26 Nov 2023 13:57:07
todays target you dont see everyday

tor: abruzzese, holmberg, hildeby

ana: strome (1m retained)

with klingberg on LTIR we have a few mil in cap space. strome is 6'1 right hand forward. isn't that great on faceoffs, but has good flexibility to play wing up and down the line up. consistant 40 pointer on a rubbish team, was 50 pointer on a good team.

anaheim gets depth peices that are nhl ready in abruzzese and holmberg with a developing goalies for the future.

1.) 26 Nov 2023
26 Nov 2023 14:52:17
They don’t need a forward! Two D and a goalie.

2.) 26 Nov 2023
26 Nov 2023 14:53:05
Not a horrible player to target but even with 1 mil retained he is still signed for the next 4 years and it takes up the cap savings that the Leafs have so it will be hard to carry an extra forward and defenceman.

I would put forward a trade proposal of Kampf, Abruzzese and Petruzzelli or Peksa and have the Ducks retain 1 mil of Strome's contract.

3.) 26 Nov 2023
26 Nov 2023 20:25:52
the money work better with kampf going the other way, but I think holmberg would would prefered by anaheim for 3/ 4c.

the reality is the leafs are more likely to target henrique as their deadline rental addition for forwards, I personally would use nylander to bring in the tough big physical #1 RHD weve needed since phaneuf. the perfect fit would be trouba, but i highly doubt rangers trade him.