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09 Jun 2024 16:40:31
Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2026

Washington Trades

*Caps retain 2 million a year for the next 2 years of Carlson's remaining contract.

Before anyone says Washington won't retain any money don't forget Backstrom is done and will be on LTIR next season before he officially retires after that, good move for Washington going forward imo.

Leafs get a veteran solid 2 way defenceman in Carlson which they will be looking to add this off season.

Thoughts ?

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09 Jun 2024 17:26:07

10 Jun 2024 01:18:29
You are aware that Carlsson is 34 years old and will be 35 shortly after the turn of the New Year.

09 Jun 2024 16:14:10
To CAL: D - T. Liljegren + F - N. Robertson + F - C. Jarnkrok + 2024 4th

To TOR: D - R. Andersson

Calgary trades Andersson for 2 younger players plus a decent roster player

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09 Jun 2024 16:43:35
Lol. A solid top pairing D man for a bunch of junk. Robertson sucks and is soft. Not made for the big league. Lily couldn’t win a puck battle if his life depended on it. Jarnkrok is a middle role guy. Cgy hangs up and asks not to call back.

09 Jun 2024 17:27:05
Calgary laughs
And then loses Tre’s number for good.

09 Jun 2024 17:41:13
So just to play devil's advocate, every time I talk to a flames fan about trades with the leafs, they want Robertson as the main piece.

09 Jun 2024 18:24:25
Every time I talk to a flames fan they ask me Robertson? Doesn’t he play for Dallas?

09 Jun 2024 19:46:12
Flames have zero interest in that lol.

10 Jun 2024 01:19:29
Nice dream!

09 Jun 2024 16:10:58
To NJD: F - D. Kampf

To TOR: 2024 3rd

Apparently Keefe wants Kampf, so we can make that work

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09 Jun 2024 16:44:24
I am a big fan of Kampf while everyone is trying to get rid of him. He can be a good 3rd line C if given the chance, keefe just always put him on the 4th line.

09 Jun 2024 17:31:52
He stinks
A waste of 2.4 million

Send him with jarncrap to
Keefe land

I’d take two 3 third rd picks
And then use the coin for the defence.

10 Jun 2024 01:20:34
If Keefe wants him, please send him and his $2.45 million dollar contract for 3 more years to NJ Devils.

10 Jun 2024 01:21:56
NJ lost their 4th line center (McLeod) to the Hockey Canada Juniors scandal.
Kampf might well be a good fit, particularly as Keefe has shown such an affinity for playing him.

09 Jun 2024 14:20:37
To BUF: F - N. Robertson + F - C. Jarnkrok + 2024 5th

To TOR: 2024 1st

Buffalo scoops up a young forward who has top 6 potential and moves down in the draft, also picks up Jarnkrok

Toronto used the pick to select D - C. Yakemchuk

With the 23rd pick, select D - H. Mews

Toronto would add 2 solid D prospects to their pool.

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09 Jun 2024 16:14:51
I do not see Buffalo agreeing to this.

10 Jun 2024 01:27:11
To Buffalo: Robertson, Liljegren and Leafs 2024 - 1st (#23)

To Leafs: Buffalo’s 2024 - 1st (#11), 2024 - 3rd round pick (#54)

Leafs draft Yakemchuk!

10 Jun 2024 14:20:12
That may be a bit better, could see that.

09 Jun 2024 01:51:48
Marner Liljegren
Mercer 1st 2024 Bahl
Draft Eiserman

Kampf Jarnkrok to Preds
Evangelista 2nd 2024 to Leafs

Robertson Steeves to San Jose
To leafs 2nd 2024 RFA rights to Kunin


Rielly Pesce Bahl Roy Carrier McCabe Benoit


Knies Matthews Debrusk
Cowan Tavares Nylander
Joshua Mercer Evangelista
McMann Holmberg Kunin

Spilts net with Woll

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09 Jun 2024 04:00:27
Eiserman is a shooter, a one trick piney who has, never in his career, played an NHL, two way game.
Cole Eiserman is a huge “boom - bust” candidate and I would not want to see the Leafs use a #10th overall pick on him to say nothing of the fact that he is a LW and Leafs already have Knies, Cowan, Robertson, McMann on LW and will likely resign Bertuzzi.
I would like to see the Leafs use that #10 pick on Iginla (if he was somehow still available) which is not likely, even though Iginla is also a LW.
If not Carter Yakemchuk, Sam Dickinson, Beckett Sennecke, Konsta Heneius would all be safer picks than Cole Eiserman.

