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17 Jul 2019 03:29:22



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17 Jul 2019 02:08:29
Marner for

Tervainen + Pesce

CECI + Hyman



Zucker Matthews Nylander $23.95
Johnsson Tavares Tervainen $19.6
Moore Kerfoot Kapanen $ 7.3
Mikayev Spezza Shore $ 2.3
Total $53.1 MM

Reilly Pesce $9.025
Muzzin Barrie $6.75
Sandin Dermott $1.75
Total $17.75

Anderson Hutchison Kessel $6.9

TOTAL $77.75

Leaves $3.75 MM to improve this season.

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17 Jul 2019 01:04:02
Tor: marner
Det: mantha zadina 1st 2020 conditional 2nd 2021

Condition would be if marner signs longer than 5 years then leafs get the 2nd

Idk if either teams would do this but I think mantha is really starting to find his game I think he could be a long term cheaper player with lots of upside zadina too is a good player scores goals and is a decent playmaker I think it's fair in terms that the leafs gets a top 6 player and 2-3 future pieces all while saving a bunch in cap space to add something at the deadline or free agency next year with all the talent coming up

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17 Jul 2019 03:09:54
I was thinking of Detroit earlier. if I am trading Marner to Detroit I would try for Larkin and Mantha.

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17 Jul 2019 03:54:30
I like this one. Mantha is huge. And talented too. He would be a 25 goal, 50-60 point player on Leafs. Zadina has some real huge potentially too. I’m surprised Detroit didn’t play him last year. But that might have something to do with the upcoming expansion draft next year. This way he is protected now.

If Detroit made this deal, we would have to insist on a non-protected pick. Either that, or make the conditional an automatic first. Detroit, even with Marner, will still suck bad next year. That pick could easily be a lottery pick.

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17 Jul 2019 00:52:33
Last year Teravainen got 76 points playing with Carolina. But he got More assists then goals and he is kinda a playmaker. He was also playing with Aho who is very good but is a past first kind of center. So it's impressive that Teravainen got that many points and assists. I think that he'll be a great addition to our team.


2020 2nd

2020 7th
2021 4th

Pesce (25% retained)

Then when Dermot gets back from injury maybe we make this trade. Maybe.
2021 2nd
2022 2nd


Lineup going into postseason
Johnson Matthews Nylander
Ritchie Tavares Teravainen
Moore Kerfoot Kapanen
Petan Spezza Bracco

Riley Pesce
Muzzin Barrie
Dermott Ceci

Cap in about 10
Let's say Marner signs for 11.5 mill then we trade him, cap that would be leaving is about 14 million.

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17 Jul 2019 01:23:22
Teravainen is a short step below Marner. He’s like one tier lower than Marner. I can’t see Carolina trading both Teravainen and Pesce, let alone retain money too. It’s too much. But then again, it is Waddell. Not the most astute GM. Maybe he would do it.

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17 Jul 2019 04:01:00
Teravainen is almost Marner’s equal. You might get him plus pick/ prospect, but won’t get Pesce too (let alone retention) . Would be a nice trade. And who knows, it is Waddell. Anything can happen.

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16 Jul 2019 20:00:09
Ok. Dubas needs to end the sheraide with this kid marner. Sign him for 11.5 for 6 years. When he signs, you trade him the next day to Columbus, because we all know they want him he just doesn't want to go there. They were willing to go to 12.5 for 7 years so they will take him at 11.5 for 6 years for sure. They want something to replace the loss of Panarin for their fans.

Therefore here is the trade:
Toronto trades; Marner, lylingren and 2 7th round picks in 2020
Columbus for; Darnell Nurse, Josh Anderson
Cap out- 12.4 million
Cap in- 7.5 million

Offer to marner to sign that offer at 11.5 for 6yrs with Toronto ends July 31st at midnight.
He gets his money that his daddy and agent want and he gets screwed for not speaking up and making a decision on his own. See if daddy likes flying to Columbus 3 times a week!

