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06 Jun 2023 11:07:41
Leafs trade Nylander

Rangers trade Lafreniere Kakko Othmann Chytil

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06 Jun 2023 11:32:42
I am pretty sure the Rangers say no.

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06 Jun 2023 11:58:49
Leafs would have to add for sure.

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05 Jun 2023 14:36:01
Detroit Trades

Toronto Trades
28th Overall Pick 2023

Detroit is at a stage of getting to the next level but still keeping the rebuild going, this proposal does both things and WNylander is the player that has been talked about going to Toronto.

New GM Treliving I believe will be looking at shuffling the deck a bit and of the top 4 core pieces WNylander makes the most sense, Perron fills in for the loss of WNylander but for The Leafs adding Seider is the obvious key in this proposal.

Thoughts ?

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05 Jun 2023 17:28:05
Love to get Seider but Detroit thinks he is the next Makar. And he may be . They would want a lot for him.

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05 Jun 2023 20:49:51
I think Snider is only considered for a Mathews trade, nothing less.

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05 Jun 2023 21:24:41
If Seider is on the table, I'd send basically anything. As Bob said, he could be the next Makar.

They won't send him for anything short of Mathews in a sign and trade.

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06 Jun 2023 10:53:35
I don’t see much greatness in the numbers of Seider if you compare him to Maker
. Even if you go back 3 seasons Maker has much better numbers

Not enough for Nylander.

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06 Jun 2023 12:16:45
Numbers aren't everything nor are they even close to everything.

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05 Jun 2023 12:35:33
Does LA want to make a big splash now or are they still somewhat building toward the future?

Marner $10.9M($1.5M retained)

Arvidsson $4.25M
Vilardi RFA
Clarke ELC

LA picks up a young star forward at the cap hit he should be at and two years minimum if they don't re-sign him. Marner is at the right age with a lot of their other top 6 guys and is the best NHLer in the deal.

The Leafs pick up 3 quality forwards and a potential 1st pair D prospect. Arvidsson and Vilardi are mid 6 forwards and JAD a solid, energy bottom 6 guy. Clarke could be the real prize if he develops into a top 4. Leafs gain cap space as well.

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05 Jun 2023 13:14:40
I’m in favour of trading Marner and this return is pretty good. However any trade of marner had better be cleared with Matthews or he may get pissy and not sign.

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05 Jun 2023 14:46:30
I would expect at least 1 first round pick for marner.

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05 Jun 2023 14:53:09
@RLF I do that deal any day every day. just dunno how keen La is on trading Clarke.

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06 Jun 2023 02:43:50
I would think that if Leafs were to trade one of the top right wings in the game today who is only 25 years of age with 2 years left on his contract they would want Byfield and Clarke.
Arvidson, Vilardi and Dolan are middle 6 players.
Clarke is still a prospect and the jury is out on his value.
The team that gets the best player wins the deal.

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06 Jun 2023 12:17:43
Leafs can want Byfield and Clarke, but they likely aren't getting both.

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05 Jun 2023 00:21:01
Marner Lilly and Jankrok to Florida
Bennett and Ekblad to leafs

Murray,1st 2023 . Robertson Lafferty to Arizona
Crouse to Leafs

O Reilly 5m
Accardi 1.5
Domi 3
Hathaway 1.5
Reeves 1
Soucy 4
Schenn 1.5
Samsanov 3

JT Matthews Nylander
Crouse Bennett Domi
Kneis Oreilly McCann
Hathaway Arcardi Reeves

Rilley Ekblad
Broadie Soucey
McCabe Schenn

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05 Jun 2023 01:48:02
I can not see Arizona trading Crouse for such a weak return though I would love to have Crouse on a line with Matthews and Marner/ Nylander.

Neither can I see Florida trading their #1 defenseman.

Please NO to a 32 year old O’Reilly at $5 x 5 taking him to 37 years of age.
O’Reilly was a -21 on the season and -3 in the playoffs.
I feel this would be a terrible investment!

Domi has shown questionable character and decision making over his career.

I just don’t see Reaves as being necessary.

