Palmieri (33 years old) except to balance the cap implications?

Basically your giving up Marner, Robertson and Liljegren for Pulock and a 2nd.



01 Mar 2024 12:30:09
I watched the Sea/ Pitt game last night after the Leafs game. Borgen looks good. A legit top 4 defender that can skate, play physical and be reliable in his own end.

My trade for the final piece on the back end;

To Tor: Borgen

To Sea: Lily, Robertson, 2024 3rd rd, 4th rd picks

Rielly Borgen
Benoit McCabe
Brodie Boosh.


1.) 01 Mar 2024 13:16:56
Clarky I don't think Borgen is worth all this, he's a 3rd pairing Dman possibly can play 2nd pairing next year. Seems like a high price for me.

2.) 01 Mar 2024 13:57:54
You r short on R dmen but u give one up makes no sense to trade lily.

3.) 01 Mar 2024 14:19:46
I'm on board with trading lily I don't he'll be anymore than a 3rd pairing d man . Borgen is big and physical and signed to a good contract for another year. A good offer.

4.) 01 Mar 2024 15:39:05
A good prop but I think it may be an overpay by the Leafs. He is starting to get more ice time, but I wouldn't say he is an established 2nd pair D yet. If he can, good contract and maybe be worth Lily, Robertson and a 3rs.

5.) 01 Mar 2024 17:51:15
@Tags no chance Borgen is a 3rd pairing D. This guy would be our 3rd best D and close to McCabe. He would be a top pairing guy for us being our best RHD. Watch this gem play. I thought he looked better than Larsson yesterday.

6.) 01 Mar 2024 19:33:12
Clarky I hope you're right if we get him. I saw him against Boston and wasn't very impressed. Everyone has good and bad games, but I would still put him ahead of Lily.
I just think the offer is a bit much and would try a bit bigger deal including Tanev as well.

7.) 01 Mar 2024 22:01:19
@Tags I thought of adding in Tanev but he is at 3.5M with term left. Don’t see them retaining and would be hard to fit that space under the cap.

8.) 02 Mar 2024 02:46:09
I like Borgen and feel he would be the perfect partner, stylistically, for Morgan Reilly.
I do not like the idea of trading one RHD for another RHD when Leafs biggest need is RHD.
Take out Liljegren and add Niemala and Tverberg.

9.) 02 Mar 2024 13:23:54
Borgen IS a decent target but that’s far too much to pay!
I pass.



26 Feb 2024 00:49:51
To Tor: Crouse, Brown, 2nd 2024

To Arz: Jarnkrok, Robertson, Minten, 1st 2024, 3rd 2025

2nd trade:
To Tor: Tanev (1.5M retained)

To Cgy: Arz 2nd rd pick 2024, Tor 4th 2025, Brodie (he agrees if they flip him to a contender for a 2nd or 3rd pick with retention) . Cgy could a 2nd (Arz), 3rd and 4th from Tor for Tanev.

Knies Matthews Marner
Bertuzzi Domi Nylander
McMann JT Crouse
Holmberg Kampf Reaves

Rielly Tanev
McCabe Brown
Benoit Lily

Brown is a 5/ 6 guy but I think we would be more well rounded if he played with McCabe instead of Benoit.


1.) 26 Feb 2024 03:07:20
I don’t think Brown (32g, 1g, 5a, -4) is any more effective than Benoit but Crouse would be a terrific player for Leafs to target.

To Coyotes: 2024 - 1st, 3rd, Minten, one (1) of Tverberg, Voit, Lisowsky, Hirvonen, Jarnkrok ($2.1, for cap), Reaves $1.35), Jones ($875,000)

To Leafs: Crouse ($4.3), late 2nd via Florida (Coyotes have 3 - 2nd round picks)

In: $4.3
Out: $4.35

Crouse - Matthews - Marner
Knies - Domi - Nylander
McMann - Tavares - Robertson
Holmberg - Kampf - Kunin (SJS)
Would be a formidable lineup.

