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18 Aug 2022 14:23:42
Anaheim Trades
2nd Round Pick 2023*

Toronto Trades

*Ducks choose at The Draft which one of the 3 Picks in the second round they move to The Leafs, as they have their own plus Boston's and Colorado's picks.

For The Leafs this is strictly a Cap Trade to free up enough space to tweek more for the top 6 at forward, and either resign Sandin or package him in a trade.

Ducks have a ton of Cap Space and adding Muzzin is really a plus to give them a solid Defenceman, this makes sense for Anaheim and still having 2 second round picks this isn't a huge sacrifice adding Muzzin.

Thoughts ?

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17 Aug 2022 17:51:46
Kerfoot $3.5M

Bonino $2.05M
Gadjovich RFA

An exchange of pending UFA forwards. Kerfoot should carry more value.
SJ picks up a top 9 forward that adds some speed to their lineup.
Toronto picks up a 3C or possible winger in Bonino and a guy(Gadjovich) I had forgot about but liked when he was younger. Big, physical, great net-front and he can score. Could be a good fit with JT and Willy on the cheap like Bunting. Didn't really get a chance in Van or SJ. Shouldn't take much to re-sign him as he is from Whitby. Opens up cap for the Leafs. If they could only swing a deal for a guy like Peeke after this, they are looking more like a playoff team imo.

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18 Aug 2022 01:02:46
I like it.

SJ is the one team I have never come up with a prop for. I honestly don't know what they're doing. They're in limbo, between rebuild and wanting to make the playoffs.

I think they might go for this and it definitely makes the team better.

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18 Aug 2022 02:18:02
This trade does not clear sufficient cap space to make the downgrade worthwhile.
Kerfoot ($3.5)
Bonino ($2.05)
Savings ($1.45)
Not enough to sign Sandin.
Also, why Bonino?
Leafs don’t need a 3C as we have a much better one in Kampf.
We don’t need 3rd line wingers as we have better ones in Engvall and Jarnkrok.
Yes, Gadjovich was a scorer in junior but the knock against him has always been his skating!
Pass, thanks any ways!

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18 Aug 2022 03:03:32
@WB. At what point did I say it opens cap to sign Sandin? Gad also scored in the A. Yes, the knock was his skating, but it has improved! He is a hitting machine and will stand up for teammates! Why Bonino? Because SJ can't absorb all of Kerfoot's cap hit! Also nothing wrong with having another vet in the room with playoff experience.

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18 Aug 2022 13:42:13
@WB. I have to ask. Did you even really know anything about Gadjovich? Or did you just quickly google him. I also have to ask why you think Kampf is so much better than Bonino?
Bonino is a puck blocking machine, very good defensively, good on the dot and has mutiple seasons with more points than Kampf's last season where they had equal points. Bonino is also pretty solid on the PP and PK.

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17 Aug 2022 11:29:14
To Pittsburgh From Leafs:

Kerfoot + 2023 3rd round pick + 2023 7th round pick

To Leafs from Pittsburgh:

Alex Nylander

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17 Aug 2022 15:38:32

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17 Aug 2022 16:05:25
I think you put the picks coming from the wrong team.

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18 Aug 2022 00:32:13
Yeah my bad the 4th round pick was supposed to be for 2024 not 2023 both from Ottawa in matt murray trade.
And I know a lot of people wanna trade nylander but was just wondering what they would look like together lol.

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18 Aug 2022 01:48:27
I feel like Pittsburg should be adding the picks not us.

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18 Aug 2022 02:20:11
Kerfoot + draft picks for a player that has not even been able to stick in the NHL with Buffalo and Chicago, two terrible teams?
I must not be reading this correctly?

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18 Aug 2022 02:25:14
Sorry Cloud. I meant that Pittsburgh should be sending picks to the Leafs and not the other way around.

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17 Aug 2022 02:22:54
Meier to Toronto for Robertson, rights to Sandin, Hollowell & a 2nd rd pick in 2023 & 2024. With SJ eating half of Meier contract.

