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18 Oct 2021 12:36:26
Devils Trade

Leafs Trade

Thoughts ?

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18 Oct 2021 13:34:32
Can't see NJ doing this. Zacha has started to show improvement. He would have easily been a 20/ 20+ in a full season last year.

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18 Oct 2021 13:56:17
With familiar faces in vesey, graves, johnsson, gauthier and bernier niw might be a good time for jersey to get the player they picked in the first place. Yes, kerfoot has a huge rivalry with Princeton from his harvard days but unlike my dad I think That had no baring on why he chose Colorado instead of New Jersey.

Jersey drafted him fresh off their cup final appearance. Kerfoot and every team knew he was going to Harvard but jersey used the last pick in 5th round on him knowing it would be 4 years minimum before they get him they knew he could be a future center for them and knew he was a smart guy.

The next 5 years jersey plummet so bad that when kerfoot was ready to sign they just drafted center nico hischier. They also had zacha and Macleod as up and comers and had Henrique and zajac as veteran centers while on July 1st just signed big Boyle to a 2 year deal so that position was a tad crowded. Colorado had mackinnon and duchene but after them only soderberg and Wilson as centers and Colorado concentrated on defence in 2017 draft and more wingers in recent drafts before that. In fact Colorado only had one good prospect at time at center in jost who was much like kerfoot skipping whl and playing college but only stayed in school 1 year. Kerfoot family being close to Barrie family also helped this decision.

Kerfoot chooses Colorado who also offered more bonus money than jersey. He cracks their lineup and gets second line wing until duchene is dealt 14 games in then becomes the 2nd line center. Where in jersey hischier gets 1st line. Henrique Zajac battle for 2nd line role. Zacha battle with coleman for 3rd line center spots and Boyle is fixed as 4th line center. Heck 24 games in jersey dealt Henrique for vatanen just so zacha and coleman can flip flop at center on 3rr line. Add in Macleod for future and kerfoot made right choice.

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18 Oct 2021 14:13:15
Ok now about deal. I think you’re target is great. I mean he didn’t grow up with kampf or Kase or play on he league games with them. However, he played internationally with Kase on 3 occasions and 2 with kampf. They also competed against each other a lot as kids more Kase than kampf due to age but all 3 I’m sure know each other good enough.

What a perfect 3rd czeching line. Pardon the pun. Umm, actually no it’s perfect,

Let’s make the deal bigger just for fun. Your deal is fine I’m just in a mood to add.

Colton White (a Dubas guy)
Shakir mukhamadullin ( amirov body guard)

Nick abruzzese
Joe Fusco
2023 2nd rounder

Yeah doubt it but fun

MacLeod can be added instead of zacha and maybe now it’s close. Either or I like the thinking on a deal for kerfoot to jersey.

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18 Oct 2021 15:22:11
So I was unsure about kerfoot going back to jersey, but after Andersen went back to Carolina I’m more inclined to think jersey at least has interest in kerfoot.

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17 Oct 2021 15:33:14
Here is a 3 way deal.

2021 1st(tor)

Johnsson $3.4M(tor)
Dermott $.875M(tor)

Bennett $2.55M(Cal)
Weegar $3.25M (Fla)

Yes, I went back to the past and did a deal for what the cost was reported for these players prior to the start of the 20/21 season. Since Dubas decided not to part with these assets to get Weegar and Bennett, Weegar has gone on to gain Norris votes last year and Bennett has continued his hot pace with Florida when given a larger role.
Instead Dubas got a minor leaguer for Johnsson, Dermott is on the 3rd pair and our 1st was used for a rental that barely played.

Can you imagine what Weegar and Bennett would cost now to acquire?

The Kadri trade looks worse and worse all the time, but Dubas's misses are even worse imo.

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17 Oct 2021 18:21:18
Rielly 35pts (15th) +11 (42nd) ESmin (10th) PPmin (20th)
Muzzin 27pts (30th) +21 (12th) SHmin (39th)

Of 14 players ahead of Rielly in points 12 got more PP points than Rielly and 10 got more PP time. Of those players 10 got Norris Votes. . Rielly had a better +/ - than 5 players who got votes. Only 3 players played more than Rielly at even strength and only 1 had better +/ - than Rielly.

