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21 Sep 2020 20:00:52
If we are looking at clearing space to try and sign Piet, then here are a couple of moves that would create about 7M+ in space.

Florida needs an upgrade as a 2nd line centre and are week on LHD.

Kerfoot 3.5
Dermott RFA
Weegar RFA
Acciari 1.67

Should be able to sign Weegar for .750-1M less than Kerfoot cap hit. He takes the place of Holl because of trade. Acciari fills Johnsson spot because of trade.

New Jersey is said to be looking for a top 6 winger and NHL ready defencemen (up to 2)

Nylander 6.96
Holl 2
Bracco(change of scenery)

To Leafs
Wood 2.75 (a little overpriced, but we likely have to take some salary back and he fills the Clifford role)
Mcloed .893(needs a change of scenery)
Bastian .714
2020 1st (18 OA ARZ)

NJ gets a top 6 winger, an NHL d-man and a project in Bracco that could pay off. Leafs get Wood who can play 3rd line and add some grit, 2020 1st, Mcloed who has underperformed so far and a potential power winger in Bastian.

To Det
Johnsson 3.4
To Leafs
2020 2nd (32OA)

Detroit has a ton of pics and cap space, but not many signed NHL players. A young winger like Johnsson should be of interest.

Cap out 15.86
Cap in 5.31 (Acciari, Wood and Mcloed)

10.55 to re-sign Weegar and use toward Piet.

Piet 7X8.25
Weegar 4X2.75
Mikheyev 2X2
Spezza 1X1
Simmonds .8

Hyman Matthews Marner
Mikheyev Tavares Acciari
Wood Mcloed Robertson
Engvall Spezza Barabanov/Simmonds
(extras- maybe Bastian/Brooks)

Rielly Piet
Muzzin Weegar
Sandin/Lehtonen -also sign cheap vet D for 1M or under.


We should be under the cap with a little wiggle room.


1.) 21 Sep 2020 21:49:14
I would pass on simmonds and Spezza
Sign Gudas for third pair d With lehtonen
A 4th line of Korshkov Engvall bastian would work just fine
Robertson and Sandin could spend another year marinating
Move barabanov up to the third line
Anyways good post a lot different than the other posts
Very original.

2.) 21 Sep 2020 22:59:10
Kerfoot likely isn't an upgrade at 2c for them.

Johnsson isn't young. Not Detroit level young.

I don't like the nylander deal. To many question marks for what becomes their best winger.

3.) 22 Sep 2020 02:15:32

Other teams are NOT lining up to help the Leafs out of self-inflicted cap crunch by offering charitable deals like you're proposing.

Be real. most deals are balanced dollar for dollar, or include draft picks or prospects to compensate.

4.) 22 Sep 2020 03:39:35
Rather have Zacha over Woods or McLeod. Jersey is probably ready to move on from Zacha anyway.

5.) 22 Sep 2020 13:04:19
Not sure how Kerfoot isn't an upgrade over Wallmark, but opinions differ. Johnsson should be young enough for Detroit. can't have a team of 21 years olds and there is a cap floor to hit. Simmonds and Spezza allow for some veteran leadership and there will be injuries that allow guys like Korshkov etc a taste of NHL when called up.

I knew the Nylander trade would be questioned as it value would seem in favour of the Devils. The deal was to clear cap space and stock with type of players we lack, but need. The last two deals are more like a 3-way trade where the Leafs now get Piet. Think about it like

Nylander 6.96
Holl 2

To Det
Johnsson 3.4

To Leafs
2020 18 OA
2020 32 OA (Det)

First trade allows us to do the second two with slight cap savings.

That was the ideas behind it all anyway. but of course it is all one-sided in the Leafs favour. lol.



17 Sep 2020 19:03:48
Leafs do a complete overhaul

Nylander 6.96
Rosen .750

Weegar RFA
2020 1st (12OA)
Ludvig ELC

Leafs create cap space and pick up a solid RHD and sign Weegar 4X$2.75. They get the 12OA pick and an up and coming D prospect in Ludvig while reducing cap by 4M+.
Panthers get a high scoring winger to replace Hoffman on a salary friendly contract and a depth D.

