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19 Nov 2020 23:24:18
Leafs trade Kerfoot
Minnesota trades Foligno, Khovanov

Now Foligno is a guy that can play good hockey. Kerfoot gets accolades for his defensive play. Puh-leeeeze. Foligno is one of the best defensive forwards in the league. Maybe even the best. If he scored a few more points he would be a Selke winner.

Khovanov had a good showing last year in CHL. Playing KHL right now. Him or Lodnia would be a good throw in to balance the difference in contract lengths as Foligno is a rental and probably wouldn’t be back next year. Or would he?

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20 Nov 2020 13:38:19
I like foligno definitely a physical presence and is a moose but I don’t think you get foligno and a prospect for Kerfoot.

20 Nov 2020 13:52:01
I like the deal. The issue with Foligno is I found he really looked disinterested a lot the past couple of seasons. Maybe a change of scenery would be good. He would help us in an area we lack. Now if we can only find a top 6 guy with those qualities.

20 Nov 2020 17:32:31
Foligno is a rental, while Kerfoot is signed for another three years. I figured the difference in contract lengths was worth a b-prospect at least.

20 Nov 2020 22:30:58
I would throw in brooks or Engvall if it meant getting it done

Foligno would give us some jam playing with Tavares and marner

Khovanov is a solid prospect

Our bottom 6 in a year will be all Russians 😁

Korshkov Khovanov mikheyev barabanov abramov Amirov.

20 Nov 2020 23:46:24
Yes with an extra side of yes please.

21 Nov 2020 00:16:40
I get that but it’s not like Kerfoot has put up great numbers I’d say maybe a late pick if anything.

19 Nov 2020 15:51:11
Tor: 5th
Tbl: Joseph

Tor: Nylander
Njd: Foote 1st 2021 top 3 protected

I see a lot of people trading either marner or Nylander for other top players but I really think the leafs need to look at gaining future I really think Robertson is ready now and fills Nylanders spot so leafs get Foote who has great potential and would be able to let him develop in the minors and grab another pick who is probably top 10. As for the Tampa trade they need the cap space I really like Joseph he reminds me of a Hyman really hard forechecker and adds some offence for basically nothing would be a good fit on the third line

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19 Nov 2020 17:05:22
Joseph is an RFA, and only made 729K last year. That doesn't offer Tampa the kind of Cap relief they need, so I don't see a fit on that one.

I don't see a rebuilding team like NJ giving up a 1st and a prospect either. Its not what rebuilding teams do. If they want more scoring, they can sign someone cheap like Hoffman. They have the cap space if they want to use it.

19 Nov 2020 18:25:50
Joseph is buried.

I think you mean Johnson? Johnson was waived though and nobody picked him up, so I don’t think Dubas would trade anything for him now unless Tampa retained.

If you move Nylander for futures, you free up a significant amount of cap space too. That could be very valuable if it becomes necessary to acquire another top 4 RHD. We have a lot of “depth” at that position, but not a lot of top end talent. Nobody would call Holl a true top 4 RHD. He more or less qualifies by default.

19 Nov 2020 18:31:33
Even if Joseph didn’t make much last year it’s still an asset they are gaining for a player they can’t resign as for New Jersey in order to get out of a rebuild you have to add guys too Nylander fits the age of that team well and is already signed for a number of years at reasonable price guys like Hoffman are not going to sign a deal of a rebuilding team unless it’s a one year deal and a promise that he will be moved at the deadline.

19 Nov 2020 20:02:53
Both trades are reasonable value. Joseph is likely worth more than 5th, but TB has no cap room to sign him, so they take less.

Nylander trade is basically a late 1st and possible top 10 pick this year, plus $7M in cap space. That $7M could buy a lot including making room to re-sign Hyman, Rielly comfortably and have room left over. Sometimes it is the part that is not seen in the deal that has a lot of value.

19 Nov 2020 22:16:00
This is what I was thinking RLF sometimes it’s hard to explain what you are thinking.

19 Nov 2020 14:20:15
Sorry, somehow I posted in Leafs talk.
If moving Marner, I believe we have to take back some cap. Who can really afford $11M without sending anything back.

Marner 10.93
Holl 2

Zajac 5.75
Severson 4.16
Bastian ELC
Okhotyuk ELC

NJ gets a star winger to play with their young star centres whilw moving the last year of Zajacs contract, which he waives his NTC for a chance at a cup. They get a cheap replacement for Severson for the 2nd pair in Holl, although not as good a player. Their offence is looking deadly with the addition of Marner.

