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21 Sep 2020 20:00:52
If we are looking at clearing space to try and sign Piet, then here are a couple of moves that would create about 7M+ in space.

Florida needs an upgrade as a 2nd line centre and are week on LHD.

Kerfoot 3.5
Dermott RFA
Weegar RFA
Acciari 1.67

Should be able to sign Weegar for .750-1M less than Kerfoot cap hit. He takes the place of Holl because of trade. Acciari fills Johnsson spot because of trade.

New Jersey is said to be looking for a top 6 winger and NHL ready defencemen (up to 2)

Nylander 6.96
Holl 2
Bracco(change of scenery)

To Leafs
Wood 2.75 (a little overpriced, but we likely have to take some salary back and he fills the Clifford role)
Mcloed .893(needs a change of scenery)
Bastian .714
2020 1st (18 OA ARZ)

NJ gets a top 6 winger, an NHL d-man and a project in Bracco that could pay off. Leafs get Wood who can play 3rd line and add some grit, 2020 1st, Mcloed who has underperformed so far and a potential power winger in Bastian.

To Det
Johnsson 3.4
To Leafs
2020 2nd (32OA)

Detroit has a ton of pics and cap space, but not many signed NHL players. A young winger like Johnsson should be of interest.

Cap out 15.86
Cap in 5.31 (Acciari, Wood and Mcloed)

10.55 to re-sign Weegar and use toward Piet.

Piet 7X8.25
Weegar 4X2.75
Mikheyev 2X2
Spezza 1X1
Simmonds .8

Hyman Matthews Marner
Mikheyev Tavares Acciari
Wood Mcloed Robertson
Engvall Spezza Barabanov/Simmonds
(extras- maybe Bastian/Brooks)

Rielly Piet
Muzzin Weegar
Sandin/Lehtonen -also sign cheap vet D for 1M or under.


We should be under the cap with a little wiggle room.

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21 Sep 2020 21:49:14
I would pass on simmonds and Spezza
Sign Gudas for third pair d With lehtonen
A 4th line of Korshkov Engvall bastian would work just fine
Robertson and Sandin could spend another year marinating
Move barabanov up to the third line
Anyways good post a lot different than the other posts
Very original.

21 Sep 2020 22:59:10
Kerfoot likely isn't an upgrade at 2c for them.

Johnsson isn't young. Not Detroit level young.

I don't like the nylander deal. To many question marks for what becomes their best winger.

22 Sep 2020 02:15:32

Other teams are NOT lining up to help the Leafs out of self-inflicted cap crunch by offering charitable deals like you're proposing.

Be real. most deals are balanced dollar for dollar, or include draft picks or prospects to compensate.

22 Sep 2020 03:39:35
Rather have Zacha over Woods or McLeod. Jersey is probably ready to move on from Zacha anyway.

22 Sep 2020 13:04:19
Not sure how Kerfoot isn't an upgrade over Wallmark, but opinions differ. Johnsson should be young enough for Detroit. can't have a team of 21 years olds and there is a cap floor to hit. Simmonds and Spezza allow for some veteran leadership and there will be injuries that allow guys like Korshkov etc a taste of NHL when called up.

I knew the Nylander trade would be questioned as it value would seem in favour of the Devils. The deal was to clear cap space and stock with type of players we lack, but need. The last two deals are more like a 3-way trade where the Leafs now get Piet. Think about it like

Nylander 6.96
Holl 2

To Det
Johnsson 3.4

To Leafs
2020 18 OA
2020 32 OA (Det)

First trade allows us to do the second two with slight cap savings.

That was the ideas behind it all anyway. but of course it is all one-sided in the Leafs favour. lol.

21 Sep 2020 17:56:27
A couple trades and signings

To NSH: F - A. Johnsson

To TOR: 2020 3rd (NSH)

Saves $3.4M cap


To ARZ: G - F. Andersen + 2020 3rd (NSH)

To TOR: G - D. Kuemper (25% retained)
The cap retained is $1.125M for 2 years

Saves 1.6M cap

Sign D - A. Pietrangelo for 7 $64.75M for a 9.25M AAV
Sign F - R. Sheahan 1 year $950K

Hyman Matthews Marner
Mikheyev Tavares Nylander
Robertson Kerfoot Bracco
Sheahan Spezza Korshkov

Reilly Pietrangelo
Muzzin Holl
Sandin Dermott


It will be tough wirh 4+ rookies on the roster, but they will not be asked to play heavy mins

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21 Sep 2020 18:32:24
Bracco is a future hall of famer.

21 Sep 2020 21:46:45
Bracco is replaced by Barabanov.

Engvall replaces Sheahan

Gaulthier replaces Korshkov, if the two rookies net difference is required to be replaced.

Dermott has to be traded for Lehtonen

Only one rookie.

