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03 Dec 2023 17:08:12
Leafs. Oleksiak at 50 percent retained
Kraken. Robertson Liljegren

Leafs tanev at 50 percent retained Ruzicka
Flames 1st 2024 Steeves Niemela

Klunkberg on LTIR

Rielly Tanev
Oleksiak Brodie
McCabe Timmins
Gio Lagesson

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03 Dec 2023 18:45:52
I like the Seattle trade and tanev trade don't know if we have to give up 2 prospects plus the 1st round pick but love to have both of those guys.

03 Dec 2023 19:19:37
I like both targets and fair value for both IMO. Good prop. Would love for it to happen now. Lol.

04 Dec 2023 12:19:02
MPH. Good props. Not sure Calgary would also give Ruzicka and I don't think Seattle would want to retain for that many years, but good ideas.

04 Dec 2023 23:57:29
I didn’t realize oleksiak contract was that long still
My bad
You are correct.

05 Dec 2023 01:42:03
Trading Leafs 2024 - 1st round pick and Niemala concerns me as it leaves only Minten and Cowan as true, NHL prospects in the Leaf cupboard.
I like the targets but not enough to whittle down what little is left of Leafs future after Dubas was finished his trading frenzy.

03 Dec 2023 16:30:07
Tor: Marner
Ott: kubalik, chych, zub

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04 Dec 2023 12:19:44
This would decimate Ottawa's defence. Can't see them doing this one.

03 Dec 2023 16:22:01
2024 1st
2024 6th

to Ducks for:
2024 2nd

2024 2nd (ducks)
2025 6th round

To Blues for:


Knies- Matthews - Marner
Bertuzzi - JT - Jarnkrock
Max Jones - Domi - Leason
Gregor - Kampf - Reaves

Rielly -Parayko
Mcabe - Lybushkin/Liljgren
Lagesson/Gio - Bortuzzo


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03 Dec 2023 16:48:10
oops - add benoit instead of Lag who was traded.

Plus forgot to mention. FIRE KEEFE HIRE GALLANT.

05 Dec 2023 01:49:04
Leafs send Anaheim a top 10 winger in the NHL and don’t get a single significant difference maker in return.
Unless a McTavish or at least Drysdale was included in the package I would not like to see this deal happen.

Lyubushkin is a 3rd pairing defender.
Max Jones is a 3rd line, LW.
Leason is described as a big prospect, good in front of the net, needs to improve his skating.

03 Dec 2023 15:02:01
Get all the pieces from one team:

To Tor: Ingram, Durzi, Crouse

To Arz: Samsonov, Hildeby, Lily, Minten, Jarnkrok, 3rd rd pick (might have to be a 1st? )

Klingberg/ Gio - LTIR
Reaves - minors

Knies Matthews Nylander
Bertuzzi JT Marner
Robertson Domi Crouse
Gregor Kampf Steeves

Rielly Durzi
McCabe Brodie
Lagesson Timmins


Btw Nylander looked so bad yesterday defensively and did nothing when he didn’t have the puck. Old Willy again, should have traded him while he was hot.

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03 Dec 2023 15:27:49
Same old Willy indeed. So casual with the puck in overtime because he has this misconception that no one can take it from him. Instead he ends up on his ass and the puck in his net . Nice job Willy.

03 Dec 2023 17:30:50
Not excusing the Nylander giveaway, but Keefe has to take some blame as well. Nylander was on the ice for 2:40 in OT, are you kidding me? He was gased, and we all know more mistakes happen when you're tired.
Lather, rinse, repeat. The Keefe story.
Tired of the same old, same old. Its time for a new bench boss.

03 Dec 2023 19:02:14
He was on the ice because he chose not to come off . He was then far too casual with the puck and paid for it.

03 Dec 2023 20:01:34
As I said, I'm not excusing his blunder. He and Tavares were put on the ice with 47 seconds left, not sure at what point he should have come off the ice.
All I'm saying is that Keefe needs to go because all he does is runs down his stars with tons of ice time. It's all he relys on every single time.
What's wrong with playing Jarnkrok and Domi for a shift to take some ice time? Jarnkrok is very responsible defensively and Domi has tons of speed for 3 on 3. Just for Keefe to try something different for once is all I'm saying.

04 Dec 2023 04:02:41
@Tags he used to love Kampf in OT for some reason lol.

04 Dec 2023 12:24:27
I thin it would be really tough to get Crouse and Ingram out of Arizona.

As for using Kampf in O. T. Why not just use JT then if trying to get the puck off the faceoff?

04 Dec 2023 12:38:15
@LL lol, but he still does start Kampf from time to time lol. Even though Kampf hasn't been great on the draws.
Maybe he should have started Tavares, who was on fire on the dot that game, and as he has been pretty much the whole season.

03 Dec 2023 05:46:09
Tor: Marner lily and 2 unprotected 1sts

Ott: tkachuk, (zub or chych) 2 7ths

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03 Dec 2023 07:40:21
I'd take Zub over Chychrun 100% od the time. He's exactly what this team needs. Pure defence, and great at what he does. Poor man's Slavin.

Oddly enough, I still think OTT keeps Brady if you offer this.

