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20 Sep 2020 02:36:08
Leafs trade Johnsson, Dermott
Rangers trade Lundqvist (D)

I know Rangers are big on Lundqvist, but they are stacked st RHD. Stuck with Trouba for now, and they going to keep one of Fox or DeAngelo, which leaves 3RHD for Lundqvist. Their left side though, doesn’t look as good. They have Miller and Lindhren, and that’s about it. Dermott would be a good add and should be able to slide right into their top 4.

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20 Sep 2020 12:30:58
Adds much needed cap space for leafs so i'd take it and run.

Due to nyrangers getting hit with shattenkirks buyout hit of over 6 million i don't see them adding another 5-6 million in this deal. They may just run a year of elc guys to go with their big line.

I still like the trade

Buyouts suck 2nd yesr after buyout. Aniheim owes huge for perrys buyout last year. sure if a guy is bought out the cap savings is nice in year 1. However year 2 really sucks. then team goes back to year 1 number for 2-3 more years. insane.

20 Sep 2020 12:35:36
They are keeping fox and trafing deaghelo.

20 Sep 2020 20:25:55
Yup good post.

20 Sep 2020 01:30:20
Leafs trade Andersen, Johnsson
Minnesota trades Bjugstad, Stalock

We go with Campbell as our starter.

This sounds like a bad idea on the surface. But then you remember Leafs had some of the worst goaltending in the league last year. Andersen played below backup level goalie last year. We could literally replace him with any backup in the league and get the same results. It’s like when Columbus let Bobrovsky go and replaced him with Korpisalo/ Merzlikins.

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20 Sep 2020 12:35:03
With pittsburgh paying half of bjugstads cap hit he might ge good value

Still think minny adds though

Andersen can easily command a 2nd and prospect while johnsson a 3rd

Staback is worse than allen and he got a 5th. bjugstad at half was a condition low pick

Id think a 3rd and prospect still needs to come torontos way.

Goid thought though.

20 Sep 2020 19:22:11
have to disagree on your take on just going with Campbell and another back up. reason it worked in Columbus is more to the style they play which is defense first as opposed to 2 good goalies. put either of their goalies behind that leaf lineup and i bet they stink it up or at the least fair no better than Freddy.

20 Sep 2020 00:25:35
There is a rumour that the leafs might have a chance to sign Petro Angelo, but they only have about 7 mill in cap.
So here is a trade that gives the leafs about 8 mill more in cap

Leafs. Mason, Jones and Kesler LTIR
Ducks. Johnson, Kerfoot, Dermentt and Bracco

What do you think.

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20 Sep 2020 12:49:21
10.5 to toronto
9 to aniheim

Where is the money saved

LTIR can't ge used until day 1 of regular season. Leafs can be 10% over cap until final day of offseason but this deal now gives them only 3.5 million in cap space. So they have roughly 11.6 to sign petro if they want to go over.

It is possible if petro signs for rumored 8.5 theyd be 5 over with keslers contract so they can then LTIR kessler on 1st day of seadon and replace his 1 roster spot with a 5 million player. Unfortunetly there won't be a 5 million guy still available to sign and since your 5 plus million guys are all on the roster and signed he isn't getting replaced with them. Leafs only have minimum and elc guys they can replace with his roster spot. LTIR only helps you manage cap. If you are able to deal for that 5 million guy than great but its got to happen during season not offseason. LTIR contracts get replaced with non roster players at time of transaction. Replacing them with an already roster player means you placed them on waivers to get them off team hoping they don't get claimed just to replace a LTIR contract. no team would do that.

These contracts are great for mid season deals or when injuries happen to your star players. Again it can't be used until day 1 of regular season.

20 Sep 2020 17:16:59
The Ducks are in a rebuild so they would rather receive high draft picks and top prospects if they are going to trade Manson and Kessler, who still wants to play but would be valuable as a LTIR player.

21 Sep 2020 00:34:23
If Kessler is never going to play again, he becomes permanent LTIR and can be written off altogether. Teams are also allowed to be over the cap by 10% during the off-season. So even if they can’t write Kessler off until the start of the year, the $8M in excess cap space should be enough to do what we want. If indeed this is something Dubas would want to do.

I won’t be surprised if Dubas is hunting for LTIR contracts. It seems to be his method of operation. After all, it’s not his money he’s spending. So long as upper management keeps rubber stamping these deals, they will keep happening.

