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21 Aug 2018 05:27:26
Since Montreal is a hot topic last couple days, I came up with my own suggestion:

Leafs trade Gardiner, Kapanen, Carrick
Montreal trades Pacioretty, Juulsen, Lernout

Gardiner ~ Pacioretty
Kapanen ~ Juulsen
Carrick ~ Lernout

Leafs lineups next year

Hyman/ Matthews/ Nylander
Marleau/ Tavares/ Marner
Pacioretty/ Kadri/ Brown
Johnsson/ Lindholm/ Leivo

Reilly/ Liljegren
Dermott/ Zaitsev
Hainsey/ Juulsen
*Ozhiganov, Lernout.


1.) 21 Aug 2018 05:40:31
The only reason I suggested Lernout is because he is huge, and I insist on including at least one monster player well over 6 foot and 220 lbs in all my trades. Lol.

Pacioretty is good wing man for Kadri and Brown, and can be boosted to top line to replace Hyman if needed. This lineup gives us three credible scoring lines.

The defense is a little suspect, having two rookies on the right hand side like that. But we can always slide Hainsey back over beside Reilly and adjust the 3rd line of things didn’t work out. I personally think Liljegren is ready, and Juulsen already played a handful of games last season and looked good.

2.) 21 Aug 2018 10:59:59
If Montreal does this then get er done.

People here love Kapanen, I'm not one of them.
Juulsen is worth getting rid of him

Montreal might try to throw in a bad contract and if that happens Kapanen is off table and Bracco gets on table.

In the end people will grow to love Juulsen if this deal happens.

3.) 21 Aug 2018 19:14:48

You can’t trade kapanan or Johnson TIL we see what they are. We already know they are both deadly on the penalty kill. Kapanan intercepting passes inside his blue line and he is gone to opposing net.

With JVR And Komarov in Toronto these two never really got full time chance.

Brown Johnson and Kapanan will all battle for third line spots I don’t see Brown on same level as the other two.



17 Aug 2018 23:44:35
Seguin isn’t signed yet. Rumors are Dallas is having a hard time in the negotiations. Maybe an opportunity?

Leafs trade Marner
Stars trade Seguin

Seguin is center, but we can easily stick him on the wing. Or we can trade Kadri for a winger to replace Marner. Imagine a trio of Matthews/ Tavares/ Seguin down the middle. Would be one of the best trios a time center ever.


1.) 18 Aug 2018 08:47:34
No. Just no. I’m keeping Marner unless its for a dman. We have a good core, no need to trade Marner for Seguin and then kadri for a winger. No point.

2.) 18 Aug 2018 12:07:53
I agree with you TopShelfSlappers. Although you did say something I didn’t expect - you would be willing to trade Marner for defenseman. That would have to be one helluva defenseman for us to trade Marner for him. Any suggestions?

3.) 18 Aug 2018 12:11:31
Nobody’s been posting much last couple days. I’m just trying to get discussion going by stirring the pot a little.


I guess my thinkin was we can either upgrade 3C with Seguin and then pawn Kadri off for a winger. Or we put Seguin on the wing. Doubless he is better than Marner, though older and will be more expensive (rumor is he wants to suck up $11M himself, which would essentially price him out of our budget anyway) .

4.) 18 Aug 2018 15:27:08
Oh, itd have to be someone superb. It would have to be someone like Heisk potential, or possibly like Werenski. That tier. Nothing less tbh.

5.) 18 Aug 2018 16:55:47
Why on earth would the Leafs do this? Marner is younger, performing admirably. And is not a distraction. From everything I hear, Seguin is a distraction off the ice. Misses or is late to practices. The Leafs are better eith Marner than Seguin.

6.) 18 Aug 2018 17:05:51
Is we’re talking. I agree it would have to be someone young. And for Marner, I would prefer someone who has some experience as well. Werenski would be a real good choice. I value Heiskenan highly, but wouldn’t be willing to gamble Marner on him. Gostisbehere would maybe be another good choice.

7.) 19 Aug 2018 11:31:29
I greatly appreciate you posting different ideas, instead of slight variations of the same thing over and over.



16 Aug 2018 16:46:25
This is just crazy, but it’s still fun

Leafs trade Brown, Nielsen, 2nd
Anaheim trades Lindholm

Leafs trade Reilly
Avs trade Makar, Jost

Leafs trade Gardiner, picks/ prospects
Columbus trades Panarin

Leafs trade Kadri, Dermott, 1st (2020)
Dallas trades Heiskenan, Gurianov

Leafs trade Leivo, Carrick, Sparks, 1st (2019)
Islanders trade Eberle

Leafs lineups next year.

