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09 Dec 2023 08:41:44


your trade is worse than that one by a lot.

You have no hope in resigning Hanifin he will command way too much money. So your trading three future strong pieces Knies Liljegren and possibly a top 15 overall first round draft pick.

All your trades are the same mortgage the future with little hope in winning a cup today. And if you do win a cup next year your SCREXED

The leafs team has too many holes I think it's the worst version of the leafs in the last 4 years.

If I'm leafs I start getting the second wave of Stars coming through the system now


In 2 or 3 seasons these guys are really helping the big three Matthews Nylander Marner Reilly

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09 Dec 2023 08:57:42
Leafs life 2024 first may turn into top 15 pick and better than Knies. Hanifin wont resign Toronto. He wants more than Reilly.

09 Dec 2023 09:38:53
Water Buffalo 49

I agree with you on Liljegren and what is his next contract 2x2 or 3 million by 4 years

Then compare Niemela and Liljegren AHL numbers

Niemela is much better he is with Leafs
next season in the 6 th defender role

Hanifin will want at least 8x7 or 8x8

I prefer Nylander @10 million than Hanifin @8.

09 Dec 2023 14:45:18
Lol like anything mackin says holds any value.

09 Dec 2023 14:47:42
Lol mackin.

09 Dec 2023 15:59:12
Wow. JWM is feeling it. Calling out two posters at a time. But then he gives WB49 some love because he feels they are more aligned on their thinking and player assessment.

Busy day for the weathermackin.

09 Dec 2023 18:43:22
How will a first be a top 15 pick? Missing the playoffs? Lol.

10 Dec 2023 00:33:52

Your attempts at sarcasm are as weak as a lot of your recent trade proposals.
Stick to hockey my fellow Leaf fan!

10 Dec 2023 01:54:06
WB49. LOL. This coming from a guy who constantly insults posters proposals and at times their hockey knowledge and now wants to give advice on props and how to post.
Nothing I posted wasn't true is the funny thing. JWM called out MPH and LL and then said he agrees with you. Which is what I wrote. It's always the guys like you that insult people alot that say "stick to hockey" when people say something about them.
Mackin knew when he started calling people out he was going to get it back and he doesn't whine about it. I respect that.

08 Dec 2023 23:22:43
Hanifin Tanev both at 50 percent
Knies 1st 2024 Liljegren
Big price
Gotta give to get

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09 Dec 2023 00:31:41
I probably don't give up Knies. Any other prospect I'm good with, just not him.

09 Dec 2023 01:17:10
Big overpay for two rentals. Take out knies. It in McMan.

09 Dec 2023 02:46:09
Huge overpayment for two UFA’s

Trying to upgrade your defense by trading Liljegren, Leafs 2nd best defenseman makes little sense to me?

09 Dec 2023 11:16:09
Not sure what everyone is seeing but Lily is not our 2nd best anything. IMO he is no different than a Rifai or Benoit, should be a lifetime AHL call up on a good team. He could probably make Montreal though. Lol.

09 Dec 2023 14:46:32
Lol ok water Buffalo keep drinking the lily koolaid.

09 Dec 2023 16:02:31
@MPH. I agree, It would take a huge offer like this to get both Hanafin and Tanev at 50% retained. I don't think I would do it as Knies is on a great value contract this year and next.

09 Dec 2023 20:12:03
ZERO chance the leafs would include Knies for two rentals.

08 Dec 2023 18:05:11
Tor: Marner, lily, samsonov

Njd: Meier, nemec, siegenthaler, holtz

Tor: Nylander, Brodie
Stl: parayko, binnington

Leaf lineup

Meier Matthews holtz
Knies Tavares bertuzzi
Robertson domi jarnkrok
Gregor Kampf Reeves

Reilly parayko
Siegenthaler nemec
McCabe Timmins


Binnington will

Offense gets worse but still decent defense and goaltending gets a lot better. Spreads the wealth a little more amongst the team.

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08 Dec 2023 23:19:16
Marner won’t be traded.

09 Dec 2023 02:47:25
No way New Jersey does this.

The St Louis trade is laughable!

08 Dec 2023 16:41:00
Alright a small blockbuster to send Willy packing:

To Tor: Larsson, Tolvenen (speedy winger that puts up points and better than Willy away from the puck

To Sea: Nylander.

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08 Dec 2023 19:27:27
I like the targets.

How about a little bigger trade.

To Sea: Nylander, Lilygren, Robertson and Kampf.

