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05 Oct 2023 00:01:38
Marner, Nylander ( sign & trade ), Timmins, Niemela & a 1st rd pick in 2024 to Anaheim for Zegras ( sign & trade ),McTavish & Drysdale. Nylander plays C for Anaheim.

Leafs with an abundance of cap space

Leafs sign Kane

Bertuzzi Matthews Kane
Tavares Zegras Knies
Robertson McTavish Domi
Lafferty Kampf Reaves

Reilly Brodie
McCabe Drysdale
Giordano Klingberg

Samsonov Woll

Tavares & Domi can also play C to cover for any injuries. Steeves & Minten should get some NHL minutes.

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05 Oct 2023 00:35:37
Are you High? . plus a 1st rounder?

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04 Oct 2023 15:56:16


I hate this trade in so many ways that's not really enough for Nylander

I'm also convinced Nylander isn't being traded

Nylander has told leafs the number he wants and Toronto are moving him to Center so they can give him his number on money.

Centers make more than wingers

Treliving knows he has a bunch of young forwards on the way so all he has to do upfront is resign Willy. Then secondly he has to determine if Bertuzzi should be extended long term

Once he has those two forwards settled all he has to do is spend all his available cap money fixing the Defence

He built a great defence in Calgary so it will be no different in Toronto

Next season leafs have about 15 million spent


They will have a ton of money to add

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04 Oct 2023 18:47:14
@David Mackin. Well David, you can dislike the prop all you want. It's all good.

As for your future Leafs plan. Yes, on the surface it looks like the Leafs have a ton of cap space. Projected about $33M. Let's remember though, that is with only 12 players signed for next year.

Let's assume Willy stays and gets his $10M. That leaves 23M with 13 players signed. They need a Number 1 goalie signed if Woll can't steal the job. $5M for the goalie. down to $18M. They only have Rielly, McCabe and Timmins signed next year. a 1st, 2nd and 3rd pair D-man still needed. Let's say $7M for Rielly's D partner, another $3M D-man and Lily will get a raise likely to about $2M if he has a solid enough season. Down to $6M very quickly if you want a very good defence. You have only 9 forwards signed. If Robertson is as good as you say, he gets a good raise. No room left for Betuzzi etc. Just enough room to add more cheap players to fill out the roster. Sounds like a Dubas team. No thanks. imo

Nylander is not at centre to justify paying him $10M. He is a 3rd line centre at the moment. 3rd line C's don't get paid $10M. That would get any GM fired. Even 2nd line C's don't get $10M.
He is at centre because they need to see if he can be a future 2nd line C and they want to spread out the scoring. Even if he works out to be the future 2nd line C, he isn't worth $10M. It's not like he is Draisaitl, who is about the only 2nd line C worth $10M.

My trade makes sense so that next year the Leafs have the cap space to add to the whole team, not just keep Willy. They would have 3 D signed and Lily and Barron as RFA's. They would have 9 forwards signed including Dach. That would leave about $29M to fill out the roster. Betuzzi could be kept. They could add a goalie and a top 4 D and have enough room to fill out the roster with solid players.

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04 Oct 2023 21:34:26
@RLF I think you are a bit wrong on why they want to keep Nylander. Leafs are not planning on keeping Willy past this year. They are trying to raise his value for both sides. Leafs can sign and trade him before next season. If he can play C, the Leafs will get much more return for him (hopefully a top D) and Willy will get his 10M+ if he adds C to his resume. IMO. Don’t see how they keep Willy next year unless they have no intention on resigning Bertuzzi or Domi. Or even spending money on this skeleton defence.

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05 Oct 2023 00:11:20
That's the first time I've seen an entire post dedicated to hating someone else's prop lol.

Why not trade Nylander though? Nick Robertson can easily replace him in the top 6. Gotcha!

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05 Oct 2023 00:40:52

This is why I’m not trading solid ELC

Cap 87.5 million 24-25 season

Forwards signed for next season let’s include Willy at 11 million and include the RFAs

13 forwards eating approx 60 million



Defence say 15 million


Woll I think he becomes number 1 we see

Woll 800k

So I have leafs next season 75 million

But we have some money that we can trade out

Kampf and Jarnknok that’s 4.5 million

So leafs will be around 70 million giving them 17 million to spend and they have 11 forwards 6 defencemen and 1 goalie signed . With Tavares entering his last season on that big contract.

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05 Oct 2023 01:41:03
Sure David. The Leafs plan is to have the core 4 upfront and surround them with rookies and what has been so far career AHLers. Then they are going to do the same on D and the goalie will also be a promoted backup. $17M to add to what you've assembled does not look like a Cup team likely. I can't imagine that this is Treliving's plan.

