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22 Mar 2019 12:58:29
Tor: kadri brown
Cgf: hamonic Bennett

Tor: Liljegren
Vgk: Miller

Tor: Zaitzev tymashov
Ott: harpur

Hyman Tavares Marner
Johnsson Matthews Nylander
Moore Bennett kapanen
Marleau Gauthier Petan/Bracco

Reilly Miller
Muzzin hamonic
Dermott Rosen

So first trade I like because obviously hamonic is a rhd he has some size and he's only got one more year on his contract also we get Bennett who is still really young I think we start him at 3C and if that don't work he can play the wing and move Nylander to center Bennett is an rfa and I think we could sign him to a 2 year deal around a million aav since kadri has such a good contract the flames might have to add a pick.

The second trade is another important move miller is the type of player that we can use in our system the price is Liljegren the knights could use some good prospects since they traded a lot of them I know people are going to say no way we move Liljegren but I look at it this way if he was as good as they say why wouldn't he be in the leafs lineup I mean everyone has been talking about Sandin and Rosen and nothing about Liljegren I do t think management believes in this kid and I have my doubts to with his injuries he has had trouble with so the time may be now to trade him the knight may want to move miller with them signing stone.

Only thing that sucks is that our depth up
Front kinda screws guys like Bracco for getting a legit shot at the roster

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22 Mar 2019 15:31:59
Liljegren for Miller is a no-brainer in my opinion. I’m probably the biggest fan of Liljegren on this site, and hype him more than anyone, but if we get a proven top 4 RHD, with term left, and at a reasonable cost hit, then we should make the move. Liljegren wasn’t. injured last year btw. I looked into it, and it looks like he was in Sweden. I’m not sure why his stats aren’t showing on hockeydb. Maybe because he wasn’t playing in elite? I don’t know. I just know it wasn’t injury.

Harmonic trade is good if Calgary makes it. Downgrading 3C to upgrade defense is probably the easiest, quickest way to get us a top 4 defenseman. Hamonic is the most available of Calgary’s fantastic four. Bennett isn’t as talented offenszve, but has potential still to be great. He’s a very good defensively minded player as well that does all the right things when he doesn’t have the puck.


22 Mar 2019 21:47:40
Zaitsev is going to cost you a 1st rnd pick to get rid of 5 years of over payment.

22 Mar 2019 23:45:53
Redwing not a chance Zaitzev is a capable player and in a year or so that contract is very tradeable.

22 Mar 2019 03:30:19
Tor gets
Pysyk D

Florida gets
Gauthier C
Timashov LW

Tor gets
Crouse LW

Yotes get
Zaitsev D

Tor gets
Hughes D
Virtanen RW

Vancouver gets
Kadri C
Muzzin D
Brown RW

Toronto's Forward lines

Toronto's defensive lines

Toronto's Goalies
Andersen G

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22 Mar 2019 16:08:46
Oh man HoundDog. That Vancouver trade is real teaser. Hughes has all the makings of a real mega-star. He is ranked so highly and really is just an outstanding young player with such a high ceiling. I think Vancouver would make this trade. It makes them instantly a better team and really improves them up front especially. I’m not sold on it for Leafs though.

We’ve probably seen the best Virtanen has to offer, and Hughes is still a few years away from being a meaningful impact player, if ever. It’s a high risk. Kadri is proven, as is Muzzin. This trade would weaken us for the short term, and that is why I think Leafs would pass on it, as tempting as it may be. Sure, Hughes has all the signs of being a real star, but why should Toronto take that chance? If we trade Kadri and Muzzin, it should be for someone proven that contributes now in a meaningful and significant way. We need an impact player. Vancouver still in rebuild mode can afford to wait for Hughes to develop. Leafs in “win-now” mode cannot.

I really liked this idea though HoundDog. Hughes doesn’t get suggested much on here, so it was refreshing to see a new name getting kicked around.