To Tor: McCann, Larsson, Borgen and Tolvenen.

08 Dec 2023 21:37:59
Original deal is a great start but Seattle would owe the counter was too greedy

Nylander comes to play with not replace McCann to make Seattle bite on overpaying for nylander.

Start with asking for Wright . if no
1 of Rehkolf firkus dragicevic next tier with a 2nd
1 of Sale evens Nelson next tier with a 1st

I think Seattle will bite.

09 Dec 2023 02:51:01
Larsson is a good target but Tolvanen shoots left so it does nothing to fix the hole on the right side left by Nylander’s departure.
It does add to an abundance of LWs something Leafs do not need.

09 Dec 2023 14:31:39
Yes Tolvanen shoots left but he plays right wing and has for quite awhile.

09 Dec 2023 16:50:18
I don't mind this trade but I think Seattle should add. I personally, would want Dragicevic added in.

08 Dec 2023 15:48:00
To Tor : Allen
To MTL: Samsonov, 4th rd pick

To Cgy: Lily, Abbruzzese, 3rd rd pick
To Tor: Tanev

To Phi: Brodie (50% retained) Niemela, Jarnkrok, 3rd rd pick 2025

To Tor: Walker, Hathaway (as you can tell, I’m big on getting Hathaway as Reaves won’t play a single game in playoffs)

Knies. Mathews Gregor
Bertuzzi JT Marner
Robertson Domi Nylander
Steeves Kampf Hathaway

Rielly Walker
McCabe Tanev
Lagesson Timmins

Woll/ Hildeby/ Jones

Ready for playoffs.

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08 Dec 2023 23:11:16
You wanna see the lazy, pouty version of Nylander? Put him on the third line.

09 Dec 2023 00:17:32
Would love to see the Barbie boy with a pouty face. Maybe he would realize you have to work hard consistently even away from the puck to stay in the top lines. Could have been done with Marner too.

09 Dec 2023 01:18:58
Rather trade Nylander than see him fall down and give up an OT goal again.

09 Dec 2023 02:55:16
Why would Montreal trade Allen for Samsonov.
Why would Toronto for that matter.
It does nothing to help either team.

Liljegren is 24 while Tanev is 34.
Why would Leafs do something so ridiculous as trade one right hand defenseman for another right hand defenseman who is 10 years older.

Gregor on the first line and Nylander on the third line.
And we thought we had problems with Sheldon Keefe’s lineups?!

08 Dec 2023 05:19:47
Leafs third round pick Abruzzese

Sharks Blackwood retain 50 %

Leafs need goalie I try to get Blackwood. Later on if Blackwood plays well you could trade Samsonov

Leafs are not playing well. I don't know how many give aways they had but a few led to goals. Now Woll looks like he has suffered a groin injury. He didn't move his legs on the play so it must be groin

Leafs keep winning and they were outplayed last night . They really need to fix blue line so maybe they expand a San Jose deal

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08 Dec 2023 05:55:49
If Blackwood was that cheap I have to believe the Oilers would have picked him up already.

Before Skinner's recent run anyway.

08 Dec 2023 14:45:40
#JM. Abruzesse is a 24 year old AHLer. In most cases if a forward is still in the AHL at 24, he isn't worth a lot. Is it possible that he still becomes a top 9 forward. Sure, possible but not likely. He is probably worth less right now than the 3rd you offer. So, it is like a 3rd and a 4th for one of San Jose's goalies and you want 50% retention for this year and next. Think about it, is that worth it to San Jose?

07 Dec 2023 21:53:39
Liljegren and a 6th round for Xhekaj

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07 Dec 2023 22:55:27
Why does everyone think WiFi can be had so cheap.

07 Dec 2023 23:05:59
Really don't think Chicago wants Willy. They're signing vets and grabbing free players to help the young talent along, but ultimately still tanking for the next two years at least.

07 Dec 2023 23:40:09
LL- I actually feel he is worth more too. I'm just hoping that Montreal would accept it to tidy up their D because they think wifi costs them too many penalties. And yes they sent him down to try and correct it but I just feel he is young and maybe some of his forte is his nastiness. Plus if I could compare the 3rd and 6th for Zadorov in his recent trade maybe it's not too far off of an offer.

I would overpay to get wifi to be honest. ;)

08 Dec 2023 17:04:18
I agree ThatGuy. I love WiFi's game.

08 Dec 2023 17:05:45
Wifi is in Ahl. 6th D on a decent team . if lucky. No need to overpay for him. Saying that he would be perfect 5/ 6 for the leafs.