If Leafs were to trade a member of the Core 4 I would prefer to see them spend the money on Ryan Graves than Carson Soucy, though granted he would cost more.

Acciari, Hathaway, Schenn and Samsonov most definitely.

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05 Jun 2023 00:16:10
Leafs trade Nylander leafs first round 2023 pick

Flames trade Toffoli Andersson Coronato

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05 Jun 2023 02:02:54
Very interesting suggestion.

I think it would be a good trade for both teams.
That said, Toffolli is already 31, just had a career year and might not be able to replicate it again.
Andersen at 26 years of age would be a definite upgrade to Leafs defense particularly considering he is a RHD and Brodie is showing signs of aging.
Coronato is a good young prospect and as a right wing would replace Nylander on the 2nd line with Tavares.

If I was the Leafs I would make this trade.
As a Calgary Flame I’m not sure this is enough.
Might have to add a prospect like Nick Robertson?

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04 Jun 2023 22:32:24

That trade makes leaf's a whole lot worse. You will have dollars to spent but no one replaces Marner that's a UFA

Retain the 4 resign Nylander and Matthews

Leafs trade Murray leafs future 2nd rounder

Arizona future 6 th round pick

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05 Jun 2023 02:04:19
Do Leafs even have a 2nd round pick in the next three drafts?
I would have to check.
Dubas has left the draft cupboard bare!

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05 Jun 2023 15:22:37
You can turn marner into 2 players who perform in the playoffs. Just think beetuzzi 6x6 and taresenko 3x4.5m still leaves 400kish. Which with other resources get domi Monahan and resign kampf for your center depth.

Bertuzzi matthews Nylander
Tavares Monahan tarasenko
Knies domi jarnkrok
Holmberg kampf lafferty

Might even have enough room resign acciari before addressing defense.

Reilly brodie
McCabe liljegren
Giordano timmins


Would have to dump Murray. Who knows. Maybe try to land dumba or severson or soucy if you move brodie.

The consistent issue the leafs have is rolling off from finishing their checks. Meanwhile you look at bennet, verheaghe, Tkachuk finish their checks, forced turnovers, and next thing you see is the puck getting taken out of the net.

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04 Jun 2023 21:49:37
To Win-marner
To Tor-Dubois
Sign Dubois-6x$8
To chi-Murray and Robertson
To tor- 4th 2024

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05 Jun 2023 02:08:38
Do you really want to trade BOTh of Leafs star, right wingers, Marner and Nylander for a goal tender and a 2nd line center that only wants to play for the Montreal Canadians?
How bizarre?

Hellebuyck had a 2.49 GAA and a .920 SV%
Samsonov had a 2.33 GAA and a .919 SV%
I’ll stick with Samsonov who will likely be a couple of million dollars cheaper.

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05 Jun 2023 02:59:22
Dubois has made it very clear that he is unwilling to sing anywhere, except MTL.

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04 Jun 2023 21:33:40
Nylander ( sign & trade, Liljegren, Brodie & Matthews ( sign & trade ) to LA for Doughty, Arvidsson, Byfield, Kaliyev, Durzy, Clarke, Spence, Pinelli & a 1st Rd pick in 2024 & 2025.

Leafs sign Samsonov, Schenn, O'Reilly, Pacioretty ( should be reasonable as he is making a comeback from an injury reoccurrence ), Kane, Toews & Perry.

Niemala, Jarncrock the two 1st Rd picks acquired from LA & a the Leafs 1st Rd pick in 2025 to Nashville for Josi. With Nashville eating 1 /3 rd of Josi contract.

Pacioretty Marner Arvidsson
Tavares O'Reilly Kane
Knies Byfield Kaliyev
Lafferty Toews Perry

Robertson, McMann, Steeves, Abruzzese, Hirvonen, Minten, Voit & Pinelli as depth

Reilly Josi
McCabe Doughty
Giordano Durzy

Spence, Timmins, Clarke & as depth, also to occasionally rest veteran defenseman.

Samsonov Woll

* Best Top 4 defense league wide, skilled & an offensive threat every shift.

