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23 May 2022 15:38:14
Tor: muzzin 1st 2022 kerfoot
Ott: 1st 7th overall brown

Ottawa said they would move their first for a top 4 d or top 6 forward so I think there's a chance muzzin waives his no move to go to an up and coming team he doesn't have to move his family far and he's still close enough to his home town Ottawa gets kerfoot for brown I've always wanted brown back from the time he left he's a Swiss Army knife and can play up and down the lineup and can play in any situation leafs get a high end prospect while Ottawa moves back in the first round leafs also clear 5.5 mil to use in free agency

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23 May 2022 08:01:45
Great they sigh Giordano 800k

Reilly Brodie
Sandin Holl
Giordano Liljegren

Leafs trade Muzzin

Anywhere 2nd round pick

Leafs can easily improve this defence. But you could start season with this lineup

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23 May 2022 07:33:41
Blow it up pretty Big. IMO anyways...

Dump Salary
Mrazek, Holl, Muzzin, Simmonds and Clifford. 13,087,500 in salary cap space right there. In return for these players who cares. re load the draft picks/ prospect pool.

LEAFS re sign (G)Campbell 4yr x 5m
ufa (G)Casey Desmith 2yr x 2M

leafs trade for Matt Dumba Min and Brandon Duhaime --MIN needs to dump Salary last year before UFA at 6M
Leafs give back Kerfoot and Sandin and picks from salary dump

leafs sign UFA Josh Manson
4yr x 3.5M
Leafs Trade Roberston Prospect or Pick for Mayfield from NYI

Leafs trade Nylander and picks ( from the salary dumps ) for JT Miller

resign RFA's Kase 2yr x1.5M
Engvall 2yrx 1.75M
UFA Mikeyhev 4yr x 2.5 ( or 3M per)
Spezza 1yr x 750K
Blackwell 1 yr 850K
Lillgren resign as 7th d man 2 yr 1.5M per

Campbell (1a) DeSmith 1(b)



ALL IN 81, 993,500 .... Pretty damn good goalie tandem

AmAZING DEFENCE... Fwds got tougher and better by swapping Nylander and Miller....

Now if only it was this easy....

And relax all its all just for rubbishs and giggles... We all know Dubas would never have the balls to be this adventerous if the math worked and all the people were willing to play

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23 May 2022 02:14:08
Clear cap space
Mrazek Holl Robertson to yotes
Crouse 3rd 2022 to leafs

Muzzin to La
2nd 2022 4th 2023 to leafs

Kerfoot to nucks
2nd 2022 4th 2023 to leafs

Nick Paul

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22 May 2022 21:39:19
I also think that Dubas will ask Muzzin to waive his no trade agreement, if Muzzin could go back to California, say Anaheim.

Therefore could see a trade like,

Muzzin, Robertson and Joey Anderson
Anaheim for Maxine Comtois and Max Jones

Anaheim has not played Jones much last year and would be a good 3rd or 4th line player for Toronto.

Also played with Marner in London for the Knights

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22 May 2022 22:32:09
Why would Anaheim want Muzzin though?

The issue with a Muzzin trade is, you're moving a win now piece to rebuilding teams.

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22 May 2022 21:32:46
With Dubas signing Giordano to a 2yr x 850, he will now probably look to signing Campbell to a 5yr $25 million dollar contract.

First year =$3.5
Second year = $5.5
Third &fourth year = $6.0
Fifth year = $4.0

Just my thoughts on how he will sign him.

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23 May 2022 04:04:07
5x5 is exactly what I have thought Soup will get. The 25 million mark has been in the back of my mind for awhile now in general. He hasn't made the kind of money other have and he's 30, 25 million as a last payday before he's a 35yo back up, seems like it's perfectly fine to him.

