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16 Jul 2019 04:27:45
Leafs trade Marner
Washington trades Kuznetsov, Vrana

We run three incredible scoring lines. Everyone from the third line up is capable of 20 goals and 50 points.

Johnsson/ Matthews/ Nylander
Kuznetsov/ Tavares / Hyman
Vrana/ Kerfoot/ Kapanen
Petan/ Spezza/ Mikheyev
(Moore/ Brooks/ Bracco)
(Timashov/ SDR/ Marchment)

Reilly/ Ceci
Muzzin/ Barrie
Dermott/ Harpur
*Holl, Marincin, Gravel
(Sandin/ Liljegren)
(/ Hollowell)
(Borgman/ Duszak)
(/ Rasanen)


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16 Jul 2019 15:46:48
This one I would say no to just because I’m bias and I hate Kuznetsov and his stupid bird celly hahah.

16 Jul 2019 23:16:33
Overall not a bad thought or deal

However, without seeing mikheyev or moore playing with kerfoot and kapanen i truly don't know if this deal improves that much once you plug marner back with taveras.

If marner doesn't sign a deal that is good for both parties then its a great plan B

Good suggestion.

17 Jul 2019 03:50:08
Washington wouldn’t make this trade anyway. I’m asking for too much with Vrana added in. Kuznetsov + pick/ prospect maybe they would do. Maybe. Lol. The only reason I suggested Vrana was to balance salaries as Washington is right up against the cap and couldn’t do the deal otherwise.

16 Jul 2019 03:45:16
Devils : Taylor hall

Leafs : Mitch Marner

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16 Jul 2019 13:06:54
Not even close. Marner is an RFA and the Leafs have protection (4 1st's if he signs for too much) Hall is a 1 year rental potentially.

16 Jul 2019 23:20:15
Id do this deal only if hall signs with leafs after the year. if not then leafs get 2 1st rd picks as comp. so.1 year of hall and 2 1st rounders seems about right. maybe even a 3rd can be swindled into this deal.

16 Jul 2019 02:01:57
Philly gets
Mathews C
Johnsson LW
Muzzin D
Gauthier C
Holl D

Tor gets
Couturier C
Patrick C
Frost C
Sanheim D
Provorov D

sign Marner for 5 years @ 10 mil per
sign Provorov for 5 years @ 6.5 mil per

Toronto's Forward lines

Toronto's defensive lines

Toronto's Goalies
Andersen SG
Sparks BG

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16 Jul 2019 23:25:16
Go for it. but marner signs 58 million in a 5 year deal. like it or not but he will want more aav getting into his ufa years.

The deal it self might actually help leafs moving forward. i'd miss matthews but getting 4 stars and a mid level talent for a franchise guy and 2 mid level talent and 2 bums seems to work in favor of leafs.

But then again i'd miss matthews too much. this is why i'm not a gm. i let emotions get in the way.

16 Jul 2019 01:05:36
Keeping on the bw Oiler theme
I think I posted this or something like this before I can't recall because it's summer and the drinks are flowing
Saying that I also can't recall what Leafsgm and you others hacks said

Marner ceci
Draisaitl larsson
Marner straightaway for draisaitl

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16 Jul 2019 10:57:25
Edmonton won’t do Marner for Draisaitl. Draisaitl scores 50 goals. Him and McDavid account for a whopping 30% of Edmonton’s goals scored. Something crazy like that. He’s probably cheaper and going to be signed longer too.

Marner would elevate McDavids play same as he has Tavares. But not at the cost of Draisaitl, who would then center his own line with RNH and a throw-in.

The first trade is basically just the second trade but with Ceci and Larsson added in. Since Marner = Draisaitl, then Ceci = Larsson.

16 Jul 2019 15:47:49
Edmonton is trying to build around Mcdavid and Draisaitl so zero chance on this deal.

15 Jul 2019 23:08:57
Leafs: Matthews, Bracco, Liljegren
Oilers: McDavid

Doing this, we ask Marner if he now wants to stay for cheaper or go like Matthews.

Marner 10x7

Fits under cap


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16 Jul 2019 00:51:20
Bw you sly dog you.

16 Jul 2019 00:57:24
I think if you want to send a message about playing forward cheaper or get traded you are best proposing trade Nylander. Matthews was the easiest to sign. Nylander was the one who screwed this all up. Put it in Marner’s head he should push for more and more and more.

16 Jul 2019 04:40:01
I think McDavid is worth more than injury prone Matthews and a couple prospects. Edmonton would want a lot more. McDavid is about the only player I like better than Matthews at center, but he is significantly better.

