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17 Jun 2024 00:14:10
Post July 1
Marner gets his 7.25 bonus

Then July 2

Marner Liljegren Niemela Robertson Steeves to ottawa
Both 1sts 2024 Batherson Chychrun to Leafs

Draft defence

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16 Jun 2024 23:49:35
Culture Change
Extreme Makeover

Draft Day
Tavares Liljegren Robertson Jarnkrok to Utah
Crouse McBain 2nd 2024 to Leafs
Utah extends Tavares 2 years 9 million per

Post July 1 after Marner gets his $

Marner Kampf To Sharks
Haltunnen Ferrero Kunin to Leafs


Crouse Matthews Debrusk
Guentzel Stamkos Nylander
Knies McBain Cowan
Duclair Holmberg Kunin

Rielly Benoit McCabe Montour Pesce Ferrero

Brossoit Woll

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16 Jun 2024 22:20:03
Tor: Marner
Ott: chabot 7th OA

Tor: Reilly, lily
Van: soucy, hoglander, garland

Toronto signs Roy, domi and tanev Pittsburgh back up that struggled can't think of the name

Leaf lineup

Knies Matthews domi
Robertson Tavares garland
Hoglander holmberg nylander
Jarnkrok Kampf Reeves

Chabot tanev
McCabe roy
Benoit Timmins


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16 Jun 2024 14:33:28

Trade Marner Liljegren Kampf Robertson to Ducks
McTavish Warren 1st oilers 2024 2nd Ducks 2024 to Leafs

Debrusk Matthews Perron
Knies McTavish Nylander
Duclair Tavares Cowan
McMann Holmberg Grebyonkin

Rielly Benoit McCabe Skjei Roy Carrier

Brossoit Woll

Trade Jarnkrok to Devils
3rd 2024 jets to leafs

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16 Jun 2024 18:32:14
Yes, yes yes! Great post send it to Treliving.

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16 Jun 2024 18:46:21
Great post Wendel and great name! Don’t think you will get a 1st back from ANH as well unless you retain a fair bit on Marner.

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16 Jun 2024 01:19:08
Toronto trades Kampf
New Jersey for Nathan Bastian

Toronto trades Jarnkroc and Timmons
Chicago for 3rd & 4th in 2024

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16 Jun 2024 05:56:52
I'm ok with that 2 minor deals and leafs have no future plans that include those 3 players

Trading Jarnknok and Kampf gives lesfs $4.5 million in cap space

Leafs core that I don't trade


Tavaras is either brought back at 50% reduction or he walks

So next season leafs could gain his 11 million in cap space

So leafs cap situation is in great shape after next season. Only 4 of 16 players are costing significant cap space. It the forwards and defenceman that they bring in this off-season that's crutial

I hold onto Bertuzzi and Domi only if the cost is right they don't score enough so I'm not paying more than $4 million on each player but I would give them term.

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16 Jun 2024 18:34:49
Robertson, Llyigren and Topi Niemela
Can go.
As well as Rielly Bertuzzi and Domi.

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16 Jun 2024 20:22:14
Definitely don't trade Marner @DM. I love seeing the turnovers year after year, losing every puck battle and not scoring. Really need to see that for another year. It hasn't bee long enough.

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15 Jun 2024 23:18:17
I truly believe that Treliving has talked to both Marner and Rielly about being moved for a fresh start somewhere else.
The Fans need a big shake up with this Team and so does the team.

I think that the draft might be a big shocker to all Leafs fans.

Making a move at the draft to trade both Marner and Rielly would give Treliving the assets and cap space to reshape this team to a contender instead of a pretender.

At the draft ;

Anaheim trades the 3rd overall pick and Vantrano to Toronto for Morgan Rielly, Nick Robertson and a 5th in 2024

Toronto drafts Sam Dickenson from the London Knights 3rd overall

Toronto trades their 1st round pick, Mitchy Marner and Llyigren
Seattle for Jussi Saros, Lauzon and Seattle 2 & 3 in this year's draft

This helps Toronto go after UFAS Montour, Pesce, Tanev, Debrusk, Dakota, Stamkos or Zadorov

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16 Jun 2024 00:35:37
Anaheim gives up the 3rd overall pick plus 30 goal scorer Vatrano for Morgan Reilly, Nick Robertson and a 5th.
Too many gummies in your breakfast cereal.

