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29 Nov 2022 01:11:42
Terry 1.45 million an RFA at the end of the season, Fowler 6.5 million with 3 more seasons & Henrique 5.825 million with 2 more years. Ducks retain half of the Henrique contract & caphit. Leafs acquire approx. 11 million caphit.

Holl, Kerfoot, Brodie, Knies, Niemela, Hirvonen & a 1st rd pick in 2023, 2024 & 2025. 10.5 million in roster contracts leaving.

Leafs utilize Muzzun LTIR or if necessary, acquire a LTIR via trade.

Bunting Matthews Nylander
Robertson Tavares Marner
Engvall Henrique Terry
Jarncrock Kampf Aston-Reese

Reilly Liljegren
Fowler Sandin
Giordano Benn

Murray Samsonov

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29 Nov 2022 18:10:15
Anaheim isn't gonna give up Terry. Probably hang up aggressively just by mentioning the name.

30 Nov 2022 01:30:16
Terry is 25 years old soon to be RFA, Ducks focus is on Bedard. Zegras is a possible hang up, but a pkg including Terry not beyond the realm of possibility. It would have to be a pretty sweet deal, 3 first rd picks part of that sweet deal in the trade proposal. * Gretzky was traded, so all things are possible.

28 Nov 2022 16:54:23
NYR don’t seem to believe Vitali Kravtsov is an NHL’er.

I think he has all the tools and would be quite happy give up two Leaf players, also on the cusp.

Alex Steeves and Roni Hirvonen might be seen by Gerard Gallant as better options.

Any takers?

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28 Nov 2022 23:28:04
Kravtsov is still learning the North American game.
I would love to see the Leafs acquire him as I believe he has substantial upside!

29 Nov 2022 00:28:31
Maybe we add a 2nd I’m down he’s a big pwf with skill dubas likes his Russians.

29 Nov 2022 17:05:25
The leafs have the same issue with their own prospects.

29 Nov 2022 21:46:04
What exactly are you saying Goat?

28 Nov 2022 15:03:24
Ducks doing pretty decent for the "tank hard for Bedard cause", so,.... Leafs help them out even more by trading a few players and while the ducks also help us out into taking back an added contract and a higher cap hit for added draft picks.
Now we can sit at 49 contracts rather than the full out 50 and enhance our bottom 6 with a couple of young grinders and a promising big rd (Warren)that can show some phyical presence while becoming a solid two way D man for us in the future, and gaining a top 4 rd(Klingberg) to help us in a playoff drive.
2023 1st
2024 2nd
Holl(rd) -2m
Kerfoot(lw/c) -3.5m
Engvall(lw/rw/c) -2.25
Topi (rd)
Simmonds(rw/lw) -.750k
__________________=8.5M out
Klingberg-(rd)7M @50%=3.5M
Max Jones (lw/rw) -1.295m
Brett Leason(rw) - .775k
Noah Warren(rd) -

_____________________=$5.57 M back

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28 Nov 2022 19:46:03
If you take out niemela and Warren I'd do it.

29 Nov 2022 14:29:35
Randy, I fell Noah would be better served for our blue line rather than topi who is just another small D man wheereas Nnoah whoo is 6'5 plays with a physical edge, and has that smart two way hockey sense to him. Check out some of his highlights and get back to me ;) :)

29 Nov 2022 15:04:51
Wow I should not hold this wireless on my knees while typing, apologies. haha.

28 Nov 2022 01:08:17
Fla: Radko Gudas

Toronto: pierre engvall.

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28 Nov 2022 02:10:21
I don't see anyone, giving you anything, for Engvall or Kerfoot right now.

28 Nov 2022 12:41:46
I don't think Kerfoot and Engvall have no value, it just isn't as much as it was previously. I just don't see where FLA would need Engvall over Gudas atm. I'm sure they would love to move Hornqvist, but I'd rather have Engvall, especially considering cap hits.

28 Nov 2022 18:04:04
@RLF what do you see as value for them?

I can't see anything beyond a 5th.

28 Nov 2022 18:59:09
The problem is that Florida are looking to activate duclair to their active roster. So they need to bring back an ahl level return, pick or waiver exempt prospect.

29 Nov 2022 16:28:31
@LL. There value is in a trade for an existing contract. imo
For a pick, the other team also has to eat the contract and cap hit. I would look to trade them for players that are underutilized where that team has depth in that position. Why I said STL for Mikkola. Also why I throw Trenin out there a lot. They won't have much value for a pick alone.

27 Nov 2022 18:56:20
Toronto trades Kerfoot, Hollowell and 3rd in 2023 that is Arizona's anyway

To Arizona for Budjsted and Joshua Brown

I can't handle "Hell Boy Hands" Kerfoot anymore!

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27 Nov 2022 20:09:31
I can't stand kerfoot either.

27 Nov 2022 22:13:42
Get ‘er done boys!

28 Nov 2022 01:17:42
Leafs 3rd in 2023 is actually compliments of Ottawa not Arizona.
Arizona already owns either Leafs 2023 - 3rd or 2025 - 2nd (Coyotes choice) from the Lyubushkin rental.

