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16 Aug 2022 23:44:55
Perhaps a little different twist to get us cap space and make us better.

Kerfoot to Arizona for Christian Fischer, a young bottom 6 power forward who has not (yet) shown the offence from junior plus Bryan Little’s LTIR, 2 years @ $5,292,667.

Allows us to sign Sandin ($1.8 x1) and sign Victor Rask ($1.8m x 2).

Rask is coming off 6 x $4m but hasn’t earned this level of salary. He’s only 29, 6’2” & 199 and could easily re-find his groove with Tavares. In 47gp last year scored 9g and 12a.

Cap remaining around $700k.

OR sign Evan Rodriguez @$1.5m x 2; cap remaining around $1m.


1.) 17 Aug 2022 05:27:06
I like the idea of Rask. He's a solid player, but that deal is a bit much for me. I don't think he's proven himself to that level.

If the LTIR space is on available, I'm happy to take it. The problem with the Yotes though, they're stacking LTIR. Insurance pays it, Yotes hit cap floor.

Solid off the board prop. I like it.

2.) 17 Aug 2022 15:42:50
Don’t see any benefit to Arizona for LTIR, other than getting something for it, like a player or draft pick.

They won’t need it during the 2 years that Little is signed for.

What they might be looking for is a combination of high cap with a much lower annual salary.

Would you like to try Rask at something lower, like $1m x 1 year?

If so, me too!

3.) 17 Aug 2022 21:12:03
@Rsears they wanted Weber as well. Insurance pays most of their salary, but the cap hit remains the same. They essentially pay nothing and still have the benefit of a cap hit.

If they managed to aquire Weber, Yotes may have ended up with a 10 million salary while hitting the cap floor.

I would definitely like to give Rask a go. I don't think he's a top 6 guy, but he might look better beside JT than Kerfoot. If not, then he's a big body in the bottom six that can play.

4.) 17 Aug 2022 23:33:24
I’m perhaps incorrect but I believe LTIR is part of your cap hit plus a strategy for teams to go over the cap max as well as a way to get to the cap floor.

That overage amount must be less than the LTIR and allows a team to sign a player they otherwise could not afford.

While the LTIR is paid by insurance, therefore no cost, it can help a team, as you say, get to the minimum. In this case Arizona is already at the cap floor without Weber.

They would, however, be slightly under if Little were, in fact, traded BUT they get an asset back.

So the Yotes might not see this trade as an advantage since it would then require added expense, something they are trying to avoid!

5.) 18 Aug 2022 01:07:20
LTIR is a weird one. If you LTIR someone they still remain against your cap, to my knowledge. The whole thing is so convoluted. The way I understand it is;

If Arizona has 0 players and adds a 10 million dollar player that's on LTIR, they can use it against the cap while still having insurance pay the contract. It allows them to spend over the cap, but they don't actually have to do so.

I believe that's why they wanted Weber and Little. It allows them to no pay 15 million in cash, while making it to the cap floor.

I may be wrong here though, so take it with a grain of salt.

U of T should offer a PhD program in LTIR. It feels. like you need 7 years of studying to understand it.

6.) 18 Aug 2022 02:31:35
Rask had 21 points last year while Kerfoot had 53 points, was a plus 19, and PK’s.
In what world is Rask an upgrade?

7.) 18 Aug 2022 07:46:27
That's it, bring back Hainsey. Plus-minus is again the number one stat to judge a player on.

8.) 18 Aug 2022 11:55:39
Yea, I don't understand why it always comes down to points on which player is better. Plus-minus can tell us a little though imo. Kerfoot a +19 and Nylander a -9. Leafs were 28 goals to the positive at even strength, 5on4 or 6on5 with Kerfoot on the ice over Nylander. A little glimpse into Willy's lack of D.

That said, without context, using points alone to say who is better has no real value imo.



05 Aug 2022 14:25:35
Keiffer Bellows to the Leafs for Sandin, Holl and Joey Anderson. Waive Simmonds.

Even tho Dubas said he learned to wait from Lou, if you have that luxury, I think he’s creating some animosity in the Sandin relationship that won’t help long term.


1.) 05 Aug 2022 19:18:43
I just don't think Sandin wants to be here anymore. Not sure the relationship is repairable unless you get your wish and Muzz is moved.