Only 6 players on the Norris vote list had more SH time than Muzzin only 6 players on Norris vote list best Muzzin +/ - rating. 4 players had less points than Muzzin and if those 4, 3 had worse +/ - than him. Only 3 guys on list had more hits and only 2 blocked shots than Muzzin.

My point on this is both these guys should of got votes over a few others.

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17 Oct 2021 18:25:22
LOL. How is it unbelievable?

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17 Oct 2021 19:19:12
Fair enough on the Norris, by no means is it the be all end all. My point was that Dubas misread how good Weegar is. Who wouldn't trade johnsson and Dermott for Weegar now? I would have then and actually prposed that exact trade. I believe you were right with me on Weegar.
Bennett, we all know how I felt about Bennett.
It makes me question what it is that they are looking for when they evaluate a trade. They wanted Kerfoot, but didn't want Weegar or Bennett. Now he signs Ritchie, resigns Simmonds, signs Bunting, Kampf. He is changing the way the team is built. He had no clue and because he didn't, we missed out on 2 opportunities we know of. How many more were there that we don't know of because the player didn't fit Dubas's mold. Small, quick, skilled.

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17 Oct 2021 20:43:21
I was getting to your point lol

My dad advocated in 2018 offseason on weegar. He at the time just put up 8 pts in 60 games and was still in his ELC. Leafs just drafted Sandin and had Liljegren from year before. With gardiner hainsey and zaitsev all ufa next offseason and with Dermott set to be full time bottom pairing that year it’s great time to get weegar. But instead Dubas goes to Russia gets ozhiganov so no weegar. At time my dad suggested Holl leivo and late pick for him and at time no one knew weegar so it was mocked lol.
Leafs did get Muzzin later on so no biggy.

2019 offseason weegar gets 15pts in 64 games and my dad wanted leafs to get him bad even posted a story how he once scouted Ryan Johnston in Nepean couldn’t convince him to join the OHL team he scouted for as Johnston family is an education Colgate family first but moticed a fast moving partner and younger weegar but couldn’t convince team he worked for to draft him as the Johnston rejection put bad taste in management mouth so didn’t want to waste pick on weegar. So every OHL team passes so he gets good advice to join qmjhl Halifax and it was right move and good he never got drafted because he got the minutes and development he needed there.

Anyways 2019 offseason having Rielly Muzzin Dermott returning many d moves needed to be made as Sandin although looked good in preseason wasn’t ready and liljegren who knows. He suggest trade 20 goal man johnsson for weegar to laughter. Then he went down a peg
to Moore Timashov and a pick but everyone was like who’s weegar. He then said liljegren to massive laughter. Ok leafs go get Ceci and Barrie and that’s that

2020 offseason it’s too late. Dad gets sick so I take over the writing and johnsson for weegar we all wanted. He is a former 20 goal man but hurt a lot and guess what weegar was hurt a bit too. 18pts in 45 games but the guy was good. Florida wouldn’t and shouldn’t trade for him so they didn’t. Florida signs him 3 yrs 3.75 per I believe. Good for him bad on Dubas. Instead we get although nothing thst bad Joey Anderson another player my dad scouted and loved just not on weegar level.

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17 Oct 2021 21:12:16
As for Bennett I mean calgary wasn’t dealing him
maybe the 18 offseason as contract talks weren’t close. So many options here. Kadri nah. Kapanen or johnsson or maybe both. Dubas ain’t dealing his 1st rounder in his first off season. I mean it would of took quite a bit. Nothing Dubas would risk I mean dude just won Calder so kappy and johnsson are his guys right so Bennett no go yet

2019 offseason it took till July 24th to sign Bennett and I guarantee kadri plus others for Brodie and Bennett was in the works except kadri said no. Kadri. It was there. Bennett signs later a 2 year bridge again and rumors for him league wide are flyin, do leafs trade one or both their 20 goal young players now for him a 27 point possible playoff warrior. Quick answer is no. Leafs get kerfoot Barrie instead and oh kadri the what if you numb. You woulda been a top line guy in Calgary 2nd line center at worst. Now u a barried aging player on Colorado. Sorry your fault.

