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24 Nov 2023 15:10:57
So how about Kiefer Bellows...sounds like he's doing pretty well on his PTO since joining the Marlies....maybe he has finally reached his potential....I know his dad always frustrated bevwhen he was with the Minnesota North Stars




21 Nov 2023 13:37:26
So here's one just to add in a different team to the mix....Seen a few sites saying the Oilers might have to give up the equilavent of 3 first round picks just to move Campbell....Dunno if that is realistic but put this thought in my head to go crazy:

Leafs Trade:

Oilers Trade:
2024 1st round pick
2025 1st round pick

Oilers get rid of a bad goalie contract, Leafs get 2 first round picks and a LD prospect....send Campbell down to Marlies

Leafs Trade:
2024 1st round pick

Flames Trade:
Tavev(50% Retained)
Zadorov(50% Retained)

Flames get a 1st round pick....a couple of young prospects in Liljegren and Abruzzese and possibly Timmins if he can come back and play the way he did in exhibition....also allows Flames to get out from under Vladar's contract and either keep Jones up or waive him and bring up Wolf like they want to.




Klingberg goes to Robidas Island....Campbell and Reeves sent down to Marlies...

we still have just over $1M in cap


1.) 21 Nov 2023 14:59:15
@Loxley. I can't get behind this where Leafs goalies will be Woll and Vladar. Vladar is barely an NHL backup. Debatable imo if he is even that. Leafs goaltending as is, is an unknown, but Sammy is better than Vladar. I had no trouble trading Sammy if we could get something helpful in return because Jones is a solid vet and can have spurts of #1 goaltending, plus Hildeby has been awesome in the A. Jones falters, maybe give the kid (Hildeby) a chance as he is also waiver exempt.
This trade just depletes the Leafs too much in net for my liking.

I also don't think the Oilers do that deal, I think Calgary might though.

2.) 21 Nov 2023 16:24:41
@RLF. fair enough. admittedly the goal tending was a weak spot. but was hoping with the improved D it would gflp out Woll. Vladar has not been great this year but wasn't he pretty good. remember him faving lots of potential when he came up.

3.) 21 Nov 2023 18:02:03
Honestly if taking vladar try your luck with Campbell instead. I will post my Campbell to Toronto deal shortly.

4.) 21 Nov 2023 18:55:49
@Randy. I think in my scenario Campbell puts us over the cap. which is y I sent him down.



11 Nov 2023 07:01:03
So with Zadorov asking for a trade this is what i would try to do:

Leafs trade:
2026 1st round pick
(possible prospects)

Flames Trade
Tanev 50% retained

Leafs Trade:
2024 1st round pick

Flyers trade:

Reeves is sent down,recall McMann





This is based on all players being healthy...and leave us with $16,000 in cap space....might have to add more to Flames deal as far as prospects for them to take on Klingberg and retain but i think it would be worth it


1.) 11 Nov 2023 07:56:56
I think in Bertuzzi you have Konecny .

When both playing well Bertuzzi is better

Don’t worry Bertuzzi go back and watch him vs Ottawa that’s what’s coming consistently from Bertuzzi.

Two players that are just done no hope Klingberg and Reaves. I also think you’re paying too much money for Kampf and Jarnknok.

If you recall Holmberg and Steeves you’re not losing much if anything yet you’re saving $2.5 million.

To be honest the Leaf team I’m excited about is next years version when you slide Minton and Cowan into the top 9 and really address defence in next year free agency.

2.) 11 Nov 2023 12:03:45
Yes to flames trade. Give them Reaves too lol. No to Philly trade.

3.) 11 Nov 2023 23:43:09
@mackin. I disagree that we have konecny in Bertuzzi. konecny always competes and is signed to a good deal next year. he would not have been laughing at the Marchand antics. I don't care if he scores 50 goals. I lost all respect for Bertuzzi and don't want him on the team after this year.

Also I don't have Reeves on team or kampft. traded him away

And I don't think Cowan will be ready next year. might get Minten if he continues to grow.

4.) 11 Nov 2023 23:43:57
@bob. just no to konecny eh Bob. any reason?

5.) 14 Nov 2023 13:54:42
I really like the konecny I would do it in a heartbeat.



05 Nov 2023 06:41:31
So here is a re-post of my flyers trade along with another small trade with the Jackets and then a rather large one with the Flames...I put this together before Marchand killed Liljegren and might have to add to the Flames deal but i think this would give us a better crop of forwards and re-shape the whole D....if I could find someone to take laughing boy Bertuzzi i'd ship him out as well....possible replacement for him could be Anthony Duclair for a 3rd line pairing and move Knies up.

