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21 Sep 2021 14:20:59
Blues offer for rielly

STL- Scandella 1st 2023 Sanford
TOR - reilly

lhd replacement on cheap, big bodied 2/ 3lw who can score and play the physical game that tor needs. 1st in good draft.

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21 Sep 2021 15:11:14
Replace Sanford with Thomas since after this deal you can’t afford him anyways.

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21 Sep 2021 15:34:39
Tor: Reilly 1.5 retain
Stl: Thomas bortuzzo 1st 2022.

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21 Sep 2021 16:52:51
Sanford has never been more than a 3-4LW for the Blues. That said, unless he has a breakout season he shouldn't cost much more if at all than what he currently makes. Scandella is solid. The 1st is not reliant on a re-sign, cap is about even, so Yea, I would do this.
Good prop Colt.

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21 Sep 2021 19:05:48
Thomas will never be apart of a rental pending ufa trade. The fact that leafs and randy ask is laughable at best. The 1st. A solid dman in return signed for a few years on great aav with sanford a 2/ 3 lw who makes 2 mil now and is not going to need much more with a first in a great draft. That is by far a great proposal.

i am glad soomeone thinks so on the leafs.

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21 Sep 2021 19:08:40

Thomas by himself would cost more then reilly so you prop is a joke.

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21 Sep 2021 22:25:46
Pretty good prop Hotwing. I like this one.

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20 Sep 2021 15:27:51
This is a bit out of the blue and would be a shocker in the sense where Rielly would end up. But aren't they often where we least expect.

Rielly $5M

Thomson ELC
Holden $1.7M
2021 4th (becomes a 2nd if Rielly re-signs)

Ottawa has a legit top pair, which may end up being one of the best in the League. If they can get Rielly to sign a deal that matches the one they gave Chabot 8X$8M, they are set for years at top pair. They have a lot of quality RD prospects, but lack LD. Rielly solves many problems for them.

Leafs get a really good RD prospect in Thomson that could man the PP one day because he has a good slap shot. He is pretty solid at both ends and has good speed. Holden helps reduce the loss of Rielly this year by adding a good sized physical presence on the backend. If Rielly re-signs, the 2nd should be a higher 2nd round pick. Leafs also clear $3.3M in cap space which they can use to add if they feel they lack somewhere.

Just my opinion, but it is a sleeper of a deal that could make a lot of sense for both teams.

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21 Sep 2021 00:23:56
I believe that Chabot, Brannstrom and the newly drafted Sanderson are all LD.
Bernard - Docker is RD.
This is why I was surprised that Ottawa picked Sanderson over Drysdale in the draft as a Chabot - Drysdale pairing seemed a natural.

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21 Sep 2021 03:01:57
My bad. I'm not sure why I thought Chabot was a righty. Guess I should've checked. lol
Unless Chabot can play RD, this doesn't make a ton of sense for the Sens. I messed this one up.

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20 Sep 2021 14:22:18
Multiple unconfirmed unreliable sources, say these are all done deals. Dubas wants Toronto to be the city of brotherly love.

Kefoot & Reilly to Chicago for Nylander & Dylan Strome.

Mikheyev & Amirov to NYR for Ryan Strome

Gogolev, Abramov, Woll, & 2nd & 3rd rd pick in 2022 to Ottawa for Brady Tkachuk.

Liljegren, Robertson & a 1st rd pick in 2022 & 2023 to Calgary for Mathew Tkachuk

Gusev Matthews Marner
M. Tkachuk Tavares B. Tkachuk
W. Nylander R. Strome A. Nylander
Bunting D. Strome Simmonds

Reserves : Spezza, Brooks,

Sandin Brodie
Muzzin Holl
Dermott Kokkonen

Campbell Mzarek

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20 Sep 2021 15:28:50
Fun read, but I think you need to give up a lot more to get Brady T.

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21 Sep 2021 15:12:12
Probably swap the tkachuk deals and it’s closer.

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19 Sep 2021 05:55:32
To Tor
Subban (44%reyain NJ)


Leafs save 1.925 in cap on this deal but gain a big Amirov bodyguard and solid dman prospect for jersey to get Rielly in their possession for next deal. Engvall rejoins his Calder cup MVP linemate buddy johnsson see if they can get some chemistry going. Mikheyev gets a better shot at top 6 in jersey

To Van
Rielly(50% retain NJ)


Vancouver has 10.66 to sigh 2 6-8M guys. Hughes can't be offer sheeted.yes ferland can be put on LTIR but even that leaves Vancouver tight and unable to accumulate cap for deadline deals.