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16 Jul 2019 20:28:06
Columbus might have a hard time trading nurse.

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16 Jul 2019 20:53:27
Thinking you meant Seth Jones.

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16 Jul 2019 21:46:00
Why don't Calgary make that offer for Tkachuk, or Tampa for Pointe, or Boston for McAvoy, or Winnipeg for Laine, because they are all in the same boat as Toronto. Its not unusual for RFA's to not sign during the summer and wait for training camp.
This is the reason Toronto is its own worse enemy. Marner is a heart and soul player and wants to play nowhere else. He is trying to get what he can but fans like you are disgusted with him for it. I am sure the fans in Tampa are following Pointe's every move until he signs - yeah right - and you wonder why he is not leaving there.
The media has nothing to report so to keep their jobs they are throwing whatever they can at Marner to ensure their ugly mugs get on the TV.
Its July 16, for gods sake, turn off the media till mid September and enjoy the summer.

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16 Jul 2019 22:05:56
Yes sorry you are absolutely right Seth Jones. My mistake. Just got carried away while I was writing my post!

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17 Jul 2019 04:06:23
No need to include Liljegren. Marner and a couple picks should be enough. We can give them better picks is fine. Or a lower b-prospect like Hollowell or Duszak. But handing them our top RHD prospect player is going too far.

Gotta like Seth Jones. Playing with Rielly, I would be inclined to say it would be the best top pair in the league.

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16 Jul 2019 18:58:05
Leafs trade Nylander, Ceci
New Jersey trades Subban*, Zacha
*$3M retained

Johnsson/ Matthews/ Kapanen
Hyman/ Tavares/ Marner
Zacha/ Kerfoot/ Mikheyev
Petan/ Spezza/ Bracco
(Moore/ Brooks/ )
(Timashov/ SDR/ Marchment)

Reilly/ Subban
Muzzin/ Barrie
Dermott/ Harpur
*Holl, Marincin, Gravel
(Sandin/ Liljegren)
(/ Hollowell)
(Borgman/ Duszak)
(/ Rasanen)


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16 Jul 2019 23:10:24
I love this deal just to see subban and reilly play together. i just don't see jersey doing it since they got him to convince hall to stay. i just don't feel nylander is the player hall gets giddy about.

Just my opinion. but still a good valued deal.

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17 Jul 2019 03:36:55
The main knock against this proposal is that Subban doesn’t have much term left on his contract. Losing a long term asset like Nylander for a few short years of Subban would suck, which is why I insisted on Zacha too. He would be around long term, and a change of scenery to a better team like Leafs could see him break out. Good size and a lot of potential, and not particularly needed in Jersey anymore.

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16 Jul 2019 13:11:35
Oilers: Russel , puljujärvi

Rangers: howden , shattenkirk (rangers retain 1,5m)

Rangers save 1m i cap for trouba and get a young player for their rebuild

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16 Jul 2019 18:59:45
If shattenkirk is going out, Lucic better be going in.

And then Leafs trade marner to rangers for Panarin. And everybody’s happy happy joy joy.

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16 Jul 2019 13:09:43
Minor trade of 2 defenseman who are not in favour with their coaches.

To TOR: D - J. Honka

To DAL: D - J. Holl + 2019 7th

Toronto signs Marner to a 2 year $17M deal. Marner will be able to ink a much larger AAV in 2 years from now.

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16 Jul 2019 22:14:20
I think the issue with a short term deal is that number just keeps going up don’t forget Rielly and his contract will run out soon as well.

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16 Jul 2019 23:06:36
The trade itself is good

Marner contract breakdown
1 year = 8.5m marner says no plus leafs need to do it all over again next summer
2 years= 18m marner says no but leafs would take for now
3 years= 30m both sides pretty close here but marner doesn't want to bet on himself
4 years= 44m marner wants this bad but leafs for that money want more term
5 years = 57m. yeah 1 ufa year is 13m in marners mind . leafs say no
6 years = 72myup 15 million now for a seventh year. leafs say no
7 years= 87.5m. mcdavid avv 1 less year. leafs say no
8 years= 104m . new record value contract. leafs say no

At moment leafs want 63 m for 6 and nothing less term or more value

Let the stalemate continue.

