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07 Nov 2017 11:46:23
To TOR: D - J. Faulk

To CAR: D - C. Carrick + 2018 1st round pick

Faulk has not been great so far this year, but still holds some value


To TOR: D - M. Dumba + 2018 3rd (lowest of the 3)

To MIN: D - J. Gardiner

Leafs have depth at LD, need to improve the RD. Hainsey and Borgman can fill in on LD


1.) 07 Nov 2017 13:27:01
Canes: doesn't benefit them at all, Carrick is a small bottom pairing d man and the 1st will be low. So the canes get worse. You can't just give up spare parts for a top d man.

Wild: Gardiner is a better offensive player but Dumba is a better two way player and he's younger so Wild are not trading their young RD man for a LD who can't defend 1 on 1s or defend in general. they already have Brodin Broom and Sute.

2.) 07 Nov 2017 15:31:54
The Wild don't need D. They are set; but have no depth in the minors, so they won't trade Dumba.

They are an aging team that needs to challenge now; and need a center, and some defensive depth would help.

TOR: Bozak (C), Moore (LW/ C), Middleton (RD) .

MIN: Zucker (LW), Sabres 3rd.

3.) 07 Nov 2017 15:58:36
Brodin and suter*.

4.) 08 Nov 2017 10:24:31
Bozak, and Leo K., for 2018 1st and 2019 2nd The Wild's 1st rd will probably be mid-low to low. Leafs bring up long overdue youngsters.



07 Nov 2017 11:34:17
As it sits, the Leafs will have $20.7M fall off for the contracts of JVR, Bozak, Komarov, Moore, Polak, Carrick, Fehr, Marincin and Lupul. Another $2MM in buyout money will fall off as well. So who to trade from this bunch?

After trading away Duchesne, COL needs some C depth and Bozak could be a cheap option for them.

To COL: C - T. Bozak

To TOR: 2018 2nd round pick (pick from NSH)


EDM is awful on offense and needs some help on the wings, JVR could be a great compliment for either McDavid or Draisaitl


To TOR: 2018 1st round pick* + 2018 3rd round pick**
*pick is top 10 protected, becomes a 2019 1st if top 10
**if the 2018 1st becomes a 2019 1st, the 2018 3rd becomes a 2018 2nd.


1.) 07 Nov 2017 14:41:42
That Nashville 2nd will be around 50th or worse. Much too low for Bozak. He, despite the slow start is a better than average 2nd line center, every year, and is great at faceoffs.

Maybe for the later of their 1st's and we add a 3rd.

For JVR the return is acceptable, but I think the deal would require JVR agreeing to signing an extension for the deal to go forward.



29 Aug 2017 14:23:27
If Rychel does not make the Leafs, what about this trade with Colorado.

To COL: F - K. Rychel + 2018 6th round pick

To TOR: D - C. Timmins

A swap of prospects, Colorado gets a LW that likely will make their roster and the Leafs get a good prospect in return.


1.) 29 Aug 2017 19:49:08

That's not a bad proposal although I am wondering if you could trade Rychel straight up for Timmins. Timmins is a good player I would have liked to see become a Leaf prospect.

2.) 30 Aug 2017 00:44:43
I don't know how willing the Avs would be willing to part with Timmins yet, they picked him at #32 so they're likely fairly high on him.
It's hard not to agree though that out of camp Rychel will be on the block for sure.
I few teams that might be looking for a player like Rychel IMO is Vancouver, New Jersey and Washington. If anyone questions why these 3 teams I have my reasons.
But targets from each team
Washington: Connor Hobbs or JonasSieganthaler
New Jersey: Colton White or Josh Jacobs
Vancouver: Dimitri Zhukenov or Cole Cassels

At this point I don't think Rychel holds much value but could see him being a pretty ok bottom 6 forward who might chip in 10 goals and forecheck well. But at his age and coming off a pretty good AHL season teams will be interested. He is behind Leivo and Kapanen and he will
have to go through waivers and be lost for no gain. They should trade him.

3.) 30 Aug 2017 13:58:00
He is only behind Leivo as he is LW, not a RW. Kapanen is a RW player.

That being said, he did lead the Marlies in scoring last year albeit more games. He does hold value, but what is that value, could you sneak him through on waivers?

4.) 30 Aug 2017 20:19:34
I would do this trade but the Avs won't it's too early for then to give up a player who was but drafted, they need d and trading him for a first round bust (Rychel) would not help them. I like the trade but I just don't think it benefits both teams.

5.) 30 Aug 2017 20:20:03
Not both teams I meant the avs.