Leafs clear about $3M in cap space this year and it will go up another 5.75 after this season, although we might be able to re-sign Zajac on the cheap to be 3C going forward. We now have a top 4 of Rielly, Muzzin, Brodie and Severson(good contract for 3 more years) on D. Holl is expenable with the addition of Severson. Pick up an NHL ready power RW in Bastian who also Pk's and likes a physical game. Also receive a good looking D prospect in Okhotyuk who can move the puck and likes to play a physical game.

Short term and long term good for NJ. Short term we lose Marner but long term we should be better especially with way more cap space after this season to re-sign Rielly when needed. Plus extra cap space for other moves.

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19 Nov 2020 18:50:01
I’m not against what you are suggesting. I just think that given Marner is an established star in the league and has a multi-year contract, of which only $700k is owed this year, the prospects should be better. Bastion is aging out and still hasn’t cracked a weak NJ team, and Okhutyuk is far from guaranteed. Given how much NJ would love a guy like Marner on the team setting up either Hughes or Hirschier, I think they would make a good trading partner.

By all accounts, Ty Smith is an A-prospect. Maybe if he were included along with someone like Zacha instead of Bastion. Zacha isn’t the star they were hoping for, but he is at least a proven NHL player. He’s only eight months older than Bastion, but has played 260 more games.

Marner’s contract has both good and bad to it. Bad is the huge cap hit. Good is that he is only owed $700k this year, and an average of $8M his final three years. That represents significant savings to any cash strapped team that isn’t up against the cap ceiling. I don’t think the $11M cap hit is as huge a trade deterrent as some might think. I mean, let’s face it, he is a 90+ point player after alll. At $8M in real money, he’s worth it. At $700k this year is better than getting him on his ELC.

19 Nov 2020 20:16:22
Good points HL. I understand what you are saying about better prospects, but how far can you go before NJ walks away?
Severson is going to have good value as well. I saw it as Holl for Zajac + a little as Holl is signed longer. Marner for Severson, Bastian and Okhotyuk + $3M tis year in cap and $9M next year in cap savings.
The real bones of the deal is the cap space created and what we can do with it. This year, $3M extra really helps, but it is the almost $9 created for next year. Now Hyman is easy to retain with a 1.5M raise let's say. Rielly is easy to extend in the off-season even if it cost 2-2.5 raise. Still almost $5M more than this year left after those deals.

So the real deal is Marner and Holl for Severson, 1 year of Zajac, Bastian, Okhotyuk, re-sign Hyman and Rielly comfortably plus what we can buy with the other approx. $5M in cap space. We can make trades to take on a better player with higher cap hit. We could sign a couple UFA's. If Freddie plays well, give him a 1.5 raise comfortably or chase a new goalie with Freddie's $5 plus what we now have. It is not just the prospects and Severson, it is that plus what we can now do that we couldn't before.

19 Nov 2020 22:51:08
I hope they chase another goalie. Andersen really needs to stand on his head this year to redeem himself. He was out and out bad in the regular season, and pulled his usual choking in the play-in.

Do I blame Andersen entirely for the loss this year’s play-in against Columbus? No. Same as I didn’t blame Gardiner for prior collapses. It’s too easy to single one guy out and make him the scapegoat.

I’ve just seen enough of Andersen. He’s not the guy to bring us to cup glory. His playoff record speaks for itself. I offer nothing by way of proof but all his former playoff choking performances.

20 Nov 2020 06:32:35
I think Freddy is a good enough goalie to win a cup but your logic is irrefutable. He let's in at least softy at the WORST possible time every playoffs. Just like Gardiner. Gardiner goes down as the man that cost us a cup but in reality, it wasn't him. He just makes some brain dead plays at the wrong times.

They remind me of a quarterback. Have the talent but as soon as they feel the pressure they just choke.

20 Nov 2020 13:56:20
I remember the goal that everyone blames Gardiner for as he got outmuscled on a one on one play driving the goal, but that goal was so weak and never should have gone in. Freddie can look great and then all of a sudden you are left thinking, how the */! @ did that go in? He is a very good goalie, but fair that he gets questioned for his ability to handle high pressure situations considering how many bad goals have been in elimination games at bad times.

18 Nov 2020 23:32:23
Leafs trade Andersen, Dermott, N. Robertson
Rangers trade Shesteyorkin, Lundqvist, Kravtsov, M. Robertson

Dermott = Lundqvist + M. Robertson
(Shesteyorkin - Andersen) = (N. Robertson - Kravtsov)

Rangers have the cap space they can afford to take on Andersen’s contract. I figure the value is pretty close. If you are hung up on value, add whatever picks/ prospects you feel balances it.