2.) 05 Aug 2022 21:09:52
i agree with LL. only way to appease Sandin is to slot him in on 2nd pairing Left side. sign him to a 3 year deal so that by the time it expires Brodie is off the books. Still think best move is to try to swap Muzzin for Larson in Seattle. he could bring same kinda stuff as Muzzin only on the right side. and if Dubas could find himself to get rid o f Kerfoot and Holl he could sign Milano for 2nd line and Aston-Reese for 4th line. i'd be happy with those last few moves. all that to say. i think Dubas is loyal/ stuborn when it comes to his guys and he is not tough enough to go to Muzzin and say either wave to Seattle or we put you on waivers and yo go somewehere you really don't wanna go to.

3.) 05 Aug 2022 23:21:16
So everyone likes Bellows?
Yes Sandin is no doubt wanting to be somewhere else!
I’m okay with moving Muzzin, as you know and I do like Larsson.
And lukewarm to warm on Milano.

4.) 05 Aug 2022 23:48:20
@Loxley I'm really hesitant to run Rielly-Sandin-Gio in any way on the left side.

If Larson was traded one for one for Muzz I would be happier though. As is, I still don't like the right now.

5.) 06 Aug 2022 05:25:25
@Leafslife. only way i want Sandin on 2nd pair is if he has Larson or some other veteran on his right side. it's put up or shut up time and Leafs don't have the cap space to get anyone else. Liljegren played well paired with Gio so i leave them together. if you don't have faith in Sandin then maybe he should be traded.

@Rsears. I have seen Bellows a few times and i honestly don't get the hype. Leafs fans seem to love Islander players past and present. my reasoning for Milano is he would fit under cap with Kerfoot gone and is a pretty good playmaker that might help JT.

6.) 06 Aug 2022 12:33:34
Bellows is a guy that the Leafs would have to feel they can get his offensive game in order with his competitive games, otherwise he is a bottom 6er and not worth Sandin and Anderson. imo

The guy has the tools, but at this point he hasn't figured it out at the pro level. He's 24, so doesn't mean that he won't, but if he doesn't soon he will just likely be a physical bottom 6er who can chip in here and there offensively imo.

7.) 07 Aug 2022 23:32:35
@Loxley I would trade Sandin yesterday if I was Dubas. I don't think he has it in him.



05 Aug 2022 14:22:06
Let’s go to Calgary and get Chris Tanev at $4.5x2 years for Holl and Kerfoot.

Leafs save $1m and Calgary, with only 20 players signed plus Monahan, gets closer to 23.

Exchange RFAs Sandin for Ruzicka who is a big boy, has scoring ability and can play C or wing.

Waiving Simmonds and Clifford make the cap work.


1.) 05 Aug 2022 16:06:02
I actually really like this, we probably have to add a pick, but having a d core of
reilly tanev
Muzzin brodie
Gio lily

This might be one of the best D cores in the league.

2.) 05 Aug 2022 17:01:02
I don't think you get a top 4 D with two years remaining for two pending UFA's. If Calgary would, then Leafs should. Ruzicka and Sandin probably have similar value as Ruzicka has improved each season and seems to have/ be figured it out.

Kerfoot, Holl and Sandin for Tanev and Ruzicka seems light on the Leafs end.

3.) 05 Aug 2022 21:31:53
Tanev is made of glass. As much as as I like him, that's a really scary one for me. Risk vs reward say I probably do it if it's a good deal.

I don't think CGY accepts this though. Tanev is worth more than two bottom of the lineup rentals.

4.) 05 Aug 2022 23:24:06
LL, I think Tanev has missed only one game in last 3 years so he’s not glass anymore.

RLF, who do you suggest we add? Anderson or someone else not named Knies?

5.) 06 Aug 2022 02:21:08
Like the idea.
Holl fills a need for Calgary at RHD where they have little to no depth.
Kerfoot fills a need in their top nine forward group.
Sandin gives Flames back some youth for the future.
Instead of Tanev (excellent player but brittle) and Ruzicka I would prefer Leafs target Mackenzie Weager even if we have to throw in a 3rd round sweetener to get it done.
Leafs could have had Weager 3 years ago for a combination of any two of Andreas Johansson, Dermot and Kapanen but Dubas said no.
Now Johnson, Dermot and Kapanen are gone and Leafs are still looking for a defenseman.

6.) 06 Aug 2022 05:00:22
@Rsears Tanev just had surgery in may and will probably miss the start of the season. He's still glass, looks like he just played through a bit of it.

7.) 06 Aug 2022 11:51:28
Rsears. What I see Calgary needing is and RW that can score. They need a top 6 RW imo. They have 4-5 currently who play/ can play RD. They have enough Kerfoot types. If they want to still be competitive, and I would think the huge money they gave Huberdeau says they do, they need a top 6 RW more than anything.



