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16 Jun 2024 01:19:08
Toronto trades Kampf
New Jersey for Nathan Bastian

Toronto trades Jarnkroc and Timmons
Chicago for 3rd & 4th in 2024


1.) 16 Jun 2024 05:56:52
I'm ok with that 2 minor deals and leafs have no future plans that include those 3 players

Trading Jarnknok and Kampf gives lesfs $4.5 million in cap space

Leafs core that I don't trade


Tavaras is either brought back at 50% reduction or he walks

So next season leafs could gain his 11 million in cap space

So leafs cap situation is in great shape after next season. Only 4 of 16 players are costing significant cap space. It the forwards and defenceman that they bring in this off-season that's crutial

I hold onto Bertuzzi and Domi only if the cost is right they don't score enough so I'm not paying more than $4 million on each player but I would give them term.

2.) 16 Jun 2024 18:34:49
Robertson, Llyigren and Topi Niemela
Can go.
As well as Rielly Bertuzzi and Domi.

3.) 16 Jun 2024 20:22:14
Definitely don't trade Marner @DM. I love seeing the turnovers year after year, losing every puck battle and not scoring. Really need to see that for another year. It hasn't bee long enough.



15 Jun 2024 23:18:17
I truly believe that Treliving has talked to both Marner and Rielly about being moved for a fresh start somewhere else.
The Fans need a big shake up with this Team and so does the team.

I think that the draft might be a big shocker to all Leafs fans.

Making a move at the draft to trade both Marner and Rielly would give Treliving the assets and cap space to reshape this team to a contender instead of a pretender.

At the draft ;

Anaheim trades the 3rd overall pick and Vantrano to Toronto for Morgan Rielly, Nick Robertson and a 5th in 2024

Toronto drafts Sam Dickenson from the London Knights 3rd overall

Toronto trades their 1st round pick, Mitchy Marner and Llyigren
Seattle for Jussi Saros, Lauzon and Seattle 2 & 3 in this year's draft

This helps Toronto go after UFAS Montour, Pesce, Tanev, Debrusk, Dakota, Stamkos or Zadorov


1.) 16 Jun 2024 00:35:37
Anaheim gives up the 3rd overall pick plus 30 goal scorer Vatrano for Morgan Reilly, Nick Robertson and a 5th.
Too many gummies in your breakfast cereal.

Montour will be too expensive, want too much term and is simply another Morgan Reilly with a little more offense.
Tanev is already 34 (35 at the turn of the year) and has one of the lengthiest injury histories among NHL defensemen.
Stamkos scored 40 goals this year and finished the season -21, is 34 and soon to be 35.

Pesce would be an excellent partner for Morgan Reilly since the Ducks are not giving up the 3rd overall pick for him.
Zadorov would be great, bring character and toughness but will want $6+ on a long term contract.
Saros only has one year left on his contract and is watching Shesterkin’s negotiations with the Rangers.
If Shesterkin receives the anticipated $11 - $12 million on his next contract Saros will want at least $9+ million July 1st, 2025.
Leafs can not afford a $9+ million dollar goaltender.

2.) 16 Jun 2024 00:47:21
Never gonna happen…. especially since Sarros doesn’t play for Seattle lol.

3.) 16 Jun 2024 18:37:40
Ok, I screwed up the teams, I would rather Binnington and Neighbors for Marner, but I don't think he will go to St. Louis.



11 Jun 2024 00:52:24
If Sucky Boy Marner doesn't waive his no trade, Toronto needs to make big changes to bottom of line up.

Bertuzzi and Domi walk,

Toronto trades Robertson, Steeves and Kampf
New Jersey for Dawson Mercer, and Nathan Bastian
(Keefe loves these two bums!)

Toronto trades Llyigren, Jarnkroc
Utah for 2nd and 3rd in 2024

Reaves to minors or buy out

Toronto signs UFAS
Chandler Stevenson
Dakota Joshua
Matt Roy
Pesce or Montour
Josh Brown
Brassoit for goalie backup to Woll

If Marner waives then, send him to Vegas for Theodore and Nicolas Roy


1.) 12 Jun 2024 02:38:49
The chance of NJ trading Mercer for anyone on the Leafs not named Matthews, Marner or Nylander are slim and none.
Leafs had their chance to draft Mercer but Dubas instead chose Rodion Amirov (bless his soul) .