03 Dec 2023 16:28:24
I was trying to make it similar to M tkachuks pull.

03 Dec 2023 17:29:51
I think you're close if Marner doesn't make 11m.

03 Dec 2023 05:23:02
Leafs trade 3 rd 2024 3 rd 2025 Kampf McMann

Calgary Tanev Calgary retain 50%

Treliving and Conroy are friends had the Leafs wanted Zadorov I'm sure Conroy would have given Leafs last chance to beat Vancouver offer for Zaborov. I just don't think that player was Leafs primary target.

A second pairing right shot fixes a lot of Leafs problems

Reilly Brodie
McCabe. Tanev
Giordano Liljegren

Timmins Benoit Lagesson

As you can see one defencemen is enough. So they need to add a really good forward as well.

They missed out on Kane if I'm leafs I add 2 forwards Cory Perry and a top 6 forward. Which will allow you to drop Knies to third line.

Jarnknok is valuable because he plays special teams but I don't like him on that third line.

I want a much more dangerous scorer on that third line with Robertson and Domi. Domi can play center or wing.

Dog fight brewing for those two wildcard spots

How it ends



New Jersey

As you can see Tampa Bay are going to be life and death to make playoffs

Buffalo and Ottawa will improve
Ottawa need a coaching change to make Players life difficult if they don't improve

Someone like Tockett. A real prick behind bench pushing players

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03 Dec 2023 07:42:03
Perry is probably dealing with his alcohol problem. God speed in recovery to him. I don't think he's coming anywhere near the NHL right now.

You seriously think that's all they want, and it hasn't happened yet? If that's all it took for Tanev he'd have been in a Lwafs jersey against Boston.

05 Dec 2023 02:37:17
Tanev is a better defender than Brodie and a perfect partner for Reilly.
Brodie, whose play has been deteriorating would slide back to his natural position on the left side with Liljegren or McCabe could pair with Liljegren Brodie play the right side on the 3rd pairing with Giordano.

03 Dec 2023 04:06:34
Maple Leafs - Sharks

Maple Leafs trade Morgan Reilly, Connor Timmons and David Kampf to the Sharks in exchange for Nikolai Knyzhov, Mario Ferraro, Kevin Labanc and Nico Sturm

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03 Dec 2023 05:26:05
Leafs can't be narrow minded and only focused on Tanev, Ferraro would be a great target and not a rental. There's 4 or 5 other guys we could be looking at for bottom pairing if we could get a guy like Ferraro or tanev. Borgen, Peeke, Oleksiak, Pesce . I'm sure there's more who can help.

03 Dec 2023 07:42:52
Hey now, don't start reading Mo.

He's the only consistent effort this team has had since the early 90s. There's a reason that's the only Hersey I have if the current Leafs.

03 Dec 2023 12:45:34
They literally can have knyzhov for nothing. And even then, I don't like him. I looked at his stats and they don't even say NHL defenseman. Bare hits or blocks shots. Doesn't put up points.

03 Dec 2023 22:06:30
Pesce is a top 4 D as is Peeke. They r both younger than Tanev.

04 Dec 2023 03:49:23
Peeke isn’t a top 4 D at all.

04 Dec 2023 12:29:43
Peeke is a solid 4 or very good 5. Much of it depends on who the partner is. Peeke's +/ - was bad because they payed him in the toughest situations as a top pair out of necessity. If Lily was playing top pair with McCabe, they wouldn't fair very well long term either.

03 Dec 2023 04:02:59
This is probably going to get laughed at but could workout for both teams

Leafs trade
Samsonov 500k retained
4th 2024

Oilers trade

Both had good numbers last year
Maybe a change of scenery would be good for both. Skinner also has 2 years after this year at 2.6 mill could be a cheap tandem with Woll for the next few years.
And the Oilers just needs to throw something against the wall and see if it sticks.


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03 Dec 2023 11:14:40
Does nothing for either team.

03 Dec 2023 03:49:45
Blockbuster Trade

Islanders - Maple Leafs

Maple Leafs sign William Nylander to a 5 yr US$50 million contract with and AAV of US$10 million/yr

Maple Leafs trade William Nylander, Timothy Lilejgren, Nick Robertson, Bobby McMann and Nick Abbruzezze to the Islanders

Maple Leafs acquire Noah Dobson, Scott Mayfield and Oliver Wahlstrom

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04 Dec 2023 12:31:29
Can't see the Isle doing it. It's really Nylander and mostly meh.

03 Dec 2023 03:27:11
Klingberg stays on the LTIR for the rest of the season or at least the playoffs!

Toronto signs league minimums
Patrick C/RW
Puljarjarvi RW

Tor gets
Murphy RD

Chicago gets
Niemela D
Matt Murray G (LTIR)

Tor gets
Cam Fowler LD/RD

Ducks get
Holmberg RW/C
Brodie RD/LD
Toronto's 1st round pick 2025

Toronto's forward lines
Extras: Puljarjarvi

Toronto's defensive lines
Extras: Benoit

Toronto's Goalies
Samsanov G
Woll Bg

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03 Dec 2023 02:36:40
Toronto Trades:

2024 3rd Round Pick
2025 6th Round Pick

Seattle Trades: JAMIE OLEKSIAK

Klingberg to LTIR

Leafs get some jam into their top 4. Oleksiak is playing 18 mins a night.

Seattle realizes they are coming back down to earth and attempt to reload through the draft.

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03 Dec 2023 03:11:38
That's a pretty bad return for Oleksiak.

03 Dec 2023 05:32:21
I don't see olesiak getting less than zadorov in a trade.


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