19 Sep 2020 20:00:12
Andersen + Kerfoot + Johnsson + Dermott


Ullmark + Reinhart

Sign Pietroangelo 8 X 7 years - $25 mm paid upfront

Ullmark 2 years 3 MM

Reinhart 3 year $3.5 MM

Mikheyev 2 years $1.7 MM

Hyman Matthew Nylander 20.79
Robertson Tavares Marner 22.8
Mikheyev Reinhart Barabanov 6.2
Korshkov Spezza Gaulthier 2.3
Reilly Pietrangelo 13
Muzzin Holl 7.63
Sandin Lehtonen 1.9
Ullmark Campbell 4.6
Kessel 1.2

Enough to add a 7th defenseman (Rosen)_

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20 Sep 2020 13:04:14
I don't mind this deal 1 bit if reinhart signs for that number

Petro for 8 million is far fetched. I've heard 8X 8.5 gets him. @ 7 years expect 9 at least. Less term more money per season when dealing with ufa years.

If leafs can swing a deal to get his rights to get that extra year great but the cost is insane. Better to just deal for parayko. The value is around the same.

Overall not a bad proposal

This year is the year of Liljegren

Last year Fox had his big debut after 3 years of college. Each season he progressed as he aged quite nicely. His final year in college was insane points wise and would be comparable to about a .75 ppg pace for a dman if he was in ahl. He was a 2016 draft.

Liljegren was drafted in 2017. He spent 3 years in ahl also progressing every season. Last season he got 30 pts in 40 gms in ahl. that's a .75 ppg for a dman in the ahl.

If toronto doesn't sign or trade for anyone liljegren will hit 40 plus points playing with muzzin next year. If petro signs or another top 4 dman comes in its best to deal lily since on bottom pairing he be lucky to get 15 points. Playing another year in ahl is useless. best to deal him in this scenerio

Sandin will go through what lily did. He will do 1 more year in minors then when lehtonen is gone lily will step in. Afterall he is 2018 draftee.

19 Sep 2020 19:57:31
Tor: marner, nylander, dermott, Campbell, johnsson, holl

Nyr: 1st oa, kakko, lundquist, georgiev, staal, fox

Tor: Andersen, 2020 5th

Car: 2020 1st

Leaf lineup

Laferniere matthews kaako 13
Robertson tavares micheyev 15
Engvall kerfoot barbanov 6
Fill the fourth line as seen fit.

Reilly fox 6
Muzzin Lehtonen 7
Staal sandin 8

Lundquist georgiev. 12

Grand total of
70 million.

So we could move players down the lineup and pick some people up in free agency.

We take their not great contracts. But they expire after this year, giving us lots of freedom next year to fill out the needs on our team moving forward.

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19 Sep 2020 22:08:34
I like it actually lol. Would play Campbell over lunquvist thoufh.

20 Sep 2020 07:33:33
Lundquist is unfortunately to balance out cap hits you could run georgiev as 1a though.

19 Sep 2020 19:55:16
If the plan to make an offer to sign Petroangelo these trades will clear cap space that will be needed.

Toronto trades Johnnson, Holl
Flordia for Mackenzie Weegar and 3rd 2020

Toronto trades Kerfoot
Minnesota for 3rd in 2021

Sign Weegar for 2.25 million for 2yrs

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20 Sep 2020 01:34:52
I don’t think that clears up enough cap space. You still have to count the two minimum league contracts that replace Kerfoot and Johnsson. That’s about $1.5M. So about $9M our minus $3.25M in is only $5.75M saved. We would still have to dump another $2M-$3M still.

If they go after Pietrangelo it means completely gutting the team.

19 Sep 2020 15:59:52
Anderson Dermott and 15th overall pick plus prospect.

To Carolina. For Reimer 13th overall pick. Pescie.

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19 Sep 2020 17:01:44
Carolina wouldn't trade Pesce alone for that pick, unless it's Joe Pesce.

19 Sep 2020 18:59:36
The value is there as pesce if coming off major surgery and they get to dump Reimer.

May not be enough exactly but IJ just criticizes everything.

19 Sep 2020 20:24:10
Joe Pesce. he'd automatically become the toughest player on the Leafs. LOL.

20 Sep 2020 01:36:21
He would be liable to take off his skate and use it to stab someone.

20 Sep 2020 03:20:34
once lehner signs extension then holtby and matkstrom sign where they will go their will be 7 playoff or close to playoff teams looking to upgrade starting position.