22 Mar 2019 17:55:37
@leafs GM I agree with your assessment on the Vancouver Trade, let's say we take Brown out and virtanen pushes for a space on the team nothing guaranteed but creates competition for a job but if the other trades happened and they filled the line up similar to what I put down we have some cap space to play with to sign a big time RSD with that cap space. Plus sign Johnsson and Kappy.
I just banged off a trade to keep the site moving and didn’t have the time to do the math but looking at the trades and what comes back plus what we have to call up to plug in we could really explore a Karlsson signing or someone with that true number 1 d-man skill set to help us get to the promise land. These trades roughly bring in about 8 million in cap space for the 2019-2020 season when that one is done we get an increase in the cap plus Marleau is gone so moving forward this trade would help set us up.
Let me know your thoughts!

22 Mar 2019 19:56:12
I actually didn’t do the math either, but skimming over the post, it is obvious that we do, in fact, free up a lot of cap space here. Enough that Leafs really could pursue a high priced rhd. So that’s a real bonus. And then the following year, the exodus of Marleau gives us even more breathing room.

The first two trades, not much there. We dump Zaitsev in one, and the other is a depth move. Everything in this post hinges on the Vancouver trade you suggest here. Vancouver has the cap space to make this trade happen if they wanted.

You would have to be confident Nylander can carry that third line if you make this trade. It’s an alternative to trading Kadri outright for a RHD. And we get the prospect Hughes as well. You didn’t even include Virtanen in your lineups, so you could slide him in beside Nylander and hope for the best. It’s a gamble.

21 Mar 2019 18:07:02
I am just going to throw this up there for the off-season. The last two weeks have exposed the Leafs Defensive deficiencies and lack of grit up front. Here is what I would like to see done. All this has been said before and I think this will keep the Leafs Cap Compliant.

Kapanen for Pesce
Zaitsev for a 4th (any team)
Brown + that 4th for Gudas (Final year of deal)

Sign Troy Brouwer for League minimum. Big and can play the PK

Johnsson Matthews Nylander
Hyman Tavares Marner
Marleau Kadri Bracco
Moore Gauthier Brouwer

Rielly Pesce
Muzzin Dermott
Rosen Gudas

Rosen and Bracco are NHL ready but need veteran support. Kadri/Marleau could use a pure passer.

To me this has all the markings of a championship team

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21 Mar 2019 23:52:45
I like it I think you will have to give our 4th in the gudas deal and send zaitsev and a b or c prospect for a 7th.

22 Mar 2019 15:48:16
I think your assessment of the team is bang on. We’ve really seen those weaknesses get exposed more and more as teams are tightening up play heading down the stretch into the playoffs. I like the trade ideas for the most part, I think you are on the right path here.

Kapanen for Pesce is an absolute yes, as is dumping Zaitsev for whatever we can get. Both those I fully agreee with I’m on your side. Same with Gudas deal too. If Philly would pull the trigger on that one.

Brouwer is a no go in my opinion. He takes up a valuable roster spot that other guys that deserve more. He just isn’t good enough.

I think you targeted all the right teams, and all the right players. I love the lineups you posted. This team has all the makings of a championship team is correct. I love it. Even if Leafs could get Pesce alone is worth it. The rest of the guys are just cherry.

22 Mar 2019 18:08:07
I worried about adding Brouwer too but I was trying to find a big veteran RW that could play the PK and hit. He maybe a bit too slow now. Petan is a perfect 13th forward as he could replace Moore, Gauthier, Bracco and Brouwer on any given night.

20 Mar 2019 22:32:12
So we have two losses in a row and they weren't close.

Tor: Vatanen
Nj: Holl,Borgman and Brown

New jersey is a rebuilding team and giving them two young prospects and a solid bottom 6 guy for a top 4 d something we need

Tor: Edmunson,Schenn
Stl: Kadri, 2019 2nd round pick

Scheen is a bit better verison of schenn and edmunson for depth d

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20 Mar 2019 23:36:31
sorry for the typo I meant to say schenn is better than kadri.