Clarky. What have I got wrong on Nylander? How does playing him as the 3C raise his value? Leafs won't sign him and then trade him because Willy will demand a no trade clause in any contract he signs. I also never said the Leafs plan on keeping him after this year. Not unless it is on their terms anyway.

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05 Oct 2023 01:54:31
@RLF. well schooled RJF. oh ya. and u want some of what mackin is drinking. sounds like fun. lol.

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04 Oct 2023 00:23:28
So based off rlf

Tor: nylander, Robertson
Mtl: dach, Barron, w-ifi

Tor: 2025 1st
Wpg: Barron, Stanley

Tor: klingberg 50% retained, niemela
Edm: desharnais, Broberg

Tor : brodie, 2026 1st
Cgy: lindholm

Leaf lineup

Bertuzzi matthews marner
Knies lindholm tavares
Domi dach jarnkrok
Barron kampf reeves

Reilly McCabe
Stanley lily
Wi-fi desharnais

Send other barron down for a year

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04 Oct 2023 03:14:11
Leafs aren't getting Xhekaj. Especially not for adding Robertson. I don't see the other two teams agreeing to those deals either. All seem to weighted in the Leafs favour.

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04 Oct 2023 05:04:02
I would love to get WiFi, but as RLF said, ghat takes a massive payment.

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04 Oct 2023 08:45:49
If a way Treliving plan is clear start the season with what he has on defence.
He may have three players that can help in house this season

Conor Timmins he looks better than Justin Holl and if that’s the case he will help the back end considerably

Mikko Kokkonen he may not be Bobby Orr but Keefe can’t beleive this is same player he saw last year. So maybe he can contribute something

Niemela it’s 50/ 50 but if he can have great start with Marlies maybe he is a call up after Xmas

Then Leafs can add via trade rout after 25 games they are going to have pieces available to move upfront for a defenceman or two

The fun part for Treliving is next summer he knows he has four young players which should all be with the big club


Two of these should be solid players this year Knies and Robertson and by next sept Maybe Minton and Cowan make the leafs

With signing Nylander and Bertuzzi if he has a great year next summer the leafs can put all free agent money and spend it on the blue line.

So by next summer the leafs should have a great blueline and hope fully this year they can get by with what they have plus swing a trade for a solid piece


That’s going to cost leafs only 12 million next year so they will have plenty of cash to add next summer.

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03 Oct 2023 16:22:00
Hopefully this is a bit different than what we have all been posting.

Nylander $6.96M

Dach $3.63M
Barron $.925M

Montreal is a team that could afford to give Willy his wish of getting around $10M on his next contract. He should be a good fit with the other players they have.

Leafs get a big C/RW that could fit in well in the Leafs top 6 RW. Barron is a solid RD that could play in the top 4 in the furfure. If the y send Barron down, they clear $3.3M in cap.

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03 Oct 2023 23:14:54
If you can add something small from Toronto to get them to add wifi I’m in.

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04 Oct 2023 01:31:19
At first glance a person might be inclined to say”no way. ”
But upon further examination there is a lot of potential here.
Dach is young, good size, talented, RW/ C.
He could immediately step in as either a RW with Tavares and Knies or fill the vacant 3rd line center slot.

Barron has huge upside with top 4 potential.
He is likely close to ready for NHL minutes, (Timmins and Klingberg are injured) and when they return he could go down to the Marlies for more seasoning.

The cap savings don’t hurt either!

Very interesting suggestion as I believe Montreal has the ability to manipulate their cap to absorb Nylander’s $6.9 this season and his $9.5 - $10 next year as they have a number of players coming off the cap after this season ends.

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04 Oct 2023 03:15:06
Wow WB49, you came so close to saying it's a good prop. lol.

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03 Oct 2023 15:47:56
I do think Nylander is playing well at C and can possibly grow into that position, but at this point I think it's better to have him at RW. Our RW depth is very shallow without Willy there, so I propose a trade for a legitimate 3C.

To Toronto
McBain $1.6M/ 2yrs RFA

To Arizona
Robertson $.797M RFA
Jarnkrok $2.1M
2023 3rd round pick (from Islanders)

Tre & Doan have ties with Arizona, so hopefully they can get a deal done.
MBain would be an ideal 3C with size, physicality and is a good 2-way player.

Arizona gets a young goal scoring prospect, along with a versatile veteran on a good contract (who they may be able to trade at the TDL) . I've also added a 3rd draft pick to help get this prop over the top.

New lines

McCabe-Timmins (when healthy)


21 man roster should fit under the cap with Gregor signed at $.775 or maybe even at $.8.


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03 Oct 2023 16:51:39
My Buddy McBain. I have suggested a few props for him like Lily and a 1st or Robertson and a 1st. If Jarnkrok waives his NTC for this deal, I would be happy with it.

