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21 Aug 2018 03:19:26
In my opinion I think the leafs should invite Bieksa to a PTO the leafs lost both Polak and Martin this summer and yes I know the nhl is getting out of fighting but I think he can bring in the toughness we need to protect the stars on our team he could be our 7th D and he'd be cheap

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19 Aug 2018 21:52:29
Hyman Tavares Nylander
Brown Matthews Marner
Marleau Kadri Kapanen
Johnson jooris ennis/ Levi

Reilly orzhiganov
Gardiner hainsey
Dermot zaitsev


I will put money on this lineup by end of November.

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17 Aug 2018 21:33:59
I said it before and I will say it again. Dubas will not make anymore moves unless an absolute steal comes his way. He will go with the lineup he has and make decisions going into the trade deadline. He won't do anything more now out of respect for Tavares. I guarantee!

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18 Aug 2018 13:29:14
How is making a trade to improve team disrespecting Tavares?

I can guarantee that Tavares is smart enough to know that the current defence group is not good enough to win a cup.

But yes, it makes more sense not to overpay now, with teams knowing its the Leafs weakness. The prices will be higher.

Also, we need to see if and of the young guys are closer at training camp.

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17 Aug 2018 15:16:21
Colorado Trades

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2019

Solves the Top RHanded Defense for the Leafs.
Gives Colorado 2 NHL Caliber Players plus a 1st Round Pick.

Thoughts ?

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17 Aug 2018 16:08:28
You would need to add a better player than Brown for Colorado to accept the large downgrade from Barrie to Carrick.

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16 Aug 2018 19:11:03
Leafs should trade for Tanner Pearson. I think he could come fairly cheap a second and a middling prospect.

He is a hyman type player locked up at a decent price, responsible and can play up and down the lineup.

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15 Aug 2018 04:05:47
Rick Nash signs for 4.5 mil for one year.
Better than Ennis or what?

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15 Aug 2018 04:53:54
I could see him forming a real solid line with Kadri and Brown. They're all extremely solid defensively and have all shown the ability to score. If the price is right (3-5M for one year) then Nash would probably be worth bringing in.

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14 Aug 2018 21:45:29
Toronto Maple Leafs 2018

Rick Nash
Auston Matthews
William Nylander

Zach Hyman
John Tavares
Mitch Marner

Patrick Marleau
Nazem Kadri
Conner Brown

Andreas Johnsson
Josh Jooris
Kasperi Kapanen

Per Lindholm
Chris Stewart

Morgan Reilly

Ron Hainsey
Jake Gardiner

Nikita Zaitsev
IGOR Ohigannov

Connor Carrick
Cody Franson


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13 Aug 2018 16:13:21
Out of all the proposals being floated, I like the Gardiner + for Panarin trade the best. It’s one that makes sense for both teams. Dermott’s play has made Gardiner Expendable. Leafs only do this if they think Liljegren is ready. Gardiner burned his last bridge in Game 7. I’m guessing Babcock has had enough

Reilly/ Liljegren
Dermott/ Zaitsev
Hainsey/ Ozhiganov
(Sandin/ Rasanen) .

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12 Aug 2018 15:44:04
The length of this Nylander contract holdout only fortifues my belief that Dubas is working extensions for all the big 3. I really hope they're all interested in staying long term... leafs should keep offering large amounts in signing bonuses to keep the AAV as low as possible.


Matthews: 10 mil x8
Marner: 7 mil x 8
Nylander: 6.25 mil x 8

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12 Aug 2018 18:47:12
You’ve corrected me before on issues surrounding cap and AAV, so you are probably right here as well, but I always thought signing bonuses counted toward cap/ AAV?

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12 Aug 2018 21:45:02
I actually just read an article on this, they do but players prefer it because if there is a lockout the still get all of the signing bonus.
There are also ways to pay less tax depending on if they are a citizen to another country. And they are all but guarenteed not to get bought out because the team does not get any savings on signing bonuses.

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13 Aug 2018 03:30:08
Leafs GM, Randy

You are both correct. Specifically in the fact that even though a contract is let's say 7x7, 6 million can be a signing bonus and 1 million is actual NHL salary. The problem in Ontario is the tax rate is so high so players lose a big chunk of their earnings in salary.

Tax on signing bonuses is based off of that persons primary residence location. Obviously it gets sticky and players actually do get investigated/ audited.

But back to the example, if a player has a primary residence (all mail sent there, live there in the offseason etc) in a state like florida which has no state income tax, that 6 million is taxable as if it is earned in florida vs ontario. Toronto and Ottawa players pay the most tax in the NHL. So, By payin. Large bonuses it means large savings opportunites for leaf players and is a big advantage the leafs can use vs other teams.

Overall, the more signing bonuses, the more a player takes home in toronto. And this is a great way to keep AAV’s as low as possible.

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12 Aug 2018 01:32:12
7 years with Tavares really isn’t a very long time. Especially when you realize he will be 34 by the time his contract ends. We need to look at possible replacements now. And by replacements, I mean more than one prospect because you have to assume that the first one won’t work out. You need a plan B and plan C. We are never going to get a draft pick high enough to select another NHL ready player, and it takes a good 3-4 years to develop most quality centres. Maybe we can trade for a young prospect now. Any thoughts?

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