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20 Nov 2018 21:57:44
Florida MAY be looking at Nylander with Trocheck out, and without taxes down there, he may take a cheaper deal.

Florida Acquires: William Nylander [RW - Extension: 7.000 Million x 8 Years]
Toronto Acquires: Henrik Borgstrom [C - 0.925 Million x 2 Years] + Mark Pysyk [RD - 2.73 Million x 2 Years].

Borgstrom would be the ideal replacement for Trocheck now yes, but he simply won't be able to jump in and replace Trocheck's numbers. Nylander would be able to do that. Florida loses a highly touted prospect, yet, he is in the AHL, so if they 'go for it' this year, the loss won't be as severe.
As for Toronto, we can groom Borgstrom in the AHL - potentially becoming a winger in his early career and moving to centre to potentially replace Kadri in the future, without needing to trade Kadri since we have a replacement. Pysyk is the extra cost since Nylander is proven, and would help solidify our dcore.

Future Lineup [2019/ 20]:

Borgstrom - Matthews - Kapanen
Hyman - Tavares - Marner
Marleau - Kadri - Brown
Johnsson - Lindholm - Grundstrom

Rielly - Pysyk
Dermott - Zaitsev
Rosen - Ozhiganov

Young dcore yes, but we can offset Gardiner and potentially trade him for futures, and in the future our dcore becomes:

Rielly - Liljegren
Dermott - Zaitsev
Sandin - Pysyk.

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20 Nov 2018 23:28:07
Love it.

20 Nov 2018 23:37:11
Trade Gardiner + Pick for Faulk or Barrie.

21 Nov 2018 01:26:15
I love it. Borgstrom looks fantastic. Pysyk is perfect plug for a couple years. Outstanding. It really is. Nylander is here and now. He contributes right away. No development. If Florida wants him, they can have him. But it’s going to cost a top prospect, a roster player, and a 1st. Insisting on Florida’s 1st would guarantee this deal happens. It could easily be a top 10 pick.

Good job TSS. I love it. I also love how you put the salaries beside all the players names. Makes it so much easier to quickly judge a proposal. You always got good ideas, because you take the time to think things through first and explain yourself after.

How badly does Florida want Nylander? I don’t know. You tell me?

21 Nov 2018 01:54:57
I totally agree. just add a first. kinda like just tap it in. just tap it in.

Lovely deal to a very very forgettable situation. just get it done and over with all ready.

20 Nov 2018 21:09:19
Leafs trade Kapanen
Montreal trades Brook, Primeau, 1st

2019/ 2020

Marleau/ Matthews/ (Nylander)
Hyman/ Tavares/ Marner
Johnsson/ Kadri/ Brown
(Lindholm) / Gauthier/ (Leivo)
* (Ennis)
(Grundstrom/ Brooks/ Bracco)

Reilly/ Liljegren
Dermott/ Zaitsev
(Hainsey) / Ozhiganov
(Sandin/ Brook)


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21 Nov 2018 01:12:47
Sweet. keep nylander. grab a couple big boys and add a 1st rounder. heck yeah. I'll do that every freekin day.

I love this trade. no complaints and it leaves a still possible Nylander deal to upgrade D now. lthough Nylander and Matthews together again may be all he leafs need . once again bravo.

20 Nov 2018 19:51:35
Trade: Nylander and Gardner to Stl. for Petrangelo and Steen.
All in this year

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21 Nov 2018 01:13:27
Too sweet. call Dubas we have a great trade. wow.

20 Nov 2018 18:30:14
To Colmbus:
Gardiner (with extension), conditional 2020 2nd (turns into first if leafs win the cup in 2019 and/or Panarin re-signs), Brown, Timashov, 2019 4th
To Leafs:
Panarin, 2019 6th

To Anaheim:
2019 1st, Rasanen, Zaitsev, Stotts
To Leafs:

Nylander, Conditional 2021 3rd (turns into second if Eberle re-signs), Maricin, Neilson
To Leafs:
Pulock, Eberle

*Ennis, Gauthier

BTW I did the calculations and yes the leafs have enough cap room to do this.
Also, we probably won't be able to re-sign Panarin so he is just a rental, but we probably could re-sign Eberle.

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20 Nov 2018 19:58:32
Yes, the numbers work, for you, but, 1/ 2 year of Panarin, is it worth, I guess if they win the Stanley Cup, guess so.