To Pens
Kerfoot 3.5
2020 2nd
20204 4th Vegas

To Leafs
Murray RFA

Dubas gets his goalie and signs Murray to a 5X$5.25 contract.
Pens get even stronger down the middle and restock some pics for a goalie they wanted to move.

Anderson 5

Afanasyev ELC
2020 2nd Nash

In a shocker, Anderson is moved to Nashville and they immediately extend him to a 5X6.25 deal as the heir apparent to Rinne.
Leafs pick up a solid prospect and 42nd pick in this draft

Liljegren .863
2020 2nd Nash 42nd

Mayfield 1.45
Cizikas 3.5 (1M retained)

Leafs pick up another solid RHD on a great contract and an overpriced defensive centre on expiring contract.
NYI gets a solid RHD prospect in Liljegren and restocks a pick. Most importantly they create over 3M in cap space to help sign their pending RFA's in Pulock, Barzal and Toews.

Hyman 2.25 Matthews 11.64 Marner 10.893
Mikheyev RFA Tavares 11
Johnsson3.4 Cizikas 2.5 Barabanov .925
Engvall 1.25 Robertson .821

Rielly 5 Weegar 2.75
Muzzin 5.625 Mayfield 1.45
Sandin .895/Lehtonen .925 Holl 2

Murray 5.25
Campbell 1.65

Leafs are set at D and in goal(hopefully) for years to come. They end up with 2 1sts in this draft and about 11M to re-sign Mikheyev and fill out the rest of the roster and/or pick up a good UFA like Toffoli/Hoffman and/or make another deal by using one of our 1sts to get a scoring winger. Also a much more cap compliant team.


1.) 17 Sep 2020 20:17:51
I'm really not sold on Murray. I won't be the happiest if he is picked up. He's won a few cups but those pens teams were strong offensively and defensively. That's why they won so much. I'm not sure if he can be what's needed on this leafs team unless Dubas gets a lot of help defensively and Keefe convinces Nylander/ Marner they need to play without the puck.

2.) 18 Sep 2020 03:55:08
Lol. Your lineups aren’t even complete. You’re missing two forwards. Spezza should be coming back to fill on on the bottom line. And if you put Hyman pm 2RW, you can move Johnsson and Robertson up. Then all you would need is another bottom line player, and hope Robertson doesn’t bust next year. You also didn’t trade Dermott or Holl, but they aren’t on the lineup.

Trade 1: no. Weegar is a rightie, but he plays LHD. He’s been ekblads partner all year, which is why his numbers are inflated. Ekblad makes Weegar better, not the other way around. Weegar won’t make Rielly a better player. We need someone who can make Rielly a better player, not someone Rielly makes look better.

Trade 2: Seems like a pretty big overpay. Not many goalies get traded for roster players. Considering Pittsburgh is dealing from a position of weakness, I’m pretty sure Murray could be had for less.

Trade 3: absolutely yes. Afanasayev is huge and lit up the OHL. Too bad I don’t think Nashville does this though

Trade 4: no. Mayfield is a great 3RHD. But Liljegren has a much higher ceiling. And if you are taking Cizikas cap on, Islanders should throw a pick of some sort in. Liljegren is worth Mayfield alone. Cizikas as a throw-in is a losing value trade for Leafs. But why take on a bad contract like Cizikas when you can get a good defenseman for almost the same price as Mayfield + Cizikas. We should be targeting either Toews, or more preferably, Pulock. One of them could be a cap casualty this year as Barzal is expected to be making a lot of money starting next year. Let’s say Puloxk is s $6M player, or close to it, that’s only $2M more than on Mayfield (1.5) + Cizikas (2.5). I know who I would rather have.

3.) 18 Sep 2020 13:22:47

I said the roster isn't complete and we have $11M to re-sign Mikheyev and add UFA's or use our assets to get more players. So yes, Spezza being re-signed is likely. Holl is in the lineup and Dermott is my mistake. He is supposed to be in place of Rosen, but I forgot to make the switch when I added Ludvig in. My bad.

