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10 Apr 2024 16:31:16
Leafs trade Jarnknok Kampf

Arizona 2 Rd rounder 2024


I don't know why everyone including you self thinks Robertson. Should be traded and has no value.

So far Leafs have not extended Domi and Bertuzzi. I'm not sure they are returning Bertuzzi has had a great last 30 games but what will teams pay him on a longer deal on the open market.

Domi seems fair value around $3 million.

It's clear next season these players are getting bigger role with leafs


Plus they will enter free agency and get more skill than Domi and Bertuzzi. Again not sure the future of Bertuzzi Domi Jarnknok and Kampf

Once Robertson is settled on a line he can score 30 to 40 goals if he has Marner as a line mate. His salary next season will be 2 Million on a multi year deal.

Why would Leaf's want to trade that kind of scorer who makes 2 million dollars.

Robertson isn't going anywhere

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10 Apr 2024 18:38:52
I think Robertson to a rebuilding team might be attractive I honestly think it’s best for both parties if they split ways… to me he’s just too one dimensional if he didn’t have a shot he would be an ahl player and the fact is guys like holmberg knies mcmann can do other things other than score I mean Robertson you claim to be a 30-40 goal guy so if that’s the case so can mcmann and knies so why do we need 3 of them when we have weaknesses elsewhere.

10 Apr 2024 22:12:27
Nah, Robertson is bad, he needs a new team and leafs need a new coach.

11 Apr 2024 03:05:44
Surprised you mention Quillan without mentioning Minten who actually made the team out of training camp last summer?
I would imagine Quillan is headed for the Marlies.

If the Leafs are going to run Nylander on the 3rd line next season they need a suitable center for him if they are going to pay him $11.5 million.
Minten and Quillan do not cut it as 3rd line centers, at least not yet.
Henrique or Monahan would be suitable centers for Nylander and Knies!

If Leafs sign both Bertuzzi and Domi it is difficult to see where Robertson will fit on the roster.
Perhaps a trade of Robertson+ a prospect to San Jose for Ferraro to upgrade our defense would be a better idea.

11 Apr 2024 09:50:27
Robertson won't be on the playoff roster, why will he be given a bigger role then next season? Simply because of his lower salary. If he can be flipped for defensive help, I think it makes alot of sense. Especially with the way McMann has been playing.

10 Apr 2024 02:16:29
To San Jose: Robertson, 2024 - 1st round pick

To Leafs: Ferraro, 2024 - 2nd round pick (via NJ)

San Jose gets a young guy with obvious goal scoring ability for their rebuild and exchanges their mid 2nd round pick for a 20 - 25 1st round pick.

Leaf get a tough 2nd pairing defenseman and with the terrific job Leafs scouting staff has been doing a valuable, mid, 2nd round pick.

2024 25 defense

Reilly ($7.5) - Matt Roy ($5.5)
Ferraro ($3.25) - McCabe ($2)
Edmundson ($2.5) - Liljegren ($3.25)
Giordano ($800,000) - Timmins ($1.1)

Edmunson could be replaced by a younger, cheaper, similar player.
Giordano certainly seems to have enough left in the tank to be a spot, #7/#8 defenseman

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10 Apr 2024 02:59:32
Like your post but Llyigren has to go! He is a Useless scared idiot.

10 Apr 2024 03:35:18
Where's Benoit just curious ?

10 Apr 2024 11:28:29
Robertson and a 1st for Ferraro is crazy Robertsons value just keeps climbing.

10 Apr 2024 12:48:54
I don't mind Ferraro, but I am not as sold on him as some are. And then Liljegren at $3.25M for a 3rd pair D. Why?

In all fairness to trades posted on here though, if this was anyone else suggesting this trade you be saying - Seriously, Ferarro is a -35 and you want to trade Robertson and a 1st for him. Ridiculous!

10 Apr 2024 13:49:29
@RLF touche, -35.
I do like Ferraro, but this is too much for him.

10 Apr 2024 14:05:57
Tags. Yes, along with last year a -31 and a career -92 would likely also have been brought up.

10 Apr 2024 22:27:59
@Tags/ RLF I'm not sure it is too much depending where the pick falls.

NJ will have a good second round pick, Leafs a late 1st. So it's essentially moving back 15 spots+Robertson for Ferraro.