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23 May 2022 04:54:15
5x5 for Campbell is typical of Dubas No consideration for the last couple years of a contract. 5M for a guy who has played more than 30 games twice and this at ae 30. Not to mention the games missed to injuries piling up and his long periods last season of inconsistent play. He may have a 5M goalie heck a 6M goalie if you looked at his record before X-mas but the real Soup is what we saw after Xmas. That Campbell still a very competent 1A or 1B goalie but not at 5 years at 5M. he wants 5 years 3.5-4M MAX he wants 5M per then 3 years max but with the understanding it will be as a 1A or 1B. Nothing says in what he's shown that he can be the number 1 without missing a lot of time with injury and or bad play.

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23 May 2022 05:36:10

I believe there's currently just under 8 million in space. Sandin, Lili, Engvall, Bush, Mikheyev all need to be replaced or signed. What trade do you have in mind that brings someone in for 3.5-4 that's also a starter?

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22 May 2022 19:12:06
So here are some moves for some different players that don't get mentioned,trying to change it up a little...i think they could help our 2 & 3 lines add grit and tenacity..as always may need to add to some of these trades,this is just general base of the deals.

To Leafs:
Bailey (1.5M retained)reunites with JT for chemistry
Beauvillier grit and tenacity to lineup

To Leafs:
Crouse adds more grit and toughness and can score

To Coyotes:
Robertson(skilled but to small and injury prone)
Mrazek (coyotes need a goalie)

To Leafs:
Myers(550,000 retained)

to Preds:

Leafs Sign:
Crouse @ 2.5 mil
Nic Paul @ $3.0 mil
Giordano @ 1.0 mil
Liljegren @ 1.5 mil
Sandin @ 1.5 mil
Campbell @ 5.0 mil (if he wants more try to acquire Binnington or Gibson with retention in deal)
Spezza @ 750,000


Clifford...Spezza...Simmonds(Clifford and Simmonds could be replaced by Marlie pieces,really don't want them back)



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22 May 2022 20:53:22
@Loxley. All those players have been mentioned numerous times actually. Especially Crouse.

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23 May 2022 01:14:28
@ RLF well Crouse maybe. haven't heard Beauvillier or Bailey in a while. but thanks for your input.

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23 May 2022 03:11:06
I thought maybe you haven't been around for a while or something, that's all. Maybe we have a different opinion on how long a while is.

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23 May 2022 04:06:35
Did I miss where Bailey and Beauvillier are coming in? I don't see a trade for them.

I ended up checking cap friendly, thought I was going insane and they're UFA's.

I'm assuming you just hit send without realizing, but it's hard to judge without knowing.

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22 May 2022 16:00:16
Leafs can't decide on much till the Campbell card drops, also Edmonton losing to Calgary would play a factor on their moves during free agency Campbell a likely target.

My belief Campbell to Edmonton as UFA for 6 yrs @ 6 million a year.

Leafs sign Holtby 2 yrs @ 1.5 million as a UFA, with Mzarek & Kallgren in the mix in net.

Leafs resign Giordano & Lybushkin 2 yrs @ 1.5 million for each per season.

From appearances I think in most respect Dubas will attempt to double down ( UFA's Campbell, Mikheyev, Giordano & Lybushkin may move on. ) on the roster, with Nylander being the exception to that mainly because Tavares has the NMC. Seems Willie will be the chip to fall.

Nylander, Kerfoot, Hirvonen & a 1st rd pick in 2022 to Vancouver for Miller & Horvat. With Vancouver eating half of both Horvat & Miller salaries.

A 2nd & 3rd rd pick in 2023 to Arizona to eat half of Miller & Horvat contracts. ( any extra cap space Leafs can save would reap many rewwards, if tweeks or upgrades are needed to prepare for a Cup run, particularly as injuries generalky do affect the roster depth is needed. At C Leafs could use Matthews, Tavares, Miller, Horvat, Marner, Kampf & Engvall, no other team in the league could match that depth. * Absolutely Marner could play C if needed.

Leafs caphit on Miller approx. 1.25 million & for Horvat approx. 1.4 million.

Leafs resign Mikheyev as UFA 4 yrs @ 4 million.

Leafs would be well advised to make room for the prospects play, to facilitate having any necessary cap space for needed tweeks in season or at the trade deadline.

