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22 Jan 2022 01:43:44
How about

Tor: Sandin

Fla: Spencer knight

Cap roughly same. Fla gets their insurance LHD, tor get an affordable backup. The package their 2nd with mrazek to get him outta dodge.

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22 Jan 2022 00:09:49
Trade to announce,

Toronto trades Holl and Amirov
Montreal for Ben Chiarot

Toronto trades Ritchie, Dermont Abrezse and a 1st in 2022
New Jersey for Damon Severson

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22 Jan 2022 00:50:32
Not bad.

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22 Jan 2022 02:04:50
Montreal I could see, but NJ would say no.

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22 Jan 2022 02:17:39
I like the deals but feel both Montreal and NJ will want more than you’re offering and will likely get it from someone!

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21 Jan 2022 21:38:55
If the leafs lose in RD 1 again, a trade with another team who needs a shakeup like the flyers makes sense.

leafs receive;

F Joel Farabee + D Travis sanheim

Flyers receive;

F William nylander

Bunting Matthews marner
Robertson Tavares farabee

Reilly Brodie
Muzzin sanheim

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21 Jan 2022 22:40:15
Why are we trading Nylander? I like the two coming back, but Nylander is too valuable to the TML Marner, all day plus future assets to get this deal done with the flyers.

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22 Jan 2022 01:59:57
Please don't talk about Leafs losing in round 1. Thankyou. (psssst even if it is a back up plan) :)

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21 Jan 2022 16:27:50
Dubas better start making moves Boston could catch Toronto

I don't see leafs being able to beat Florida or Tampa in first round

Leafs trade Amirov first round 2022 Holl

Arizona trades Chychrun

Leafs trade first round 2023 Matthew knies
Flyers Claude Giroux flyers retain half

Leafs dump Richie Engvall

That prospect Amirov I trade I don't like drafting Russians getting them with the program is difficult

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21 Jan 2022 18:46:56
Don't like dem Russians? What is this about? Is the suggestion here that Russians are incapable of fitting into a team's system of play? Absolutely absurd. I do agree that Dubas messed up and should have drafted Braeden Schneider over Rodion Amirov. Leafs don't have any shutdown defense prospects in their system. Leafs have too many soft, skilled forwards. Not enough skill players with grit and determination in my estimation.

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21 Jan 2022 18:54:37
Why are you throwing first rounders around like loose nickels? Giroux is 34 with his best years way behind him. Next year he signs for maybe $2 mil tops somewhere if not less. Maybe. doesn't put Leafs over the top.

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21 Jan 2022 19:43:33
I like the trade for chycrun.

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21 Jan 2022 19:53:55
I'll agree that Dubas should have drafted Schneider over Amirov, but I do still like Amirov.

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21 Jan 2022 22:06:26
A fish rots from the head down. So Shannahan is gone, and Dubas is demoted back to the juniors to work on the skills needed to be a GM in the NHL. In the Meantime, Marner is the elephant in the room salary-wise vs. performance/ production.

Marner's contract? Is an issue; Marner's good, but he's not Nylander bang for the buck. Marner's contract is the leafs Achilles-heel.

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21 Jan 2022 23:23:54
So what are we going to do with a 5th LHD?

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22 Jan 2022 00:33:46
Use our imaginations?

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22 Jan 2022 02:21:20
Schneider or Dawson Mercer would have been better picks than Amirov.

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21 Jan 2022 16:00:20
Leafs devils trade

Toronto receives:

D Severson + F Miles wood

New Jersey receives:

1st RD pick + 2nd RD pick + topi neimela + Roni hirvonen

Bunting Matthews marner
Kerfoot Tavares nylander
Wood Kerfoot kase
Simmonds kampf spezza

Reilly Brodie
Muzzin severson
Sandin liljegren
Dermott holl

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21 Jan 2022 16:21:49
Can't work for cap reasons. You're taking in $6.92M and sending out $0.

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21 Jan 2022 18:08:43
Supposed to be mikheyev on the third line oops.

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21 Jan 2022 18:26:12
Can't make this move with no salary going out.

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21 Jan 2022 18:41:49
Maybe they can include next year's first. Wow.

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21 Jan 2022 19:54:58
That is a nice package being given up, but there must be salary going out the door too.

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21 Jan 2022 20:57:15
How about Jake Muzzin, Pierre Engvall and Joey Anderson to the Devils for Damon Severson and Miles Wood? Would the money work out going versus coming in?

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21 Jan 2022 22:45:33
Marner and two first rd pics 22,23, plus the 2nd in 24 and 25 to the Canadians for J. Anderson, and their 1st rd pic in 2022.

Go Leafs!

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21 Jan 2022 15:31:17
I still like NJ as trade partners and like the players RLF targeted.
I just feel we should tweak the proposal slightly.

