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29 Feb 2024 14:41:37
Leafs send 1st, Benoit, Robertson, Niemela to Kraken for Larsson and Borgen with Seattle eating 50% on both.

Rielly, Larsson
Brodie, Lilygren
McCabe, Borgen
Gio, Timmins.


1.) 29 Feb 2024 16:35:12
If you r giving away your 1st rd it’s not for these two guys.

2.) 29 Feb 2024 17:14:00
Larsson is a top 4 RHD with an other year at a reasonable cap hit. That and retention are gonna cost you.

3.) 29 Feb 2024 17:23:06
No way that gets you both with term and retention. Take Benoit off that and the retention, that gets you Larsson alone. IMO.

4.) 29 Feb 2024 17:52:21
Can't See Seattle doing this. Especially with retention that is for another year on both. Not happening.



19 Feb 2024 15:21:04
Knies, Niemela, Woll and a first to Preds for Sarros, Lauzon, Trenin and a second.

Preds second, Brodie, Jarnkok and Kamph to Flames for Tanev with flames retaining half on Tanev.


1.) 19 Feb 2024 20:25:25
Like the aggressive trade. Leafs may need to add to Preds trade to secure some salary retention.

2.) 20 Feb 2024 09:10:32
Dumb trade for the Leafs. We don’t need Sarros, even though Bob has a hard on for him. Give Woll his chance and focus on the defence and F depth.

3.) 20 Feb 2024 09:48:27
Improves Leafs defense at the expense of decimating their forward group.
Reilly - Tanev
Lauzon - McCabe
Benoit - Liljegren
Is okay.
But we have lost our 1st line LW (Knies) our 3rd line RW (Jarnkrok) and our 4th line center and only replaced them with a 3rd line LW Trenin which is not an area of specific need.
I don’t think it works!

4.) 20 Feb 2024 11:35:41
Decimating the forward group? The only loss is Knies. And yes it’s a big loss because of his potential. But he’s the reason Preds do the deal. Trenin replaces Jarnkok and Holmberg replaces Kamph, for less money. There are no guarantees Woll will play well when he returns. Sarros is top 5 in the league and on a reasonable contract.



17 Feb 2024 16:51:52
Andersson and Tanev to Leafs. Brodie, 1st, Niemela, Jarnkok, Steeves, 3rd to flames.

Reilly, Tanev
McCabe, Andersson
Benoit, Lilygren

Off season let Tanev walk and sign Brodie 2@2 million.


1.) 17 Feb 2024 17:47:15
I think it would cost more for Rasmus with term at a great AAV. Everything sounded good though until you said bring Brodie back? Why? Even at 2M . His speed, size and strength isn’t there to hang with the best teams anymore and I’d rather our 5/ 6 D be big bangers.

2.) 18 Feb 2024 04:21:27
Conroy has already indicated that Anderson isn’t going anywhere.
Calgary are already losing Tanev and Hanifin and traded have Zadorov.
Why would they consider trading Anderson for a pile of nothing when it’s going to take the 1st round pick just to get Tanev.



09 Feb 2024 21:33:20
Markstrom, Hanifan, Tanev to Leafs. 50% retained on the two D.

Samsonov, Brodie, Niemela, Minten, Jarnkrok, Steeves, 2024 first and 2025 3rd to Flames.


1.) 09 Feb 2024 21:59:32
I like it. Leafs may have to add? Maybe flames could flip Samsonov and Brodie at deadline for more picks.

2.) 09 Feb 2024 22:39:01
I don't want Markstrom.

At his age, and the season he had last year, I don't want that contract.

3.) 09 Feb 2024 23:37:52
You can’t just throw a bunch of players in a trade and hope they say yes it isn’t a video game not to mention adding that many players probably puts them over their contract limit.

4.) 10 Feb 2024 13:13:54
I can't see Calgary agreeing, they would get a good haul for Hannafin alone with 50% retained. Nor would I want Markstrom.

5.) 10 Feb 2024 17:47:14
Markstrom doesn’t make any sense for this team right now. Woll deserves an opportunity with Sammy and Jones. That money could be used in other areas this season.



30 Jan 2024 17:10:40
Brodie, Samsonov, Minten, Niemela, thirdand a first for Sarros and Lauzon.


1.) 31 Jan 2024 12:44:45
Nash are still in a playoff hunt, so them trading Saros is unlikely and if they were selling guys off, it will likely be pending UFA's. If this is a trade Nash wants to makes for the future it basically becomes Minten and Niemela + (whatever they get for flipping Brodie) for Saros and Lauzon. Don't think is even close to getting Nashville to say yes.

2.) 31 Jan 2024 21:59:54
They’re also getting a third and a first.




