26 Sep 2020 00:23:00

1st overall pick

Cap dump and if we need to sweeten we can add a second and a prospect

15th pick

Pesce(50% retained)

We now have tons of room to sign Petro as we are taking in about 2.8 mill and moving 11 out. Sign Mikheyev and Spezza as well
Lineup next year
Hyman Matthews Nylander
Lafreniere Tavares Mikheyev
Johnsson Kerfoot Engvall
Robertson Spezza Barbanov

Riley Pietrangelo
Muzzin Pesce
Dermott Holl
Sandin Lehtonen
Marincin Liljegren

Some line juggling could be done to make Tavares happy and have lafreniere with Matthews and Nylander but we now have still a great foward core with great depth and we now have a very good top 6 defence maybe could be one of the best for next year.

1.) 26 Sep 2020
26 Sep 2020 04:59:49
You seriously think Canes retain half for years to come plus give up pesce for that?

2.) 26 Sep 2020
26 Sep 2020 06:08:48
I don't know if it matters but, trading a RHW for LHW is it worth it? I know left or Right shot may or may not be the issue here because I think sticking the Rangers with the Contract and us having a top Prospect on a cheaper deal is what it boils won to.

3.) 26 Sep 2020
26 Sep 2020 12:40:22
I doubt any of that would happen and you lose Muzzin or Pesce in the expansion draft to Seattle.

4.) 28 Sep 2020
28 Sep 2020 06:19:58
Pesce is coming off a major injury and I would be reluctant to trade #15 and Abramov for potentially damaged goods.
Rangers have no cap space to sign their own RFA’s and UFA’s let alone take on Marner’s $10.89 million dollar a year salary.
Rangers sent a 2nd round pick to Detroit to take Stahl and his $5+ million cap hit and are now wondering how to nicely/ agreeably/ pleasantly dispose of Lunquist and his $8.5 million a year.