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13 Jul 2024 19:02:35
Doubt Marner waives for here but if he does and will extend

Tor: Marner
Wpg: Ehlers, Mcroarty, Stanley

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13 Jul 2024 20:06:26
Mcgroaty has said he wants a full time power play role and a top 9 role. Dont want em. Thanks anyways.

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13 Jul 2024 20:40:16
I’d do that deal if I was the Leafs, they may need to add niemela

But I doubt marner signs in the peg.

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14 Jul 2024 00:00:52
McGroaty is a pain in the ass and hasn't even been in the league yet. Shouldn’t be making demands at this point.

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14 Jul 2024 00:32:14
Can’t find where McGroarty said that…
Was it in a comic strip?

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13 Jul 2024 17:54:28
Marner Robertson Liljegren to Utah
Keller Doan Kesselring to Leafs

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13 Jul 2024 01:48:14
As Leaf fans would you accept a trade with Columbus straight up; Adam Jiricek for Easton Cowan?
CLB - needs more scoring help and Easton has great promise.

Tor - gets the their big RHD that can help put up offensive numbers too.

Tough one for me because I believe D should always be the number 1 target (and RHD and 18yo) but I would love to see what Easton becomes.

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13 Jul 2024 03:30:54
I think you mean David Jiricek.
As much as I like Cowan, I think this would be an easy yes from me if Columbus was willing.

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13 Jul 2024 10:45:40
Sorry yes Tags and TY. David Jiricek.

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13 Jul 2024 12:02:36
I'm completely good with this if CBJ agrees. I'm with Tags. Jiricek is to good to pass up on.

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13 Jul 2024 13:00:21
I say no simply because marner is likely gone after this season and I think the hope is Cowan can slide into his role in the next year or two. Plus the leafs had the chance to draft a jiricek this year and chose not to now if it’s Robertson instead of Cowan that makes more sense to me.

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13 Jul 2024 13:22:31
Goat2.0 sorry, but I disagree. Drafting 6OA has a much higher chance of being a solid top pairing defender, as opposed to drafting 23. Besides, Adam Jiricek was drafted 16 before our pick.
Wingers are easier to find and trade for compared to a top 2 (possibly #1D), so I would hands down pull the trigger on this deal.

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13 Jul 2024 14:08:03
Cowan is Captain material after AM34
A gamer

Robertson Liljegren they can have and they’ll like it as well.

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13 Jul 2024 18:21:24
Tags I wasn’t referring to his brother I was referring to the leafs being able to draft a player like jiricek and if he was as good as you think he is why hasn’t he cracked the bottom dwelling jackets I’m just not sold he’s as great as people want to believe.

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13 Jul 2024 19:36:51
Sorry, I misunderstood. Anyways, Leafs wouldn't be able to draft anyone like Jiricek unless they tank and pick much higher up in the draft, being in the mid 20's doesn't afford you that luxury.
I think it's much harder to crack an NHL roster as a Dman, plus he is only 20 and I don't see many Dman make the NHL as a 20 year old. I'm sure he will be part of the team this year.
Anyways, I do love Cowan, but I would definitely make this deal.
We'll agree to disagree.

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13 Jul 2024 01:21:09

Sign Sprong 3yr/2.5M AAV




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12 Jul 2024 20:34:05
Penquins trade Rust retain 50%

Leafs trade liljegren or McCabe and Jarnknok

Leafs don't have enough scoring . They have a few secondary pieces but we can't be sure how much they will score

Tier one

Tier two


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12 Jul 2024 20:56:54
The fact you keep putting McCabe in your trades (who is making 2M RN makes me thank the heavens that you’re not GM. And for a forward.

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13 Jul 2024 00:47:12
Who are you trading a 22 year we don’t know how good he is?


Marner who has not come close to peaking yet?

So let’s do math

Trade chips are Kampf and Jarnknok

They don’t bring back much but they do clear $4.5 million

Now who else have you got to trade? You got jack clarke jack nothing.

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13 Jul 2024 01:07:05
But Rust is the saviour for our offence lol.

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13 Jul 2024 01:57:23
Honestly Mackin I think they should use this year to develop Cowan on the Leafs and give young guys like Steeves a chance. Go for it next year with Marner off the books and JT making 40% less. If Tre can’t put a team together then, he has no excuses.

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13 Jul 2024 02:58:01
McCabe is everything the leafs need on defence right now. He is there don’t take rubbish guy back there and just plays pissed off. And at that cap hit no way throw pussy Liljegren in there instead brutal trade.

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13 Jul 2024 08:44:30
Marner puts up 130 points this year

You don’t think he wants to say something on the ice

He is damn good

You can’t make a Marner trade and win it


Then u think they let him walk he wants to play here

He probably takes 11 million and Tavares walks

I don’t think Tavares = stamkos.

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13 Jul 2024 10:50:34
Mackin we shouldn’t be worried about winning a trade, the goal here is to try and make this team better. I don’t care what Marner does once he leaves this team. If we lose the Marner trade but make it to the 3rd rd of playoffs, is it really a loss?!?!

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13 Jul 2024 14:57:20
Losing a trade (in theory) is better then losing him to free agency.