15 Jul 2019 14:26:24

Teravainen can't really spell his name.


2020 4th

Cap leaving assuming Marner gets 11 mill is about 14 million. Cap coming in is about 11.5 million. Meaning that we now have about 5.5 million. Maybe we sign gardiner one year at 4.5 million. Lineup next year

Johnson Matthews Nylander
Ritchie Tavares Teravainen
Moore Kerfoot Kapanen
Bracco Spezza Petan

Riley Pesce
Muzzin Barrie
Gardiner Ceci

Then when Dermott comes back trade Muzzin because we can't afford both him be Barrie next year.

2020 2nd


Then the lines would be
Riley Pesce
Yandle Barrie
Dermott Ceci.

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15 Jul 2019 15:09:18
I would rather the Leafs just sign Marner.

15 Jul 2019 17:11:33
There is absolutely no way we can sign Marner unless we put Horton on LTIR then make the Ritchie trade wich would make us have about 10-10.5 mill in cap space. Then our defence looks weak though without Dermot. It would look like this.
Riley Ceci
Muzzin Barrie
Borgman Lillegreen.

15 Jul 2019 17:48:23
Leafs won’t be signing Gardiner for $4.5Mx2 and that's a guarantee. He will be looking to cash out this contract. He wants 7 years and about $7M, and he’s going to get it. The best available UFA defenseman on the market, someone will overpay for him.

15 Jul 2019 17:55:18
I like the canes deal good talents locked in deals
Tough to give up marner he bleeds blue and is a perfect leaf. But Dubas must be getting frustrated?

15 Jul 2019 18:04:18
I said one year at 4.5 mill but if we have to sign him for 5 mill for one year so be it. He has made it quite clear that he wants to remain a leaf and giving him one year to either win a cup or have a stronger year to increase his trade value. He will have a strong year because zaitsev gone. He can play with guys like Riley, Muzzin, Barrie or Dermott who are all 10 times better then zaitsev.

15 Jul 2019 23:13:57
Marner for Tervainen + Pesce

Ceci for Zucker

$16.2 MM Out and $15.5 MM In

Zucker Matthews Nylander $23.95
Hyman Tavares Tervainen $18.65
Johnsson Kerfoot Kapenen $10
Mikaheyev Spezza Shore $ 2.35
Total $55

Reilly Pesce $9.025
Muzzin Barrie $6.75
Sandin Liljergen $1.6
Total 17.375
Anderson Hutchison Kessel $6.9

Grand Total $79.275 MM

The next year Leafs will lose either Muzzin or Barrie and the sign the other.

If the TOTAL Salary Cap rises to $85.5 MM after the entry of Seattle, than the Leafs can keep Barrie and Dermott or Muzzin and Dermott.

I believe with Zucker and Tervenian provided equal scoring punch than Marner + last years LW with Matthews. Leafs defense is deeper for years to come.

15 Jul 2019 02:40:15
Leafs trade Marner
Vegas trades Marchessault, Theodore

I don’t know if Vegas would do this or not. Salary works out to be close, depends on what Marner signs for, but shouldn’t be more than a $1M or so apart. Marner is a huge upgrade over Marchessault, and playing with Karlsson, I can see Karlsson hitting 30+ goals every year easily.

Leafs get a 1LW that is better than anybody on the team currently, and who would take Marleau’s spot beside Matthews. And we get Theodore, who can play either 2LHD or 2RHD, pushing either Muzzin or Ceci to the bottom pairing with Dermott. Theodore becomes the third defenseman we protect, exposing Harpur. And Marchessault replaces Marner in the protected forwards list, leaving Hyman the likely exposed forward for Seattle, same as it is now. So no change there.

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15 Jul 2019 06:04:14
I could see such a trade somewhat work. I rarely look at Vegas just because they came in the expansion draft darlings and turned into the expansion playoff Cinderella’s and just like that they became a cash strapped team. I felt those players had something to prove and got paid. Nice Trade!

15 Jul 2019 10:03:19
Sorry but Vegas is in a cap crunch last thing they need is to have one of 5 signed dmen and another roster player traded for a 90 point winger.

15 Jul 2019 10:46:00

We can give them roster players too. They have plenty to choose from: Gauthier, Holl, Marincin, Petan. Any of those plugs should work fine. If they can make the Leafs, they can make Vegas. We have plenty of plugs. I’m sure we can give a couple to Vegas and fill out our team with promotions and graduations from the minors.