2019-20 so many rumors but everything works wise becomes a mess so getting Bennett probably not even a thought.

2020 offseason Bennett coming off bad season but huge playoff his name is back. Johnsson is hurt so his value plummets and leafs trying to cut salary deal kapanen and his 3.2 for a good package and johnsson for again Anderson but his 3.5 is gone. So getting Bennett’s 2.55 isn’t a thought as they had to trade kapanen to get back a 1st rounder they dealt the previous offseason to cut ties with marleau so adding cap would look foolish and counter productive but the rumors stayed.

Alas 2020-21 offseadon Bennett sucks so his value drops. in final year of contract but still RFA Calgary needs to pull plug. Toronto needed to do this snd RLF was the lead advocate for getting Bennett, what would it take. What would Calgary want. Well at time it’s s division rival and they were hunting montreal down for last spot and had games vs Toronto down stretch. Knowing the warrior Bennett is they didn’t want to get burned by him. Many suggestions were made here but RLF stuck to his guns and put damn good sensible packes out for him knowing he would be a differance once gone from Calgary. I’m sure Dubas offered s 3rd and prospect maybe 2nd by itself and I’m sure Calgary said no for reason I mentioned. I don’t see him going a former 2nd and future 2nd though. Not Dubas and his ego. I mean Kokkanen and s 3rd wouldn’t cut it. Robertsson straight up? No one would ever consider that including Dubas but I think robertsson and a puck was way to go here and RLF I think asked for this. RLF you were right in the end. Bennett 15pts 10 games and only Florida player to show up in playoffs. I think he has 3G in 2 games. Damn that would be sweet right now as leafs need some offence. I mean goalies stand in there heads every game Vs them this year but are they really or is it their shouting sucks in the end and they just make lots of easy saves. No Matthews equal little offence. Bennett isn’t Matthews I’ll never think that but he is another guy who gets dirty and gets those hard working goals. No Hyman well bennett would of been a better option than Ritchie

I’m just sayin so RLF great read and keep up the great work on your suggestions. You’ve hit on quite a bit and yes misses will happen but hey you know your stuff

Hope I’m doing my dad proud as he is a tough act to follow when it comes to hockey experience and knowledge


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17 Oct 2021 23:52:57
Good right up.

The ability to read Weegar as an up and comer that long ago is something I do not possess.

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18 Oct 2021 02:29:51
I have been advocating for Demelo, Weegar, Bennett, McCann for 2 years.
All were available for reasonable returns.
Dubas missed on all of them.
I also advocated for Connor Garland whom Vancouver grabbed and Foegle whom Oilers got.
There were so many moves that would have improved the Leafs.
Instead Dubas gives a 1st and a 3rd for Foligno?
Go figure.
Then doesn’t make a deal with the Kraken and proceeds to lose McCann.
Very disappointing!

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18 Oct 2021 10:33:19
Since Dubas became the gm he has given

Anderson (inherited player) Never tried
Miller (inherited player) Dubas loved not yet
Cousins (inherited player) sex allegation probably pass
Sproul (inherited dman of year) tryout AHL but cut
Campbell (1st deal Dubas made in Sau) now a leaf
Murray (inherited player) really thought he was signing
Tolchinsky (best import player for Dubas) next offseason
McCann (2nd year 4th overall) he had him for a second
Nurse (1st player he drafted 3rd overall) thought Rielly
Gaudette (solid trouper for him) marlies
Bunting (part of 2013 draft class) now a leaf
Spears (1st pick 11th overall 2013) not yet
White (2nd rd 2013) not yet
Gudbranson (Alex Dubas loved) echl growlers
Dupay (solid player for him) marlie
Senyshyn (2013 3rd rd) not yet
Halverson (2012 pick) had tryout
Katchouk (2014 drafted) not yet
Raaymakers (2014 drafted) not yet
Gettinger (2014 drafted) not yet
Hollowell (2nd last ever puck for him) drafted him again
Muzzin (huge fan of his) he got him
Carter (his teen idol) almost got him still might