The reason I say Dermott is worth both Lundqvist and M. Robertson, even though Lundqvist has more upside, is because Dermott is already playing NHL. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

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19 Nov 2020 09:41:01
I just don’t see the Rangers dealing shesteyorkin. They got rid of lundqvist so the 2 younger goalies could play. It would look bad if the rangers went the other way and brought in a vet to play now. If that’s the case they should of just dealt one of the kids a few months back and just kept their long tendered vet in net.

Value is there just this kind of deal would be a PR nightmare.

19 Nov 2020 13:03:30
Yea, I don't see Rangers trading who they believe is their #1 goalie now to get an aging goalie on an expiring contract. They also traded up in the draft to make sure they got Robertson. To me, this deal is way too much in the Leafs favour.
Shesterkin, Kravtsov for Anderson, Dermott, N Robertson and maybe they think about it. Going to have to overpay for one of their goalies. imo.

19 Nov 2020 13:09:52
If Shesteyorkin is as good as they say he is, Rangers will win the cup before the Leafs. They are my second favourite team right now after Leafs. They have $5M in cap space still and a huge surplus of players/ prospects they can trade to stack the team the next few year. My guess is Hall ends up there come deadline. I really hope they don’t make th same mistake as the Leafs. They should go fornit all now before they got to start paying big for guys like Kakko and Lafrenniere.

19 Nov 2020 17:23:09
I agree with the others - Shesh is their guy now.

Lol. I had to Google Rangers' prospect Lundqvist. I was still thinking "Henrik". (Programs. I need a program. )

19 Nov 2020 23:08:20

Rumour is that the Rangers want to move on from either Fox or DeAngelo in order to squeeze Lundqvist onto the team - he is still unsigned and is not going to sign until they either free up space for him to come over and play or they lose his rights.

A bit off topic, but last year the Rangers traded Skjei for a 1st. Even though LHD is a weak spot for them, they recognized that they still weren’t contenders and they wanted to part with a player that they felt could be replaced internally for future assets, even though Skjei is signed for four more years. As a team still early in the rebuild, they recognized that Skjei, at 26 years old, was not going to be in his peak during contention years, and sold at maximum value. Good for them.

Now that they won the lottery though and drafted Lafrenniere, I think the Rangers will flip the switch this year, depending on how they are performing come deadline. If they are in playoff position, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them become buyers. They should try to reduce quantity and keep the quality, while bringing in a couple guys each year while while all the young stars are on elc’s.

I’m actually almost excited for the Rangers right now as I was for the Leafs four years ago. They are a team I am going to be watching very closely. The speed at which they rebuilt their team is incredible.

After Rangers, I’m big on Ottawa. That’s if they don’t screw it up again. I have faith they will though. They always have before. Kinda sounds a lot like the Leafs that way actually.

20 Nov 2020 10:29:50
There is way more to the Skjei story than just dealing him due to him being 26 and not fitting with rangers plans.

Let’s just say a certain Michigan boy didn’t get along with a certain minny boy and an incident from 2011 never ever got resolved and rangers had to chose between the 2 and picked trouba.

20 Nov 2020 16:41:16
Did they pick Trouba? Or they just weren’t able to trade him? Lol. Because given their deficiencies at LHD, it would have made more sense to move on from Trouba and his bloated contract, even if it meant a smaller return or costing them a b-prospect to do it.

20 Nov 2020 23:54:38
A team I use to work for drafted trouba hoping he’d leave the US program to join their team. A bad insider involving trouba and a minny youngster got trouba suspended and almost got him coming to join his jr drafted tea. He didn’t want to leave Michigan so he stuck it out and learned to co exist with that minny player.

8 years later the 2 are made to go exist but in the end this time the Michigan player remained over the minny player

Yes the past wasn’t the reason the minny athlete was dealt from New York after all trouba did pick New York knowing the minny player played there. Just weird 1 year in and the minny player is gone when LHD is the rangers need.

The whole ordeal just brought back old memories of drafting a long shot to play for team only to have him almost say yes due to the bad insistent.

21 Nov 2020 14:06:14
Rangers having been moving salaries and mostly acquiring picks/ prospects for a season and a half. They just moved Staal and his $5.7 as well and he is an LD. The only real moves they have done to try and acquire anyone, is Trouba and Fox.
They have been shedding cap and making room for other younger players. I think the Skjei trade was just part of the overhaul.