Hyman/ Matthews/ Eberle
Marleau/ Tavares/ Marner
Panarin/ Nylander/ Gurianov
Johnsson/ Jost/ Kapanen
*Ennis, Jooris

Lindholm/ Makar
Heiskenan/ Liljegren
Hainsey/ Zaitsev
(Sandin/ Rasanen)



1.) 16 Aug 2018 19:48:51
If only this would happen.

2.) 16 Aug 2018 20:29:29
Your trade with Kadri is ludicrous. Kadri alone is worth 2 prospects like that or no deal. Kadri is a C on an amazing deal with back to back 30 goal seasons.

3.) 16 Aug 2018 21:29:56
The Brown/ Nielsen/ 2nd thing is basically a meme at this point. There's an article from back in. June, I want to say? From MapleLeafsNation. com that reads "17 trades the Leafs should make" or along those lines, look it up. Pretty chuckle-worthy.

4.) 17 Aug 2018 00:24:46

Kadri alone is not worth Heiskenan. Heiskenan is the highest rated defensive prospect in the world not named Dahlin. Kadri is a 28 year old 2nd-3rd line center. Kadri’s contract is cheap, but Heiskenan will be on ELC for the same length as Kadri’s contract runs for and heiskenan can be controlled for the next decade, while Kadri is UFA in three years.

There is no way Dallas trades future Norris candidate Heiskenan unless the offer is tilted in their favor. I doubt they would even consider this proposal, especially since I stuck Gurianov in there as well.

It’s fun to dream about what could be though. If only it was that easy.

5.) 18 Aug 2018 01:36:49
Brown (a 3rd line player), Nielsen (an AHLer who will likely never make the NHL) and a 2nd for Lindholm a #1 defenseman (top 5 in the Western Conference)?
Any GM who makes that trade would lose his job.
This site is all in fun but it should at least make sense!

6.) 18 Aug 2018 03:17:46
Heiskenan looks good but he's still an unproven player though. That's taking a huge risk giving all that up for a player u have no idea will live up to the hype in the best league in the world. I'm not saying he won't be I'm just saying.
You can't denie Kadri is a good 1st line and REALLY good 2nd line C. That alone isn't cheap and then u add a future top 4 d man and a 1st.

7.) 18 Aug 2018 12:23:04

The Lindholm trade wasn’t mine. Mackin brought it to my attention first, and subsequently I read about it on other sites. As I indicated in my response to David, I agree the offer isn’t enough, but as this rumor seemed to have some legs to it, I simply incorporated it into this post.


The way I value this trade is Heiskenan >>> Dermott + 1st, so we add Kadri and ask for Gurianov back in order to balance the trade out a little.

Heiskenan is set to make his NHL debut this year. All indications point to him stepping into the league right away and becoming a dominant defenseman. It will be fun to watch bot Heiskenan and Dahlin this year and see who exactly is the better player. Not since Crosby/ Ovechkin came into the league together has two players been compared like this.



15 Aug 2018 18:30:38
Leafs trade Gardiner, Brown, Sparks, 1st
St. Louis trades Thompson, Bouwmeester, Parayko
*Gardiner signs extension first.


1.) 15 Aug 2018 19:48:40
Thompson is in Buffalo. perhaps a Walman or Lindbohm seeing as Dunn might tip the scales too much in my opinion.

2.) 15 Aug 2018 19:56:45
One of those prospects along with Bou and Parayko i mean.

3.) 15 Aug 2018 20:26:46
I don't think that package would even be enough for Parayko, much less Parayko+.

4.) 16 Aug 2018 00:31:35
Definitely not my best trade proposal.

5.) 18 Aug 2018 01:42:18
Great humor!



12 Aug 2018 16:14:11
Leafs trade Kadri
Colorado trades Jost, Makar

Why Toronto makes this trade: Tavares makes Kadri expendable. We downgrade our 3C in order to bring in RHD we really need. Jost eventually can replace Tavares as 2C in 5-7 years.

Why Colorado makes this trade: Kadri is currently better than Jost and makes them immediately better without waiting for futures to develop. Very strong on RHD, Av’s don’t really need Makar.


1.) 12 Aug 2018 18:51:54

I’m starting to think leafs hang onto forwards. Marleau becomes a tasty treat to trade after next July 1 money owed is only 1.25 million cap hit 6.25 million . With gardener Hainsey and Marleau gone it saves leafs over 14 million 2019-20. By then Johnson and kapanan easily replace marleau production. I even hold onto brown and leivo skill at low cost.