To your analysis

Trade 1. To suggest Weegar can only play his weak side is ridiculous. Parayko played his weak side a lot with Piet, so he can't play his strong side? Weegar plays his weak side in FLA because they don't have a good enough cast of LD. His numbers were solid without Ekblad. The narrative that we need someone who makes Rielly "better" is also way off. There is a cap. It is flat right now. What Rielly needs is someone who compliments him that we can get a reasonable cost. Weegar is a righty, he makes good first passes and plays a solid defensive game. That is what Rielly needs. He doesn't need "Parayko" as nice as that would be, but he can carry the top pairing like most top D-men do. We wouldn't have money left to improve our other pairings.

Trade 2-You may be right that it seems an overpay. But sometimes you overpay if you have a target in mind and can afford the overpay. If Dubas wants Murray, who is only 26, he will likely have to give the best offer. Many teams are looking for Goalies. We can afford to lose Kerfoot, plus you have to move money out to re-sign Murray.

Trade 3-Nasville may not, but Anderson is an upgrade over Saros and Rinne is pretty much done. They move Saros, who is on a great one year deal and still RFA after this year to re-coup assets lost in the Anderson trade. They run with Anderson and Rinne this year and now do not have to lose a goalie in the draft as they moved Saros. It would make sense for Nashville to do this trade.

Trade 4-Again, as nice as Pulock would be, we can't afford a 1st pair of all-stars or your 2nd and 3rd D pairs suffer. Pulock will want a big raise and it is doubtful he is cap casualty as they will move others to get him signed. Would we let Rielly go if he was RFA or move others to make room? Mayfield is a solid 4-5 D-man on a great contract for 3 more years. That contract carries value as he is almost impossible to replace for the same money. Liljegren is an unknown. His ceiling is higher, but he hasn't proven anything yet. We just got Weegar and getting Mayfield in this deal made him expendable. Add the two first we now have at 12OA and 15OA and we can draft a D likely better than Liljegren. Cizikas is still a solid defensive forward and with the other moves we can afford the 2.5 hit for one year.

We are now harder to play against, more experienced and have cap space, assets and room to add more talent into the mix.



16 Sep 2020 15:56:04
Lots of thoughts on Manson. Opinions differ for sure. May be easier and worth a flyer on Gudbranson instead. Expriring contract, coming off a great year. He is a defensive minded D, plays a tough game and when he is playing well, he can play in your top 4.
I am going to assume Dermott is gone in the expansion draft if we pick up a RHD with term, so I am not against moving him.

Minor deal, but something like

To Ducks
Dermott RFA

To Leafs
Gudbranson 4 (Ducks retain 1M)
2020 2nd

Even retaining 1M the Ducks create cap space as Dermott is likely getting a bridge deal between 1.5-2. Ducks get younger and more cost controlled. They have a lot of really good forward prospects, not as many D prospects.

Leafs get a oft-injured NHL D that checks a lot of boxes when healthy while moving an asset they are likely to lose and would have to play the right side anyway. Also get an asset in the 36th overall pick.


1.) 16 Sep 2020 16:40:51
Gudbranson is a cap dump even at 50% retained. Not the guy the leafs will target when there are cheaper and better options out there that they can get for Dermott.

2.) 16 Sep 2020 17:14:23
Ive always liked Gudbranson. Others always disagree with me. He is a 2nd pair shutdòwn hard hitting guy on a good day but a really reliable but expensive 3rd pairing guy. He is always hurt as well. I think he has had 2 seadons over 70 games played but averages 54 over his 9 year career. Heck he was even hurt during his days in kingston. i still like him. now aniheim has cap problems as well and unfortunetly have tunnes of LHD. this very well could be a colorado leafs like deal like last summer

Gudbranson (50% retained 2 million) plus deslauriers (1 million)
Johnsson 3.4 plus vegas 2020 5th

Barrie (at the time was considered goid. much better than what gudbranson is considered now) @ 50% along with a good RFA C for a 2nd line C on a great contract in Kadri plus a 3rd

This deal is involving way less higher end players but its the same type of deal

While leafs are at it why not try to go get taylor doherty his d partner in jr as minor leag signing to play with alex gudbranson with marlies plus go take risk on minimal deal for ryan spooner another jr teamate. thoughts.

