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29 Nov 2023 20:21:56
At the trade deadline

Crosby & Guentel to Toronto for Nylander ( sign & trade ), Abruzzesse, Minten, Cowan, Voit, Niemela, Samsonov & a 1st Rd pick in 2025 & 2026. Pittsburgh eats half of Guentzel contract.

2nd & 3rd rd pick in 2025 to a third party team to eat half of remaining 3 million on Guentzels expiring contract.

Knies Matthews Marner
Bertuzzi Tavares Guentzel
Robertson Crosby Domi
Jarncrock Kampf Gregor

Reilly Brodie
McCabe Liljegren
Giordano Timmins

Woll Jones


1.) 30 Nov 2023 02:03:59
You’re blowing all assets in this trade. It’s rare to have 2 futures less than 18 months away that are as good as Knies if not better. I don’t remember when Toronto has had two studs at forward position ready to make jump like this plus Niemela witless join on defence at same time 3 horses in the barn .

Players that will be cheap and effective in 18 months or less


Robertson next contract he may get 1 million x 2 next deal
Liljegren may bet two million on next deal 2 million x 3. Knies next deal might be 3 million x 3 years The rest of players will be on extra level deals .

That’s 7 young budding players earning 10 million . You don’t trade away top end prospects that cost very little money. If leafs are good now which they are. Imagine when you have the 5 that are on their way plus Knies and Liljegren are better.

2.) 30 Nov 2023 02:23:41
Are we really supposed to comment on this?

3.) 30 Nov 2023 02:30:50
Kennedy forgot the Kane trade

Tor Marner

Det Kane.

4.) 30 Nov 2023 10:17:15

5.) 01 Dec 2023 13:19:16
Do you want a Stanley Cup, if so not ridiculous at all.



28 Nov 2023 19:07:44
Nylander 6.9 million ( sign & trade 8 yr x 11.75 million per season ), Jarncrock 2.1, Niemela & a 1st Rd pick in 2025 & 2026 to Columbus for Provorov 4.7, Laine 8.7 & Marchenko 925. Columbus eats half of Laine & Provorov contracts.

Knies Matthews Marner
Laine Tavares Marchenko
Robertson Domi Bertuzzi
McMann Kampf Gregor

Reilly Brodie
Provorov Liljegren
McCabe Timmins

Samsonov Woll


1.) 28 Nov 2023 21:57:39
Laine is a whiner and a cancer in the room. Hard pass.

2.) 28 Nov 2023 22:45:23
I got it wrong it wasn’t Leeman that did the dirty deed it iafrate . I can just imagine Perry trying to get his teammate mom loaded while he shows her the ins and outs of the Windy City. Oh I forgot they were in Florida

Am I the only person that thinks this is funny.

The best way to NUKE A HOCKEY TEAM.

3.) 30 Nov 2023 02:32:24
Because it’s not funny!



26 Nov 2023 11:44:18
Matthews & Niemela to Vancouver for Hughes

Nylander ( sign & trade ), Brodie & a 1st Rd pick in 2025 & 2026 to Colorado for Makar

Klingberg stays on LTIR until the playoffs

Lindholm to Toronto for Abruzzesse, Minten, Cowan & a 1st Rd pick in 2026. With Calgary eating half of Lindholm contract

Leafs sign Kane as a UFA

Bertuzzi Tavares Marner
Knies Lindholm Kane
Robertson Domi Jarncrock
McMann Kampf Gregor

Hughes Makar
Reilly Liljegren
McCabe Klingberg

Samsonov Woll

PP 1 : Hughes, Makar, Tavares, Kane & Marner

PP 2 : Domi, Bertuzzi, Knies, Robertson & Klingberg or Reilly

* Top 4 defenseman would eat up approx. 50 minutes, would be the most mobile & offensive unit in league history dominating puck possession based on skill & mobility.


1.) 26 Nov 2023 11:55:12
1st Rd pick in Lindholm deal would be 2027.

2.) 27 Nov 2023 02:17:57
Minten, Cowan and a 1st round pick (2026) is pretty much all that is left of Leafs long term future after Dubas was finished.
You wish to trade that future for a 29 year old (December 2), unrestricted, free agent?

As though Colorado is going to trade a Norris Trophy winning, Conn Smythe Trophy winning defenseman?



25 Nov 2023 10:49:33
For those with trade protection tell them Robidas Island & or bringing back Babcock, with assistants Tortorella & Sutter is an option if they don't agree to the trade.

Nylander ( sign & trade ) to Chicago for a 1st, 2nd & 3rd rd pick in 2024. 1st rd pick not lottery protected.