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03 Oct 2023 18:13:53
Yes RLF, I haven't seen McBain's name in a while and I've really started looking more into him once you mentioned him a year or so ago. I think he would be a great target. Someone who would be more than enough to compensate for losing Jarnkrok and at a $500K cheaper AAV.
The forward lines I posted above look like a very balanced championship lineup IMO.
The defense obviously will have to be addresses, but as I've said before, Tre can target someone further into the season or at TDL.

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03 Oct 2023 20:01:07
@Tags. Thanks for taking the time to actually look into him instead of just looking at his stat line. As you know, I would love McBain on the Leafs. He would be the next Hyman-type for the Leafs but even tougher and can play centre.

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04 Oct 2023 01:43:00
If Arizona was willing to take the 3 years left on Jarnkrok’s contract I would even go so far as to make that 3rd round pick a 2024 - 1st round pick.

Along with RLF’s previous proposal Leafs would have:

Bertuzzi - Matthews - Marner
Knies - Tavares - Dach
Domi - McBain - Lafferty
Gregor - Kampf - Reaves/ Holmberg/ McMann…

Reilly - Brodie
McCabe - Liljegren
Giordano/ Klingberg/ Timmins/ Barron

A fairly well balanced team with a good mixture of veterans and youth.

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04 Oct 2023 05:05:03
@WB jarkrok has negative value now? As a 20g scorer?

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03 Oct 2023 13:26:34
Leafs trade Jarnknok Kampf

Montreal 1st round pick

A trade must be coming the leafs have too much money tied into these two players

The forward group even if leafs draft nothing the next 5 years are going to be fantastic

The leafs have never had guys coming into the fold as they do now.this is just the forwards

Your blue chip guys


Second tier

Ty Voit

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03 Oct 2023 01:26:24
Leafs trade Curtis Douglas

Arizona trade Conor Timmins

Leafs trade Sandin

Washington trade Gustafsson Cowan

Just looking at some trades Dubas made that look really good

Most of the team that helped Dubas are still with the Leafs. In a few years we will see how good Treliving is because I think Dubas will go down as the best GM Toronto ever had.

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03 Oct 2023 01:53:02
If Dubas goes down as the best GM the Leafs ever had. . . then all that means is that the Leafs had really horrible GM's.

He isn't even close to the best GM the franchise have ever had. Punch Imlach, Pat Quinn, Jim Gregory, Conn Smythe, Lou Lamoriello just to name a few that Dubas would have to beat out to be best.

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03 Oct 2023 02:28:49
As RLF said, this is just an insane post.

Even if the Leafs win the cup, he was handed a team that had nothing to do with him. His drafting is great at times, and extremely poor at times (see Konecny) .

His trades are below average (to be nice), Kadri.

Let Pitts enjoy the mid thirties, 10+m, only offense D man.

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03 Oct 2023 03:21:56
I was never a Dubas fan.
Signing Tavares.
Forgetting to make the 1st round pick sent to Carolina with Marleau, Lottery Protected.
Trading Marchment for Malgin.
Trading for Foligno instead of Bennett.
Trading for Giordano (who could have been signed in the summer for nothing) instead of Jacob Middleton.
Trading for O’Reilly instead of Barbashev (18 points in 22 playoff games for Vegas)
That said I am not in the slightest concerned about him or his place among some of the worst GMs in NHL history.
On the other hand I am very concerned about Brad Treliving and whether he has learned anything from some of the terrible decisions and signings he made while GM of the Calgary Flames.

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03 Oct 2023 13:18:16
I'm looking forward to seeing Brad overhaul our defense. It is our weakness and he has built some strong defensive groups in the past. I understand it might not entirely happen this season. I also think he did very well on the Tkachuk trade. Knowing he would lose him for nothing, he got a very solid package in return.

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03 Oct 2023 15:35:57
L67. Completely agree. Sure, he made a couple of bad signings and a poor trade or two. What GM doesn't. People seem to expect he can fix the mess Dubas left in his first summer. Just not a reasonable expectation.

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02 Oct 2023 17:35:41
So, just a thought. With Knies and Minten looking good and both have size, is it more feasable to move Nylander? Cowan has also looked very good, but I hope they send him back to junior.
In no way am I saying that either of these guys are as an impact as Willy can be, but can the loss of Nylander be absorbed more easily from within.

Nylander $6.96M

Lyubushkin $2.75M
Leason $.775M
Warren ELC
2024 3rd

Ducks get Nylander. Enough said.

Leafs pick up a big RD that play physical. A youngish RW that is another big body that I believe in the right situation, can score more. A RD prospect I like and a 3rd rounder. They get cap space.

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02 Oct 2023 23:19:52
I like it.