24 Nov 2020 16:04:39
HOCKEYLUVR - good post. 👍.

18 Nov 2020 22:40:15
Leafs trade Rielly, Holl, Liljegren
Edmonton trades RNH, Bear

Klefbom is hurt. Edmonton could really use another puck moving LHD, and Rielly is one of the best. He would suit their system perfectly.

(Rielly - RNH) + Liljegren = (Bear - Holl)

Hyman/ Matthews/ Marner
Mikheyev/ Tavares/ Nylander
Kerfoot/ RNH/ Vesey
Spezza/ Thornton/ Simmonds/ Barabanov

Muzzin/ Bear
Dermott/ Brodie
Sandin/ Lehtonen/ Bogosian.

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19 Nov 2020 09:46:24
Not a bad deal at all. Not much to add now leafs have 7 forwards to protect (if the resign Hyman and RNH before next offseason) and 3 D. This deal makes that work out pretty good. If RNH doesn’t fit well they just let him go to free agency and still have Bear replacing Rielly long term.

The more I think about it the more I’m intrigued by this deal

Well done.

19 Nov 2020 13:09:22
This one is interesting but really risky for the Leafs. RNH could walk in a year and do we really know what Bear is yet? He could continue to develop or he could be one of these guys who has a pretty strong start and as other teams figure him out, he turns out to be a 5-6 guy and nothing more. You could though flip RNH at the TDL and try and get a good haul for as part of the plan.

19 Nov 2020 17:31:45
Cap Space would be an issue, assuming Bear gets more than 1.8M coming out of his ELC.

Also, Bear is worth more than Holl and Lil, so I don't really see the fit necessarily.

19 Nov 2020 23:14:19

The fit is Rielly is a 1RHD they desperately need now more than ever since Klefbom is out for the season.

Bear - (Holl + Liljegren) = (Rielly - RNH)

You might be right. Bear is more valuable than Holl and Liljegren. But Rielly is more valuable than pending RNH, who is a pending UFA. Top line defensemen are more valuable than middle six players. Much more valuable. And given that Rielly has an extra year on his contract, he is significantly more valuable than RNH.

I stand by this proposal. If anything, I think it favours Edmonton. Rielly is a much better defenseman than Bear, and RNH as a rental doesn’t put us over the top. We also lose our best RHD prospect here, which weakens our depth further.

24 Nov 2020 16:06:42
HOCKEYLUVR - I see your reasoning, but still don't see that trade happening.

17 Nov 2020 01:42:04
Tor: Nylander
Cgf: lindholm

One for one their stats are very comparable the flames get the younger player that has more term and the leafs get the 2 mil in cap space and also adds a replacement on the pk for kappy

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17 Nov 2020 15:24:20
I think calgary adds a high end prospect or pick. Because younger and signed longer. So 2 pros for calgary one for toronto in cheaper.

17 Nov 2020 15:31:00
Cgy: lindholm, wolf, Phillips, 2021 4th
Tor: nylander, marincin

Hows that?

Works out to
Lindholm, 7th, 6th, 4th
Nylander, bag of pucks.

17 Nov 2020 17:24:49
I would do this from a Leafs perspective, not sure Calgary does though. I doubt they are adding if they do. Lindholm is a really good two way centre who can put up comparable stats to Willy for $2M less.
We may be the ones adding something.

17 Nov 2020 18:29:15
I watch a fair bit of flames games, lindholm is nowhere near the skill nylander is. If leafs did one for one they lose this deal.

17 Nov 2020 18:44:04
If you watch a lot of Flames games, then you also must see that Lindholm does many things that Nylander doesn't that are not about skill. It is not all about talent for talent. There are the the other parts of the game and a salary cap. Nylander is more talented than Tom Wilson, but I doubt the Caps would do one for one.

17 Nov 2020 19:29:17
Yea even if Nylander has more skilled I’d still rather the cap space there will be a lot of good rentals this year and with cap space the leafs could come out looking really good in this trade.

18 Nov 2020 01:46:49
Idk, personally that line was so disappointing last year lindholm included. He looked okay on the defensive side of the game, I still take nylander over him 1 for 1. I don't think I asked for crazy big pieces in return. They have their starter for 6 years. They don't need wolf. The other guy is tiny and fits dubas' mould of player. People would be saying nylander for lindholm is the next barrie for kadri deal I also think brodie is going to drive some on this site crazy. he's a solid semi defensive presence 90% of the time. The other 10% he's jake gardiner.