21 Sep 2020 22:28:10
Bracco is not, but maybe he can play 3rd or 4th line minutes for cheap.

21 Sep 2020 23:06:38
So I don't hate the idea of bracco feeding robertson the puck. Give him a year, see if he can do it and dump him. Hell just say screw it run 3 lines 90 % of the game

Robertson matthews bracco
Micheyev tavares marner
Hyman kerfoot nylander.

21 Sep 2020 23:22:07
Where is Lethnon the khls best defensemen. He is on 🔥 right now and as soon as the season starts he will be playing.

22 Sep 2020 02:18:02
Be real. no one is helping the Leafs undo the cap issues created by GM Doogie Howser.


22 Sep 2020 02:53:00
The problem is, we would need to have 4 rookies on the team every year, as the good KHL players and ELC players we have start to demand more money. As soon as a guy wants more than league minimum, we can’t keep him. The churn in roster would be huge. We would have almost an entirely different bottom six to work with every year. Not unlike what we have now actually. But even worse.

22 Sep 2020 03:40:51
The only concern for the Kuemper for Andersen trade is Kuempers injury history. Otherwise, he is a perfect replacement. This deal makes so much sense for both teams that it won’t happen.

22 Sep 2020 13:12:49
I don' think cash strapped team like ARZ is going to want to retain any salary on a quality asset when they have so many more players they would rather dump. Freddie is valuable to them with his $1M in real money. Still not sure Keumper is the guy ARZ moves this year.

If Piet wants 9.25 or that is what it takes, I would pass on him. 8.5 is the max for me, if and only if we can move salaries like Kerfoot and Johnsson and/ or a good return on Nylander where we get young ELC/ prospects/ picks type assets back.

21 Sep 2020 15:01:30
toronto marner,anderson
NYR kakko,georgiev,1st 2021

sign pietrangelo 8.5
sign shattenkirk

resign everyone execpt ceci and barrie




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21 Sep 2020 15:23:25
They can't afford Marner. I seriously doubt they want him anyway. Laffy Taffy and Panarin are both top 6 wingers (presumably) plus they have others.

21 Sep 2020 18:42:40
Why would the Rangers trade for Anderson? They have Lundquist with a full NMC at $8.5 and they are high on Shesterkin it seems.

21 Sep 2020 22:47:06
NYR wouldn't make this trade.

22 Sep 2020 02:21:00
This is the MOST LAUGHABLE of all the UNREALISTIC deals Leaf fans have proposed here.


22 Sep 2020 02:55:19
I wouldn’t trade Marner for Kakko. Marners contract might be an overpay, but at least he produces. Kakko is making league minimum, and looks like he deserves it.

22 Sep 2020 03:42:37
I noticed you didn’t put any numbers beside Shattenkirk like you did Pietrangelo. What were you thinking you could get him for?

21 Sep 2020 14:37:59
toronto anderson, johnsson
vegas fluery, 1st 2021

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21 Sep 2020 15:23:45
Is Fleury better than Anderson? He definitely isn't cheaper.

22 Sep 2020 02:56:08
Fleury definitely isn’t better than Andersen. Definitely going in the wrong direction with this one.

22 Sep 2020 03:44:35
If I thought Vegas was a flop team next year, maybe. A tandem of Fleury and Campbell might work.

But I don’t think Vegas will be a flop team, so that pick won’t be any good.

21 Sep 2020 14:35:50
Toronto marner
ottawa 1st 2020(5th), brannstrom, 3rd 2021

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21 Sep 2020 15:31:11
Honestly I would rather just try and get the 3rd overall from them. We don't really need Branstrom as he is just another left shot and he is more offensive minded. Maybe the 3rd overall and someone like Duclair who can step into the top 6 for Marner and a piece like Holl or Kerfoot.

22 Sep 2020 02:22:47
Of all teams you could suggest, Ottawa is NOT taking on Marner's turd of a contract.

22 Sep 2020 02:59:13
Trading Marner for futures is not the way to go. The rebuild is over. I also tend to think that Marner is worth a lot more than Brannstrom and picks. Stone was a UFA when Brannstrom was traded for him. Marner is signed five more years.

22 Sep 2020 04:14:35
I would send Marner to Ottawa for the 5th overall, 28th overall and the 33rd overall.
Leafs would need to take back some salary or Melnick would never approve taking on $10.89 against the cap.
That would likely be Bobby Ryan who has a year left at just over $7 million.
Leafs could afford to buy Ryan out thus creating nearly enough to sign Pietrangelo.

21 Sep 2020 01:03:37
To Car: Anderson, Johnson
To TML: Pesce, Mrazek, 2nd (41st overall)

Frees up cap and let’s Pietrangelo come to town. I’ve been saying I believe to best for the leafs right now is let a 1A 1B option happen in net. There needs to be more fight in this team and internal competition would be the perfect way to see who’s got that inner fire with Mrazek and Campbell. Also gives the leafs one of the best d corps in the league IMO

Riley/ Pietrangelo
Muzzin/ Pesce
Sandin/ Holl
Lehtonen/ Liljegren


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21 Sep 2020 06:33:23
Regardless of what anyone says about Freddy the only reason to move him is if you A) believe Campbell is better or B) want to upgrade. I don't have an issue with Campbell but I'm not sure he's a starter. Mrazek definitely is not better than Freddy.

