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01 Oct 2023 13:38:27
Zegras ( sign & trade ) & Lyubushkin to Toronto for Nylander ( sign & trade )

A pick to get a 3rd party team to eat half of Lyubushkin 2.75 million caphit.

Brodie traded for prospects & or picks, Leafs would then be cap compliant by approx 600K in cap space.

23 man roster

Bertuzzi Matthews Märner
Tavares Zegras Knies
Robertson Domi Jarncrock
Lafferty Kampf Reaves

Reilly Lyubushkin
McCabe Klingberg
Giordano Liljegren

Samsonov Jones


* Of course before being added to 23man roster, Klingberg & Timmins must return from injuries.

If Klingberg falters I give Timmins the opportunity on the 2nd pairing.

* Reilly performance is helped by a stay at home hard hitting d man, thus why Reilly/ Schenn worked well with Reilly being at his very best in the playoffs. Lyubushkin offers many of the same qualities as Schenn, you would have to give the pairing 10 games to blossom or falter.

Speed of Zegras & Knies would offset Tavares not being so fleet of foot, particularly with Tavares having less defensive responsibilities playing left wing.

Based on Zegras playmaking skills Tavares should be encouraged to shoot. 40+ goals for Tavares would be a reasonable expectation playing with Zegras.

Noteworthy Zegras has a 139 points in 180 games played, Nylander after playing 185 panes had 135 points. With Zegras getting 49 goals in 180 games, Nylander had 48 in his first 185 games played.

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01 Oct 2023 19:40:57
I agree with pretty much everything in your post. But I do think Toronto needs to add a bit, not much maybe one of their 3rds this year or next and a C level prospect.

01 Oct 2023 20:24:12
You are probably right a prospect or pick would likely have to be added from Toronto.

01 Oct 2023 04:42:30
Has anybody else heard the rumors about a Nylander for Zegras trade?

Just wondering if this would be a good idea or not?

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01 Oct 2023 12:54:21
Based on Zegras being more of a playmaker than goal scorer, yes it may very well work. Zegras at 8 million on a long term contract, likely considered a steal in short order. At the time of Nylander signing for 6.9 million seemed rich, but now in the last year of that contract it appears to be a steal.
Though missing training camp is never good, Nylander as an example was horrible 1st season after the contract holdout, he wasn't worth half of the contract he signed.

My next trade proposal based on that interesting question. Thanks.

01 Oct 2023 03:27:55
Leafs trade Lafferty
Chicago 3 rd

These 9 could make Montreal right now


Mikko Kokkonen

Those two defencemen could make Leafs as well Timmins has made leafs already.

You guys insist on trading ELC contracts those 9 players equal 9 million dollars in salary. These guys cushion the leafs when they have to pay


Brad trevliving must feel like he died and went to heaven next year he gets to create him own blue line. This is his strong suit look what he built in Calgary on defence

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01 Oct 2023 13:56:43
I don't know if Chi would take Lafferty back, if they did I doubt it would be for a 3rd as they know the Leafs are up against the cap. A 4th or 5th would probably be more realistic.

Knies will certainly be on the team to start the season, Cowan will be sent back to Junior this year as will Minton, since Holmberg and Steeves are waiver exempt they will be with the Marlies to start. With Jarnkrok being injured Robertson may get a shot with the big club but he too is waiver exempt so he is probably headed to the Marlies.

Timmins is now injured and will probably be headed to the LTIR, Kokkonen may have a shot but more than likely it will be Benoit staying up with the big club as he is the type of the big aggressive D man that Tre likes but who knows. I truly believe that after Tavares's contract is finished so will he be with the Leafs. The rest who knows.

01 Oct 2023 18:55:30
Hopefully he does get a completely new defence next year. Which includes trading Reilly!

01 Oct 2023 00:44:34
Jason Robertson & Dadanov to Toronto for Nylander ( sign & trade ) Jarncrock & a 2nd Rd pick in 2024

Brodie & Holmberg trade for prospects & or picks.

