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09 Apr 2021 22:41:00
Riley Nash for a 7th(6th if he plays 1/4 of 2031 playoffs.

Now leafs are over cap by 1.09 but once they put his 2.75 on LTIR they can replace him with a 1.65 value player.

It's a start lol

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09 Apr 2021 19:50:43
Tor gets
Miller D
Mittlestadt C
Ullmark G

Buffalo gets
Dermot D
Kerfoot LW/C/RW
Petan C/RW
Toronto's 2nd round pick 2021
Woll G

Toronto's forward lines
Extras: Robertson, Barabanov and Brooks

Toronto's defensive lines
Extras: Sandin & Lilijigren

Toronto's Goalies
Campbell Sg
Ullmark Bg
Extras: Hutchinson

Before you point it out, I got Andersen on LTIR!

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10 Apr 2021 04:06:43
I'd take Woll out. If the Leafs get Ullmark and he's a U. F. A. and if he walks, then who do we got? Freddie may leave and the Leafs could trade or drop that Guy from Columbus for a pick or lose him in the Expansion draft to Seattle.

09 Apr 2021 18:51:54
I read a post about a potential Blues and Leafs trade. Bozak and Hoffman and roughly half of their remaining salaries heading to Toronto in exchange for Alexander Kerfoot, Pierre Engvall, one draft-pick and a mid-level prospect.
I don't mind this trade as Bozak is a legit 3C and penalty killer. Hoffman can still score.
I wonder if the Blues would include Bortuzzo and Clifford? Both are on decent contracts for another season and could be good depth players in the playoffs. The Leafs may have to throw in Mikheyev to make salaries work.

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10 Apr 2021 00:26:52
U want Clifford back?

10 Apr 2021 02:03:04
No thanks. don’t need one dimensional Hoffman and Bozak.

10 Apr 2021 04:12:47
I like Bozak. Always have. I don't think he's really needed though.

09 Apr 2021 16:42:33
Tor: Kerfoot engvall 1st 21 2nd 22 Liljegren
Cbj: foligno savard 50% on both

We saw it don't in the devils trade so I think it's doable the leafs load up with two guys that are battle tested and bring the heart and grind to this lineup this also frees up a ton of cap space in the offseason

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09 Apr 2021 17:19:47
More than enough for these 2 but perfect amount to offer to get them to say yes.

09 Apr 2021 18:43:10
I like this trade and I think it's fair to both teams.

09 Apr 2021 20:18:15
The extra 2nd is gravy and likely not needed. They get a 1st, plus a young roster player and prospect, which is a good enough deal for UFA's.

10 Apr 2021 00:27:39
If your making cup push u can’t go wrong.

10 Apr 2021 02:05:25
With Nash and Anderson on LITR. add in one of there goalies along with Foligno and Savard (with salary retention)

10 Apr 2021 02:12:12
Sorry I think it’s LTI for Anderson not LOTT.

09 Apr 2021 15:50:24
Buf trades Hall, Ullmark 50% retained on both

Tor. trades 1st 2021, Kerfoot, B prospect


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09 Apr 2021 15:21:53



Adds depth on defense, and both get a full season on new teams.



Leafs have a face off winning 3C

Hyman matthews marner
Galchenyuk Tavares rakell
Keefoot glendennin simmonds
Thornton Spezza whichever the flavor of the week is

Reilly brodie
Muzzin Manson
Dermott holl
Sandin Bogosian

And we still have players and a 1st for deal with. I'd be more disappointed if the leafs have any of their own draft picks this deadline if it's all or nothing season.

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09 Apr 2021 17:51:14
Detroit deal should work
Glendening is a great target for sure.

09 Apr 2021 14:47:48
Very simple trade the leafs should make that addresses 2 main areas:

To Phi:
2021 2nd rounder, B prospect(Abramov/Kokkonen?)

To Tor:
Scott Laughton, Brian Elliott- both 50% retained expiring contracts

Adding a big C for the playoffs and a proven backup G to ensure depth and that Hutch isn't playing playoff games.

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09 Apr 2021 17:52:05
Why wouldn’t Philly take this?

Solid targets.

09 Apr 2021 12:43:25
On Saturday expect FAndersen to be put on LTIR after there game against Ottawa, as that will be the 10 game mark where The Leafs can use that loophole to get 5million extra Cap Space money, at that point I believe The Leafs big Trade goes down, and I believe it's THall, so my predicted Trade Proposal is this.

Buffalo Trades
THall (50% of Contract Retained)

Toronto Trades
Kokkonen (SHL)
1st Round Pick 2021

If the Leafs after that decide to Trade for a Goaltender they will have exactly 1,891.509 Cap Space to use to upgrade in Goal.

Thoughts ?

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09 Apr 2021 13:53:41
Add in Ullmark and Leafs add b level prospect.

09 Apr 2021 15:41:30
I don't understand this LTIR loop hole thing, can someone enlighten me. thanks.

09 Apr 2021 15:55:10
Why? The leafs score plenty, and Hall doesn't make teams better. He's a career -63, and has TWO goals this year! Buffalo plays better and scores more with Hall out of the lineup.

If a GM trades for Hall they deserve to be fired.

09 Apr 2021 18:33:13
A roster must have 20-22 contracts daily for whole season. If a player is deemed unable to play for a 24 days or 10 games he can be put on LTIR

His cap hit and roster spot is still counted against team and if the team. If the injured player needs a player to replace him and team has less than 700K in cap space to do so then they can find a player of up to the injured players cap value or less to replace him. In Andersen case if Leafs want to put him on LTIR they will first need to call up a goalie so they have enough goalies (min2) for when they put him on LTIR. If they have 22 roster spots taken beforehand they will need to drop 1 roster spot to make the extra goalie spot available. If they have the extra roster spot to call up goalie but lack the available cap space to do so they must drop a player to make cap work. Once this extra goalie is on roster Andersen can now move to LTIR.

Now if leafs want to add 1 roster spot they can add any 1 player they want to accommodate the roster spot lost to LTIR player. The player they choose can not exceed the LTIR cap hit. The amount this replacement players cap hit is worth would use up the remaining of the leafs cap available. Then the extra amount of replacing players cap hit left after cap limit is hit counts against LTIR.

So in general a LTIR players cap hit still counts as cap and roster spot on team. The replacement player can be a player up to value of LTIR player but no more. Then once new player is on team any cap needed to cover cap limit overage is LTIR covered.

Hope that makes sense.

09 Apr 2021 20:25:28
@craigger12 So can Andersson return before seasons end and they are still compliant.

10 Apr 2021 01:10:19
If leafs have enough daily cap accumulated to cover the extra daily cap needed to accommodate Andersen returning to roster per day remaining in season then yes he can come back.

Unfortunately, until we see what happens with Riley Nash tomorrow it is too tough to predict exactly what leafs have in accumulation as everything we see on that cap site right now is a simple value if roster remains unchanged for final 30 days of year. Every roster player plus Kessel retain daily cap value X 30 - teams daily accumulated cap = -330K at moment. Thus not cap compliant. Good news this will only be seen like this until tomorrow 5pm deadline. I’ll have better grasp of this once that time rolls around



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