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17 Jan 2019 03:17:12
Tor gets
Martinez D

LA gets
Holl D
Borgman D
Durzi D
Toronto's 3rd round pick 2019
Toronto's 4th round pick 2019

Tor gets
Gudas D
Couturier C

Philly gets
Marincin D
Nylander RW

Tor gets
Duchene C

Ottawa gets
Toronto's 1st round pick 2019
Gardner D

Tor gets
Anderson RW

Columbus gets
Brown RW

Tor gets
Ritchie LW

Ducks get
Hymn LW

Toronto's Forward lines

Toronto's defensive lines

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17 Jan 2019 04:32:00
Another all-star team here. I always love reading your proposals. The best part for me is admiring the lineups. I just wish it was this easy in real life to amass a team like the one you suggest here. With so many players involved I can’t be bothered to see if salary works if not. Looking at it, I would say we are over the cap limit. But ignoring salary constraints and just focusing on the players, it’s obvious Leafs are much improved. That fourth line looks very impressive. A real banger line for sure. I’d be leaning at keeping The Goat instead of Lindholm though. For one thing, Lindholm probably won’t be back next year, so we may as well let Gauthier keep at it. And secondly, Gauthier is quite large and would be a bigger physical presence.

All these guys are top notch outstanding young men. High quality for sure. This team wouldn’t be getting pushed around so much with all those heavy hitters you suggest. For once Leafs could be the guys doing the pushing.

17 Jan 2019 04:46:58
I’m pretty sure the money don’t work but I kinda got carried away with Ritchie and Anderson (convenient opposites wings) . I agree about Gauthier with these monsters, big 4th line.

17 Jan 2019 15:05:08
Ok I'll just takethese trades one by one.

In the LA deal, if the kings will accept Rasanen instead of Durzi, and maybe the leafs add Lindgren, then I'm good with it.

I like the idea of the Philly trade and believe me if it were to happen I would be all for it, I'm just still skeptical that Dubas will trade Nylander after his poor start. I still think he will bounce back, it's just a matter of time.

17 Jan 2019 15:07:57
The Duchene on is probably fair value wise, but I think the leafs keep Gardiner because we don't need to downgrade our defence before the playoffs, that would be dumb.

I think in the Anaheim and Columbus trades, the leafs are getting the better players so they need to add a prospect like Timashov in Columbus one and a 2nd round pick in the Anaheim one since Ritchie has put up better stats so far this year, has a lower cap hit, and is younger.

17 Jan 2019 03:08:57
I honestly think that this leaf team is capable and good enough to do well in the playoffs. All we need is a little more depth and maybe toughness. Why not trade for gudas and Simmonds.

2019 1st
2020 2nd

Simmonds Matthews Nylander
Kappanen Tavares Marner
Johnson Kadri Hyman
Ennis Lindholm Marleau

Riley Provorv
Hainsey Gudas
Ozhiganov Dermott

We play the second d pair as a shut down line Because Hainsey has proven to be a good defencsive defensmen but the only downside when he was playing with gardiner was he can't produce point. Riley and provor is prob the best d line in nhl. Dermott next year is prob top 4 potential. Marleau is not where he belongs on the fourth line. Trade Marleau, Hainsey grundstrom, 2020 1st for someone like Pesce and a pick. New lines next year look like this.

Simmonds Matthews Nylander
Kapanen Tavares Marner
Hyman Kadri Johnson
Ennis Lindholm Gauthier

Riley Provorv
Gudas Pesce
Dermott Ozhiganov

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17 Jan 2019 04:37:49
I have a hard time believing Leafs could afford the suggested team next year. Provorov isn’t going anywhere. We can’t afford the asking price for his services I’m sure. Man would I ever love to have him on the team though. Just an outstanding young player he is. Between Provorov and Rielly, you got to think Leafs would win a Norris or two.

17 Jan 2019 18:16:21
Ya this is a solid lineup, and probably something they can afford this year, but not next year.

Guys I would hate to lose in this deal include Bracco, Gardiner (yes I said it) and Liljgren, if maybe we take out Provorov, Bracco, Liljgren, and Gardiner, I could live with this deal, may the leafs add Rasanen or Timashov to sweeten.

