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17 Oct 2019 16:54:55
Leafs trade SDA, Robertson, Liljegren
Tampa trade Foote, Raddysh

Another one similar to the two below I posted. Bringing in a couple guys almost ready to make the jump to the nhl. We lose a few good men here. But you got to pay to get. Foote is the target, so if you don’t like Raddysh, who looks pretty good actually, then tweak the trade as you see fit to make it work for just Foote.


1.) 17 Oct 2019 17:12:43
Think tampa has the other foote. so instead of raddysh let's get 2 feete.

2.) 17 Oct 2019 20:45:28
Groan. Lol.

3.) 17 Oct 2019 21:02:08
I don’t think either Foote is going anywhere. Too bad. They both look like they can be top line players in their position one day. If they are anything like the old man, I can’t wait to watch these two hoisting the Stanley Cup one day.

It seems pretty obvious for Colorado to draft these guys, but not always. Both Foote kids are top quality prospects for their positions. Huge upside potential. And they are both big, just like the old man. They might be in Colorado their whole careers too.

4.) 17 Oct 2019 21:42:01
Your really trying to trade SDA and Robertson aren't ya? Lol.

5.) 17 Oct 2019 23:14:22
I don't ever want to see tampa hoist a cup ever again. it would mean the leafs are outsted in the one of the first two rounds. whether you like those foote boys or not i'm never going to wish them the cup unless they play on the leafs.

6.) 18 Oct 2019 00:32:52
Good point that one Craigger. Screw the Foote’s. They suck and so did the old man right? Go Leafs!

7.) 18 Oct 2019 02:58:14
Lol got to love this playoff format. Leafs Tampa and Boston have such a tough road it's unreal.

8.) 18 Oct 2019 11:38:04
Oh yeah. They are in Tampa, not Colorado. Oops. In that case, you’re absolutely correct. No cup for Footes.

9.) 18 Oct 2019 16:26:15

Look at it this way: If Leafs have to play either Tampa or Boston first round, then we would basically be playing the hardest competition we could face first round. After that, the road to the cup gets easy. Look at Boston last year. After dispatching Leafs in seven games, they had a couple soft teams before getting in to finals. If Leafs had beat Boston last year, it could have been us playing in the final.



16 Oct 2019 09:40:06
Leafs trade Robertson, SDA
Anaheim trades Steel

Same concept as the one I posted earlier. Basically, we give up a couple high grade prospects that are 3-5 years away from making the team for an a-prospect about ready for the NHL. Anaheim is probably going to have to go through a complete rebuild here. They might do this, as the timing for Robertson and SDA to make the team works better than it does for Steel.

Steel also has chemistry with Brooks. So one year of those two guys in Marlies before bringing them up next year to Toronto.


1.) 16 Oct 2019 10:08:07
Id really hate to lose these two guys. They may just lead the O in scoring but his season. They have so much chemestry. However, i see where you are going. 2 good looking prospects that are realistically 3-5 years away for a more developed 1-2 years away prospect.

Both teams pull trigger on this deal for the reasons you gave. i'd misd those 2 but then become a big fan of steel in the process so win.

2.) 16 Oct 2019 15:55:05
Look at it this way. We are re-uniting Brooks with his old pal from junior. So they can be the duo we watch as they develop on Marlies and Leafs together. They will be ready in two years’ time. That gives then three years in the nhl. Optimally they would turn out as good as the guys we got on the top two lines already, so they can be replacements if we lose a Matthews or Nylander to free agency.

3.) 16 Oct 2019 16:32:32
So trade the Leafs only 2 studs that are tearing up the OHL right now, hmmm that is questionable. Steel would be a good add, but is he worth two really good prospects?

4.) 16 Oct 2019 18:33:25

Steel is an a-prospect who is almost nhl ready now. We Rey it’s him with Brooks and we got a solid third line basically ready to step in next year. You can’t ask for much more. There is no guarantee that SDA sand Robertson make the nhl. And even if they ever do make the Leafs, it won’t be for at least 3-5 years, with emphasis on the five. Steel and Brook could be full time nhl next year. It’s one A+-prospect for two B+-prospects. Because Steel has already played a couple nhl games and looks to be a sure middle six nhl player, he gets the A+ rating. As SDA and Robertson get older, there junior numbers become less impressive. The rule preventing CHL players from entering AHL before 20 is perversing the system. Of course a 20 year old is going to dominate against lesser competition. So as Robertson and SDA rack up points playing against junior competition, it starts to look almost a little unfair that two guys that are professionals adults are now playing against junior teens.