6.) 31 Aug 2017 02:02:49
Kapanen is a RW but if it comes down to a player being called up the Leafs have Leivo, Komarov and Hyman who all can play both sides so Rychel still would be behind in my opinion. There's jus no way I see Rychel on this roster at any point, he did lead the Marlies but still didn't have that type of season where he is a MUST graduate player. Personally wouldn't want to see him go, but think he still needs a year in the AHL, he is an interesting case at only 22 years old. He could be an effective bottom 6 player who chips in a 15-20 goal season perhaps someday.

7.) 31 Aug 2017 02:02:49
Kapanen is a RW but if it comes down to a player being called up the Leafs have Leivo, Komarov and Hyman who all can play both sides so Rychel still would be behind in my opinion. There's jus no way I see Rychel on this roster at any point, he did lead the Marlies but still didn't have that type of season where he is a MUST graduate player. Personally wouldn't want to see him go, but think he still needs a year in the AHL, he is an interesting case at only 22 years old. He could be an effective bottom 6 player who chips in a 15-20 goal season perhaps someday.

8.) 31 Aug 2017 18:48:38
Dbone, you're probably right about Col not wanting to give Timmins up. I was high on him too with one of my first proposals being that if the Leafs were drafting late first, he was a consideration. A good young right handed defenceman with upside and Colorado drafted 2 of them. I may be wrong but I think Makar is an RD as well.

Dbone, I'm in agreement with you on the potential teams you listed for Rychel as viable options.

Torontobuds, unfortunately someone will claim Rychel if the Leafs try to put him through waivers. He's too good of a prospect not to be claimed by another organization.

Goatson, while I agree with you, I'd hold off on Rychel being a bust. If the Leafs were not so stacked at forward, he would be playing in the NHL by now. This is a great problem for the Leafs to have.



20 Aug 2017 15:36:13
A few JVR trades:


To TOR: D - D. Fabbro + 2018 1st round pick


To NYI: F - JVR + F - E. Fehr

To TOR: 2018 1st round pick (better of 2 1st round picks)+ F - N. Kulemin + 2018 2nd round pick



To TOR: F - S. Steel + 2018 1st round pick


1.) 20 Aug 2017 16:02:33
I'd be a fan of any of these trades going down. Preferably the Nashville and Anaheim deals. I think a prospect and 1st should be the going rate for JvR.
My fear is Toronto uses JvR as their own rental though, if the Leafs are in a position to make the playoffs I don't think they'll be trading any roster players. So if a trade is going to happen it will have to happen at American thanksgiving or before the season starts.
Kapanen should make it easier to trade JvR.

2.) 20 Aug 2017 19:46:36
All three of these deals feel more inline with JVR’s actual value versus perceived value (i. e. trading him for Trouba, Dumba, or any other top pairing defenceman) .

My sentiments exactly with Dbone and have also mentioned how JVR may remain with the Leafs should they make the playoffs. Just look at what the Leafs did last trade deadline when they traded a 2nd round pick for Boyle (a rental) . The Leafs demonstrated some forfeiting of future assets for the present. They could do the opposite in trading JVR, but whatever comes back in return likely wouldn’t be something that immediately helps this team for 2018.

That being said, should Toronto receive an offer that includes Fabbro and a 1st or something in similar value, I’d make that deal despite the playoff picture. But that’s just my thinking of asset management and getting something in return for a pending UFA.

I wouldn’t rush into any trade and wait until the trade deadline. If Toronto is completely out of a playoff spot, then expect JVR to be 100% gone and traded for something proposed above.

Some of you may disagree and you are free to say so, but JVR will not net you one of the top blueliners for another team. Teams trading for JVR will be looking to at to their roster, not addition through subtraction.

3.) 20 Aug 2017 22:55:50
My thoughts on the ANA deal most specifically is that Steel could turn into a great 2nd/ 3rd line C and then the Leafs could unload Bozak at the deadline too (possible) . As for the NSH deal, it brings in yet another prospect (although not at the NHL level yet) to the pool and does not count as a contract as he's not signed and in college.

At the deadline, the leafs can then peddle 1 of their 2 1st round picks for help if they feel they need it, otherwise they have 2 1st's going into the draft. Definitely, not a bad place to build from.

4.) 21 Aug 2017 15:57:39
Like the NYI and Ana deals. Islanders would net a higher 1st pick and a 2nd for taking the Kulemin dump. Ducks get you a blue chip centre prospect plus a low 1st. Preds deal I would stay away from unless he is signed (or agrees to) beforehand. You could end up with a Vessey or Butcher.

5.) 22 Aug 2017 01:56:06
All three have some merit.

The first is pretty good with the exception of losing him to free agency as spider said.

