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29 Jul 2021 20:57:12
Kerfoot 3.5
Sandin ELC

Greenway 2.1
O'Rourke ELC

Wild only have Suter and Parise count for $4.7M against the cap this year, but the next 3 it jumps to $12-$14M per season. Greenway is RFA after this season and will be looking for a raise. They could use speed upfront and Kerfoot has this year and next at $3.5M. More cost controlled. Sandin gives them a more ready, cheap NHL LD than O'Rourke is at the moment.

Leafs pick up a big LW they can try in their top 6 and a developing LD that has a great motor and loves a physical game. Clear about $1.4M this season.

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30 Jul 2021 02:43:53
Sandin is to Dubas what Banana's are to chimpanzee. I can't even begin to see a trade unless it's Sandin for Makar.

30 Jul 2021 15:40:32
And that is another reason why Dubas should go.

30 Jul 2021 15:40:40
forget makar. makes to much. I'd trade Sandin for chychrun. then trade rielly for depth forwards.

30 Jul 2021 17:37:57
@Loxley, so would I, but we are adding a lot to Sandin in a package to get Chychrun.

29 Jul 2021 16:31:28
Leafs go all in.

To Leafs-rumours
Kyle Dubas (100% retained)
Brendan Shanahan (100% retained)

To Toronto Maple Leafs
RLF and all regular contributors as advisors.

Leafs sign RLF as President and GM for 4X $.5M as it is a privilege to work with the Leafs and $.5M per year is enough for me. All leafs-rumours regular contributors are hired as advisors for $250,000 per year to advise on signings, trades and player background/scouting etc.

Leafs-rumours then terminates contract of Dubas and Shanahan on the basis of selling false hope.

Sorry guys, my idea so I get the main role. lol

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29 Jul 2021 16:55:13
Best proposal yet.
Go Leafs!

29 Jul 2021 21:45:08
I like it. We even have JDB as director of scouting.

29 Jul 2021 21:45:33
Love it!

30 Jul 2021 23:56:53
RLF, that is the best trade proposal you have posted yet. That may be the only hope to avoid Dubas screwing up any chance at a cup (or even winning a round in the playoffs) .

29 Jul 2021 12:55:50
As Arizona recently acquired C. Timmins, they are not attached to this former Soo Greyhound

To TOR: D - C. Timmins + 2022 2nd (VAN)

To ARI: D - T. Liljegren + 2023 4th

A flip of D prospects and the Leafs improve their pick selection by shipping the better prospect

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29 Jul 2021 11:00:55
Tor: kerfoot Abramov
Sea: Appleton or jancrok

Leafs sign perry 2x1

Tor: engvall
Ana: Kessler (ltir)

From what I have seen the leafs went and got a bunch of defensive forwards which is fine but we can't have guys that can't produce either Appleton is a bigger guy that has a good two way game can play as the 3C sign perry he can play in the second or third line and then make some cap space

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29 Jul 2021 15:20:05
I'd do the first trade, no point on the 2nd trade.

29 Jul 2021 05:54:33
My thoughts dove tail on much of what has been previously written. Clearly the top 6 LW and bottom 6 F group is not good enough. I suggest the following

Kerfoot, 1st 2023 Rounder and a high prospect to AZ for Dvorak (500K retained)
2nd Rounder 2022 and Mikheyev to Det for Bertuzzi (sign 3 million x 4 - heavy bonuses)
Sign Nick Ritchie 2x 1.5

Bertuzzi - Mathews - Marner
Bunting - Tavares - Nylander
Robertson - Dvorak - Ritchie
Engvall - Kampf - Spezza

Rielly - Brodie
MuZzin - Holl
Sandin - Dermott

Campbell - Mrazek

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29 Jul 2021 14:16:49
Too much for Dvorak and I don’t think Arizona would want Keefoot anyways, they would just be trading him next year

Bertuzzi is a good target and if the Leafs could get him at that price I would be all for it.

