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26 Mar 2020 13:04:53
We have Campbell signed for two more years after this. But then we only have Andersen signed for next year. Campbell doesn't strike me as a guy that has starter quality to him. What's everyone's thoughts at brining in someone as a possible replacement for Andersen? I just don't think we can re-sign Andersen. It would have been tight before. But now with the cap not going up this year, and it probably won't go up much again next year, it means we are in deep trouble once Andersen's contract comes up. We can't afford to be paying him $7M, which is probably what he is going to be asking for.

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26 Mar 2020 13:27:32
I'm not really sure what the plan is with Reilly, Hyman or Freddy. If the cap does stay flat there is no way to re sign Freddy and Hyman without losing someone big. Kapanen and Johnson won't cut it. Even if you decide to trade Kerfoot, Kapanen and Johnson you need to replace them somehow.

26 Mar 2020 15:17:12
And that's the problem with the studs'n'duds philosophy of Dubas. We can only afford a few studs and the rest of the guys actually really are duds, just because it isn't possible for us to afford the middle class "average" nhl'er that makes up the bulk of the league. One line teams like Boston and Colorado do so well because of the contributions they get from the rest of the team. They can afford a better group of bottom nine players. Leafs can't. We have the equivalent of one star studded top line plus an extra guy. We spread out the scoring a bit by breaking up the four of them into two lines, where both top lines get an average joe alongside the two studs. Then our bottom six is a bunch of ahl'ers and fringe players. As soon as somebody gets hurt, we revert to a one line team. Only our bottom nine are a lot worse than the rest of the league because we can't afford even so much as guys like Connor Brown, who was a steal at $2M. He'll, we can't even afford Clifford at $2.5M. That's why in a year like this, when we had Tavares and Marner out at different times, we didn't do so hot. The I equality on the Leafs is staggering. This is quite possibly the most unbalanced team I've ever seen where we have three of the highest paid players of all time on the same team at the same time. Now because of this, we stand to lose the only decent guys we got, like Hyman, Kapanen, Johnsson, Kerfoot, Dermott, Holl, just because we can't afford to keep them because the four greedy "leaders" are sucking up all the money. How does that not create resentment knowing that you are being paid league minimum, below what your worth by a half million to a million dollars just so these guys can make $50M between the four of them? I'd be pretty cheesed about it.

If Dubas doesn't win the cup in the next four years, he will be long gone. He might even be gone before then if we miss the playoffs or are knocked out first round again. Especially if we lose to the Bruins again.

26 Mar 2020 22:40:28
So here’s a theory I was thinking about today what if the plan is not to resign Rielly but trade him in his final year I mean it’s kinda weird to me how he is the longest standing leaf went through a whole rebuild and was passed over for the new guy for the captaincy then this year gets taken off the top unit almost seems like they are slowly pushing him out no? Of course i think it all hinges on what they do with Dermott and how Sandin develops Anderson won’t be resigned he’ll be 32 and perfect example of why you should over pay older goalies is bob in Florida let’s just hope we get some Pittsburgh luck and find a gem.

27 Mar 2020 03:09:43
I agree there 1994. If I was Reilly I would have seen that as a slap in the face as I believe that's what it was. He is the rightful captain as (arguably) best player on the team, 1D and longest standing. He also deal with some really bad years that MNM+Tavares didn't.

Reilly trade is inevitable to me. Dermott, Sandin and Muzzin all play left side. After Muzzin contract is up the hope is Sandin is the 1D.

If this is Dubas plan then he truly has no idea. Especially after people saying Reilly and Muzzin are the vocal ones.

28 Mar 2020 00:50:55
I think if they were going to give it to Reilly he would have had it before Tavares came in. Leafs tend to prefer having centres as captain. They've had a few defensmen, but not really in the last 30 years. I think Rob Ramage was the last defenseman an to captain the Leafs until Pfaneuf. Neither of their terms were very successful. Tavares had the experience. He was the big name acquisition. A first overall and a Toronto boy. He may as well have played in Toronto and not NYI is how much he's loved around here. He's the $11M man. Reilly probably won't even get that when he re-signs unless he wins a Norris in the next two years. It was fitting for Tavares to get it, especially after last season's performance. He seems like a natural fit. Reilly is my favorite player too, but I can see him being a cap casualty. Leafs have shown no mercy so far in letting virtually every single one of their top UFA's walk. Muzzin is the only exception in a long time.