Bertuzzi Matthews Märner
N. Robertson Tavares J. Robertson
Knies Domi Dadanov
Lafferty Kampf Reaves

Reilly Liljegren
McCabe Klingberg
Giordano Timmins

Samsonov Woll

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01 Oct 2023 03:03:39

30 Sep 2023 19:22:11
So here's a fantasy trade of what i would like to see the Leafs roster look like...This one is just for goes out to Leafslife who was disappointed in my last suggestion where i made a trade with Philly that did not involve our boy Konecny.

Leafs Trade:

Flyers Trade:

Leafs trade:

Iles Trade:

Leafs Trade:
2024 3rd round pick or Iles or Robertson

Ducks Trade:

Leafs Trade:

Flames Trade:

Leafs Sign:
Noah (800K)

Roster Looks like This:




Don't be to harsh on the trades guys about not enough or to little...these are base trades and i think this team looks a whole lot better....plus we have just under $3M in cap space...so work can still be done to improve the D

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30 Sep 2023 20:57:02
Marner trade is brutal for the leafs.

30 Sep 2023 21:33:09
@bob1965.i know bob. but hey we get a good young offensive D man. and Vatrano is more physical and scored 20 goals I think. but don't worry bob. like i said. these won't happen. i based the trades on cap space for each team. did not dive into realistic trade to much. cause again. they ain't interested in moving Marner. even though they should.

30 Sep 2023 22:56:17
Why is the Marner trade Beutal? Dobson is a soon to be number one D. Marner is a top line winger. Defence and centre are more valuable.

01 Oct 2023 03:05:04
That lineup isn’t nearly as good as what the Leafs have now.
No thanks!

01 Oct 2023 04:43:02
@waterbuffalo. no way this team is worse than what we got. but to each their own I guess. don't be such a cranky pants like Bob. who does nothing but criticize every trae posted but has not posted a trade of his own on 5 while pages of trae proposals.

30 Sep 2023 17:15:19
tor: connor timmins

Arz: maverick lamoreuax

this is move will free up some cap space as the leafs get an ELC that can slide into club control for many years. timmins is passing the eye test, but is still our 7th man.

arizona might like him in the 2/ 3 RHD behind dumba,

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30 Sep 2023 01:05:07
Luke & Jack Hughes to Toronto for Nylander, Jones, Minten, Niemela, Jarncrock, Brodie & a 1st rd pick in 2024 & 2026. NJ can then trade any assets acquired to others teams.

Leafs sign Kane for 2 yrs @ 4 million per season.

Bertuzzi Matthews Märner
Tavares Hughes Kane
Robertson Domi Knies
Lafferty Kampf Reaves

Reilly Timmins
Hughes Klingberg
McCabe Liljegren

Samsonov Woll

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30 Sep 2023 13:28:46
Kane wants more than 4 million let’s say 6 million

Does he feel he is less than Tyler Bertuzzi or Taylor Hall how about Claude Geroux at $6.5 million.

30 Sep 2023 14:53:33
Actually because of age they can give him league minimum with millions in performance bonuses, caphit can then be deferred for bonuses paid till the following season. Or Kane takes guaranteed money, with a little term 2 yrs rather than 1.

30 Sep 2023 15:12:37
On D subscribing to the Keith / Seabrook ideology, pairing 2 playmaking puck moving D men together. Focus is on dominating puck possession utilizing those play making skills in the defensive zone but also through the neutral zone & and obviously on offensive controlling the blue line. Less turnovers equal greater puck possession. The more talented offensive forwards, of course particularly benefit with the highly skilled playmaking D men.

01 Oct 2023 03:06:31
I think the Devils laugh and hang up!

29 Sep 2023 22:35:09
Hey Leafs fans here are some trade to help the cap there C, RW and D

Tor McBain Brown and Webber LTIR 3rd
Arz. Robertson Lilly and Homelbreg

Coyotes get 3 young up-and-coming, stars
Leafs get what they need right now a good 3rd line center a good physical right hand in defenceman for the bottom pairing and cap that is needed

Tor Konecny
Flyers. Lafferty Jarnkork 1st and Arz 3rd

New line up
Bertuzzi AM MM
JT Willy Konecny
Knies McBain Domi
Reeves Kampf? Pick a someone you’d like

Reilly Brodie
McCabe Kleinberg
Benoit Brown
Giordano Timmons


With all these moves Leafs get stronger up front and stronger in the back end and with 4 mill in cap, if a d man is needed they have the cap or sign Kane

Just a thought.