2.) 12 Aug 2018 19:13:23
You know David, I’m inclined to agree with you, except Leafs are going to have to sign a bunch of defensemen (Dermott, Liljegren, Sandin) right around the same time as Reilly, Kadri, and Andersen will need extensions. We need Andersen. He would be the hardest to replace. So Kadri and Reilly I see as trade bait. We have the core 4 in MNMT, and I think Leafs will/ should continue to fill the rest of the forwards with UFA’s signed short term like Marleau, and draft picks. This keeps costs under control and gives us flexibility so we don’t get stuck with a diminishing asset like an aging unproductive UFA that we can’t unload easily.

3.) 12 Aug 2018 20:27:37
Kadri for two Lottery picks. If the leafs could just get Makar for Kadri. They should do it.

He was the fourth overall pick for a reason. He is a can't miss prospect.

He would be in the line up immediately.

I think Jost will be very good also. He was good last year already.

4.) 12 Aug 2018 23:22:38
Saying the Avs don't really need Makar is a bit of a stretch, every team needs an elite RHD prospect. Really, every team needs as many of them as they can get, and Makar is one of the top RHD prospects in the world. I agree with Jminn, I could see Makar for Kadri being a trade of equal value similar to the Drouin-Sergachyev trade a few years ago. Adding Jost to the trade would require more assets from the Leafs I would think.

5.) 13 Aug 2018 00:16:36
I would like to think Kadri is a lot better than Drouin, and so is worth more. I had to add Jost in to the trade, because we need someone to replace Kadri. If our center depth was better, I would be comfortable with Makar alone. My gut feeling before posting was that Leafs would have to add from their side, and consensus seems to agree with that.

Thanks for all the comments. Gives me something to think about. I appreciate the feedback.

Go Leafs.

6.) 13 Aug 2018 00:53:13
As a Leaf fan I would love this trade.
But, I can not see Joe Sakic ever agreeing to trade 2 of his top prospects for a 28 year old center.
Colorado is building for the future with youth just as the Leafs have been doing for the past 4 - 5 years.
Nice thought though!

7.) 13 Aug 2018 01:06:48
Guys stop with the proposed KADRI Trades.
Why give up a very important position of strength in having THREE Experienced Top Centers that afford us several options during the game - either in Offense or Defensive shutdown mode.

So many fans want to go back to having ONLY TWO good Centers - too easy to shut down by the opposition.

Anyways, just my thoughts.

8.) 13 Aug 2018 03:13:00
It’s an interesting trade proposal. I don’t disagree with the possibility that Kadri could be traded before the end of his contract. I also see the argument to be made for downgrading the third C position as mentioned above. But Kadri is on a very cap friendly deal. Unless Kadri is being packaged in a deal for a top 4 defender, then I don’t think he’s going anywhere for the time being. Plus, weren’t we as Leaf fans excited about the fact that the Leafs center depth is virtually unmatched by most teams? I’d rather they keep Kadri to maintain that advantage. Kadri helps the leafs to win now and the Leafs are ready to take the next step. Host and Makar would be great additions to the Lesfs prospect pool and team depth but their games have a long way to go before we know for sure what kind of players they will be. If we look at what Pittsburgh tried to do last season in trading for Brassard and adding to their depth at center. The Leafs are in such a good place now with Matthews and Tavares occupying the first two center spots. They have time in their hands before having to make any decisions for trading players like Kadri.




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21 Aug 2018 21:30:53

I fully expect Leafs to just stand pat. Bringing in Tavares was a major off season acquisition, and I don’t expect any other big changes until closer to deadline. But kinda defeats the purpose of this whole site and kills the fun if we didn’t speculate any trades.




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21 Aug 2018 16:44:46
Typo again: I was right the first time. Favours the Leafs. Omg. it’s too early and the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet.

No way LA makes this trade.




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21 Aug 2018 16:42:26
Typo: meant to say favours the kings. My bad.




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21 Aug 2018 16:15:05
Seems to favor the Leafs pretty heavy. Pearson is a hitting machine and capable of putting up some pretty good numbers offensively. A first round pick who is working out rather well for LA, he is signed to a very reasonable contract with three years remaining at less than $4M per season. Of course he would make a great Leaf, and I would love to see him in the blue and white.

I can’t see LA making this trade. Johnsson has a lot of potential, and looked good last year in the handful of games that he played, but he is still unproven compared to Pearson. The 6th is nowhere near enough incentive for Kings to make this trade.




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21 Aug 2018 05:40:31
The only reason I suggested Lernout is because he is huge, and I insist on including at least one monster player well over 6 foot and 220 lbs in all my trades. Lol.

Pacioretty is good wing man for Kadri and Brown, and can be boosted to top line to replace Hyman if needed. This lineup gives us three credible scoring lines.

The defense is a little suspect, having two rookies on the right hand side like that. But we can always slide Hainsey back over beside Reilly and adjust the 3rd line of things didn’t work out. I personally think Liljegren is ready, and Juulsen already played a handful of games last season and looked good.





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