25 Mar 2020 16:47:19
So interesting topic here I've been hearing a lot about the cap taking a hit this year and the topic of compliance buyouts is out there so who would be your two buyout for the leafs?

Mine are Tavares Johnsson

To me this is the perfect chance to kinda retool things Tavares is a great player but I'll take his cap hit and use it on a rhd Johnsson to me hasn't been a factor this year and we have younger cheaper options

These two would give us 14.4 mil to play with more than enough to sign or trade for a rhd and a 2c

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25 Mar 2020 17:43:36
I couldn't buyout Tavares after just being named captain. I have never been a fan of the turnover machine Johnson but he at least gets a pick so I wouldn't do that either. To bad wasn't in Marleau times eh? Lol.

There isn't a glaring bad contract on the team so it's very hard to say "buyout this guy". Even Tavares if he agrees to it would fetch something good on the trade market.

25 Mar 2020 19:15:50
Yes but what I’m saying is there is a chance that atleast one compliance buyout is given to every team to me captain or not Tavares contract is a bad one and he would be my number 1 pick to be bought out.

25 Mar 2020 22:46:13
We don't really have any bad contracts except Mariner's. I can't see the Leafs buying out any of their too 4 guys. And because Dubas is such a tightwad that doesn't believe in paying the middle role players any anything above league minimum, the rest of our contracts are pretty good. If we had a compliance buyout, I would be in favor of buying out Marner on the condition we re-sign him right away to a much lower AAV. This way Marner gets his money, and we get to keep the player and have a lower salary cap at the same time. Too bad I don't think the rules allow a player who is bought out to re-sign with the same team for at least a year.

There are a lot of teams that are going to be facing a huge cash cru ch next year now that the salary cap is going to remain flat. So I can see a compliance buyout being an option. And honestly, even if we only bought out a player like Johnsson or Kapanen or Kerfoot, that's still enough money saved that we should be able to sign the rest of the guys we need to league minimum just to fill out our roster and stay cap compliant. I just hate the idea of buying out a decent player on a decent contract for no other reason than that Dubas overlaid our stars by a significant amount leaving us in a real cap hell. It all comes back down to those $11M contracts again. If Dubas fails, he will be failing spectacularly, and the bottom denominator is those four guys sucking up almost $50M in cap hit between them. The inequality on the Leafs is nothing short of criminal.

26 Mar 2020 12:03:53
Yea you can’t use a compliance buyout and resign the player right away but I have to disagree I don’t think marners deal is as bad as Tavares for the simple fact that we will have marner in his prime and Tavares is out of his prime I just hate the fact of knowing that we will be paying him 11mil at the same age as Spezza is.

26 Mar 2020 13:35:48
I agree there Leafs1994. The length is an issue. I don't see Tavares aging as badly as others because he has never been a good skater. He relies on positioning, a good shot and working hard. We do all know however that players at 35 are not what they are at 25.

I don't think the contract ages as badly because when Tavares is Spezza age the contract will be almost done and I don't see having a competitive team at that point anyway. Seems to me more like that will be another rebuild time so his salary won't matter much.

26 Mar 2020 13:39:38
LeafsGm, you are all over the place here. You said Marner is our only bad contract then you turn on Dubas for overpaying everyone. Is Marner really overpaid, its hard to say. let's look at Kane, is he overpaid, NO, he is a great player but are his points stats that much better, and how old was he when he signed. Marner is on a good team with multiple players making very good money, that's it. Remove Tavares and Matthews and nobody is saying this.

26 Mar 2020 15:26:49
I didn't say he overpaid all the players. Just the stars. And in particular Marner. When you compare Mariner's contracts to his peers that signed this year, his is way more than theirs. Matthews is comparable to McDavid, so his doesn't look too bad, even though it may be a little much. And Tavares really doesn't have a comparable for when we signed him. It was a top UFA and everyone knew he was going to be $10+. It's not so much that they are all overpaid. More like they make too much between them. $50M in four players is over half the cap. That's the point I was making. I think all three of them are overpaid to some extent. I even thought McDavid was an overpay. But they are not as bad compared to their peers as Mariners contract is compared to his peers. That's why I say it is a bad contract.