To Toronto
Severson $4.17M
McLeod $.975M

Kerfott $3.5M
Holl $2M
Ritchie $2.5M
Hirvonen ELC
2022 1st round pick
2023 4th round pick

Cap In $5.145M
Cap Out $8M


To Toronto
Lyubushkin $1.35M UFA (tougher Bogo type)

To Arizona
Dermott $1.5M (+ 1 year RFA)

Reasons have already been stated from other NJ proposals.
Leafs gain $3.05M cap space for another possible TDL add on.

I think the values are fair.

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21 Jan 2022 19:56:01
If done early enough, NJD could still flip Kerfoot for potentially a 1st at the deadline.

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21 Jan 2022 20:53:29
Severson is a top pair D that has another year on a good contract. He returns a quality roster player, a 1st and a high prospect at least imo. McLeod at $.975 for another year gets a 1st+ as a return. Ritchie and Holl have little to negative value ATM. Seems like the Leafs get a lot back without giving up a lot.

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21 Jan 2022 21:01:31
I would take the Arizona trade and run if I were GM Kyle Dumbass. Travis Dermott has played like a dope for so long after he was drafted from McDavid's Erie Otters team. But knowing Dubas he would trade Dermott to the Oilers for Yamamoto, another smallish, soft, skilled forward like the Leafs don't have enough of these Smurf Village type prospects in their system?

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22 Jan 2022 02:08:27
I like the Arz trade. Good trade for both teams. Real good prop.

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21 Jan 2022 13:00:42
So, this deal got a fair amount of support, which makes me think my initial thought of asking Buffalo to take both Mrazek and Ritchie was too much. So I am re-adjusting and adding a second deal.

Nylander $6.96M
Mrazek $3.8M

Tuch $4.75M
Jokiharju $2.5M
Anderson $.750M
Hagg $1.6M

2nd deal

Kerfoot $3.5M
Ritchie $2.5M($1M retained)

McLeod $.975M
Okhotyuk ELC

Cap out $15.76M
Cap in $8.225M

Cap space gained $7.535M(includes Ritchie's retention)

First deal was explained before.

NJ gets a top 6 forward who can PP and having a very good season while signed for another year. They take on Ritchie, but with the Leafs retaining $1M, Ritchie is priced properly and they give up a D prospect I really like in Okhotyuk which makes up the value difference between Kerfoot and McLeod at the moment.

Leafs get McLeod, who has speed and can play C or LW and is signed for another season at $.975. He can take Kerfoot's spot on JT's wing and I don't really think there will be a drop off. He can play centre and great on the draw if and injury occurs. Okhotyuk gives us another D prospect. The $7.5M in cap space solves the Leafs cap issues now and moving forward.

Bunting Matthews Marner
McLeod JT Tuch
Mikheyev Kampf Kase
Clifford Spezza Simmonds

Rielly Brodie
Muzzin Jokiharju
Sandin Hagg
Holl, Dermott, Liljegren


With all the cap space and D depth, Leafs can make a move to upgrade the 4th line and add another goalie at the TDL if they want, without giving up high picks or prospects. With the new cap space and the players who are on expiring contracts, they should have pots of cap to re-sign any of the players they want while giving Campbell a good raise. Holl can be moved in the off-season as well if they want to clear more cap space.

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21 Jan 2022 13:09:28
The only thing achieved here is cap space the team got worse tho.

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21 Jan 2022 16:14:53
@L1994. Explain how it is worse?

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21 Jan 2022 20:11:44
What a hot mess.

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21 Jan 2022 22:15:49
Explain the hot mess Rocket.

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21 Jan 2022 23:02:12
Tuch is the only good player you brought in and I’d say offensively he’s not close to nylander this mcloed kid that’s everyone seems to be hornet about puts up fourth line numbers and you go him in the top six and the two defencemen you have here are bottom pair guys.

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22 Jan 2022 02:01:44
L1994. As for McLeod, you told me the same thing about Bennett. He now has 40pts in 41 games for Florida playing in the top 6. I wasn't wrong on Bennett, but you assume I am on McLeod. Jukiharju is playing 21 mins a night on a bad Buffalo team and looks quite good for a 22 year old. Hagg is a very good 3rd pair defensive D. Anderson at 40 is better than Mrazek and $7M+ in Cap space means they can add a big piece at the deadline if they want.
No doubt in my mind this is a better overall team with more cap flexibility than the current team.

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21 Jan 2022 10:36:36
Leafs. Draisaitl Koskinen
Oilers Nylander Dermott Engvall Mrazek Robertson

On the money or out to lunch?

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21 Jan 2022 13:03:28
I will take a ham on Rye:)

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21 Jan 2022 13:10:52
Yea even if this was purposed owners of the oilers would never approve it.

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