17 Jan 2019 02:16:57
Tor gets
Pieteranglo D
Maroon RW

St.Louis gets
Toronto's 2nd round pick 2019
Toronto's 3rd round pick 2020
Zaitsev D
Marincin D
Nylander RW
Moore C

Tor gets
Ritchie LW
Lindholm D

Ducks gets
Brown RW
Lindgren D
Gardner D
Toronto's 2nd round pick 2020
Toronto's 3rd round pick 2019

Tor gets
Kassian RW

Edmonton gets
Ennis LW/RW

Toronto's Forward lines

Toronto's Defensive lines

Breakdown of the trade for the moving parts
Pieteranglo = Nylander, Zaitsev, 2nd and 3rd picks
Maroon = Marincin and Moore

Lindholm = Gardner, Lindgren, 2nd and 3rd picks
Ritchie = Brown

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17 Jan 2019 11:20:15
Kassian has been on the block for a while now. With each passing day, the rumors surrounding him escalate. On pace to break over 200 hits again this year, he definitely brings a heavy physical presence to the game. Ennis is hurt and looks to be out for a while. He’s also a pending UFA. I don’t think he would get the deal done unless Edmonton is looking for cap relief (which they may very well be doing) . They get out of Kassians contract a year early, and saves them some $$ so they can make a move or sign someone in off season.

17 Jan 2019 18:19:12
I would rather keep Trevor Moore over Maroon to be honest, you can keep marincin in that trade though, he is only worth like a 7th round pick anyway.

We don't need Kassian, and i prefer Ennis over him anyway.

If the leafs can pull off that Anaheim deal is say go for it.

17 Jan 2019 01:02:06

2019 1st

2020 3rd


Hyman Matthews Nylander
Johnson Tavares Marner
Simmonds Kadri Kapanen
Gauthier Lindholm Ennis

Riley Montour
Dermott Gudas
Hainsey Ozhiganov

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17 Jan 2019 02:53:44
Since Ritchie doesn’t make the team, it seems he wouldn’t be necessary, so the package to Anaheim can be reduced and just trade for Montour would be good. He’s an outstanding young defender. A top 4 on any team, and a product of Anaheim, who seems to specialize in turning out high quality defensemen, he would be a very nice addition to Leafs.

16 Jan 2019 23:27:54
Tor gets
Mcdavid C
Bouchard D
Edmonton 1st round pick 2019

Oilers get
Mathews C
Nylander RW
Durzi D
Holl D

Toronto's Forward lines

Toronto's defensive lines
Rosen - Marincin

Then the next draft 2 first round picks with the rest and our Defensive group going into camp
Gardner ?? UFA 2019 probably can't afford him
Ozhiganov?? RFA 2019 probably can't afford him

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17 Jan 2019 02:58:09
McDavid for Matthews will never happen. Bouchard would be a nice player to target. Edmonton looking for RW to play with McDavid. A deal centered around Kapanen or Nylander for Bouchard might be a possibility. Bouchard and Liljegren would give us two very highly rated prospect players for that position. My understanding from analysts reports I’ve read, both should make NHL in a meaningful capacity and, barring serious injury, should be impact players for a very long time.

17 Jan 2019 04:36:24
You never noticed Nylander right behind Mathews? That’s a pretty fair deal that said I realize it is Mcdavid we are talking about.

16 Jan 2019 22:27:56
Micheal Ferland
Dougie Hamilton

Kasperi Kapanen
Andreas Johnsson
Nikita Zaitsev
Jesper Lindgren
2019 1st Round Pick

TOR finally gets that gritty forward they need as well as a big, young, right-handed defenseman who is a BIG upgrade over Zaitsev and can really complement Rielly. As a result, Hainsey can play less minutes and be a larger contributor.

CAR gets two great young forwards who can chip in with offense (something they desperately need), a roster replacement for Hamiltion in Zaitsev (this is more for the Leafs' cap situation than anything), a first round pick, and a 21 year old defense prospect in Lindgren.

I don't think the Leafs should give up a Liljegren or Sandin in this deal as Ferland is a pending UFA and so, risk in mind, I'd rather have those 2 over Lindgren, who seems to be very offensively-minded as it is.

