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16 Aug 2022 04:46:34
I posted a similar but incomplete trade recently.

To Islanders:
Nylander (26), RW, two years left on his $6.9 contract, 34 goals, 80 points
Sandin (22) coming off ELC, contract TBD, protectable 4 - 5 defenseman
Robertson (20), LW, one year left on ELC

To Leafs:
Wahlstrom (22), RW, $0.894, last year of ELC
Beauvillier (25), LW, $4.15
Mayfield (29 - 30 in Oct.) RHD, $1.45, last year of contract

Islanders receive an elite, 1st line, RW to replace Wahlstrom (RW) and line up with Matthew Barzal.
Islanders also have William Dufour (RW Team Canada) in the pipeline) to replace Wahlstrom.
Saves them from making the mistake of signing a 32 year old Kadri to a 6 or 7 year contract for $7 - $8 million a year.
In Robertson, Isles receive a young, projected second line LW , on an ELC to replace Beauvillier
Sandin (22) fits into Islanders defense perfectly.
Noah Dobson (22), Alex Romanov (22), Sandin (22) Pelych (27), Pullock (27) solidifying their defense for years to come.

Leafs get Wahlstrom and Beauvillier to form a second line of:
Beauvillier - Tavares - Wahlstrom
Leafs also receive a RHD in Mayfield to complete a 3rd pairing with Muzzin.
Leafs defense:
Reilly - Brodie
Giordano - Liljegren
Muzzin - Mayfield.

The needs of both teams are met

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16 Aug 2022 05:31:22
As an addendum to my above proposed trade:
I recognize that Lou would be very reluctant to negotiate with Toronto after they spurned him, 5 years ago, in favor of Leafs current dubious iteration of GM.
Lou Lamorillo would HAVE to feel he had won the trade before consummating any deal with the Leafs.
The general consensus is, that the team who gets the best player in a trade, wins the trade.
Nylander is easily the best player which might allow Lou to go home happy to have punished his former persecutors.

16 Aug 2022 10:58:06
So yet again Nylander is the best player in a trade . Lou would do this trade because he would this by a country mile.

16 Aug 2022 12:48:09
For a guy that calls Nylander "elite" and questions the value of young players that haven't done alot yet like Wahlstrom, this is the type of trade that you would be the first to say that is really bad for the Leafs and Nylander alone should get this return, nevermind adding Sandin and Robertson.

18 Aug 2022 02:52:12
That Nylander’s skills are elite can not be questioned.
As an overall package he leaves something to be desired.
Mayfield would be a perfect fit on the right side of Leafs 3rd pairing.
Beauvillier would fit well on Leafs 2nd line on the left wing.
Wahlstrom like most 22 year old players has yet to come into his own but has substantial upside and at 22 has the potential to be a perfect, 2nd line right wing behind Marner.
Like Tavares, Wahlstrom plays more of a north - south game than Nylander.
After playing Barry Trotz defense first game, playing on Leafs second line, with John Tavares, on an offensively minded team would be a breath of fresh air for Wahlstrom and Beauvillier likely bringing out the best in both of them.

“You would be the first to say this is really bad for the Leafs”
Then why did I suggest it?
You’re not making sense?
Nylander alone does not get you 2 - second line wingers and a good, defensive, 3rd pairing defenseman.
A trade must work for both teams, something most fans on this site fail to recognize as witnessed by the suggestions.
This trade provides for the needs of both teams while allowing Leafs the opportunity to trade Kerfoot without leaving a whole in the lineup, clearing ($3.5 million) off the Leafs cap.

18 Aug 2022 13:32:33
I think I made perfect sense. What are you missing?

You have called Nylander "an elite first line winger". That is different than saying he has elite skills but lacking in other areas. I have said the latter many times, but never the former.

