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07 Dec 2023 08:51:39
Arizona trade 7 th
Leafs trade Kampf


Why keep Kampf when Holmberg mays 33% of what Kampf does and is equal talent. Just gives Leafs more money to add players at deadline or b4

I think on off-season we sigh triplets they all get same money

Brodie 4 years $4.5 million

I would try to get him for three years but if it takes a forth year to secure him I give him that. This is where Leafs can outmuscle other teams because they use LTIR as a game changer.

Zadorov 7 years x 4.5 same logic as with Brodie

Tanev 4 years x 4.5 this gives Leafs solid top 6 with plenty of backup

Reilly Brodie
Zadorov Tanev Top 6 cost
McCabe Liljegren $25 million
Benoit Niemela
Timmons Lagesson

Hildeby. Both $2 million

Knies Matthews Marner
Robertson Tavares Nylander under $55
Cowan. Minten Steeves Million
Reaves Holmberg Jarnknok

To open next season we try this if it doesn't work goalies become available this gives you $5.5 million left in cap Space I have Willy $10 x 8 yrs cap will be $87.7

Next year is final season you have Tavares eating 11 million. So far it's been clear sailing and he has given Leafs value but if big injury hits him next year LTIR has a clean slate and Leafs could put him there.

If anyone making big money get hurt long term ur they go LTIR and Toronto has money to add players via trade

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07 Dec 2023 10:05:24
Holmberg is not equal to kampf hence why he’s not on the team I would be very cautious in signing guys like Brodie and Tanev to multi year deals both are 33-34 this year so they will be 34-35 next as for your lineup again wishful thinking if you think cowen and minten are nhl ready by next year and then you want to put steeves next to them the leafs who easily be a bottom 10 team.

07 Dec 2023 11:00:44
I wouldn't give any of those d men that kind if money no thx.

07 Dec 2023 12:36:15
Kampf dosen't do anything flashy, but he's great on draws and at shutting down the other team. Keefe has all the trust in the world in him. Holmberg can't stay in the NHL. They are not the same player.

07 Dec 2023 12:48:04
Come in Mackin. You don’t think about defence. You’re gonna have an all rookie line? That should go well. Holmberg is as good as Kampf? Really. So Holmberg will be taking most of the defensive zone faceoffs now, starting on PK every time with Marner (one of our best PKers) also starting all 3 on 3 overtime’s until we get the puck back. You can’t replace NHL experience and Holmberg needs to gain that before he can be considered as much of an asset as Kampf.

07 Dec 2023 15:16:38
Brodie 2@3 million
Zadorov 4@3.7
Tanev 4@4
……at the most.

08 Dec 2023 01:39:43
Brodie is already 33 and declining rapidly.
And you want to sign him to a 4 year contract?
Surely not!
Zadorov is 28, 29 in April and you want to give him a 7 year contract taking him into his 36th year.
Are you kidding?
Tanev is 33 and a 4 year contract takes him into his 37th year.
What is with this geriatric defense that will be slow and injured all of the time.
A defense that gets slower each year while the play of the league gets faster.
This is absolutely nuts!

06 Dec 2023 21:08:01
Leafs trade Kampf
Arizona 7th

. Klingberg done year Liljegren skating

Leafs now have lots of cap room. They can look for deals where they pay slightly more and the team retains salary.

Look for another home run deal like McCabe they have this year and next for 2 million

Leafs really need to get Steeves in lineup

The reason the Zadorov trade didn't happen was Calgary didn't want to structure the deal as they wanted. It was Zadorov and Tanev and Flames eat half money

The Flames are not eating money that's clear but even if they don't acquire Tanev they can still get both players at free agency in off season.

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06 Dec 2023 21:31:16
You preface this with "they have cap space" then throw Kampf away for cap space?

07 Dec 2023 02:37:06
Oh my God!
Not another McCabe!

07 Dec 2023 06:47:11
McCabe only makes 2 million and is decent.

06 Dec 2023 17:57:07
Let’s try a 3 team blockbuster trade:

To Tor: Hart (50% retained), Walker, Hathaway, Fabbro, Trenin

To Phi: Samsonov, Hildeby, Cowan, Brodie, Robertson, Lauzon, Tor 3rd pick 2024

To Nsh: Jarnkrok, Lily, Seeler, Abbruzzese, Phi 2nd rd 2024

*Reaves to minors
LTIR - Kling
IR - Gio

Knies Matthews Nylander
Bertuzzi JT Marner
Robertson Domi Trenin
Gregor Kampf Hathaway

Rielly Walker
McCabe Fabbro
Lagesson Timmins


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06 Dec 2023 19:44:39
Just to break down this trade from Leafs perspective:

Leafs giving up
Samsonov, Brodie, Lily, Jarnkrok, Robertson, Hildebrand, Abruzzese, 2023 3rd, Cowan (1st round pick)


Hart (50% retained), Walker, Hathaway, Trenin and Fabbro

Sorry, but I think this is a huge overpay from a Leafs perspective.

