09 Nov 2017 03:44:46
Would you do these trades

Toronto marner

Jets trouba

Leafs marner

Edmonton nurse

Toronto marner

Vancover tanev

1.) 09 Nov 2017
09 Nov 2017 07:44:46
Hellz naw.

2.) 09 Nov 2017
09 Nov 2017 09:50:50
Thanks I'm unsure too but I wonder if marner dealt for a major defencemen I hold marner also he will b Gilmore one day.

3.) 09 Nov 2017
09 Nov 2017 09:53:43
Marners not getting traded. Not sure why everyone is talking about this. He's playing on the fourth line because of JVR and Bozak not being able to play defense. The lack of skill on his line is affecting his points. The kids a stud and is a huge piece of our core.

4.) 09 Nov 2017
09 Nov 2017 12:22:07
Agreed! Marner is a highly skilled player and needs to play with players who can match his skillset well. I am thinking Connor Brown and Patrick Marleau on Marner's wings. Marner a center? Why not? He is good at faceoffs, gives him more responsibility to play a full two way game. As for Nylander, he is too valuable as a winger because of his quick release on his shot. A 35 to 40 goal scorer is Nylander.

5.) 09 Nov 2017
09 Nov 2017 15:14:04
Jesus, give it a rest already.

6.) 09 Nov 2017
09 Nov 2017 17:22:55
Absolutely zero chance Marner would land Trouba.