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05 Aug 2019 19:14:35
Marner kaskisuo dermott for Pulock bellows Wilde Sorokin beauvillier

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05 Aug 2019 17:01:16
For those of you on this site; that thinks Mitch marner is god,don't know there a@@ from there foot,Matthews is twice as good as marner and you will see that this season. If anyone wants to make any side bets..I'm down and we can set up arrangements.....marner will not get one more 90pt season he falls down to much like a little bit who scrapes his knees...he is definitely replaceable...I lost so much respect for this guy...I feel like buying a jersey just to burn it, in front of him..I hope dubas trades him soon cause he makes me sick..now I'm not good on trade values but I know who has to go.and my proposal has nothing to do with this trade in suggesting,

Marner and hyman to new Jersey for palmieri vatanen and boqvist

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06 Aug 2019 06:28:16
Not a trade I would ever take.

As far as Marner value goes; I don't think it's fair to criticize him that much lol I agree Mathews is a more talented hockey player in general but Marner isn't just a bag of crap either. He's still a great playmaker and top line winger.

06 Aug 2019 14:05:48
Relax, its summer.

07 Aug 2019 02:23:49
How much would you like to bed that Marner dies get one more 90 point season? I will bet anything you want and we can make arrangements.

04 Aug 2019 23:34:32
Creating some cap space
Ceci and either timishov or bracco Or Moore to ducks for larsson
We gift the ducks timishov or bracco or Moore for taking ceci gives them a dman to fill out their dcorps and they have the cap space

Then Kapanen Holl to flames for one year of Brodie
And yes Leafsgm I consider Brodie top rhd pairing material for captain Morgan Reilly
Gives the flames a few bucks in salary cap especially if they send Holl to the ahl if they don't need him in the nhl as they have Yelisin signed thinking he is a better option then Holl

Goes against my other trades of having a dman for only one year but I sure Like the thought of Brodie on the line with Morgan Muzzin Barrie as the top 4

I still think Dubas has something up his sleeve before September other than getting marner signed

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06 Aug 2019 06:30:57
I agree Dubas has something going but I disagree moving Ceci to save one year of cap space is a good move most of the time. This may be one situation where I would take it though. That top 4 would be amazing and I would probably take it and just hope for the best this year.

02 Aug 2019 05:38:00
Im not sure what these dumb child RFA's are waiting for... cap space isn't just going to appear out of no where. We have hit the point where 95% of remaining RFAs are ones coming off ELCs. How can they think they will get more money this way. Almost all teams are in cap hell. Only Colorado with Rantanen have some room to play with, otherwise Toronto, Tampa, Vancouver, Boston etc are all basically at the cap.

They have no rights and if they're stupid enough to pull a Nylander and miss two months of the season then you need to get your head checked. Derail your young progress over a contract dispute that requires little negotiation because the cap is the cap and youve left yourself as the last piece to a puzzle and now you need to make yourself fit.

In my opinion Kucherov set the bar for a winger at 9.5. Furthered by Aho at 8.5. Aho was arguably the most fabourable RFA because he is a center.

None of these guys should be offered more than 9 million a season, simple as that.

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06 Aug 2019 06:32:36
I was shocked Aho signed for so little. Thought for sure he would want a bit more but as you say that sets the bar doesn't it? Get ready for another lockout the way this is going lol GM and owners are not happy about this either I'm sure.

01 Aug 2019 12:58:26
Reilly Barrie
Muzzin shattenkirk
Dermot ceci

Where would this rank in defence cores in the league. Shattenkirk 1year 2 million?

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03 Aug 2019 18:42:25
Probably one of the worst. You only have 2 legit dmen. Reilly and muzzin. Barrie and shattenkirk are pretty much the same player smallish offensive dmen who are defensive liabilities.

04 Aug 2019 09:12:37
In not sure why they didn't make a run at Gudas. Especially with what philly got for him . Big miss.

06 Aug 2019 06:34:27
I agree there redwing1 a lot of avalanche fans were not very high on Barry although I believe they played him a bit to much. He doesn't strike me as a 25 minutes a night guy.

Remember something though, this is Dubas team. Dubas loves the Barry shattenkirk types so it's something he may do.

