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18 Jun 2019 03:40:06
A trade that may interest the Rangers if Trouba doesn't want to sign with them:

Leafs: Zaitsev, Kapanen, 2nd 2020
Rangers: Trouba (7x7)
Salary basically cancels out and we have our man.

Leafs: Brown, Marleau
Kings: Lewis, 3rd 2019

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18 Jun 2019 04:30:08
Hey joe bet our proposals look pretty good now don't they? Get your own pick back and a 5-6 defenceman.

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18 Jun 2019 04:57:52
Yeaaah. Kadri does sound pretty good right now. Too bad he's not what the jets were looking for.

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18 Jun 2019 02:40:11
Trouba for pink and 20th overall. are right handed D in that high demand? Not a great return.

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18 Jun 2019 03:18:18
The Jets got taken unless they hit a homerun with thw draft pick.

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18 Jun 2019 03:55:19
Haha haha. Pionk and 20th overall is all Trouba brought. How do you like that one Winnipeg fans? Not even close to what you guys were saying. Kadri+ is probably looking better now I bet.

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18 Jun 2019 04:11:13
Trouba is a very solid defenceman but it was the situation Winnipeg that brought his value down. Everyone knew that Trouba did not intend to sign longer than the final year of his RFA status and he was leaving Winnipeg no matter what. There is no gaurentee he plans to sign long term with any team acquiring his rights so he essential is a rental that still needs to be signed to a large price tag.

Having him hold out for a massive price tag in Winnipeg screws them out of the possibility of resigning Myers or going after other UFA/ Trade options. Winnipeg is looking to compete now trading Trouba for all futures doesn't help them at the moment. They get a serviceable defenceman and there first back that they can shop for Immediate help in the 2c hole.

If Trouba was signed or had more rfa years it would be a different story, I think the Jets made a smart move cutting bait before the situation got worse and can now focus on other things.

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18 Jun 2019 02:25:04
To ducks nylander kadri rosen liljegren zaitsev
To leafs. Lindholm Manson comtois henrique

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18 Jun 2019 01:29:31
Tor: matthews zaitsev
Njd: 2019 1st severson wood vatanen

After doing this deal sign marner essentially saying if he wants to take to much money so his teammates don't have enough he may be gone like mstthews at some point.

Trade marleau to arizona for a 7th and future considerations.

Trade brown to Edmonton for puljuarvi straight up.

Trade 2020 2nd for nylander

Lineup pre injuries
Hyman tavares marner 22
Kadri hughes kapanen 8
Johnsson nylander nylander 12
Moore wood puljuarvi 3

Reilly vatanen 9.5
Muzzin dermott 5
Rosen lily 2

Goalies and retained 8

Total owed 70 ish plus in the press box is another 2 million. We could be a big player at the deadline.

Pre injury idk for dermott maybe try holl again

For hyman move puljuarvi up with tavares and see how it works. Anymore injuries try bracco and sandin.

We could also look at locking up johnsson and kapanen longer term but that will eat into our salary a bit and make things troublesome when reilly andersen hyman and kadro clme up for renewal.

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18 Jun 2019 02:16:25
You’re trading the wrong guy if you want to make a statement. You should be trading Bylander to send a message to Marner.

If Marner holds out to start the season, then he’s an even bigger dick than Nylander. Matthews signed his contract in good time with as little stress or interference as possible. His was the least distracting of all them.

Marner and Nylander are little kids who let their dads dictate everything off-ice. They should be able to buy pacifiers.

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18 Jun 2019 02:25:55
Why wouldn't you put severson beside muzzin. just a thought

Nylander might take a little more than a future 2nd rounder to get from buffalo. just another thought

Trading matthews might be the wrong way to make that kind of statement. firing dubas and shanahan for agreeing to that contract would be the best way to make a statement. just my last thought.

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18 Jun 2019 02:41:44
I love the bought off that Edmonton trade. I wonder if Edmonton could be convinced to do that. Apparently they have interest in Zaitsev too. So a bundle deal of some sort may even be possible there. I don’t know. Puljujarvi is definitely an interesting choice though. He just is so intriguing. If Edmonton gives up on him, I think he’s worth a shot at still for the right price.

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18 Jun 2019 04:35:13
I am not sold matthews is worth mcdavid money missing 20 games a season. Marner has been our best player. I completely forgot I grabbed severson. Posted when I woke up. A Nylander is looking more and more like he doesn't get you a first. He may not even work out I think the only reason he costs more than that is he's going to his brother we ahould work with a team in the west to get him.