Reilly Josi
McCabe Doughty

Those 4 could accumulate a combined 200 pts during the season.

* 4 Center's

Marner, O'Reilly, Byfield & Toews

Marner easily has the vision, play making abilities and defensive game to be more valuable contributor to the team as a Centre. O'Reilly still has some hockey in him, & Byfield will only get better. Pacioretty is a gamble but if healthy a signing that has huge upside.

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03 Jun 2023 19:55:28
I think leafs and nasville make good sense as trading partners

tor: Marner, voit

Nash: fabbro, askarov, 2023 1st (15ova)

marner is too much of a luxury for a team who soft and has 1 win outside of the 1st round in the past 7 years. they can use the cap savings to sign bertuzzi, monahan, domi.

nashville is looking to increase offense. and marner is a premeire playmaker in the league. a solid PP unit being forsberg duchene marner josi, johansen.

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04 Jun 2023 00:46:02
I like the fact Nashville is in the west and has 15 plus million in cap space to accommodate this deal.

What I don’t like is the we return

The base is there but without Tomisino and Trenin my son will say thanks but no thanks

I mean it’s marner we r talkin here. He is easily worth 4 former 1st rounders.

Fabbro was always talked about under the same breath as Fox and Makar. Too bad things didn’t quite work out for him. Now he is a poor players Barrie and oh look Nashville took on barrie to offset Ekholms contract for Edmonton and barrie looks better. Yes there is hope Fabbro on another team can become a shadow of his prediction but till threat happen he has very little value for a former 1st rounder

Askarov is definetly part of this deal but don’t loom away too long but this once guaranteed next big thing in goal 2020 has shown he is like most Russian goalies. Hyped high drafted higher only to fall before his ELC is up. I’ll direct u to the one and only samsonov and by askarov 2022-23 numbers he is more like New Orleans not Boston in my work

15th overall bla

I added in trenin as he has been asked for 3 years on here. 1st by a fan who saw him before others knew his name in 2021.then advocated by a more Sr fan in 2022 then followed by the rest in 2023. Yes Nashville can handle marners contract but why not save 1.7 in the process. Afterall this deal needs to be made before July 1st as like Mathew’s there’s a NMC that starts july 1st so any deal won’t involve leafs paying bonus so for this year marneff rd is owed 8.025 and every team but the leafs lived saving actual money so 4.2 is relieved by these 2 guys for 1 year

Any marner deal will bring u 4 key items. A D man, a goalie, a 1st rounder and a top prospect.

Tomisino is the top prospect I need to say no more.

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04 Jun 2023 01:53:53
This is terrible. Marner is going nowhere. Way more valuable to the Maple Leafs than Nylander. Marner kills penalties, is still a 100 pt player. Just imagine if he could focus on offense instead of having to help bail out the Leafs defence in the 1st half of the season. Marner and Matthews were worn out whereas Nylander doesn't play a 200 ft game. No excuses but Nylander is a skilled floater that plays in spurts. Please review the entire season before dumping on Marner and Matthews. The Leafs defence sucked in the 1st half until after the trade deadline.

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04 Jun 2023 04:41:01
If this is on the table, take it.

Goalies take a tonne of time to develop and Askarov is no different.

I'd throw Mitch for a bag of pucks though. I can't stand the player.

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04 Jun 2023 16:23:33
Manner needs to be surrounded by guys that can take away the physicality from him. Much like Gretzky (I am not comparing him to the great one), he needs guys that will protect him so he can dangle. Regular season it wasn't needed but playoffs as we know are a different animal. He's too small and too light.

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04 Jun 2023 21:46:20
Treliving does this and he's the shortest tenured GM ever lol.

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05 Jun 2023 02:13:13
That simply isn’t a sufficient return for Marner.
Askarov has shown little as a pro so far and Fabbro isn’t a top pairing defenseman and will likely never be.
The 1st at #15 just isn’t a big deal as there are no potential difference makers at #15.
No thank you!