11 Apr 2024 03:10:19

I use $3.25 as a guideline for Liljegren’s next contract solely based on the $4.6M the Washington Capitals paid Rasmus Sandin, whom I don’t see as being particularly better than Liljegren.
It would only cost a team like the Blackhawks a 2nd round pick to present an offer sheet to Liljegren (RFA) for up to $4.2M
I would see Liljegren more in the $2.75 x 2 year range myself but I do not think he will agree to take little more than half of what his chum received.

11 Apr 2024 03:13:35
I think it is very difficult to judge a defenseman by plus/ minus on a team that is as terrible as San Jose. Who at one point this season we’re getting 10 goals a game scored against them.

Similar to judging Peeke when he was playing for Columbus.
I think, on a good team with a partner like McCabe, Ferraro is probably a plus player.

11 Apr 2024 03:17:09
When I put Edmundson’s name in there I knew I was missing someone but I was having a seniors moment and drawing a blank.
As noted by my comment about replacing Edmundson with a younger/ cheaper version.
I would keep Benoit and let Edmundson walk in my opinion.

11 Apr 2024 12:23:36

Can't really compare Lily and Sandin. Sandin has being playing top pair since he went to Washington and was ahead of Lily in Toronto as well. Not that my opinion matters that much, but I always had him ranked above Lily. Sandin got his money based on playing top pair and establishing himself as a top 4 NHL D-man. Lily hasn't established himself as anything more than a bottom pair D. I wouldn't offer him any more than around $2M per.

As for +/ -. Have you forgotten that it was you who always talked about Peeke's -41 and saying he was horrible because of it. You constantly judge D-men based off +/ -. Are you now saying that you shouldn't and realize this?

LL- I don't think the prop is horrible. My comment was more based the irony of who posted it based on their stance of defenceman with bad +/ - numbers. I don't mind Ferraro, I'm just not sure he translates to a game changing top 4 on a good team like he seems to be made out to be.

09 Apr 2024 16:15:15
A proposal if Samsonov is resigned.

Detroit Trades
3rd Round Pick 2025

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2026

Leafs focus on getting a Top 2 younger Defenceman get's them that in a big way, yes it's a lot to give up but worth the price imo.

Red Wings in that still rebuilding mode and yes trading Seider would be something they wouldn't normally do, but getting that package replaces more than what they have currently.

Thoughts ?

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09 Apr 2024 16:36:43
Absolutely no chance unless Stevey Y is looking for a package when he's fired.

09 Apr 2024 17:23:36
I don't see that remotely moving the needle for Yzerman. It also terrifies me to have Samsonov as your lone #1. Woll could arguably win the job.

09 Apr 2024 18:46:46
Take out woll add in Cowan and another 1st.

09 Apr 2024 19:26:39
Wings laugh their asses off.

09 Apr 2024 20:46:16
@Randy I still don't see it. It's so difficult coming by a player like Seider.

10 Apr 2024 01:47:46

10 Apr 2024 18:39:33
Leafs life, I agree but he at least answers the phone to that proposal I think.

11 Apr 2024 13:11:28
Answers the phone to mock Treliving.

07 Apr 2024 03:36:46
Leafs trade Robertson

Calgary trade pospisil

I want to get ur reaction this one this is prototype of Player leafs need. He plays so hard and so big and he can score goals

I have such a man love for Robertson I probably wouldn't do it but I love this kid in Calgary

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07 Apr 2024 13:58:08
I don’t care for how Popisil checks from behind, perhaps with intent to injure, and then turtles when challenged.

He needs to respect player safety; he will be avenged at some time.

So I’m ambivalent on him right now.

07 Apr 2024 17:30:03
He’s a goofball
No thanks.

07 Apr 2024 17:41:01
He played last night so he wasn’t suspended for that play Friday night … last night 13.5 min of ice time 4 shots on goal 2 hits zero pen min . He is paying on Flames top line with Kadri. and Kuzmenko .

My no trade list would be the top 5 plus


A lot of these players are decent players but there contracts are so team friendly. I don’t want to trade Holmberg as he adds something good and only costs 800k next season and McCabe just costs a million .