21 Mar 2019 02:34:15
Jersey gave up Henrique for Vatanen. A steep price for sure. This trade does nothing to improve them, and I find it unlikely they pull the trigger on this deal.

I’d rather keep Kadri than trade him for Schenn. And we have absolutely no use for Edmundson.

Leafs can’t afford these deals anyway. $13M incoming and only $7M outgoing.

21 Mar 2019 03:46:59
Holl is not a prospect neither is brown.

22 Mar 2019 21:42:17
Seriously why would blues trade Schenn (better than KAdri) and Edmondson (would be 2nd best lhd on your team) for Kadri and a 2nd.

Please use your brains and try to look at team needs. Blues need their lHD next year Jaybo and Gunner walk leaving the blues with Edmondson and Dunn. So trading a so called depth guy for a crappy 2nd isn't smart hockey trade. I honestly wouldn't trade you schenn for kadri and second. Come on guys you can do better.

20 Mar 2019 19:20:29
Larsson 4.1
Kassian ( love the toughness and charater ) 1.9

Nylander 6.9
Brown 2.1

Sign Hainsey for a one year deal
Defence needs some depth as you can see right now.

Hyman Tavares Marner
JOhnsson Matthews Kapenan
Marleau Kadri Kassian
Moore Gauthier Petan

Rielly Larrsson
Muzzin Dermott
Hainsey Rosen


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22 Mar 2019 21:39:48
I don’t know if Edmonton can afford to make this trade, but if they could, I would think they would jump on this opportunity. Desperate for scoring wingers, were giving them two good ones here. They redeem themselves somewhat for trading Hall for Larsson to begin with. Larsson is doing well too. Actually, he’s playing his best hockey since joining the Oilers.

If the contracts matched better, I would say Leafs should go for it. But Larsson only has two years left after this one. It’s just not worth losing a high quality long term asset like Nylander for a couple years of Larsson. That’s just my two cents on it.

22 Mar 2019 21:41:03
Your giving up to much for a top 6d and a 4th line winger. This trade screams Hall for Larsson.

22 Mar 2019 21:45:20
I responded to this already, but it didn’t get posted. Probably going to show up now after posting this, so will be two responses.

Basically, I think Edmonton would make this trade if they can afford it. Even though they infamously gave up Hall for Larsson, they now find themselves with a lot of defensemen and a lack of scoring wingers. Larsson has being playing his best hockey since going to Edmonton. If the terms of contracts were better, I don’t think this is a bad trade for Toronto. With Larsson only having a short term contract though, I think Leafs are better off passing on this one and looking for a younger defenseman with more term. That’s just my two cents.

20 Mar 2019 17:19:00
My prediction:

All pending FA walk

All pending RFA's sign

Brown, Liljgren, another prospect, and a pick are traded for an upgrade on defence.

Zaitsev, pick/prospect traded for cap space

Muzzin-New D acquired in trade
Rosen-FA (Heed) or Sandin if he is ready
Bakcup-I have no clue who Dubas will decide to put here.

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20 Mar 2019 19:37:52
My prediction:

Lots of things I would like to see but here it is starting with goal tending and defence

Reilly gets someone who can play with him for reasonable cost. Muzzin plays with Dermott. Liljegren / sandin and/ or Rosen bottom pairing. Andersen and his backup. Kessel. $24m. We have $56m left. They will keep $3-4m aside for emergencies

4th line I hope Moore / petan / bracco. Youth and speed. Cost of 2.5. $53.5m for top 3 lines.

Marleau is going nowhere. Matthews. Tavares. Marner. $38m? $15.5m left

Now what. Hyman. Johnsson. Kapanen. Nylander. Kadri. Nope. Not working.

Gardiner walks
Zaitsev goes
Hainsey walks
Brown goes
Kadri goes

Any of those traded result in 1st pairing rd

Only other scenarios are Nylander goes. Or some combination of Kapanen, Johnsson and brown. Who secures the rd with a Pesce type contract.