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18 Jun 2019 00:46:50
Tor: Nylander kadri Rosen
Ana: rackell Manson comtois

Both teams long for something different for different reasons

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18 Jun 2019 02:26:37
I actually love this deal. add sone size to a speedy lineup.

Good work.

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18 Jun 2019 02:32:20
You know what? I really like this trade. I still have a dislike for Nylander and his holdout. And now that Marner is doing the same thing, i dislike Nylander even more. If Nylander has just bought into the whole team philosophy and took a minor pay cut to make the team better as a whole, Marner might have done the same. But by holding out, he’s now put it in Marner’s head that it’s a fun tee for all, every man for himself. And I am referring to the entire player and his camp (agent, father, etc), not just the individual player.

If we trade Nylander, it sends a message to Marner, Johnsson, Kapanen. Either work with the team, or get out. We can’t afford to have these kids hold us hostage or take us over the coals. If marner holds out like Nylander, we should be open to trading him. Especially if he starts talking to other teams after July 01, as is rumoured. That’s like your gf chatting up other guys to see if she can find a richer boyfriend. I would bounce that gold diggomg hussy, and Leafs should too.

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18 Jun 2019 02:48:36
I think if Anaheim decides it’s in their best interest to trade Manson, they will insist on a defenseman coming back. Now that Montour is gone, Manson is by far the only good RHD they have.

There’s a lot of things I like about Rackell. But the thing I like most about him is his contract. I almost wonder if Kapanen could sign his contract and then go on to score 30 goals a year. Just like Rackell did. I believe Kadri did the same thing as well. If Marner holds out and Kapanen starts the season beside either Matthews or Tavares, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kapppy goes on to score 30 himself next year.

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18 Jun 2019 00:41:48
Leafs trade Marleau*
SJ trades Braun, Sorenson
* Leafs retain 50%

Looks like Karlsson is off the trade market. SJ signed him to record deal. I said all season SJ would re-sign Karlsson and name him captain while Pavelski walks. So I was half right so far. Lol. Now if they name him Captain and don’t re-sign Pavelski, then I guess I got it 100% right.

Maybe I’m not so dumb after all?

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17 Jun 2019 23:38:02
To hawks. Marner zaitsev liljegren timishov
To leafs keith Debrincat Boqvist

To preds. Kadri
To leafs Fabbro 2nd 2020

To ducks nylander rosen
To leafs Manson Ritchie 2nd 2020

Sign Kinkaid to backup Freddy
Plus We got more $ after these trades to add at the deadline...

Idiot kadri and selfish nylander don't belong on my team nor does crybaby zaitsev
Marner wants too much $ pay me like Matthews...not a chance

Look at our d now
Reilly Manson
Keith Fabbro
Muzzin Boqvist
Dermott when ready

Up front
Matthews Tavares Hyman Debrincat kapanen johnson
Ritchie petan brown
Moore Marchment bracco
Engvall the goat the 2 Russians

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18 Jun 2019 00:15:33
I like each trade individually, though I feel the whole package leaves us weaker up front. Particularly down the middle. I would leave out the Kadri for Fabbro trade, or alter it slightly to get a return 3C. There is no way we would run with Petan as 3C and Marchment (who is a winger) at 4C. I know you don’t like Kadri. But if you trade him, we need an adequate replacement. Someone who can step in for Matthews or Tavares if they get hurt. Marchment and Petan are nowhere near qualified. If we lose Matthews or Tavares for the season, we would have a hard time making the playoffs with the team you suggest here. No quality depth.

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18 Jun 2019 02:19:38
Sign brassard
Engvall can play centre

Defence wins cups look at that d. Leafs gm.

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18 Jun 2019 04:09:15
Even leaving out Fabbro, the defense you put up here is still outstanding mph. You put together a dream team here. The defense is so awesome that you can remove Fabbro from it, and you are still left with the best defense in the league.

Fabbro is a top 4 defenseman in any team in the league, but not this one. Lol. You have Boqvist to bump up into that 2RHD, and third line is Muzzin/ Dermott or Rosen. With Sandin, Liljegren, Borgman all waiting and just about nhl ready.

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17 Jun 2019 17:47:58
Leafs: Marner, Zaitsev
Blackhawks: Debrincat, 3rd overall, Boquist

Become a powerhouse.