3.) 16 Sep 2020 17:44:52
I like Gudbransson, as a depth player. He never even came close to living up to expectations. For what he brings to the table, I’d rather the Leafs just sign Schenn outright. Won’t cost any assets and is cheaper AAV.

4.) 16 Sep 2020 18:48:41
Connections to gudbranson

Taylor Doherty 6'8 245 LHD who was eriks D partner in jr for kingston. These 2 were such a site. Talk about men amongst boys. They were great partners and even better buddies. He unfairly got pegged the next Tyler Mylers and was even compared to Chara. Poor kid could never live up to those expectations and it hurt his development. Still a solid teamate and a well traveled AHLer with a bit of european experience. Now i'm not saying he is part of the solution. Heck he won't even be a leaf. i'm just typing sign him to a 3 year AHL contract and bring the cambridge native home to retire a marlie mentoring and protecting all the young baby leafs to end his playing career before he gets a minor coaching job with MLSE as he is a really nice guy. It helps Eriks brother Alex is in leafs organisation and Doherty knows him well. They can be D partners to end their careers. Doherty has spent 12 games as a marlie in the past so i'm sure he'd come back to do the mentoring thing and be clise to family to end career. If for some chsnce leafs run into the injury bug by the condensed season and somehow 5 LHD all go down at same time he is a solid 7th LHD. lol. sorry so long for such a nobody but it just brought back memories of seeing these 2 play together back many moons ago.

5.) 16 Sep 2020 19:04:50
Next connection to Erik Gudbranson

Ryan Spooner was traded to kingston from peterborough and played a part of year with gudbranson. The kid could fly and had pretty good vision and once he developed a shot he became a quite the dynamo to watch. Scouts labeled him a great secondary compliment offensive threat but was very one dimensional with no care for defence. He was fun for boston fans half the time. He got labeled hard to cosch and slthough very skilled was dealt numorous times as gms hopef their coaches could knock his ego into check. It never happened. Fast forward to today. he spends a few seasons in europe and then ends up in russia this year. The guy grew up started listening to the coaches and learned some 2 way hockey while putting up goid numbers in the khl. Now i'm not typing he will win the frank selke but why not offer the ottawa native a 1 year 1 million dhow me deal. Try him on 3rd line and if it doesn't work have him be 4th line C. Very low key signing thst could be a success

Just a thought.

6.) 16 Sep 2020 19:08:50
Thought was that Leafs have little to lose getting Gudbranson on an expiring deal as it is not the top 4 D they are looking for and will still pursue one.

Dermott ceiling is a 3, but most likely a 4 d-man. Yes Anaheim has LD's and not many RD's, but some cap space and stocking the shelves is likely more important than if it is a LD or RD at the moment. they need a D who can play now and is young.
They also have many good forward prospects, so not sure Johnsson is a target for them.

From Anaheim's side. Why not get something for Gudbranson now instead of waiting. He may get injured, he may not play well and lose value.
For the Leafs. It's a gamble that could payoff or bust, but a 1 year gamble likely. It also gives the 3rd pair LHD job to Sandin or Lehtonen basically. If Gudbranson plays well, awesome. If not, maybe you move him at the deadline for a mid pick or something. It is not like Dermott was going to land the RHD they want and I doubt he is a key piece in any deal for one.

C12- I will assume the possible signings of Gudbransons old Junior teammates was sarcasm.

7.) 16 Sep 2020 20:10:29
Last connection through Gudbranson
Ok last one i promise

So gudbranson left kingston to start his professional career and spooner was still in kingston to stsrt the next seadon. Kingston stunk without gubby and Dohtree so spooner got dealt to sarnia to play with soon to be 1st overall pick Nail Yakopov. LOL . i'm not going that route just thought i'd scare the heck out of you.
Anyways, during spooners final stay in kingston he had a descent young Russian goalie. Although this goalie didn't have the greatest numbers on a crappy team aniheim saw something in him. Aniheim drafted him in the 3rd round 2011. Unfortunetly for him 2 other young goalies by the names of gibson and andersen got all the respect so tthis russian goalie spent all his ELC and 2 RFA years in the minors. He had little success in all but 1 of these years. His success came in the echl and his ahl life came to an end. This russian goalie made his way to the KHL.
The next 2 years he progressed quite well but then hit a speed bumb in year 3. However, the following year aftet his bsd year he worked his tail off and became a legit goalie. Last year and this year he was without a dought one of the best non NHL goalies. He even has mapleleaf connections as his teamate last year was Ilya Mikhayev. He even played witn ex leaf Cody Franson in russia
His name
Igor Bobkov

