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24 Nov 2020 18:58:15
Tor: marner
Cbj: foudy, merzlikins, peeke, 2021 1st unprotected

Tor: lily, 2021 4th
Col: foudy, Timmons

Tor: Andersen 50% retained
Edm: smith, bouchard

Leaf lineup

Hyman tavares nylander
Kerfoot matthews vesey
Robertson thorton simmonds
Micheyev spezza barbanov

Main depth that may displace a starter in the bottom 6

Foudy*2,brooks, engvall korshkov

Reilly brodie
Muzzin (last 3 spots are best in camp of dermott, holl, bagoshian, Timmons,Sandin, bouchard, peeke, hollowell, duszak, Lehtonen.

Merzlikins and campbell tandem the net

We add Timmons bouchard and peeke on the back end as prospects

I tweaked the deal from earlier to better fit both Edmonton and cbj. I left the Colorado deal the same because well nobody took issue with it.

The other wild part about this change is the cap space we made, 9.5 million off the books meaning we can easily extend reilly and hyman. Columbus was going to give up 4 firsts and pay more for marner. I'm sure a tandem starter, 2 firsts and a 2nd they will be happy with just on a lesser deal.

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24 Nov 2020 22:20:35
Wow look at that d depth
I would even trade holl For a 2nd

And lily for foudy is fine. I think you are asking too much with Timmons

And the cap savings to sign captain Morgan, yes he should be captain, and sokoloff Hyman is awesome đź‘Ź

All in all excellent post
Well thought out.

25 Nov 2020 14:13:34
Columbus probably considers this deal as Marner is pretty close to what panarin was at this age

Colorado would probably decline as Timmons and lilijehren are pretty on par am ranking a 4th for Foudy probably won’t get it done

Edmonton won’t give up
Bouchard for 1 year of Andersen even if leafs were able to pay everything.

Overall good suggestions. Maybe a bit of tweaking and the deals can all one together as I do like the targets.

24 Nov 2020 18:49:23
I don't think I have traded Willy for a couple of days or so:)

To Nash
Nylander 6.96
2021 2nd

To Leafs
Grimaldi 2
Ingram ELC
2021 1st

Nash gets a scoring top 6 winger which they need while only losing a bottom 6 guy off the roster. Although losing their 1st to get Nylander, they re-coup a 2nd to add to their own. They can afford to move Ingram after drafting Askarov. Nash still has about $8M to fill out the roster.

Leafs take on a bottom 6 forward who fits the Dubas mold while saving $5M in cap space. Ingram is one of the top goalie prospects outside the NHL and if Campbell plays well this year, they could tandem Ingram and Campbell cheaply moving forward. Prokop is a strong, stay at home type of D on the right side and could take over for Muzzin one day in that role. Leafs also move up their 2nd to a 1st in the 2021 draft. More cap flexibility, a shut down defender prospect and a #1 goalie prospect while adding a 1st to draft with or use as a trade chip.

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25 Nov 2020 14:17:26
I don’t mind this deal but think Nashville is ripping Toronto off.

Toronto can probably get another high end prospect since adding nylander to Nashville makes their odds of having a much better season much higher thus making that 1st round pick probably in the 20s somewhere.

I’d love fabbro.

26 Nov 2020 02:43:36
It's a futures deal for sure Craigger. If Ingram becomes a #1 or 1A, Prokop becomes a top 4 shutdown and they use the 1st to get another player/ prospect along with the cap money they save, it becomes a win for the Leafs. I would also look at flipping Grimaldi for a pick (3rd? ) . If Ingram and Prokop falter and we screw up the extra $5-$7M in cap space, we lose the deal.

26 Nov 2020 12:35:09
How is this Craigger. After this deal, we go to T-Bay who have to move cap, they have no choice. Korshkov for Killorn. Then flip Grimaldi and a 4th to FLA for a 3rd. This is how we can use the new found cap space and make the deal that much better.

24 Nov 2020 13:02:11
Tor: nylander,
Cbj: foudy, merzlikins

Tor: lily, 2021 4th
Col: foudy, Timmons

Tor: Andersen
Edm: smith, nuge, 2021 2nd

Leaf lineup

Hyman Matthews marner
Kerfoot tavares vesey
Robertson nuge simmonds
Spezza thorton micheyev

Reilly Brodie
Muzzin holl
Best in camp

( we can flip Smith for a pick if anyone wants him or he can retire.)