Leafs trade:

Flyers trade:

Leafs Trade:
2024 3rd round pick(NYI)

Jackets Trade:

Leafs Trade:
2024 1st round pick

Flames trade:

Leafs get Hanifin for 2nd pair Dand resign him for same money as Rielly next year
Tanev for Brodie is a wash of UFA's
Samsonov let's Flames get out of Vladar's 2 year deal so they can bring up Wolf next year....Liljegren and Niemela give Flames to young D for Hanifin they get the pick and McCabe on a decent deal as compensation for taking Brodie

Lines look Like This:




We can resign all of the UFA's and bring back most of this team leaving plenty of cap to bring up prospects or sign UFA's....as always...Max Comtois is someone i'd like to add...if e could get rid of Bertuzzi and DOmi could be



1.) 05 Nov 2023 08:10:26
Nylander are you nuts

The leafs have

————— Matthews Marner
————— Tavares Nylander
————— Kampf Knies
Gregor. Holmberg ——————-

The black spaces are where they presently have nothing but dead wood on those lines

So all the leafs have is 5 top 9 forwards. They have Robertson and Steeves on farm but no cap space to bring them up.

Domi saved a goal last night but he has no offensive talent. I don’t know what’s wrong with Bertuzzi but he is not on same level as Tavares and Nylander. So trading your 2nd best forward Nylander is crazy.

2.) 05 Nov 2023 20:49:53
@DM. you can't just delete people. and you got Knies on the wrong side. nothing wrong with jarnkroks play and you are replacing you so called best player Willy who in my opinion is only working his butt off this year so he can cash in big and get back to being lazy with a player just as good and better suited for the playoffs and plays with more heart and grit. Reeves is fine on 4th line and aunt going anywhere.

3.) 06 Nov 2023 07:41:32
Flyers are just starting their rebuild.
They are looking for picks, prospects and young players.
Kampf is 28 and will be 29 in two more months while Nylander is 27.
They do not fit into Flyers timeline.
I can not see the Flyers being interested

I suspect that Robertson and a 2024 - 3rd would get you Peeke.
The problem is, Robertson’s contract is for $796,667 while Peeke’s cap hit is $2.75.
How to fit that extra $2 million dollars under Leafs cap?

4.) 06 Nov 2023 13:29:47
I'd want more for Willy right now because I think the Leafs could get it.

The Peeke trade looks about right.

Seems like the Leafs are giving up a lot in the Flames trade.

5.) 06 Nov 2023 15:08:41
@Waterbuffalo. the cap works if all the trades are made. otherwise you're right it does not work. but that's why my post was not just for Peeke. contigent on the others going through.

6.) 06 Nov 2023 15:12:23
@RLF. i just figure we are getting a pretty good replacement for Willy in Konecny, we are getting a 3rd line C in Frost and adding to this brutal D with a pretty good 2 way Dman, . add the fact we won't have to worry about paying Willy $10.m the cap savings to me makes up for it

as for the Flames deal what would you remove? Niemela maybe, figure to get 3 players from Flames might have to overpay as I am not sure what Hanifin and Tanev would get them is traded seperately.



03 Nov 2023 02:00:12
So Keefe seemed to indicate that Liljegren would be out for a while....so here comes that BIG Calgary acquisition everyone has been expecting...

Leafs Claim:Jordan Oesterle off waivers


1.) 03 Nov 2023 13:38:38
LOL, good one!

2.) 03 Nov 2023 18:19:38
Great comment lol.

3.) 04 Nov 2023 00:35:49
That would be too funny except Brad Treliving is Leafs GM, thus this could just possibly take place.




Loxley1972's banter posts with other poster's replies to Loxley1972's banter posts


08 Dec 2023 02:27:33
that's it....I've officially had it with Jarnkrok and his bad on ice positioning.....did you all see how he blatantly went to the front of the net and scored a goal....had he not been out of position our Super star and favorite son Robertson who he cut off was right behind him ready to pot that goal....

weathernackin is right....he has to go...useless useless player


1.) 08 Dec 2023 04:26:25
@Loxley. LOL, you had me at the start. I was thinking. "WHAT!? "lol

You watch, James Weathermackin will go on about what a great pass it was from Robertson to Domi that set the whole thing up, like Robertson giving it to the open man was something only Robertson could have done. lol

That said, the line is gelling more and more offensively and Jarnkrok, and even Domi are helping cover up well for Robertson defensively.