28 Nov 2022 04:06:31
@PG Ya the Kerfoot experiment is over; shoulda been after he exploded for 51pts last yr. At least if Kyle had of used his hockey savvy he may have gotten a over payment for this dude. Maybe we can bait Chicago and package him with another prospect for Jarred Tinordi. Yes I know he’s injured haha and a left shot but guys a beast. Much more of something needed then the loss of a pylon AK.

28 Nov 2022 07:18:46
@Henry that's the best part of the Dubas lovers guild. Dubas tends to buy high and sell low. Both Engvall and Kerfoot are basically worthless right now, making a combined 5.5 AAV.

Had he trade Engvall after his almost 20 goal season with good defensive metrics, he could have gotten something.

28 Nov 2022 12:44:29
I don't hate Kerfoot or Engvall. Kerfoot is one though that I have said for years on here that we could get a similarly effective player for much less of a cap hit. Last year I was told $3.5M for 50 pts is solid value. This year, not so much of that talk. lol.

28 Nov 2022 16:33:54
My take is they are both enigmas.

If Engval had Kerfoot’s energy and willingness to battle hard he would be a top6 contributor!

If Kerfoot could shoot the puck as well as he could skate he’d also be a top6.

But neither have those qualities. Maybe the two can be packaged for one decent player?

To the Ducks for the John Klingberg rental.

27 Nov 2022 11:50:43
Previous trade revised

Acquired from Washington

Ovechkin 9.5 million LW signed for 3 more seasons.

Kunetsov 7.8 million C signed for 2 more seasons.

Going To Washigton

Holl, Kerfoot, Robertson, Sandin, Hirvonen, Holmberg, Niemela, & a 1st rd pick in 2023, 2024, 2025 & 2026. With Washington eating half of Kunetsov & OV contracts.

Incoming caphit 8.65 million
Outgoing caphit approx. 6.5 which includes 1 of either Sandin or Robertsons contract along with Kerfoot & Holl.

Leafs use Muzzin $ or acquire LTIR contract in a trade.

Bunting Matthews Marner
Robertson Tavares Nylander
Ovechkin Kunetsov Knies
Jarncrock Kampf Aston-Reese

Reilly Brodie
Muzzin Liljegren
Giordano Benn

Murray Samsonov

* After further review better to keep Nylander, than include the acquisition of Oshie. The two targets are of course OV & Kunetsov. Of course OV would get some time on both the 1st & 2nd PP.

On occassion on the 1st PP. Keefe would sub OV in for Nylander

Matthews, Tavares, Marner, OV & Reilly

How many 20 goal scorers on this team. 6 including Bunting ? 5 of the 6 with 30 + goals. 3 of the 5 with 40 + goals.

A top 9 that would be the envy of the league, other coaches even with home ice difficult to match lines against

Bunting Matthews Marner
Robertson Tavares Nylander
Ovechkin Kunetsov Knies

Good luck

That is a Stanley Cup top 9, go large or stay home. Dubas supposedly likes talent, make it so solidify & make this a championship calibre roster. This is the Kawhi type trade based on upgrade of talent & Championship pedigree in a team sport, that can be achieved with 1 player in basketball. But in hockey, football & baseball that generally takes 2 to 3 players to achieve that spark or upgrade in roster.

In hockey third line production pivitol, Boston particularly deep as far as top 9. Boston certainly has a better top 9 than Toronto has currently.

That is Dubas job upgrade the roster talent & plug holes, trades do not need to wait till the trade deadline. In that regard certainly Leafs should be inquiring about Kane & Toews, or a Hertl, Meier & Karlson or a Horvat & Myers.

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27 Nov 2022 03:12:40
To Leafs: Lawson Crouse ($4.3)

To Arizona: Kerfoot ($3.5), Wayne Simmons (&900,000) for salary matching purpose, Arizona native son, Matthew Knies (terrific for marketing), plus either Leafs 2023 - 3rd round pick or 2025 - 2nd round pick, whichever one Arizona was not going to use from the Lyubushkin rental, as Arizona has the choice of selection.

Crouse would be a perfect addition to the Leafs 2nd line with Tavares and Marner.
Crouse would make Matthew Knies redundant at left wing.
It would allow Leafs to send Robertson down to the Marlies where he should be playing major minutes, as Keefe seems intent on stapling him to the bench.
Arizona gets a top prospect, another pick, a useful Kerfoot whose salary has already been mostly paid and is expiring next summer and a great mentor and leader in Simmons.

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27 Nov 2022 04:48:30
No thx to trading knies.

27 Nov 2022 11:40:13
They don't want Simmonds and we don't wanna trade Knies. Not for that, atleast.

27 Nov 2022 12:29:54
Or possibly Knies makes Crouse redundant, we get to keep the picks and get something else for Kerfoot.
I’d be okay if you replace Knies with someone else!