29 Jul 2022 00:52:23
Would Kerfoot, Holl and Abruzzese pry Jordan Greenway out of Minnie?

The Stars need additional forwards and have some cap space.

Is an add needed?


1.) 29 Jul 2022 14:25:03
i don't see why the Wild do this. they are already cash strapped. or should i ask. when did Jordan Greenway get traded to Dallas? lol.

2.) 29 Jul 2022 18:31:31
Good point…lol!

Brain fart.

Guess I was thinking about the Minnesota North Stars.

The trade would work cap wise though. They have a little over $4m prior to trade.

3.) 29 Jul 2022 23:34:50
@Rsears they might have the cap now. but all i hear is how the have cap issues (who doesn't) don't forget they have those albatros buyouts in Parise and Suter. they have to watch their pennies for a few years.



17 Jul 2022 12:01:57
I think Seattle would value Jake Muzzin as the veteran who has Cup and playoff experience and they do need help on D.

In return Leafs get Jonas Donksoi who, despite last year’s troubles, has skill and offence left @30yo.

Get some cap relief and ability to sign Engvall and Sandin.

Engvall still available for PK duties and continues to improve his offence by scoring 20g and 25a.

Sandin continues to grow and plays 82 games with 10g and 30a.

I like it!


1.) 17 Jul 2022 14:42:21
I dunno, I feel Seattle has those "muzzin" type of plauyers already that are big and really don't need Muzzin to guide them with the likes of Olesiak-Larrsson, Soucy. Shultz, Dunn, Borgen who are all under the age of 30 except for Shultz (32)

I would love to score one of their D men however be it Big O, Larrsson, or Soucy but I don't think "muzzin alone is going to get it done as Seattle look pretty decent on and Kinda wonder why you think they need help?




Rsears's banter posts with other poster's replies to Rsears's banter posts


05 Aug 2022 23:36:26
@RLF, Trenin got $1.7m x 2.

I’d go after him as well.

I like his size, energy and goal scoring.

What will it take?


1.) 06 Aug 2022 04:19:33
Well Patrick Kane got off on his accused sex scandal a few years ago and nobody is bringing that up.

Dubas wake up and make Jake an offer!

We have too many young players that will not make the team or maybe even play for the big squad, so trade them for draft picks or package 3 or 4 to get the players we need to fill 2nd line LW and right side defence.

I am talking about, SDA, Arbanov, Hollowell, Joey Anderson, Robertson, Malgin, And the list goes on.

There are better players out there but Dubas will not pull the trigger.

And what is going on with Kerfoot, Sandin and Holl!

Trade them we need the cap space.

2.) 06 Aug 2022 04:58:42
I like Trenin. Great target. I don't think he costs an arm and a leg either.

3.) 06 Aug 2022 12:21:49
I think at that contract awarded, Trenin isn't going anywhere unless you overpay that is pretty much a no brainer for Poile. The only other way to get him on a fair deal is if Trenin wants out due to having to go to Arbitration, which may be possible.

I think it would be Liljegren and a plus if you want Poile's attention on Trenin. Trenin is a beast that could score 20 in the top 6 imo. Nash is a little weak on the RD. Otherwise, I don't see much the Leafs have that they would want/ need.



04 Aug 2022 22:09:31
So how does everyone feel about signing for the minimum Jake Virtanen now that he was found not guilty of sexual assault.

Big boy with scoring!


1.) 05 Aug 2022 05:12:42
I'm down to sign him for a year if he wants to come. Didn't realize the trial was over, but if he's proven not guilty, I'd sign him.

2.) 05 Aug 2022 14:49:03
That's a tough one from a public perception. Although the jury found him more believable than her, there will always be talk that he got away with it, despite being found not guilty. Especially with all the current hockey Canada allegations.

I feel sorry for the guy, his NHL career has basically been ruined by this. Assuming the jury was correct in their decision and she is lying, I hope someone gives the guy a chance because being falsely accused shouldn't ruin your life, but it still seems to anyway.

3.) 05 Aug 2022 15:18:24
If the Leafs want to take a cheap 2way deal flyer on a youngish guy who didn't get qualified, I would look at Cotton, Steele or Svechnikov.

4.) 05 Aug 2022 18:51:54
@RLF I think that's why I'm more willing to sign him.

The best we have is that a jury found him not guilty. He had talent and was an up and comer who's life is ruined. I'd take a flyer for sure.