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03 Jun 2023 15:41:35
Signings and trades

To NJD: D - TJ - Brodie

To TOR: F - C. Stillman + 2024 3rd


To CHI: G - M. Murray (25% retained)

To TOR: 2025 4th

Leafs have $9M in cap. With Brodie and Murray traded, plus Muzzin on LTIR, Leafs pick up $15M in cap

Sign G - I. Samsonov 2 x $3.5M
Sign D - L. Schenn 2 x $1.5M
Sign D - C. Soucey 1 x $1M
Sign F - N. Acciari 3 x $2.5M
Sign F - T. Bertuzzi 5 x $5.25M
Sign D - D. Severson 5 x $6M
Sign F - R. O'Reilly 3 x $4M

Total cap added $24M

Leafs are definitely bigger and more physical while keeping their high talent.

New lineup

Bertuzzi Matthews Marner
Knies Tavares Nylander
Robertson O'Reilly Jarnkrok
McMann Homburg Acciari

Reilly Schenn
McCabe Severson
Gio Liljegren
Soucy Timmins


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03 Jun 2023 16:06:36
Where is all this money coming from? No thx to the severson contract.

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03 Jun 2023 19:34:05
Soucey gonna get more than 1m. Try 3.5m, severson looks about right for putting up 50 points behind dougie hamilton, and bertuzzi gonna be around 6x6.

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04 Jun 2023 03:18:04
Severson had 33 points he's no $6 million d man.

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05 Jun 2023 00:07:45
Schenn as a number 1 pairing . Are You on drugs? The guy plays a very good playoff on a very bad defensive core in said playoff and now you got him slotted in the top pairing. Just stop.

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05 Jun 2023 00:12:12
Scott Mayfield and Ryan Graves both UFA's both will bring size and nastiness. Graves +34 and added 28 points. Plus Schenn on your 3rd pairing where is belongs and Rielly and Mccabe, Fill the rest out with Gio and Lilly or Timmins. HUGE upgrade over what they have now. NOW that's a start to being serious in the 2nd season.

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05 Jun 2023 02:19:53
Please NO!
5 years of Severson, a very average 2nd pairing defenseman at $6 million.
5 years for the chronically injured Bertuzzi at $5.25
4 more years for an already 32 year old O’Reilly who was a -21 this season and a -3 in the playoffs.
I love Acciari but a 4th line winger who is already 31, at $2.5 for 3 more years?

I hope Treliving has a different plan!

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02 Jun 2023 18:14:56

28th ova


Deja vu trade.

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02 Jun 2023 23:16:12
I'm in a different spot with Matt Murray. He nixed a trade to Buffalo, because he has a NMC. If he does accept this trade, I would assume it's because he plans to go to LTIR then retire after the season.

If he thinks he has a chance to play again, I more see him as wanting to stay here.

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03 Jun 2023 00:12:28
Chicago still has to pay Mrazek ($3.8) for another year so I can’t see them taking on Murray ($4.7) as well just to move up 7 slots in the draft but it’s possible.

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05 Jun 2023 00:14:52
Give Murray the option of a couple trade scenarios if he balks at all then buy him out. 2M against the cap next season (24-25) wont be that bad as they leafs will be in a much better cap position
Woll and whoever are your goalies next year Woll making under 800K is the kind of contracts the leafs have to have in the lineup.

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02 Jun 2023 15:07:57
I don't think I've seen this target listed before.

To Arizona
Robertson $796,677
Muzzin $5.625M (LTIR)

To Toronto
Schmaltz $5.85M / 3 years

Arizona gets a potential young goal scorer, who is a cost controlled RFA.
Plus, they back loaded Schmaltz contract, which will cost them approximately $7.65M for each of the final 3 years. They will safe lots of money and will replace that cap hit with the $5.625MAAV from Muzzin's LTIR, which is probably fully insured.

Leafs get a 2C who is on a reasonable contract for the next 3 years, so they can move Tavares to the wing.


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02 Jun 2023 16:52:30
Leafs need Muzzin's LTIR more than Arz. imo.

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02 Jun 2023 17:57:22
Schmaltz is grossly over paid at that number not a good trade option imo.