His first player he was agent for Kyle Clifford he got
The guy he wanted but was taken 2nd overall in 2012 in Nick Ritchie he got
Toss up between McCannn and ho sang. He went with McCann but is givin ho sang a try

One thing Dubas is is loyal to the guys he like most. Almost too loyal

Garland 2 summers ago my dad suggested kapanen striaight up to laughter and mockery. Wish he did it now

Good suggesting water Buffalo.

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18 Oct 2021 13:16:22
@JdB. Good read. I remember the 2019 off-season with the Weegar stuff. That must have been your Dad I had conversations with about Weegar. Most wouldn't give up a 6th for him, but I remember your Dad an I were both high on him. I think that is just after I joined the site. I don't remember anyone else wanting him (sorry to someone else that did, just don't remember) . He was playing 3rd pair minutes, but we both liked his all around game, especially his compete. Give the Panthers credit for finding this gem in the 7th round.
After the 19-20 season where he plays top minutes on the left side with Ekblad and has his 18 pts in 45 games, he doesn't get re-signed right away. Many claim his numbers and play is boosted by Ekblad. Time goes by and no contract yet. Weegar goes public that he is not happy with how negotiations are going. Leafs need a D-man that can play the right side. Rumour is that Dubas turned down a deal that would have sent Johnsson and Dermott to Florida for Weegar. Weegar remains unsigned. Dubas trades Johnsson to NJ for Anderson and pursues Brodie, who he originally wanted in the Kadri trade amd signs him. Re-signs Dermott on the cheap for $.875 on a one year deal. I really like Brodie, but as I have mentioned before, we could have had Weegar and about $1.5M extra in cap space instead.
As for Bennett, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then, and I did. lol

I have pushed hard for 3 players since joining this site and all 3 have been questioned by many and I understand why. Weegar, Bennett and McLeod. McLeod is still the unknown, let's see if he actually breaks out some this year. It will depend on his usage of course. If he only gets 3rd/ 4th line minutes and no PP, it is going to be hard to put up many pts. That said, I wouldn't be surprised to see him hit the 30 pt mark.

Thanks for the tire pumping, always good to read your backgrounds etc.

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17 Oct 2021 13:00:43
Despite Kerfoot scoring a goal and an assist last night he still needs to be traded.

Maybe last night’s performance will impress a team who has been somewhat interested.

Not sure if anyone has suggested Andreas Athanasiou. I haven’t seen him play for a few years but I know he has incredible speed, some size and jam, can kill penalties and scored 30 one year.

Yes I know LAK resigned him this year but that doesn’t mean they would not trade him if we could add an enticement beyond Kerfoot.

Would Ty Voit, Ron Hirvonen or SDA increase their interest?

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17 Oct 2021 15:40:34
He has been mentioned before as a cheap add before he had a solid season in LA. LA seems to be going into a more win now mode and iirc they assured Doughty and Kopitar they would.
I would think they would be interested if you added SDA or Hirvonen.
That siad, is AA really much better than Kerfoot for $.8 less and giving up a good prospect? Kerfoot also has one year more on his deal.

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17 Oct 2021 16:35:06
I don’t know if AA is better, marginally better or simply on par with Kerfoot.

I agree an add is required so I would give up Hirvonen who I don’t think will make it. I have seen him a bit internationally and yes he has scored clutch goals but I don’t see it came as a result of great talent, more getting some puck luck.

I do the trade only AA is, at worst, marginally better.

But as I said I really haven’t seen him of late.

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16 Oct 2021 01:22:03
Here’s an interesting one.