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12 Jul 2024 14:59:02
Going off the board for something different

Jarnkrok $2.1M
Liljegren $3M
Robertson RFA

Bennett $4.425M
Greer $.850M

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12 Jul 2024 18:24:41
Haha imagine Bennett and Domi playing together. Don’t see Fla moving him. He is a big piece of the heart that keeps that team throbbing. Stupid saying but I’m going with it.

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12 Jul 2024 20:00:43
I'd do this in a heartbeat.

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12 Jul 2024 14:28:35
Robertson RFA
Jarnkrok $2.1M

Kuraly $2.5M($500K retained)
Marrelli unsigned
Rysavy unsigned

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12 Jul 2024 13:17:20
To Edmonton: Marner (2.4M retained) Minten

To Toronto: Draisaitl

Who says no? Both players would be at 8.5M Cap hit for their last season under contract.

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12 Jul 2024 16:23:12
You forgot to take into account the Leafs covering Marner's retention. So it's not an even cap hit.
I think Edmonton says no.

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12 Jul 2024 17:12:12
Leafs would be paying 10.9M for Draisaitl, technically. I more so meant Edmonton pays no more for Mitch.

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12 Jul 2024 18:26:03
Why would they do that when Draistl plays well in playoffs.

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11 Jul 2024 18:07:06
Marner Liljegren Robertson

Coleman Weegar

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11 Jul 2024 18:54:55
I think we would have to add much more to get Weegar. Guy was one of the best D in the league last year IMO and on an average team. Cgy won’t deal with TO anyway, I’d stop shopping there.

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11 Jul 2024 19:51:10
I agree clarky17
I keep thinking though I’m giving up a top notch forward in marner …that should be plenty…but then remember it is marner😂.

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11 Jul 2024 20:57:44
@Wendel I think it's light as well.

The way I try and look at it, if I was any GM in the league, would Weegar (on that STEAL contract), be worth Mitchy at 11m for one year.

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11 Jul 2024 22:24:23
Weegar had a career year last year. I’m all for trading Marner, but he alone gets Weegar and Coleman.

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12 Jul 2024 12:07:25
Weegar is a solid target, but Coleman does almost nothing to replace Marner's offense.

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12 Jul 2024 12:55:15
Leafs_stink not trying to replace Marners offence, we are trying to replace his lack of heart in big games and Coleman does that in spades. Why do you guys only look at numbers? Here is a numbers fact for you. We spend more on forwards than anyone in the league but our PP and goals for is the worst in the playoffs, same as every year. So why are you trying to replace that? Anyone that knows hockey and cares about winning a Cup does not care about regular season stats. I could care less if Matthews gets 100 goals this year if they can’t win a playoff series. Others will fill in Marners void. Knies and McMann, Cowan getting more of a shot on PP’s and filling in some of those numbers. For anyone that wants to keep this core 4 intact, I’m sorry but you don’t know hockey or understand it.

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12 Jul 2024 12:55:42
Weegar is the target here
Try and keep up.

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12 Jul 2024 15:00:53
Coleman potted 30 goals last year
With knies and nylander on his wings he will thrive.

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12 Jul 2024 15:36:14
Very good point, Marner is a no show come playoffs. Not hard to replace that.

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12 Jul 2024 15:56:23
Weegar is obviously the main target here, where did I "fall behind"?
I just found Coleman (LW) to in theory replace Marner (RW) a bit odd. We seem to have a surplus of left wingers.

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12 Jul 2024 17:05:19
Coleman would be a Center.

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12 Jul 2024 17:19:46

Our listed right wingers. If we trade Mitch, someone capable of playing RW should also be coming back.

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12 Jul 2024 17:34:49
So Coleman is your 2 or 3C. Sign Sprong or Cowan makes the team?

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11 Jul 2024 17:01:56
To Utah
Robertson RFA rights
Liljegren $3M/ 2yrs
2025 2nd (via Florida)

To Toronto
McBain $1.6M/ 1yr RFA
Kesselring $1.4M/ 2yrs RFA
2025 3rd (via NYR)

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11 Jul 2024 18:52:42
I like it Tags but I know Utah like McBain. Would be hard to get him out unless you overpay. But IMO exactly what we could use in a 3rd line C.

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11 Jul 2024 14:21:42
A couple trades with teams and players on the trade block:
1st trade:

To Tor: Ehlers, McGroarty

To Wpg: Liljegren, Robertson, 1st rd pick 2026, 3rd rd pick 2025

2nd trade:

To Tor: Trouba (retained by 25% by ANH for draft pick), Kakko

To NYR: Marner (retained by 25% by Tor and another 25% by Utah),4th rd pick 2026 (going to Utah for retention)

Turn around and trade Kakko to SJ for Benning and a draft pick 2025

Jarnkrok to Utah for future considerations

Ehler. Matthews Domi
Knies JT Nylander
McMann McGroarty Cowan
Holmberg Kampf Reaves

Rielly Tanev
OEL Trouba
Benoit McCabe
Hakanpaa/ Benning - That would be a fun D group to watch-lol smash bros.

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11 Jul 2024 18:19:48
It sounds like they want a haul just for McGroarty. I don't think you'd get Ehlers as well with that package.

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11 Jul 2024 18:49:29
You’re probably right, I was thinking of adding Minten to this deal since we are getting a young C back.

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11 Jul 2024 19:36:31
Leafs need to add big to get that package from the jets

Trouba is on the way down, that’s why the rangers are looking to move him …so easy pass from the Leafs.

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