Now to add that RHD partner for Reilly.

To Calgary: 2024 - 2nd via Florida, 2024 - 4th via Leafs plus a “B” prospect if necessary.

Reilly - Tanev
Brodie - McCabe
Benoit - Liljegren
Giordano - Lagesson - Timmins.

2.) 26 Feb 2024 13:41:21

Jarnkrok, Robertson a 1st and 3rd may get Crouse alone. If Leafs are adding Minten, I'd want McBain as well if I were the Leafs. As much as they like McBain, he is a 3/ 4C for them. Most of the time, he only plays 11-12 mins a night. Hard to ask for a huge return on a guy they play 11-12 mins.

So this is my counter as I can't see Brown playing 2nd pair on the Leafs.

2024 1st


As for the 2nd deal, I think we need to add a better option than Lagesson or Gio as a partner for Rielly without subtracting a guy like Brodie.

3.) 26 Feb 2024 15:03:08
Nice props guys! Both make sense and would make us better. You guys are probably right on Brown. Maybe better to go after two F but don’t think we would get a 2nd back to go after Tanev.
@WB I personally can’t take Reaves out of the lineup. He is playing good and guys are playing tougher with him in the lineup. I think we need someone to take Robertsons spot in F on the 3rd line (which Jarnkrok will be coming back), makes Robo trade bait.

@RLF I think Brodie would have to be in a deal with that much money coming in. Not too many teams want to retain money.

4.) 26 Feb 2024 16:34:31
All we need at this moment is someone solid to play beside Reilly. Need to find another Luke Schenn type of guy. Can play the minutes and back up Reilly.



18 Feb 2024 17:51:34
Alright giving up a bit for mostly guys with term and Sean Walker who we should be able to resign at a decent AAV. I think he is looking between 4-5M in his new contract. I put the years they have left beside their name.

1st trade:
To Tor: Hathaway (UFA-3), Laughton (UFA-3), Walker (UFA-1)

To Phi: Brodie, Lily, Niemela, Robertson, 1st pick 2024, 3rd rd 2025

2nd trade:
To Tor : Burroughs (UFA-3)

To SJ: Reaves, Timmins, 3rd pick 2024

3rd trade:
To Tor: Borgen (UFA-2)

To Sea: Tverberg, Lagesson, 5th rd pick 2024, 3rd rd pick 2026

Playoff Lineup:

McMann Matthews Marner
Bert JT Domi
Knies Laughton Nylander
Holmberg Kampf Hathaway IR* Jarnkrok

Rielly Walker
McCabe Borgen
Benoit Burroughs


1.) 18 Feb 2024 19:47:12
Domi is not a second line player. He’s barely a third line centre.

2.) 18 Feb 2024 22:55:37
What are you talking about? Domi has been playing good. And it’s not about what line you think he should be. It’s about what’s best for the team and giving all 3 lines an equal chance to be successful.

3.) 18 Feb 2024 23:34:24
McMann plays well for a game and gets anointed a first line winger? You clearly are enamoured with Domi for some reason. He’s a liability defensively and is on pace for what, 8 goals? Yah let’s put him on the second line and move Nylander.

4.) 19 Feb 2024 00:47:02
It’s called depth scoring. They have been putting their best players on two lines for years now and how is it working out? Every line Domi has been in for the past while has been one of the best lines every game (Matthews and his hat tricks are exempt) . When the big guys are in the lineup, Domi/ Bert/ Knies are getting like 10 minutes a game and barely any PP time. What are you expecting them to do? How come every time some of these big names are out of the lineup we play more like a team and win more often then not? Give these guys some minutes and a chance, than evaluate them but as of right now they are set up to fail.

5.) 19 Feb 2024 03:04:21
There is no way that Ron Francis is giving away Borgen for 2 AHL players a 3rd and a 5th.