There is no other option. Or they decide defence changes not needed. In that case it's a whole new ballgame.

21 Mar 2019 02:45:01
My prediction:

Ennis walks
Gardiner walks
Marincin walks (who cares)
Hainsey re-signs
Brown traded for a pick or prospect

(Marleau) / Matthews/ Nylander
Hyman/ Tavares/ Marner
Johnsson/ Kadri/ Kapanen
Moore/ Gauthier/ Bracco
(Timashov/ SDR/ Marchment)

Reilly/ (Hainsey)
Muzzin/ Zaitsev
Dermott/ (? )
*Holl, Ozhiganov
(Sandin/ Liljegren)
(Rosen/ Hollowell)
(Borgman/ )
(Gordeev/ Rasanen)


21 Mar 2019 12:49:02
K so here’s my hat getting thrown into the ring!
Here’s my prediction

Gardner walks
Hainsey walks
Ozhiganov walks
Ennis walks
Marincin walks

Brown RW
Holl D
Kadri C
Zaitsev D
I’m not sure what they get traded for?

All the RFAs sign

Toronto’s Forward lines
Johnsson/ Mathews/ Kapanen
Hymn/ Tavares/ Marner
Marleau/ Nylander/ Moore
Engvall/ Gauthier/ Bracco

Toronto’s defensive lines
Riley/ Rosen
Muzzin/ Dermot
Sadin/ Borgman

Toronto’s Goalies
Andersen G
Back-up G

You would think the trade list gets you a top 4 d-man not sure if it does but you sure hope so!
There you have it sports fan!

21 Mar 2019 15:03:57
I want in on this.

Gardiner walks
Hainsey walks
Ennis walks

Tor: kadri tymashov 6th
Cgf: hamonic lazar

Tor: brown
Edm: 3rd

Tor: Zaitzev Borgman
Ott: harpur

Hyman Tavares Marner
Johnsson Matthews Bracco
Moore Nylander Kapanen
Marleau Gauthier Petan

Reilly hamonic
Muzzin Dermott
Rosen Liljegren

I was thinking about this what if Bracco can come in and be a setup man for Matthews I think that would be best case possible leafs could also trade Johnsson for miller too but not likely with the lack of left winger we have.

22 Mar 2019 21:43:11
i think you guys underestimate how hard its going to be to move 5 years 4.5mil for a zaitsev. You are talking a 1st and prospect.

20 Mar 2019 14:42:25
Tor: kadri brown
Edm: nurse benson

Tor: Zaitzev tymashov
Ott: harpur buried

Hyman Tavares Marner
Johnsson Mathews Bracco
Moore Nylander Kappanen
Marleau/benson Gauthier marchment/Engvall

Reilly nurse
Muzzin Dermott
Rosen Liljegren

I think this trade is good for the leafs although I think dubas would target Larsson

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21 Mar 2019 02:50:45
Too bad Zaitsev just can’t get hit by a bus or something. Not severe enough to kill him. Just hard enough to hurt him bad so he can go be sent to Robidas Island.

I remember distinctly the day he signed that contract I told my best hockey buddy the money was fine, but term was way too long and going to haunt us. He disagreed, and said term was right, but too much money. In the end, we were both right. It’s both too much money and far too long in term.

I thought HoundDog sounded a bit paranoid there a few days ago saying he thought Lou did it deliberately to screw us over before leaving. At this point, you got to wonder if maybe HoundDog was intonations something. Lol.

