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18 May 2024 04:45:47
To St. Louis
Marner $10.903M
Liljegren RFA

To Toronto
Parayko $6.5M/ 6yrs
Toropchenko $1.25M/ 1yr RFA


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18 May 2024 12:37:48
I'd like to see a draft pick some aswell. But parayko is my favourite target.

18 May 2024 13:37:13
@Hrenklin yes, I forgot to add the draft picks.


To Toronto
2024 2nd (via Toronto)

19 May 2024 01:59:56
Parayko is already 31 with 6 or 7 more years on his contract taking him to 37 or 38 years old.
Hopefully Leafs have watched and learned something from the decline in Brodie and Muzzin’s play as they reached 33 years of age and do not make a deal like this.

19 May 2024 04:35:57
@WB Parayko just turned 31, which will bring him to 36 in his final season. Yet, above you stated you're fine with Pesce who will be 30 this year. Pesce wants full term and value ($6.5M/ 7yrs), so he will be the exact same age in his final season.
You seem to contradict yourself often I see. Same with your +/ - comments.

17 May 2024 15:11:17
Anaheim Trades
1st Round Pick 2024(3rd overall)
3rd Round Pick 2024(79th overall)

Toronto Trades
5th Round Pick 2024(131st overall)

*Marner would have to waive his NTC and do a sign and trade for Anaheim to consider it imo.

Verbeek has stated he wants to take the next level to compete next season, with all The Ducks prospects trading LCarlsson and The 3rd overall pick to get this package makes sense to get to that next level, Minton isn't a throw in and would probably be Anaheim's third line centre behind Zegras and McTavish.

Treliving wants to retool for more success in The playoffs here is a huge starting point, The Leafs get some Cap Space and younger in this proposal minus RStrome who would fit in as a third line RWinger, adding the 3rd overall pick seals the deal for Toronto.

Thoughts ?

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19 May 2024 03:51:59
Don't need yo add Minten.

17 May 2024 04:26:17
To Nashville
Marner $10.903M/ 1yr (agreed extention)
Kampf $2.4M/ 3yrs

To Leafs
Saros $5M/ 1yr
Kemell ELC
2024 2nd (via Winnipeg)


Robertson RFA
Liljegren RFA
2024 2nd (from Nashville trade)

To Toronto
Ferraro $3.25M/ 2yrs
Zetterlund $1.45M/ 1yr

Leafs re-sign
Domi $3.75/ 3yrs
Dewar $1.35/ 2yrs

Leafs trade
Jarnkrok & Timmins for picks

UFA signings
Tanev $4M/ 2yrs
Montour $7M/ 6yrs
Lindholm $7M/ 6 yrs
A 7th D-man $1.1M/ 1yr


7th D (Bortuzzo? )


Total cap approx $87.545833


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17 May 2024 11:05:00
✅? well done I’d be be happy with that lineup moving forward.

17 May 2024 12:57:38
A lot of this looks reasonable, but it's not what I would do. I don't really like how small this team would be. I think the Leafs need to continue to add size. As much as I have liked Zetterlund since he was back in NJ, he is another 5'11" winger, like Kemmel and like Cowan, who both look like good prospects. Domi is 5'10", Ferraro 5'11". Montour is only 6'. Even Saros is 5'11".
As for the trades.
I'd remove Kampf and Kemmel in the 1st deal.
If willing to pay that to get Ferraro, I would rather Halttunen over Zetterlund.
Cap probably doesn't work with my alterations though.

17 May 2024 13:54:56
Domi should get closer to 4.5m.

17 May 2024 15:12:12
@RLF fair enough, size was something I was hesitant about as well.
I have added Tanev & (Bortuzzo, 7th D), both have size. Ferraro plays fiesty and his size shouldn't be an issue IMO. And Montour can hold his own as well.

Let's remove Kampf & Kemmell from the first prop & change Zetterlund to Halttunen (future ELC) .
Now we have almost $2.5M for 3RW with a 21 man roster (instead of 22 which I posted above) . We can just keep Kampf at 4C with Dewar & Reaves. Then move Holmberg up to 3LW with JT & Cowan at 3RW.
That works for cap as well (we just replace 5'11" Zetterlund with 6'2" Kampf, which also helps with PK) .

Maybe this line up works better all around.

17 May 2024 15:21:07
@Hrenklin if we keep this line up the same, there is space to pay an extra $750K for Domi. We would just carry a 21 man roster instead if 22 by sending Kemmel down to AHL (he is waiver exempt) .

17 May 2024 19:07:32
Reaves would free up 1m on the cap.

17 May 2024 00:24:33
Marner Hildeby Liljegren

Saros Lauzon Evangelista


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17 May 2024 02:43:57
Sign Brind’Amour
5 years 6 million per
1 million bonus if leafs win the Stanley cup.