Männer to SJ for a 1st rd pick in 2024 & 2025. Pick not lottery protected

Matthews to Arizona for a 1st Rd pick in 2024, 2025 & 2026. Pick not lottery protected.

Tavares to Philadelphia for the rights to Michkov

Reilly to Montreal for a 1st Rd pick in 2024. Not lottery protected

Leafs would likely have 4 of the top 10 picks in this upcoming draft, potentially the first overall pick depending on draft lottery.

Leafs then trade Brodie, Jarncrock, Samsonov, Giordano, Domi, Bertuzzi for picks in NHL 2024 & 2025 drafts.

Arrange to bring over Michkov for the 2024 / 2025 season, pay the club he is under contract with.

Leafs rebuild with Michkov, Liljegren, Timmins, Niemela, Robertson, Knies, Minten, Cowan, Steeves, McMann, Voit, Kokkonen & a wealth of picks & prospects particularly in 2024 & 2025.
Leafs would have 4 first round picks in 2024 ( potentially adding 2-3 core pieces to go with Michkov ) & 3 first rd picks in 2025 one of which their own pick & likey a top 5 pick.

Hire Joel Quenville


1.) 25 Nov 2023 16:28:52
It's like I'm reading a bizzarokebedy post.

2.) 25 Nov 2023 22:24:00
darn auto correct. that should have read "a bizzaro post from Kennedy"

3.) 26 Nov 2023 01:38:42
Let’s try to be hockey serious!



24 Nov 2023 00:11:23
Zadorov to Toronto for Voit, Kokkonen & a 3rd & 4th Rd pick in 2024. Calgary eats half of Zadorov contract.

Jarncrock & a 2nd rd pick in 2025 & 2026 to Chicago for Perry. Chicago eats half of his contract

Klingberg on LTIR

Trade deadline deal if Edmonton is out of the playoffs.

Daisaitl to Toronto for Samsonov ( sign & trade ), Hirvonen, Minten, Cowan & a 1st Rd pick in 2025 & 2026. With Edmonton eating half of Draisitil contract.

Draisaitl Matthews Marner
Bertuzzi Tavares Nylander
Robertson Domi Knies
McMann Kampf Perry

Reilly Brodie
McCabe Zadorov
Giordano Liljegren

Woll Jones

During the playoffs top 4 defenseman & top two forward lines, would play between 23 - 27 + minutes. Also depending on OT.
Those players would eat up about 75 % of ice time. Could also give Tavares a rest & use Domi on the occasional shift as 2nd line C. Would for sure use some load management during the season, particularly with GIO & veterans or players with an injury history.


1.) 24 Nov 2023 03:39:51
Not enough 4 Draisaitland Edmonton eat half totally unrealistic. McDavid is hurt so Edmonton a mess but those are two treat players.

2.) 24 Nov 2023 04:11:11
@DM one of the two should demand a trade at some point. I respect them both for not doing it yet.

3.) 24 Nov 2023 11:02:11
Huge overpay for Perry.




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27 Oct 2023 22:55:21
Send Samsonov down to the minors, sign Justin Trudeau as a UFA. Give Justin the old equipment of Jacques Plante including the marked up well used mask. Sell the TV rights globally for every game Trudeau starts, tie him to the posts if you have too & encourage players to blast the puck especially at his head. Encourage players to run him Kreider style skates first, or go full Avery mode but whack him upside his hollow head for good measure. Next to winning a Cup that would truly be entertaining, people might dole out a few extra dollars as a carbon tax bonus for Justin the diprubbish that likes to tax the air. Organize a bench clearing brawl for fun with the opposition netminder pummeling the rubbish out of dickhead Trudeau at centre ice, could hold an auction amongst goalies as to whom gets that honour. Now that's entertainment!


1.) 28 Oct 2023 00:28:44
Now THAT I would pay to see. lol.

2.) 28 Oct 2023 00:36:12
I'll start the bidding at 1000$ to shoot 10 pucks at intermission.

3.) 28 Oct 2023 13:28:07
Horseshack, are you Kennedy?
Lovely story!,



20 Oct 2023 23:33:14
McDavid & Draisaitl to Toronto for Brodie, Jarncrock, Samsonov, Kampf, Klingberg, Robertson, Minten, Hirvonen, Voit & a 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th rd pick in 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027 & 2028. None of the acquired 1st Rd picks are lottery protected. During that time period any pending Toronto UFA's Edmonton can approach at seasons end, & before the start of free agency & speak too as per part of trade agreement. Edmonton eats half of McDavid & Draisaitl contracts.