08 Dec 2023 20:42:52
@Stryker he's also very young for a defenceman. I'm not surprised he was sent down.

07 Dec 2023 21:15:16
tor: nylander, holmberg, niemela, pettruzelli 2024 1st

Chi: S. Jones, R. Johnson, 2024 1st (lottery protected, else 2025 unprotected)

this is with a nylander 10m x8 extension

the hard part is nor bringing back a high level winger to take nylanders spot. but the leafs get a win now RHD with term, while chicago gets a top tier RW who can keep with with bedards speed. while exchanging 1st round picks.

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07 Dec 2023 22:38:26
Seth jones is grossly overpaid …. no thanks.

08 Dec 2023 01:27:40
Chicago will be a Lottery ream for the next few years so I do not see them giving up an unprotected pick.
Nylander is 27 years of age and by the time the Blackhawks are ready to make an impression on the NHL he will be in his 30’s
Not a good investment for Chicago to make.

08 Dec 2023 23:36:03
Why not go another way to get a dman for Reilly and find a way to get nylanders BFF and workout buddy muscle man.

07 Dec 2023 18:56:05
I wonder how motivated Vegas would be to move Roy he's currently their 4th line centre making 3 mill would be a good fit for the leafs third line

Tor liljgren steeves (adds cap dollars going out)
Vgk: Roy signed for 4 years only 26

If they say no offer the same deal for Stephenson who's on an expiring deal making 2.75

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07 Dec 2023 19:35:12
So you’re short on D but let’s trade one for a forward they don’t need?

08 Dec 2023 01:29:40
When your defense is the weakest part of the team it would seem like a poor idea to trade a defenseman for another forward!

08 Dec 2023 10:11:45
Guys getting forwards that can play defensively is helping out overall defensive game and I would think the leafs target a defensemen as well plus I think laggeson has made a guy like liljgren expendable to me liljgren is just a good puck mover that’s it he isn’t physical on the smaller side and a guy that keefe doesn’t fully trust.

07 Dec 2023 16:48:56
I had mentioned a Nylander trade to Anaheim in the past where the Leafs got back Tristan Luneau(well before he played an NHL game) as part of the package. I understand most didn't know who he even was or anything about him, so I got roasted a bit. As I said then and still think now, I think this kid is going to be a really good top 4 RD. Would love the Leafs to get him.

Nylander $6.96M
Liljegren $1.4M

Lyubushkin $2.75M
Luneau $.897M
Perrault ELC

Anaheim gets Nylander with the cap space to re-sign him and Liljegren who will be an RFA repalces some of the RD depth lost.

Toronto gets a physical D in Lyubushkin and a potential partner for Rielly in Luneau for years to come. Perrault is a 21 year old scoring RW that is obviously behind Terry and players like Vatrano, Gaucher and Colangelo that he has to beat out for top 6 minutes. He would get a better chance in Toronto.

I know, seems like a lot from Toronto's side, but I am looking at cap space and what I think these two young players from Anaheim will turn into. Gives Leafs two cheap NHL players. One a top 4 RD, the other a potential top 6 RW with speed and scoring ability. I am not convinced that this is the year to "go for it".

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07 Dec 2023 17:32:27
HUGE overpay by the leafs. Lybushkin is third pairing D.

07 Dec 2023 18:29:02

I am going to have to assume that you just looked at the trade and read none of what I wrote as I addressed your posted opinion already.

07 Dec 2023 18:38:44
Yes I read it. Leafs are not building for the future. What are you gonna do with the cap space? Pay someone to replace Nylander .

07 Dec 2023 18:45:34
I think that’s a tough one the kid would almost have to be a sure thing to be moving him for a high end guy like willy.

07 Dec 2023 18:58:21
I'm on the fence here.

I like adding Boosh as a rental and some really prospects, but it doesn't help right now.

I'd probably do it for the cap savings though.

07 Dec 2023 18:58:44
hat are those signings lmao.

07 Dec 2023 20:05:48
CKPS. Luneau is in the NHL right now at 19. Playing on a poor team and he has played well enough that recently he is getting time on the top pair with Fowler. He's 6'2" 190lbs. Skates very well. His game suits the Leafs style of play. He would likely play for the Leafs this year as would Lyubushkin. Perrault is progressing really well, but most of the year will likely be in the minors.
You said what to do with the cap space. Since the Leafs haven't traded any prospects or picks in this trade, yes, they can chase a Nylander "replacement" that would be cheaper than Nylander to keep allowing cap to go elsewhere. I'd prefer younger/ ish with term if possible. Konecny, Marchenko, Raddysh for instance. Crouse plays either wing.