21 Mar 2019 13:09:43
Lol it definitely seems like some sort of sabotage.

20 Mar 2019 13:43:10
This probably fixes a lot or atleast some of our issues

Tor: kadri brown
Cgf: Bennett lazar

Tor: Johnsson
Phi: sanhiem

Tor: Zaitzev tymashov
Ott: harpur

So with the first trade we move kadri he has been just ok this year and hasn't been able to establish his role on that third line and for brown i just can't see him on this team he hasn't really been as good as he was his first year and other than his pk abilities he's not really useful Bennett suits the 3C role a lot better he's still young same with lazar I just don't think he was givin a shot with the flames. The second trade sanhiem has played great in the last little bit I think he's going to be a great player for years to come and I think philly will be looking for a young forward to replace simmonds also to not
That they are both rfas now before you say Johnnson is our best lw I don't buy it to me for wingers and defence it doesn't matter what hand you are yea it's easier but it doesn't matter look at Hyman.

Hyman Tavares Marner
Kapanen Matthews Nylander
Moore Bennett Bracco
Marleau Gauthier lazar

Reilly sanhiem
Muzzin Dermott
Rosen Liljegren

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20 Mar 2019 02:04:32
K so watching the game I decided I will try to figure out some offseason moves and put my thoughts into each trade so here I go!

Tor gets
Lubushkin D

Yotes get
Zaitsev D
Toronto's 3rd round pick 2019

I think yotes get something consistent with a fair cap hit and he's been fairly healthy so the yotes would be getting top 4 RD. The 3rd round is just a sweetener.

Tor gets
Nurse D

Edmonton gets
Brown RW
Borgman D
Gauthier C
Toronto's 2nd round pick 2020

Well I think this trade will get me chewed on. Lol! Anyway the oilers need cheap secondary scoring and this is where Goat and Brown comes in. Borgman also is a filler for their defence and the 2nd pick is to help stock for the future. Now before every one freaks out we could plug Johnsson in there and drop both Borgman,Gauthier and/or Brown. Nurse would help shore up the left side.

Tor gets
Sanheim D
Frost C sent to minors
Zamula D sent to minors

Philly gets
Kadri C
Sandin D
Marchment C
Holl D
K so on this trade, 2 time 30 goal scorer for RSD that can fill in top 4 role for the team. Now onto the next portion of the trade Sadin, everyone is soooo sure that he's it well guess what I traded him 😮! For some futures that are tearing up the junior ranks. Now some of you will beat me up over trading for futures when we are win mode and I thought that out. I realized now that your delusional! This team ain't winning the cup as constructed here's some teams that are cup contenders this year
(1.) Tampa
(2.) Nashville
(3.) Washington
(4.) Vegas
(5.) Calgary
(6.) Winnipeg
(7.) Boston
(8.) show me how we are better than these teams as constructed?

I'm a die hard leaf fan and I love the potential but I really don't see how this team wins against the teams I have listed. Maybe it's Babcock and he's lost the room it happens. Quenville is out there....Just saying ! Last but not least to end my rant Riley for CAPTAIN!

Toronto's Forward lines

Toronto's defensive lines

Toronto's Goalies
Andersen G
Back up G

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20 Mar 2019 09:29:31
I like the post before the only criticism I have is why Sandin why not Liljegren Sandin has been way better so why not keep our promising prospects Liljegren has missed quite a bit of time last two season.

20 Mar 2019 11:36:48
@leafs1994 I agree with you 100% about my last post compared to this one. I was reaching trying to mix things up. (I was watching the game against Nashville and was a little angry while typing. )
Now to answer your question about Sadin, my original thought was to put Liljegren in there instead of Sadin but with everyone chewing on a guy about “it has to be a right shot defenceman” I was trying to appease the forum a little bit. I’m personally a fan of Sadin over Liljegren I think the ceiling is high for both but Sadin just seems to have a better development curve than Liljegren. Just my take on what I’ve looked into.
So I agree with you this was a sad attempt to discombobulate the original trade. I really like the last trade post that I made vs this garbage lol! That’s again for the comments always appreciated!
Riley for CAPTAIN!

20 Mar 2019 13:44:58
Haha I know the leafs have been hard to watch lately I think Babcocks days are numbered brown in or ennis is a head scratcher lol.

