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11 Apr 2021 14:56:25
So going through the trades and seeing how Savard ended up with Tampa, that got the ol'Trade-o-meter rev up! So here's my kick at the can to plan out past the trade deadline. Andersen is put on LTIR! Robadias island for him!

Trade deadline 2021
Tor gets
Dzingel LW/C/RW

Ottawa gets
Rubins D
Toronto's 3rd round pick 2021

Tor gets
Oesterie D

Arizona gets
Lilijigren D

Tor gets
Ritchie G 50% retained

Calgary gets
Hollowell D
Woll G
Petan C/RW

Toronto's forward lines
Extras: Simmonds & Robertson

Toronto's defensive lines
Extras: Dermot & Sandin

Toronto's Goalies
Campbell Sg
Ritchie Bg
Extras: Hutchinson

After we win the cup, we make these moves to protect ourselves for the Expansion Draft.
Going with the 7/3/1 method here's my list attempt.
Mathews, Marner, Tavares, Nylander, Kerfoot, Mikheyev, Engvall, Riley, Brodie, Muzzin and Campbell for the goalie!

That leaves Dermot, Holl wide open for the pickings. I suggest we trade one for a draft pick,

Tor gets
2nd round pick 2021

Carolina gets
Dermot D

Now give Seattle your best 2nd round pick out of the 2 you have to cover not picking Holl and we keep our Dman.

Have deals in place with Hymn and Galchenyuk so they stay out of the expansion draft cycle. Now move onto the armature draft.

Draft floor deals
Tor gets
Monahan C
Valimaki D

Calgary gets
Nylander C/RW
Brooks C
Kral D

Tor gets
Patrick LW

Philly gets
Kerfoot LW/C/RW

Now proceed with the draft. You have a 1st and 2nd to pick with. Where the leafs pick will be a crapshoot when gauging prospects. There is always the diamond in the rough!

Now onto the UFA/Canada Day and the personal prediction I'll be drunk it's a little early to tell how drunk but drunk I will be! And here's how we roll out the team. Since I'm claiming we won the cup we let Spezza, Thornton Bogosain and Simmonds walk off into the sun set! Then we let Dzingel and Andersen walk also.
Also sign up the Expansion draft deals of Hymn and Galchenyuk! Sign Ritchie to back up Campbell and sign Oesterie as our depth D man

Now fill out the roster as follows,

Toronto's forward lines
Extras: ??

Toronto's defensive lines
Extras: Oesterie

Toronto's Goalies
Campbell Sg
Ritchie Bg
Extras: Hutchinson

I'm pretty sure there could be some money left over through this awesome proposal! Lol! Anyway killed my morning now onto the garden!

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11 Apr 2021 15:41:28
Mikheyev is exempt from draft.

11 Apr 2021 20:42:42
You know Leafs don't have their own 3rd?

Check your numbers before you post.

11 Apr 2021 14:51:35
Foligno and domi

For kerfoot engvall 1 rst pick 4th pick

Hyman matthews marner
Galchenyuk Tavares nylander
Mikeyev domi foligno
Robertson spezza simmonds

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11 Apr 2021 13:45:34
To Toronto Oleksiak(retain 50%) to Dallas Marincin and 4th 2021

To Toronto Foligno and Korpisalo(50%retain on both) for Kerfoot, Barabanov , Liljegren and 1st

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11 Apr 2021 12:36:25
Here is a Trade Proposal that if happened would shock the entire NHL.

Buffalo Trades
Eichel (2.5m of Contract Retained)

Toronto Trades
Sandin (AHL)
1st Round Pick 2021
1st Round Pick 2022
1st Round Pick 2023
1st Round Pick 2024

Dubas says he is all in to win, this would truly put The Leafs in a great position having a super first line of Matthews, Eichel and Marner.
The Leafs would still have around 1.8m in Cap to upgrade in Goal or Defense as well.

Thoughts ?

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11 Apr 2021 13:44:06
And next year?

11 Apr 2021 14:37:59
Werenski is out for the season after undergoing Hernia surgery.

11 Apr 2021 15:45:04
liljegren (better partner for dahlin)
2023 2nd
2024 3rd

2023 1st
2024 1st
The retaining.