18 Nov 2020 05:55:41
Agree with you there Randy. People don't always realize Brodie does have his defensive lapses.

Personal opinion though, it isn't that he's perfect it's that compared to the pile of garbage that has been paraded out for years at RHD he is the best thing we could have ever hoped for.

18 Nov 2020 13:17:01
No matter whom u think is better (personal opinion) Calgary would owe based on age and term difference of contracts between the 2 players as both players cap hits and salaries are comparable to each players worth.

18 Nov 2020 16:01:58
Production is about the same, so if I'm CGY, I'd keep my guy and decline the trade, and save the 2.1M in cap space.

CGY only has 1M in cap space left, so I really don't see why they would consider this deal.

18 Nov 2020 19:04:49
Lindholm is only 1.5 years older. No big deal there.
Contacts are for the same length and production is very similar. Calgary doesn't score as much as Toronto. Nylander 13.1% of Leafs goals. Lindholm 14.2% of Calgary goals. Put Lindholm on the Leafs and maybe he pots 40.

Lindholm is a more complete player and costs 2.1M less for the same length of contract. Calgary isn't adding and if they would, take it. I would take Lindholm over Nylander right now straight up with all things considered including contract.

18 Nov 2020 19:50:04
I probably would as well RLF if this was offered. He adds that extra element and beside MM+JT he can look even better.

18 Nov 2020 20:15:57
Yeah I didn’t look anything up here just took what I was reading in this topic by everyone. One person stated nylander was younger and signed longer thus Calgary adds. If that was all true I was agreeing. Too bad once you research you find out the truth.

That’s why I research and give opinions after my research findings. This time I did not there for I appear to be a fool. Last time I believe what I read just to cut some minutes off my time. Next time I research

Sorry everyone

In closing lindholm is only 1 draft year behind nylander and is signed exact years. He is also much cheaper and is on par at this moment with nylander production wise. I feel nylander has better upside offensively but for now they are pretty close. Lindholm also has better contract because he never got over 45 points in his first 4 years. Then he goes to Calgary and produces thus now his contract looks awesome. He is over performing his contract now and due to that Calgary keeps him over taking on nylander who hit 60 points 2 times in first 3 years thus got a contract worth his value and is now playing marginally above it right now.

There research and facts is much more efficient than just taking someone’s word. Me bad sorry bout that y’all.

18 Nov 2020 21:35:52
Lol. I had to look it up as well Craiggers. At times it seems like some players have been in the league forever even at 24yo.

19 Nov 2020 01:02:44
My bad on the contract I thought I remembered last time I was on flames cap friendly that he was 2 years left on his deal.

19 Nov 2020 17:40:22
CRAIG - apologies not required, we're just a bunch of hockey junkies spit-balling trade proposals. 👍

The only apologies needed are the small few who waste everyone's time with perpetually down-voted nonsense. You're alright kid!

16 Nov 2020 15:32:09
Now back to the fantasy of trading one of the big 4.

Marner 10.93

Voracek 8.25
Myers RFA
Forester ELC

Philly gets a young star to build around while moving an aging player and a player to date, they haven't been able to sign.

Leafs get a steady but slowly declining Voracek and 2.7 in cap space. He is still a big body that goes to the net etc, but still has 4 more years on his deal and is already 31. Still puts Leafs in a better cap situation as his deal ends when Matthews and Nylanders does, where Marner's is a year longer. He doesn't have a NTC/NMC, so he could be moved again as he declines.
Myers is the top 4 RHD Leafs are looking for. Cap room is still tight to sign him, so another move is likely needed.
Forester has a cannon for a shot, good hockey sense and a top 6 potential RW, but is still a year or two away.

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16 Nov 2020 20:39:29
Robertson/ Matthews/ Hyman
Forester/ Tavares/ Nylander
Vesey/ Kerfoot/ Voracek
Spezza/ Thornton/ Simmonds

There’s a lot to like here. The team looks harder to play against, and a lot more dangerous in terms of scoring goals. Mainly in bringing in Myers and Forester. Myers is the guy a lot of us like and foresee a good future for him. Lot of goals going to be scored if the two kids make it. A lot of goals. Three pure snipers, including one of the best in the game. We could potentially see 200 goals scored from the top two lines alone.

The biggest knock against this deal is the Voracek boat anchor contract. He’s already in steep decline and has three years left. It is going to look an awful lot like the Marleau contract it’s final year. Worse.

