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08 Aug 2022 12:38:04
Anaheim doesn't seem to be going rebuild with the signings they made.

Kerfoot $3.5M
Sandin RFA

Jones $1.295M
Perrault ELC
2023 4th

Kerfoot should be a solid pick up for the Ducks as a top 9 player that can move up and down the lineup and play all positions. Sandin adds a young LD where they are weakest on that side. The Leafs put Jones with Tavares and Nylander giving him opportunity to find his offensive game. Perrault is a great shooter and has ties to the Leafs as his Dad played for them. Leafs pick up another pick and $2.2M in cap space.

Holl to Chicago for a 2023 4th.

Done this prop before. Makes sense to me if Chicago is not on Holl's list. Clears cap for the next move.

Robertson ELC
2023 1st

Weegar $3.25

Calgary is pretty stacked on D, but could use a young possible top 6 up front. Leafs get a partner for Rielly on an expiring contract.

Bunting Matthews Marner
Jones Tavares Nylander
Jarnkrok Kampf Engvall
Aube-Kubel Audette Anderson

Rielly Weegar
Muzzin Brodie
Gio Liljegren

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08 Aug 2022 15:37:14
Nice looking group of defenceman. Don't know much about the Anaheim players. Subtracting Holl and adding Weegar is huge!

08 Aug 2022 22:23:16
I like that Weegar deal. Not a possibility anymore, but was a good prop.

Ducks still look to be in rebuild to me. I think they're stockpiling a bit just to unload at the deadline personally. Not sure they do that.

09 Aug 2022 00:23:57
@LL. Why is the Weegar prop not a possibility anymore? Calgary already has 5 NHL defenceman signed for at least two years. I am sure they would like to keep him, but then who in their top 4 goes?

The reason I say that about the Ducks is that they signed 29 year Strome to 5 years and 28 year old Vatrano to 3 years. Add to that Gibson has not been traded, and it doesn't look like a rebuild. It looks to me like they want to give their young guys good vets to play with. Klingberg 1 year could be a stop gap. They keep him if in a playoff position or move him at the tdl if they are out of it. Just my take.

09 Aug 2022 03:46:22
@RLF I can't see them trading someone they just signed for 6 years.

It's a solid take, I more see them as the Sharks right now. They're middling and don't realize it. They don't want to commit to either side, so will continue to do so.

09 Aug 2022 10:56:47
@LL. Unless I missed something, Weegar is still a pending UFA at end of season.

08 Aug 2022 03:05:56
Toronto trades Kerfoot, Holl and Abruzzese
Arizona for 2nd and 3rd in 2023, 3rd in 2024 and Barrett Hayden

Sign Hayden to 2yrs x 1.75 million

Toronto trades Sandin and Pontus Holmberg
Vancouver for Conor Garland

Toronto pulls Clifford and Simmons on waivers to clear $2.5 million

Cap out $8.5 approx
Cap in $6.75 aproxx

Under cap by $1.7 million

Leafs sign Subban for 1yr x 1 .25

Bunting Matthews Marner
Nylander Tavares Garland
Engvall Kampf Jarnkrok
Kubel Hayden Gaudette

Rielly Benn
Muzzin Brodie
Giordano Llyigren
Mete Subban


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08 Aug 2022 00:59:29
Tor: holl

Tor: kerfoot sandin abbruzese
Nyi: mayfield beavullie

So going through every team in the nhl looking at what team is the best trade partners for the leafs and I can't help but to keep circling back to the islanders kerfoot seems like a good fit in they're system sandin is a young up and comer and they get a b level prospect why the islanders may make this trade is because they are trying to make room for kadri. Now the return is a top 6 winger with term and a big stay at home rhd this solves the leafs roster questions for the most part leafs have to move holl out first and then have to figure out the remaining cap overage but that can be solved by sending a few guys down

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07 Aug 2022 19:33:19
Toews, Kane & Jones to Toronto for Matthews, Holl, Niemela, Hirvonen & a 1st rd pick in 2023 & 2024. Chicago eats half of Kane & Tows contracts, along with eating 25 % of Jones contract.

A 3rd rd pick in 2023, 2024 & 2025 to Arizona to eat half of Kane & Toews contracts.

