23 May 2024 06:04:59
I don't really see this being trotz style but what about an absolute monster

Marner, nylander lily

Josi saros forsberg.

Nashville gets younger and retools for the future, Toronto goes into win now making them have one of the best forwards goalies and D in the nhl

1.) 23 May 2024
23 May 2024 09:23:24
Top line forward, Norris calibre D, and top 5 starter? I think you replace Mitch with Mathews in this one.

2.) 23 May 2024
23 May 2024 16:10:14
@Randy, Forsberg is better than Willy and Mitch. I’d take him in a heartbeat over either of these two Cottonelle spokesmen. So Leafs add a 1st, Cowan and maybe more. Thing is, Nashville isn’t stupid enough to have multiple double digit millionaires on forward. Only Shanahan on Leafs thought it was a good idea and with 4 of them. ?‍♂️.

3.) 23 May 2024
23 May 2024 19:14:51
Just. lol.