Maybe Tavares' contract will look like a boat anchor by the time it is finished. There is a very good chance of it. But we get him for the five years we have Marner and Matthews signed. After that we can either trade him or buy him out the last year if his contract .

26 Mar 2020 17:56:33
Only one who is on a good contract is Nylander and even that isn't an "oh my God he's underpaid! " Deal. Mathews it would have been nice to have more term but other than that 60 goals for 11/ yr I can't argue with.

You use Kane as an example so let's check the math here. Kane makes around 300k less than Marner so it really isn't anything huge. When Kane signed he had shown an ability to win cups already which Marner hasn't. Hence last year's playoff performance. Kane signed that deal after putting up 106pts and 46 goals. Marner scored 26 and 94. 20 less goals and 12 less points is a very large margin. Especially goals.

Kane scores more without the same quality of linemates especially recently. All advanced metrics point to Marner not being able to drive a long in the top 50 of the league the same way Nylander Mathews and Tavares can. Kane is also a centre which means he is inherently worth more as a true 1C is worth more than a 1RW.

The best person to at least try and compare Marner to is Panarin in my opinion. They make almost identical money on almost the same term. Panarin is clearly the better player though. He drives a line better, scores more and gets more primary assists.

While I agree they are all overpayed slightly its so marginal that it means nothing until you get to Marner. He makes more than 99% of the league and can be replaced easier than anyone on the team.

24 Mar 2020 23:55:30
One of the biggest knocks I hear against Babcock was that he didn't play his stars enough. He rolled four lines and spread the minutes out, giving guys like Connor Brown and Komorov equal time with guys like Matthews. But who did we lose to? Boston is another team that likes to rely on its depth. While their top line is phenomenal, after that the talent drops off. Same can be said about the Blues. And Washibgtin. The most successful teams seem to be those that don't just reply in a few key players to get the job done. They take a team approach.

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25 Mar 2020 13:31:42
I wasn't again Babs philosophy of 4 lines more that he should have toned it down slightly. Last 10 minutes of a 7th gay you have Tavares, Marner, Reilly and Mathews out there for 8 of it. Babs instead will still have his third line out. More the rigidity of Babs that irked me.

25 Mar 2020 17:32:55
I think it was a lot of things for starters he lost the room as we later found out he isn’t the greatest guy to play for but my biggest thing with him was he never tried anything new like could you imagine what the leafs would of looked like with kadri on Matthews wing last year I bet he’d still be a leafs.

25 Mar 2020 17:44:08
Game* lol not sure why my phone auto corrects to gay.

25 Mar 2020 22:49:50
He was a stubborn prick. Everyone knew that. There was all kinds of rumblings a out him before he even made it as coach of Leafs. The guys in Detroit hated him. Chris Chelios was one of the best defensemen to ever play the game and Babcock benched him for most of the playoffs during their final run to the cup that year. He could carry a grudge and had a real chip on his shoulder. He got results, but a lot of other coaches that had the same teams he did would have got good results as well. It's not like he ever had a true dog of a team for long. I can't imagine he would have turned Arizona or Detroit around this year for example like Trotz was a le to do in New York.

26 Mar 2020 13:37:45
Good point LeafsGm. Columbus and the Islanders are examples of teams that have very little and still performed better than expected. Babs never really got that out of a team.

26 Mar 2020 15:27:23
He sure didn't out of the Leafs.

24 Mar 2020 08:25:47
Now that CHL is canceled

For the leafs this year?

If NHL comes back

Hyman Matthews Marner
Robertson Tavares Nylander
Mikheyev Kerfoot Kapenen
Clifford Spezza Engvall

Rielly Barrie
Muzzin Holl
Dermott Ceci

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24 Mar 2020 14:19:28
If NHL comes back I imagine that everyone will play again but that's one of those unknowns as season length, and timing is slightly different across different leagues.

I doubt Robertson plays for the leafs though as trade deadline has passed.

24 Mar 2020 19:51:31
I think you can still bring guys up and down from the AHL after deadline, but I doubt you can bring them from junior to NHL. I'm not sure though. I know there is no roster size limit and no cap in the playoffs. But I don't know about calling up players from anywhere other than AHL. In any case, without him having played against adults yet, I can't see Leafs calling him up to NHL until they at least get a look at him in training camp.