Montour will be too expensive, want too much term and is simply another Morgan Reilly with a little more offense.
Tanev is already 34 (35 at the turn of the year) and has one of the lengthiest injury histories among NHL defensemen.
Stamkos scored 40 goals this year and finished the season -21, is 34 and soon to be 35.

Pesce would be an excellent partner for Morgan Reilly since the Ducks are not giving up the 3rd overall pick for him.
Zadorov would be great, bring character and toughness but will want $6+ on a long term contract.
Saros only has one year left on his contract and is watching Shesterkin’s negotiations with the Rangers.
If Shesterkin receives the anticipated $11 - $12 million on his next contract Saros will want at least $9+ million July 1st, 2025.
Leafs can not afford a $9+ million dollar goaltender.

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16 Jun 2024 00:47:21
Never gonna happen…. especially since Sarros doesn’t play for Seattle lol.

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16 Jun 2024 18:37:40
Ok, I screwed up the teams, I would rather Binnington and Neighbors for Marner, but I don't think he will go to St. Louis.

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15 Jun 2024 20:06:28
Tor: Marner, lily
Phi: sanheim, frost, Ersson

Tor: Robertson and a 3rd (don't care what year.)
Fla: Bennett

Sign bertuzzi domi and Roy

Leaf lineup.

Knies Matthews domi
Bertuzzi Bennett Tavares
Jarnkrok frost nylander
Mcmann Kampf holmberg
Dewer Reeves

Reilly Anaheim
McCabe roy
Benoit whomever can make the jump.


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15 Jun 2024 22:42:52
The worst thing Treliving could do is re-sign Bertuzzi and Domi.

They both want to much money for what bring to the team and we already have 5 players like that already.
Matthews, Tavares, Nylander, MARNER AND RIELLY!

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15 Jun 2024 22:56:24
Marner is not getting traded. Robertson and a third will not get Bennett.

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16 Jun 2024 00:38:59
Sanheim is a 2nd pairing LHD.
Frost is a 3rd line center.
Ersson is a backup goaltender.

Leafs need a RHD to pair with Morgan Reilly.
Leafs need a 2nd line center in order to move Tavares to 3rd line center.
Leafs need a far better backup for Woll than Ersson.

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15 Jun 2024 03:02:50
My thoughts on the Marner matter.
Should he give the Leafs permission to trade him.
If Raleigh, NC., is on his short list of destinations.

To Leafs: Necas, 2024 - 1st round pick (#27), Kotkaniemi to balance cap hits and the signing rights (until July 1st) for Brett Pesce.

To Hurricanes: Mitch Marner

To keep Necas Canes will have to pay him in the vicinity of $6M, Kotkaniemi ($4.8) = $10.8 million.
Marner's cap hit is $10.89

Necas is a RW/ C who can play on the 1st line with Matthews and Bertuzzi/DeBrusk.
Necas replaces some of the offense from the right side lost by trading Marner.
Kotkaniemi can play 2nd line/3rd line center with Nylander and Knies .
That leaves Tavares free to man the 3rd line center slot with McMann and Kunin (more later)

The signing rights to Pesce give the Leafs a two week head start on signing the RHD, free agent who is arguably the best available, stylistically, RHD to pair with Morgan Reilly.
Leafs can then target Roy/Walker/DeMelo to be the RHD for the 2nd pairing.
Better yet, 2 of the 3.

Bertuzzi/DeBrusk - Matthews - Necas
Knies - Kotkaniemi - Nylander
McMann - Tavares - Kunin
Holmberg - Dewar - Reaves

Reilly - Pesce
McCabe - Roy
Ferraro - Walker/DeMelo
Benoit - Timmins

Woll/Gustavsson (Wild)/ Broissoit/Stolarz???

Reportedly, Leafs have been talking trade with San Jose with both Ferraro and Kunin being specifically mentioned

Robertson ($767,666, RFA), Kampf ($2.45), Liljegren ($1.4, RFA),and Jarnkrok ($2.1) go to San Jose Sharks for Ferraro ($3.25) Kunin ($2.75)

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15 Jun 2024 11:31:14
I'd still be trying to sign montour. Over walker and Roy. He's a multi dimensional dmen which we need more of.