Rielly goes home at 2.5 with jersey takin in half his cap. Throw in the 1.25 saved in ferland for Zacha and now Vancouver has 9.41 to sign Petterson and have left over cap space to improve team in season. Add on Holtz as an indent I've and I think Vancouver might just do this

Jersey end up 5.68 added to their cap which has 12.167 so they have 6.4 to sign Hughes and if he comes in close to 7 or maybe 8 they have ferland contract they can put on LTIR

Yes jersey gives up a 2 former 1st rounder to make this happen and retain 5.5 in total but it's only for 1 year which is a who cares year for them. I mean now all 3 Hughes boys.. yeah it's worth it

Graves Hamilton
Hughes severson

Johnsson Engvall Mikheyev (great 3rd line)
Ferland when healthy solid add

OEL Myers
Rielly harmonic
Rathborn Poolman

Zacha in top 9
Holtz future top 6


Ritchie Matthews marner
Gusev Tavares nylander
Kerfoot kampf Kase
Simmonds spezza McLeod
Bunting Brooks Gabriel

Muzzin Brodie
Dermott subban
Sandin Holl

Mukhamadullin in the future

Haha long read

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19 Sep 2021 18:04:48
I really like this, but I think Vancouver is slightly higher on Hughes than that.

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20 Sep 2021 13:57:07
I like the NJ trade as I am a fan of McLeod, but I think NJ is as well. I agree with Randy, I don't think Van does that deal.

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18 Sep 2021 15:54:31
Tor: mikhyev abramov or a 3rd 2023
Ott: c brown

Apparently brown is on the block I'm guessing it has to do with some of the other prospects like Norris and stuzle are coming up and tkachuk will eat up a big part of the cap we give up a player that wants to go play somewhere he will get top six minutes and a good prospect brown slots in really well into our top six and can play in any situation

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18 Sep 2021 18:32:28
Brown makes $3.6M. You have to move out another $2M.

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19 Sep 2021 01:56:09
They got guys like Gabriel on two way deals and dump engvall.

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19 Sep 2021 03:37:23
So if they want to play there younger guys instead if Brown then why would they want to bring in an even older guy to take minutes from their youth

I’ve heard rumbling that Edmonton and Ottawa have been talkin

Koskinen (50% retained) klefbolm Lavoie
Brown forsberg

Not only do the connors reunite but so does Hyman and brown from their playin with Matthews days in 2016. Think these 3 could have huge chemistry then draisaitl gets to run his own line.

Plus Edmonton drops their non playable injured player who is takin up valuable cap space and Yes they can put klefbolm on LTIR but doing so would put them in a state of not being able to accumulate cap space for a deadline deal. Contending teams don’t like to do this. Throw on top getting rid of half of their cap anchor goalie and Edmonton with this deal saves overall 2.5 million.

Edmonton send lavoie as a thank you for taking in the extra cap

All in all Edmonton is only 400K from being cap compliant and they have 1 extra player on roster to cut so compliant they become

Ottawa gets good prospect plus gets to play younger players by doing this deal. If klefbolm recovers by next year they gain a good dman as their team gets better.

Anyways that’s more how Ottawa gets rid of brown.

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19 Sep 2021 18:06:42
I would hate to see a line of Hyman McDavid brown. That’s some hard workers on each wing, I weirdly could see them doing something like

Brown mcdavid puljuarvi
Hyman draisatl yamamoto.

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17 Sep 2021 23:29:38
Deadline deal

Tor: liljigren and 2nd

Ana: rakell (50%) Manson (50%)

Trade reilly to desperate west coast team looking to barely Crack the playoffs.


This could lead to resigning Manson for 3-4yr @5m or so if he can perform well. Takes some pressure off sandin on the second line and some movable peices that can play up in the lineup as necessary.

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18 Sep 2021 01:08:19
Sandin isn't a top 4 guy.

I would really like to know why everyone thinks he is based on anything he has done this far.

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18 Sep 2021 01:50:08
Because he's been behind muzzin and reilly playing small bits of cheltered minutes. And only got a small sample size. This puts him into that 4th spot with the option of sink or swim.

