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14 Dec 2018 15:39:44
Zaitsev is not a cap dump player, he is still a good 2nd pairing RHD just with a not so good contract for us.

Leafs: Zaitsev, Brown, 1st, Timashov
Blues: Pietrangelo

Blues will get a decent return for him, he's hurt so he can't even play for them rn.


1.) 15 Dec 2018 00:32:34
Agree BW. He is a decent 2nd RHD that Lou overpaid and over extended. Leafs will need that cap space to sign the young guns and need a cheaper option in the #4 slot. Has more value in a trade then people here give credit for. Incliding him in a trade to upgrade the #1 RHD is the way to go IMO. Moves Hainsey into the #2 RHD slot for $1.5M less and a spot he is better suited to. Maybe sign Hainsey next year for around $1M if no one is ready to challenge from within.

2.) 15 Dec 2018 03:23:22
He’s a good, not great, defenseman. After Gardiner is gone, that contract sticks out like a sore thumb. If Zaitsev returns to form, then by the time his contract expires, could seem like a real steal. Right now though it is a bit of a bummer.

You have the right idea BW. Including him in a package is probably the easiest way to make him attractive to a prospective trading partner. At minimal, he provides long term cost certainty and personnel stability to a team like the Blues, who are facing a very uncertain future.



13 Dec 2018 01:08:03
Leafs: 2nd 2019, 2nd 2020, Timashov
Flyers: Simmonds

Leafs: Brown, Borgman, Korshkov, 3rd
Canes: Pesce or Faulk, Preferably Pesce




1.) 13 Dec 2018 04:45:32
Couple real good moves here BW. Bringing in some good solid players that give us lots of options. Simmonds is a real stud. Pesce preferably, but more likely Faulk with the offer on hand here. I like how you don’t give up anyone off the current roster, except Brown, and none of our 1st round picks are going anywhere. If either of these teams would accept these deals, then Leafs come out stronger. Prefer the Carolina one though myself. Pesce is especially an attractive asset with that multi-year contract of his. If Leafs could afford him.



10 Dec 2018 21:34:36
Leafs: Zaitsev, Brown, 1st, 2nd 2020
Blues: Pietrangelo




1.) 10 Dec 2018 22:10:12
I would like to see Steen added to this deal.

2.) 10 Dec 2018 22:51:10
I think St Louis would tell you that is not nearly enough!

3.) 10 Dec 2018 23:21:00
I was reassign an article earlier today. I guess Kypreos suggested a trade very similar to this one, except the roster player would be one of Johnsson or Kapanen. There’s a lot of merit to a propisallike this. If Blues trade either Parayko or Pietrangelo they need a replacement, which Zaitsev is. Low cost, signed long term, he provides stability and cost certainty. The picks and the you roster player all give Blues something to build on. And they should save a bit of money as well, giving them some cap relief.

If St. Louis decidesti go this route, the. I think the packageoffered here makes sense. It’s a “win” for both teams. I just wonder if Blues decide to wait until next year when Pietrangelo and Schenn both will be pending UFA? Give this team one more year to make an impact. If they fail again start year, we could see Armstrong packing his bags and a new GM coming in and making some big moves.

4.) 10 Dec 2018 23:51:00
If st. louis truely wants Zaitsev and his contract than I say let's do it. The only thing is I think st. louis will want younger assets.

Using McDonough deal in Tampa as the example. Tampa was in market for a LHD and wanted someone who wasn't an upcoming UFA. So they looked to NYRanger captain. They dealt a 1st round prospect and a second round prospect, a decent roster player along with their 1st and 2nd rounder of that year for McDonough and jt Miller. So not on
Y did they get the guy they wanted defensively they also scored a back to back 20 goal scorer who adds grit to their lineup.

So pietrangelo is much like McDonough. He is a need the leafs need bad in a RHD who also is not a UFA in the summer. the similarities are very close here. however, st. louis has no roster player the leafs could afford or use so this deal.

I believe the roster player plus the 2nd Rd pick was for Miller. that said that leaves 2 prospects and a 1st rounder for McDonough.

So if st. louis wants a package simulator to that then that's my only suggestion.
2 prospects and a 1st rounder 2019 for pietrangelo

If st. louis wants a few guys to help now than your package is pretty close in value

It really depends on what st. louis is looking for and I'm not one to even guess.

Good proposal.

5.) 10 Dec 2018 23:56:40
Love it!
The Leafs dump Zaitsev's terrible contract while the salary being exchanged adds up to be almost even, so St. Louis could absolutely afford this.
I would assume St. Louis would want a prospect like Timashov or Engvall as well but otherwise, nice job.

6.) 11 Dec 2018 01:29:40
Of course, Pietrangelo is on LTIR and may require surgery for his hand. That could have him sidelined for quite a while. Obviously no deals would be made until he comes back and is playing at 100%, at which point deadline may have already passed. Then the Karlsson trade becomes the most relevant comparable.

7.) 11 Dec 2018 03:10:39
Zaitsev is a cap dump and nothing else in that trade is close enough to be considered for a 1D. It would probably need to be Marner or Nylander and Liljegren plus.



