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14 Dec 2018 04:49:40
Leafs trade Zaitsev, Brown
NYI trade Mayfield

Leafs trade Dermott
Avs trade Makar

Leafs sign Gardiner 6x6.5

2019/ 2020

Rielly/ Liljegren
Gardiner/ Hainsey
Rosen/ Mayfield
*Holl, Ozhiganov
(Sandin/ Makar)

2020/ 2021

Rielly/ Liljegren
Gardiner/ Makar
Sandin/ Mayfield
*Holl, Ozhiganov
(Gordeev/ Rasanen)


1.) 14 Dec 2018 13:18:59
Love the first trade. Means with the extension of Gardiner, the defense costs $15.5 ( Hainsey at $ 1 MM) MM for next year and the forwards must be kept under $60 MM.



12 Dec 2018 03:12:08
Leafs trade Sandin
Colorado trades Makar

Pretty even and matches both teams needs. About as lateral a move as they come.


1.) 12 Dec 2018 14:49:20
It's not really that lateral. Makar is closer to being an NHL player and looks to have a higher ceiling plus is a RHD as opposed to a LHD.

I'm going to disagree with you on this one.

2.) 12 Dec 2018 16:26:32
I expected disagreement.

Sandin is only 18 and playing in the AHL and is performing magnificently. Makar is 20 and playing collegiate.

Two years younger than Makar and playing guys much older than himself and at a much higher compete level, Sandin is looking like he is going to be an outstanding NHL’er. From reports I’ve been reading Sandin could be in NHL next year, while Makar is still developing, though realistically I expect both will enter NHL at the same time start of 2021 season after Makar finishes his education and Sandin is given another year at AHL level to grow.

At this point, draft position is irrelevant, and both players project about the same. Until these guys are playing together equal compete level any comparison is meaningless. Only time will tell who the better player is.



09 Dec 2018 05:35:12
Leafs trade Brown, Timashov, 1st
Buffalo trades Thompson, Samuelsson

Marleau/ Matthews/ Nylander
Hyman/ Tavares/ Marner
Johnsson/ Kadri/ Kapanen
Lindholm/ Gauthier/ Thompson

Reilly/ (Hainsey)
(Gardiner) / Zaitsev
Dermott/ Ozhiganov
*Holl, Marincin
(Sandin/ Liljegren)
(Samuelsson/ Rasanen)

I like the size of both the incoming players. They both have good potential. And even though Buffalo is a division rival and looks like they will make the playoffs, I don’t think this trade would be a series decider. Exchange of 4RW and prospects isn’t exactly an impact trade.

I was really tired when I came up with this one. May not have thought this one through all the way. But I feel like I should post something every day. I don’t know. Let me know what you guys think.


1.) 09 Dec 2018 08:34:23
This is a great target. I mean 2 jr guys for brown. the targets you chose are a dandy. a big hitting dman Prospect plus an all around guy for brown and a prospect and a 1st rounder,

Brown is hard to lose. However, the guys dealt in this deal definetly make me forget about brown.

Good proposal.

2.) 09 Dec 2018 15:33:10
Samuelsson was the guy I was hoping Leafs would pick. Not that I’m unhappy with Sandin. From what I’ve been reading he’s doing outstanding on Marlies and maybe even going to make the Leafs next year. But we need a big physical presence in the back end, and it’s always easier to develop a guy to play your system than to trade for somebody and have them re-learn everything.

I might not have offered up enough for Buffalo, but it’s got to be close to fair value. After all, they are getting a proven roster player who can play all aspects of the game and contributes right away. We take the most risk here.