5.) 05 Aug 2022 23:34:33
I always liked Sam Steel and would definitely invest in him.

Still young with plenty of upside. The Ducks didn’t put any trust in him so didn’t get much ice or strong wingers.

Svechnikov I like as well. He’s a big boy!

Don’t know much about your other suggestion.

6.) 09 Aug 2022 16:06:45
So I know, I am beating the same drum, but virtanen is toxic as he'll, his teammates hated him in junior, and based on how he was at parties it seems likely he got away with it. Again this is all based off of the wife's take on him, but she had some of his teammates as billit brothers and they hated him. And he'd always get super groped with the girls at parties.



17 Jul 2022 12:14:51
Only 3 options to free up cap space:
1) Trade Muzzin
2) Trade Kerfoot and Holl
3) Trade Nylander

Forget the returns for a moment which route would you take and what would be the best return you could envisage for that trade.


1.) 17 Jul 2022 18:05:48
Door number 2.

2.) 17 Jul 2022 21:07:09
Okay so what would be your thought on our best return?

3.) 17 Jul 2022 22:19:28
#2 and 3. What I have been saying I would do even before the playoffs started.

4.) 17 Jul 2022 22:58:11
Kerfoot. Holl. To Canucks
Dipietro 2nd 2023. 4th 2024 to leafs.

5.) 18 Jul 2022 00:11:58
2 and 3. They're all overpaid or useless.

6.) 18 Jul 2022 23:46:48
Looks like I’m alone in seeing Muzzin as the first step in solving our cap issues.



15 Jul 2022 22:55:00
Good value in the Jarnkrok signing. I kinda like it but does it mean Engvall is gone?

With Mikheyev already gone, Kase gone and many wanting to trade Kerfoot we will have to use Matthews, along with Marner, if Engvall is not resigned.

Apparently we are not taking penalties this year. So much for our Power Kill!


1.) 15 Jul 2022 23:04:22
The puzzle with Jarnkrok is that Dubas was not comfortable with 4 years of Campbell, but he is with Jarnkrok? How does that make sense?

With Sandin and Engvall still unsigned, there are only three possibilities of what Dubas is up to.

1. Muzzin is going to go on LTIR and he is using that money.
2. A player with pretty big cap is going out via trade (Nylander, Muzzin) Or two trades (Holl and Kerfoot) .
3. He intends to trade Sandin and Engvall.

2.) 15 Jul 2022 23:12:52
Dubas was not ok with 5 years at 5 mil I think holl is for sure gone I’d say I think engvall is back can’t say the same for sandin.

3.) 16 Jul 2022 00:02:55
You read my mind RLF. Jarnrok at 4 years is good, but nobody else should ever go past 2 years? I don't get it.

4.) 16 Jul 2022 00:24:54
L1994. True Campbell got 5 years, but the way Dubas spoke, he made it sound like he was only good with 2-3 years tops. You would think if he was good with 4, they could have worked it out.

5.) 16 Jul 2022 00:44:55
@RLF This seems to have more to do with Murray than Soup to me. He's been linking to Murray since he went to Ottawa, then he signed a goalie coach that dealt with Murray. I think he made up his mind before the playoffs were even done. The extremely low ball offer to Soup was just a take it or leave it.

6.) 16 Jul 2022 01:16:02
Agreed. I think his obsession with Murray had a lot to do with negotiations with Campbell.

7.) 16 Jul 2022 01:33:52
I read Jarnkrok had another 4 year offer on the table so that's probably why the 4th year, plus I guess to keep the AAV slightly lower.
Anyways a good 3rd line IMO
Engvall Kampf Jarnkrok
I think Engvall signs, but I agree with some that Sandin's days may be over.
Sandin for Necas, Crouse or Comtois+.

8.) 16 Jul 2022 12:50:41
@Tagz But Dubas also knew Jack was going to get offers of 4 or 5 years. The point is that Dubas made it clear that 5 years was too much for Jack, but just gave 4 to a 30 year old forward.



15 Jul 2022 13:59:35
I’m normally a patient person but this trait is being tested.

Why on earth would Dubas see value in Victor Mete who seems to be the energizer bunny who is constantly turning in circles.

And Jodie Benn had qualities in a Dman that I valued but that was 3 years ago.

We have lost Dylan Strome and other players with upside.

There are still a few UFAs available that can add to the team but time is running short.

I understand most GMs wait til the dust settles on free agency before they restart trade discussions. The holes are only apparent after free agency successes and failures.