We run into serious difficulties when it’s time to re-sign Rielly and Hyman (and Andersen if we keep him) . The relief in salary doesn’t come until Voracek is off the books. One year earlier than Marner, true. But not early enough to re-sign Rielly.

That’s the major factor I am taking into consideration here. The cap relief has to be enough that we can do what we want with it. It’s not enough savings to help us this year unless we don’t re-sign Freddy. And it isn’t enough to help us next year either when we absolutely MUST re-sign Rielly.

If we trade out Marner, it has to be for cap purposes. We need to save enough cap space to make room for the adjustments we face in each of the next two offseasons. Some important decisions have to be faced. I’m not sure this deal does it. I’d actually rather just trade Marner for the biggest package of futures and picks they can get than bring in a boat anchor like Voracek. Philly would have to retain. Or at least look for a different cap dump - Hayes with $2M retained. Still a risk, especially because of the length of his contract, but much less risk than Voracek. And Hayes contract with $2M retained wouldn’t turn into a huge boat anchor for a few years yet, while Voracek’s already is one.

16 Nov 2020 23:56:53
Hard to know how foerster will do at nhl level. Barrie was weird last year. Team was underperforming so they dealt Suzuki, pekar and tucker for a bit younger guys like Wilma and caldwell (surprised he never got drafted at all this last draft) . Very strange but once the do called stats left somehow foerster started playing better much better. His +/ - stunk but offensively he really ended strong. 20 goals in last 18 games. Question becomes is he a better performer individuall stats wise when on a crappy team and less impactful on stacked team or was it just him getting his chance. Very tough to judge right now but I see him very similar to kovecny, as a pass first guy, which to no surprise philly drafted around same spot in draft.

This is an interesting trade that leafs definetly should consider. Philly on the other end may want a bit more coming back. Holl and or dermott plus a korshkov/ 2nd round pick kind of extra.

Overall I think we have a naming for a good trade partner
Well done.

17 Nov 2020 17:17:09
In anyway we look at trading Marner, it will be a bit of a gamble because we want more cap space by moving him. Not sure what the return would be, but I am pretty sure we take back a decent cap hit.

17 Nov 2020 18:03:46
Agree with HL that Reilly needs to be resigned. You can't lose Reilly.

Although, RLF has a valid point. Who takes on Marner and his 11aav without sending back a cap dump? Very few teams can afford this and the ones that negotiate know that.

17 Nov 2020 23:36:45
You don’t need to take a cap dump back if the you are willing to accept an underwhelming return (for example, my LA trade below that everyone hated) .

18 Nov 2020 05:56:50
Exactly HL. That's the price. You will never get fair value on Marner right now unless you take a bad contract or at least an overpaid one back.

18 Nov 2020 11:51:05
LL. Yes, that was my point as well. It is not like a team that has young, really good players all on ELC will trade a bunch of them to take on an 11M cap hit just because Marner is better them each individually. Take a sizable cap hit back and the return gets better.

18 Nov 2020 17:38:13
Misunderstood the point you were making then RLF. Completely agree though.

That's one reason I do see Nylander being moved before Marner. I would prefer to trade Marner because of the cap hit but Nylander would being a substantially better return.

16 Nov 2020 15:06:47
I think most, if not all, figure the team assembled is the team to start the season. The big 4 upfront aren't going anywhere, but always fun to throw out the what if's.

If we do see a move, I think something like this is possible and likely the only "big" type move we may see.

Kerfoot 3.5

Jarnkrok 2
Olivier .730

Nash get the younger and better of the two main pieces in Kerfoot and has the cap space to take on the extra cap hit. He adds some speed to their team and is used to playing in that Conference. Both Kerfoot and Jarnkrok can play C/W. Both can play PP and PK. They are similar players, but the edge would go to Kerfoot.
Leafs get a cheaper 3rd line C/W, some cap space and a potential 4th line developing project in Olivier who could add some toughness at a cheap price.

Should be a fair deal for both teams.

Agree1 Disagree1

16 Nov 2020 20:50:06
I like this one.

Downgrade from Kerfoot to Jarnkrok in order to bring in $1.5M in cap space and a b-prospect that looks close to nhl ready. Bury Olivier for the year and we are under cap with space to accrue for deadline. The downgrade from Kerfoot to Jarnkrok shouldn’t ruin the team. If it did, then this team has much more important things to worry about than 3C.

16 Nov 2020 23:57:53
Good solid deal. Nothin more to add just solid deal.

17 Nov 2020 04:24:11
This is a really nice trade. Both teams get what they want/ need. Good job.


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