06 Dec 2023 20:49:37
This is how I broke it down and I may be off but let me know;
Hart -> Sammy (cap dump, Philly will dump him end of season), Hildeby, Cowan.

Walker - > Brodie, Abbruzzese. Walker is RD, younger with offensive upside and a way better cap hit.

Hathaway -> Jarnkrok, 3rd. Hathaway has proved he can play in the lineup and be an asset on the PK and can be our tough guy presence.

Trenin —> Lily, Robertson. We get the better d man and Trenin who is a reliable, physical bottom 6 forward.

06 Dec 2023 23:15:10
Brodie and Samsonov are gone at seasons end anyway. You can sign Brodie back at a discount next year. No problem with letting them go. Be nice to keep Cowan or Hildeby if possible. Not a bad deal though.

07 Dec 2023 12:23:49
@Clarky17 sorry for not replying last night, just got busy.
I'm looking at your breakdown and it does make sense, but I guess to me it depends on how we value the targets.
Cowan (best prospect IMO) and Hildeby (best goalie prospect IMO) should only be used for a stud prospect.
I like Hart and think he's a good goalie, but he is not a stud IMO. I probably could be swayed into using Cowan and Hildeby for Saros (but again that would be hard using both top prospects for one stud target) . Just my opinion though.
As for the rest of the breakdowns, they look good and are exactly the types of targets needed.

07 Dec 2023 12:39:04
I agree it would suck to lose two good future assets but would even better to get that package to help us win “now”. I think either Cowan or Minten are trade bait, we don’t have room for both, unless one transitions to winger.

07 Dec 2023 13:29:14
Possibly better for win'now', but not sure Hart is the answer.
As for Cowan and Minten, I think we need 2 Centers moving forward. JT is probably going to be used on the wing in future if resigned and hopefully Cowan slots into 2C and Minten 3C. That's the way I see these prospects moving forward.

07 Dec 2023 17:01:45
I think it is an overpay by the Leafs. Not massive, but enough to pass on the deal.

06 Dec 2023 15:16:16
3 trades lol, considering no trades basically happen in the NHL.
I think these trades target our weaknesses, plus term going forward (2 RFA's, one 3 year term and one UFA who Leafs can hopefully sign to a 2/ 3 year extention at a reasonable cap hit) .

Trade 1
To Jersey
Samsonov $3.55M UFA
Voit ELC

To Toronto
McLeod $1.4M RFA
2024 3rd

Let's see how desperate Jersey is for goaltending.

Trade 2
To Calgary
2024 3rd (from NYI)
2024 3rd (from NJ)
Abruzzese ELC

To Toronto
Tanev $2.25M (50% retained)

Trade 3
To Arizona
Liljegren $1.4M RFA
Robertson $.8M RFA
Jones $.875M
2024 1st

To Toronto
Durzi $1.7M RFA
Ingram $1.95M/ 3yrs
2024 2nd (Arizona)

Good cheap future goalie tandem with Woll & Ingram.


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06 Dec 2023 17:41:14
I think it looks good Tags. I just don’t think Arz is gonna move anyone with the way they are playing. They are high on Durzi and Ingram.

07 Dec 2023 17:05:04
First one I think NJ needs D more than another goalie. I had Liljegren for McLeod a little while ago and then make a deal for Peeke to replace Liljegren.

I can't imagine Calgary agreeing to that deal.

The third one is similar to another prop I posted a couple days ago and like mine, all depends on Arizona's plans for this season.

06 Dec 2023 13:45:50
Leafs need defense I would say this could get fixed with 2 trades and have klingberg on ltir for the season
1st trade 3 way trade
Leafs trade Brodie samsonov volt and a 3rd to Calgary for markstrom and tanev 1 million retained and leafs trade a 5 and 6th round pick to buffalo for 1 million retained on tanev

Trade 2
Leafs trade
Robertson mcmann timmons and a 1st plus next years 3rd
For Adam Larson 600 thousand retained and Jamie oleksiak

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06 Dec 2023 16:05:47
Buffalo is a decent team with playoff aspirations. I do think they're willing to retain. Maybe San Jose, Anaheim, Chicago might help you out. Markstrom is also a shadow of what he once was. I like the 3 targets, not sure if Seattle is willing to ship out 2 NHL defenceman for 1 fringe and a package of greatest and picks. Would have to thrown McCabe i fel, at the very least. Possibly Liljegren, once healthy.

06 Dec 2023 13:06:35
3 team deal

Samsonov $3.55M(Tor)

Foegele $2.75M(EDM)
Holmberg $.8M(Tor)
Grubbe ELC(EDM)

Fabbro $2.5M(Nash)
Pickard $.762M(Edm)

Edmonton gets a goalie upgrade.