07 Jun 2024 02:28:57
Ok let's be honest here, Marner created all of this cap crap himself.
With Willy holding out on Dubas to the final hour before not playing that entire year, Marner saw the chase to do the same thing, thanks to his greedy DAD!,
Marner had Dubas by the balls, and asked for $10 plus million and got it from the pussy Dubas!
Marner should have been offered $8-8.5 million, just like Driastial.

But no give the bank robber $10 plus.

Treliving will ask him if he wants to be moved and the little spoiled brat will say no.

It will get out to the media the the fans and Media will hound him until the trade deadline and he will give in.
The Leafs will not get as much for him then and he knows it. But this will give himself a little satisfaction that he won, with holding out.

I hope they trade him and Rielly at the draft as they are the two trouble makers on the team.
This will then allow the GM to fill the remaining spots on the team properly after seeing what Toronto gets for the to pussys at the draft and what cap space we have to work with.

I say Trade Marner
Vegas for Theodore and Nicolas Roy
(Hey Banker robber no tax!)


Marner, Jarnkroc and Llyigren
Nashville for Saros Lauzon and 2nd in 2024 and 2025


1.) 07 Jun 2024 12:08:41
How one earth do you call Reilly a troublemaker? You been in the dressing room have you? As far as marner goes, it’s not his fault the Leafs agreed to pay him that money.

I hope they trade him in a sensible hockey trade. Not just to dump his salary. He probably won’t agree. Tavares will come off next year and some of that money will be used to resign marner. IMO.

2.) 07 Jun 2024 13:33:51
I will tend to agree with you but I think where this mess all started was with Tavares and his deal I think Matthews and marner saw that deal and said that’s my target when Toronto could of simply just not signed John and spent elsewhere.

I also think playing in Toronto There’s a tax regardless I think marner does go before opening night I think him and his camp are trying to maximize his value on a new deal and that’s why it’s turned into the circus it has.

3.) 07 Jun 2024 16:49:40
@Goat I really don't see JT as the catalyst. Mathews got exactly what he wanted because he is Mathews. One of the best goal scorers of all time, and a Selke finalist.

Mitch is where it went off the rails. He thought he was entitled to Mathews money, but he just isn't.

4.) 09 Jun 2024 00:18:48
Thank you Leafs life, you know your stuff. Ckps you don't know why it is Marner and Rielly that are the cry babies, then go ask Ryan O'REILLY!

He stood up in the room during the series against Florida when they were getting blown out and Marner and Rielly didn't like it and played the this is our team card and bellied out!
That's why O'REILLY & Scheen left.

So next time maybe you should read between the lines and not be a Marner hugger!



27 May 2024 23:49:22
Four options to make Marner waive his no trade,

#1 Toronto trades Marner, Robertson
Columbus for Marchenko, Ryan Johnson and the 4th overall pick this year

#2 Toronto trades Marner
Vegas for Shea Theodore and Nicolas Roy

#3 Toronto trades Marner, Robertson, Jarnkroc, Topi Nienma
Utah for Keller, Crouse and 1st round pick #6 (Toronto selects Dickenson)

#4 Toronto trades Marner
Nashville for Saros, Lauzon and 2nd round pick





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09 Jun 2024 02:31:00
Toronto needs to look at signing Jake Debrusk and Warren Foegle
Than trying to resign Bertuzzi and Domi

They could probably get Debrusk for 5.25 x4 yrs and Foegle for 3.25 for 3yrs.

Then sign Dakota Joshua 2 x 3yrs

Then Chandler Stephenson 2 x 2 yrs

Trade, Robertson, Jarnkroc, Dewar, Kampf, Llyigren, Timmons, Steeves

For picks to free up cap for Defense these players add up to approximately $8.5 million

This is all without getting rid of Marner YET!

Debrusk Matthews Cowan
Knives Stephenson Nylander
Foegle Tavares McMann
Bellows Joshua Russian Kid


1.) 09 Jun 2024 15:30:48
I really don't want debrusk.