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15 Jun 2024 15:43:00
@WB I don’t think Necas is the answer for this team. They want more hard nosed forwards that will compete in playoffs. Not a big fan of the trade personally. Also no way Benoit should be pushed to 7th D. He has earned that bottom pair.
@Hrenklin We need someone to play with Rielly and Roy is better suited than Montour. But would love to see Roy, Zadorov/ Ferraro (pending money) and Carrier

Rielly Roy
Zadorov McCabe
Benoit Carrier.

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16 Jun 2024 00:55:13
My interest in Necas is not only his offensive potential, or that he can play center, but that he is a right winger who can replace some of the offense lost on the right wing by trading Marner.
With a Marner trade Leafs are left with only Nylander, Jarnkrok and Reaves on the right wing.
Not comforting!
I feel it is imperative for the Leafs to get a right wing in return as part of any Marner trade.
I see so many suggestions trading Marner for a left winger or a 2nd pairing LHD.

Montour is basically another Morgan Reilly with a little more offense who will want Morgan Reilly type money ($7.5)
Unless Reilly is traded I would not want Montour.
Unless Leafs are trading Reilly then they should be focusing on acquiring a suitable RHD like Pesce, Roy, DeMelo or even Walker to pair with Reilly not a left handed, offense first defenseman, was my thought.

I do like Carriere as Leafs 3rd pairing, RHD.
I felt they should have targeted Carriere at the trade deadline.
Zadorov would be great but he reportedly wants $6M x 6 years.
Rather pricey without having rectified the problems at RHD.
I do like the defensive pairings

Reilly ($7.5) - Roy ($5)
Zadorov ($6) - MCCabe ($2)
Benoit ($1.35) - Carriere ($1.35)
(#7, $1)

$24.25 does not seem like too much to spend on a defense.

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14 Jun 2024 14:44:11
Seattle Trades

Toronto Trades

Thoughts ?

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14 Jun 2024 15:39:03
I think we’d have to sweeten the pot, but I do like Borgen as a RD target.

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14 Jun 2024 17:04:42
Honestly totally forgot the leafs had Timmons still.

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15 Jun 2024 01:52:11
I don’t see Ron Francis trading a 2nd pairing, RHD for a #7/ 8 RHD.
Doesn’t make any sense.

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15 Jun 2024 15:33:30
If he wanted Timmons he was free several times. Nobody wants him.

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15 Jun 2024 22:58:10
Hard pass from Seattle.

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14 Jun 2024 13:30:45
Going back to Anaheim for a Marner trade. Just think Anaheim makes too much sense for both teams

Marner $10.9M(8X$11.9M extension)
Jarnkrok $2.1M

Vatrano $3.65M
Mintyukov $.918M
Lindstrom RFA
2025 3rd(Tor)

Anaheim gets Marner locked up and add a mid 6 winger who plays all situations in Jarnkrok. They improve immediately.

Toronto picks up Vatrano who plays a heavy game and will help with some scoring lost. Mintyukov is a 20 year good size D that will help solve Toronto's lack of offence from the defence. Lindstrom gives them a 3rd pair RD to pair with Benoit. They get their 2025 3rd back. Toronto also clears $7.4M in cap to help sign a top pair D for Rielly and the remaining approx. $20M for forwards and goalie.

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14 Jun 2024 14:49:47
RLF great trade, all 3 players can help now.
Love Mintyukov who is potentially a top pairing Dman and can run the 1PP. Leafs pick up 1 or 2 defensive UFA's (Roy, Tanev, Pesce, Carrier) and we're cooking.
Vatrano can replace Bertuzzi at a much lower cap hit as well.
Plus Lidstrom can easily play beside Benoit or be 7th DMan (depending if we get 2 UFA Dmen and McCabe slides
down beside Benoit) .

I would even add Lily if they wanted another body.
I would even add Lily if they wanted more.

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15 Jun 2024 02:38:24
If either Vatrano or Mintyukov were right handed I would be on board with this trade.
But neither is!

Mintyukov is a fine defensive prospect but is not yet ready to impact the Leafs quest for a Stanley Cup.
Mintyukov is also a LHD while arguably Leafs greatest need is for TWO right hand defensemen.
Vatrano is a good goal scorer, plays a heavier game and would replace some of the offense Leafs would lose by trading Marner.
Yet Vatrano is a LW while Marner is a RW.
By trading Marner and not receiving a RW in return, Leafs would be left with Nylander, Jarnkrok and Reaves on the right side.
Three right wingers to fill 4 slots and one of those right wingers is the soon to be, 38 year old Ryan Reaves.