Kane to Toronto for Kerfoot, Hirvonen, Steeves, Voit & a 1st & 3rd pick in 2023. With Chicago eating half of Kane contract.

Futures & a 4th rd pick in 2023 to eat half of Kane contract.

Miller to Toronto for Holl, Holmberg, Knies & a 1st & 3rd pick in 2024. With Vancouver eating half of Miller contract.

Sign Subban as UFA at league minimum.

Leafs save approx. 1.8 million after trades and Subban signing.

Bunting Matthews Marner
Nylander Tavares Kane
Meier Miller Engvall
Jarncrock Kampf Aube-Kubel

Reilly Brodie
Giordano Liljegren
Mete Subban
Benn Niemela

Murray Samsonov

If Leafs are not all in on winning the Cup now, then trade all of your top 4 & Reilly. Sh.. or get off the pot. Leafs have the picks & prospects to significantly improve the team, but seem to lack the will or know how.

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18 Aug 2022 02:27:25
Leafs do not have a 2023 - 2nd round pick as it went to the Kraken in the trade for Giordano.
Leafs might not have a 2023 - 3rd round pick as the Coyotes hold that pick (or 2025 - 2nd round pick, their choice) from the Lyubushkin transaction.
Can’t trade what you don’t have!

If you expect Chicago and Vancouver to eat half of Kane and Miller’s contracts for 2022 - 2023 then I suspect you would have to increase your remuneration substantially.

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17 Aug 2022 01:37:54
To Tampa Bay: Sandin

To Toronto: Foote and Killorn

My thoughts are Tampa Bay needs to shed about 7M to be under the cap. Killorn is a UFA making 4.45M, so getting rid of him is a good step in that direction. He could play on the 2nd line with Tavares and Nylander and would provide some major playoff experience. Sandin and Foote are similar prospects (top 15 picks) but Foote is a RHD, which we could use and he is 6'3". Tampa Bay may need to pay to get rid of Killorn, so that is why they make this swap. We send Holl to Chicago, to retain 50% of Killorn's contract. Now all you have to do is deal Kerfoot, which I don't think is a salary dump and you are under the cap.

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17 Aug 2022 20:38:54
They will have to dump more than kerfoot plus your value is a bit off Tampa is not Vegas.

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18 Aug 2022 14:54:08
Kerfoot + Holl = 5.5M out
Leafs are 1.5M over Killorn and Foote are 3.1M combined, 4.6M total.
They have 900k in space. I agree, the Leafs may need to add a pick to this, but just trying to think outside the box, a trade we haven't seen before. Sandin was also 29th overall, my bad.

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16 Aug 2022 23:44:55
Perhaps a little different twist to get us cap space and make us better.

Kerfoot to Arizona for Christian Fischer, a young bottom 6 power forward who has not (yet) shown the offence from junior plus Bryan Little’s LTIR, 2 years @ $5,292,667.

Allows us to sign Sandin ($1.8 x1) and sign Victor Rask ($1.8m x 2).

Rask is coming off 6 x $4m but hasn’t earned this level of salary. He’s only 29, 6’2” & 199 and could easily re-find his groove with Tavares. In 47gp last year scored 9g and 12a.

Cap remaining around $700k.

OR sign Evan Rodriguez @$1.5m x 2; cap remaining around $1m.

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17 Aug 2022 05:27:06
I like the idea of Rask. He's a solid player, but that deal is a bit much for me. I don't think he's proven himself to that level.

If the LTIR space is on available, I'm happy to take it. The problem with the Yotes though, they're stacking LTIR. Insurance pays it, Yotes hit cap floor.

Solid off the board prop. I like it.

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17 Aug 2022 15:42:50
Don’t see any benefit to Arizona for LTIR, other than getting something for it, like a player or draft pick.

They won’t need it during the 2 years that Little is signed for.

What they might be looking for is a combination of high cap with a much lower annual salary.