Goat. My opinion. Luneau is a sure thing for top 4. I think Perrault will make it as a top 9F as well. Also be kind of cool to have Yannick's kid on the team.

LL. As I said, I am not convinced this is the year. If the Leafs also make a move for a RW with term, think of next season and moving forward. Without a trade even, $34M in cap space to fill out the team with below already in place.

Matthews, Marner, JT, Kampf, Jarnkrok, Reaves and Knies signed. Holmberg, Minten, Cowan Perrault signed. Gregor, Robertson, Steeves RFA's.
On D. Rielly, Luneau, McCabe, Timmins signed. Benoit and Lajoie RFA's
Goal. Woll, Hildeby signed.

Look at re-signing Bertuzzi and possibly Domi if the money is right. Probably around what they are getting this season. Then 7 top 9 NHL forwards signed. 3 top 5 NHL D signed. 1 NHL goalie signed. $26M to fill out the rest or make a trade using some of the assets. Assuming they re-sign Gregor, the 4th line is set as well.

07 Dec 2023 20:12:22
@RLF. don't know them. but I trust your judgement RLF. other than Boosh this seems like a re-build or at worse a step back from wanting to win this year. Which is probly why I always go back to wanting Konecny. a guy that can make up the offense we loose with Willy but gives us a little cap space from Willy's contact compared to Konecny

I find this deal would take away offense from a team that already struggles to score.

07 Dec 2023 22:40:58
Get Perrault cuz his dad played here and that’d be “cool”. Ridiculous. They got max domi cuz his dad played here and that ain’t working out well.

07 Dec 2023 22:56:50
When did I say get Perreault cause his dad played here? What's ridiculous is claiming I said that. I said if the trade happened, it would also be cool that Yannicks kid would be a Leaf. That's a far cry what you claim. Not my fault you know nothing about Luneau or Perreault, which is obvious by the fact that you only mentioned Lyubushkin being a 3rd pair D-man and had no take on the two prospects. You don't like the trade, that's fine. But at least quote me accurately.

BTW I never wanted Max Domi here, but I would bet you are one of the few who would say it hasn't worked out very well.

07 Dec 2023 23:06:49
@CKPS Domi was signed because he has a bit of an edge to his game and wanted to play here.

What's wrong with Domi anyway? He's been better than I expected.

08 Dec 2023 01:06:54
He’s not ready now come on you’re smarter than this.
Anaheim want zellweger and Hinds to play minutes and dominate and the fact they can then they will. The Russians are joined at the hip. Gudas snd Vaatainen are the most consistent pair they have this year. Without Drysdale Fowler looks lost and in due time instead of sitting him in a press box he will be sent down to play with Helleson to get confidence back while white hagg or carrick get called to press box so Luneau if not tor that stupid CHL rule would be AHL to develop. You know it I know everybody knows it so take your hex a top line guy goggles off. I mean my god they played him 2 games then a 6-0 run kept him strapped to press box so they were able to manipulate that dumb rule have him sit for 15 straight days enabling them to send him down for a 6 game conditioning sting. just so he could get 6 extra games at pro level. So now he will get 9 NHL games and 6 AHL games also the CHL in their face and have him back in plenty of time for the world jrs.
I mean no offence to the Q but Ray Bourque was 77-79. Since then duchene Brisebois robidas American Yandle Demers savard girard and Dobson and Luneau. That’s 1 franchise building hall of famed. A probable and comparable stud to the Hughes fox and Makar of this generation in Dobson. But after that you got complimentary top pair in suter a second pair top PP unit in yandle. In their prime 2nd liners in savard Brisebois robidas and Demers slowly fading to 3rd pair press box guys with age getting real estate on an island in their final years called robidas. Girard is stuck being thd 5th dman on a great team bug till thst changed ge is what he is and unfortunately that’s what Luneau is and will be. Once Anaheim hits their prime years he will be stuck on the bottom pair.
So if that’s the guy u think is made for Reilly a bottom pair guy on a good team then I guess that in el facto means you think Toronto won’t be a good team.