This is how the inadvertent connection to gubranson with a great twist goes down

Gudbranson kingston spooner ohl to drafted to aniheim to being outgoalied by andersen to going to the khl and being teamates of franson and Mikhayev.

I suggest leafs make this gudbranson deal or some sort of deal to get gudbranson in a leaf uniform. Sign doherty to a minor league deal. Sign spooner to a low risk nhl deal. Get these three as well as mikhayev and franson to help pitch the idea of bobkov playing in toronto. Trade Andersen now for a dman making everyone believe they have no plan to replace him and have hockey world turned upside down. Then when things look bleek in net announce Bobkov signing and put up his khl stats on the tv screen for the world to see. In a great hockey twist it was Andersen that bested Bobkov causing him to develop in KHL only to return to replace that very same Andersen. and the circle of hockey life concludes.


8.) 17 Sep 2020 15:41:03
How could anyone say No after all that research.



15 Sep 2020 20:44:47
Pens and Canes keep getting linked to the Leafs, so how about a blockbuster 3 team trade.

To Canes
Nylander 6.96 (Tor)
Anderson 5 (Tor)
Petan .775 (Tor)

To Pens
2020 1st 15OA (Tor)
McGinn 2.1(Car)

To Leafs
Pesce 4.05 (Car)
2020 1st 13OA (Car)
Mattheos ELC (Car)
Murray RFA (Pit)
Lafferty RFA (Pit)

Canes will still have to move a Goalie and clear some cap space, but get the best player in the trade and improve their Goaltending.

Pens get a 1st and McGinn for Murray and Lafferty which should be a good return for them. They now have a 1st back to draft with or use for another move.

Leafs get a younger Goalie with SC experience, the RHD that is cost certain they have been searching for, move up two spots in the draft, a 4th liner with some bite and a solid prospect while clearing about $8mil in cap space to sign Murray+.


1.) 15 Sep 2020 21:42:24
This is one of the best three way deals I've seen

Carolina wants a goalie upgrade and a scoring option and are rumored to be dangling torontos pick and a young top 4 dman to get these items

Pittsburgh wants to trade murray but won't be forced into it. They asked for edmontons 1st rounder and murray wants north of 6 and be signed long term. Edmonton asked pittsburgh to take on kostinen. pittsburgh won't take goalie back and edmonton didn't want to get stuck paying 10 plus million in goaltending for that first pick.

Toronto wants a RHD and dubas has a thing for murray hockey wise since his days in the sau.

Financial strapped carolina sees nylander as a huge prize. 20 million over next 4 years in real money is under market value for a guy of nylanders talent. Carolina always finds a way to get under cap so they are not a cap strapped team. Nylander is big value for them. Andersen at 1 million salary again is huge for them plus upgrades their goaltending in a huge way. Pesce,13th overall, matheos and mcginn almost seems underwelling for what carolina gets.

Pittsburgh gets their 1st rounder back plus mcginn for goalie they don't want a a 4th liner they can easily replace. seems like a win their

Toronto gets their long term goaltending solution (keep andersen this year lose him to free agency next summer and now what? ) they get their RHD solution they've been unsuccessfully doing. They move up in the draft 2 spots so can snag askarov now begore carolina does. lol. plus save a million in cap space. they do lose nylander which sucks but whether agree or disagree pesce for nylander seems like the right deal. That leaves andersen with petan and 15th for murray 13th and lafferty. Looking at it that way seems like every team wins this deal. strange.

Question becomes will pittsburgh be part of carolina improving their netminding and will carolina make a deal without adding reimer in deal.