I like the Samsonov, Aube-Kubel and to some extent the Gaudette signings but the last 2 are not what I expected!


1.) 15 Jul 2022 14:38:03
Mere is another small, fast, completely offensive defenseman. I think we all should have seen that signing coming lol. That's definitely a Dubas guy.

I think the part that makes the difference, is not moving Nylander when he had the chance. Now he has zero space for anything. He can't even add a league min contract once Engvall is signed.

2.) 15 Jul 2022 14:59:44
I hear ya guys. I almost spit my beer out when I saw we had signed Malgin. . . again. Now Mete. Why? I understand Benn more than Mete. Benn at least has that veteran depth incase you need it.
At this point, the Leafs do not have enough cap to sign Engvall and Sandin. Lets say the move Holl, so they can sign both.
This is what we have so far.

Bunting Matthews Marner
Kerfoot Tavares Nylander
Engvall Kampf Aube-Kubel
Clifford Gaudette Simmonds
Maybe Robertson, Steeves or Anderson grab a spot. Is that really going to change the outcome of games much?

Rielly Brodie
Muzzin Liljegren
Sandin Gio
The D is soft, but should be able to move the puck. We know this whole "toughness comes in many forms, you don't have to be physical and throw a lot of hits, but you need to be willing to take hits and make plays" garbage that is coming out of Keefe and Dubas doesn't cut it at playoff time.

This is just scary. Two guys who are struggling. The plan, let's hope they can go on heaters when needed and no one gets injured.

No wonder other fans laugh at us. It's like Leaf management goes out of their way to make sure they can screw it up even when they have talent to build around.

There are times I hate being right, and I fear this will be one of those times. I really hope Dubas proves me wrong this time and we have a team that can compete in a long playoff run.

3.) 15 Jul 2022 16:28:57
@RLF Very well put. Everything I have been thinking.

One point of contention, is Keefe. Even if Keefe disagrees, I don't expect to hear it publicly.

4.) 15 Jul 2022 17:56:09
RLF and LL

I just did the same exercise and started to look at NHL Free Agents, etc for this time next year.

Think I’ll go back to Europe this winter where I see very little hockey news!

Six players gone from last year! (Campbell, Mrazek, Spezza, Blackwell, Mikheyev and Lyubushkin)

Six added. (Samsonov, Murray, Aube-Kubel, Gaudette, Mete and Benn)

Two uncertain. (Engvall and Sandin)

Two should be waived. (Simmonds and Clifford)

Honestly all depends on goaltending. The others are really a wash except for what Mikheyev did and could become!

I want to have faith and hope that Dubas pulls a rabbit out of the hat but not really sure.

I also have to question what advice and input he is getting from all his assistants, etc.

What are they recommending? So far it’s not what many of us would have done!

Unless he has a big trade planned there is little leftin Free Agency other than Sonny Milano and Robert Hagg.

Even StLouis signed my suggestion of yesterday Martin Frk.

What about Daniel Sprong or Justin Bailey?

And now the Blue Jays are inconsistent and frustrating.

Makes me want to watch a TV mini-series.

5.) 15 Jul 2022 18:11:18
I am not sure how much Keefe disagrees and according to Shanahan, a guy who was tough as nails when he played, he doesn't put much value into physical play either.

Are they all watching a different playoffs than I am? Are the TV screens up in the box actually tuned into the SHL? If so, do they not realize on smaller ice surfaces you need to be more physical because there is less room to skate between bodies? Are they all so enamored with Willy that they think this is now the "beautiful game"?

I don't know what it is they are really trying to prove, but the results speak for themselves. If Matthews leaves in 2 years and this mess continues until then, can anyone blame him?

6.) 15 Jul 2022 19:08:38
Rsears. Now you see why the rest of us drink? lol.

7.) 15 Jul 2022 19:20:55
Blue Jays are a biggest disappointment than the Leafs right now.

Next year is the second biggest one for UFA. Losing Bunting and Kampf on those contracts is going to hurt.

The defence doesn't look great to me either, not just goaltending. I'm rapidly losing faith.

8.) 15 Jul 2022 21:00:41
@RLF it's hard for me to say what Keefe believes. Other than old school guys like Babs you don't see many openly criticise GM's.

9.) 15 Jul 2022 23:19:40
Just my two cents but last year we had two goalies who played majority of the season under .900 save % the leafs still were a top 5 team I think the leafs bottom six has gotten better imo younger faster hopefully more scoring the only area that I think the leafs needed to address was that 2nd line mete is a marlie I can see Benn playing tho got to stay optimistic boys.