Also in terms of the Leafs' right wing depth after Kapanen's departure, I believe Moore or Bracco can come in and play the 4RW position or higher if offense is needed.


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17 Jan 2019 00:03:25
I think your over paying no need to send both of kapanen and Johnson.

17 Jan 2019 03:00:12
Three roster players, all locked up long term, seems like a lot to be giving up for a year and half of Hamilton. Ferland with two concussions this year and pending UFA might not have a lot of appeal for Leafs.

16 Jan 2019 21:44:54
Another day another post here we go!

Tor: gardiner
Nyi: Eberle

Tor: kadri Lilejgren 1st
Car: Hamilton either mckowen or Fluery

So here's what I think Eberle and gardiner are both ufas both having not the best years Toronto adds a little more skill and islanders at some offence on the blue line I think this trade is very fair

Second trade so leafs have kadri as the third line Center and as you can see he's not that effective there but if you look at Carolina they don't have skill down the middle kadri be a number 1c on that team just like Hamilton would be 1rhd on the leafs now for the prospect swap everyone think Liljegren is going to be special which he could be a lot of people said he could be the next Karlsson but looking at his numbers they really don't reflect that so leafs move him I really like mckowen think he's going to be a good nhler but if he's not available I'd settle for Fluery kid has size but leafs would have to get a pick if we take Fluery both trades fill needs of each team

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17 Jan 2019 03:02:40
Eberle is a great player. I’m not sure Islanders, who are in middle of a re-build on the fly, will be wanting another pending UFA in return. More likely they will be looking for futures in return. Picks/ prospects. Eberle would probably bring a 1st+ is my guess.

17 Jan 2019 11:01:25
I agree he is a great player but he’s only got 21 points plus the islanders have almost 10 mil in cap space to resign gardiner if they wanted more I’d be willing to add Bracco or tymashov to this deal.

16 Jan 2019 16:48:30
Toronto looking to insert grit and toughness to their lineup.

CAR: Johnsson and 3rd pk 2019
TOR: Ferland

PHI: Brown and Liljegren
TOR: Simmonds

Marleau Matthews Nylander
Kapanen Tavares Marner
Ferland Kadri Simmonds
Lindholm Gauthier Moore

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16 Jan 2019 18:08:30
Liljgren is way too much for Simmonds, Brown, a 2nd, and a decent prospect is about right.

16 Jan 2019 18:35:28
No need to add pick for Ferland.

Could probably get away with not Liljgren but Borgman.

16 Jan 2019 18:40:03
Hyman a healthy scratch lol.

17 Jan 2019 03:03:57
Would rather keep Johnsson than Ferland, who is pending UFA and seems to be having problems keeping his head up this year.

16 Jan 2019 12:39:49
Toronto - Anaheim

Kadri, Lilejgren and a 2019 1st Rd pick in exchange for Lindholm and Ritchie

Toronto - Carolina

Depends on whether Hamilton is traded

Gardiner for Mrazek and a 2019 2nd Rd pick

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16 Jan 2019 13:53:20
The Anaheim trade is huge. Any way we could swap kadri and lilejgren for nylander and borgman. I think kadri with Ritchie would be a huge 3rd shut down line.

Marleau Matthew's kapanen
Hyman Tavares marner
Ritchie kadri brown
Johnson lindholm Ennis

Reilly lindholm
Dermot hainsey
Rosen Ozhiganov


17 Jan 2019 03:27:09
Lindholm is steady and reliable. Has a good contract. I’d like to see him in blue and white for sure. Ducks, as always, have an arsenal of high quality young defenders. They may be willing to let him go. I suppose if you are trading Liljegren then we would have to switch Lindholm to his off side. Or alternatively, we could keep Liljegren and offer up one of our left hand defense prospect players, which we have a bit of a treasure chest full ourselves.

16 Jan 2019 09:45:47
Oilers: JP ,kassian

Toronto: kapanen

Toronto gers grit and talent

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16 Jan 2019 11:10:24
We are not going to do you guys any favours you.

17 Jan 2019 03:28:37
Puljujärvi smelling strongly like a bust. Leafs have no need for Kassian. Kapanen is hands down better than those two put together.


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