08 Dec 2018 05:27:00
Leafs trade Johnsson
San Jose trades Merkley

Leafs trade Kadri, 1st
Washington Trades Eller, Vrana, Alexeyev

Marleau/ Matthews/ Nylander
Hyman/ Matthews/ Marner
Vrana/ Eller/ Kapanen
Lindholm/ Gauthier/ Brown
(Grundstrom/ Brooks/ Bracco)

Reilly/ Hainsey
Gardiner/ Zaitsev
Dermott/ Ozhiganov
*Holl, Marincin
(Sandin/ Liljegren)
(Alexeyev/ Merkley)


1.) 08 Dec 2018 06:23:27
Johnsson may be odd man out next year so why not get a defenceman who gets tunnes of points fro my bsvkend in the O. I've seen him play lots and reminds me of Doughty when he was in Guelph. merkley isn't quite the leader but when his head is in game he I see a thrill to watch. may need to add a pick but it would be well worth it.

The Washington deal I have mixed feeling about. on one hand I'd miss Kadri but the package the leafs would receive would be hard to say no too.

You got me thinking here. good job
Good proposals.

2.) 08 Dec 2018 13:44:47
Should the Leafs trade Gardiner + Brown for Simmonds + Gudas. Extend a 30 year old for 5 x $4.75 MM.

Once this trade is made, zaitsev must go, financially unwieldy .

I think Johnson should be kept and for the next year purpose - Zach Hzyman should be traded. Johnsson becomes the #2 LW, with the ability to put the puck into the net, unlike Hyman who has at least half his goal into an empty net.

A lot of trades are being made for just this year, that was the old school of a Maple Leafs, so to that end, a hybrid of old/ new Maple Leaf trade philosophy.

After the Islanders Fall out of contention, the trade below becomes reality

Lee + Mayfield for Zaitsev+ Hyman + Rasenan + Woll + 1st 2019 and 4th 2019.b

Simmonds Matthews Nylander
Lee. Tavares. Marner
Marleau. Kadri. Kapanen
Ennis. Gaulthier. Lindholm

Reilly. Gudas
Dermott. Mayfield
Hainsey. Ohziganov

Ryan Miller ( should Anaheim falls out of the playoffs)

Line up the parade ( Santa Claus)

3.) 08 Dec 2018 15:58:32
Trading Hyman is an interesting idea Heatdreamer. That thought never seriously crossed my mind until now. You may be on to something here. Johnsson probably does have the higher ceiling long term and is the stereotypical “new NHL” style player. Speed and skill defines this era, and Johnsson has both. He could be a real keeper.

4.) 08 Dec 2018 16:07:12
You could keep Lee extend for 6 years x 6 MM and he could be LW on Tavares and Marner line
Simmonds protects Matthews and Nylander. Both LW can score and score big.

Johnsson and Kapanen can play with Kadri. Three formidable lines
Who cares who mans the 4th, but that is not true as Lee can move to replace an injured center.

5.) 09 Dec 2018 00:05:38
79.75 million in played salary
6.2 in non played salary (5 can be recouped once season starts)

That's if Matthews, Marner, Kapanen, Johnsson, Hainsey, Ozhiganov sign for 26.5 combined. throw on top sign both Nelson and simmonds for what you said.

If this all works out than you are definetly on to something here. wish. dealing players was this easy. I mean in the end it's 4 roster guys for 4 roster guys. the 2 picks and prospects are irrelevant really. when dealing with philly and islander the 4 guys coming back are the 4 that have been thrown out the most on this site. It's basically coming up with who goes back and many ideas have come and gone. this one works well. others I've seen work also. either way if Dubas can pull this off not only will Toronto be skilled and quick on every line they also have some bangers up front and back end to truely have a good run for not just 1 but many cups.

Thanks to everyone who have helped with bringing in ideas to make this deal possible, . in the end Hyman was the missing link.

Question. will Babs allow Dubas to trade his most defensive reliable forwards in Brown and Hyman. that's the only thing that will cause these deals to not even get out of the boardroom.

I really hope I'm wrong

Good job guys awesome proposals.



08 Dec 2018 05:00:37
Leafs trade Zaitsev, Sandin
Penguins trade Maata, Addison

Leafs trade Gardiner, Kapanen, 1st
St. Louis trades Pietrangelo

Reilly/ Pietrangelo
Maata/ Hainsey
Dermott/ Ozhiganov


1.) 08 Dec 2018 06:26:36
Losing Sandin would be tough to handle but Maata when healthy is very solid and it's not like Sandin has made his mark yet.