29 Jul 2021 02:40:49
Further on from my previous post I would also look at trading,

Toronto trades Mikyhava and 3rd in 2023
New Jersey for Miles Woods

Therefore with my previous trades the line looks something like this,

Woods Mathews Marner
Bertuzzi Tavares Rakell
Bunting Kempf Robertson
Gabriel Spezza Simmons

Rielly Brodie
Muzzin Holl
Sandin John's


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29 Jul 2021 05:16:35
Look at day 1 signings how does this help leafs.

29 Jul 2021 05:17:25
Your getting zero scoring from bottom 6 nothing.

29 Jul 2021 02:17:47
Well it looks like another battle to make the playoffs and probably out in the first round again.

I think we all know that we can not have half our salary cap used up by four forwards. I also know that everyone likes Nylander because they think he has the best contract of the four and you are all probably right.

But Nylander's contract is the only tradeable contract of the four in this cap setup.

So I know this will not happen but if it could these trades will be better for the team and fan base.

Toronto trades Nylander and lilygren
Anaheim ducks for Rakell and 2nd in 2022

Toronto trades Kerfoot and Dermont
Detroit for
Tyler Bertuzzi

Toronto trades Engvall
Columbus for 3rd in 2022

Toronto signs Ufa Defenceman
Stephen Johns

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29 Jul 2021 04:00:52
Too much for Rakell and they probably don't want Nylander.

If any of the big 4 are traded it's to a NJ type of team. Someone looking for a legit superstar because they're on the cusp of contending.

Bertuzzi may be traded and if he is it's because he's too old now to be ready when the rebuild is over. I don't think Yzerman has any interest at all in Dermott and Kerfoot. You want Bertuzzi you looking at high picks and/ or Amirov, Sandin, Robertson.

29 Jul 2021 15:21:07
Nylander is worth far more than that alone

I do like your Bertuzzi trade.

29 Jul 2021 17:22:41
Yea, Nylander should get better than Rakell and a 2nd.
If trading for Bertuzzi, definitely need to know what he wants on a new contract first. If too much, like he wants $5M+ on a 4 year deal, I wouldn't do the deal for him.

28 Jul 2021 22:46:07
So from what I've seen after day one this is what the opening lineup could look like in October.

Robertson Matthews Marner
Kerfoot Tavares Nylander
Bunting Kampf Seymonov
Mikheyev Spezza Simmonds

That third line is a very defensive line who's very responsible in their own end. All three can play on the penalty kill and if seymonov can clean us his skating he's going to be a valuable player on that complete new third line. Fourth line is very interesting for me because it's just so different. Simmonds is the rough and tough net front player while Spezza plays a more creative and passive way with the ability to score in different ways while Mikheyev plays a very fast two way game. And with extras like Anderson, Malgin, Engvall, Amirov I'm liking what I see plus Dubas can add a left winger to play on the top line to see if Robertson can really crack the lineup. Stop hating on the Dubas moves just because you don't know the names of the player doesn't mean there bad 😐

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28 Jul 2021 23:23:19
I know who all of the players are that Dubas brought in and I really liked the Bunting signing.

The problem is, he didn't replace Hyman, he didn't make the team better than it was last season. This is the exact same team except without Hyman. It's a bottom 6 of plugs with the big 4.

28 Jul 2021 23:35:15
@LeafsGm does this team look better to you than the team that hasn't won a round in years?

28 Jul 2021 23:37:39
And the beat goes on. Beginning to think the Leaf's administration is just a business, and they really don't care about the fans; the arena is sold out every year? Let's wait till next year, or maybe they should have traded one or two of the top four on the Leaf's payroll.
Still believe Shanahan and Dubas need to go. We'll have the same excuses next year; payroll.
Go leafs!

29 Jul 2021 02:57:39
@Leafsgm. Not saying I wasn't aware of some of these guys, but typically if you have been a finge NHLer for years, you're not likely an impact player. You are counting on at least 4 new players in the top 9 to do well. The contracts of under $1M they signed kinda tells you what level these guys have been at.


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