6.) 19 Feb 2024 13:02:58
CKPS would still have McMann in the press box or on the Marlies. He has often said McMann is barely a 4th liner and has said Domi is barely a 3rd line centre all season. Domi had 49 pts in 60 games as a 2nd line C in Chicago. He is on pace for 40-45 pts as a 3rd line C in Toronto with very little PP time. Domi is not that great defensively I would agree, but also why he should be on a more offensive line and not a two-way/ defensive line. He's had 3 seasons over 50 pts, but in all 3 he has been playing 17-18 mins a night, not the 13 he gets in Toronto. I was not a fan of the Leafs signing Max. I give credit where it is due. He has played well and brings an element this team sorely lacks. Some grit and stands up for teammates. It was mostly new guys who went after Gudas. It wasn't the players he embarrassed last playoffs yelling in Woll's face that went after him besides McCabe.
But let's get rid of the McMann's and the Domi's and go back to Dubas hockey. We all loved that high skill no push back pond hockey so much didn't we.

7.) 19 Feb 2024 17:30:53
Amen RLF. I think CKPS is trolling us to get a rise. Not sure what games he is watching.

8.) 19 Feb 2024 21:51:17
I agree with not wanting domi. Holmberg could do replace him at a much cheaper cap hit . McMann has had a good week and deserves a longer look.




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09 May 2024 14:20:06
Keefe has been let go! Who is the new blood? Berube?


1.) 09 May 2024 18:43:56
Berube. 100%.

2.) 09 May 2024 20:34:44
They may hold off because what if Dubas wants to re-unite with Keefe and Sullivan becomes available. I joked a while back of a Keefe for Sullivan trade. He's been in Pitt for 8 years, so who knows. I wouldn't be against Sullivan as the Leafs coach.

3.) 10 May 2024 00:15:31
What do you guys think about Julien?
I'm honestly not high on Berube.

4.) 10 May 2024 02:58:17
@Tags I would personally prefer it to be Gallant, but I would take Berube over Julien.

Never been a fan of his.

Now, I have openly stated how much I dislike Paul Maurice as a coach, so take that with a grain of salt lol.

5.) 10 May 2024 19:25:07
I honestly think the leafs are waiting on Berube to see if they can pry Rod out of Carolina. If Carolina gets swept for a 2nd straight year in the playoffs he could be available. If it's not Rod I put my money on Berube.



06 May 2024 13:37:47
Off-season to do list:
Fire coaching staff and Shanny, trade Marner, resign JT to a team friendly deal, move Jarnkrok, sign a solid goalie to back up Woll (Ned from Pitts is my target for around 2.5M) Go after 3 solid RHD. I posted on the trade side as well but Roy, Larsson and Desharnais would be my targets.


1.) 06 May 2024 15:21:15
Not sure about you, but I think Marner's value has really dropped. Yes, he is a 90-100 pt regular season winger with a ton of offensive talent. But, he didn't look comfortable playing a playoff style game. He typically produces points in the playoffs (not this one), but he likes it more wide open and free flowing. I am really not sure at that cap hit and expected new contract ask, what he is worth trade value wise.

2.) 06 May 2024 18:26:45
@RLF we are not winning with him. We said the same thing about Nylander so we had to sign him. We just keep resigning these guys because the trade value isn’t there? So we lose a trade to make our team better, no? I’m not sure I get your train of thought here. Keep going with the core 4 because no one will give us the trade value we expect for Mitch?!? Of course not, we aren’t the only ones noticing that he doesn’t elevate his game for playoffs. The cap space is what is intriguing, so we can go get a guy like Roy in the off-season, anything we can get back for Mitch is a bonus.

3.) 06 May 2024 20:13:06
Clarky. No man, I have said it's time to trade Mitch and posted numerous props to move him. I have also argued the cap space is the gold of it. I was simply (or maybe not so simply, my bad) saying I am not sure what you think, but I think his value has really dropped.

I don't think the return will be what some think and I don't think there will be a ton of takers even if he waives his NMC because of his cap hit and new contract ask he likely wants. Utah should be the most interested. Nashville, Detroit, Buffalo, Chicago for instance should all have interest, with Nashville being the most likely interest to Marner if he wants a chance to win now.