If andersen is made available his 5 million cap hit and 1 million salary owing becomes a hot item. He is easily 6.5 million cap hit for a goalie of his ability. unless darcy kuemper is made available then andersen becomes the best goalie trade chip to these teams looking to contend but not wanting to rush their young goslues or force a bavkup to be a startet. Andersen is the perfect fit to try out. If he works thst team can resign him long term. If he didn't fit their team no harm he was only 1 year. no commitment.7 teams makes for a damn good bidding war

Andersen will get a 2nd and prospect and if the bidding goes insane expect a 1st and prospect especially since all the teams dealing with want to be in playoff the pick won't be any higher than 15 and most likely in the 20s.

Pesce at 4 years is easily worth a younger dman with control and with nhl experienced top 6 guy, a 1st round pick and 2 prospects

Reimer at 3.4 million and being over 30 and being a backup at best is overpaid 2 million easily. Carolina would have to send a 2nd rounder just to get rid of him in any deal

So deal wise
Dermott is the controllable top 6 younger nhl dman
Andersens gets a 20s pick + reimers owing 50s pick = 1st carolina owing
Pesce 2 prospects owed vs Andersen 1 prospect owed = 1 prospect toronto owing
Toronto owes a 1st rounder to carolina for pesce still

So in the end
Andersen dermott and a prospect (sandin and robertson not included)
Reimer and pesce seems more than fair

The swapping of picks will only happen if the bidfing really goes crazy.

Pretty close.

19 Sep 2020 13:51:29
To oilers nylander holl Rosen 4th 2020
To leafs bear 1st 2020

Leafs sign pietrangelo

Rielly pietrangelo
Muzzin bear
Sandin lehtonen

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19 Sep 2020 14:44:38
Leafs won’t need to trade Nylander if they get Pietrangelo. It just moves the need from defence to forward. They can steadily get a guy like Roy or Jokjhhairu to play with Muzzin for Dermott or something.

19 Sep 2020 15:25:02
Mostleaf $50 million on a 81 cap to 5 players.
Yeah ok
And then you follow that up by saying just get a steady dman. with no suggestions
So like go on eBay and search that way
Honestly stop replying to my posts unless you have something intelligent to say.

19 Sep 2020 16:30:36
I literally suggested Roy and Jokijhairu. Demelo is another option. Also Lehtonen could possibly play with Muzzin and then you sign someone for the bottom pairing.

19 Sep 2020 19:00:54
The Roy trade I like. Have always thought he's a good target.

Yeah I agree ekblad is a franchise defenceman. I can just see it being Nylander for ekblad straight up. The one thing they may want back is a guy like dermott just to help on defence.

20 Sep 2020 02:11:31

I see the point you are trying to make, and I agree with both the premise of what you are saying, and that the value of Dermott is roughly equal to Roy or Jokiharju. But I wouldn’t say they could “easily” get either Roy or Jokiharju for Dermott. Those guys are both good players and at a premium position for one thing. For another, it’s hard to say if they would need Dermott.

Jokiharju figures to be a big part of Buffalos future and has a higher projected ceiling. They are looking to move on from Ristolainen and possibly Montour too. Jokiharju is still on ELC for another year and will not be expensive to re-sign. I have a feeling Buffalo foresees a Dahlin/ Jokiharju top pairing in the very near future. Now Dermott could be a good fit for the 2/ 3LHD along with McCabe, but only if Samuelson or Johnson doesn’t make the team next year.

Roy is a more realistic target imo. Doughty is preventing one of Roy or Walker from reaching top 4. So one of them could easily be traded. But they also have Clague and Bjornfot for LHD, so I’m not sure if Dermott is a guy they would need. Bjornfot and Clague will take up their bottom four, so unless Dermott is brought in to play 1LHD, they might not see a fit for him. I like Dermott, and think he is a top 4 player, and could even turn into a 1LHD one day. He’s still young enough he could easily be a number one some day. But he isn’t that right now. And if he was, he would be worth a lot more than either Walker or Roy.

There’s a lot of decent free agents this year, ranging all the way from elite (Pietrangelo) to good/ very good (Brodie), to bottom pairing grinder (Schenn) . We could be better off just trading Dermott for assets and just sign someone outright.


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