08 Apr 2024 03:56:20
@DM you know, I don't care about someone tsking a run at a guy. Even if it is a dirty play, but you can't turtle and refuse to fight afterwards.

Have no interest in the guy.

08 Apr 2024 13:34:32
I like the skill of the player but he reminds me of cousins light.

08 Apr 2024 13:37:46
Pospisil, for all the reasons mentioned are ones that Toronto should stay away from him, but Calgary also already extended him for 2 years, so not sure they would do the trade anyway. He has been getting more minutes since being put on the 2nd line, but he also takes a lot of minor penalties and hasn't really put up a lot of points. He does have a huge history of hits from behind as mentioned, even in the minors. I think the Leafs should search another target.

06 Apr 2024 20:30:08
Monahan: 2M
Bertuzzi: 6M
Domi: 4M
Edmundson: 2.75M
Lyubushkin: 2.5M
Samsonov: 4M

Playoff Lineup Next Year



Samsonov - Woll

Leaves about 30,333$ in Cap Space


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06 Apr 2024 21:21:36
Sorry Forgot to add.
Dewar to 1.2M
As well, Trade Jankrok, Kampf and Timmins for Borgen.

06 Apr 2024 22:05:29
Your valuation is garbage. Monahan at 55% Facebook wins and 63 points. Leafs didn't want to sign boosh at 2.75m why would they do 2.5.

Monahan does look like a good target, but the cost will be about 6+.

07 Apr 2024 00:52:00
He's only aming 1.985M this year.

07 Apr 2024 04:44:24
I would venture to say that there is not even one (out of 32) GMs in the league who would pay Monahan $6+M
His age and injury history make it far to big a risk.

$6M for Bertuzzi is much to rich for Leafs cap flexibility.
$5M should be the maximum and if another team wants to pay him more with term then thanks for the run and all the best!

Similarly Domi at $4M is overly generous for a player who has managed to score all of 9 goals this season.
$3 x 3 years is all I would want to see the Leafs commit to Domi.

Resigning both Lyubushkin and Edmundson is a luxury.
With Benoit stepping up his game Edmundson is probably gone.
Leafs need to spend money on their defense but they should be looking at a proper partner for Morgan Reilly, something Lyubushkin (a 3rd pairing defender) isn’t
Matt Roy, Sean Walker or Will Borgen fit the mold I would like to see for Leafs top pairing.

Samsonov’s return and salary will be determined by how he plays in the playoffs.
As of right now I view Samsonov as a $3.5 - $3.75 x 3 year goaltender.
A good showing in the playoffs pushes that up to $4M while an inconsistent showing moves the needle down.

07 Apr 2024 13:59:47
WB, your assessment mirrors mine.

07 Apr 2024 23:34:35
If you don't want to give a raise to Bertuzzi or Domi who has been promoted more than one time then they'll be leaving. Guaranteed no matter what you say, they will not accept their current contracts again.

08 Apr 2024 12:43:50

You may be correct that they will not accept less than they are currently making.

And they may still be looking for a team at the start of next season.

I personally would not pay a 40-45 point player who has played L1 or L2 most of the season $5m, let alone $6m.

And Domi is only worth more IMO than his current $3m if his goal total was perhaps 50% higher.

But you feel it’s more and that’s fine; it’s your assessment.

08 Apr 2024 13:40:11
I would say off of first look, I think you are under on Monahan and over on the rest as well. Although, without term length on the contracts its hard to tell who would except what.

08 Apr 2024 14:44:09
Neither Bertuzzi or Domi has done enough to deserve more money, especially Domi. The Lybushkin love fest should be over by now as he’s been bad. Edmundson hasn’t played enough yet to know.! I don’t trust Samsonov enough. Trade for Sarros or Markstrom. Re-sign Brodie for 4million over 2 years .

08 Apr 2024 22:44:38

I was nodding my until I got to the last two sentences.

First the goalies you mention are certainly solid but who are you giving up?

And I don’t see any reason, at any salary, to resign Brodie. He’s been on a steady decline for the last two years, IMO.