20 Nov 2018 20:37:13

I love it. All those guys you suggest to bring in: outstanding. Every single one of them. I’m not going to overanalyze things and judge the merits of each trade. I’m just looking at the lines you posted. And can tell by the end results that if these trades could be executed, the Leafs would look much better overall than they do now.

To be honest. Looking at NYI trade, Pulock and an unsigned Eberle look like a low return for. Nylander. I would insist on that 1st round pick of theirs. It could easily be 1st overall.

Good job mostleaf. I love it. I see you’ve increased your offer to Anaheim by throwing Zaitsev in. That’s a much better proposal. Zaitsev is actually capable of playing NHL hockey. Don’t like his contract. If Anaheim wants a little better cost stability and would like to downgrade from Manson to Zaitsev for a collection of picks/ prospects, I’m all for it. Manson is incredible. He really is. I love it.

20 Nov 2018 21:50:13
I like it, but imo, i'd rather just trade for one of Pulock or Manson. Cause that package would never get Manson imo. They'd be giving up their #2-#3 dman for a maybe in Rasanen, a 4-5 in Zaitsev and a 1st. I think try to package Nylander off for Manson + something small, maybe Andrew Cogliano, or maybe like Max Jones, then ship off Marincin, Rasanen and the 1st for Eberle.

20 Nov 2018 22:01:53
All these deals would make Toronto a cup contender even more than they are right now,

Panarin, Manson, eberle, pulock
Gardiner, brown, Zaitsev, Nylander, marincin

Put everything else out of your head about cap, future and all those extras that gets your mind going round and round and you are left with 4 roster players for 5 roster players.

Now ask yourselves, does this deal make the leafs better, with everyone healthy and all the noise around every rumor out of the picture, today?

My short and long answer is most definetly YES!

Enough said. thankyou for these deals.

20 Nov 2018 18:05:47
Leafs/ Nylander trade
Leafs: 6.8 million for 8 years
Nylander: 8 years as a leaf
Get it done!

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20 Nov 2018 18:31:30
Not happening, I say 6 years for 7-7.25 mill is where they will settle if they do get a deal done with Nylander.

20 Nov 2018 20:01:31
Nylander is gone, because Leafs need a Defenseman and a Winger more than Nylander.

Leafs really needs two defense-men and a scoring Left wing.

20 Nov 2018 21:31:35
Anything is possible. nobody knows where either parties negotiations are going. I don't even trust the anaylists and tv commentary . heck they all said Vegas would suck last year and then once they were all wrong said Vegas would be even better this year. wrong again. wish those guys were held accountable for bad crap they predict or say about what GMs and players are all thinking.

20 Nov 2018 16:42:56
Kings Trade

Leafs Trade


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20 Nov 2018 17:48:09
Leafs cannot afford the 17 MM IN SALARY FOR 2019/ 20CAP for next year.

20 Nov 2018 18:11:42
Pinball. Oustanding. I love how you post something every day. We need more guys like you contributing. Maybe next we can get you contributing an answer too. Lol.

I can see by your proposal today that you don’t want LA to win the cup again any time soon. And for that reason, you are willing to take the world’s best defenseman off their hands in exchange for a greedy William Nylander and an overages underachieving defenseman. Fantastic. I love it. Not sure LA does. (Doughty - Zaitsev) > Nylander in my opinion.

Maybe if it was Marner? I don’t know Pinball. You tell me. I love it. You always have the best deals. If this proposal was any better, you’d have to post it twice.

20 Nov 2018 21:40:16
Don't care whether leafs can afford this deal next year. not my job. this deal if it would happen, much like the Tavares signing, fast track the leafs to the cup.

If LA says yes and Leafs offer this hen heck get er done.

When the summer came around and Tavares was available I was a heavy believer that the Leafs would not and could not sign him. If they did it would be amazing but reality was the Leafs weren't able too. boy was I wrong.

Due to this fact now I seriously think anything is possible. Maybe signing Tavares ends up losing Nylander or maybe not. Maybe getting Doughty could end up losing another young talent. The thing is winning the cup is the goal. Getting Taveras helps, getting Doughty helps. Next year and years after may not be the goal. Now may be the goal. so please everyone. possibility has now become reality. think huge because anything is possible right now for the Leafs.