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30 Sep 2023 03:28:30
I don't think Arizona does that trade.
Philly may be interested in that package. If you switch Lafferty for Liljegren, they would be more interested imo. Konecny for Jarnkrok, Liljegren, a 1st and a 3rd.

30 Sep 2023 13:32:49
I don’t like trading. ELC contracts.

29 Sep 2023 16:02:55
So I dunno if this makes any sense but what about running an 11 & 8 roster...with the leafs wanting to try Willy at 3rd line C and the back of depth on D this is what I came up with...

Leafs trade:
2024 5th pick

Flyers trade:
Walker (50% retained)

Leafs sign Gregor for $800k

Lines look like this:

Bertuzzi...Matthews... Marner
Knies... Tavares.... Lafferty
Domi... Nylander....Gregor
........ Kampf....Reeves

Reilly ... Brodie

Like everyone hate to trade jarnkrok but seems like the easiest solution....with willy on 3rd looks like leafs will be focusing on 3 offensive lines...in cases where they need a defensive faceoff they can put Kampf ...Reeves and maybe either Gregor or Lafferty thrown on a line....

With Walker added this gives us a right shot D...more depth and someone that can relieve Gio...or maybe take over in right side if klingberg is our and we don't have to risk losing Timmins on waivers

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29 Sep 2023 16:39:49
Uh, Loxley. Where is Konecny? This IS a Flyers trade.

My biggest issue trading Jarkrok is, he's what Kerfoot was billed as. A "Swiss Army Knife" (so happy I don't have to hear that anymore) . He can play anywhere from 4th line-1st-PK-2nd PP and not be a liability anywhere.

I'd move a lot of players before Jarkrok.

29 Sep 2023 18:21:33
I don't view Lafferty as a 2nd line winger.

30 Sep 2023 00:22:19
@LL. lol. I know. I am fine with jarnkrok and what he brings. this is again to satisfy the cap help add to D and losing Timmins. jarnkrok is in a great contract. unfortunately this team is in cap help.

As for Konecny. still want him . but if Tre isn't moving Willy no way we can fit konecny on this roster.

30 Sep 2023 00:23:51
@leafs_67.I don't think Lafferty is either. but that's where he is playing tonight. and with willy on third line we are shirt on rw offense. who is left?

30 Sep 2023 00:32:00
@LL. so if you'd move a lot of players. how about instead of jarnkrok we move kampft. play Gregor at 4th C?

30 Sep 2023 13:35:29
@Loxley the list I'd move before Jarnkork is; Marner, Willy, Klingberg and Domi if we're talking about similar salaries.

30 Sep 2023 18:31:19
@LL how are those similar to the 2.1 jarnkrok makes? . other than Domi bring closesti can't see Tre trading him or klingberg after signing them this year . even though I'd be fine with moving klingberg. as for willy and marner. we've talked before and I'd be al in on moving either one or both to reduce the cap on wingers. one guy I'd easily replace either with is. wait for it. konecny. but again. no way they are being moved. jarnkrok is at a perfect cap hit for third line. domi should be third line C with him and then someone on left W. I would have liked Comtois but because of marner and willy we can't afford it.

29 Sep 2023 09:11:53
Leafs better carry 3 goalies Vasilevskiy is out first two months season and Jones will be grabbed by Tampa Bay 4 sure.

Leafs trade Jarnknok

San Jose second round pick 24

I think now that Jarnrock and Klingberg are hurt it's easy Leafs get cap compliant.

The leafs will now be able to start the season by giving Robertson and Timmins minutes and seeing their full potential.

Treliving must have thought to load up on forwards so any injuries come they don't miss much

I want to see Timmins playing power play on the second defence pairing with McCabe

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29 Sep 2023 13:59:45
Leafs usually run 1 defenceman on the P. P. So I don't think Timmons would be with McCabe on the 2nd unit. If Klingberg is healthy, it will be him or Reilly on the top unit.

29 Sep 2023 02:38:17
Toronto trades
Jarnkroc and Llyigren
Arizona for Josh Brown and 3rd in 2024


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