10.) 16 Jul 2022 00:53:53
@L1994 I keep hearing this brought up. "If the Leafs get 900 or above sv% they're in a great spot" it just isn't true though.

Soup was hung out to dry a few games in the playoffs and played pretty well overall. Against CBJ, he was a wall with a 930+ save pct.

I think this team makes the playoffs with RLF and MPH on the 4th line, me as a coach and Randy in net. It really doesn't mean anything though.

You have two choices if you want to win in the playoffs,

1. Have team defence that keeps all pressure off of your goalie (Matt Murray's first cup, even though he was good) or Avs with Kuemper and Franky.
2. Get some solid goaltending. Vassy didn't look good in the first round. I have never seen him look that bad. Every other round though, he was his usual immovable wall in net.

Which one do you have faith in here. The Justin Holl/ Rasmus Sandin in the top 4D or the Matt Murray/ Ilya Samsonov goalies?

The way Ottawa played the off season, I bet on them to take it all. Odds are unreal (not sure if I can say here) and they're a defenceman or two from cup contention. Boston is still ok, if aging and Tampa and Florida will be better.

Unless Dubas is bringing in a top pairing RHD for Nylander, I'm not feeling to good about all this right now.

11.) 16 Jul 2022 01:21:24
If you don't have a big, mobile enough D, you aren't winning a Cup. We had the D and good enough goaltending last playoff, but didn't have enough size upfront to handle the size of Tampa.
People want to believe that the small guy is just as good now. He can be, it is just the whole team can't be small because the other teams aren't all small as well.
It's like lining up a wide receiver on your defensive line as a nose tackle and expecting him to be able to get to the QB through the massive O-line. Good luck with that.

12.) 17 Jul 2022 12:29:25
Leafslife I can’t skate backwards…is that ok? ??.




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17 Aug 2022 23:33:24
I’m perhaps incorrect but I believe LTIR is part of your cap hit plus a strategy for teams to go over the cap max as well as a way to get to the cap floor.

That overage amount must be less than the LTIR and allows a team to sign a player they otherwise could not afford.

While the LTIR is paid by insurance, therefore no cost, it can help a team, as you say, get to the minimum. In this case Arizona is already at the cap floor without Weber.

They would, however, be slightly under if Little were, in fact, traded BUT they get an asset back.

So the Yotes might not see this trade as an advantage since it would then require added expense, something they are trying to avoid!




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17 Aug 2022 15:42:50
Don’t see any benefit to Arizona for LTIR, other than getting something for it, like a player or draft pick.

They won’t need it during the 2 years that Little is signed for.

What they might be looking for is a combination of high cap with a much lower annual salary.

Would you like to try Rask at something lower, like $1m x 1 year?

If so, me too!




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17 Aug 2022 15:38:32




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13 Aug 2022 16:24:57
@Woods, this is a very significant haul for someone who has played but 8 games and gone scoreless.




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13 Aug 2022 13:38:39
While they may be a slight overpay they may be what’s needed to make them happen.

I have also mentioned Rasmussen in the past along with Svechnikov when he was with the RedWings so I like this target. Big, young, powerful, plays C and LW and has offensive upside.

Peeke offers these same attributes as a RD less the offence at this point.

I feel like Sandin is somewhere else mentally right now so use this asset to get something.

I’m still a little hesitant about Robertson so, if I could replace him with someone else I would try. Abruzzese, for example.





Rsears's banter replies


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12 Aug 2022 01:37:23
Enjoy the north country.
Get your break and re-join us later.
Hope you have a TV and access to Leaf hockey!




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05 Aug 2022 23:34:33
I always liked Sam Steel and would definitely invest in him.

Still young with plenty of upside. The Ducks didn’t put any trust in him so didn’t get much ice or strong wingers.

Svechnikov I like as well. He’s a big boy!

Don’t know much about your other suggestion.




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04 Aug 2022 13:25:28
Was that cat Emile Francis or Felix Potvin?




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01 Aug 2022 00:29:20

Doesn’t everyone like watching goals being scored?

I’m hoping like heck that Murray bounces back and becomes a true number 1 capable of giving us Cup potential. I also hope Samsonov provides more than adequate backup.

If so the team will do more than win one playoff series!




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31 Jul 2022 13:31:39
I agree Giordano does not replace Muzzin but @$800k I was accepting of the signing.
I’d like somehow to get Larsson or Mayfield on our D as a physical factor and both are RD.
Any ideas?