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12 Aug 2022 00:21:27
Toronto makes big trades to compete for top in Atlantic division.

Toronto trades Nylander, Kerfoot, Sandin, Abreezse, Steeves and a 1st in 2023

Arizona for Jacob Chychurn, Barrett Hayden and Conor Garland

Toronto trades Muzzin
Anaheim for 2nd and 4th in 2023

Toronto signs Pk Subban to 1yr x 1.5 million


Bunting Matthews Marner
Hayden Tavares Garland
Engvall Kampf Jarnkrok
Kubel Gaudette Anderson

Rielly Brodie
Chychurn Subban
Giordano Llyigren

Clifford and Simmons put on waivers

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12 Aug 2022 01:33:48
Connor Garland does not play for the Coyotes.
He was traded to the Vancouver Canucks last summer.
Perhaps you are thinking of Lawson Crouse?

12 Aug 2022 01:34:18
Just a bit late to get Garland from Arizona, don’t you think?

11 Aug 2022 22:20:20
Nylander Sandin Robertson
Chychrun Hayton

Book it

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12 Aug 2022 01:38:50
Barrett Hayton: 10 goals - 14 assists - 24 points
William Nylander: 34 goals - 46 assists - 80 points

Chychrun does not even come close to making up the difference in impact he would have on the team as a second pairing defenseman.

12 Aug 2022 04:02:53
MPH, where does Chychrun play? he's a LHD?

10 Aug 2022 15:14:53
Anaheim Trades
2nd Round Pick 2023 (Colorado's Pick)

Toronto Trades

Leafs get much needed Cap Space.
Ducks get much need Vet Defenceman.

Thoughts ?

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10 Aug 2022 19:49:17
Muzzin has to waive is the first block and who replaces muzzin sandin probably is t ready and gio is too old leafs get worse here imo.

10 Aug 2022 20:00:18
Muzzin would really be missed in the playoffs, imo.

11 Aug 2022 16:33:46
I’d make the trade.

His declining performance and health concern are the main reasons.

I’d like to get a return for once on a soon-to-be UFA as well.

Freeing up his $5.6m does a lot for the Leafs and quite easily (IMO) gives us opportunity to replace his loss plus other opps.

11 Aug 2022 18:23:54
I definitely agree, he is on the decline and would give us some much needed cap space.

10 Aug 2022 12:22:34
Toronto Trades
NRobertson (AHL)
Niemela (SML)
1st Round Pick 2024

Vancouver Trades
4th Round Pick 2023

This is the type of proposal that I believe both Teams would look at.

Canucks take a step back for this season, but 3 steps forward for there future adding 2 Top Prospects and a 1st Rounder over a 4th Rounder.

Leafs need to shed some Salary plus add a LW for the top 6, JTMiller is the perfect fit, yes some future is sacrificed but as close as they are it's a no brainer to go for it, after this proposal what's left for the offseason is trading Muzzin for more Cap Space and resigning Sandin.

Thoughts ?

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10 Aug 2022 14:25:02
I think you remove Simmonds (can be buried in the AHL) and the 4th coming back and you're very close. Maybe they even throw in Schenn, with a pick added on our part. I would then suggest Holl to Chicago for 50% retention on Miller's contract.

10 Aug 2022 19:48:03
Here the argument i have about Miller why does Vancouver move him without a top 6 player coming back they are trying to win now this package is something that may work at the deadline and Vancouver is out of a playoff spot.

10 Aug 2022 20:03:26
Vancouver needs to clear cap space, so for that reason they may be interested. Also you could argue that Kerfoot is a top 6 forward. Not ideally, but you could argue it. Niemela is a solid prospect, but it does not help them win now.

12 Aug 2022 01:40:38
Can’t see Vancouver trading JT Miller (99 points) for a handful of
Leafs castoffs.

10 Aug 2022 12:21:39
Tor: kerfoot sandin
Ana: comtois helleson

This trade helps both teams leafs get comtois who is one of those players that's not afraid to mix it up and battle and helleson is a promising rhd prospect leafs save about 1.5 mil in cap space Anaheim gets a serviceable middle six utility player and a young lhd who can add to their blueline

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10 Aug 2022 18:24:49

10 Aug 2022 19:45:35
Leafsguy yes Anaheim gets the two better players currently but helleson is a rhd prospect with size something leafs lack comtois too had a good first season then the ducks got worse is it really a loss I’d rather have two young players that cost less over kerfoot who we already know what he is at his best and sandin who will be a 7/ 6 if he signs.

12 Aug 2022 01:43:39
Leafs are initially giving more than they receive but if Comtois has a bounce back season and Helleson continues to progress the Leafs could well win this trade over the long run.

10 Aug 2022 11:37:35
Carolina will be without Patch for around 6 months. They are not a young team, both goalies UFA at end of season and they now have 5 RD's on the roster with the addition of Burns. Their time is now. So, is it time to go back to a Nylander/Pesce based deal. Both have 2 years left on their term. Carolina needs a top 6 forward and Leafs need a top 4 RD.

Nylander $6.96M

Pesce $4.025M
Bokk ELC

Carolina gets the scorer and Leafs get the RD they coveted in the past to play with Rielly and a project in Bokk, who has been an underperforming prospect.