Evangelist s is another good player (physical with an edge) but is 6also a LW to add to Leafs growing list of LWs.
If Leafs were to trade Marner (who knows! ), then they would only have Nylander, Jarnkrok and Reaves as right wings going into next season.
Not very good balance in the lineup.

I would love to get Kunin from San Jose

To Leafs: Mario Ferraro, Luke Kunin

To San Jose: Kampf, Jarnkrok, Robertson, Liljegren

DeBrusk would also be a good addition but he is a LW not a RW and I, for one, and not a fan of shoehorning a left winger into the right wing, particularly on Leafs 1st line.

09 Jun 2024 04:40:04
I don't think Evagelista has a mean bone in his body. He does not have any physical edge in his game from what I've seen.
Cowan has always played RW, even though he shoots left.
No desire to get Kunin either.
Love Ferarro though.
And I agree with your assessment on Eiserman.

If we get 10th pick, I would love Buium he he were still available.

09 Jun 2024 11:15:21
Once again water Buffalo is mixed up
Every site I went to says evangelista shoots right and is a rw.

Lots of young players are one trick ponies but can develop their 200’ game
What you can’t teach them is how to score
And Eiserman does that
Which is needed in the NHL.

09 Jun 2024 18:16:16
Remember when Mathews was a one trick pony? Selke finalist now.

10 Jun 2024 01:40:44

I was just going by a picture of Evangelista I had seen.
Perhaps the picture was not Evangelista?
My apologies.
As a right wing he would be a terrific addition.

As far as Cole Eiserman is concerned he has dropped from a consensus top 5 pick in most mock drafts at the start of the year to a #10 - #15 pick over the course of this past season.
I will trust in the opinions of all of scouts who make up these mock drafts.
If Eiserman has not learned anything about responsible, two way play by the time he is 18 is there much likelihood of him becoming a responsible, 2 way player after he turns pro?
I wouldn’t want to bet a 10th overall pick on it when there are a number of equally strong players projected to be available at that pick!

08 Jun 2024 14:38:00
Liljegren RFA
Abruzesse $.775M

Benning $1.25M

SJ gets two younger players including an NHL 3rd pair RD and Abruzesse could make their team.

Toronto picks up a vet 3rd pair RD who plays mostly defensive minutes in Benning, who is on a good contract and a big project RW in Coe.

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09 Jun 2024 01:38:46
Pretty minor move, but I like it. Benning is nothing special, but he shoots right, and fills the role.

09 Jun 2024 04:02:36
I would prefer to see the Leafs sign Carriere to be their 3rd/ 4th pairing RHD rather than trade assets for Benning who might not be even as good as Lyubushkin whom I do not want to see back in a Leafs uniform.

09 Jun 2024 04:42:16
Carrier is projected to get $4M, which is way too much for a 3rd pairing D.
If he can play 2nd pair, then I would give him a shot if we can't get if we can't get any of the other UFA's.

09 Jun 2024 16:45:03
My thought was that Benning is cheaper than Liljegren which opens up cap space for another D. Could still add Carrier as the #2RD and add a LD to play with him which should be easier and overall cheaper and have Rielly with McCabe.

08 Jun 2024 05:30:04
Leafs trade Jarnknok Kampf

Columbus 3 rd 2025


What have been the two moves made in the shanahan era that has cost Leafs Stanley Cups

Trading Kadri and letting Hyman walk

The problem has been Mitch Marner the problem is lack of top 6 forwards past the top 4

Do Kadri and Hyman = Bertuzzi Domi

They do not it's not even close how much better the Leafs would have been had those two players stayed in Toronto

So you don't want to make the same mistake by trading Marner. The leafs are finally getting rewarded by a few years of good drafting and will take a major jump next season


Are ready to add more than they have in past with two making Leaf's out of camp

If Domi and Bertuzzi leave leafs for more money than Toronto want to pay them then they must bring stronger scoring in to replace them

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08 Jun 2024 09:01:53
Upgrades over Bertuzzi and Domi
That Leafs can realistically sign
Not all of them but a few


08 Jun 2024 14:30:21
Letting Hyman walk was definitely a big mistake. I think they need to pick one of Domi or Bertuzzi and go after Debrusk. His playoff numbers are very strong.