2.) 08 Dec 2023 05:54:41
That was a wonderful read lol.

Thanks for the laugh Loxley.

3.) 08 Dec 2023 16:41:21
@RLF. you are so right. wethermakin is gonna go on about how Jarnkrok cidt him big the 2nd assist and the goal on that play. lol

@LL You're welcome for the laugh.



26 Nov 2023 15:42:10
Was surprised to hear during last night's broadcast that Marner points wise is exactly where he was last year this many games in and ended up with 97 points....he looks horrible this year age not like a player than can score 97 again


1.) 26 Nov 2023 18:22:04
He never looks good. He's Marner.

2.) 26 Nov 2023 20:42:21
I feel like we are all on repeat when we say Marner and Matthews should not play together. How long are you going to try this experiment before we move on. They will have good game together because they are both extremely talented. But the bad is outweighing the good. Turnovers are a killer. And they are making too many in the wrong areas. Knies included (even though he is my fav) . They try to make 5 on 5 like a power play and it doesn’t work that way. Get the puck in the corner and hunt it down and cycle. I don’t get why Keefe isn’t even experimenting them apart when this is the coach that changes his lines more than he changes his pants. I wonder if they have a day over this?

3.) 27 Nov 2023 17:28:16
@ Clarky. you wouldn't wanna go and upset Little Mitchy" would ya. Matthews is his sandbox buddy!



18 Nov 2023 16:06:49
So...how nice would if be if Klingberg was sent to Robidas Island to keep Murray company....just red an article that mentions Keefe not sure when he will be back...

My question is what is it with these players that search out the Leafs to go on Robidas Vacation!!!


1.) 18 Nov 2023 19:14:37
$4.15M and a case of Hawaiian Tropic. Not a bad deal for Klingberg.

2.) 19 Nov 2023 01:41:32
It would probably be in his best interest to do that. says it's an injury he's dealt with most of his career. considering his play on leafs so far. blame the injury. go to Ribidas Island with your case of Hawaiian Punch and try again for a big contract next year. just not in Toronto. blame the gad start on the injury.

3.) 20 Nov 2023 21:31:59
If Klingberg goes to Robidas Island I'll send him a couple beers to enjoy on the beach.

I'd rather have almost anyone in that spot.

So, how's the Justin Holl hate looking now everyone? Lol. (Not you two specifically)

4.) 21 Nov 2023 06:14:11
I never had a real problem with Holl. he was good on defensive side for what he was paid. unfortunately this team built around forwards and he probly had to play out of position. wish a guy his size would have hit more. probly would not have signed him for what Detroit did.

5.) 21 Nov 2023 13:04:26
I know you said not us two in particular LL, so I am sure you guys remember that I defended Holl quite a bit. Very good Pker, he was fine as a bottom pair guy. Not every D will play like a top pair D, but that seems what many compare every D to. I have read on here that McCabe is a 6/ 7 at best. If you compare him to Rielly, I guess he can look that way, but I see him as good as pretty much every other D on the team. Brodie probably still has a slight edge. McCabe is a solid 4, very good 5.imo Holl a solid bottom pair D-man.

6.) 21 Nov 2023 13:41:20
@RLF. actually McCabe has looked pretty good the last few games. and how can ya not love the cap hit. also agree. above a 5th D good 4th D.

7.) 21 Nov 2023 18:00:03
@RLF I do remember you defending Holl. I did quite a bit of that myself as well. Bottom pairing D put on the ice for 22+ mins a game was never his fault, it was Dubas'

@Loxley agreed on McCabe. As soon as he got away from Klingberg he looked better.

8.) 21 Nov 2023 22:59:11
Yea, the McCabe hate baffles me.

9.) 22 Nov 2023 02:44:37
@RLF it's for the same reason as the Lafferty hate. Media made Lafferty sound like a top 6 forward and McCabe a top pairing D. They're both exceptional for what they are, but we aren't confusing them with Makar and Mcdavid.

10.) 22 Nov 2023 08:52:16
It's something to do with Leafs Fans not liking our Dmen. history of it al the way back to Larry Murphy. i'd say the same for Phaneuf. Burke pumped him up to such a high level and making him captain he could not stand up to the hype.

@LL I think the same could be said of anybody getting away from Klingberg. lol . McCabe was/ is on the slippery slope as Holl was with fans. cheap contract but when they try to get him to do to much the fans turn on him.