Would you like to try Rask at something lower, like $1m x 1 year?

If so, me too!

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17 Aug 2022 21:12:03
@Rsears they wanted Weber as well. Insurance pays most of their salary, but the cap hit remains the same. They essentially pay nothing and still have the benefit of a cap hit.

If they managed to aquire Weber, Yotes may have ended up with a 10 million salary while hitting the cap floor.

I would definitely like to give Rask a go. I don't think he's a top 6 guy, but he might look better beside JT than Kerfoot. If not, then he's a big body in the bottom six that can play.

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17 Aug 2022 23:33:24
I’m perhaps incorrect but I believe LTIR is part of your cap hit plus a strategy for teams to go over the cap max as well as a way to get to the cap floor.

That overage amount must be less than the LTIR and allows a team to sign a player they otherwise could not afford.

While the LTIR is paid by insurance, therefore no cost, it can help a team, as you say, get to the minimum. In this case Arizona is already at the cap floor without Weber.

They would, however, be slightly under if Little were, in fact, traded BUT they get an asset back.

So the Yotes might not see this trade as an advantage since it would then require added expense, something they are trying to avoid!

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18 Aug 2022 01:07:20
LTIR is a weird one. If you LTIR someone they still remain against your cap, to my knowledge. The whole thing is so convoluted. The way I understand it is;

If Arizona has 0 players and adds a 10 million dollar player that's on LTIR, they can use it against the cap while still having insurance pay the contract. It allows them to spend over the cap, but they don't actually have to do so.

I believe that's why they wanted Weber and Little. It allows them to no pay 15 million in cash, while making it to the cap floor.

I may be wrong here though, so take it with a grain of salt.

U of T should offer a PhD program in LTIR. It feels. like you need 7 years of studying to understand it.

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18 Aug 2022 02:31:35
Rask had 21 points last year while Kerfoot had 53 points, was a plus 19, and PK’s.
In what world is Rask an upgrade?

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18 Aug 2022 07:46:27
That's it, bring back Hainsey. Plus-minus is again the number one stat to judge a player on.

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18 Aug 2022 11:55:39
Yea, I don't understand why it always comes down to points on which player is better. Plus-minus can tell us a little though imo. Kerfoot a +19 and Nylander a -9. Leafs were 28 goals to the positive at even strength, 5on4 or 6on5 with Kerfoot on the ice over Nylander. A little glimpse into Willy's lack of D.

That said, without context, using points alone to say who is better has no real value imo.

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16 Aug 2022 22:46:59

DAL:Sadin Holl

Otter being RFA goalie lol

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16 Aug 2022 23:11:53
Absolutely no chance Dallas agrees.

I'm not sure if he just got hot at the right time or is a great goalie, but after that playoff performance, they ask for a lot.

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18 Aug 2022 02:34:46
Oettinger is the Star’s goalie of the future with the potential to be one of the top goalies in the NHL.
Dallas would not trade him for anything the Leafs have to offer!

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18 Aug 2022 07:46:51
@WB they wouldn't trade him for Mathews?

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16 Aug 2022 12:02:54
Toronto Trades
Hirvonen (SML)
Niemela (SML)
1st Round Pick 2024

Vancouver Trades
LKarlsson (SHL)
4th Round Pick 2023

If The Canucks do in fact trade JTMiller, they will want a lot in a trade, this proposal does that and getting all this would be a huge step forward to there future.

The Leafs are rolling the dice on this one sending 2 top prospects plus a 1st Rounder, but getting JTMiller probably for only 1 season is still worth the gamble, LKarlsson like Pontus Holmberg are bubble players who will be NHLers this or next season.

Thoughts ?

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17 Aug 2022 20:39:51
A lot for a rental in Miller I would love him but we can’t afford him.

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18 Aug 2022 02:36:53
From the Leafs perspective that’s a huge amount to offer for a one year rental and even then, I don’t think Vancouver would agree.

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