08 Jun 2024 23:16:41
Was a big mistake because of what he did this year. where was this talk the first 2 yrs?

09 Jun 2024 01:41:12
Can we all relax on Hyman? I don't remember a single person saying they would give him that contract.

Are we upset Verhage was traded while in the ECHL as well? Of course not, because nobody remembers that.

It was time for Kadri to go. The return was bad, and I hated it from day one, but that does not change the fact that he needed to go. He even cost the Avs in his first year there.

Come on Weathermackin.

09 Jun 2024 04:08:20
That would be three moves!
Signing Tavares instead of spending the money on the defense.
Trading Kadri, who was a more than suitable 2nd line center and $6.5 million dollars cheaper than Tavares which would have bought the Leafs a pretty good defenseman.
Not resigning Hyman.

Then again who would ever have guessed that Hyman, whose best year with the Leafs was 21 goals would ever go on to score 54 goals and follow it up with 14 more in the playoffs (and still counting) .
The biggest problem with resigning Hyaman wasn’t as much the money as the 7 - 8 year term he was demanding.

09 Jun 2024 04:44:53
I agree. I would say 90% of the Leafs fan base didn't want to sign Hyman for $5M+ and give him all that term with a NMC on top.

08 Jun 2024 03:25:05
Discussion Thread

Maple Leafs - Sabres Draft Day Trade

Mitch Marner and Timothy Lilejgren to Buffalo
Owen Power, Dylan Cozens and Buffalo's 11th Overall pick in 2024 to Toronto

Is this enough of a return for Toronto for Marner if Marner agrees to be traded to Buffalo? Too much for Buffalo to give up? Hypothetically who would Toronto select at pick 11 who could step into their roster on Day 1? Is it Sam Dickenson or Carter Yakemchuk? What does Toronto do at their own pick, Pick #23? Does Liam Greentree make sense for the Leafs if available at Pick #23?

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08 Jun 2024 04:04:38
Dylan Cozens is a top 6 center so I find it difficult to see Buffalo trading him for a winger;
Owen Power is a top pairing defenseman in the making so either Power OR the 11th overall pick, maybe, but both?
Highly unlikely.

08 Jun 2024 04:28:45
I'm not even sure you get Power for that. If in Buffalo, I want a lot of adds.

Power is looking like a future top pairing D.

08 Jun 2024 14:07:30
I don't think the Sabres give up that much. They want to add to their young core, not subtract would be my guess.

08 Jun 2024 14:16:31
With the 23rd pick, I am hoping for Elick.

08 Jun 2024 20:17:08
Stolberg looks like a good pick if he's still available at #23, even though he's a lefty.

08 Jun 2024 21:52:27

09 Jun 2024 02:15:41
It’s hard to say where the leafs go with their 1st judging by the players they interviewed but my thinking is they would be foolish not to take one of these big rhd but they went off the board last year so who knows ej emery seems like a possibility.

09 Jun 2024 04:12:54

Very much so.
Charlie Elick seems the perfect fit for the Leafs.
Not offensively productive at this point in his career but one of the better defensive defensemen in the draft class.
Elick is also one of the better skaters in his this draft as well as being one of the acknowledged hardest hitters and was described by a scout as having a “mean streak a mile long”.

While studying the draft class I can not find a player whom I would prefer the Leafs to select than Charlie Elick.

09 Jun 2024 04:48:19
If Solberg is gone, then I would hit on Elick as well.

07 Jun 2024 16:31:52
Conversation post!

Free agent targets no contract just names I'd target:


Matt Roy
Brett pesce
Sean walker
Philipee myers (7th D)
John klingerberg (dark horse)
Joel edmudson
Chris Tanev
Matt dumba


Max domi
Tyler Bertuzzi
Warren foggle
Chandler Stephenson
Yakov trenin
Danton heinen
Keiffer bellows

Martin jones
Laurent brossoit
Anthony stolarz
Scott wedge wood

Should be interesting free agency I think the leafs should focus on RD and centre positions

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07 Jun 2024 18:45:36
Most of this doesn’t happen if they don’t trade Mitch. But for D I like (in order) : Roy, Zadorov, Desharnais/ Carrier. Domi, Debrusk/ Bertuzzi all depends who they get back for Mitch but I’d go after Brossoit if no goalie is in the deal.