17 May 2024 03:00:08
This would be ideal. Big fan of Lauzon.

17 May 2024 05:28:50
@MPH MLSE could give Rod a 20m bonus for a cup. They'd make 10x that.

17 May 2024 12:59:10
Trade looks reasonable. Although might be able to keep Hildeby and still get the deal done.

17 May 2024 21:05:38
Agree RLF
But don’t a lot of trades for a goalie always mean a token goalie going the other way?

18 May 2024 03:02:23
Then send them the rights to Sammy:)

19 May 2024 02:24:26
With Woll being so injury prone and missing so many games I would be reluctant to send them Hildeby.
Instead Leafs might include the rights to Samsonov if Nashville wanted a token goaltender in return.
I would like to see Leafs add more physicality so Lauzon would be a good fit (led the league in hit) but I would prefer to receive the human wrecking ball L’Heuroux than Evangelista.

16 May 2024 23:25:31
Marner Liljegren to hawks
Both 1st rd picks 2024 to leafs

Kampf to jackets.
3rd 2024 to leafs

Jarnkrok to preds
2nd 2024 (jets) to leafs


Bertuzzi Matthews Domi
Knies Tavares Nylander
McMann Joshua Cowan
Robertson Holmberg Sprong

Rielly Pesce
Skjei Carrier
Benoit McCabe

Brossoit Woll

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17 May 2024 13:01:15
Hawks are rebuilding still. Not sure they would give up the 2nd and 20th overall in this draft.

16 May 2024 15:55:01
To Anaheim
Marner $10.903 (agreed extention)
Liljegren RFA

To Toronto
McTavish $.895M RFA
LaCombe $.925M RFA
2024 1st (24OA via Edmonton)

Anaheim has 3 potential stud C's in Carlsson, Gautier & McTavish, so I'm hoping we could pry one of them out. I think McTavish would be the easiest one to obtain.
Marner is the best player in this deal and would be a huge compliment to either Gautier or Carlsson.

I know it's more of a risk taking such young prospects, but both have good upside, especially McTavish.
We get our future 2C and a potential 2RHD.
Also get the 24OA pick, while still keeping our 23OA pick.

*** Personally, I would only make a Marner trade if we either get a young high projected prospect or a young established NHLer (only target a top pairing D or potential 2C) .


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16 May 2024 16:35:04
Might be harder than you think. Everyone knows that the Leafs are gonna have to let Marner walk next year if they don’t pull off a deal. Also don’t think Marner will waive to ANH, they are not really that close to being a contender. I would think that he would rather Nashville, Seattle, LA type market for examples, IMO.

16 May 2024 17:00:40
I don't see Anaheim wanting to move any of the 3 C's and McTavish is a heart and soul kind of guy. It's why I suggested the 3rd overall pick. Of any of the teams picking top 5 this year, Anaheim could afford to move their pick for immediate help more than anyone. imo
They have cap space, they are already loaded with young talent and have a vet goalie in place that wants to be there.

I think with a couple of shrewd moves, Anaheim could turn it around pretty quickly. They may look to move Lunderstrom and LaCombe could be available as well. Otherwise, I think they build on what they have. They brought in Killorn, Gudas and Vatrano over the past couple seasons to hit the cap floor and help the young guys. They may now want to start adding. I wouldn't be surprised if they are active this summer.

16 May 2024 17:52:16
@Clarky Honestly, I agree. I'm just throwing out some fantasy props, lol.
I think fans will get a rude awakening with the return.
I believe RLF is on the right path with his props.
As long as we get some combination of young talent, draft picks (s), prospects and/ or cap space, I'll be happy.
As I said before, I still would not be surprised if Marner didn't waive and just played out the year.

17 May 2024 03:00:59
Big fan of McTavish. Would love to make this swap.

16 May 2024 14:26:49
Lets assume Nashville has interest in Marner and adding offence. Wood has not signed a contract yet with Nash.

Marner $10.9M
Robertson RFA
Liljegren RFA

Glass $2.5M
Lauzon $2M
Wood (unsigned)

Nash gets more offence which they lack. Marner allows them to move Nyquist to 2nd line. Robertson may be able to play 2LW there and Lily gives them a more offensive 3rd pair D than Lauzon.

Toronto picks up a top 9 youngish, yet inconsistent forward in Glass. A tough 3rd pair D that can play both sides in Lauzon. A top prospect power forward in Wood, plus rights to Carrier a solid two-way RD and rights to Lankinen who could tandem with Woll. Also clear $6.4M in cap space which should be enough to sign both Carrier and Lankinen.

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17 May 2024 03:02:00
I like it. If cap fits, it looks like the most realistic return I've seen for Mitch.