As for the trade. You have often criticized others for offering up Nylander for players similar in age, pedigree and skill to Wahlstrom that have not "come into their own" yet with similar plusses like you have coming back to the Leafs. Now you are saying "like most 22 year olds" when it is your proposal. Normally you say "for a guy who has done nothing at the pro level". He is a guy who puts up points on the PP, but not much 5 on 5. Beauvillier is now 25 and never broken 40 pts. He only had 23 even strength points last season. Only one season of at least 30 EV points. Hardly a 2nd line winger by point standards. Wouldn't just keeping Kerfoot as 2LW who had 53 pts and is cheaper be a better option? Mayfield as a 3RD is an excellent option imo.

This is the same kind of return that others have put up for Nylander that you have come back saying things along the lines of, "A 34 goal, 80 pt elite first line winger for a 3rd pair D, a 2nd/ 3rd line winger and a young guy that has done nothing at the pro level yet! No way! " Even though others deal may also include cap savings which yours doesn't.

Though, when you throw out the deal and even add Sandin who you call a 4/ 5 D-man (better upside than Mayfield) and Robertson, one of the Leafs better prospects, it all makes sense and not the same that you have criticized?

"Nylander alone does not get you 2 - second line wingers and a good, defensive, 3rd pairing defenseman. " Although I agree, how are Wahlstrom and Beau 2nd line wingers at this point? By your own standards you have stated may times, they are not.

"A trade must work for both teams, something most fans on this site fail to recognize as witnessed by the suggestions. " It's one thing to think you are better than most on here, it is another to say it.

I stand by my statement that your proposal is the same kind of proposal created by others that you have heavily criticized. I can't be bothered looking them up, which you would argue are not similar anyway. You obviously don't have to agree with the statement, but you aren't really getting any support from anyone on your deal or explanation of why it is fair either. Maybe because it is a poor deal, or maybe because as you say, most fans on this site fail to recognize a good and fair trade that benefits both teams.

15 Aug 2022 17:30:00
Tor: kerfoot sandin Robertson
Arz: chychrun doan

I think this would be a trade I'd consider for chychrun if he can play the right side the leafs blueline becomes one of the best blueline in the nhl. Every team knows he wants out which hurts the return for Arizona that's why I would never include nylander in this deal the yotes are still not looking to win but have built a good prospect pool bedard will be a player they want to tank for to help draw players going forward in the mean time they get a useful cheap player in kerfoot who they can flip and two young good players. I added doan to the trade I know he was picked by Arizona specifically because of his dad which may make him a non option but I like what he brings good size can play gritty and has some offensive ability

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15 Aug 2022 19:59:13
Chychrun has only spent a handful of games on the right side and he shoots left. He may be able to play the right side, but that's a big gamble since he never really has before.

15 Aug 2022 20:04:06
I would say we add a 1st and they take out Doan, might get it done. I agree with not trading Nylander.

15 Aug 2022 21:36:57
I wouldn’t give all that for chychrun yes he has term but like I said before by him requesting a trade means he don’t get top value in a trade.

16 Aug 2022 01:37:33
I am not a fan of trading for Chychrun but if Arizona was willing to accept this paltry offering Leafs would be foolish not to agree.

16 Aug 2022 02:36:20
I think that is their ask, I wouldn't do it either. I don't think he is the answer for us. A solid defensive RHD is what we really need.

16 Aug 2022 10:03:35
Just for comparison the Sabres got Tuch (top 9 fwd) kerbs (top prospect) and a conditional 1st and 2nd my offer isn’t that far off in my eyes.

17 Aug 2022 02:20:50
I agree with L67. Take out Doan, add a pick/ prospect and it may get it done. Kerfoot should appeal toothed because his cap hit is much higher than his salary. They can flip him another TDL to make a bigger return.

15 Aug 2022 13:09:45
Nylander $6.96M
Andersson $4.55M

Sandin RFA
Raddysh $.758M

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15 Aug 2022 18:00:17
I think you could probably get them to add a rudzieka may have spelt it wrong.