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02 Jun 2023 18:56:10
@RLF not sure LTIR makes a huge difference for us. My understanding is the payroll for the 21/ 22/ 23 man roster has to still be under the cap, so I don't see a difference whether we use Muzzin's AAV or we just use the cap space without his AAV.
Only way I think it's an advantage, is if Muzzin were to be activated for the playoffs.
Can you explain what I'm missing?

@Goat2.0 I think Schmaltz has really been developing over the last season and a half. He's almost a point per game player since then and that cap hit seems very reasonable IMO. I think he would be a good 2C so that we can move Tavares to wing. I definitely would prefer Lindholm, but I don't think he gets traded.

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02 Jun 2023 19:45:41
@Tags in the off-season you can exceed the cap by 10%, as of your first game you must be cap compliant.

As of right now, Muzzin's LTIR means nothing, but it allows the team to exceed the cap by almost 6m next season.

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02 Jun 2023 21:11:21
@LL thanks, but it still doesn't make a difference IMO. The extra $6M is Muzzin's AAV bringing the total cap to $89.5Mish (bit this includes Muzzin's AAV) . The roster total still has to be cap compliant at $83.5M. The extra $6M makes no difference other than Muzzin being activated for playoffs.
I must be missing something.

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02 Jun 2023 21:21:25
I just want to understand what's the advantage for LTIR if the player doesn't return for post season?
The only advantage I see is for a small market team to hit cap floor without spending maximum dollars.

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02 Jun 2023 21:33:27
@Tags. To my knowledge it is more or less what LL said. When a player is on LTIR the team can replace him so to speak, with a player of up-to equal value without it counting against the cap. That is the basis of it. Teams get into trouble when the LTIR player is reactivated to the active roster. Now the LTIR is gone and so is the replacement value because the injury is healed and they need to have all healthy roster players be cap compliant.
Does that make any sense?

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02 Jun 2023 22:30:39
I had that contract of Schmaltz. Your not going to pay Bunting and these two have similar numbers.

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02 Jun 2023 22:51:50
I get what you guys are saying, but I guess I'm not articulating my point clearly.
I don't think it makes a difference whether we're over the cap with Muzzin's LTIR at $89.5M because we can only have a roster of $83.5M regardless. We can't sign another player to use up Muzzin's cap hit from the $6M. So IMO there is no difference whether we have Muzzin's LTIR or not, unless Muzzin comes back for playoffs.

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03 Jun 2023 16:13:53
@Tags. I think I am not articulating clear enough. To my understanding, the Leafs can use all of Muzzin's cap hit above the cap limit of $83.5M as long Muzzin remains on LTIR. This is why people complain that LTIR is an unfair advantage. Even for teams that want to reach the floor. The cap hit counts to help reach the floor without actually paying that actual amount in salary. If the Leafs iced a healthy roster that was at or under $83.5M, they are not actually using Muzzin's LTIR.

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03 Jun 2023 18:15:57
@RLF I don't think that's right, but I've been known to be wrong many times.

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03 Jun 2023 20:05:13
Tags. Below is From puckpedia.

When a player is on LTIR, a team may exceed the salary cap. Despite the common misconception, LTIR does not remove a Cap Hit from a team’s overall Cap Hit, it just potentially allows the team to exceed the salary cap.

IF a team is cap compliant on opening day without using LTIR, or uses LTIR at any point during the season, the LTIR Pool is the Cap Hit of the LTIR player less the team’s cap space when the player goes on LTIR.   For example, if a player with a $4M Cap Hit goes on LTIR when the team has $100K of Cap Space, the LTIR pool is $3.9M ($4M-$0.1M) . Because of this, team’s often make several roster moves right before a player goes on LTIR in order to be as close to the cap as possible, in order to maximize the LTIR Pool

Pretty much what I said. Does that help?

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03 Jun 2023 20:51:18
RFL thanks, I get that part of it, but I'm just not seeing the advantage unless the injured player comes back for playoffs.
If the LTIR player comes back during the season, the team has to open up the $4M cap space to bring him back so other players have to be removed from the roster. Because active players on the roster can not exceed the cap.
I am not seeing the advantage.
Anyways, we'll leave it at that. Thanks for the clarification.