09 Apr 2024 02:39:43
@Rsears you wouldn't keep Brodie for league min? I would.

09 Apr 2024 12:06:54
Brodie had a good game last night.
At league minimum I suppose, as a 7thD.
But honestly I’d rather give someone a look-see at the minimum.
Maybe Tre can duplicate a Benoit-like move.

09 Apr 2024 23:48:02
Agree, If Tre can find a Benoit like player at league minimum, than I would WAY rather that than Brodie.

06 Apr 2024 17:11:02
tor: lillgren

phi: ristolainen

im not a fan of how lily has been developing. sur he has some on day but, trade him now and youll get 3 more years of ristoleinen who is a hard ditting big body RHD. hes nothing fancy, but hasn't been playing well since his ice tim ehas been cut by almost 8m a night since 3 years ago. he could look well with reilly, then we can look at say montour. I think you can get him at the right price, hes only hasd the 1 exceptional season last year, 73 points, previous high was 37 pooints.

reilly ristoleinen
mccabe - montour
edmunson - lyubushkin
benoit - timmins.

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06 Apr 2024 20:10:20
I have zero interest in Risto.

07 Apr 2024 04:46:57
No thank you!
Ristolainen is definitely not the answer at $5.1 M per year.
I would rather see that money spent on Matt Roy or Sean Walker.

08 Apr 2024 14:47:11
Hard pass on Ristolainen. Much better options will be available for similar money. Edmunson and Lybushkin would be slowest pair in the league and regularly exposed by the opposition.

06 Apr 2024 03:06:31
Jesperi kotkaniemi is said to be bought out in the offseason. This would cost the team 835k per year for 12 years totalling 10.2 mill.

Just putting it out there but if the Canes were willing the retain 1.52 mill per year it would save them 900k total and 6 years of cap hit.

Just asking would kotkaniemi at 3.3 mill for 6 years be of any interest or best to stay away.

He will be 24 at the beginning of next season, plays C/LW, decent face-off percent, decent possession numbers (albeit against weaker competition) and could obviously use a change of scenery

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06 Apr 2024 12:32:02
I like this add.
He has a nice mix of skill and size and as you state can play wing or center.
He’s still young with upside.

06 Apr 2024 15:26:04
Personally, why not just let the Canes buy him out and then offer him a show me deal instead of being locked on for 6 years at $3.3M?
I still like Kotkaniemi. I think Carolina's style of play doesn't suit him. If they are truly going to buy him out, I would rather wait it out and try and sign him for free in the off-season. Should be able to get him for less than the $3.3M if his stock has fallen so much.

06 Apr 2024 16:25:32
KK is a real tough one for me. Especially after the PLD trade and all the nonsense LAK are dealing with now.

06 Apr 2024 16:48:25
3.3 puts hime fair value for a 3LC that can play up on the wings if needed. I think he would actually do exceptionally well with marner on RW and mcmann on LW.

domi matthews bertuzzi
knies tavares nylander
mcmann kotkaniemi marner
holmberg kampf reaves

robertson becomes expendable to fill that much needed 1RHD.

now looking at the draft, leafs are projecting to be in the 20-24 range with their pick. Dean Letourneau (F) is standing out a bit. hes hard to read, but he had one hell of a solid year in the U18 AAA. hes 6'7 right handed center. hes cimmited to boston college for next year so he will have time to develop in one of the top NCAA hockey schools. its just a little to track his numbers, but hes got a better ppg in that league than joe sakic did, but not quite where the legends like ray whitney, patrick marleau, or ron francis.

06 Apr 2024 20:11:24
@Heenklin he's still going to need 2-5 years to develop if drafted. That's the big thing.

06 Apr 2024 22:43:13
Not trying to speak for him but I think Hrenklin was meaning Robertson could be moved out in a package to aquire a 1RD as well as who could be drafted with the 1st if kept.
Not trying to step on any toes, sorry if I am mistaken.

07 Apr 2024 00:50:38
Yes jmaxx, dean was a long term investment similar to knies. Robertson alone won't get what we need, but would be part of a larger package.

06 Apr 2024 01:00:00
Leafs sign Pavel Francouz this offseason and re-sign Bertuzzi, Domi, Dewar, Lyubushkin, and Edmundson. I am not sure how many years for any of them but here are the salaries that I thought of...

