22 Oct 2020 22:21:06
What does everyone think about a Nylander for Guentzel trade? We save a little cap space and Guentzel would shine on Toronto
Hyman/ Matthews/ Guentzel
Mikheyev/ Tavares/ Marner
Robertson/ Kerfoot/ Simmonds
Engvall/ Thornton/ Spezza

Rielly/ Brodie
Muzzin/ Holl
Lekhonen/ Dermott


1.) 22 Oct 2020
22 Oct 2020 23:17:09
I’m sure Pittsburgh says no way.

2.) 23 Oct 2020
23 Oct 2020 00:01:23
Here is another Nylander trade. If he's so great why is he always put on the block?

3.) 23 Oct 2020
23 Oct 2020 03:47:26
Nylander is owed less money even though his cap hit is higher. Toronto is one of the few teams that will spend as much as they can and take advantage of other teams trying to shed real money.

4.) 23 Oct 2020
23 Oct 2020 04:57:56
Can say that about almost anyone on the roster.

5.) 23 Oct 2020
23 Oct 2020 14:48:46
Hey isn't laine on the block? he's probably ass.