If every team fills their needs and wants while dealing from their strengths to fulfill those needs to get better now and the future why wouldn't they all do this

Amazing. mindblown. you got my vote for best proposal of last month.

2.) 15 Sep 2020 23:09:57
The Pens and Carolina get screwed while the Leafs dump "I can't win the big game but will be a UFA next year Anderson" and useless Petan and get Pesce, Murray, a 1st and extras. This is a definite pro Leaf trade.

3.) 15 Sep 2020 23:40:19
Didn't notice the Nylander Part IJ?

Rally well done 3 way trade. Everyone gets what they want.

Personal preference I don't want Murray. That is highly subjective though.

Very good prop. Well done.

4.) 15 Sep 2020 23:56:22
This is a great 3 way trade.
But Murray is not the answer for the leafs and is not worth a 1st or north 6 million.
If I'm Toronto I'm calling Arizona about Kuemper.

5.) 16 Sep 2020 00:35:52
LL I did notice Toronto finally dumps Nylander. I know how badly most Leaf fans would like Toronto to trade soft, uninterested, overpaid Nylander. Dubas can fool some desperate for offense teams like Car into thinking he'll be an offensive star, he won't. The Leafs still make out like bandits with this lopsided trade.

6.) 16 Sep 2020 02:21:47
Yea I don’t see how the pens ever say yes to this they want to shed cap space but not just give there players away.

7.) 16 Sep 2020 03:46:52
Lol IJ. Nylander is still a 30+ scorer and he isn't overpaid. Of all players a 6.9 hit isn't overpaid for what he brings.



15 Sep 2020 14:07:34
I have never even thought about putting Marner in a deal... because I don't believe he will be traded. For fun, I thought what may it look like. His value is a little less than his skill because of his contract. I tried to come up with a couple based on the Leafs would want to start with a top 4 RHD at a good age and cost controlled plus a 1st and go from there.

Marner 10.93

To Leafs
Severson $4.16
2020 1st 7OA
Bastian .714

The 7th OA has tons of value in this draft. Devils have two more top 20 picks in this draft, tons of cap space and a stable of good prospects. Marner gives them the all-star winger to play with their possible all-star centres they have drafted. They could easily flip other prospects etc for D help. Their window is the future.
Leafs get a cost controlled top 4 rhd who plays 20+ mins a night, the 7th OA pick, a solid power forward prospect and a lot of coveted cap space.

To Min
Marner 10.93

To Leafs
Dumba 6
Hartman 1.9
2020 1st 9OA

Similar to the trade to NJ. Wild have the cap space, but lack young high end talent. They have an aging cast and the window is closing(maybe closed). How bad do they want to keep it open and get younger and more talented? Leafs return is similar to above trade with NJ, but Hartman gives them NHL ready sandpaper.

Do the Islanders want to make a push after their run?

Marner 10.93

To Leafs
Bailey 5
Pulock RFA
Wahlstrom ELC

Pulock's value may never be higher than now. NYI gets the winger for Barzal and their window is now when you look at their roster and who they hired as coach. They have the D-core that could possibly afford losing Pulock. Cap space is tighter with them as they would still need to likely move a piece to re-sign Barzal and Toews. Islander do not have a 1st or second this year, so they would have to move players. Leafs get their D-man, a solid winger who goes to another level come playoff time and a top prospect who may be NHL ready. They may gain a little cap space depending on the Pulock re-sign cost.

Have at it.


1.) 15 Sep 2020 14:28:56
The first two trade I wouldn’t do severson and Dumba just don’t get me that excited the top 10 picks are nice but I don’t think you can draft a marner and the islanders value their players more.

2.) 15 Sep 2020 16:55:47
If its a straight hockey trade then both trades are almost fair but with the cap being flat for the next 3/ 4 seasons Marner with his $11 mil salary would fetch much less in any trade.

3.) 15 Sep 2020 18:39:29
Minnesota trade is an easy no after a bad season by Dumba.

New Jersey trade is a little closer but I’m not sure Severson would fit with Reilly. He is a great 2 way defenceman but I’m just not sure he has the defensive capability to let Reilly be his pure offensive self. Maybe if you partner him with Muzzin and get a cheap fully defensive guy for Reilly.