If nylander is dealt to Anaheim why not grab hot hands Vatrano to get half the lost goals back but who has an extra year still then still go get Luneau but stop with the unreasonable expectations and since the top 4 for this team is set in stone for 10 years pick try to nab Lacombe as he may not be top pair material as seen this season but he’s better than the D we have at this moment in bottom pair and if the cards are played right and luck goes leafs way who knows I might be wrong about Luneau so let’s meet in the middle and with Lacombe we have a solid 2nd pairing for ages once they take there bumps on 3rd pair for a year or 2.
You might even be able to sneak in a Yegar Sidorov. Why you ask this prospect. Well my fellow leaf fan with Minten there and Ludowsky there why not make it a trio and possible trio 4 life.

08 Dec 2023 01:32:47
Read it all.
You are trading a top 10 in the league forward for two guys you hope will become atop 6 player and a top 4 defender.
If wishes and hopes were dollars we would all be rich.
Makes no sense to me whatsoever!

08 Dec 2023 04:20:20
LOL. Wow! Do some of you actually read? First things first, I stated in the prop the trade has to do with I am not convinced that this is the year to go for it. We all know Willy hasn't signed an extension yet. The thought that it is automatically going to happen is not realistic. It may, but if it isn't going to happen, I would prefer to get really good assets back. Plus, if he still wants $10m+, trade him!

I also said with the cap space, you could go after someone else on forward that won't cost Willy money. With Willy and Lily gone and Klingberg'ss LTIR, the Leafs would have about $9M this year to use in cap space with all their assets plus the two they just got. Leafs could go after Konecny, or Marchenko etc as I stated. Lyubushkin gives them a competitive D for this year, who is still better than most of the D on the current team. They could look to extend him as a 3RD for the future for less than he makes now. It's not a rebuild because Willy is gone for cryin out loud. If he walks end of season, do the Leafs rebuild? Of course not. It is a trade to open up the opportunity for other moves while getting a return on a player you can't let walk for nothing. It also puts Nylander in the Western Conference.

Luneau is my personal OPINION of what he can be. To say I am clearly wrong on a 19 year old D-man that's progression has been an explosion is ridiculous. Some of this comes from a guy that thinks Liljegren is our 2nd best D-man and Willy is a top 10 forward in the League. Talk about wishes and hopes WB.

UFO-I never said Luneau is ready for top pair. I said he would likely play with the Leafs. Part of that is because of how they need an offensive D on the right side. LaCombe? Seriously. You think he is a true 2nd pair D and Luneau is a 3rd pair D likely. He's had 3 extra years of development, he is struggling at the pro level and his offence has not translated in any way and it's not like he is very good in his own end. He isn't overly physical, so he doesn't even have that. If his offence doesn't start translating, what good is he? He is supposed to be an offensive defenceman and has put up 3 assists in 24 games (26 total) . He has even been given some PP time. Luneau, 3 years younger had a goal and 2 assists in his first 5 games. All 5 on 5 as well as he hasn't been given PP time. LaCombe is also an LD, which is the easiest to get and Leafs don't need that as bad as an RD. Nor would I rather have Hinds or Zelleweger. That's my opinion.

Anyhow, If Anaheim don't want to keep Luneau up, good chance I get to see him at the Juniors for Canada anyway. I hope he helps bring us gold.

08 Dec 2023 12:44:52
Hey we can manipulate each others words to better our side in this discussion like everyone does on this site by saying who said what and what it meant in there words when in the end Anaheim has Drysdale Zellweger and the Russian kid so baring some unfortunate event happening they are locked in as 3 of the top 4 D for the future.
LaCombe is an and will be the future 3rd pair LD leaving one of Hellason Hind Luneau or Warren becoming the 2nd pairing rd for the future. Since Hind is playing shutdown dman well with Zellweger it might just be the Girard affect (2nd pairing dman playing 3rd pairing because the guy taking his spot isn’t better but plays better with the other top 4 player than the better player does)
That’s how I see Luneau play out. It might be differant nobody knows but the odds favor Hind in that spot present time due to at last years world jrs and in AHL this year he is proving to be the ying to the yang Zellweger plays best with. Zellweger needs a lock down guy that lets him the freedom to roam. Both Drysdale and Luneau are not this. Since Drysdale is a legit 1RD and since Zellweger also being a legit 1D but needs the stay at home guy to play his game they will simply split the 2 up at even strength rejoin them on 1PP and at even strength put the best defensive dman Aka Hinds and put the Russian kid who will be a with Drysdale leaving point getting Luneau as 3rd D on this team proving my girard theory correct in this situation

I agree on any team LaComb isn’t and May never be a 2nd pair but the same can be said that on any team Luneau as well isn’t and never will be a 1st pair

So again as I proposed and you weren’t willing to read correctly let’s split the differance deal them together and call them 2nd line guys and disagreement should be closed.