2.) 09 Jun 2024 20:37:01
@Parkgardens, where did Marner go?

3.) 09 Jun 2024 22:32:27
So 4 ufas with 2 spots available who do you trade/ waive.

4.) 10 Jun 2024 19:18:42
I can’t see debrusk as a leaf to me his number starts at 5.5 probably ends closer to 6 he’s either gonna end up staying in Boston or go to a team like Chicago or Anaheim where he can get the money Stephenson will get a lot more money too not many centres on the market Joshua I think we should stay away he had one decent season and I like fogele.



27 May 2024 23:58:11
I predict the following players will be pursued by the Leafs July 1st

Matt Roy
Jake Debrusk
Chandler Stevenson
Phillip Myers
Josh Brown
Conor Brown
William Foegle
Shawn Monahan

Domi, Bertuzzi will not be re-signed as they want to much for what they provide


1.) 28 May 2024 08:57:28
When did the cap go to 120m?

2.) 28 May 2024 20:47:55
Hard to tell what they are going after in free agency until we see who they get back from the Marner trade. But I like Roy, Debrusk and bring back Domi after Mitch is gone.



31 Mar 2024 17:58:49
Marner and Draistal are both UFAS after next year.

If Toronto and Edmonton are knocked out of the playoffs in the first round,
Would you trade Marner for Draistal straight up?


1.) 31 Mar 2024 23:59:41
I'd trade Marner +++ for Drais. Especially with that contract.

2.) 01 Apr 2024 11:23:29
Yea draisital being able to play centre is a big plus for me it would settle that debate…. but what’s his next deal look like he’s put up more points and goals than marner.

3.) 01 Apr 2024 12:23:49
Yes and move JT to the wing or 3C.

4.) 01 Apr 2024 14:17:25
So mixed bag for me, and I can't believe I'm defending Marner here but. Draisaitl is absolute dog poo in his own end. So is the positives offence upside enough of a difference maker to make up for the shirt comings in his own end. Draisaitl is a top 5 offensive player in the world, but I think he might be allergic to his own end.

5.) 01 Apr 2024 17:29:13
@Randy he is horrible defensively, and I'm usually on the side of 200ft game, but not in this case. Drais being a centre really ups his value, as does him being world class offensively. He's always proven to be a leader and stepped up when Mcdavid is out for a bit.



07 Mar 2024 00:19:23
Toronto could also trade for Jan Rutta in San Jose, Won two cups in Tampa and played beside Hedman.
Hits, blocks shots and is tough in front of the net.
(Liljegren is not any of that)

Toronto could also trade for Edmundson with Washington, big hits block shots and is a beast in front of the net!


1.) 07 Mar 2024 04:06:42
I'm leaning towards Tree doing nothing.

Almost everyone big is off the board now. I don't see him doing anything.

2.) 07 Mar 2024 12:03:08
Nibble around the edges edmudson and a third liner is what seems doable without giving up the 1st.



07 Feb 2024 23:56:01




1.) 08 Feb 2024 11:26:10
Yes they have an insane amount of turnovers at both blue lines. This is what I have been talking about with regards to dumping the puck in and not trying to carry it or make low percentage cross ice passes. A lot of our bad defensive mistakes (goals against) usually start with a turnover in the neutral zone or just inside the offensive blue line. But only certain people get in trouble for those turnovers and some have different rules.

2.) 09 Feb 2024 13:04:03
Yes Leafs rank 4th in number of turnovers and 1st on a per game basis.

It’s not so much how many but where they take place.

Turnovers in the O-zone don’t often turn into goals while D-zone have a greater chance.

Also if you have the puck a lot like Marner, Nylander and Reilly the law of large numbers apply

Marner leads team at 46, Reilly at 45 and Nylander only 26 (so say what you want about Nylander but he’s not prone to turnovers) .

Brodie is 3rd on team and particularly problematic because he’s doesn’t have the puck as often as many. Domi and Bertuzzi are also big contributors.

Benoit (despite a big one against Dallas that didn’t lead to a goal) has but 14. Hes also not a big puck carrier but often makes the safe play.