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17 Jul 2019 04:19:33
Honka is a bust. Very hard to get around it. He just doesn’t have what it takes. If he can’t make Dallas’ inept defense, he won’t make Leafs.

I see what you are trying to do, but fail to see a point. If we trade Holl, we are better packaging him to maximize return, or let him go for a pick. We have enough roster players and contracts we don’t need to bring a body in his for he sake of bringing him in. The cap space Savard from Holl could be used on another player (like Marner) .

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16 Jul 2019 10:55:10
Leafs trade Kapanen, Ceci
Oiler’s trade Larsson, Puljujärvi, Gagner*
*Included for cap purposes

Staying with the Oilers theme, maybe not a blockbuster, but could be doable maybe?

Johnsson/ Matthews/ Nylander
Hyman/ Tavares/ Marner
Mikheyev/ Kerfoot/ Puljujarvi
Petan/ Spezza/ Gagner
(Moore/ Brooks/ Bracco)
(Timashov/ SDR/ Marchment)

Reilly/ Larsson
Muzzin/ Barrie
Dermott/ Harpur
*Holl, Marincin, Gravel
(Sandin/ Liljegren)
(/ Hollowell)
(Borgman/ Duszak)
(/ Rasanen)


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16 Jul 2019 15:45:51
this one is so hard to tell if it’s worth it or not good suggestion.

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16 Jul 2019 22:51:30
Toronto gets a better dman who actually is a top 4 D. toronto gets a true playmaker who needs a change and get one of tavares

Edmonton gets top end speed finally to play with mcdavid. something he needs bad. he always gets to zone way gefore everyone looks up then waits precious seconds for his slow linemates to catch up. enter kapanen. now someone is with him. perfect match, . then they get a dman for his size is actually pretty fast but is not a smart dman yet.

Overall i say why not. I've seen worse moves. and no lucic included is always a plus

Good suggestion.

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17 Jul 2019 04:25:05
Craigger said something here that caught my eye: NO LUCIC.

The key thing to remember with Lucic, in any scenario involving him, is that he has a NMC, which means he automatically counts against protected player count for expansion draft. Even at $3M, I wouldn't want to take the chance and then get stuck with him and can’t protect a more deserving player.

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16 Jul 2019 08:29:44
Jack Campbell
2021 4th Round Pick

Garret Sparks
2021 3rd Round Pick

LAK has Petersen in the minors who I think they'd prefer to play in the NHL this year and so, Campbell would be on his way out to make space and Sparks would go to them and run their AHL team.

Campbell would come to TOR and help take a good amount of pressure off Andersen.

Since both goalies are on just 1-year deals but Campbell is the better goalie, TOR sends a 3rd and LAK sends a 4th; any decent draft picks are of use to LAK in their current form.


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16 Jul 2019 12:59:43
No need for another goalie coming back we already have

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16 Jul 2019 23:11:46
Dubas once trade for campbell then regretted making the deal

Would he dare try it again. you u never know.

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17 Jul 2019 03:47:00
Leafs biggest need right now is a capable backup goalie. Not very glamorous posting a proposal like this, but a very smart and timely one.

Sparks can’t do the job. Is fact that he is just not an nhl caliber goalie. And as a result, Andersen is getting overworked in regular season and burning out in playoffs. Lack of a good quality backup goalie has been a leading factor in Leafs early exit two years in a row.

I don’t know if campbell is the man for us. I’d like to see Hutchinson get another try first. Is Lehner still available? He got stabbed in back by islanders. Maybe we can sign the vezina finalist to a cheap short term deal of some sort and run a tandem with Andersen. That appears to be the way of the future now with so many teams doing it. And it seems to be working well for those teams running tandems. Having Lehner share net with Andersen could finally see us get past first round playoffs.

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