17 May 2024 13:08:34
Cap shouldn't be an issue. Even if the Leafs used the whole $6.4M in cap space to sign Carrier and Lankinen, they would have about $19.5M left to fill out the roster and are already set in goal and would have Rielly, McCabe, Carrier, Lauzon, Benoit and Timmins signed on D. I would still try and move Timmins and Jarnkrok to add another $3.2M in cap space giving them $23M to work with.
Up front sign
Domi 5X$3.75M
Bert 5X$4.5M
Leaves $14.5M to get a good defenceman, re-sign Dewar and fill out forward group.

17 May 2024 13:51:14
I like the deal outside of Glass.
Glass was barely even in the NHL this season and has bombed in each of his previous destinations.
I would like to acquire the human wrecking ball Zachary L’Heuroux instead of Glass.
The other three, Lauzon, Carriere and Lankinen would be useful though not needle movers.
I will do some research on Wood as I know next to nothing about him.
He would be the key to whether this is a viable deal or not.

16 May 2024 11:40:00
Marner $10.903M UFA (agreed extention)
Liljegren RFA
2024 1st (23OA)

To Toronto
Dobson $4M RFA
Nelson $6M UFA
2024 2nd (50OA)


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16 May 2024 12:50:02
I don’t see NYI trading Dobson and if they did it would take more than this. I would say no 2nd going back to T. O and the Leafs would have to add a top prospect, IMO to even get Lou to look at it RHD one of the tops in the league will cost a pretty penny.

16 May 2024 13:28:34
So we give them the best player plus a first round. lol. pls go back to sleep.

16 May 2024 13:34:10
I don't think Dobson gets moved for a winger. I don't think he gets moved at all.

I think if you switch Dobson for Pulock it gets closer.

Something like Pulock, Nelson and George for Marner?

16 May 2024 13:36:36
This seems plausible. Well thought out. I like the edge Nelson provides too.

16 May 2024 13:57:10
Pretty rude!
In what world is a winger worth more than a #1 D-man?
Please go back to bed yourself!

16 May 2024 17:11:03
At least you said please Tags. lol.

16 May 2024 17:33:07
@RLF lol, but I did add a not so nice nasty word at the end of that sentence.
I see that the moderator removed it from my original post.

17 May 2024 00:22:09
Tags off the top rope but blocked by the ref. lol.

17 May 2024 01:01:02
With a flying elbow smash, lol.

17 May 2024 13:53:47
I guess I would start with Dobson is not going anywhere.
He is a legitimate, #1, RHD.

16 May 2024 05:02:11
Leafs trade Marner

Utah 1st 24 1st 25 1st 26

Marner has a big problem staying with maple leafs. The problem is Easton Cowan who earns less than 1 million and Marner makes 11 million

Easton Cowan is showing the Leafs he has a top 9

spot already.

11 million will land the leafs two players that the leafs need on the blue line

The rest of the leafs 20 million in cap space after they trade Kampf 2.4 million and Jarnknok 2.1 million

Already we can see how good the leafs will be next year

Let's assume Domi and Bertuzzi are back. They just really complement Matthews

Domi Matthews Bertuzzi
Knies Tavaras Nylander
Robertson -------- Cowan
Reaves Holmberg Mcmann

I think Leafs grab the best Center available and it might be Stamkos. If they can find a better Center than Tavares then you slide Tavaras down to the third line

It's sad that Marmer is going he loves playing for Leafs but someone younger and cheaper is about to win next year Rookie of the year

Compare playoff stats Marner and Cowan last year in London

Cowan 18 games 10 goals 24 assists
Marner 18 games 16 goals 28 assists

Marner had Thackuk on the London team and Cowan doesn't have that kind of teammate to open up ice for him like Marner did

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16 May 2024 06:42:47
Cowan is a wish and a dream at this point. We can all hope he is mcdavid, but we don't know.

In regards to your prop though, it's an lol.

16 May 2024 01:16:37
Marner would love it in San Jose!!!
Marner Kampf Robertson Liljegren

Halttunen Ferraro Granlund
Pittsburgh 1st2024
Sj 2nd 2024
To Leafs

Minten Hildeby Jarnkrok
Tavares at 50 percent to preds
Saros evangelista to Leafs


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17 May 2024 13:56:47

16 May 2024 00:18:58
WILD: EK or Boldy, Faber

LEAFS:Marner, Lilly, Robertson.

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16 May 2024 01:05:23
Can’t imagine Minnesota trading any of those 3 players.
Ek and Boldy are centers while Marner is a RW.
Not the same value.
Faber was already a top pairing defenseman in his rookie season.

To Minnesota: Marner

To Leafs: Marco Rossi, Jacob Middleton, Filip Gustavsson.


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