3.) 09 Feb 2024 14:34:06

Why not mention Robertson on turnovers. If he had played as many games as Bertuzzi, he would have only 5 less turnovers while playing much less minutes. Bertuzzi also has an even ratio of turnovers to takeaways while Robertson is a negative 3.

In fact, Robertson has the 2nd worst per game turnover ratio, only behind Domi of all regular bottom 6 forwards. These two also have the worst giveaway to takeaway ratio of all regular bottom 6 forwards. Most have a positive ratio. Even Reaves is only a negative 1 ratio.

4.) 09 Feb 2024 16:41:47

Not sure about your math skills!

I see Bertuzzi at 26 t/ os in 48 games, greater than 1/ 2 per game while Robertson has 13 in 33, less than 1/ 2 per game.

You are no doubt correct on +/ - to takeaways.

I was simply responding to the new name for the Leafs that Parkgardens offered!

5.) 09 Feb 2024 18:16:42
He has 13 in 31. If you project that to 48 games its 20.13. Bertuzzi has 26 in 48. Sorry 5.87 less than Bertuzzi. I rounded up instead of down. Not sure how you feel I am way off on my math.
Point is, you went out of your way to mention every guy you want to trade saying they are the worst when they are not.

6.) 10 Feb 2024 13:21:50
Sorry for not including Robertson RLF.
Please forgive my omission.
I believe you said Robertson was second to Domi which is clearly incorrect.

7.) 11 Feb 2024 02:01:26
I said 2nd worst turnover to takeaway ratio behind Domi of all regular bottom 6 forwards. How is that not correct?




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16 Jun 2024 18:37:40
Ok, I screwed up the teams, I would rather Binnington and Neighbors for Marner, but I don't think he will go to St. Louis.




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16 Jun 2024 18:34:49
Robertson, Llyigren and Topi Niemela
Can go.
As well as Rielly Bertuzzi and Domi.




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16 Jun 2024 18:32:14
Yes, yes yes! Great post send it to Treliving.




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15 Jun 2024 22:42:52
The worst thing Treliving could do is re-sign Bertuzzi and Domi.

They both want to much money for what bring to the team and we already have 5 players like that already.
Matthews, Tavares, Nylander, MARNER AND RIELLY!




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09 Jun 2024 00:18:48
Thank you Leafs life, you know your stuff. Ckps you don't know why it is Marner and Rielly that are the cry babies, then go ask Ryan O'REILLY!

He stood up in the room during the series against Florida when they were getting blown out and Marner and Rielly didn't like it and played the this is our team card and bellied out!
That's why O'REILLY & Scheen left.

So next time maybe you should read between the lines and not be a Marner hugger!





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01 Jun 2023 00:07:11
Good then call Shanny and get rid of Fat Boy Keefe, please.




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01 jun 2023 00:06:14
totally agree!

fat boy has to go!
he can't even figure out who should play with who after 82 games.

he is a ahl coach at best, it is the players winning the regular season games, not his coaching.




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28 Apr 2023 14:33:27
Holl on for 14 goals against!
What is Keefe thinking, Tampa knows he is the weakest link and put the puck in his corner everytime.
Hey Keefe maybe you should take your lame buddy out for a big Steak and a bottle of wine.

Dumb Coach, hoping they lose series so Ownership can clean house of Dubas, Keefe, Shanahan, Nylander, Holl and possibly Matthews.




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25 Apr 2023 01:30:53
The problem is they just don't know when to put the foot down on the throat of these persons.
Nylander is the problem and would have benched him with his stupid slur foot. He should use a shoulder to hit by he is a bum.
I am done with these losers.




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19 Apr 2023 14:47:07
Well I think this crap performance lyes directly on Keefe.
All his screwing around with the lines, this 11 and 7 bull and playing Hellboy Kerfoot instead of Kives.
Tampa out skates them because they were off to long and DOUGHNUT eating Coach didn't skate them hard enough and he doesn't enough know who should play with each other!

I coach is a bum and needs to pack up and leave.

Same old bull crap after the game by the players, WE HAVE TO TRY HARDER, THAT IS CRAP.