Leafs would have to make another move on D with Sandin still unsigned.

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11 Aug 2022 00:57:55
I like it. Even if Pesce costs more, I'll do it one for one.

12 Aug 2022 01:50:46
Trading Nylander leaves a huge hole at second line right wing.
Dominik Bokk was drafted back in 2018, traded to the Hurricanes and still has not been able to break into the NHL.
Trading Nylander 34 goals - 46 assists - 80 points for a second pairing RHD does not seem like good value.
Certainly not what Leafs could likely receive from another team.

12 Aug 2022 13:30:13
Leafs also get $2.3M in cap space. I understand Bokk hasn't made the NHL yet, hence my description of him. I said they would still need to make a move or two on D, that move could be for someone to help fill the RW void.

09 Aug 2022 12:24:06
Nylander $6.96M
Holl $2M

Jukiharju $2.5M
Peterka ELC
Murray ELC
2023 4th

Buf has the cap space and could use another top 6 forward to compliment heir young guys. Holl gives them a lower RD replacement for Jukiharju. Buffalo has lots of young D as is.

Tor gets a top 4 young on a good contract and a young scoring prospect along with a developing big man and an extra pick. Leafs clear $4.5M in cap space.

Sandin RFA
Robertson ELC

Necas RFA
2023 3rd(phil)

Carolina could likely afford to sign Sandin easier than Necas. Sandin gives them one more natural LD. Robertson provides future scoring.
Leafs get a young potential scorer in Necas and and extra pick for next draft.

Leafs sign Necas 3X$2.75M

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12 Aug 2022 01:54:26
I am a big fan of Jokiharju a good upgrade over Holl, but neither Peterka nor Murray have even broken into the NHL yet.
Leaves a huge hole in the Leafs lineup at 2nd line right wing.

12 Aug 2022 13:37:23
They get Necas in the 2nd deal and I was pretty close on what he actually signed for. Necas fills the RW void. Peterka just turned 20 this year and you're worried he hasn't made the NHL yet. As a 19 year old he was a ppg player in the A, same as Nylander was. Murray is a big man and later bloomer. Not uncommon for big men and he is a bottom 6 guy likely anyway.

09 Aug 2022 04:38:22
To Islanders:
Nylander $6.9
Sandin TBD

To Leafs:
Mayfield - ( RHD) - $1.45
Beauvillier - (LW) - $4.15
Wahlstrom - (RW) - $0.89

Out: $6.9
In: $6.4

Leafs second line becomes:
Beauvillier - Tavares - Wahlstrom

Reilly - Brodie
Giordano - Liljegren
Muzzin - Mayfield

Islanders get another young defenseman in Sandin to add to Romanov whom they acquired from Montreal at the draft.
Islanders receive a highly skilled right wing,
34 goals - 46 assists - 80 points - 81 games.
Nylander has two (2) more years on his contract.
Nylander can form a line with Barzal and Bailey
Lou is very familiar with Nylander having been involved in drafting him.
Islanders have William Dufour, Right Wing, Team Canada Juniors 2022 coming up through their prospect pool to replace Wahlstrom.

Leafs finish building their 2nd line and are now in a position to trade Kerfoot having replaced him with Beauvillier.

Next question is what team, at this juncture of the summer has the cap space to absorb Kerfoot's salary.
Arizona would possibly like a $3.5 cap hit but in actual dollars less than a million owing.
Arizona owns either Leafs 2023 - 3rd round pick or 2025 - 2nd round pick (their choice) from the Lyubushkin acquisition.
Maybe Dubas could at least get our draft pick back?
With the trade of Kerfoot Leafs are (temporarily) out of cap hell!

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09 Aug 2022 08:25:34
Lou would not touch Nylander definitely not his type of player, in any way, shape or form. Lou likes his business private, the Nylander holdout was anything but quiet or private. Regardless of great stats that bridge is burned.

09 Aug 2022 10:14:06
Islanders are also looking to shed salary, not add.

09 Aug 2022 12:06:35
With Pelech, Romanov and Bolduc, the Isles don't really need Sandin, but not a bad idea. If Nylander goes to NYI, it is Dufour I would want coming back. Isle would still have Sanidn, Dobson, Romanov and Bellows to sign after this deal is done. Not ideal. Then they have Barzal and Varlamov to sign next season with no big contracts coming off the books. As others have said, not sure they are looking to take on a cap.

12 Aug 2022 02:01:06
Islanders have $11 million in cap space at the moment with Bellows and Romanov to sign to bridge contracts and Noah Dobson TBD.
Isles are trying to shed salary so they can sign Kadri.
Which would you rather have line up with Barzal?
Nylander at 26 years of age with 2 years left on his contract at $6.9
Or Kadri at 32 years of age who is looking for a 6 - 7 year term at between $8 - $9?
A no brainer!

As far as Lou not touching Nylander?
Perhaps you have forgotten that it was Lou who drafted Nylander to the Leafs.

12 Aug 2022 13:42:33
@WB. You are forgetting they also have to now sign Sandin as well with this move. Then next year, Barzal and Varlamov.
I agree that Lou would not be against adding Nylander. Barzal, Nelson, Bailey for instance are not very physical either and he hasn't shipped them off.


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