08 Dec 2023 14:30:31
UFO. What you wrote, I read as you were saying that Luneau will be a 3rd pair D-man and LaCombe will be a 2nd pair D (no matter the team) and since neither are going to be 1st pair D, let's split the difference and get LaCombe instead of Luneau to make sure Leafs get at least a 2nd pair D.

There was no intent from me to misrepresent you. It is what I thought you were actually saying. Looking at your recent response, sure, it would be great to get both. No harm in having both. The only ting I would say is that most teams don't keep all of their young D talent and slot them all in as the future. It is most likely, one or some of the ones that are slotted for certain spots are traded to fill a gap upfront for instance.

Just to be clear. As for Luneau himself, I said I think he is a lock for a top 4, not top pair, but I am sure you would agree that some top 4's can play on a top pair with the right partner. Ie, I think Luneau may make a great partner for Rielly for years to come.

Thanks for explaining your views. I hope that helps with mine as it doesn't actually seem we view it that much different.

08 Dec 2023 22:20:03
U read wrong as the bottom paragraph of my first response summarizes the new proposed trade and both d and their spot on leafs D now and possible future spot in fact I said LaComb showed he can’t be top pair material and will be press boxed soon by San Jose and probably go to minors. Where u got that lacombe 2nd pair no matter the team just worries me as you’re better than this and always have been.

Again aniheim strong too 3 young Dmen plus a guy who plays a great defence first game to accommodate zellweger will knock Luneau out if Anaheim’s top 4 but I called it the girard affect in where the 5th dman is better than the 4th dman but not a better fit with one of the 3 top Dmen taking him out of top 4.
U saying Luneau is a top pair i say LaComb is a bottom pair. Split the differance call if a 2nd pairing as steed in last 2 paragraphs in last response.

I did miss the top 4 Luneau stuff that’s me bad as the potential Reilly comment drew me in more

No matter how we differ on projections this ducks defence has you got to admit they gonna be a tough team if they can keep them together. Heck even Ridein Dionicio looks like a late round dman find. my god.

07 Dec 2023 16:02:31
Arizona 6 th
Leafs. Kampf

Goat 2.0

Just because a player isn't on a team does mean he isn't ready there are politics involved and that's why we have waiver process

Steve Sullivan was with Leafs and Pat Quinn wouldn't play him not good enough he gets traded and played another 20 seasons in NHL thanks Pat Quinn

So Robertson makes Leafs and Steeves who matches Robertson in AHL stats isn't good enough nonsense. The 3 defencemen leafs are using are getting a chance and doing. Well.. Keefe doesn't like new players

Cowan tearing it up OHL I think he is higher end than Minten.

You don't need best team in October let's start with youth and have cap space as backup

Agree0 Disagree3

07 Dec 2023 18:49:52
I’m not saying any of these players are bad but when it comes to minten and cowen there is zero incentive to rush them into an nhl job perfect example the leafs lost laferty because they wanted to give minten what 5 games and now laferty is exactly what this team need and has 7 goals on the year there has to be a fit you can’t just throw these kids to the wolves and hope they figure it out.

07 Dec 2023 19:20:06
That goes both ways on Holmberg or any non-NHL player for that matter. Just because a player is in the minors doesn't mean he isn't ready or couldn't be as good as a current NHLer is true. On the flip side, when a player is in the AHL, no one can definitely declare that player to be better than a useful, proven NHLer.

Let's take some examples. You have claimed Steeves is a 3rd line NHLer. There is no possible way to prove that as he isn't even playing in the NHL. It is a projection. So, let's look at your the one projection you have made and is in the NHL at the moment.

You have claimed Robertson is a top 6 forward who will easily score 30 goals a season and possibly 40 a season. For one, he is on the 3rd line. Taking Robertson's NHL career to date into account, if you project an 82 game season, he would have scored 12 goals and 14 assists for 26 points. A far cry from a 30 goal season.

Just using this year, should he finish the season with the Leafs, projected is about 20 goals and 20 assists over 82 games. Actual totals will be less as he won't play 82. That would be a good full season. When taking into account that he got 60% of his points to date in the first 4 games and has struggled to produce since, it is more likely a 15/ 15 type of season. Either way, is no where near your claims of a 30-40 goal season.

Steeves, Robertson and Holmberg have yet to prove themselves despite your projections. Which to date, if you are being honest with yourself, have not been very accurate.


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