Knies Matthews Domi
Bertuzzi JT Cowan
McMann Kampf Nylander
Dewar Holmberg Reaves

Rielly McCabe
Zadorov Roy
Benoit Desharnais

And this lineup doesn’t include Mitch or the return they would get for him. Not a bad lineup, I say if he doesn’t give at least a 5 team trade targets, I’d sit him in the press box and playing the odd 4th line shift until he changes his mind. Nothing against the player but it would be pretty crappy for this organization if they got nothing back for him.

07 Jun 2024 19:20:27
Not bad I do think zadorov is a guy the leafs will look at but he will be overpaid and desharnais is t a guy I really thought of he’s big but that’s about it.

07 Jun 2024 20:05:22
Depending on how the Marner drama shakes out will greatly affect how many of these guys we can afford/ what the return might bring if traded. A guy I’d like to see them get is demelo…Pesce and montour maybe really expensive, I’d rather see them target two guys from the next tier of Roy, Demelo, walker, Tanev and to a (much) lesser degree Dumba. I’d also maybe take a flier on Klingburg if he’s interested in a league min prove it deal.

Broissoit or Stolarz if the Marner deal doesn’t include a 1A goalie.

One of Domi/ bert I believe will be back. Stephenson down the middle would be a nice add but will likely be overpaid due to a thin C market.

So much of what we will do depends on if we can clear significant cap with a trade. I hope it happens but the guys saying to put Marner in the press box until he waives, sorry but it’s pro sports and the goal is to win. Marner does help them do that in the regular season. It would also greatly affect your signing power with future FAs if you treated a player like that who is well within his contractual rights to veto a move. One way or another I hope they can make significant changes because I’ve seen enough to know the way they’ve constructed the roster with so much $ allocated to 4 players doesn’t work. We will see…we should know how it’s gonna go in the next few weeks, creating a bunch of cap space in August with a Marner trade doesn’t help if all the FAs are signed.

07 Jun 2024 21:15:31
Why do we all assume Cowan is immediately a top 6 guy? That's the one thing I don't get.

07 Jun 2024 22:44:09
Carrier on D and Lankinen as possible Targets I would add.

08 Jun 2024 00:05:15
@LL I think our team shouldn’t be going by this top 6 top 9 stuff. I think Berube will spread these guys out, that’s why Willy is in line 3. Run 3 fairly equal lines and hard checking tough 4th line. IMO is what they need for success. Now if Marner is still there or they get a F back for him, Cowan may not even be on the lineup.
@Ryken I was being a little over the top by sitting him in the press box but I really don’t think we need him to win. PP is awful anyway so move him to the 2nd PP unit and less time playing with Matthews. His points will drop and so will his value. I think he wants to avoid this situation as much as the Leafs do but everyone has to play hardball.

08 Jun 2024 00:52:04
I don't see Cowen making the Leafs to start. I'd make him force someone off the roster to make the Leafs next season.

08 Jun 2024 03:44:53
Hrenklin, the only thing about that is there may not be much left for him to do in the OHL and he can’t go to the AHL. It’s a crappy rule, ideally he’d go to the AHL.

08 Jun 2024 04:16:02
On defense Pesce, Roy and Walker are good targets.
Edmundson, I believe will want more money than Leafs should pay a 3rd pairing defenseman.
Tanev is great but his age (34) and injury history are major red flags.
Myers, Klingberg and Dumba; I would hope Treliving has learned his lesson and stays far away from them.

Chandler Stevenson would be a great 2nd/ 3rd line center depending on the asking price.
Similarly, resigning Bertuzzi and Domi would completely depend on the price and term they are asking for.
Anything over 3 years is too long in my opinion with a maximum of $4.75 - $5M for Bertuzzi and $3.75 - $4M for Domi
Trenin as a 3rd/ 4th line winger would work.
Foegele, Heinen and Bellows are unnecessary!

Broissoit would be my choice among those mentioned but I would prefer Leafs attempted to trade for the 25 year old Gustavsson who appears to be available from the Wild.

08 Jun 2024 04:17:23
Agree RLF.
Carriere as the RHD on Leafs 3rd pairing with Benoit would be a good addition to the Leafs back end.

07 Jun 2024 06:32:57
Marner Liljegren

Necas KOTKANIEMI 1st2024

Leafs takes salary back water buffalo
Happy now?

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08 Jun 2024 04:55:44
You’ve made an old man happy.