The long term I'm feeling we can't afford reilly. So better to try and use our best chip in house or we're going to be in real rubbish when we lose our 200th decent player for absolutely nothing once again.

Jvr, bozak, Gardiner, komorov, Anderson, hyman to name a few in recent history. Not all of those have been dubas, but were not even into the start of the season and already traded half of our draft picks for next year.

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18 Sep 2021 02:50:44
KK is the best (recent) example I can give on why not to rush prospects. Sink or swim really doesn't work for everyone.

I agree Rielly is done after this year I just don't see Sandin as the replacement right now. That may change with more time, but who knows.

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18 Sep 2021 03:15:40
You can let him try on the top 4, if it doesn’t work put dermott there.

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18 Sep 2021 06:44:08
@Randy am I the only one that thinks Sandin isn't all he's chalked up to be? Lol. It's starting to seem like that.

I disliked Barrie as well for much the same reasons. I see him as Barrie 2.0. He's a good puck mover that is an absolute liability in his own end.

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18 Sep 2021 14:51:25
I don’t mind him, you also want him to mature and improve, so you pair him with a vet like brodie instead of on the bottom pairing with lily. If he can’t find success with brodie he’s likely a dud.

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18 Sep 2021 14:59:34
Sandin has top 4 potential imo. He seems to understand the game. He is confident with the puck. His biggest issue that I see, is his strength. That said, he is only 21 and should put a little more bulk on as he ages like Dermott has. I think he needs a full NHL season so we can see how he continues to adapt to the pace and physicality of the NHL game. Dermott may be a good partner for him, although I think Bogo would have been just what he needed while he gets his feet more wet.

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18 Sep 2021 21:27:39
Reilly strongest seasons were when he was paired with hainsley. A defensively responsible who backs reilly up when pinching. Sandin would do decently In the same position. 2nd pairing minutes, so likely not going to get eaten up by the top offenses. And some flexibility to move dermott up in his place if he falters.

We need to find out what we got in real situations before we lose reilly.

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17 Sep 2021 13:53:33
The most unlikely trade partner, but whatever.

Rielly $5M
Engvall $1.25M
Mikheyev $1.65M

Carlo $4.1M
DeBrusk $3.675M
2021 conditional 1st(a 1st if Rielly re-signs, a 4th if he doesn't)

Bruins are still in win now mode. They pick up the top LD that they lack in Rielly and usefull mid-bottom 6 forwards which is where DeBrusk was playing. If Bergeron retires, they should have the cap space to re-sign Rielly and re-up McAvoy. Their D would be set for years.

Leafs get a true RD in Carlo who is cost controlled for years. Top 4 guy, but not likely a top pair. DeBrusk could revive himself in a top 6 role in T.O. A risky deal for the Leafs, but could be worth it and better than letting Rielly walk for nothing.

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17 Sep 2021 19:50:43
I like this trade
Big fan of Carlo. Something leafs are missing. Something leafs haven’t had since who knows when. Komisarek was supposed to be but wasn’t.

Debrusk gets a 2nd lifeline here. He gets to do something Boston wouldn’t do for him. Play with a top C. Matthews or Tavares either one is a huge upgrade from what he was given. I like krejci but he isn’t on Tavares/ Matthews level.

Personally these 2 for rielly Engvall and Mikhayev might be enough. No condition needed really. Whether rielky resigns or not who cares. Boston might bite if it’s just a 3 for 2 deal and I’d be alright with that.

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18 Sep 2021 01:08:59
I like this a fair amount. Boston may ask for slightly more based on Carlo but it's a solid deal.

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17 Sep 2021 12:48:47
Toronto Trades

Washington Trades

*Capitals retain 800k each year of Kuznetsov's remaining contract.

Yes Rielly and Mikheyev will both be UFAs after this season but Washington is in the win this year position, and adding a Top 2 Defenceman, a good 2way Centre and an underated Winger with speed plus solve the Kuznetsov issue, I believe Washington would jump on this proposal.

The Leafs solve a few problems, Cap Space to just get them at the limit with this proposal, Rielly and Mikheyev probably walk after this season one because of contract the other saying he wanted out and to be traded, yes they weaken there Defence but this opens the door to play both Sandin and Liljegren fulltime and give Dermott more playing time, plus Kuznetsov is a huge upgrade at Centre over Kerfoot.

Thoughts ?

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17 Sep 2021 19:51:28
Actually not a bad trade at all.

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