30 Jul 2019 23:25:18
Why is everyone on this site so intent in trading for Kassian? Am I missing something here?

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30 Jul 2019 04:50:43
Man what's with all the Ritchie and Manson trades? What am I missing here? Third/fourth line winger and a slow 3rd pair defender! We don't want these guys! I would take manson over ceci that's about it and Ritchie can play on the third line but not at hymans expense you guys play too much EA sports NHL games looking at the players "potential" what you do trade for Ritchie because in your third year of the season in GM mode his rating is like 87 PEEESH OFF MATE

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31 Jul 2019 18:56:39
Lol I agree. out of the two I would take Manson though. Ritchie a bottom 6 guys everyone wants to trade Hyman for.

29 Jul 2019 13:44:29
Lets revisit this gem

Tor: matthews,nylander, ceci,2021 1st, 2020 2nd

Edm: mcdavid, bouchard, larson, puljuarvi, 2020 7th 2021 7th

johnsson mcdavid kapnen
Hyman tavares marner
Micheyev kerfoot puljuarvi
Moore spezza bracco

Reilly larson
Muzzin Barrie
Dermott lily/bouchard.

At the deadline trade for a 4th liner and a 6th defenseman to expose next year.

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30 Jul 2019 04:12:02
I really don't think EDM does this at all.

30 Jul 2019 18:03:08
they don't its an awefull trade prop.

27 Jul 2019 14:16:25
Sparks is gone! Finally! Believe it or not the leafs benefitted financially from that move.

Clarkson has a salary of 3.25 million this year but 2.25 of that was paid in a signing bonus july 1. He now has a 1 million salary for the season and it is 80% insured meaning 800k is covered. Leafs pay clarkson 200k.
Sparks was going to make 750k guaranteed. This move saves 550k, allows Dubas to manipulate the cap, get a 4th round pick AND get rid of a problem guy that blames everyone but himself for his dismal performance last year. Good luck playing in chicago AHL next year bud.

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28 Jul 2019 00:53:55
I disagree Sparks blamed everyone but himself. I do think he overstepped his boundaries at times with comments I'm sure he would have liked to take back though. Cash means nothing to MLSE so that also isn't a big deal. Do believe though, that was the greatest trade in years oddly enough lol. Cap space, ltir (more cap space) and a 4th back. Amazing.

26 Jul 2019 14:47:16
Matthews needs to go so injury prone
I mean look at all the games he's missed already🙄
So let's move his fragile body and give up a stud #1 center 50 goal scorer fair contract one we have needed for years for

Matthews for Tanev Boeser

One injury prone for two injury prones
Fair ?
Thoughts hound dog?

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26 Jul 2019 17:41:44
Lol is all I have to say.

27 Jul 2019 16:55:11
Oh my that’s some awesome proposal you posted there sook! Sorry for the devastating man crush you’ve developed for AM. The kid has been injured every year he’s played, we haven’t gotten out of the first round yet in this era of leafs hockey and I’m hoping this year is the year! Dubas has been doing a very good job but all three kings we have Nylander, Marner and Mathews have sucked the Salary cap to the point getting a top Rd with term is out of the question.
I was so excited we have these three guys but now that we are heading into year 4 of the AM era we need him to carry this team pump them up and go! I believe we have the tools they just have to produce. Dubas hasn’t been perfect but this year should be all in from a internal perspective pushing each other. We have potentially 3 hundred point guys Tavares, Marner and Mathews and we can’t get out of the first round. Some of this probably falls on Babcock but Mathews is not a hockey god yet ask Marner’s agent where he compares Marner to Mathews? I like the team I’ll stop torching Mathews to avoid upsetting the man crush crowd! Believe it or not I like Mathews and agree he can score 50 and over 100 points just remind me why he hasn’t so far.

28 Jul 2019 00:58:26
I stand somewhere in between you both there. Mathews isn't McDavid and most likely will want out without question in 5 years. Probably not a great guy to be around for most people and shouldn't make comments about linemates public at all (whether his fault or not I'm not sure) . Fair contract I have to disagree with though. Dubas got the Vaseline out and bent over when Mathews needed a deal because he knew, Marner may not sign an OS but Mathews will and 4 1st rounders will not replace AM at all. His 11.5 by 6 yrs or 12-12.5 for 7-8 yrs would have looked much better.


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