20 Nov 2018 16:10:25
So Florida is a mess and they just lost one of their top guys so they may be in for a roster shake up

Tor: nylander gardiner pick/prospects

Fla: huberdeau petrovic

I think this trade is there value wise
Nylander = huderdeau
Gardiner = petrovic

Both teams win here Toronto adds a pick or prospect due to the fact that Florida has to sign nylander and gardiner is a ufa

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20 Nov 2018 18:23:25
Leafs1994. I love it. Huberdeau is outstanding. He really is. The problem as I see it is that Florida just lost Trocheck. And it doesn’t sound like he will be coming back anytime soon either. So they will be wanting to replace his offense, yes. But they will be looking for addition without subtraction. So, while the interest in Nylander is real, it’s unlikely the Panthers would be wanting to deal Trocheck to get him. But hey, that’s just my opinion. If Florida wanted to make this deal, Leafs should jump all over it. Huberdeau replaces Nylander’s offense and Petrovic gives us Hainsey’s replacement and shores up that right side until Nylander is ready.

Outstanding. Leafs1994, you posted a good one today. I love it. Huberdeau and Petrovic is better than the Doublemint twins.

20 Nov 2018 18:31:53
nylander for Huberdeau+.

20 Nov 2018 18:39:06
Love it. I think petrovic is a great pickup.

20 Nov 2018 19:20:19
Ok then if the leafs had to add then I would add either brown or leivo or Johnson and a 1st I think this trade makes the leafs a cup favourite don’t forget too Florida is a tax free state therefore nylander wouldn’t probably cost as much to sign for them

Tor: nylander gardiner brown 1st

Fla: huderdeau petrovic conditional 4th if both my lander and gardiner sign

I look at it as nylander brings something different than huderdeau and gardiner brings my offence from the back end something they lack and brown is a work horse and a great pk guy in my opinion leafs are in a win now mode.

20 Nov 2018 21:30:52
My god. You really want Huberdeau eh? I don’t blame you. Damn good player he is. He really is. Look at it this way, if Gardiner = Petrovic (actually Gardiner is probably worth more) than Nylander = Huberdeau (again, Nylander is probably worth more) . So by adding Brown + 1st, and understanding Huberdeau’s contract is only half as long as Nylander’s, you virtually guarantee this deal gets done. What I was eluding to in my previous reply though was not so much as adding more players from our side, but instead change the incoming players. Instead of giving them Brown and 1st, why not instead keep the offer just Nylander + Gardiner and instead ask for tippett + 1st to go along with Petrovic instead of Huberdeau. Now Florida doesn’t lose anyone significant off the current roster. It’s addition without subtraction. And when Trocheck comes back, they have Nylander’s added offense as well.

Nylander is here and now. Florida can really use him. Tippett is very highly rated, and that 1st could easily be a top 10 pick again. It’s a low risk/ high reward style trade for Leafs.

20 Nov 2018 21:43:28
Not a bad deal at all. huberdeau would be a welcome addition. No need trying to change it. if both teams agree it's a solid deal.

20 Nov 2018 23:32:17
Huberdeau or nothing lol we want an all star also I think since he plays on the left wing it’s also helps strengthen our left side think about this line

Huberdeau mathews kapanen


20 Nov 2018 14:17:49
lEAFS Trade on Saturday

Nylander plus Zaitsev plus Brown
plus Borgmann

Josh Anderson plus Savard plus Nutivarra plus Jenner

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20 Nov 2018 18:41:40
No? Maybe I’m in the minority here but I don’t think savard is that good. Love Anderson. Love Jenner but we need the best player coming back to be a Dman. I would do this deal but I’d add what it takes to get Murray instead of savard. Probably just a personal choice. This kind of a deal gives Toronto to let gardener walk st the end of the year.

20 Nov 2018 19:55:54
Heatdreamer. You came up with a real winner here. I mean that too. I love it.

This Columbus trade is an absolute steal for the Leafs. Columbus gets the best player, is true. But the overall return package makes us a better team. Plus we get out from under Zaitsev’s contract.

That’s Anderson. Look out. He’s a real heavy hitter. And Savard too! If increasing size was one of your objectives, then congratulations are in order. You’ve done an admirable job.

You know. You look at a deal like this, and it’s very easy to start to overcomplicate things. First instinct is to start comparing players one to one. “How much is Brown worth? ” and “How much is Jenner worth? ”, crap like that. It’s so much easier to just plug the incoming players into the lineups and look at the end results. If you think it’s a better team, then it probably is. And I think this trade would definitely make us a better team. Good job Heatdreamer. Fantastic. That Savard boy. I wouldn’t want him hitting me at 20+km/ hour. I’d pee my pants I’m sure.