Loving what I’m seeing out Hoglander on VAN so here we go

Leafs trade Kerfoot, Engvall

Canucks trade Hoglander Myers (cap dump)


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16 Oct 2021 02:01:04
Why would Vancouver do something like that?

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16 Oct 2021 04:24:44
I was thinking the same thing.

Maybe add prospect like liljegren or hirvonen but taking the Myers contract would add some value on our side.

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16 Oct 2021 14:07:22
I just assumed Reilly was going the other way when i skimmed this lol.

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15 Oct 2021 14:08:07
Kerfoot $3.5M

Lauzon $.850M

It seems Seattle was interested in Kerfoot at the draft. The leaked fish with his name on it would have one assume he was one of the players they were interested in. Dubas trading for MaCann so they would take Kerfoot would compound the thought. Seattle could have Kerfoot and McCann and have the cap space to add him. Kerfoot is the better player in the trade at the moment.

Leafs get a physical, still young LD that is a defensive defenceman who is a blackhole for offence though. He is fighting for 3rd pair time in Seattle. He is a former second round pick, so Dubas would recover what he gave up to keep Kerfoot. I know a lot of people have mentioned Soucy, but I think Lauzon flies under the radar. Leafs also clear $2.65M in cap space.

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16 Oct 2021 00:11:07
I like it. Lauzon may be a black hole on offense but this team should be able to score regardless so who cares?

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14 Oct 2021 15:27:58
Florida Trades

Toronto Trades

Florida gets better depth on Defense.

Toronto gets a tough Defenceman which they need.

Thoughts ?

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14 Oct 2021 19:04:15
I think Manson from the ducks is a better target.

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14 Oct 2021 19:09:55
Personally I say no to this. Holl is a good player on a good contract. Assuming he won’t ask for a massive raise, we need to keep him around.

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14 Oct 2021 20:01:42
I'd pass on this one.

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14 Oct 2021 20:04:35
Gudas is a 6d option so why are giving up a 5 and a 6 for him? After holls atrocious 2 on 1 last night I’ve relegated him from top 4.

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14 Oct 2021 21:34:00
@Randy, lol. I think Holl had a solid game last night.

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16 Oct 2021 02:02:53
Please no!

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14 Oct 2021 09:24:26
If the Rangers are serious about trading Kravtsov.

Tor Trades Liljegren, 2nd

Rangers Trade Kravtsov

Leafs get a big young centre with massive upside.

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14 Oct 2021 14:01:56
There are some definite red flags with this guy. Is it just immaturity? Kadri was also pretty immature at 21/ 22 (and beyond), but became a really solid player. The Rangers might do this deal, but Kravstov may refuse to report to the Marlies and go back to Europe instead. Rumour also is that he complained about getting mostly 4th line minutes when called up to the Rangers last season. He may only want to go to a team that will put him on the big club right away which is why his agent asked for permission to speak to other clubs.

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15 Oct 2021 00:17:10
Why include the 2nd round pick?
They are both former 1st round picks who have not been able to break into the NHL!

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13 Oct 2021 19:03:42
Two deals

Kerfoot $3.5M

Okhotyuk ELC
2022 4th(NYI)

2nd deal
Liljegren ELC

Novak ELC
2022 3rd

NJ gets speed and experience in Kerfoot. They have lots of picks and D prospects. Wood, Severson and
Ty Smith are starting the season on IR. Kerfoot would be a good addition.

Nash sent Novak back down after a solid pre-season because of their depth of young forward talent. They pick up a younger D prospect who may be NHL ready.

Leafs pick up a forward and D prospect(both waiver exempt), a 3rd and 4th in the upcoming draft while clearing $3.5M in cap space to make a move to help the D/F, or both if more minor deals.

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13 Oct 2021 23:10:03
Which Nash are you referring to?

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13 Oct 2021 23:58:49
Lol. Nashville.

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14 Oct 2021 20:05:31
Still not sure jersey forgives and forgets with keefoot.

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15 Oct 2021 01:58:10
Maybe not Randy.

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