09 Dec 2018 17:54:52
Leafs: 1st, Moore, Borgman, Brown, Zaitsev
Blues: Pietrangelo


1.) 09 Dec 2018 19:30:08

This is a solid trade for a top end defense-man.

Gardiner has to be moved otherwise the bonus to be paid will be challenging for this year.

Gardiner + Hyman+ Bracco for Mayfield + Lee.

2.) 09 Dec 2018 19:35:41
A cap dump a late first and a bunch of nothing doesn't get near a 1D.

3.) 09 Dec 2018 21:04:26
If st. louis will do this then leafs become a real threat for the cup.

Good proposal.

4.) 09 Dec 2018 23:41:05

What kind of return would you expect to get for Pietrangelo if he was traded? As I indicated above, precedents seems to suggest that history tells us most trades involving impactful players of Pietrangelo’s level are lopsided and rarely fetch the kind of return that can be viewed as either rational or acceptable.

I use the Hamilton, McDonagh, Hamonic, and Karlsson trades as basis for precedents for a Pietrangelo proposal. If you can find a better one, I could use it. I know you are a very astute hockey man, and I value your opinion highly. You always have good things to say.

If you could come up with a precedent I can use myself as going forward, I would actually appreciate it a lot because I could really use a basis for any future proposals.

5.) 10 Dec 2018 04:38:26

There really isn't a precedent for this type of trade. You can't use the Karlsson trade, because Ottawa's GM is a fool and their owner was only interested in clearing out money. Hamilton and Hamonic aren't in AP's class, so they are out. Mc
Donagh is close, but that was a deadline deal and McD wasn't what he once was.

AP is still probably a top 20 or better defenseman in the league and not a rental. The Blues would want a contributing, pretty good roster player back, not just a bunch of maybes.

I know not the definitive answer you're looking for, but it's just the way I see it.

6.) 10 Dec 2018 12:33:37
Well memarcusjoe, I’m afraid we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one:

Hamilton and Pietrangelo are very similar players. Just check out the comparisons:

Hamilton finished 14th and 9th in Norris voting the last two years, Pietrangelo finished 9th and 16th. Since 2014/ 2015 Hamilton has 189 points, Pietrangelo 196, Hamilton has averaged 0.5ppg since coming into the league, Pietrangelo averages 0.57, According to NHL, Hamilton is currently ranked 35, which is two better than McDonagh at 37. Pietrangelo isn’t even listed in the top 50 anymore. And I’ll tell you who else has eerily similar numbers the last few years is Jake Gardiner.

Pietrangelo is a great player, sure, but he’s not so far ahead of Hamilton and McDonagh as to make those comparisons meaningless.

7.) 10 Dec 2018 14:13:04
Yeah, but you're only talking offense, which isn't a great way to rank defenseman. AP is much better defensively than any defenseman you listed, the only one being close is McD. Plus in all the other cases, save McD, you're talking a GM in a bad situation or just a bad GM making a mistake. That doesn't mean all GM's are obligated to make the same mistake.

8.) 10 Dec 2018 18:15:26
It’s very debatable whether Pietrangelo is better defensively. Hits, blocks, all about equal for these three guys, and Hamilton’s CF is superior. And Blues GM is in a bad situation. All those big moves, all that mo eh spent, and the team still sucks. You got to think Armstrong is feeling heat.

But we can argue over who is the better player all day long. There’s no point. You obviously aren’t going to change your mind, and that’s ok. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. That’s what makes this site so fun. Until/ unless Pietrangelo gets traded, this question can never be answered. Lol.



09 Dec 2018 17:53:07
Sequel to other Flyers proposal if we are not giving roster players.

Leafs: 1st 2019, 2nd 2020, Timashov, Moore
Flyers: Simmonds, Gudas

I look at it as
Simmonds for 1st, Moore
Gudas for 2nd, Timashov



I would love to see these lines, that 4th line would be the best shut down in the league, with some scoring touch. 1st line gets protection, 2nd line gains more speed, 3rd line will be fast aswell.


1.) 09 Dec 2018 18:30:32
Rather have Ozzie than Gudas.

2.) 09 Dec 2018 19:31:09
Not Me or probably anyone else, Ozhiganov doesn't fight or hit like Gudas.

3.) 09 Dec 2018 21:11:36
Leafs get tougher
Leafs get grittier
Does it equal better?
I think it does

Philly does this deal if they feel they they are out of playoff race.
Philly gets great value as they are team who picks good at draft

Overall, this is a great deal and is what leafs may do to improve this team.




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15 Dec 2018 02:09:28
Definitely not trading Grundtsrom.




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15 Dec 2018 02:09:14
I would think Dubas would prefer keeping his 1st and giving two 2nds instead. I like it tho. Rasanen is going to be a solid 3rd pairing guy I love him but to get Parayko sure why not.




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14 Dec 2018 15:34:32
First of all that is a massive overpayment you must be an Anaheim fan.




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14 Dec 2018 01:09:47
Yeah right lmao Papi Kappy is staying.




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14 Dec 2018 01:09:26
I would like this even tho Bracco is my boy.





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