LWs seem to be a dime a dozen while RWs are held near and dear.
Leafs have Bertuzzi (if he is resigned), Knies, Robertson, McMann, Cowan and Holmberg already down the left side.
They don’t even have any suitable right wing prospects.

I would prefer targeting Necas who is right handed and 5 years younger than Vatrano.

Lindstrom appears, at the moment to be a lesser Liljegren and another Timmons.
Leafs need a 1st and 2nd pairing RHD, badly.
They will potentially have Brett Pesce, Matt Roy, Sean Walker, Dylan DeMalo to say nothing of the soon to be very expensive Brandon Montour to choose from.
Unless Leafs were to trade Liljegren and/ or Timmins do they really need another #7?

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15 Jun 2024 16:03:18

I get they are not right handed. For the forward, that isn't as big a deal.
For reference, Florida only has 4 right shot forwards in their regular lineup and two of them are on the 4th line.
Edmonton has only 4 right shot forwards as well and typically only 3 when Kane plays.

Vatrano as both wings.
If you use the extra cap space to fill the team properly, how can't these guys help them win now. Add to that, the window to win is over the next 3-5 years, it's not like it's next year or bust.

I get what you're saying, but who do the Leafs have like Mintyukov in the system. Simple answer is they don't.

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16 Jun 2024 01:07:10
I wanted Leafs to trade Marner to Anaheim prior to the 2023 draft for Mintyukov and the Ducks 1st overall pick (Fantilli or Carlsson) .
I’m sure I wrote the proposal on this site at the time.
Marner was an RFA and did not have the No Trade protection he has now.
Mintyukov and either Charlie Elick or EJ Emery (#23 - 2024) would have made an excellent future pairing.

I must confess I have an inherent distaste for playing wingers and defenseman on their off side.
Very few of them are as good offhanded as they are on their natural side though admittedly there are a few players who prefer it.

It is interesting how there is such a preponderance of left handed professional hockey players?

I enjoy your proposals as they are among the few which I find are well balanced between the two participating traders, take into account, age, playing style, contract (term as well as money), current needs as balanced against future needs and current roster makeup.

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16 Jun 2024 18:52:40
@WB forwards don’t matter as much. Domi played better on his right side than left and get ready for Cowan who prefers to play the right side over his strong side but agree with you 100% on the D side. McCabe is the only D we got that I felt confident with him playing his off side.

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13 Jun 2024 21:45:38
Look guys trading Marner would be big mistake. If the Leafs decide to trade they need win on this trade period

Leafs have 20mil in cap and need to make the right moves Here are few traded and siigning that help


Leafs. Bjugstad and Kesslering
Utah. Robertson Jornkrok Timmons

Leafs get big solid 3C that is needed and I believe a big body RD


Leafs. Vatrano
Duck Kampf and Lilly

Marhessault 3yr 5 mill
Montour or Pesce 7 yr 6.5 mill
Matt Roy. 7yr 4.5 mill

These pieces are what is needed.

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14 Jun 2024 02:05:53
This core doesn’t work! And there is no way leafs are willing to pay him what he wants if they do then they might as well fold the franchise. I agree they need to spend wisely but this core has had 8 years time to move on… ps 30 goal vatrano is worth more then bottom pair liljgren and fourth line centre kampf.

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14 Jun 2024 05:40:38
Montour and Pesce are completely different types of players.
Pesce would be a good partner for Morgan Reilly while Montour would not be as his style of play is too similar to Reilly’s.
Montour will also want $7+ million whereas Pesce can probably be had for $6M.

I don’t think a 4th line center and a 3rd pairing defenseman will get you Vatrano’s 30 goals.

I’ve been advocating for the Leafs to acquire Bujgstad as their 3rd line center for the past two trade deadlines.
Instead Dubas wanted to spend a 1st round pick + for the rental O’Reilly to be Leafs 3rd line center for 27 games.
Similar to Dubas choosing to trade for Foligno instead of Sam Bennett who has been playing in last years and this years Stanley Cups.

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