11.) 22 Nov 2023 13:21:30
I agree guys. It's a fan mentality which makes it a tough market to play in. It's either great to play here or really bad because mistakes or even just getting beat on a good play is unacceptable. There are so few exceptional players in the League, but somehow ALL Leafs players must be exceptional or at minimum, the best at their respective position League wide. Not that any team in the League actually has that, but the Leafs should be able to somehow.

12.) 23 Nov 2023 13:11:00
@RLF. my question is why to fans have so much hate for the little guys. low cap hits like Lafferty. McCabe and Hill. all bargain deals. playing specific roles. yet someone like Marner who whines all the time and is cap wise part of the reason our bottom pairing players are more blue collar and less fancy gets to skate by. he hardly gets any heat from the fans.

13.) 23 Nov 2023 19:32:16
@Loxley. Points and dazzle. imo
Many fans (imo) want to see the guys who can make all the fancy plays and dangle around guys. They don't have a lot of use for the guys who are mostly straight line (north/ south) hockey players unless they are fighters. I think the team values those guys, many fans don't.

14.) 24 Nov 2023 00:24:31
@RLF. I was just gonna say. but they loved Domi. Sr that is never the in between guys.



03 Nov 2023 02:07:00
So...i've stayed rather quiet about both Domi and more so Bertuzzi's play/production so far this year....but tonight pushed it over the edge...gotta say something....so Marchand does the dirty things that he does and takes out Liljegren...gone for a possible long stretch based on Keefe's comments after the game....Not one player on the ice goes to stick up for him...

Then there is Keefe....he decides that with Marchand still on the ice the very next play that will will allow Reeves...the tough guy they overpaid to come in here and fight and be the locker room DJ to do his barking at Marchand from the bench instead of putting him out on the ice....

Back to Bertuzzi....so while Reeves is mouthing off...we see a shot of the bench where as usual most of the players have an i don't care look on your face...all expect for Bertuzzi who had a smile on his face....i guess Marchand The Clown must have amused him....sure glad we picked him up....maybe he can do us all a favour and get hurt for the season so we can use the cap space elsewhere....end of rant!!!


1.) 03 Nov 2023 03:35:38
I'm not sure what Reaves is supposed to do to be honest. It isn't the 70s anymore, and he can't just grab Marchand and smash his face in.

Bertuzzi and Domi don't fight. It's not who they are.

I am disappointed in the looks they have as well. I'm completely with you there. They remind me of a high school team where everyone's got a clique.

2.) 03 Nov 2023 08:32:34
@LL that's the problem. Reeves could not do anything cause Keefe left him on the bench the following shift. go get in a fight or something. what about the other 4 pilons that were on the ice that did not even start a scrum. u mean it's the Bruins. do something. I know Bertuzzi and Domi are not there to fight. but to be seen smiling from the bench at Marchand's antics to me was not a good look. try to put on an angry face.

3.) 03 Nov 2023 11:15:48
I have 0% respect for Marner. He was to closest to that play than anyone, yet he doesn't engage. And then later in his post game scrum, he says he didn't notice what happened, BS.
I thought he motioned to the ref for a penalty to be called, meaning he definitely saw that dirty play.
@Loxley what's Reaves going to do there? Marchand (f%*#en snake) is 1/ 4 his size and its not the 70's as LL eluded too. Leafs surely would have gotten a retaliation penalty if Reaves was put on the ice immediately following that play.
The players on the ice are the ones who should be sticking up for their teammates. Disappointing response, same as always unfortunately.

4.) 03 Nov 2023 11:57:06
Rant is warranted. If Reaves isn't going to do anything, like take a run at one of their other better players, then the deterrent he brings, vanishes. On the other hand, can't expect the guy to fight 82 times this year. Others have to step up.

Every one knows Marchand is the dirties or at least top 5 dirty players in the League. All the Leafs players say they didn't see it and don't know what happened. Really? With all your I-pads you can't put down on the bench, you didn't see what happened? With the replays on the big screens in the arena, you didn't see what happened? It is almost impossible to not see it, even if they didn't see it in live action, they saw it on a replay. It would have been nice to see at least ONE Leaf player in the post game interviews call out Marchand and that it was a dirty play. About the only guy who got more physical as the game went on and at least chirped Marchand was, of all people, Klingberg. Yes Klingberg! That is the guy who has to step up. Well if he can, so can you Marner, Matthews, JT, Rielly, Willy etc. Grow a pair. Care enough about your teammates and not just the scoreboard and your 5 on 5 scoring drought.