The second is good with the exception of Kulemin coming back. He would just end up on Robidas Island (or if we are lucky, get claimed on waivers) .

The third, I would do even if the Leafs would have to add, say a conditional 3rd SJS; that becomes a 2nd (latest) if JVR doesn't re-sign.

I could nicely envision a future lineup of Marner, Steel and Brooks. And a late first to spend on a Dman again. A 3.2 M +/ - drop in cap is just a nice sweetener as well.

Good deals 1 and 3.

6.) 23 Aug 2017 14:15:04
Exactly the sort of package the Leafs should be looking for imo. I agree with you Ares whether or not the Leafs are headed for a playoff run or not, not capitalizing on a pending UFA that is semi expendable forward would be disappointing.

For all of you who say why does everyone want to trade JvR and Bozak, it's not because they're not valuable to the Leafs, they are very valuable but it's their current situation that makes them pop up time after time.

I don't think the Leafs can afford to trade Bozak but JvR can be traded without too big a step backwards, Marleau would simply slot in where JvR was. which is what we all thought Marleau was going to do anyways, right?


JvR makes the Leafs better but, trading him doesn't really make the Leafs any worse either. So to me that's an expendable player.
All that said, wouldn't be surprised if he's not moved at all.



30 Jul 2017 16:06:32
Let me say that I am indifferent on a JVR trade, but I think it makes sense with the Leafs development of players and at this point I don't feel they'll re-sign him.


To TOR: D - D. Fabbro + 2018 1st round pick

Nashville who just went to the cup needs to replace Neal. JVR on a great contract can help them.

For the Leafs, Fabbro is in college and thus no contract yet, also get a 1st so they can walk into the trade deadline next year with 2 1st's and 2 2nd's and be buyers if they are in a playoff position.


1.) 30 Jul 2017 18:31:02
That's a fair trade. Well done buds.

2.) 30 Jul 2017 19:53:15
With the acquisition of Marleau, this trade is a no brainer. I would've maybe said no before because we're taking out a top 6 LW with no NHL replacements. With Markeau now in the lineup, we can afford to lose JVR and continue adding picks and prospects. I would personally do this deal in a heartbeat.

3.) 31 Jul 2017 00:13:50
I second that, this is a no brainer. I don't know if Nashville bites but it should be hard to not tho considering they're bringing in a top 6 LW who can score 30 goals without taking anything from their current line up. Also, with Poile's ability to sign players for cheap somehow (omitting Johansen) they could even resign JVR so this could intrigue them.
JvR doesn't have the same sandpaper to his game as Neal but still would fill a void for them.

4.) 02 Aug 2017 00:15:01
Seriously good post there. Interesting to say the least. Added bonus would free up 4.5 million and a contract spot (lets the Leafs finally sign Brown) .

I would do that deal for sure.

5.) 03 Aug 2017 15:30:28
It's really the most ideal proposal I've seen on this site yet. I don't know if a 1st is too much or not with a guy the Preds chose in the first round but for a producer like JvR on a contender I think that's a pretty fair price.

6.) 05 Aug 2017 16:59:53
Very good deal. The Pred's weakest position is at LW. They have 5M cap space. A good place for JVR to go to and get his contract extended as Hartnell may be done after this year as well.

The hole at LW left by JVR can be filled by numerous prospects, but allows Leivo to get his chance to shine (and not get waivered) .

Rychel could then make the 23 man roster and would then be in line to replace Leo. With Korshkov, Grundstrom and others in waiting.

Fabbro won't be around for 3 years, but adds to the depth of quality RHD's we are starting to build, and they are spread out at different stages of development which is good for long term development and cap management.

Best deal in quite a while. Let's hope the Pred's bite.




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15 Nov 2017 13:49:08
Although I like the players coming in, not sure enough is being given up, especially for Faulk.

Also, I would hardly call Bennett "great" he's been pretty awful this year. No way he supplants Kadri as the #2 Centre either.




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23 Sep 2017 14:22:46
Doubt it's set in stone. Yes, I agree that the top 2 lines are very likely. I could see Brown on the 3rd line and Komarov on the 4th. And barring any JVR trade still to promote Leivo or Kapanen.




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23 Sep 2017 14:18:25
Vegas will not trade Theodore. He's going to become part of their core D moving forward. He's young and talented.




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16 Sep 2017 17:15:19
Glad you're not actually the Leafs GM lol.




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15 Sep 2017 19:12:22
Best Centre depth? That's a joke right? Nylander is not a Centre and plays wing for 1. Bozak is on an expiring contract and likely not retained.

I was actually thinking the Leafs C depth is what is weak.





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