Foudy sda foudy
Brooks engvall korshkov

Sandin Timmons become our pairing of the future.

Matthews and Tavares are interchangeable the centers on those top 2 lines.

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24 Nov 2020 15:11:08
I really don't see COB taking Nylander. he's not a player that fits a Torts kind of team.

24 Nov 2020 15:41:19
Andersen isn't worth RNH by himself let alone Smith and a 2nd.

24 Nov 2020 18:00:31
I would say Columbus says yes and Edmonton says no.

24 Nov 2020 18:41:13
Nuge to me was just the throw in to make the money work. Figure they can sign him back at the end of the year. But how about this as the rework.

First 2 trades stay the same

Tor: Andersen 50% retained
Edm: smith, bouchard

Does that fit a little better?

24 Nov 2020 19:17:13
Andersen being a UFA at the end of the season isn't worth Bouchard.

24 Nov 2020 03:21:03
Tor gets
Tkachuk LW/RW

Calgary gets
Nylander RW
Dermot D
Brooks C

Toronto's forward lines
Extras: Engvall & Barabanov

Toronto's defensive lines
Extras: Liljegren, Holl & Rosen

Toronto's Goalies
Andersen Sg
Campbell Bg

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24 Nov 2020 10:57:47
The only way I see Calgary moving tkachuk is if they get a player that is clearly better or if they are blowing up their core.

24 Nov 2020 15:16:21
Calgary wouldn't make that trade, nor would they have the Cap Space.

24 Nov 2020 16:26:18
No chance the Flames make this trade.

24 Nov 2020 03:05:15
Fun one!

Tor gets
Gaborik LW LTIR

Ottawa gets
The Kessel tax 1.2 million
Toronto's 2nd round pick 2021

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24 Nov 2020 08:23:59
Awesome trade but I don't think you can trade retained salary.

24 Nov 2020 01:28:23
Tor: Liljegren
Buf: mittlestad

Both players could use a fresh start buffalo has zero d prospects and have a lot of dmen on expiring contracts as for the leafs we get a good young player that probably won't make an impact right away but next year he could also I wouldn't use him as a center he's seems like a winger to me his defensive numbers are the only thing that worries me

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24 Nov 2020 03:02:09
I like this trade! I agree Casey would probably get a shot along side of Mathews. That said he’s in the basement for a reason! Once again nice trade.

24 Nov 2020 08:24:27
I am not a fan of Lili-bust. I think this trade is great. Well done.

24 Nov 2020 14:53:10
Buffalo has some very good prospects on defense. Samuelsson, Johnson, and Jokiharju can still be considered as a prospect. And to a lesser extent they have Fitzgerald and Bryson.

Lily-bust is our only good prospect at RHD. Mittle-bust is busting out a lot faster.

24 Nov 2020 18:10:42
Hockwyluvr if you think both are bust then their is minimal risk and high reward yes buffalo has a few d prospects but nothing for rhd prospects Jokiharju is not a prospect he’s got over 100 nhl games and like I also mentioned they have 5 out of 7 dmen are on expiring deals which means they probably won’t bring them all back the leafs don’t have any rhd prospects but with their moves they made unless some guys get hurt like last year or are really bad I don’t see Liljegren making this team The leafs need to move some prospects that are not going to get a chance and use them to try and gain other assets.

24 Nov 2020 23:18:15
I don’t consider them both busts. Only Mittlestadt. Liljegren is a defenseman and is younger. He still has a few more years before we can decisively call him a bust. Mittlestadt is a forward and a year older. He is quickly aging out of prospect territory.

I didn’t realize Jokiharju had over 100 games played. Technically he isn’t a prospect anymore, you are right. But at 21 years old and only one (almost) full season of play, I got to think that he has a lot of developing to do still. He has not hit his ceiling yet. If Foote, Liljegren, etc are all considered prospects still, then Jokiharju can be as well. They were all drafted the same year.

Just my thinking anyway. I know the technical prospect cutoff is 25 years old or 50 NHL games played, whichever comes first. But that’s arbitrary.

23 Nov 2020 20:50:05
NJ could use a really high end LD prospect and some vet help/presence who is not too old for their young forwards.