Bertuzzi: 6.1M
Domi: 4M
Lyubushkin: 3.5M
Edmundson: 2.5M
Francouz: 2.75M

Playoff Line-up Nexxt Year




Not sure who fits in the bottom pair RHD but this lineup gives us approx. 3.6M to fill the hole.


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06 Apr 2024 03:17:11
You are more generous than Kyle Dubas!

$6.1 for Bertuzzi? ($5 max)
$4 for Domi? ($3 max)
$3.5 for Lyubushkin a 3rd pairing defenseman? ($2.5 max)

Lyubushkin needs to be replaced with a proper #2, 1st pairing, RHD
Matt Roy, Sean Walker, Will Borgen (if he can be pried loose from Seattle)
Timmins (if he can stay healthy) might be a good, 3rd pairing partner for Edmundson.
I would rather resign Samsonov that Francouz
You have left no room for the possibility of one or more of Minten, Cowan or Niemala making the team out of training camp.
I would like to see Kampf traded and Dewar as Leafs 4th line center, as similar to Kampf he is not suited for 3rd line center duties.
Henrique, Monahan or more cheaply Bujgstad would be suitable targets for 3rd line center.
Jarnkrok is still under contract to the team and seems to be a favorite of Keefe’s though depending on their playoff performance, Keefe might not be back next season.
If Jarnkrok could be traded his $2.1M cap hit could be used towards a proper 3rd line center.

08 Apr 2024 14:50:10
Zero skilled players in your D core other than Reilly, and he seems to forget that his own zone is his priority. 6.1 for Bertuzzi is ridiculous.

05 Apr 2024 14:41:03
Toronto Trades
Akhtyamov (KHL)
1st Round Pick 2026 (Lottery Protected)

Washington Trades

*Caps retain 4 million of Carlson's remaining 2 years with an AAV of 2 million.

Leafs will be looking in the off season to get a solid two way defenseman imo, and Carlson checks all the boxes as well as being a veteran player.

Caps are an older team looking to get younger for the future, Carlson has been a top Defenceman for them but it's time to trade him for assets that help for the now and the future and this proposal does that imo.

Thoughts ?

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06 Apr 2024 03:20:15
Carlson is 34 years old and primed for decline.
Giving up a 25 year old Liljegren, a 22 year old Robertson, Akhtyamov a good goaltending prospect plus a 1st round pick for a 34 year old defenseman seems like something Ferguson Jr, Burke or Nonis would do.

08 Apr 2024 14:51:35
Absolutely NOT. Lilygren straight up for Carlson may not even be worth it.

05 Apr 2024 01:35:08
Knies Matthews Cowan
Robertson Tavares Marner
McMann Quillan Nylander
Abruzzese Holmberg Reaves
Say 58 million

Kampf Jarnkrok Liljegren Timmins all traded at the Draft




Say 26 million

Brossoit 3 million

Woll 770k

87.7. 🤓👍

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05 Apr 2024 02:36:44
I like it I don’t think they trade Liljegren and I think they keep Tavares and Nylander on same line. But that’s a great team Matthews and Marner can drive lines by themselves.

05 Apr 2024 02:50:05
I know I'm on an island here, but I really don't like Montour for this team. Need someone to play with Mo. He's never had someone he can lean on, his entire career.

MPH jumping on the Cowan train lol.

05 Apr 2024 12:27:01
While I like what I’ve seen of Cowan I don’t think it’s the best decision to insert him into the playoff lineup. Too much pressure on a young player; let him come to camp in the fall with confidence and determination.

Quillan will get his chance with the Marlies; that will give the Leafs brass a chance to see him up close. I’m happy to add him but let’s use caution.

I agree that Montour is not the right partner for Mo. We need a big reliable RD with size, grit and mobility who can give Rielly the confidence to join the rush; that’s not Montour.

05 Apr 2024 12:28:21
@LL agreed he basically Mo with a point shot. if you think the leafs are gonna just rely on young guys to fill out their roster you’re probably sadly mistaken.

06 Apr 2024 02:35:22
I can see a Montour with McCabe on the second pairing, need a 30ish rhd like parayko with Reilly. Would overall be costly, but formidable.