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17 Jun 2019 19:16:04
Oh man. Can you imagine if Chicago did this? Lol. I love Marner just as much as any other Leaf fan, but if we could get the return you have here BW, I would personally volunteer to drive Marner to the airport and even kiss him goodbye.

Who would you draft with the 3rd overall BW? I would go with Cozens or ahead of Byram because we don’t really have any good centres in the pipeline. If we luck out like Montreal did with Kotkaniemi, we would easily be able to trade Kadri for RHD, or put him on LW to replace Marleau.

Byram is a very good LHD prospect, but from what I’ve read, his mechanical skills such as stick handling and skating are what puts him so high up in the draft chart. Apparently his “hockey iq”, whatever that means exactly, and other intangibles, is not as good as players like Boqvist, Bouchard, Dobson, Liljegren, Makar, etc. Those guys are all ranked top 10 defensive prospects because they have the intuition and ability to read the play that Byram doesn’t have. My understanding from what I’ve read is that this year’s draft class for defensemen isn’t as strong as it has been in recent years. And that makes sense. After just having guys like Chabot, McAvoy, Dahlin, Heiskenan, Hanifin, Makar, etc come into the league the last three years or so, it’s not hard to believe that there would be a step back in quality of defensemen at some point.

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17 Jun 2019 20:53:30
I don't think Chicago would do this. Maybe they would do just Debrincat and Boqvist but I just don't see them throwing in the 3rd overall pick.

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17 Jun 2019 23:57:11
What about you MostLeaf? If BW’s trade here actually happened by some miracle, who would you draft with the 3rd overall? It would have to be Cozens or Turcotte. Especially since Boqvist is coming to Leafs here in this deal. Boqvist is ranked much higher than Byram.

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18 Jun 2019 03:37:25
With the 3rd pick I would take Turcotte. There’s lots to like about his game just look him up.

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17 Jun 2019 17:15:19
If Marner won't sign for 10m or less, send him to Columbus for Seth Jones. Wingers make less than centers, he has to realize that.

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17 Jun 2019 18:52:57
what makes you think they would trade jones for marner.

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17 Jun 2019 19:21:40

What makes you think they wouldn’t?

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17 Jun 2019 20:55:26
Idk if Columbus does it, it is definetly a fair trade, but behind Jones Columbus doesn't have a lot of solid RHD. Savard is ok but he is not a top 2 pairing guy. Behind that there isn't much. I don't think Werenski can do it on his own.

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17 Jun 2019 22:21:43
Jones looked to be top 5 rhd. Last year. Those are impossible to find. They don't have a replacement and they are much more coveted than 90pt wingers that don't get 30 goals.

Jones is 24 year old big solid offensive Dman gets 40 50 points. I guarantee they will not trade him. Blues just proved defense wins cups. Sorry. I think your better off going for pesce Jones is pretty much Columbus untouchable.

Also Jones makes 5.4 for 3 more years where marner wants 10-12 big difference.

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18 Jun 2019 00:00:49
That’s a good point MostLeaf, and I would tend to agree with that assessment. Except that without so many highly valuable players looking like they are done in Columbus, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made this trade. They are probably losing at least Panarin, Duchene, Bobrovsky, and probably Dzingle as well. So Marner would be a good pickup for them. And they can sign Karlsson, Myers, etc.

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17 Jun 2019 06:13:29
So my thought on marner is this he's holding up a lot right now and I think dubas needs to give him a deadline I'd say before the draft if he doesn't wanna sign here's my pitch

Tor: marner
Chi: debrincat and the 3rd overall pick

I get that dubas is kind of in a hard situation right now but these agents and eating him up make a statement

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17 Jun 2019 19:26:52
I was reading an article recently kn the whole Marner signing thing. Basically, the author of the article seemed to think that the situation right now involving Marner has far greater implications for the whole nhl than virtually any other signing this year. He felt that a lot of teams were waiting to see what Marner signs for before signing free agents themselves. Apparently Marner is holding up the entire league. Lol.

I like this proposal, but BW upped it by throwing Boqvist in too. So I like his trade proposal better. Lol. Maybe you can add Kane or Toews? Lol.

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17 Jun 2019 20:57:05
I just don't see Chicago trading the 3rd overall pick. Very few teams trade away that high of a pick for nothing else in the first round.

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18 Jun 2019 00:03:42
Actually MostLeaf, I was reading that there is a very good chance Chicago trades that pick. Bowman’s job is on the line. They have to make the playoffs this year. Marner instantly and significantly makes them much better. Yes, much better than DeBrincat and the 3rd.

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