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19 Nov 2017 18:17:14
Well looks like we have a new harvest of newbies on this site. Before reading below this please put your drinks and sharp objects out of your hands and just enjoy seriously.

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17 Nov 2017 15:18:25
Sosh looked real good last night, seems like he and Leivo should be in every night. Something has got to give soon, whether it be JvR or Komarov. Bozak is probably safe for a while with no centremen really ready to take his spot. Wingers are knocking the door down though.

If something comes it could be a package of Jvr and Leivo/ Sosh or Komarov and Leivo/ Sosh

Davemackin mentioned Pesce?


But, Carolina won’t trade for a rental.

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13 Nov 2017 03:33:26
Hey Leafs guys, what's the down low on Shoshnikov? He has skittle special clause in his deal where if he's not with the NHL club by midnight tomorrow (Monday) or Tuesday night he can leave the AHL and go play in the KHL or what? Just for this year I take it?
He probably doesn't have a spot on the Leafs right now, Is he worth trading or keeping then? He could probably crack a few lineups I'm sure. Vancouver, Arizona, Vegas even, Buffalo? He has signs of maybe being a solid third line guy doesn't he?

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10 Nov 2017 18:51:27
What would it cost to get Gudbranson to Toronto?

And what is Bozak's value?

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12 Nov 2017 00:09:55
Leafs: Johnsson, Valiev, 3rd
Canucks: Gudbranson

Bozak can fetch a 2nd and a prospect.

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15 Nov 2017 16:04:44
Gudbranson is UFA. Sign him next year as a replacement for Polak.

Vancouver will want picks/ prospects as they are no longer in rebuild denial.

Bozak's value depends on the the team he goes to. You will get more from teams that immediately require a center.

Arguably he's worth more than what Minny got for Hanzal (late 1st and 2nd I believe) . A flop with Dallas this year.

The Ducks, NYR, Minny again, and a few others are looking for a 2nd line center and might pay better.

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09 Nov 2017 03:31:14
Really though how good is Vatanen?

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12 Nov 2017 19:44:39
better than any other defense man on our team.

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07 Nov 2017 17:25:17
So I'm pretty sure the leafs won't make any big moves. Just based on play and how I think thinks will pan out. Over the next two years we will sign our big three
Matthews 10+
Marner 5×5
Nylander 6.5-7

I believe marner is learning how he has to play and will pick it up quick, but not quick enough this year to become the guy everyone though he would be. Expect big things tho toward the end of the season once we move jvr out for a draft pick along with Komerov. So no we are not trading him. I think babs is doing great with him. He's playing him in the tough roles to see if he elevates the play of other guys and to what extent, and he does. Just look at Martin game lately.

Over the next year, liljegren and most likely.

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07 Nov 2017 23:35:13
Sorry over the next year or so liljegren rasanen and Rosen will most likely be pushing for the big leagues and I think this is mainly why toronto will wait. I like how they are playing in the minors. Also look for a couple wingers to step up and make their debut once a couple get moved out for a couple assets. The prospects are looking like there will be some great role players to fill in on small contracts.

Finally I think marner will see some time at center this year even if it's a small stretch to see what he's got. i'd love to see:

Marleu Marner Brown

It's skilled with some grit and hustle.

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12 Nov 2017 19:46:42
you're nuts if you think marner is getting less than nylander and is getting 5x5 most likely he's getting more than nylander and if not probably 6.5x7.

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06 Nov 2017 00:17:12
My dealio was bigger and better for all three parite
s right? ^^^^

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05 Nov 2017 14:46:28
I think to help Marner get out of his slump he should play with a guy who plays similar to himself. So I think babs should try these line combinations-


The reason Marner is at center is because I think he can drive his own line and playing with Brown a good hard working two way player would be beneficial for Marner. The reason I have Martin as a scratch is because he is just taking up a spot on the wing. The Leafs are one of the only teams that dress an enforcer in there lineup every night and the Leafs have other guys that are willing to fight like Komerov, Kadri.

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07 Nov 2017 15:54:23
Komarov never fights. Kadri only fights when he has no choice. Most of the rest of the team won't fight.

Almost all teams have fighters. The reason you don't see them is because they can also play these days, and they don't score a lot either. Buffalo - Georges; WAS - Wilson; VAN - Gudbranson and so on. The list of fighters this season so far contains no scorers.

Martin is there for a reason. He will contribute 15+ points this season (Already has 6). Not all of the leafs lines, are going to have 40 pt players. And he does all of the duties of a checker well, along with hitting well, and enforcing.

He could always sit for light duty teams, but why lose the advantage of intimidation over the non fighter teams.

No one is taking runs at the kids right now.

You won't like it when he's gone.

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02 Nov 2017 07:03:53
I think Hjalmarsson would be a perfect partner for Rielly. A Stanley Cup champion of like 3 times, Stay at home and reliable defenseman, can bring experience and leadership and a solid top pairing prescience that can allow Rielly's offensive potential to finally show. With Arizona now probably going to give up on the year because they are brutal, what would it cost to land him? Leivo and Carrick? Add a pick?

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30 Oct 2017 08:08:40
I know everyone loves marner and thinks he's gods gift to hockey but he's an undersized winger with lots of potential but plays a soft game high cieling but high bust potential I say in hìs next hot swing the leafs make him available for a top rhd

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30 Oct 2017 16:53:04

Had 61 points last year and in his sophomore year he's a bust now?

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31 Oct 2017 06:06:41
Not saying he's a bust but points matter yes but defensively he needs work i enjpy his play but I think if marner lands you a top tier defenseman you do it. I think he will be fighting for more money then he will have proven he is worth. Its more the size and the plethora of mistakes he makes that worries me. i'm not doubting his skill but with matthews and nylander going to be commanding such high salaries A how affordable is a big 3 salary B) if you drop marner you free up space for a cheaper option that isn't gou g to cause cap issues. let's reword this take marner high value i to consideration who can the leafs aquire as a top tier right D man close to straight up maybe with a swapping of picks?

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02 Nov 2017 20:46:29
Marner is 6'0. Sure he can put on a few pounds which he will do he is only 20 years old. Marner has high offensive power already, and will learn to play way better defensivly under Babcock, and will turn into a solid player. We just need to give him a good partner to play with.

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07 Nov 2017 16:01:17
He started even slower last year. He's plus in the last 4 games and puts the pucks on players sticks in good locations game in and game out.

But the rest of the league have studied him and he will have to adapt to that. That won't be too hard for him, he's done it before.

Important to note: He's a first year pro. He has no AHL or overseas experience prior to last year, and he scored 61 pts. and was leading the team when he got injured. And he didn't get to play with Mathews.

He will pick it up.

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