19 Mar 2019 00:47:22
Off season moves
Tor gets
Harpur D

Ottawa gets
Zaitsev D
Toronto's 3rd round pick 2019

Tor gets
Nurse D

Edmonton gets
Kadri C

Tor gets
Sanheim D
Frost C

Philly gets
Brown RW
Sadin D
Muzzin D
Marchment LW

Toronto's Forward lines
Hymn/Tavares/Marner = 22.75
Johnsson/Mathews/Kapanen = 17.3
Marleau/Nylander/Moore = 14
Engvall/Petan/Bracco = 2.4
Gauthier C = 650k
Total = 57.20

Toronto's defensive lines
Riley/Rosen= 5.75
Dermot/Sanhiem = 5
Nurse/Liljegren = 4.2
Borgman = 750k
Total = 15.7

Toronto's Goalies
Andersen G = 5
Back up G = .750k
Total = 5.75

Grand total = G 5.75 + D 15.7 + 57.2 + 1.2 Kessel tax = 79.85 million

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19 Mar 2019 10:21:21
Moving Nylander to 3C really opens up a whole range of possibilities because it allows us to trade Kadri. He’s worth a lot still, and would go a long way in helping us secure that coveted 1RHD. He still has lots of value following those last two back-to-back 30 goal campaigns. I would like to see a player like Nurse in the return package. Nurse is an excellent choice. Young, cost controlled, and a hitter. Doesn’t cost a lot either. He would look good on the Leafs.

19 Mar 2019 10:37:29
Sandin for Samheim isn’t a bad trade. Sanheim is looking real good. He’s everything we hope Sandin will be. Plus he trades right side. Frost is looking like he’s got some real potential. Would like to see him play at a higher compete level before trading roster players for him. I think Philly is in some sort of rebuild and may not want an older player who’s a pending UFA like Muzzin is. Strong defensively as well, they might be looking for a forward of their own after losing Simmonds to free agency this year.

19 Mar 2019 12:17:03
Trading our only gritty player in Kadri is the dumbest thing the leafs could do. Thank God none of yall are running the Leafs.

19 Mar 2019 12:19:25
Sandin as well lol. Mark my words Sandin will be our #2-3 D in no time. Philly wins that trade all day.

19 Mar 2019 17:00:10
Puck it Tyler ennis throws more hits than kadri lol this team has zero grit atleast nurse will fight and hit but I do agree with Sandin I don’t think the leafs would trade him.

19 Mar 2019 17:53:46
If we do trade Sandin, it would have to be for someone like. Sanheim. Highly rated, he was drafted first round too, and is everything we wish Sandin is, only Sanheim is a little further ahead the development curve.

19 Mar 2019 23:26:52
@leafs GM I agree on both assessments of the trades I think you may get a little more for Kadri but my thought here was Nurse/ Riley/ Dermot shores up the left side and then We would have a fairly decent right side also with SanHiem/ Rosen/ Liljegren with everyone on fairly good contracts. Your probably right about Muzzin and Philly that’s why we could drop a 3rd round pick and/ or 1 of Borgman/ Holl/ Lindgren as a sweetener.

Once Marleau is done there shouldn’t be any real problems retaining people, cap space + cap increase keeps our core together. If all these trades transipre the core would be Riley, Mathews, Nylander, Tavares, Marner and Andersen with a secondary scoring of Kapanen and Johnsson things are looking good then last but not least the kids Moore, Bracco, Frost and Hollowell have real potential to be contributors to the big team as soon as next year.
As always thanks for convo!
@puck it, really that’s all you got? Geez not sure if I got your point here. We do have cap issues and people will be walking away this offseason so please give us your prescription to our cap challenges?

20 Mar 2019 02:06:57
Everyone just can’t wait for Marleau to come off the books. Between him and Muzzin, that’s $10M a year we free up right there. That’s enough for a true elite Norris caliber 1RHD. How we obtain said player, whether through trade or free agency, is yet to be determined.


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