The one thing that this is showing Treliving is that the players he inherited, aren't interested in having each others backs. If that was Matthews that Marchand did that to, Marchand would have been jumped, but because it wasn't, they won't engage in that kind of stuff. They still have that stupid mentality that they will pay them back on the scoreboard. If Liljegren was on the ice if that happened to Matthews, he might of been one to jump Marchand.

This group still hasn't learned to be a "team" yet. This is how Dubas built that team and it is starting to show that all the talk of surrounding them with grit and toughness, may not help as the leftovers from the Dubas era are all about points and pretty plays. Can't get rid of them all, but getting rid of one, may be the wake up call these guys need.

5.) 03 Nov 2023 14:46:50
@Tags. ya. i am sure Reeves gets a retaliation penalty for a fight. maybe he just goes around and bangs people up with hits. either way I would be happy with the penalty . take that any day over non-chalant attitudes and a smiling Bertuzzi. show me some emotion. show me that you are ready to step up to a teammate who may be seriously hurt.

6.) 03 Nov 2023 14:54:12
@RLF. totally agree with you. and ya. i don't expect Reeves to fight 82 times. but he is the guy they brought in for that. fights, hits, was supposed to make the softies tougher. bertuzzi can hit. but him smiling really ticked me off. the softies are to busy counting there money. that is why i am so hell bent on wanting to get a guy like konecny. Willy is busy counting the money he's gonna be given and Marner won't grow up. Konecny at least gets involved and is half the price of Willy. so move Willy and let Marner go i guess cause now we can't trade him. i know that's drastic but they are the mentality. JT is and the bottom 6 have to just look at the effort they give and follow suit. JT's deal is almost done. so he will either resign at a decent cap hit or not at all. this core 4 should have been broken up long ago instead they are given No move clauses and big contracts. ridiculous.

7.) 03 Nov 2023 14:54:49
@Loxley I agree, buyt Reaves wasn't put on the ice and I don't think Boston has anyone who would fight him anyways. If Lucic was playing, then I'm sure something would have happened.
I'm just more embarrassed and upset with our reaction from the players on the ice.
Remember last year against TB when Rielly & Point went into the boards? Point was hurt, even though nothing dirty happened on that play, but TB players jumped in head first. Why can't the Leafs do something like that? Pathetic if you ask me.

8.) 03 Nov 2023 15:28:37
Loxley. I hoped they traded them both before their clauses kicked in. We are pretty much on the same page on all of this.

Tags. I don't disagree on your take on Marner. But if it was Willy instead of Marner, nothing happens from Willy either. Let's not kid ourselves into thinking Willy would have done something. That begs the question, would you then have 0 respect for Willy?

9.) 03 Nov 2023 16:36:05
@RLF if that was Willy, the fan base would want his head on a silver platter.
Willy probably doesn't do anything either, but I would like to think that he would at least skate towards the area instead of moving away. And I don't think Willy would deny seeing anything and play dumb.
Marner's statement after the games bothers me just as much (if not more), same as not engaging. He just seems entitled with his responses (obviously just my opinion), but his true colors seem to come out more and more as time goes by IMO.

10.) 03 Nov 2023 18:36:12
@RLF. yup. i wanted them both gone as well.2 soft. now we can't get anything for Marner for sure and who knows if anyone would take on Willy. but for them to go Shanny has to go as well cause he is just as big a problem as well, strikes me as a guy with an ego that hates to be wrong.

11.) 03 Nov 2023 18:34:28
@Tags. and Reeves not being put on the ice falls on Keefe's head. don't get me wrong. my anger is not towards Reeves. if the coach, the players attitudes on the bench like Bertuzzi and to a greater extend the guys on the ice. Marner for one. and like RLF said. Wether it was Marner or Willy in his place, Willy would not have been skating toward it. they are different style players but both cut from the same marshmallowy cloth. affraid to get involved. as someone else posted they figure they will get even on the score board. did not happen.

12.) 03 Nov 2023 19:19:26
@Loxley I've been advocating for firing Keefe just as much as most on here, so I'm with you on that.
You guys are right about Nylander as well not engaging, but as I said, I have a major issue with his post game scrum. It bothers me that Marner thinks us fans are idiots, he just comes across as an arrogant, classless POS in my eyes.