5.) 17 Oct 2019 16:20:52
To continue on my rant about chl players not being allowed into AHL until they are 20. Let’s look at the player drafted high first round, but sent back to junior after draft because he is not nhl quality and is ineligible for AHL, and going overseas to play is not a good option. For example, DalColle. Drafted 5th overall. This guy should have been in nhl a lot earlier. But he wasn’t good enough to make islanders team out of camp, so he went to junior, where he pumped 90+ points a season quite easily playing against younger and easier competition, when he should have been looking at playing in the next level of compete up. Clearly too good for junior, but ineligible for AHL, his development suffered. He wasn’t put into the same situations that you might find in an nhl game. So he got lazy making the easy plays and padded his stats against junior competition. When he finally made it to AHL, he struggled to find his game. The competition was much harder, and he wasn’t used to the difference. Now Dal Colle is hovering right around bust area. A top 5 player that had to take the looooooonnnnnggg way to the nhl. At almost 25 years of age and he doesn’t have a single full nhl season under his belt. It’s hard to say Islanders didn’t develop him right, because he was forced to play OHL and not AHL. But his development did suffer as a result of the rule preventing players younger than 20 from joining AHL. It is bad for the budding professional athlete who is drafted, and bad for the new, much younger and much smaller players wanting into the OHL. They don’t get the focus they deserve as the coaches are all focused on the older players as being the guys who carry the team. So the younger guys develop more slowly as well.

Imo, they should abolish that rule. Or lower the age to 18. If a player is fully adult over 18 and is capable of playing against professionals his level, he should be in the AHL, not kept playing with little kids for an extra 2-3 years.



16 Oct 2019 09:18:51
Leafs trade Dermott, Kapanen, Bracco
Oiler’s trade Broberg

Basically, this trade improves Edmonton significantly and instantly. Dermott is a rising star too 4 defenseman who would suit Edmonton’s style as it is similar to Leafs. Edmonton is desperate for wingers, especially RW. Here we give them two good, though not great, ones. Kapanen and Bracco both would have increased roles in Edmonton than they get in the Leafs.

Toronto gets another a-prospect defenseman. I’m starting to see the attraction in having as many of them as we can. I feel like Waddell right now.


1.) 16 Oct 2019 10:10:18
Broberg will be the next roman josi so jump on it now while you might have a chance because the second edmonton declàres he is the next rosi this package won't get him. 2 years from now its going to take a kings ransom for him.

Excellent target.

2.) 16 Oct 2019 16:01:23
I gave up a lot for a guy that has never played better before. He better be a stud after making this deal or Dubas would look pretty bad.

It is a lot too. That’s true. But it’s also guys that we know we can go without. Sandin covers Dermott’s spot. Sandin did good and he looks like he’s nhl ready. Having him in the Marlies could hinder his development. We should really think about opening a space for him now. Kapanen is replaced by Moore and Mikheyev on the third line. Bracco has never even played for the Leafs. All three are good players. If Edmonton wants to get into the playoffs and have an impact, this would make the team a lot better straight away. No waiting in Broberg to develop another couple years. They know exactly what they got in Dermott. Broberg is still a question mark until he actually plays nhl hockey.

3.) 17 Oct 2019 01:10:35
That's a really solid trade. Only thing I would say is I would prefer the trade after the season if possible. Sandin playing 10 games means one less year of ELC and that will be huge going forward. If Lili and Sandin start next year playing full time and look good it's a much better cost control move.

Wouldn't like to see Dermott go but this saves a bunch of money and also helps the team. Good prop.

4.) 17 Oct 2019 16:27:08
I’m not too concerned about the extra year of ELC for Sandin. Leafs have been pretty consistent in bringing up their players as soon as they can, without worrying whether it affects their ELC status or not. Dermott himself is a good example. He could have been sent down again after 9 games so as to have his ELC contract slide another year, but Leafs didn’t want to do that. It could hamper his development. Leafs are a team that will do what is best for their players, giving them the appropriate time they need. I can’t see them keeping Sandin in AHL when he is nhl ready. Not just for reasons to let his ELC slide another year anyway. There would have to be much more valid reason than that. And there is: Reilly, Muzzin, Dermott are all much better than Sandin. Thus, the return to AHL.