27 Nov 2022 14:25:27
Your own reaction to this trade would be;
But Crouse is a -40 for his career and his best season is 34pts! Kerfoot is a 50 pt player, +21 and makes $.8M less! And you also want to add a great prospect in Knies plus a pick! No thanks!

The reality is that Arz just resigned Crouse to a 5 year $4.3M deal. He already has 9 goals on the season and has developed into a complete player that can be used in all situations. In the end, Arz would get a prospect they are not sure will be better than Crouse and a pick + whatever they can get for Kerfoot, that is if Kerfoot would even agree to go to Arz.

28 Nov 2022 00:26:35
Knies is a college player with hype but absolutely no pro pedigree.
Crouse has that and is the same age as Marner.
Knies could just as easily turn out to be another Tyler Biggs.
At best Knies won’t be an impact player for another year or two.
Leafs need to win now and Crouse can impact that.

28 Nov 2022 01:15:16
Crouse plays for the worst team in the league.
Looking at his plus/ minus is not a very accurate depiction of his value.
Crouse is a 25 year old pro who has proven he is an impact player.
Knies is a 21 year old NCAA player who has proven nothing to date.
Crouse scored 20 goals last year and already has 10 goals a 1/ 4 of the way through the 2022 - 2023 season.
There is no comparison between Crouse’s proven value and Knies potential value.
Crouse is a perfect fit foe the Tavares - Marner line while Knies is playing university hockey.

28 Nov 2022 04:15:35
Ok I’m really excited for the thought of what M Knies MIGHT be. For someone like Crouse who’s an established power forward I’d be down to create a package including Knies for him.

Leafs trade M Knies, SDA and Toronto’s
1st in 24’ top 10 protected

Yotes trade Crouse and forward Jack McBain

I’d think if Toronto could get the ball rolling with Arizona with the pkg above a sweetener could be added if necessary. Thoughts? Or should it be a subtraction by TO?

28 Nov 2022 12:36:14
@WB. C'mon WB49. You have used career +/ - numerous times in exactly the way I described you do to explain how a player isn't worth much. Severson a couple of times. Fischer for another, who plays on the same team as Crouse and a slightly worse career +/ -. I know you have with others when telling us how that player isn't worth the offer. If you now realize career +/ - is not a great way to evaluate a players worth (which I have said to you numerous times), then great.
What about prospects though. You say Knies has proven nothing to date and therefore doesn't carry much value. Ironically, you used to tell us how Holmberg had no real value either in trade suggestions and then after about 5 NHL games you call him the future #3C for the Leafs and is worth more than NHL players he is mentioned in trade suggestions. Knies has 4 Olympic games under his belt with 2 pts. Isn't that kind of similar experience to Holmberg having played 5 NHL games (Yes, I know he now has 8 games)? Maybe like career +/ -, saying because a player has no NHL experience isn't the best way to evaluate their worth. Before Matthews had played an NHL game, teams would have traded lots for him nonetheless. Teams are reluctant to give up "unproven" potential unless the return is too much to say no to. Just sayin.

28 Nov 2022 18:08:23
@RLF Justin Holl is a career +40

HoF for Holl!

27 Nov 2022 02:15:34
Neimala and 2nd, Kerfoot Holmberg Engval
To Canuks
Horvat and Schenn to Leafs

Bunting Matthews Nylander
Jankrok Tavares Marner
Robertson Horvat Anderson
Aston Reese Kampf Malgin

Reilly Broadie
Sandin Lillagren
Gio Schenn
Benn Holl


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27 Nov 2022 02:56:49
I don’t think that package will get you Horvat who currently has 16 goals on the season.
It probably starts with a 1st round pick, a 2nd round pick, Matthew Knies, plus Kerfoot and Engvall for salary matching purposes.
And that might not be enough!

27 Nov 2022 12:34:58
I’ve read that Horvat will not likely resign with the Canucks because they are not close to contending so that package will be of interest IMO.

And it might not but I’m not trading Knies until he proves NOT to be what we all hope for, a badly-needed power forward.

27 Nov 2022 17:08:00
I think horvat and shenn is the best trade potential for the leafs. with muzzin potentially done for his career we have the space to resign both aswell. the price would likely be

1st round pick 2023
1 more piece roughly valued at a 3rd rd pick

the salary wouldnt need to be retained for this season if muzzin is done. the 3 peices fit the timeline for vancouver perfectly. id be reluctant to include 2 robertson as hes a good candidate to bring in another peice as a rental (domi, shatenkirk, gavrikov) plenty of options available. and as sandin is the only roster player leaving, that opens the leafs to moving on from kerfoot opr engvall as hovart kills penalties aswell. this is a mid february type of trade that allows for more legwork to be done after.

28 Nov 2022 00:29:04
What impact could Niemala, Engvall, Kerfoot, Holmberg and a second have that comes close to the impact Bo Horvat would have on a team.
If that’s all Leafs have to offer I am sure Canucks can find a far superior package elsewhere.


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