4.) 06 May 2024 22:03:50
Well sorry RLF, I thought you were insinuating to keep him. Yes I think his stock has dropped. 8 years of being average in playoffs but wanting 11-12M. I think he is going to be humbled by his next contract offers because no one is going to give him over what he is already making. Those markets you mentioned and Seattle has money too. I would have to think Mitch wants out of here as much as we want him traded, he is not blind to all the negative talk about him. I can see him asking for a smaller hockey market like Nashville or Seattle but time will tell I guess.

5.) 07 May 2024 01:20:48
Only way you get a solid return for Marner (imo), is to retain 50%. In reality, I would probably retain on Marner does the right return. I just don't see him as getting as much as Willy could have when he was making 6.9.

6.) 07 May 2024 13:24:58
LL. I'm not sure on the Nylander comparison. Tree admitted he looked into moving Nylander and there wasn't a reasonable deal to be had. I think that mainly came down to Nylander's asking price on his next contract. He got $11.5M per from Toronto. I think it is safe to assume his ask was $12M+ per, which plummeted his stock. I see the same kind of situation for Marner.

7.) 07 May 2024 19:54:59
@RLF That's a good point. Either they're traded as rentals for less value, or you need an extension.



06 May 2024 13:31:25
My 3 D targets for the offseason:
1.) Aquire Larsson (along with McCann for ex. ) in a deal for Marner.
2.) sign Roy 4 years around 5M+
3.) Desharnais from the Oilers is a UFA. Would love to get him for around 1.5M for 2 years to play with Benoit on the 3rd pair.

Rielly Larsson
McCabe Roy
Benoit Desharnais- this D core can bring us a Cup.




27 Apr 2024 17:08:33
Dewar is out and Robertson plays on the 4th line. Good decision ?‍♂️.


1.) 27 Apr 2024 18:41:32
Keefe makes a lot of confusing decisions, but this one is something else. Dewar has been a momster on that 4th line.

2.) 27 Apr 2024 18:58:11
If he actually does it, how stupid do you have to be. The 4th line has arguably been the best line shift to shift in their role. So the plan is, break it up. Better sit McCabe and bring in Lavoie as well, as that would make about as much sense.

3.) 27 Apr 2024 22:11:19
Galaxy Brain Keefe, never change dummy!
Agreed we need more offense, but that's what Nylander hopefully is bringing tonight.
Keep Dewarb8n the line up.



25 Apr 2024 10:29:40
Well Folks who starts game 4? Do we ride Sammy out or give Woll a chance? Tough one, I think if you take Sammy out, his confidence is shot and Woll may not be any better. But I personally think Woll has more upside and is our goalie of the future so might as well get him in there to see how he handles it? I’m up in the air in this one.


1.) 25 Apr 2024 12:34:35
Keefe doesn’t have the stones to make the switch end of the day stars are not being stars so doesn’t matter who’s in the net goalies can’t score.

2.) 25 Apr 2024 12:44:51
Clarky. Last night I don't think the Leafs played overly well, but Sammy was OK. OK isn't good enough. The first goal, just over 2 minutes left in the 2nd period, he gets beat short side from the side boards. Can't go in. The second goal, first two minutes of the 3rd, shot hits him in the glove it drops out right in front of him for an easy rebound goal. That's not good enough. He made some nice saves, but in a 1-0 game, that tying goal was brutal. Sammy has had one poor game, then a great game then an ok game. I still think Woll should have been the goalie to start game 1.

Let's go to Keefe. His decision to up Marner's playing time is a complete head scratcher. Yes, Marner made a nice play on the 1st goal, but was mostly brutal and Keefe insists on giving him ice-time to "get him going. " This is the playoffs, not regular season. You play the guys who are going. He took ice from the 4th line and gave it to the 2nd line. Reaves played 7 mins, Dewar 10 and Kampf 12:45 last night while Marner got a series high of over 23 mins. At this point, if Willy still can't go Saturday, then I would actually rather see Robertson tale Marner's spot on the 2nd line and Marner go to the 3rd line. If Willy can, then Robertson sits, Willy 2nd line and Marner 3rd line.