16 Oct 2019 08:56:47
Leafs trade Robertson, SDA
Philly trades Frost

My thinking is that Robertson and SDA might make nhl one day, but it’s going to be a while. First, they will have to finish junior. That will take them until they are 20, because chl players aren’t allowed in AHL until then. After just our they will need a couple years to develop in the AHL. So, if we are lucky, and they develop properly, they will be on the team in 5 years as middle six players. Frost is already 20 and playing in AHL. He probably needs another year after this before he’s a sure bet to make nhl. So that’s only a year or two away. Philly gets two players, both who are very good prospects, but quite a ways from making nhl any time soon. While Leafs get one guy who is ready sooner. Since Philly is still in a rebuild of sorts, maybe they make this trade.


1.) 16 Oct 2019 10:12:58
Much like sam steel deal. much same response. your goal is to get quality now without waiting as long for it and because of this deal you have accomplished that.

Not bad at all.

2.) 16 Oct 2019 10:58:33
On second thought i'm not real big on Frost. when competition was easy last year he stacked his points. 60 points in first 20 games. then as season dragged his points per game diminished. then 1st round against weak opponent he looked dominant. then in round 2 against saginaw in game 3 saginaw coach stuck ryan mcleod on him and morgan frost did a disapearing act. when going gets tough this player becomes a ghost

Sam Steel for this package big yes
Morgan frost for this package big no.

If my memory serves me right kapanen for sanheim and frost was dominant in the summer also.

3.) 16 Oct 2019 13:43:39
Philly says no.

4.) 16 Oct 2019 15:39:08
redwing says no.

5.) 16 Oct 2019 16:06:49
I know Sanheim has been tossed around a lot recently. And Frost too. Usually the deal involves roster players and picks. I’m coming at it from a different angle and bundling prospects. So rather than come at them with a package of roster players, I’m offering the chance to rebuild with quality prospects instead of adding depth with a roster player or two. I guess it depends on whether Philly wants the picks to continue the rebuild on the fly, or if they would prefer a roster player or two to help them now. And I guess we won’t know that until deadline time.



16 Oct 2019 08:16:41
Leafs trade Kapanen
Calgary trades Andersson

I know the realistic targets are Brodie and Hamonic, but they are older and pending UFA. This deal gives us someone about the same age and controlability (is that a even a real word? ) as Kapanen. He would look good beside, well, beside any of our LHD actually.


1.) 16 Oct 2019 10:16:49
If calgary would do this is defenitly a target that would improve rhe leafs. well done.

2.) 16 Oct 2019 22:36:02
It’s pretty straightforward. We know that Calgary could use better depth. Their top six is pretty solid, so they are only looking to improve depth right now, and Kapanen is probably better than anyone they have on their bottom six right now. He would be their 3RW, same as on Leafs. His speed and style would make him desirable for Calgary too.

Andersson I would use on bottom pair with the Leafs. He would be able to play on one of the top two lines next year with Dermott after we lose Barrie and maybe Ceci too.




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20 Oct 2019 08:24:38
I like it a lot better than the Nylander trade someone posted above. Lol.




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20 Oct 2019 00:28:11
Can you imagine? Ekblad for Kapanen and a couple guys not even in the nhl? I would pack all them up and kiss them all good bye. Tell them their time in Toronto was wknderful. They could never be replaced. Which is why we are trading them for Ekblad. He’s way better. He doesn’t replace those dead weight klingons. He actually makes the team better. Imagine that?

Ekblad and his history of concussions is not an issue anymore. I always say, after major injury like that, especially head trauma, give them two to three years. It looks like Ekblad passes the test. An “exceptional player”, he actually really did live up to that status (as did Tavares) . Would love to have Ekblad on the team, and if all it took was what you are offering here, it’s a no-brainer.

And I love his contract too btw. Lol.




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20 Oct 2019 00:22:05
I kinda think they are both fast. Though, to be honest, all these guys in the nhl are way faster than I’m used to seeing. Without doubt, and I’ve been watching hockey a long time, active participant in local events, live in the gta, and I can honestly say, this is the most skilled I’ve seen the league yet. Not since the big European expansion in the early ‘90’s when they brought in the lines of Bure, Mogilney, Federov, and yes, Sundin, have I seen the league emphasize skill so much more than size. This is a league wide effort to promote goal scoring, and Leafs are on the avante-garde side to this one.




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20 Oct 2019 00:07:25
I can’t believe Carolina drafted Fleury 7th overall, Bean 13th overall, and Hanifin 3rd overall, and failed to develop any of them properly. Without doubt, this has to be the worst case of ineptitude management I’ve seen in at least 30 years.




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20 Oct 2019 00:03:19
Can you imagine?

Fairy tales can come true, they can happen to you.

I love Ekblad. If we had him on the team, that would be two “exceptional players”. Then maybe we can pull a fast one with NYR and get Day. All sudden Leafs have entered “Exceptional Team” status.





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