16 Aug 2022 01:49:15
Pospisil is a 173lbs, left shooting center.
Unless a right handed winger is coming back to take Nylander’s spot in the lineup, this trade leaves a huge hole on the right side of Leafs second line.
Yes, Jarnkrok shoots right, but he is a 31 year old, career 3rd line player!
Ruzicka is also left shooting.

Taylor Raddysh, (24 years old) on the other hand is a 6’3”, 200lbs, right wing.
If Sandin (22 years old) does not want to be a Leaf this would be a good exchange of young assets.

16 Aug 2022 11:35:59
@WB49. I don't understand your first comment when you then admit the second trade brings in the RW you say is necessary to get back. It isn't a one or the other trade post. The two trades are in conjunction with each other.

15 Aug 2022 12:10:09
Toronto Trades

Washington Trades
4th Round Pick 2023

With Backstrom and TWilson being on LTIR, fitting Muzzin's Contract on The Capitals won't be an issue, Muzzin would fit nicely on Washington's defence, and giving up a 4th round pick isn't a lot to give up to get him.

Leafs get much needed Cap Space that sets them up to first resign Sandin, then make that last move to improve LW on the top 2 lines, with Kerfoot, prospects and draft picks being part of a future trade.

Thoughts ?

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16 Aug 2022 01:55:27
Definitely would like to see Muzzin in a Washington Capitals uniform this coming season if he agreed to waive is NTC!
$5.6 million in cap savings would cover Leafs overage $ (1.4 million), sign Sandin ($2 - TBD), Trade Kerfoot ($3.5) to Arizona for Leafs 3rd round pick back, and have approximately $6.5 million in cap space to upgrade the 2nd line LW position.

13 Aug 2022 19:18:09
Kerfoot, Holl, Robertson and 3rd 2023
To Seattle

To Leafs

Reilly Broadie
Muzzin Larson
Giordano Lillagren.

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13 Aug 2022 23:41:51
I have long wanted to see Larsson in Blue & White!

15 Aug 2022 18:01:34
Holl for Larsson straight up, just for the comedy of it. From hall for Larsson to holl for Larsson, the headlines write themselves.

15 Aug 2022 20:05:26
Well played Randy lol.

13 Aug 2022 18:51:17
Meier & Couture to Toronto for Muzzin, rights to Sandin, Hirvonen, Kerfoot, Abruzzesse & a 1st rd & 3rd rd pick in 2023 & 2024. With SJ eating half of the caphit for Meier & Couture.

Robertson, Abramov, Holmberg, Holl & a 2nd rd pick in 2023 & 2024 to Vancouver for Miller. With Vancouver eating half his contract.

Between the two trades Leafs save 1 million against the cap, potentially more if trades with 3rd parties are reached to eat contracts, taking on the caphit for prospects or picks.

Sign Subban at league minimum for 1 year, resign for another year if he does reasonably well.

Bunting Matthews Marner
Miller Tavares Nylander
Knies Couture Meier
Jarncrok Kampf Aube-Kubel

* Matthews line 18-20 minutes
Tavares & Couture lines 16-18 minutes. Penalities would also play a factor of ice time for the Kampf line. Would practice load management throughout the season with Gio, Tavares, Miller & Couture, wanted to keep them healthy & strong for a long playoff run exactly 16 wins long.

1st PP : Matthews, Marner, Nylander, Tavares & Reilly

2nd PP : Couture, Meier, Miller, Bunting & Giordano

Reilly Brodie
Giordano Liljegren
Mete Subban

Murray Samsonov

* Going nuclear on offense, lots of prospects getting opportunities on defense.

* If Reilly also pots 20 goals, potentially 9 players with 20 + goals on the season. Knies of course would be a late season addition, after the college season & college playoffs are finished.

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13 Aug 2022 15:38:36
To LA: Rasmus Sandin, Pontus Holmberg, 4th

To Tor: Alex Turcotte

This fixes both teams needs IMO. Sandin gets paid and more playing time (as much as I would love to keep him over Muzzin, its not looking likely and Muzzin hopefully can be big in the playoffs) .