25 Mar 2020 00:25:19
Start the Robertson over hype lol. Everywhere I go people have him playing beside Tavares next year or on Mathews wing without ever even playing AHL hockey. He's the best prospect we have but just like I kept saying about Liljigren and Sandin they aren't ready for that kind of role yet.

25 Mar 2020 22:53:35
Where does Robertson play best year is the question though. Sending him back to junior will probably hurt his development. He has nothing left to prove there. And because of age restrictions, he can't play AHL. Which means he either makes the Leafs, or perhaps goes overseas? If he can't make the Leafs in any meaningful way, I think going to play in Sweden or so where like that would be the best option for him. He needs to be playing against professional adult players. Not 15 year old kids in junior that he can just skate through and score every time.

What do you think? Europe or KHL for a year?

26 Mar 2020 13:39:33
If I was Robertson I would definitely spend a year in Sweden if given the chance.

21 Mar 2020 03:19:36
So my thinking is the cap will plummet this year. Withe erything going on the season will most likely be cancelled or severely shortened if not part of next season as well (just a guess no one knows right now) . What does Dubas do if the cap goes down to 78? Maybe even less. LTIR space is drying up.

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22 Mar 2020 01:35:24
Cap can't go down. They won't allow it. Neither NHL or NHLPA will let it. Apparently there is a precedent as well. After the shortened season the cap was to fall the following year, but the owners and union voted to prevent it from happening. It's expected the same would happen this time. So it might just stay the same next year, or it might even be slightly raised. But it won't go down.

22 Mar 2020 12:52:06
Well played sir. I had never heard of the above situation before and had to look into it further. You are indeed correct there.

22 Mar 2020 17:53:58
I actually didn't know that until maybe a few hours before your post. I just happened to read an article talking about it. Pure coincidence. Lol. Otherwise I wouldn't have known that either.

22 Mar 2020 18:09:58
Is this when I'm supposed to get mad and call you a Homer? Lol.

22 Mar 2020 21:40:35
D'oh. Lol.

You can always tell the trolls by the use of that word. Instant give away.

20 Mar 2020 18:09:15
Reilly/ Holl
Muzzin/ Dermott
Sandin/ Liljegren

Holl and Dermott were both playing top liner minutes at the end of the season and looked good doing it. Holl seems to fit well with whatever partner you pair him with. So we put Holl beside Reilly, which would be similar to Reilly/ Hainsey, and try Dermott at 2RHD.

This makes more sense than either putting Dermott beside Reilly just to keep the Muzzin/ Holl line together, or trading Dermott, who is one of my personal favorites and who absolutely deserves to be on the team and playing top 4 minutes too.

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21 Mar 2020 13:59:36
Looks good to me. The best we can do without adding someone. Nice to see someone acting sensibly given what we have, good post.

22 Mar 2020 01:40:01
The only other thing we can do is put Liljegren 2RHD and then have either Dermott or Sandin play 3RHD. We can switch them up so they both learn.

22 Mar 2020 18:11:24
I don't think Lili or Sandin are ready yet for more minutes. The biggest issue with this shutdown as I see it is development. Liljigren has lost a lot of time already and here's more. Sandin is 19 and not even playing AHL or bottom pairing minutes right now. I expect both to be bottom pairing guys next season at least to start.

22 Mar 2020 22:24:21
I thought they dropped Liljegren to the AHL? The AHL is still playing as far as I know. Surprisingly they are the only league in like the entire world that didn't shut down. So if Liljegren got dropped back down then he is still getting playing time. Sandin I'm not sure about.

But your point is valid across the whole NHL though. There are so many guys that are just breaking I to the league that need all the playing time they can get. Guys like Hughes (both of them), Dach, Kakko, Makar, all these guys. A sudden stoppage in okay like this, without even practice, is bound to impact their game. And not in a positive way.

On the other hand, guys that were injured might not miss as many games. So if the season picks up again, their return could be a positive.

So many things this shutdown is going to affect. Free agency, draft, awards, playoffs. Not a single aspect of the game is going to be unaffected by this.

23 Mar 2020 14:09:27
The AHL cancelled it's season shortly after the NHL did I believe.

24 Mar 2020 23:58:41
Looks like everything is cancelled now. I heard the Russians had to enforce the lockdown over there and sent officials to the arenas. Russia is pretty rough on their citizens as is. I'd hate to see what they are like during lockdown. It's probably like a prison over there.

