11 Apr 2024 16:51:52
Whats everyones thoughts on opening night line-up?

Bertuzzi Mathews Domi
Mcmann Tavares marner
Knies holmberg nylander
Dewar kampf reaves

Reilly lybushkin
Mccabe benoit
Edmonson Liljgren


I know some guys want reaves out. Should Robertson get a look. Do we need gregors speed? What do ya think?

1.) 11 Apr 2024
11 Apr 2024 20:27:07
I feel like a package of Liljegren and and Robertson should go towards a quality #2 RD. Benoit becomes the # 3D. Do teams even view those 2 as a decent package?

2.) 11 Apr 2024
11 Apr 2024 21:07:23
I really like Benoit, but if he's in the top 4 we have a problem. He's an excellent bottom pairing D, nothing wrong with that, but it is what UT is.

3.) 12 Apr 2024
11 Apr 2024 21:59:52
Package Brodie, Gregor, and Giordano for a solid player and have Timmins and Robertson as extras. Also just thought. Where would Jankrok fit in?

4.) 12 Apr 2024
12 Apr 2024 05:24:45
Would prefer to see Reaves as the 13th forward with Jarnkrok on the line with Kampf and Dewar.

Treliving MUST do something about the Leafs defense in the off season.
There are not many good RHD available among the free agents but I think Leafs should focus on trying to sign Matt Roy if he doesn’t reap with LA Kings.
About the only suitable RHD that I can see available are Matt Roy, Sean Walker and Dylan DeMelo.
All three could be potentially resigned by their current teams.

Offer Robertson plus a prospect to San Jose for Ferraro

Reilly ($7.5) - Roy ($5.5)
Ferraro ($3.25) - McCabe ($2)
Benoit ($1.35) - Liljegren ($3.25)
Edmundson ($2.5) - Timmins ($1.1)

5.) 12 Apr 2024
12 Apr 2024 12:50:11
Very disappointing WB. How quickly we forget our Leafs getting manhandled last year in playoffs. Reaves is a big part in a change. IMO. The team plays different with him in the lineup. Guys like MacDermaid (yesterday) aren’t running around looking to hurt people. If Reaves isn’t in the lineup game 1, I would be extremely disappointed in Sheldon’s decision making. Same goes for Benoit, he is a main stay.

6.) 12 Apr 2024
12 Apr 2024 12:54:44
@86Arens that’s exactly how I would have my lines too. Marner and Nylander are interchangeable but I like the rest. Brodie is off your list too, I like it. Jarnkrok can sit for the first game or two until someone plays a bad game.

7.) 12 Apr 2024
12 Apr 2024 14:12:25
I still think you put your best two Dmen on the top pairing and go from there.

Rielly - McCabe
Edmundson - Liljegren
Benoit - Lyubushkin

On the forward group I really liked the Willy-JT-Marner line, they out shot Jersey 14-1 last night. Maybe Leafs should stack top 2 lines again and include Jarnkrok on the 3rd line.

Bert - Papi - Domi
Willy - JT - Marner
McMann - Holmberg - Jarnkrok
Knies - Kampf - Reaves
Dewar/ Robbie.

8.) 12 Apr 2024
12 Apr 2024 14:27:41
This is what I want, but won't happen

Domi Matthews Marner
Bert Tavares Nylander
McMann Kampf Knies
Dewar Holmberg Reaves

Reilly McCabe
Edmundson Liljgren (otherwise Brodie)
Benoit Lyubushkin.

9.) 12 Apr 2024
12 Apr 2024 18:16:56
@Tags and RLF, then you are going back to a two line team and defeating the purpose of what they’re trying to do. I hope they stick to the lines spread out and becoming harder to defend against.

10.) 12 Apr 2024
12 Apr 2024 20:35:05
Ckarky. The problem I have seen with the 3 lines spread out is that the Leafs 3rd line has trouble defending. I think McMann Kampf and Knies would surprise people in the playoffs with contributions and they would be solid defensively. Right now, I don't really see a line that can shut teams top line down. And shutting teams down in the playoffs is as important as the ability to have balanced scoring threats imo.

11.) 12 Apr 2024
12 Apr 2024 22:04:58
I know Clarky.
I just don't gave much trust in the 3L defensively as RLF is eluding too. If Marner and Nykander switched, then I would be better with it.
I think it's definitely something Tre needs to explore in the off season, either a 2C, like Lindholm and move Tavares down (dreaming about getting Lindholm for $5/ $5.5M on a show me contract since he's not doing well after the trade) . Or Leafs pick up an actual 3C who defends and has offense as well.

12.) 13 Apr 2024
13 Apr 2024 00:06:32
Leafs forever…. They can’t package Brodie, Gregor and Gio as none of them will be under contract once the season ends.

13.) 14 Apr 2024
14 Apr 2024 11:18:12
I’m with RFL I don’t think holmberg can be our 3C but I’d try nylander kampf and knies this is the downside of keeping domi on the wing limits what the leafs can do in their bottom six like I still like domi in the middle and Tavares as the 3C.

Bert Matthews marner
Jarnkrok domi nylander
Knies Tavares mcmann
Dewar kampf reaves
Holmberg robbie

That 3rd line could be a problem matchup wise for other teams and when they take reaves out and put holmberg in they have a defensive line.