Turcotte is behind Byfield and has soured it seems a bit in his development. Plays a strong 200 foot game with scoring developing. Can be 3C and if starts heating up move Tavares to LW and let Turcotte be 2C. And also will be cheap until bigger contracts are up.

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13 Aug 2022 16:24:57
@Woods, this is a very significant haul for someone who has played but 8 games and gone scoreless.

13 Aug 2022 20:02:57
He is only 21 and a former 5th overall pick who has put up solid numbers in the A. He should still carry decent value. I would think this would get LA's attention anyway. The issue would be that they still have 2 of their own RFA D's to sign and only $1.5M in cap space left. They would have to be moving out other D to bring in Sandin and pay him.

14 Aug 2022 03:45:32
You're paying a bit more for Turcotte. He still has great upside if he can achieve his potential.

14 Aug 2022 22:45:50
At this point Turcotte probably has close to the same value as abbruzese.

15 Aug 2022 01:15:18
That’s a lot to give up for a player who has shown nothing at the pro level so far. so far.

12 Aug 2022 14:06:02
I've mentioned this guy meny times I know, but to me, Peeke is the guy the Leafs should be targeting. He is 24, big, physical, pretty careful with the puck, PK's, blocks shots, can eat minutes and is on a cheap contract that ends as an RFA. CLB is over the cap, but that's with a 25 man roster. They don't need Sandin or a D coming back.

Robertson ELC
Holmberg ELC
2023 3rd

Peeke $.787M

Then ship Holl to the Hawks for a mid pick.

Kerfoot $3.5M
Sandin RFA

Rasmussen $1.46M

Detroit is weak on LD and Kerfoot adds top 9 where Rasmussen was 3C. Leafs get I guy I have wanted for a while and he will play 2LW. He's big, physical, has some offence and can play C as well when it is time to move JT to the wing. Leafs are now cap compliant. Should have enough cap to improve 4C if needed.

I know I am going to hear that these are overpays from some. My opinion, Leafs have a two year window and if they aren't trading a big 4, they need to overpay to get what they need now and these two additions are young and cost controlled which makes it worth it imo.

Bunting Matthews Marner
Rasmussen JT Nylander
Engvall Kampf Jarnkrok
Aubel-Kubel Audette Anderson

Rielly Peeke
Muzzin Brodie
Gio Liljegren

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12 Aug 2022 15:58:50
Do you think Columbus sees it as an overpay? I would give that up to acquire him. We definitely need an upgrade on the right side.

12 Aug 2022 22:28:25
L67. Peeke was a 3rd pair guy until last season. Seems like an overpay to me, but maybe Columbus thinks differently.

13 Aug 2022 13:38:39
While they may be a slight overpay they may be what’s needed to make them happen.

I have also mentioned Rasmussen in the past along with Svechnikov when he was with the RedWings so I like this target. Big, young, powerful, plays C and LW and has offensive upside.

Peeke offers these same attributes as a RD less the offence at this point.

I feel like Sandin is somewhere else mentally right now so use this asset to get something.

I’m still a little hesitant about Robertson so, if I could replace him with someone else I would try. Abruzzese, for example.

13 Aug 2022 14:59:56
I think Sandin sees the logjam we have on the left side and wants a guarantee of playing time. I believe he has earned it at this point. If he were a RHD or could play the right side, he'd be signed by now and Holl would be shipped out. I'd make that Peeke deal in a heartbeat, sounds like exactly what we need, especially after losing Lyubushkin, who I'm still upset about.

13 Aug 2022 19:54:03
Yea, I really wanted Boosh back. It wasn't that he is fantastic or anything, but he brought an element our D needed, he complimented Rielly well, and made it possible to put Brodie with Muzzin and Liljegren with Gio. It is the last two things that are maybe even more Important than his on ice play. Imo.


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