St. louis deal I'd do ever single day of the week. it's something's the blues may consider.

The leafs D would be deadly for a playoff run

Im on board.

2.) 08 Dec 2018 14:22:47
parayko not available? click.
only D I'd want from blues.

3.) 08 Dec 2018 16:03:27

Addison was my original target. Outstanding prospect he is. Then I realized how well Maata and Zaitsev’s contract matched, and saw an opportunity. Maata makes Sandin expendable, which gives us the ability to make the swap for Addison.


I’m sure Parayko is available. For the right price. I don’t know what that price is, but it is probably a lot higher than what Pietrangelo would cost. Using the Karlsson trade as precedent, I figure this is pretty close to what it would take to land Pietrangelo. What do you think it would take to land Parayko?

4.) 08 Dec 2018 18:15:02
to be really honest i don't think he's available, pie is aging and alhas a lot of mileage will be Seabrook 2.0 in a coupld of years. Not a maata fan at all he hasn't panned out whatsoever, prefer to keep sandin. Sandin better right now and will be way better in a couple years book it.

Parayko untouchable, don't think they'd take nylander lily and a 2nd even. An overpay just to get tuek to consider but i still think he stays.




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15 Dec 2018 03:31:17
I don’t know if it’s an overpayment or not. Rackell is on such a sweet contract. Looking at the way he turned out for Anaheim, I see the same potential in Kapanen, you have got to wonder if Leafs could get a break and sign Kappy to a similar contract and get similar results?




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15 Dec 2018 03:23:22
He’s a good, not great, defenseman. After Gardiner is gone, that contract sticks out like a sore thumb. If Zaitsev returns to form, then by the time his contract expires, could seem like a real steal. Right now though it is a bit of a bummer.

You have the right idea BW. Including him in a package is probably the easiest way to make him attractive to a prospective trading partner. At minimal, he provides long term cost certainty and personnel stability to a team like the Blues, who are facing a very uncertain future.




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15 Dec 2018 03:15:13
I’m not sure Leafs could afford this one Heatdreamer. Slavin + Faulk ~ Kadri + Zaitsev, but Teravainen is going to be signing for at least the same money as Nylander got. Which probably pushes us too far over the cap that we would have to trade a significant piece off the current roster. Marleau would be the obvious choice, but trading him is going to be a chore.

Even if Leafs could make a smaller deal for either Slavin or Pesce, maybe using Kapanen, that would still give us a much improved defense.




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15 Dec 2018 03:07:02
I would think Blues would be wanting picks from this years draft, not 2021.

All those guys are good players and would be welcome addition to Leafs. Pietrangelo trade looks like a lot to be giving up. Dubas may not feel comfortable sacrificing that much of our future for what is basically going to be a one year rental. I don’t think Pietrangelo gets traded this year because of his injury. He will need to return first and be playing 100% again before an offer like this can be made. If Leafs wait until off season, we would likely be able to get Pietrangelo for a much smaller package similar to the Karlsson deal SJ made with Ottawa.




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15 Dec 2018 02:55:06
Hey BigWilly, Dubas has a history of downgrading his picks for extra later round picks. What do you think we see the same againthis year? I mean, Leafs 1st round pick is going to be ~30th. Maybe Dubas trades it to a team with extra second round picks? My understanding is that this year’s draft is deep, with lots of real good talent available even into the later rounds. So let’s say Dubas trades our 1st (30th) for two seconds (40th and 50th), maybe that actually improves our odds of getting windfall gains by obtaining a player that far exceeds expectations? What’s your take on that thought?


You’ve definitely targeted the right team and the right player. You are offering all the right guys from Leafs standpoint, these are the guys to be trading. Is this enough for St. Louis? I can’t answer that. But I do notice that what is lacking here is a premium prospect with star qualities coming back in return.

You got the right idea for sure. If blues are trading top players they will have top prospects or high picks in their sights. Not direct replacements for this year. And this package you are offering is pretty reasonable package of futures to get them started on a rebuild.





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