Miller to Toronto for rights to Sandin, Kerfoot, Hollowell & a 2nd rd pick in 2023 & 2024. With Vancouver eating half of Miller contract.

Leafs sign Subban as UFA at league minimum

Cap out

Matthews 11.64 million
Kerfoot 3.5
Holl 2
$ 17.14 million

Cap in

Miller 2.65 million
Kane 2.65
Toews 2.65
Jones 7.125
Subban 1
$ 16 million

Bunting Tavares Marner
Nylander Miller Kane
Robertson Toews Engvall
Jarnkrok Kampf Aube-Kubel

Reilly Brodie
Muzzin Jones
Giordano Liljegren

Murray Samsonov

Leafs win first cup since 1967

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07 Aug 2022 21:43:23
That first one though lol. Mathews gets all that by himself+more.

08 Aug 2022 15:17:30
Thinking outside the box like a Ujiri for the Raptors, trading the teams best assest to upgrade the team. Yes Hockey & Basketball different sport similarly though, usually trading your best asset signals a downgrade in the team. It does not have to be designed as such, as Ujiri showed the basketball world by trading Derozen. So in the trade proposal laid out, at C Tavares & Miller, vs Matthews & Tavares. Yes edge goes to the latter pairing, but Miller is no slouch so not a huge downgrade. Tavares obviously is going to get an additional 10 + goals, by playing with Marner. At W on the 2nd line Kane vs Kerfoot or anybody else on the current Leaf roster is a huge upgrade. At 3rd line Toews ( will get 50 pts ), leadership & experience a huge boost to a Robertson, Engvall. So Toews vs Kampf as 3rd line C also a huge upgrade. Jones vs Holl as a 2nd pairing D man also a huge upgrade. Certainly Kane would have a very positive effect on a Nylander & a Marner. Easy argument the overall team is better after the trade.

This roster for the most part remains intact after 2022 / 2023 to attempt to win multiple cups. A huge incentive for Kane & Toews to stay, is to add to their legacy.

Nylander & Muzzin are traded before the 2023 / 2024 season, with that 12.5 million & the 7.95 million paid combined for Toews, Kane & Miller during 2022 / 2023 all 3 @ 2.65 million dollar caphit after retention by trading partners & third parties.

Budget of 20.45 million team resigns.

Bunting @ 3 million over 6 yrs
Toews @ 3 million over 6 yrs
Kane @ 6 million over 8 yrs
Miller @ 8 million over 8 yrs
20 million in signings for 4 players.

After the first cup win in 2022 / 2023 seasin, Marner still under contract for 2023 / 2024 & the 2024 / 2025 seasons. Players would have a legitimate chance to win more Cups, with the roster mostly intact.

Bunting Tavares Marner
Robertson Miller Kane
Jarnkrok Toews Envall
Knies Kampf Aube-Kubel

Going into 2023 / 2024 Holmberg, Steeves & hopefully & possibly an Amirov would also be in the mix after a Nylander trade.

Reilly Brodie
? Jones
Giordano Liljegren

Possibly Gio moves up to top 4, young Leaf prospects will get opportunities to play so the team remains cap compliant.

Subban? possibly resigned dependent on previous season.

Murray Samsonov

End goal is 3 Cups while Marner is under contract.

06 Aug 2022 23:58:20
Leafs need to make a move that help LW for JT and strong RD

Tor. Hintz and Hakanpaa
Stars. Kerfoot hall Robertson and Sandin

Bunting AM MM
Hintz JT Willy.

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07 Aug 2022 02:13:40
Actually Hintz is a center.
May be better to move Tavares to Left Wing on that line and make Hintz the center.

That said Hintz scored 37 goals, 35 assists, 72 points and was a plus +28 last year.
I doubt very much that the Dallas Stars are interested in trading him.

07 Aug 2022 04:16:16
I just saw the Hockey Writers put out an article two days ago saying the Leafs should go after these same two players. Is this where you got that from.

@WB. I said the same thing about the last Hintz proposal. I mean seriously, why would Dallas trade him unless it is a ridiculous overpay, which this is not.

07 Aug 2022 05:15:53
@RLF I saw that article as well. I don't generally read the Hockey Writers, but catch the drivel here and there.