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14 Apr 2024 16:44:31
For those who don’t agree that the Leafs need to address their goaltending situation…. Look and the last two games and Woll’s last couple as well. First round exit is guaranteed with that kind of goalie play. Number one off season priority IMO.

A package loosely based on marner to Nsh for Sarros and Lauzon works for me.


1.) 14 Apr 2024 20:06:45
Saros is such an interesting one. Nashville has looked great so they may not want to lose a goalie that's as good as Saros, but they also have (what looks to be), a stud in waiting.

I'm not sure how much Trotz wants Marner, but I would personally love to see this.

2.) 14 Apr 2024 21:36:53
I think trotz would really want Marner, he likes his teams to be solid defensively, might be the only leaf winter that is.

3.) 14 Apr 2024 23:46:25
I’d trade nylander before marner
Nylander is a cream puff
Nylander Hildeby
Saros Lauzon.

4.) 15 Apr 2024 01:55:31
@MPH I don't want either one. I'm not sure I can even compare them.

Watch Marner as soon as the playoffs start and someone hits him. Won't win a single puck battle.

5.) 15 Apr 2024 02:07:40
The problem with goalies is that top end guys are almost never available if you want one you need to develop one something the leafs haven’t done in a long time.

6.) 15 Apr 2024 06:08:55
@GGoat good point.

Saros. Demko. Vassy, etc. Are especially never available in there prime. You just catch lightning in a bottle sometimes with an Adin Hill.

7.) 15 Apr 2024 20:01:20
Absolutely. Top goalies are hard to obtain. Especially if they are on good contracts.



24 Mar 2024 22:53:18
Nick Robertson has got to go! Terrible defensive player and the second period high sticking penalty tonight was as dumb as you’ll ever see. Marner and Jarnkok returning has to be the end for Robertson.


1.) 25 Mar 2024 00:13:55
It will be I'm sure. Keefe doesn't want him around either.

2.) 25 Mar 2024 11:47:59
Knies is just as bad at making poor decisions with the puck, but he brings size and physicality. The problem with Robertson is that he doesn't bring much other than a shot, so he has to be better in other areas and he isn't. If Leafs can get a good return for him, move him for sure.

3.) 25 Mar 2024 12:31:18
I would add that Knies takes poor penalties on a pretty frequent basis.

Plus I believe he needs to be MORE physical on his forecheck. One of the coaches should work with him on that aspect of his game.

And we need to keep him on the 3rd line.

Yes Robertson’s penalty was a very stupid one. Why not play the body? The puck was right there so he was a potential puck carrier.

I too believe the Leafs will shop Robertson in the summer.

4.) 25 Mar 2024 14:37:22
I love Knies and think he is going to be a stud but I have to agree. He is holding onto the puck way too long. His 4/ 5 turn backs are predictable and causing turnovers quite frequently. Not sure how Keefe hasn’t addressed that along with getting caught out there too long. Looking forward to seeing what Knies and McMann become in a couple years.

5.) 25 Mar 2024 18:54:11
@Clarky in a couple years McCann will be 30 lol.

6.) 25 Mar 2024 23:34:27
@LL lol I know, that’s crazy to think about but nothing can speak for experience in the NHL and getting big minutes. Glad he is getting his turn and I think with two years under his belt, he can be our new Hyman.



07 Mar 2024 19:12:11
Funny how the top teams are aggressively making moves to improve, finding ways to make things work. Vegas, Oilers, Avs etc all getting better. All the while the Leafs secure two more 3rd pairing D, one of whom is left handed. Still 24 hours to go so, fingers crossed I guess.


1.) 07 Mar 2024 21:47:39
What can Tree possibly trade out? Most of them are going for a 2nd+a bit. Dubas traded all the 2nds.

I don't even see anyone on the board who fits a physical, top 4, RHD. That's always been the issue.



05 Mar 2024 01:29:30
Leafs outclassed and outworked in every area by the Bruins. Shameful effort. This team gets destroyed by Bruins or Panthers in first round. Entire D was awful. Woll was average at best. Second place is a pipe dream.




01 Mar 2024 02:11:39
Leafs struggled to beat the worst team in the league. Another way too casual play on the PP ends up in their net. Same old same old.





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13 Apr 2024 00:07:18
Not a good 3rd pair.




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13 Apr 2024 00:06:32
Leafs forever…. They can’t package Brodie, Gregor and Gio as none of them will be under contract once the season ends.




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11 Apr 2024 13:11:28
Answers the phone to mock Treliving.




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11 Apr 2024 13:07:10
It would be the leafs including the first to Edmonton not the other way around. Kamph and Holmberg don’t get just Trouba. And Rempe is a clown show.




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09 Apr 2024 19:26:39
Wings laugh their asses off.





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