13.) 03 Nov 2023 21:26:54
Saw my 75 year old neighbour lady take the broom, to a six or seven pound rat dog that was harassing the paperboy, coming down the street. No noise or fuss, just womped out of it. Paperboy is on her team. Same old, same old.



12 Oct 2023 05:09:01
Question....Not to sure how it could be done or what is in the rules but there are a couple of ufa players out there unsigned that I like...wondering if they can be signed to minor league deals and sent to the Marlies...I assusme the process would be they would have to be waived....anyway here are the players i like:

Comtois and Bear


1.) 12 Oct 2023 13:48:26
Yeah, I’m not sure what is wrong with Comtois; it’s puzzling.
He has so many pluses I’d take a chance on him.
He’d come cheap.

2.) 12 Oct 2023 19:05:48
I wonder if he is a major part of the team Canada scandal?

3.) 12 Oct 2023 19:24:01
I like both as well. Especially Comtois. He has all the tools a player needs to succeed, just can't seem to put it all together the way a lot of us thought he would eventually.

I don't see a situation where adding another forward helps. Maybe if he takes league min and replaces Gregor, but I really like Gregor.

4.) 12 Oct 2023 23:03:19
@LL. I was strictly thinking of adding these 2 guys right to the Marlies as depth for the playoffs in case there is injuries.

5.) 13 Oct 2023 18:23:51
@Loxley if Comtois agrees to that then fair enough.

He's been on an NHL roster for long enough now I'm not sure he does.

6.) 14 Oct 2023 01:07:23
Leafs need a blueliner before another forward.




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07 Dec 2023 20:12:22
@RLF. don't know them. but I trust your judgement RLF. other than Boosh this seems like a re-build or at worse a step back from wanting to win this year. Which is probly why I always go back to wanting Konecny. a guy that can make up the offense we loose with Willy but gives us a little cap space from Willy's contact compared to Konecny

I find this deal would take away offense from a team that already struggles to score.




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05 Dec 2023 23:43:06
If willy is the heart and soul of this team. well . there's your problem right there.




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30 Nov 2023 22:47:26
I'm all in. big on Konecny and Walker is having a great year. but like RLF I'd rather send a first round pick And keep the prospect we know. not sure if Philly needs willy. maybe they flip him. as for Hart . he's an upgrade and ufa next year. can we keep him?




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30 Nov 2023 22:43:59
@LL. exactly about Timmins . he was like that last year. one good game. one bad game. had a good pre-season then everyone in here thought he was a tip D. he's a seventh at best.




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29 Nov 2023 15:11:38
@RLF I'm all on board if it means bringing in Konecny. he scored another one last night. this is what i would offer Philly to get him:

leafs trade:

2024 1st round pic

Philly's Trade:
Walker (50% retained)

Lines look like this:

Knies. Matthews, Marner
Bertuzzi. Tavares. Konecny
Gregor. Domi. Jarnkrok
Steeves. Kampf. McMann

Rielly. Dobson
Brodie. Peeke
McCabe. Walker

Reeves has to be sent down to minors can't afford him with cap unless we have to add to Flyers deal to get (50% retained) on Konecny.





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08 Dec 2023 21:58:50
@LL your right about Markstrom. also not sure who they would target. I know RLF likes Ingram. maybe someone like him.

Have seen Hart's name but don't see that happening unless it's part of a big trade. and like I said flyers are playing better than they were expected too. might not wanna move him. so many other teams like oilers have wanted goalies and they're just not out there.




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08 Dec 2023 16:49:34
@Clarky. I dunno how available most of those guys would be or if we could even get them.
Gibson has ve a rumor here for years
Hart. flyers are playing above what was expected might not wanna move that.
Mrazek. don't want any part of that
ulmark/ swayman. dies Boston trade with a rival. if yes. very costly
Markstrom. who knows. Calgary is winning again and di they or do they not have a grudge with Tre

That leaves Allen and blackwood. teams are gonna hang us over a barrel for compensation just lie on D cause we are the leafs and we are in need. tough spot to be in for the buds.




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08 Dec 2023 16:41:21
@RLF. you are so right. wethermakin is gonna go on about how Jarnkrok cidt him big the 2nd assist and the goal on that play. lol

@LL You're welcome for the laugh.




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07 Dec 2023 20:04:56
I'm all for a balanced lineup. so bye bye Mitch.




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05 Dec 2023 23:40:56
@goat. rumor I heard is Hanifin wanted to renew. anyway any leaf trade involving him would require a sign and trade.