10 Apr 2024 22:11:50
To Boston: Nylander
To Toronto: Pastarnak
1 for 1, Pasta is just better than Nylander

To Edmonton: Robertson, Knies, Marner (Barring he waives his no move clauses)
To Toronto: McDavid and '25 1st

To Toronto: Rempe and Trouba
To New York: Kampf, Holmberg

To Predators: Samsonov, Niemela and EDM 1st
To Toronto: Saros

Leafs get better this way

1.) 11 Apr 2024
11 Apr 2024 03:49:22
I like it. Great plan.

2.) 11 Apr 2024
11 Apr 2024 13:07:10
It would be the leafs including the first to Edmonton not the other way around. Kamph and Holmberg don’t get just Trouba. And Rempe is a clown show.

3.) 11 Apr 2024
11 Apr 2024 13:38:10
If Pastranak is “just way better than Nylander “ then why would Boston consider such a trade?