Islanders trade is hard to judge based on what the Islanders will do with their cap space. Right now Pulock is their best defenceman so I’m not sure if they are willing to move on from him, but if their cap space forces them to then honestly this is a trade they would probably consider. It would just depend if the leafs are willing to move Marner.

4.) 15 Sep 2020 20:59:28
1 of Rossi, holtz and perfetti will be good 2nd line players but not close to marners level. Severson and bastian don't seem to make up the differance. A team not worried about the cap and more worried about finances, and his 35 million over next 5 seasons is a huge bargain. devils add next years 1st rounder plus a roster forward to the original offer to even start considering dealing his bargain salary contract to a non cap worried team.

1 of Lundell, sanderson, jarvis and quinn will all be good compliment players but marner will give minny fans something to watch for 5 more years and his salary owing is enough for minnys ownership to jump at getting such a player for such a bargain. dumba 2-3 years ago and this deal probably goes straight up. Now dumba, one of those previosly mentioned draftees and hartman definitely don't make up close to marners value salary or on ice. minny adds their 1st next year plus a prospect of matt boldy level.

The islanders are and will be a cap strapped team so even if marners salary is huge value his cap hit for the islanders suck. they have barzal so don't need marner. They have 13 million to sign both barzal and pulock. it can be done unless a team offersheets barzal. If anything islanders will deal other contracts to make room or deal pulock for a package of picks and prospects and good ones.

Islandjet, to teams not in cap trouble but financial trouble marners value is as high as it gets. On the flip side to cap strapped teams (75% of league) marner is unatainable due to his cap number. If dubas ever dealt him he will find one of the non cap finacial strapped teams to deal with and get best value for him. you never see both sides of the coin now do yeah.

Solid deals made here. thanks for the read.




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22 Sep 2020 14:12:23
Agree with hockeyluvr

Also on the Ekblad trade. I can't see FLA moving him. Stralman's play has dropped off, Yandle is 34 and they may have to move Weegar so they can spend upfront. Moving Ekblad is a massive piece off of a d-core that is already suspect.
Nylander for Weegar, 2020 1st (12 OA) and maybe a mid prospect you might get them to bite. Leafs also create likely 4M+ in cap space.




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22 Sep 2020 14:04:36
Why the Romanov trade?
Rielly more value than Fox
Brodin just signed a new deal with a NMC. He is not going anywhere, but the writing is on the wall for Dumba if they can move him.
I could see him landing in Ottawa or New Jersey.




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22 Sep 2020 13:58:48
Sens with their 28th or Sharks with the 31st may take the Kerfoot and Liljegren deal. Regardless, we need to move a lot more cap space to sign Piet. If we get Piet, most likely Nylander goes. If not Nylander, then it is Freddie and a cheap replacement brought in, but that would still mean more cap has to go out.




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22 Sep 2020 13:51:55
See where your going and I would think Car takes that deal, but I think we would want more. Second is an overpay for Kuemper imo. The guy was a career backup until recently and has very little playoff experience.

How about this

To Car
Anderson 5
2020 1st 15 OA
To Leafs
2020 1st 13 OA
2020 2nd (NYR 41 OA)

Carolina gets Anderson for dropping two spots in the first round and a high 2nd rounder.

ARZ can't really be retaining on salaries as they are tight against the cap. I think if they retain, it is on a guy like Stepan etc that they want to move the salary.

Johnsson 3.4
2020 2nd (Car 41 OA)

To Leafs
Kuemper 4.5

ARZ cuts 1.1 in cap space and Johnsson makes about 1M less in real money this year and 3M less in real money next year than Kuemper.

Leafs move up 2 spots in the 1st round of the draft, get a replacement for Anderson and cut about 4M in cap space.




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22 Sep 2020 13:31:40
Interesting ideas. First I think is possible as Wild need some youth, speed and centre ice position. Kerfoot real money is only about 2.6 per year these next 3 years.
Second-don't think Johnsson and the 39th gets you the 18th. NJ could use a solid winger like Johnsson though.
Barrie is not what we need. imo
Not sure Spezza and Simmonds can play 3rd line minutes a whole season.





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