22 Feb 2024 21:08:18
According to the last few games I'd like to give my opinion about the rumours trading for a D-man.

Although they only played 5 games without Rielly I was very impressed how they played. So trading for a guy like Tanev (rental, too old), Hanifin (doesn't want to play in Canada) or Dumba (not good enough and too expensive to re-sign) the guy I would target is Will Borgan.

The pairs would therefore be:

Rielly - Borgan
McCabe - Benoit
Brodie - Liljegren
Gio or Timmins (7th)

Timmins: I would not give completely up on him yet. Get him healthy and try him to rotate him into line-up from time to time. I think he possess potential (unfortunately he can't stay healthy :(

Could also switch Borgan and Lily.


To Toronto: Borgan
To Seattle: Järnkrok, 2024 3rd and 5th---or Alex Steeves instead of a pick


1.) 22 Feb 2024
22 Feb 2024 21:53:26
Good target but I’d still look for one more D. Benoit puts out great effort but he’s not a second pairing guy.

2.) 22 Feb 2024
22 Feb 2024 22:29:27
I like Borgen. I think he would be a great pick up and has term left. I personally think Brodie and Lily are too soft for a 5/ 6 pair going into playoffs. Wouldn’t mind putting Lily or Brodie in a trade to get a note feisty D man. I don’t think Leaf’s should resign them either anyway so move them while we have the chance.

3.) 24 Feb 2024
24 Feb 2024 01:14:10
Agree that Borgen is the guy Leafs should be targeting.
I don’t believe that a 32 year old Jarnkrok along with a 3rd and a 5th would be sufficient to catch Ron Francis’ interest.
As Seattle is still in the building stages I imagine a young prospect like Niemala and perhaps a 3rd round pick would be required to move the needle.
As Borgen is only 27 and a RHD while Niemala is probably still a year away from making the Leafs team I would be all in on acquiring Borgen to pair with Reilly who has shown he is at his best when paired with a strong, defensive, right hand defender.