15 Jul 2019 11:42:55
The Leafs will not trade Marner. If he leaves, the fans will know that he inked his name to an offer sheet with the intent on wanting to leave and the Leafs will take their 4 1sts and maneuver after.

15 Jul 2019 17:53:53

I don’t think the Leafs trade Marner either. But this is still a trade rumor forum. The whole point is to float trade proposals and see what people think. I love Marner. And Liljegren is my entire hope for future stud 1RHD. I would be very disappointed if he gets traded. But people suggest trading him all the time and I don’t get worked up over it. It’s fun to look at the trades and analyse then and stuff. Marner is big in rumours right now obviously. We should expect a lot of trade proposals with him in it until he signs. Lol.

15 Jul 2019 18:14:54

Becoming a cash strapped team just means Vegas has maximizes use of the cap. That’s to be expected for a team that considers itself contenders. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Those guys did have something to prove, and they nailed it. It’s like every player that leaves the Leafs immediately turns into a McDavid in their new team. Because they were being used wrong on the Leafs. Once they got on their new team and in a role that suited them, they excel. Heck, the player doesn’t even need to be traded: just look at what Kadri did two years in a row before Tavares came along and pushed him back down to 3C again. Once a player finds a role that suits him, they excel at it.

15 Jul 2019 19:28:05

Yes I agree with you. My personal thoughts are just that he won't be dealt. There really is no incentive for the Leafs to deal him unless they were to get an equally talented young winger.

15 Jul 2019 02:16:12
Leafs trade Nylander, Ceci
Philadelphia trades Gostisbehere, Frost

The Ghost is our 3rd defenseman we protect. Harpur is exposed. On forwards, Frost is protected, and Nylander is gone, so Hyman is now protected. That leaves Petan as the guy we expose. So Harpur and Petan look to be the players most likely left for exposure.

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15 Jul 2019 11:45:42
In my opinion the Leafs will resign both Muzzin, Dermott and Barrie and protect them with Rielly. But based on how the next 2 years go for Muzzin, Barrie and Dermott will determine ultimately who does get protected. If they sign Muzzin to a 3 year extension they'll have him for a minimum of the next 2 years.

15 Jul 2019 01:46:55
Leafs: Marner, Timashov
Canucks: Boeser, Podkolzin

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15 Jul 2019 11:47:17
Swap Podkolsin for Q. Hughes and maybe that could work.

14 Jul 2019 22:13:01
Leafs aren't trading Marner, only way he goes is if someone signs him to a crazy offer sheet. Just for fun here is my proposal.

Marner, Muzzin and Ceci
Slavin, Pesce and we either get our 1st pick back or Carolina's 1st or Jake Bean

As u guys know Muzzin and Ceci are UFAs next year and Slavin and Pesce are signed to salary cap friendly contracts with term.

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15 Jul 2019 01:28:47
That is a terrible trade for Toronto.

15 Jul 2019 01:35:53
Pass on Bean. We have enough high quality prospects we don’t need him. And I don’t think Carolina would include him if they are trading Slavin and Pesce anyway. We need guys now. And Pesce and Slavin are a couple real good ones too.

So, an entire second line defense, a very good one at that, and a 1st, for Marner? Leafs would be crazy to turn that down. It might sound insane, but if any team is strong enough in defensive depth, it’s Carolina. And if any GM is crazy enough to do it, it’s Waddell.

I would love for this trade to happen. It would be a real winner for the Leafs. If we could get a return like this for Marner, we would instantly have one of the best defense in the game to go along with a league leading offense.

15 Jul 2019 06:16:57
Toronto buds why do u think this is a terrible deal? Slavin is one of the best all around dmen in the league and Pesce is a real good 2nd pairing defensive dman. Slavin and Barrie, Reilly and Pesce is an excellent top 4. They also rid themselves of Ceci’s contract and Muzzin just has one more year. Slavin is a big upgrade over Muzzin as is Pesce over Ceci. I actually believe Carolina is less likely to do this trade then Toronto.

15 Jul 2019 15:13:02
Glimmo don’t worry about what Toronto duds has to say He thinks everyone’s trades are bad haha.

15 Jul 2019 15:13:24
Because the Leafs already have bolstered their Blue line with Barrie and to a lesser extent Ceci. Muzzin is a great D-man and has brought some stability to whoever he plays with (See Zaitsev numbers with Muzzin) . Essentially, this trade just swaps out Muzzin and Ceci for Slavin and Pesce and which I don't feel is a significant upgrade to part with Marner.

I agree the Leafs are not trading Marner and the only way he leaves is with the Leafs getting 4 1st round picks!


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