The cap space it frees up makes any TDL deals extremely easy. That banked space would be 5-6m by then.

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03 Oct 2023 02:33:40
@RLF. Minten has looked good. but I wonder if it might be a year too soon to bring him up. that said he seems to have some chemistry with Knies.

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03 Oct 2023 02:50:22
Lybushkin is a third pairing D.

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03 Oct 2023 11:36:14
Guys, I am not saying Minten makes the team this year, although I can see how it might read that way. My point was that, Leafs have a couple young players with some size and speed that drive doesn't seem to be an issue. It also seems we have a smallish skilled forward prospect. So, do these 3 make it easier to lose Nylander without getting a top prospect back?
None of the guys in my trade are top end guys or Anaheim's best prospects. I know Lyubushkin is not a top pair D, @Bob. Leason has struggled to find a permanent role. Warren is a possible top 4 RD prospect. Can the Leafs afford to make this kind of deal which is more about projects that could be really good and get cap space because of the development of Knies, Minten and Cowan.

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02 Oct 2023 15:22:12
We need some D in a big way. A couple trades to hopefully help out.

To Isles: Nylander, Lily, Abruzzese

To Tor: Pulock, Wahlstrom


To Chi: Robertson, Jarnkrok, 1st rd 2024

To Tor: Murphy (25% retained)

New Lines:

Domi Matthews Marner
Bertuzzi JT. Wahlstrom
Knies Minten Lafferty
Gregor Kampf Reaves

Reilly Pulock
Brodie Murphy
McCabe Kling

Extras: Gio, Timmins

* Unfortunately we will never see a D core this good but thank god for fantasy. 👍.

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03 Oct 2023 03:25:36
Leafs are giving up way too much.
Wahlstrom has yet to prove himself in the NHL.
Take out Liljegren and add another prospect and/ or Leafs 2024 3rd round pick.
Liljegren is just coming into his own and will become a strong 2nd pairing RHD for the Leafs for the next decade.

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01 Oct 2023 22:42:42
Leafs trade Domi Kampf Lafferty

Arizona 2 nd round pick

Leafs have way too many forwards


Make leafs out of camp

Robertson Matthews Marner
Knies Tavares Bertuzzi
Minten.Nylander Jarnknok
Reeves Holmberg Noah
Steeves McMann

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02 Oct 2023 00:17:57
Robertson looks beyond bad. I wouldn't count on him right now.

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02 Oct 2023 00:51:46

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02 Oct 2023 01:55:30
Domi and Kampf both have partial no trades and re-signed with Treliving. Both likely have Arizona on their lists and Treliving isn't trading guys he just signed.

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02 Oct 2023 01:59:59
Leafs life in which way does Robertson look bad

He is getting the most shots in games he plays

So I’m not worried him connecting.

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02 Oct 2023 13:11:07
Generally curious - why do you have Robertson so high? You keep pushing him to break out when there hasn’t been much reason to support the idea.

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02 Oct 2023 13:27:25
It's almost like you hate Domi and love Robertson. lol.

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02 Oct 2023 16:18:06
@DM in everyway the game is played (other than shots), he's been bad.

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02 Oct 2023 18:14:01
You guys think that maybe DavidMackin is actually Nick Robertson under cover? 🤯.

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02 Oct 2023 21:21:20
@Clarky. More likely his agent if there is a connection. 🤑.

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01 Oct 2023 15:44:37
Nylander ( sign & trade 8 yrs @ 10 million per season ) to Tampa for Stamkos ( sign & trade 5 yrs x 5 million per season ) & a 1st Rd pick in 2024

A pick to a 3rd party team to eat half of Stamkos contract in it's final year. Caphit of 8.5 million.

Brodie & Jarncrock traded for picks or prospects.

Kane signed as a UFA @ 4 million per season on a 2 yr contract.

Leafs would have approx. 2.5 + million in cap space along with draft picks, particularly 2 first round picks in 2024 ( one acquired from Tampa ,) & the prospects to make a trade if needed. Possibly needing to bolster the defense, if Klingberg or Timmins falters.

Bertuzzi Matthews Märner
Tavares Stamkos Kane
Robertson Domi Knies
Lafferty Kampf Reaves

Reilly Timmins
McCabe Klingberg
Giordano Liljegren

Samsonov Jones


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01 Oct 2023 22:34:21
You keep putting Kane @ $4 million

Why do t you get he wouldn’t sign 4 that.

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01 Oct 2023 23:20:33
David 1 Mackin

Kane has stated that he wants to be on a contender, So, . if that is his choice/ desire then he knows pretty much all contenders are cap'd to the max, so maybe he does ask less in order to play with the team that he feels he could add to without making his asking price out of reach.

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