The whole Dubas style needs to go. Keefe should have been let go and replaced before the season started. I think Tree has built a better playoff style team, but he made a mistake in keeping Keefe. imo.

3.) 25 Apr 2024 17:59:32
@RLF that's pretty much exactly what I would have said as well.

Sammy hasn't been bad, but you don't win letting in these mediocre goals. I think Sammy will start unless it's really bad.

Mitchy does this every year. I have no doubt this is just who he is. He cannot play in physical series'. He doesn't match up well with the B's or Cats.

Willy plays the same style of trying to avoid getting hit, but he's a much better skater, and does a better job avoiding contact without looking scared. Not to say Willy is any different, he does make horrible decisions to avoid contact, but less often.




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23 May 2024 16:10:14
@Randy, Forsberg is better than Willy and Mitch. I’d take him in a heartbeat over either of these two Cottonelle spokesmen. So Leafs add a 1st, Cowan and maybe more. Thing is, Nashville isn’t stupid enough to have multiple double digit millionaires on forward. Only Shanahan on Leafs thought it was a good idea and with 4 of them. ?‍♂️.




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23 May 2024 16:03:53
Pinball and his love for Zegras trade to ANH for an 8th rd pick in 2025.




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23 May 2024 00:20:22
CKPS 100% wrong. Marner will be gone this off season. There is no way he wants to stay in the rubbish storm. Guaranteed to part ways this summer.




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23 May 2024 00:19:07
Lol you put the Leafs on a pedestal I see. Weegar is one of the best D in the league RN if not, the best. There is a lot more value in a D than a RW, so Leafs definitely add a first and Cgy would still probably say no.
We don’t need Wright. We have enough young guys ready to make the jump when needed. I don’t think he is going to be what everyone thinks. Course shows up when the games matter.




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21 May 2024 19:46:03
Do not want Zegras. Fans already boo’d Marner out of town for being soft. So why bring in another one?





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14 May 2024 16:22:16
I get the poetic justice side of it for sure. No one deserves it more than him (other than Bennett) . That was a blatant right hook to the chops. But I just don’t get the comparison of suspensions. What Rielly did was a 6game suspension worse than what Bennett did? Do they not take into account the opposing player? Grieg gets up, plays the next game, scores a goal and all is fine. Marchand is out 2 weeks with a concussion. Why would anyone put your stick up to cross check anymore? Start putting your fist in his chin and all is legal. ?‍♂️.




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14 May 2024 13:43:49
I’m very frustrated with this. The NHL doesn’t make sense. A cross check to the face where the guy gets up and plays next game will get you a 6+ game suspension but punching guys in the face to an unsuspecting player, giving them a concussion gets nothing? Like wtf are we talking about here? We see what happens to people that have many concussions in their life and when they retire, their life is hell. If “player safety” is number 1 then make sense of this for me please. I don’t care that it was Marchand. Last year was Knies, Slavin ect. if there are no repercussions for his dirty play, why would he stop?




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13 May 2024 12:46:11
I don’t think they will be that spiteful. Marner is in the prime of his career, they won’t waste it for a team that doesn’t want him. I think he will be on his way to a smaller hockey market with less media. And on the other hand, Tre has pressure not to waste another year of this team in their prime. It’s a must happen even if the Leafs lose the trade in “value”. Team needs cap space to get at least 1 but probably 2 solid RHD and still have money for goalie or forward depth.




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13 May 2024 10:27:20
Maybe they are waiting to see what happens with BrindAmour?




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13 May 2024 10:26:36
I think you guys are both wrong personally. Mitch will be gone by this summer. Upper management knows this needs to happen or fans will freak. I get he has a full NMC he could exercise. But the Leafs staff can also keep him in the press box until he changes his mind. But I personally believe that Mitch wants out just as bad as the fans want him out.