06 Apr 2024 03:30:47
Mintin and Quillan will battle for the 3rd line center slot with Minten having the edge having already made the team out of training camp this season.
A year with the Marlies will do Quillan a world of good.

I would like to keep Dewar as Leafs 4th line center as I believe he is a better center than Holmberg and move Holmberg to 4th line left wing.
I am not a Reaves fan and believe he should be Leafs 13th forward and a suitable 4th line right wing acquired. (Kunin? )
I would keep Liljegren depending on how much he is asking for his new contract.
DeMelo would be a far better partner for Morgan Reilly than Montour .
Reilly plays his best with a defensively responsible partner.

08 Apr 2024 14:56:57
Cowan may not be NHL ready and Robertson is not a second line player.

Leafs life…. Brodie was a good partner for Reilly until this year when his play took a bit or a down turn. Reilly makes way too many mistakes, and frankly he often left Brodie in no man’s land with some of his dumber moves. Yes they need a RHD for the top pairing and I hope they sign Brodie cheap for 3rd pair. But Reilly is what he is…. high risk.

03 Apr 2024 06:03:35
Leafs trade Abruzzese Tverberg Voit
Arizona trade Durzi

Just turning players that will never play for Leafs into a player

Targets free agency


He is getting up in years but leafs could offer term 4 years 5.5 million this takes him to 37 but Leafs could LTIR if he breaks down at end of contract

Steve Stankos 5 years $5 million Maybe he finally wants to come home 3 rd line center next year. If he needs LTIR late it's a tool for the Leafs

Matt Duchene. Same offer 4 years $5.5 million

Tyler Bertuzzi 5 years $3.5 years
Leafs are taking chance here as Bertuzzi can struggle but he is almost at 20 goals and could be force in playoffs

Max Domi 4 years $2.5 million I'm sure he likes it here and he has been effective mostly. Just Leafs are taking risk here so over 4 years he mush take a $500k haircut over 4 years

What forwards you guys want

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03 Apr 2024 10:07:40
Did the cap shoot up to 100 million?

03 Apr 2024 13:00:52
So, Arizona gives you their #1 RD at the moment for players you think will never make the Leafs. Why?

If you could sign those 5 players and add them to Matthews, Marner, Nylander and JT, that's your top 9. Where does Robertson play so he can get his 30-35 goals?

03 Apr 2024 16:25:35
I never said I’m signing all players I’m saying which one do you want from that list.

03 Apr 2024 16:28:26


so I need to come up with something

I’m asking who are ur free agent targets on that list

Of course they can’t have all nor do they want all.

03 Apr 2024 16:31:08
Bert isn't taking 5 years at 3.5.

03 Apr 2024 17:16:22
Mackin. I understand you have to propose a trade to be seen on this side. And when anyone proposes a trade, posters Comment on said proposal. Not sure why you are putting all that in caps towards me. I understand the process, if you did, you would expect people to comment on your prop as that is what this side is for by your own admission.

As far as the free agents go. You wrote "targets for free agency" then said who you want at what price and ended with "what forwards do you guys want". In what way are we supposed to figure out you don't want all of them? So which do you want then?

03 Apr 2024 20:37:18
Bicker, bicker, bicker!

03 Apr 2024 21:55:31
I don’t think you HAVE to do anything here. It’s entertaining though. I don’t think you get Bertuzzi for 3.5 either. Maybe 17 million over four years . Twenty goal scorers who play together tough and can fight if needed …. Not for 3.5.

04 Apr 2024 06:52:10

It would be inpossable to get them all signed. But you assume I’m a idiot so you wanted to inform me

How do we sign all these guys

Leafs are probably walking away from these 4


I don’t know what Bertuzzi gets on open market but even on a 1 year deal he won’t get $5.5 which I think leafs pay him

So leafs offer 5 years $3.5 it’s fair both sides.

04 Apr 2024 12:22:48

I do not assume you are stupid.

You made a post. I commented on what you wrote. I asked fair and reasonable questions. Nothing more.

Even in your recent post to me, you say I should have known it was impossible to sign all those guys and then say this is how the Leafs could sign all those guys, which includes walking away from 2 of the guys you want re-signed. You don't see how confusing that is?

05 Apr 2024 01:01:29
We don't need to assume Westhermackin.


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