By osmosis Engvall will play tougher with a linemate like Horvat, & the offensive threat of the third line if Robertson or someone from the prospects gels as an offensive threat with Horvat. Would bode well in the reagular season & playoffs. Horvat & Miller do add obvious talent along with tenacity, leadership, size, grit & reliable two way play particularly Horvat in that last respect.

Possible Leafs resign Spezza & him and Simmonds, split some 4th line minutes & Spezza still on 2nd PP when playing.

Bunting Matthews Marner
Miller Tavares Mikheyev
Robertson Horvat Engvall
Holmberg Kampf Simmonds

Reilly Brodie
Muzzin Lybushkin
Giordano Liljegren
Sandin Niemela

Holtby Mzarek

Firstly what you are hoping for in net if Xampbell bolts as a UFA is Kallgren to emerge, or less likely but possibly that Mzarek stays healthy & finds his game. Either of those two outcomes slightly a little more possible, under the guidance of a stanley cup champion mentor in Holtby. With a career 9.15 save percentage, Holtby still had similar save percantage #'s last season. A good # on the $ & term, & Holtby is well worth the gamble !

Dubas has yet to utilize Robidas island, so I do beleve Simmonds & Mzarek while both under contract, are likely to initially be on the roster to start next season.

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22 May 2022 16:54:26
Another option presuming Spezza resigns.

Goung with two dominant lines

Playoff lines getting 23 - 25 minutes per game, 46 to 50 minutes leaving 10 to 14 minutes for your 3rd and 4th lines to split.

Going with the 3 dominant line option, they would play approx. 18 minutes per game.

2 lethal lines

Miller Matthews Bunting
Horvat Tavares Marner
Knies Kampf Mikheyev
Engvall Spezza Simmonds

or three lethal lines

Bunting Matthews Knies
Mikheyev Tavares Marner
Horvat Miller Robertson
Spezza Kampf Simmonds.

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22 May 2022 18:23:46
Lines decribed in comment

Two line scenario I would categorize as dominant

Miller Matthews Bunting
Horvat Tavares Marner

, the three lines as all lehal just a step below dominant.

Bunting Matthews Knies
Mikheyev Tavares Marner
Horvat Miller Robertson

Whichever way you go dependent on your opposition, the two line scenario maybe more applicable against a Carolina, St. Louis, Dallas or a Calgary where size and shut down lines are neeeded. The three line scenario more applicable to opponents like Edmonton, Colorado, TB or Florida where you have to generate more offense 4, 5, 6 + goals to win games.

The two dominant lines you want outcomes if victories if 4-3, 3-1,3-2, 4-2, etc. You are banking on approx 3- 5 goals from your top 6.

With the 3 line scenario you want 5, 6, 7 + goals at times to win, those will be free wheeling fast games. Goaltending much more of a factor in those types of games though, where in the two line dominant scenario more of a focus is on the bottem 6 forwards to shut down and limit chances from the opposition and keeping everything to the perimiter, shutting down the quality of both the play and the shot. Two very different line combinations, for two very different kinds of hockey games. The different types of opposition teams face or style of play, define both the GM and the coac for a champion must defest whatever is thrown at them. Much like a champion boxer can adapt his style to all opponents, doing so in all scenarios. Sometimes overcoming adversity to achieve victory.

The GM is asked did he provide the personnel and components to succeed talent, skill, size, toughness, etc. to complete the task? Can Dubas now be asked to make roster upgrades, while improving the cap situation. Yes that would seem to be a tough ask, with some bartering and creativity it can be done.

The coach is asked did he utililize his roster appropriately related to ice time, line combinations, strategy, etc., did he adapt to his opposition shoring up any and all weaknesses or deficiencies in the line up due to injuries or other reasons?

Lots of questions in Leafland, next year is pivitol for Keefe, Dubas and Shanny, get it right or see ya. Matthews will be in his final year, another early playoff exit a very very bad thing. Writing is on the wall if Dubas doubles down, he most certainly better get it right.

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