It's nice bringing in peace and a second as well but I don't see the canes taking this. You would have better luck asking for Hamilton as he's almost up.

21 Sep 2020 10:13:42
Reimer would be coming back not mrazek. if mrazek comes back replace pesce with lesser D

If Allen a ufa next summer who is backup/ frige starter goalie gets a 3rd then andersen gets a 2nd maybe even a 1st if going to a playoff team.

Johnsson a 3rd

Pesce would get a 1st,2 prospects and younger not as established top 6 rosterD.
Mrazek would get a 2nd and prospect

Andersen cancels Pesce 1st
Johnsson cancels 1 mrazeks prospect

2 prospects and younger d still owing

Dermott, abramov and Woll plus andersen and johnsson
Mrazek and pesce

Best to just deal with reimer and his 3.4 cap hit for 1 year then
Andersen and dermott and johnsson
Pesce and reimer.

21 Sep 2020 14:40:21
Ya the Canes easily pass on that.

21 Sep 2020 23:30:10
Trade Anderson to the canes for the 13th overall pick. Canes get there goalie.

Leafs draft Askrov a top notch goalie prospect and run Campbell and Askrov as 1a 1 b combo for a total of 2.6 million in net. Cap savings and I predict you are getting a star in net. He is 18 and right now it’s early 8n the khl but his numbers are unreal. 974 save percentage and . 074 gaa against men. Will be a star.

21 Sep 2020 00:40:08
Leafs trade Sandin, Robertson, 1st
Avs trade Makar

We go whole hog on getting the 1RHD we know we need. Makar is the defenseman of the future. He will be a perennial Norris candidate, and isn’t going to be as expensive to sign off his ELC as someone like Pietrangelo costs in UFA.

Go big or go home. Leafs go big here. The future is now.

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21 Sep 2020 05:03:09
I would definitely do this trade but I'm doubting Sakic does. Sandin is a good prospect and Robertson looked great in his few games I just don't see the value here for the avs.

21 Sep 2020 10:18:04
Chabot costs ottawa 8X8 and makar if wins norris next season will get marner money . lol

I wish leafs just tanked 1 extra season. makar or heiskenen would of been theirs. lol

That 16-17 season was a fluke for both colorado and dallas beeing so bad as it was leafs being so good.

Every great team seems to have a bad season here and there enabling them to get a top 5 pick in between each couple of cup runs. lol.

21 Sep 2020 14:41:44
Ya I mean I don’t see that Avs making this trade. Maybe if you did a Marner for Makar swap after Makar needs a new deal the avs might take it depending on what he is asking for.

21 Sep 2020 15:24:40
I still doubt it. If Makar gets something like 8x11 he will be younger with more term anyway. Even if he gets a bridge deal he expires an RFA Marner doesn't.

21 Sep 2020 21:59:12
Avs would pass
Leafs would need to add as that 1st just isn’t high enough
I have no idea what. Dermott perhaps?
Anyhow nice post. love that Makar.

22 Sep 2020 02:28:58
COL says NO, and blocks Toronto's number from calling again.

21 Sep 2020 00:25:28
Leafs trade Kerfoot
Minnesota trades 1st

Now that Staal and Koivu are gone, Minnesota’s depth at centre is non-existant. We trade the Kerfoot and hope that we hit with the 1st. If any team is ready to drop like a stone down the standings, it’s Minnesota.

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21 Sep 2020 05:03:26
If anyone is giving up a first for Kerfoot I say take it.

21 Sep 2020 10:19:01
Only teams giving up a 1st are top playoff contenders giving up 26-31.everyone else its a 2nd.

21 Sep 2020 14:42:33
Ya if any team would trade a 1st for Kerfoot the leafs would be fools not to take it. I mean otherwise a 2nd is fine.

21 Sep 2020 15:25:25
Agree there craiggers. Funny the stigma around 1sts sometimes though isn't it? Last first to pick and 1st second to pick are essentially the same.

21 Sep 2020 22:00:36
Yah I would take a 2nd and 4th for kerfoot
But good target with the wild.

22 Sep 2020 03:03:38
Ah. But Minnesota was a mid-range bubble team last year. Their pick would have been about 20th. So not that valuable. This deal is done with the hope that they tank.

22 Sep 2020 04:20:43
Kerfoot for a first (10th) overall is to funny.
You would be fortunate to get a 3rd round pick for a 3rd line C/ L.
Minny got rid of Fenton and hired Guerin to make sure these types of mistakes don't happen any more.
Like trading Niederiter for Rask!


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