20 Nov 2018 21:48:20
Wow, leafs got so much better with this deal. If Colombus agrees I think leafs should jump all over this.

Always love once Toronto plays an opponent people jump all over to make a deal with that opponent. heck I do it all the time. I think I went Muzzin and prospects, then Karlsson, then Manson all last week. keep it going Leaf fans, I love rumors. they make sports just as much fun as the actual games. lol.

20 Nov 2018 13:43:48
Tor nylander
Flames bennett + rhd

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20 Nov 2018 16:09:19
go a bit more in depth, don't just say a rhd because that could be Hamonic, Brodie, Andersson, Stone.

20 Nov 2018 20:08:29

You don’t need to be abrupt. This Snowman fellow has just started posting. I’m sure he probably has someone in mind. But really, does he have to hold your hand for the whole trade? He’s talking about an RHD in return for Nylander. Since Bennett is a bust, and is therefore virtually worthless, he must mean a top 2 RHD. So that would automatically limit the discussion to either Brodie or Hamonic.

Damn good players both. At minimal they are better than Hainsey. If they were already on the team I would be crying the praises how they should never be traded because how much we need them. But they’re not on the team. And I suspect we can do better than either Hamonic or Stone for Nylander.

Snowman. Loving the name. You bring a good game too. Keep em coming. I love it. I really do.

21 Nov 2018 02:24:41
I would add Brodie. I do t think Bennett is a complete bust. He is a port mans personm would be nice to have another guy with some grit.

21 Nov 2018 03:49:56
Sorry. Auto correct strikes again. I was saying Bennett
Is a poor mans personm. I would take another guy like that any day!

21 Nov 2018 04:39:52
personm. He’s a poor mans personm. Have those two guys on the third like. Could be magic.

20 Nov 2018 05:40:53
Leafs trade Nylander
NYI trade Mayfield, Soderstrom, 1st

Leafs trade Gardiner
Columbus trades Nash, 1st

2019/ 2020

Marleau/ Matthews/ Kapanen
Hyman/ Tavares/ Marner
Lindholm/ Kadri/ Nash
(Leivo) / Gauthier/ (Ennis)

Rielly/ Liljegren
Dermott/ (Zaitsev)
(Hainsey) / Mayfield
(Sandin/ Rasanen)


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20 Nov 2018 11:01:22
2 1st, some team toughness and a future goalie

All things the leafs can definetly use.

The cap is intact and more deals can still happen. Losing Nylander for that return may get people in an uproar but losing Nylander for nothing to the KHL is even worst.

I don't mind these deals. add all 3 1st together in a package to get stud RHD from non playoff team at deadline or use all 3 to get top 5 pick or just keep them and roll the dice on having a good draft. The possibilities are now here with these trades. good work. love your enthusiasm and responses you've made on everyone's deals you responded yesterday. the positivity and sayings really put a smile on my face. good way to start this new day. simply glorious.

20 Nov 2018 20:26:26

It looks like I traded Nylander for cheap, except if this trade comes after Dec. 01, then NYI don’t get to use Nylander all year. That 1st could easily be 1st overall. Soderstrom is also very highly ranked. One of the highest rated goalie prospects in the world in fact. But NY also has Sorokin in the system, who is actually rated even higher. With the luxury of having two top 10 goalie prospects in the world in the system, Islander’s can afford to move one. So, if you look at us a top 10 goalie prospect, a possible 1st overall, plus a heavy hitting depth defenseman signed for long term at a team friendly deal, then I don’t think it’s a bad return at all.

Thanks for the brotherly love too. I’m just trying to encourage people to post is all. It can be intimidating for some people. Maybe the resulting criticism that is sure to follow can be disenheartening. Guys like me and you who take a lighter approach to things can take it in stride, but other people can take it personal. I’m just trying to be fair and honest as possible without stepping on toes. Relax people. No one knows who you are. If LeafsGM suggests trading Nylander to NY for a bag of pucks today and gets criticized for it by someone with a username like Purplefarts, it’s not going to affect my real life. And you shouldn’t let it affect yours either.

It’s only a small group of people actually contribute to this site. If this site ever went off line we’d all regret it. If I can help the administrator get a few more guys on site to keep it running so I can slack off at work, is only a good thing for me.


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