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24 Nov 2022 02:33:10
Kerfoot, Holl, Engvall all UFAS at end of year.

Trade them now!
Toronto trades Kerfoot, Engvall, Holl, Joey Anderson and a 4th in 2024
Anaheim ducks for
Shattenkirk, Max Jones and Frank Virtano

Anaheim can flip them all for picks at trade deadline!

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24 Nov 2022 03:17:07
why do the Ducks do this? why should they have to do the leafs work and trade this bunch of garbage for picks?

24 Nov 2022 04:02:52
What makes anyone think Sharry is the answer? He'll be immediately vilified the second he gets here.

24 Nov 2022 01:04:55
Sandin, Niemela, Brodie, Kerfoot, Holl, Holmberg, Matthews, & a 1st rd pick in 2023, 2024, 2025 & 2026 ( an additiinal 1st rd pick in 2027, if the Leafs win the Cup in either the 2022 / 2023 or 2023 / 2024 seasons ) to SJ for Karlson, Couture, Hertl & Meier. With SJ eating half of Karlson caphit, along with eating half of Meier caphit.

Third party team eats half of remaining 3 million caphit on Meier contract, for draft picks or low level prospects.

Karlson 5.75
Hertl 8.13
Couture 8
Meier 1.5
23.5 million incoming contracts against the cap.

Matthews 11
Kerfoot 3.5
Brodie 4.5
Holl 2
Sandin 1.4
22.4 million outgoing contracts.

Difference of 1.1 million so uilizing the Muzzin $, or acquiring an LTIR contract to be cap compliant.

Playoff lineup with a Muzzin return,at that time so salary does not count against the caphit.

Bunting Tavares Marner
Nylander Hertl Meier
Robertson Couture Knies
Engvall Kampf Malgin

Reilly Liljegren
Muzzin Karlson
Giordano Benn

1st PP : Tavares, Marner, Nylander, Hertl & Karlson

2nd PP : Couture, Meier, Bunting, Robertson & Reilly

* You have to give up something to get something, if SJ after trading Burns is in rebuid this trade accelerates that. SJ cap flip any acquisitions immediately if they choose, for other players, picks or prospects. Matthews decides to either sign with SJ, or they deal him to a contender un 2023 / 2024 for a large pkg of picks & prospects.

Result the Leafs win their 1st Cup since 1967

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24 Nov 2022 13:52:59
Muzzin is done! I bet his career is over and he never plays again.

24 Nov 2022 23:37:23
Neither the Leafs or Muzzin, have stated that he is done. Time will tell.

If the Leafs are to win the Cup, either Marner or Matthews ( preferably Matthews perceived value is greater. ) is traded. Tavares has the NMC & Nylander doesn't net you the needed return. The current coach can not get past the 1st rd with this current roster, extremely foolhardy to think otherwise. Dubas is not capable of putting together a Championship roster, 1st clue is a coach still cutting his teeth in the NHL. No offense to Keefe he is not ready, he should be coaching a bottom feeder team to gain the needed experience. Thus you need to be the odds on favourite to win a Cup, despite having an inexperienced coach getting outcoached by your opponent. Talent must be over the top, to overcome that deficiency. They lost to Tampa last year, because they took a game off & lack killer instinct. Keefe potentially could grow into a good NHL coach, but the Leafs window to win not enough runway for Keeefe especially not with this roster. Under Keefe with a roster resembling the current one, even with Reilly & Brodie they lose in the first round. Then Shanny, Dubas & Keefe are done. Then Matthews for sure signs elsewhere as a UFA. New management& GM will have to trade Matthews, then that very real possibility could unfold with marner. Bostons depth blows Toronto out of the water, one too many players on the Leafs making 11+ million to the teams detriment.

23 Nov 2022 18:52:03
Leafs get RD Conor Timmins in exchange for behemoth Curtis Douglas.

At one time was viewed as a top D prospect but concussion injuries negatively impacted his entry to the NHL.

6.2" 202, only 24, with excellent skating skills, plays a physical and responsible game but hasn't perfected the offence he showed in OHL. Another Soo player that Dubas is familiar with and a Sandin D-mate.

I cited him as a candidate a few weeks back so certainly am not unhappy with this minor move.

I do like his skating, size and physicality and at $850k doesn't hurt our cap.

A good backup that should not hurt us! Time will tell if he can blossom into a solid player which would be tremendous news.

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23 Nov 2022 22:10:51
I like the trade as Douglas isn't going to ever make this lineup.

As you said, he definitely has the pedigree, but has never played much in his career.

Could be good, could be a nothing deal. Time will tell.

24 Nov 2022 04:18:13
I like the trade small risk with upside.

24 Nov 2022 10:20:16
I mean they were never gonna let Douglas play in the nhl so it seems like a good trade we will see if Timmons gets a look.