DeBrusk ($6 x 6) - Matthews ($13.25 x 4) - Necas ($6 x 6)
Knies ($975,000) - Kotkaniemi ($4.8) - Nylander ($11.5)
McMann $ (1.35) - Tavares ($11) - Kunin ($2.75), (acquired in a trade with SJ)
Holmberg ($800,000) - Dewar ($1) - Reaves ($1.35)

To San Jose: Kampf, Jarnkrok ($4.55 in salary), Robertson, Liljegren,

To Leafs: Ferraro and Kunin

Reilly ($7.5) - Pesce ($6 x 5)
McCabe ($2) - Roy ($5 x 4) or Walker ($4.5x 4)
Ferraro ($3.25) - Carriere ($1.25)
Benoit ($1.35) - Timmons ($1.1)

Leafs invest $27.45 of their $87.5 cap in their defense.
Is that too much to spend on what would be one of the stronger defenses in the league?
No Norris Trophy winners but solid, 1 through 8
I don’t have a calculator available so I have not totaled the cost of the forwards to see if I an close though I would guess I am $1 or $2 million over the cap.

08 Jun 2024 09:14:32
Debrusk at 6 million is overpaid. Kotkaniemi is already over paid.

08 Jun 2024 14:15:19
I like this deal. Carolina was a place I think Marner could end up. Kotkaniemi and Necas best years are ahead of them imo. Necas may be getting a little more than that. Close to Willy's first deal. 7X$7M?

Either or, Leafs get two top 9 players and a 1st for a top line winger and a 3rd pair RD. Could probably draft 2 good sized D with their picks or at least 1one D and a good forward. Also still have all their current cap space to add. Good prop.

08 Jun 2024 22:14:46
Like this trade. Not familiar with all the defense but would be fine with this if at least one defensman has a good shot to be used on the powerplay.

07 Jun 2024 02:28:57
Ok let's be honest here, Marner created all of this cap crap himself.
With Willy holding out on Dubas to the final hour before not playing that entire year, Marner saw the chase to do the same thing, thanks to his greedy DAD!,
Marner had Dubas by the balls, and asked for $10 plus million and got it from the pussy Dubas!
Marner should have been offered $8-8.5 million, just like Driastial.

But no give the bank robber $10 plus.

Treliving will ask him if he wants to be moved and the little spoiled brat will say no.

It will get out to the media the the fans and Media will hound him until the trade deadline and he will give in.
The Leafs will not get as much for him then and he knows it. But this will give himself a little satisfaction that he won, with holding out.

I hope they trade him and Rielly at the draft as they are the two trouble makers on the team.
This will then allow the GM to fill the remaining spots on the team properly after seeing what Toronto gets for the to pussys at the draft and what cap space we have to work with.

I say Trade Marner
Vegas for Theodore and Nicolas Roy
(Hey Banker robber no tax!)


Marner, Jarnkroc and Llyigren
Nashville for Saros Lauzon and 2nd in 2024 and 2025

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07 Jun 2024 12:08:41
How one earth do you call Reilly a troublemaker? You been in the dressing room have you? As far as marner goes, it’s not his fault the Leafs agreed to pay him that money.

I hope they trade him in a sensible hockey trade. Not just to dump his salary. He probably won’t agree. Tavares will come off next year and some of that money will be used to resign marner. IMO.

07 Jun 2024 13:33:51
I will tend to agree with you but I think where this mess all started was with Tavares and his deal I think Matthews and marner saw that deal and said that’s my target when Toronto could of simply just not signed John and spent elsewhere.

I also think playing in Toronto There’s a tax regardless I think marner does go before opening night I think him and his camp are trying to maximize his value on a new deal and that’s why it’s turned into the circus it has.

07 Jun 2024 16:49:40
@Goat I really don't see JT as the catalyst. Mathews got exactly what he wanted because he is Mathews. One of the best goal scorers of all time, and a Selke finalist.

Mitch is where it went off the rails. He thought he was entitled to Mathews money, but he just isn't.

09 Jun 2024 00:18:48
Thank you Leafs life, you know your stuff. Ckps you don't know why it is Marner and Rielly that are the cry babies, then go ask Ryan O'REILLY!

He stood up in the room during the series against Florida when they were getting blown out and Marner and Rielly didn't like it and played the this is our team card and bellied out!
That's why O'REILLY & Scheen left.

So next time maybe you should read between the lines and not be a Marner hugger!


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