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11 Dec 2023 07:43:18

LEAFS Steeves 3 rd round pick 2027 2 nd round pick

I know leafs need Tanev and I'm sure that gets done

But right now the third line isn't getting enough minutes

Gaudreau Matthews Marner
Bertuzzi. Tavares Nylander
Robertson Domi Knies
Gregor Kampf Jarnknok

Even this is not enough for what I'm trying to accomplish. I want three scoring lines with even minutes from all the lines.

Robertson and Domi seem fine on that line I just wonder if they might do well to upgrade Jarnknok

What do you guys do to get even minutes and danger from all three lines?

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11 Dec 2023 06:16:23
Columbus trade Gaureau 50 % retained

Tonronto Steeves 3 Rd round pick

It's a gamble is Johnny washed up or does a good team bring back his numbers

But this can't continue I feel Gaudreau has more heart than Laine

Which one of these players is worth a big gamble ? I'm sure Columbus want to cut the bait on both


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11 Dec 2023 01:43:38
Tor: Sean Monahan
Mike Matheson. 5 retained

Mon: nick robertson
Simon Benoit
3rd rd pk

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10 Dec 2023 23:14:27
Henrique and lyubushkin to Leafs both at 50 percent

Mcmann abruzzese and yes Timothy Winston Liljegren to 🦆

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11 Dec 2023 01:11:02
How does the cap work?
Henrique is in the $5.85 range and Lyubushkin comes at $2.75
That’s $8.6 incoming.

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11 Dec 2023 02:00:23
To tor: lybushkin .5 retained
To arizona: legasson, McCann and a 4th
To Tor: Monahan and savard
To Montreal: robertson Lavoie kampf.

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10 Dec 2023 22:54:08
Leafs trade Reaves

Vancouver trade Lafferty

Just another example how signing Reaves and then not having the balls to put him on waivers screws your hockey team


I like defencemen who are former first round picks that as a RFA will maximum make 3 million on a 3 year deal. That's Liljegren

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10 Dec 2023 23:08:14
Lol Mackin.

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10 Dec 2023 19:18:21
To Tor:

Faksa, Hakanpaa

To Dal:

Kampf, Liljegren, Abruzzese

Sign Blandisi (who is already on the Marlies) to a league min contract to be the 4th line center.

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10 Dec 2023 22:24:44
I’m pretty sure Dallas would hang up

Plus again you are trading Norris winner Liljegren
No way Mackin will allow that.

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11 Dec 2023 05:48:23
@MPH how can Dallas say no? Lilly puts Makar to shame. Might be able to trade Lilly for Mcjesus.

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10 Dec 2023 19:09:41
Hey Leafs Fans here are two trades that can help are d line.

Leafs. Hakanpaa and 2nd
Stars. Robertson

Leafs. Anderson
Flames. Lilly abruzzese 1st and stars 2nd

Sleeves comes up for 3rd line

Knies AM MM
Burtuzzi JT Willy
Sleeves Domi Jarnkork
Gregor kampj Reeves

Rielly Anderson
Brodie Hakanpaa
McCabe Timmons


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10 Dec 2023 18:42:10
Leafs trade Kampf
Arizona 6 th rounder


Standings are very tight this year Detroit or Toronto seem to be getting the third seed. Leafs are a top 5 injury away from disaster

If these guys get hurt Detroit passes Toronto. It's going to be a dogfight



If Detroit pass Toronto leafs are a 7 th or 8 seed

If leafs get 7 th or 8 th seed and lose in first round Leafs pick 16 th of 17th

So I'm not far off that they could be picking middle of round 1

Tampa Bay are a team that needs to make moves having played 29 games. If they don't make a move their season could be over by Feb 1. Ottawa are 9 points behind Tampa with Ottawa having 7 games in hand

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10 Dec 2023 20:52:00
With the injury that Larkin sustained against Ottawa yesterday I doubt the Wings will do much going forward. If Larkin is out long term they are done.

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10 Dec 2023 18:12:16
To Tor: Hakanpaa, Faksa

To Dal: Liljegren, Kampf

I don't think either team has too add anything.

Sign Blandisi (who is on the Marlies) to a league minimum contract and he can set in as your 4th line center.

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11 Dec 2023 01:43:07
I can nort see Dallas trading Faksa for Kampf. (
Blandisi is not a 4th line type center.

Not sure I will ever understand the rush to trade Liljegren.
He is only 24 and has 151 games of NHL experience.
It is generally conceded in most hockey circles that a young defenseman needs 250 - 300 games of experience before he can be accurately assessed.
That is still 1 1/ 2 - 2 years away for Liljegren.
Yet people want to trade him for 34 year old Tanev or 31 year old (32 in March) Hakanpaa, or 33 year old David Savard or any one of a number of other aging, past their prime defensemen?

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09 Dec 2023 21:41:12
To Tor: Hartman, Middleton, Bogosian, Duhaime

To: Min: Liljegren, Lagesson, Jarnkrok, Robertson, Abruzzese

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10 Dec 2023 14:10:42
But but you are trading the Norris trophy winner Timmy Lilljegren
Oh Mackin won’t be happy with your post!

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09 Dec 2023 13:39:54
Realistic unMackinized trades:

To Tor: Lauzon, Trenin

To Nsh: Lily, Jarnkrok, 3rd rd 2024

To Tor: Tanev
To Cgy: 1st rd 2024, Benoit, Abbruzzese

D group:

Rielly Brodie
McCabe Tanev
Lauzon Timmins
Lagesson/ Gio.

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09 Dec 2023 15:33:21
Too much for Tanev.

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09 Dec 2023 16:53:14
Definitely unMackinized. lol

First one seems reasonable. I wouldn't want to lose Jarnkrok though.

I think if the second one happens now, probably not enough for Tanev.

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09 Dec 2023 18:22:34
I wouldn’t mind losing Jarnkrok if Trenin was coming back. Big, physical vet that is responsible. Bobby, I meant to add retention to that deal for Tanev. Either way, Abbruzzese is a lifetime AHLer. Not a deal breaker for me if they wanted him in the deal for retention.

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10 Dec 2023 00:30:02
I would not want to see the Leafs sacrifice a 1st round pick for a 34 year old UFA with no guarantee that he will be back next year.
Do we even want another 34 year old defenseman back next year?
Big no to the Calgary trade.
Leafs have been giving up 1st round picks for short term, past their prime players for decades.
This process has not brought them any closer to reaching the Eastern Conference Finals let alone the Stanley Cup Finals.

Lauzon and Trenin are good targets but I’m not sure that offer gets them to Toronto?

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