11 Apr 2021 18:22:59
Wouldn't touch pouty Jack with ten foot pole

Pouty Jack has had a bee in his butt since he was drafted thinking he should have been first overall ahead of McDavid and he doesn't get mentioned in same sentence as McDavid, Mathews and MacKinnon.

11 Apr 2021 12:33:08

To Tor: Werenski, Domi
To Clb: Holl, Nylander, Kearfoot and 1st 2021

To Tor: Rakell and Manson
To Ana: Nylander, Dermott

To Tor: Bennett, Tanev, Rittich
To Cal: Nylander, Hutchison, Liljegren

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11 Apr 2021 15:53:34
Non of these are bad

Columbus werenski is having surgery and may lose some of his skating ability once all is said and done. The value of 100% werenski is here but now he isn’t 100% and may never be so have to trade based on this new info now not on what he was

Anaheim deal value wise is spot on

Calgary deal I can’t see Calgary moving tanev and Bennett even for nylander. Leafs might need to add bug not a huge amount.

11 Apr 2021 04:52:08
If Anderson is on LITR

Getzlaf (salary retained)
1st and mid tier prospect

Olesiak (salary retained)
2nd and mid tier prospect

Ullmark (salary retained) or some steady veteran goalie please

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11 Apr 2021 06:38:37
Oleksiak has been traded twice already for a return less than what you are offering here. I’m going to assume that given the precedents, you can get him cheaper.

11 Apr 2021 09:51:17
Oleksiak is a good option as a 7D but he is not worth a 2nd.

Ullmark is also a good option but your not getting him for lili with retention.

I would never, ever in my life, give that up for old man getzlaf no matter how much I have liked him his entire career.

11 Apr 2021 22:45:14
LeafsLife Columbus got a 1st for Savard and Foligno. a first for Getzlaf with salary retained is the going rate.

12 Apr 2021 04:52:56
Olesiak is an upgrade on Dermott and Bog. Mike Reilly was traded for a 3rd so maybe a 3rd instead of a 2nd.

11 Apr 2021 01:41:43
Watching this team without nylander makes me feel like its time to move him.

Here are a few proposals, let me know what you guys think?

Tor: nylander
Cgy: tkachuk

Tor: nylander
Cgy: Bennett, rittich, 2021 1st

Tor: nylander, 2021 1st, 2022 1st
Phi: Patrick, Hart

Tor: nylander, 2021 1st
Chi: Dach

Tor: nylander
Ana: Gibson, 2021 2nd

Tor: nylander, 2021 1st, 2022 1st
Tampa: point

Obviously these aren't all going to be balanced with how many their are but what are your guys' thoughts?

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11 Apr 2021 05:10:29
I'm assuming you want on an individual level more than a whole picture thing because of cap issues. So;

I don't want Mathew Tkachuk. If that was Brady then any day but not Mathew.

Second one looks fair to me. It's going to be a decent pick so it depends on protection of the pick.

Hart is floundering. Phi is ruining him, I would stay clear.

Wouldn't pay that much for Dach. Nylander had a tonne of value himself.

Gibson is a tough one. I love Soup but what a tandem.

I'll take that for point in a second but don't think Tampa does.

All in all I like them all even if I disagree on value in a minor way.

11 Apr 2021 06:05:21
If we are looking at anyone from Calgary. i'd rather try to get a packager centred around Mangiapane. i doubt they trade tkachuk.

10 Apr 2021 20:10:14
Leafs trade Kerfoot, Hållander, 2nd
Columbus trades Foligno (50%), Savard (50%)

Not sure where Savard fits on this team. But they can make him fit I’m sure. Especially if they keep running an 11-7 system come playoffs.

The retention on the Islanders deal cost a 1st, so this is a low ball offer imo. I wouldn’t be upset if the cost was a 1st though.

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10 Apr 2021 21:23:42
A younger signed 2 more years for under 4 million player is worth more than an over 30 upcoming ufa in this cap freeze works

Hallinder and a 2nd has to cover the retention.

10 Apr 2021 21:34:01
I think Savard has been traded to TB.

10 Apr 2021 22:29:47
Looks like Tampa got savard

Foligno would be a nice pick up.

11 Apr 2021 18:06:41
Kerfoot is addition by subtraction.

Besides, his cap would need to be included to balance salaries.


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