18 Mar 2020 13:38:10
Just curious who do you think the leafs draft this year in the second round I've looked at a few mock drafts but definitely think we could steal another good player this year for sure

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18 Mar 2020 15:54:20
Do we have a second round? If Campbell wins anymore games doesn't this years third become a second?

18 Mar 2020 17:34:08
So the conditions are the leafs have to make the playoff and Campbell needs to win 6 games he 3-2-1 right now or the leafs would have to sign Clifford I don’t see either scenario happening.

18 Mar 2020 20:46:00
You don't think the Leafs will re-sign Clifford Leafs1994?

I am a fence-sitter on Clifford. For one thing, I like his physical presence and play. On the other hand, I have a hard time justifying him at almost $2M to play less than 10 minutes a night on the bottom line. I can't see Dubas doing that either, knowing how he likes to underlay bottom six players.

18 Mar 2020 23:22:21
No I don’t see them resigning I don’t think he’s made a big enough impact on this team now if we go to the playoffs he might be a valuable player but still if I’m a gm I’m not paying a second for a goon there’s plenty of them out there for example reaves as I suggested not long ago.

19 Mar 2020 15:11:59
The way dubas drafts is either draft a 17 year old eligable player or overage experienced players

Pavel Gogolov of the guelph storm is my vote. would of been the 3rd wheel on the SDA-robertson line if he wasnt dealt to guelph in that merkley deal a year ago.

Then i'd think a goalie might be on dubas list as woll looks horrific and scott is always hurt.

19 Mar 2020 18:09:22
Craigger you don’t think he will take a defencemen?

19 Mar 2020 18:38:46
I'm with craigger on this one. The time is rapidly approaching where a goalie prospect is desperately needed. Freddy won't be around for ever especially considering his age. If I'm Dubas I may even consider trading up for a goalie.

20 Mar 2020 11:17:07
Egor Sokolov is another 20 year old i hope leafs sign or draft. scores goals and is huge. Justin brazeau and sokolov would be good marlies next year and eventually both could be solid PP guys who add size on 3rd and 4th lines.

20 Mar 2020 11:29:30
Jan hlavaj and dylan garland are the 2 goalies
Alex cotton and william villenaeuve are the 2 D i hope dubas tries to draft this year.

20 Mar 2020 15:05:44
@leafslife I agree with you a goalie would be nice but not in this draft the top goalie prospect has not been that good I think I read that he has a save percentage under 900 my other argument is the leafs have not had a good time drafting goalies poggie beibeau sparks Woll Scott just to name a few the only guy in the last decade that was good that we drafted was Rask.

20 Mar 2020 16:36:15
Other than the last few years drafting has been so bad in indescribable for 25 years lol. For everyone.

22 Mar 2020 01:45:18
I kinda think Leafs will just trade for a goalie again if they can't re-sign Andersen. Goalies are cheap to acquire by trade. In most cases a 1st will get you a starter. I can pretty much guarantee both Rangers and Pittsburgh trade a goalie next year, and no matter what goalie it is, a 1st is the most I see any of them bringing back in return.

If Murray becomes available, I hope Leafs think about him. I love Andersen, but he might be more expensive than we can afford. Murray is a proven winner. We could hit the jackpot like Vegas did with Fleury.

22 Mar 2020 17:58:56
Lehner is also available. Leafs could sign him outright. Then we don't have to waste a pick drafting a goalie or trading for one.

Lehner is an outstanding goalie that has out up Vezina candidate numbers the last few years. He is used to the workload coming from Chicago where he faced even more shots than what Andersen faces every night. If Leafs feel they need to replace Andersen, Lahner is a guy that I hope they consider seriously. There are also some very good goalies in the KHL that might be available.

22 Mar 2020 18:13:34
Never understood myself why Connor Mcdavid (example) is worth more than a vezina goalie. Can you win a cup without a 100 pt scorer? Yes. Can you win a cup with sub 900 goaltending? No. Even if you only score once a game if your goalie is sitting at 966 save pct you can still win some games. If you goalie is at 850 save pct and you score 5 a game you still lose a lot.