24 Nov 2022 11:45:27
I personally really like this trade, it doesn’t hurt the team giving up someone who may have never made the team. I think you’ll see timmins tomorrow against the wild.

23 Nov 2022 16:45:20
To Vancouver: Kral, Woll

To Toronto: Schenn

We need NHL defenceman and we are at 50 contracts. Frees up a roster spot for us and we add a defenceman with a little sandpaper and playoff experience.

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23 Nov 2022 22:12:06
I think people are really under valuing Schenn. He has 75+ hits in 20 games, plays a defensively sound game and makes 800k.

If Schenn agrees to move, it won't be this cheap.

24 Nov 2022 10:31:01
I like the acquisition of Schenn.

23 Nov 2022 16:37:20
To NYR: Kerfoot

To Toronto: Reeves, Schneider, Harpur

New York is looking to get rid of Reeves, they are also a little thin at Center, in steps Kerfoot. Schneider is a solid young and physical defenceman, who is also a right hand shot. Harpur is a depth defenceman who is 6'6". Reeves, well we all know what he brings to the table. Teams might leave our stars alone if we have the Heavyweight Champ... I believe we would have to move a contract or 2 out, as we are at or near the limit, but easily do able.

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23 Nov 2022 18:30:53
*Reeves to the Wild for a 5th.

23 Nov 2022 18:37:55
Can’t happen now Reeves was just traded.

24 Nov 2022 00:51:56
Schneider was a 1st round pick a couple of years ago and is already playing in Rangers top 6.
He is big, physical, skates well and is right handed.
I can not see the Rangers trading him let alone for Kerfoot.
There is also the cap hit difference between Kerfoot ($3.5) and Schneider ($925,000).
Though it is a nice thought it is highly unlikely to happen.

24 Nov 2022 16:20:37
I was hoping we drafted him instead of Amirov.

23 Nov 2022 12:47:55
To TOR: D - J. Chychrun + D - C. Timmins + F - N. Bjustad

To ARZ: F - M. Knies + 2023 1st + 2024 1st + F - P. Engvall

Leafs use futures to get 2 D that can play now with all the injuries piling up.

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23 Nov 2022 15:33:17
So two injury prone dmen and a bottom six forward for two first and a top end prospect and a player…. I don’t think dubas would do this.

23 Nov 2022 18:31:51
Well we just got Timmins, that's a start.

24 Nov 2022 00:54:53
Don’t want Chychrun.
Particularly for Matthew Knies plus two 1st round picks.
A big NO to this suggestion!

24 Nov 2022 10:32:16
As they just got Timmins for far less than I imagined, this trade would change.

22 Nov 2022 17:31:06


Myers is their 7th/8th D-man who doesn't get alot of icetime or play every game. Holmberg is waiver exempt and helps stock the TB forward pool. Myers will get a shot to play in Toronto and brings the elements the Leafs could use.

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23 Nov 2022 02:20:26
1) Myers has a cap hit of $6 million. Even if Canucks took back half (which they won’t do for a return of Holmberg), what do Leafs do when Reilly returns.
2) Holmberg is Leafs future 3rd/ 4th line center, particularly if Kampf bolts for more money than the Leafs can pay him next summer. Roni Hirvonen is a better option to sacrifice.
3) Myers is no better a defender than Holl.
4) Luke Schenn would be a better target for the Leafs as he would at least add some physicality.
5) I would prefer Travis Dermot to Tyler Myers!

23 Nov 2022 10:00:34
Should probably read again waterbuf.

23 Nov 2022 10:29:36
Myers from Tampa Bay, I believe he's referring to.

23 Nov 2022 11:44:27
Unless the Canucks have moved to Tampa Bay, I am not sure where you are going with your response WB49.lol.

23 Nov 2022 14:47:15
@Waterbuffalo49.Luke Schenn and Travis Dermott don't play for the Lighting. so would be hard to include them in a trade to the Leafs.

24 Nov 2022 00:58:00
Miss read that proposal.
Apologies everyone.
Though I would not trade Holmberg for Tampa’s version of Myers any more than I would trade him for Vancouver’s Tyler Myers!

24 Nov 2022 02:33:56
Well I think that is about as close to a "I was wrong" that we will ever see from WB49. Lol.

22 Nov 2022 16:15:37
Now is the time to go after Chychrun.

They are asking for 2 1st round picks or equivalent so send them 2023 1st and Robertson.

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22 Nov 2022 17:40:20
Why do he can join the injured leafs?

22 Nov 2022 18:24:09
He is finally playing in his first game this season. But I 100% agree with you. His injury past is very vast. Definitely not what we need right now.

22 Nov 2022 20:44:38
Load up on D while holding out Mo, Muzz, and Brodie until playoffs. Pulling a Tampa might be the only way we get past round 1. Time to go for it and use picks and prospects to do so.


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