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04 Jun 2023 03:01:30
@Tags. Because the expectation is that Muzzin will never play again. This means the Leafs do not have to worry about the player coming off LTIR. They can go over the cap up to the LTIR pool amount and not have to worry about it.

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04 Jun 2023 13:01:39
@Tags. Plus take into account there is no cap in the playoffs.

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04 Jun 2023 16:36:18
@RLF playoffs is the only time it's an advantage.

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04 Jun 2023 20:05:13
Tags. Explain how it is only an advantage come playoff time if you can use it all year because you know a player isn't coming back ever?

The Leafs can literally add a d-man all year for instance without using any cap space. How is that not an advantage during the season? Tampa has done it. Even traded for LTIR player to get extra room.

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04 Jun 2023 21:15:33
@RLF Advantage if LTIR comes back during playoffs. Just like Kucherov a few years ago and Stone this year.

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05 Jun 2023 12:05:49
@Tags. That is one advantage yes. The Leafs can put a team together with 23 roster players including Muzzin and be 10% over the cap until start of season. Meaning the can sign a player to replace Muzzin and still be cap compliant. They put Muzzin on LTIR and lets say the other 22 players equals $83.2M. They can now add a player to make a 23 man roster of up to $5.3M, the rest of their LTIR pool. Giving them an artificial cap of $88.7M for the whole season. That's an advantage as well imo.

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05 Jun 2023 13:26:48
@RLF maybe that's the difference. Having the LTIR before the season starts. I'll be interested to check out cap friendly once the season gets underway.

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02 Jun 2023 12:13:28
Toronto Trades
28th Overall Pick 2023

SanJose Trades
196th Overall Pick 2023 (7th Round)

Thoughts ?

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02 Jun 2023 14:00:51
Why would the leafs do this lol.

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03 Jun 2023 00:17:58
Leafs would be far better off to keep the 1st round pick and buy Murray out.
The cost would only be $600,000 in the first year.
Next year the cap is projected to go up considerably when the retention cost would increase to $2 million.
Giving up another 1st round pick would mean that Leafs would have draft only twice in the first round over the past six years.
Sandin and Amirov, neither of who is with the Leafs.
Leafs can not keep trading away draft picks when their prospect cupboard is practically bare!

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02 Jun 2023 02:50:53
Haven’t been on this for a while. Thought I’d restart:

To the leafs: Anderson and lindholm

To Calgary: 1st 23 (BOS), nylander, Robertson and liligren

To Anaheim: Matthews
To Toronto: pick 2, mctavish and drysdale

To San Jose: Marner
To Toronto: pick 4, 26, knazoyv (sp? )

All just thoughts bouncing around in my head. Wondering what you guys think. In no way am I thinking all three happen, wondering if any are likely.

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02 Jun 2023 13:54:38
Trade one I like, not sure you’d need Lily and Robertson. I’d want permission to speak to lindholm about an extension.

Trade two is the exact type of deal I’d like to see made with the ducks for Matthews or Marner. Depending on if it’s a sign and trade with Matthews you’d possibly even get more.

Trade 3…meh lol don’t hate it don’t love it.

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03 Jun 2023 00:22:02
Can’t see Calgary giving up their best forward and best defenseman for Nylander and scraps.

Anaheim would have to be insane to make such a trade and that is something Pat Verbeek is not!

San Jose’s #4 pick for Marner is equally crazy.
There is a big drop off after Bedard and Fantilli.
None of the remaining players are ever likely to be anywhere near as good as Marner.

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02 Jun 2023 02:22:44
Tor: nylander Brodie hirvonen
Nyi: jp pague Dobson

Similar to a trade treliving made before lindholm/Hanifin leafs get a good 3c option and a long term possibility on d

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02 Jun 2023 18:16:04
I think lamourello dies from a heart attack after laughing so hard. I think dobson is on their damn near untouchable list.

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03 Jun 2023 00:23:39
I don’t think Dobson is going anywhere.
He has the potential to be a top 10 defenseman in the league.

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