Nash picks up a 3rd line winger that should suit their style that they could flip if out of the playoff race. They also get a bottom 6 ready forward in Holmberg and a good prospect in Grubbe.

Toronto gets a mid 4 RD that may be able to move up and play with Rielly as well as a backup goalie

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06 Dec 2023 13:42:28
As a leafs fan I don't feel comfortable with Pickard as a back up.

06 Dec 2023 15:44:19
J1967. I get that. It is cap in/ out for Edmonton. Toronto can take their pick of Pickard or Jones to backup. There is also always a backup available at the TDL and they don't cost a lot to get.

07 Dec 2023 11:03:49
I'd go with Jones over Pickard if I had to choose.

05 Dec 2023 22:54:56
Tor Robertson

Oilers Broberg

Two struggling prospects, roughly the same age and salary. Both need a change.

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06 Dec 2023 02:49:19
I like it!

06 Dec 2023 11:36:48
Leafs might need to add a bit, but I like the thought.

06 Dec 2023 14:30:20
I don't think the leafs ass, broberg was picked higher but Robertson is still with the big club.

06 Dec 2023 15:41:07
I figured there would be a Broberg prop pretty quick after he asked for a trade. Edmonton can't really take on any cap, so cap in/ out is necessary. I would say value of the prop is reasonable. Do they want a possible young scorer in return?

What about something like Samsonov for Foegele and Broberg?

06 Dec 2023 17:22:44
@RLF that would be even better for me.

05 Dec 2023 20:18:08
Something different

To Toronto
Pesce $4.025M UFA

To Carolina
Samsonov $3.55M UFA
Hirvonen ELC

Both UFA players.

Carolina giving up quite a few goals for such a structured defensive team, so possibly a need for a goaltender is needed with Andersen's uncertain return.

Leafs get a top 4 Dman, who can play with Rielly and moving Brodie to 2nd pair.

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05 Dec 2023 21:00:18
If it was only that easy to get Pesce.

05 Dec 2023 22:46:37
Agree with Johnny, but I don't think you're worlds off. They need goaltending desperately and will have to overpay for it.

06 Dec 2023 02:25:53
Carolina has zero interest in that deal.

05 Dec 2023 18:49:54
Leafs trade Nylander
Calgary lindholm

I'm not doing this trade but if Nylander pulls a fast one and decides to leave 5 % chance this happens. Leafs have many options for plan B


Treliving has backup land UFA money will run dry other teams. If money is equal and you want to wi. Toronto is great place

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05 Dec 2023 19:57:22
Why wouldn't you make that trade? 2 way centre that replaces JT at centre as he ages, for Willy.

05 Dec 2023 20:12:14
Because nylamder is part of the heart and soul of leafs

Look at it this way you start pulling things off a car eventually it won't run

These guys are your team

Matthews Marner Tavares Reilly Nylander.

05 Dec 2023 22:50:43
Willy is a dead battery. You need a new battery anyway, why not get a better brand in Lindholm. Willy is the Canadian Tire brand that has the wrong size in the box (true story, happened to me) .

05 Dec 2023 23:43:06
If willy is the heart and soul of this team. well . there's your problem right there.

06 Dec 2023 11:39:10
Nylander is back to his old ways already. Too casual with the puck, stays on the ice too long, doesn’t back check…. that overtime goal against Boston was 100 % on him.

Get him, Samsonov, Minten and add if necessary, to get Konecny, Walker, and Hart.

06 Dec 2023 20:21:28
Sorry it made me giggle when Mackin said Nylander was heart and soul. Haha.

05 Dec 2023 17:20:43
Here's a trade proposal...

TOR Robertson

Chi C.Murphy
Louis Crevier

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06 Dec 2023 13:45:20
The value is probably fair. Would the Hawks have any interest in Samsonov? Not sure. Crevier has made leaps and bounds since the draft. Can he continue it to work himself into a full time NHLer, that is still unknown. He would be a huge bonus for the Leafs if he could.

05 Dec 2023 15:31:43
Tor: 3rd

Chi: Reese johnson

54% faceoff wins, 6'1" 200lb and hits people.

Weaker possession numbers mostly for being on a rubbishty team.

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05 Dec 2023 19:00:25
I like the player, but who does he replace?

05 Dec 2023 20:02:53
Long term I see him as a cheaper version of Kampf,

06 Dec 2023 02:53:34
That’s a pretty long term replacement for Kampf considering he has 3 more years on his contract after this one.
4th line centers with no offensive capabilities and sporting $2.45M dollar contracts are not easy to trade.

06 Dec 2023 04:46:44
What's long term? Kampf is here for 4 years. That's pretty long term.


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