22 Mar 2020 22:29:52
I don't get it either LeafsLife. Ask anyone, and they will tell you that the most important position on the team is goalie. Build a team from net out is the best advice for a rebuilding team. And yet, as soon as goalies start making as much as the forwards, everyone has to cry that he's not worth it. How is he not worth it? Now that's what I want to know. In hockey the goalie has the ability to deter one the outcome of the game disproportionately over any other single player on the team. And yet, they don't get the recognition they deserve.

I think some of it is the unpredictability. No one can tell which goalies will be good or for how long.

17 Mar 2020 15:13:46
Hey Matthews and Marner,

Spoiled little brats. Both make most actual money this year and haven't even donated any of it to those in need during crisis.

Shame on you both. Shows both of your characters ..


We pay for everything you have. Without fans,arena workers you both wouldn't have a damn thing..


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17 Mar 2020 16:33:33
We'll put craiggers.

17 Mar 2020 17:23:00
Whoa. Talk about stirring the pot. If I said that it would be a revolt. Good job starting a new topic that is sure to get people's blood flowing.

Is MLSE paying for all their employees wages? If they are, then Matthews and Marner and anyone else on the team isn't doing anything worse than the rest of the league's players. Otherwise, it would be nice to see the players make a gesture like what the Flames players and those on other teams are doing, and contribute to those employees affected by the shutdown that hasn't been covered by MLSE. They are rich beyond most people's imagination already, and they are only going to keep getting richer. A million bucks each isn't going to hurt their standard of living in any way.

17 Mar 2020 20:09:03
If i was a fan of any other team i'd be reeming their top paid players out as well. i'm not so i don't need to call them out. that's up to their fans to do.

Its sad that MLSE had to step up instead of the big money makers in the organisations that we all look up to and cheer.

Heck even full time employees at my place of employment took out all our wallets to help our temp employees. Until marshall law happens and rent or mortgages gets haulted everyone needs to live. Tough to do without getting paid.

Step up rich athletes and entertainers. Step up big corporate CEOs. now its time to pay it forward as its the less priviledged who keep you employed. we helped you all get your money by watching, listening and buying into your product. now its time to step up spoiled 1%

You owe the world your help since we helped you become part of the 1%

Just sayin.

17 Mar 2020 21:03:43
Craigger for prime minister! Bring on Bastille day 2.0!

18 Mar 2020 04:25:25
If each of our top four highest paid players (the studs) put up $250,000 each, that would be about the entire annual take home pay of about ten part time employees per $250,000. So between the four of them, they can cover 40 part timers annual pay in full. Of course, the season is 2/ 3 over. So that means they can each cover 30 players remaining salary for the regular season in full. That would be 120 part time employees covered in full just by a $250,000 donation from just those four players alone. The rest of the guys in the team (the duds) can contribute smaller amounts depending on what they make. But yeah, essentially the players can in all likelihood cover the entire wages lost to the minimum wage paid casual labor paid employees that make up the bulk of the grunt work needed to make a stadium run efficiently.

18 Mar 2020 09:53:43
So is MLSE refusing to pay these people or is this just conjecture.
I like how many of our hockey heroes around the league are supporting the event employees for the next month and I am sure the Leaf players will follow suit. Name calling your own players for this is beyond me. Why in gods name would anyone want to play here.

18 Mar 2020 13:09:45
You don’t see any players doing this and it’s their right to sit here and say you need to be paying people wages is idiotic that is for the owners to decide they are the employers if they do front money good on them but I for one am not going to sit here and bash my team over it.

18 Mar 2020 14:56:31
Agreed that ownership should pay them. Especially MLSE and the amount of money they have. This isn't a small market team like the sens.

I think what craigger is getting at is more of society in a whole though. Tannehill just signed 114 million dollar contract why not donate 2 million of it to help this situation? Or every billionaire there is.

18 Mar 2020 20:27:03
Hate to break the news Craigger, but there is an official statement on Twitter from the team that says players and coaches ARE contributing to a fund to help the employees. J assume that means Matthews and Marner included. Lol.

19 Mar 2020 00:38:23
MLSE is also paying their employees as well. I assume any money from the players is to top up the difference between what the employees would have earned from working and what they are receiving from MLSE as compensation.

As it stands right now, the only Canadian team not paying their employees is Winnipeg.

19 Mar 2020 11:33:59
Guess my little rant worked. lol.

19 Mar 2020 20:14:42
It got a pretty good response. Not quite as big an outrage as I thought though. If I posted that it would have been a riot on the site.


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