Leafs sign Kane as a UFA

Bertuzzi Matthews Märner
Tavares McDavid Nylander
Knies Draisaitl Kane
Gregor Domi Reaves

Reilly Timmins
McCabe Liljegren
Giordano Benoit

Woll Jones

Leafs go nuclear on offense, Leafs win a Cup or two. Edmonton has the draft capital to build a team, UFA's like Marner, Nylander, McDavid & Draisaitl Edmonton can make a pitch prior to them becoming unrestricted free agents.

3 Centres all 50+ goals ? A 1st & 2nd PP that will be the best in the league by many country miles. 4 + players with a 100 pts.

So they win 7, 8 or 9 goals for to 4, 5, 6 goals against most nights, a win is a win.

Edmonton does this deal it is to good not too.


1.) 21 Oct 2023 05:21:51
I have a strong feeling, Joyland declines lol.



27 Aug 2023 02:46:20
Brodie 5 million, Nylander 7, Jarncrock 2.1, Niemela & a 1st Rd pick in 2025 to NYR for Kakko 2.1, Othmann ELC & Trouba 8. Rangers can flip Brodie or Jarncrock for picks & or prospects. Leafs save approx. 3 million & are cap compliant.

Knies Matthews Marner
Bertuzzi Tavares Kakko
Robertson Domi Othmann
Holmberg Kampf Reaves

Reilly Trouba
McCabe Klingberg
Giordano Liljegren

Samsonov Woll




14 Jul 2023 11:37:14
If Leafs are to win a Nylander trade, it will be in years 2, 3, 4 & 5. Doing so by adding a Brandt Clarke, Jiricek or a high high level D prospect needing 1-2 yrs to carve out a path then reaching the top 4. A player with offensive upside but also the defensive skillset & size, to hit & clear the front of the net. Forward players having not yet lived up to projections like a Byfield, Kakko, Laine, etc. are what you take back hoping your development system, & team bring out the best in that individual. Laine contract not great but retention for a building organization like Columbus, can be coerced with prospects & picks. If Leafs are truly all in that is the path forward, Bertuzzi & Domi a step in the right direction. Re-signing Samsonov & contract extension for Matthews, would also be helpful. Reeves adds a security blanket in that you harrass star players, Payback will be a bitch, even at 36 tangling with Reeves extremely unpleasant for anyone league wide ! Still requiring the big boy pants as Reeves hits hard, thus why Lucic after signing in Boston commented on the acquisition to Treliving by text. Lucic and everyone in the Eastern Conference, was hoping Reeves would be playing in the Western Conference this season. Lol
Opposing coaches pregame circle Reeves, Bertuzzi & Domis mug shots on the board, & say 4 words to their team. " Keep your head up "

* Othmann though a forward a gem of a forward prospect with the NYR worthy of consideration in a Nylander trade though not a preferred D man.




02 Jul 2023 12:54:48
So Holmberg, Reeves, Kampf, Lafferty & Jarnrock make up 5 of the Leafs bottom 6. So much for improving secondary scoring, massive fail for Treliving. Leafs should have fired Shanny rather than Dubas.


1.) 02 Jul 2023 14:27:06
Agreed. Shanny needs to go. He’s also responsible for us being in this mess yet his job is safe.

2.) 02 Jul 2023 15:09:28
Yes, Shanny is also responsible, but I don't believe Dubas was Shanny's puppet. Dubas made a lot, if not all, of his decisions.




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01 Dec 2023 13:19:16
Do you want a Stanley Cup, if so not ridiculous at all.




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26 Nov 2023 11:55:12
1st Rd pick in Lindholm deal would be 2027.




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21 Nov 2023 00:36:44
Power will be a top pairing defenseman, also is currently making 916 K. It would take a pkg. Nylander in Buffalo adds excitement with his offensive flare. That entertainment puts bums in the seats, in Toronto that is not an issue regardless of the player. The core 4 could be gone tomorrow Leafs still sellout, not true of a Buffalo, Arizona & some other NHL markets. Nylander is worth more to teams wanting to potentially increase attendance, than he is too the Leafs that is why he walks at end of season.




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20 Nov 2023 23:26:57
Rebuild to win a Cup potentially this year or yearly for the next 5 yrs.

Offense from all 4 lines. Also an ability by the 4 th line to shut it down, but also chip in some offense. A third line with McTavish at Center will do fine, very fine I might add & add offensive prowess to the team. Lots of cap dollars, picks & prospects to improve the D core. Lots $. In short order after adding 1 or 2 defenseman they are a better team. Yes Leafs give up blue chip established talent, for blue chip established & non established talent. Can reposition the team to succeed in very short order like immediately. Also would replace coach with Quennville, Julien, Hitchcock or Dougie.




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19 Nov 2023 22:56:53
Leafs would have significant picks prospects & cap space to improve the D core.





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