A 3rd line rental, bottom pairing D rental and 2 unproven mid range prospects for Hintz alone isn't even in the realm of possibility.

07 Aug 2022 12:18:50
@LL I didn't read it, rarely read Leafs articles, I just saw Hintz name in the headline and then Hakanpaa in big letters as well. But agreed, I can't imagine why Dallas would do this. Guys who overperform on contracts at $3M or under, typically get huge returns or aren't traded.

07 Aug 2022 19:58:05
@RLF Those articles are all the same. The one's saying "trade Nylander for a 1st, top prospect and top 4D"

06 Aug 2022 14:40:40
Jordan Greenway - POWER FORWARD
age 25
3mil cap hit
signed until the 2023/24

Matt Dumba -FEARLESS
age 28
6mil cap hit
He will be an ufa at the end of the season

Traded to Leafs for:

Nylander -6.96
Holl -2mil
Sandin- Signed for 2.5 @3 years
2023 2nd

Bunts-Matthews -Marner
Greenway -JT - Kerfoot

Morgan -Dumba
Muzzin -Brodie
Metis Benn

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06 Aug 2022 16:14:35
And maybe this offer seems a little light from the Leafs add what you need in order to make this deal happen. :)

07 Aug 2022 02:29:23
Morgan Reilly and Matt Dumba as a pairing would be a defensive nightmare.
Both need a Brodie, Muzzin, Giordano to cover for their defensive lapses.
Both Greenway and Kerfoot are left wingers.
Not sure how much that might affect the production of the player forced to play his off wing?
Kirill Kaprizov and Ericsson Ek are both left shooting so perhaps the Wild would like to acquire a right hand shot (Nylander) .
The money works.
The major drawback is that Greenway scored only 10 goals, 17 assists for 27 points last year compared to 34 goals, 46 assists, 80 points for Nylander.
That said, Greenway was a plus +28 while Nylander was a minus -9.

07 Aug 2022 14:28:35
This is a no.

Nylander > Dumba + Greenway so it’s a massive overpay.

08 Aug 2022 20:54:31
themostleafs. I feel they as a tandem thgat also brings in some toughness intangibles are actually greater than Nylander even considering what his cap hit is worth at the time.

Both are still young for their respective ages and for their positions. I just feel your > should actually be a.

06 Aug 2022 12:13:34
This is based on Rsears trade for Tanev. I believe Calgary's biggest need is a top 6 RW.

Nylander $6.96M

Weegar $3.25M
Backlund (%50 retained) $2.675M
Ruzicka RFA

Calgary gets a goal scorer to play the other wing with their new set up man, Huberdeau.

Leafs get a top 4 RD in Weegar to play with Rielly, Backlund will be 3C and Ruzicka adds good young depth and size.

Sandin RFA

Dufour ELC
2024 2nd

NYI could use and LD with top 4 potential while the Leafs get a possible power forward and a good pick.

Holl $2M

2023 4th

Chi needs D and Holl would fit nicely. Tor gets cap space and a pick out of it.

Sign Ruzicka 2X$1.25M
Sam Steele 1X$.850M

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06 Aug 2022 15:42:13
I’m in on all these!

06 Aug 2022 02:09:58
To Detroit:
Alex Kerfoot ($3.5)
Rasmus Sandin. (TBD)

To Leafs Filip Zadina (TBD)

Leafs take a chance on a younger more offensively oriented player in Zadina to fill the LW slot with Tavares and Nylander.
Zadina has yet to break through but has tremendous potential.

Sandin gives the Wings the youth they are sacrificing in Zadina.

Kerfoot would fit well with Larkin, Copp, Peron and Bertuzzi

Leafs save some money and create a little cap breathing room.

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06 Aug 2022 12:26:24
I think the Leafs are adding if they want Zadina.

07 Aug 2022 02:38:38
If Leafs need to add how about sending Nick Robertson as he will be another prospect for the Wings?

07 Aug 2022 14:03:07
Not many 22 year olds with "tons of potential" are traded in general. If they are, it is usually for an established star as part of a package or for a different position high profile prospect. Rarely are they traded for a group of lesser potential players unless it is to try and get a team over the top. Detroit is just starting to move toward hopefully being competitive.

I just don't see it happening.


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