Leafs could use some size and grit upfront and may lack a quality goalie prospect.

Kerfoot 3.5
Sandin ELC

Mcleod ELC
Foote ELC

NJ gets a high end LD prospect that has 1st pair potential and a middle 6 forward with speed and PK ability on a decent contract. The extra 2.7 cap hit on Kerfoot is easily affordable and he is playing better than McLeod right now. Daws is moveable as they already have Blackwood. Costs them Foote and a little extra to get Sandin, where the need is greater.

Leafs get a possible 3rd line C going forward in McLeod who is cheaper than Kerfoot. A top 9 power forward prospect in Foote and a good goalie prospect in Daws while saving 2.7 against the cap. Leafs are pretty set on the left side with Rielly and Muzzin while Dermott and Lehtonen are in the immediate mix. Doesn't make Sandin expendable, but for the right return that includes cap relief and quality prospects in other areas, maybe.

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23 Nov 2020 21:08:06
New Jersey has 3 pretty good LHD prospects in smith, bahl and that dman that starts with O.

That still won’t stop them from making a deal like this as Sandin is projected to be better than all 3. Not by a whole lot but still better.

The package leafs get in return is well worth the loss of Sandin and kerfoot plus the cap savings. Having 3-5 capable LHD doesn’t help Sandin cracking Toronto but jersey he may find a spot on their top 6 as early as this year.

If kerfoot and the devils don’t care about past negotiations then I think this deal is a win for both teams

Well done.

23 Nov 2020 23:46:23
Not sure Devils will trade their own head coaches son. Lol. I got to think Foote is untouchable.

23 Nov 2020 23:55:06
Never mind. For some reason I thought Foote got the job in NJ. It was Ruff. I knew if was Ruff too, so when I read, or thought I read, Foote got the job, I was confused.

Since Foote isn’t the coach there, and Jersey has no familial obligations to him, he’s trade bait.

Go get him Dubas. As his brother too. Heck. Go get the old man too. He could probably still play better than half the guys we got on the team now. He was awesome and anyone who watches him play knows it. A real unsung hero on an Avs team that was one of the best for a good number of years. A proud man with two kids that are on the verge of greatness themselves. Any kid like Foote coming from a family with such pedigree is bound to be a successful nhl player. It seems to be happening a lot more and more now these days.

24 Nov 2020 08:25:27
Adam Foote and Keith Tkachuk are two of my favorite players back then. I am 100% on board.

Agree completely HL.

23 Nov 2020 18:01:20
Tor gets
Forsberg LW
Arviddson LW/RW
Fabbro D

Nashville gets
Marner RW
Dermot D
Holl D
Engvall LW/C/RW

Toronto's forward lines

Toronto's defensive lines

Toronto's Goalies
Andersen Sg
Campbell Bg

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23 Nov 2020 18:52:25
Marner is exactly what they need to get Duchene going.

My guess is that Marner’s ice time would be reduced though, as Nashville prefers to run a balanced roster and it doesn’t seem like anyone other than Josi gets above 20 minutes a night. Marner’s stats would drop significantly as a result. But that’s not our problem.

From a Leafs POV, it’s a good idea: break Marner up into two smaller but effective pieces. We also get a pretty good RHD coming back. Only problem is the expansion draft. No matter if they went 7x3 or 4x4, Leafs would lose a player from this deal, guaranteed.

23 Nov 2020 20:14:09
I really like this deal. Makes sense for both sides.

Far as the expansion draft goes though, I actually think Dubas would just send them a pick/ prospect and call it a day.

23 Nov 2020 21:11:26
I like this deal as well

Tavares, Matthews, nylander, forsberg, arvidsson, kerfoot and mikheyev

Rielly, muzzin and Brodie

Hyman signs after expansion . If he signs before kerfoot or mikheyev are exposed

No problems their.

24 Nov 2020 00:03:21
Is Fabbro still protected? He only had 4 games in 2018-2019. He went the NCAA route to develop, so that doesn’t cost as professional development like if he entered the AHL. So I’m guessing you might be right Craigger.
If Fabbro is still protected, then I gues their isn’t really a problem. Even after trading Dermott and Holl both, we still have plenty of depth guys eligible that we can expose.

Right on. A real gem of a proposal. Not much to bicker about on this one.


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