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07 Oct 2020 22:01:21
I bleed blue and white but am realistic. The rumours here are insane. You can't make a hundred trades and change everything. Dubas wants to keep the big 4 so you can only do certain things. Change the bottom six maybe and with the cap and what we have left bring in d man.

So here I go trying to fix what we can with the leafs.

Trade Kerfoot for futures

Sign Johan Larson 3 yrs times 2
Hard to play against tough on the puck defensive centre

Trade Travis Dermott for futures
Sandin can take his minutes

Sign Simmonds 1 yr 800 to 1 million

Sign Tj Brodie 4yrs 4 million to five or Brandon Tanev prefer Brodie as he skates better and less injury prone.


Hyman. Matthews. Nylander
Johnson. Tavares Marner
Mikheyev Larsson Barabanov ( Larsson and the Russian are responsible defensively)
Robertson Spezza Simmonds


Rielly Brodie/Tanev
By the end of the year Holl will be replaced by Lehtonen


This is a realistic team and would do well third line would be hard to play against would work cap wise

As much as we leaf fans want every big name the big d free agent would not be a good idea as Morgan Rielly needs a new contract soon and that's a heart player that you sign long term.


1.) 08 Oct 2020 13:47:59
Some trades here are a bit crazy, but it is a fantasy trade board. Free agency is not an easy way to do it though.

It may be the way to go to wait and see what we can sign. The issue is that we have no idea if the better d-men available even wants to come here or what it will really take to get them and can we afford what they may really want. Maybe we get a good deal, maybe we would have to overpay. Maybe we miss out on all of the top end D available. Just saying let's trade players for futures means we have to find someone with a need for that player who doesn't mind taking that contract on. Not that easy.

We also now have a rookie defence 3rd pair. Is it going to be any better than Dermott and Ceci would be? Could be, could be worse. Are we any better in the bottom 6? Can they produce better than last years bottom 6 while playing better defensively. Another unknown.



04 Oct 2020 20:01:08
Easy way to fix leafs

Keep your first round pick and draft best available player

Trade Dermott and Johnson for picks

Johnson to Columbus for Anderson

Sign hamonic 4 times five years
Sign demelo 2.5 times 4 years

Defence looks solid with
Reilly hamonic
Muzzin demelo

Forward lines
Hyman Matthews Nylander
Anderson Tavares Marner
Robertson Kerfoot Soup
Combination of Engvall Spezza Goat Magin Young hungry marlies brooks korshov etc

Net Anderson and Campbell

You keep the big four defence is better and more balanced


1.) 04 Oct 2020 22:07:14
Like it
No Hamonic
Sign Tanev or Brodie instead.

2.) 05 Oct 2020 00:06:34
Bring hammer back to the east so he can be a beast.

3.) 05 Oct 2020 03:29:28
My preference is tanev he gets hurt but he's also more defensively responsible than Brodie. I really want to see him partnered with reilly again.



15 Sep 2020 18:43:55
To. Toronto Brandon Montour Rd
Rights to Johan Larson C

To Buffalo Alex kerfoot C
A Johnson and 3rd rd pick

Toronto gets rd young who can skate and A defence first third line centre who can free up Matthews and Tavares on offence.

Buffalo gets a centre with speed and a winger who when healthy can score 20 plus.

Cap out Toronto 6.9

Cap in guess Montour 4.5 x 5
Larson 2 x 2
Cap in 6.5

Not much of a savings but you get a top four right d and a solid defensive centre. More of what this team needs


1.) 15 Sep 2020 18:53:07
Montour is not a top 4 rhd.

2.) 15 Sep 2020 19:06:34
Larsson is a pending ufa, so trading for his rights doesn't make a ton of sense as the leafs could simply sign him in free agency if they wanted to.

Getting to the point though, Buffalo is so desperate for a centre that they may do Kerfoot straight up for Montour, and with Larsson being a pending UFA there is no reason to add Johnsson

It's not a bad idea though. Montour isnt't really the guy to play top pairing minutes with Reilly, but he would be a solid partner for Muzzin and definitely an upgrade over Holl.

3.) 15 Sep 2020 19:09:09
Oh ya and also that cap hit is kind of high for Montour. I don't see him getting over 3.5 million.

4.) 15 Sep 2020 19:59:33
Buffalo must qualify him @ 3.525 just to retain his rights. Since this is his 2nd go around as an rfa he can't even be offer sheeted. Rumors out there suggest since they don't want to be on the hook to have to pay him at least 3.525 they simply won't qualify him. Doing this makes him an ufa and then they will try their chances getting him for less money. Buffalo does have 48 million in cap space but with only 10 skaters signed expect a busy busy summer with many choices for this sabers management team.

Kerfoot for montour seems steep when a 5th is all it took for montreal and edmondson. Montour is rfa not ufa so offer vegas 4th rounder for him see if buffalo bites. If so qualify him and sign him exactly for that 3.525 for 1 year. If he seems to be working out extend him to long term deal. If not he becomes ufa. next summer.

5.) 15 Sep 2020 20:56:37
I thought it was 3.4 but ya I mean a 0.125 difference doesn’t matter really.

6.) 16 Sep 2020 00:29:58
I use to think the wualifying offer had to be the cap number.
I was wrong

Players who are done their second contract term but still have rfa rights and haven't signed an extension can't be offer sheeted but the team they are on must qualify them. If team chooses to not qualify the player then the player becomes a UFA and team can't offer that player a contract for 1 year. If they qualify the player they keep his rights and try to negotiate a new deal with them. If no deal can be reached than player is unable to play anywhere but does get paid his qualifying offer for that year then becomes ufa. If he elects to play in another league his team holds his rights but doesn't have to pay him his qualifying offer. Rights remain held for 1 year. If no deal has happened or players rights haven't been dealt the player becomes UFA. If players rights get dealt and no deal is made by july 1st of following year player is UFA. I believe there is a date during season players need to sign by to be eligiable for playoffs but whatever

Now to qualifying offers
Whatever the highest salary the player made for any of his second contract becomes the qualifying number. Qualifying offers count against the cap. You are allowed 10% over cap during off season. Even if no deal is reached with player and team unless players rights are dealt that qualifying number counts to teams cap that year. If and when deal is made (usually longer term more than qualifying number) the teams cap number is reajusted to the new deals cap number. So team can get stuck with a cap hit without signing this player. Yes, team doesn't worry about offer sheets at this stage but qualifying them simply keeps them from becoming a ufa and losing for nothing. Most of time a deal is reached but in rare cases team qualifies player but then no deal is made. They get hit with qualifying offer to their cap. Player doesn't play anywhere and no team trades for them. Thus team is out that cap number all season. Most players are smart and sign new deal with team after qualifying.

Nylanders holdout was between his elc and 2nd contract so no penelty cap wise occured for this as no qualifying occurs at this stage of players career.

Now players lately have got smart. They sign a bridge deal 2-3 years at a great cap hit for the team. Everyone is impressed with this number without reading between the lines

Braydon Point 3 yrs 6.75 cap hit 9 million year 3 salary
Alex Debrincat 3yrs 6.5 cap hit 9 million year 3 salary
Patrick Laine 2 yrs 6.75 cap hit 7.5 million year 2 salary

So come qualifying time will tampa have 9, chicago have 9, and lesser extent winnipeg have 7.5? I mean yeah i'm sure they will figure it out but if they can't get contract done it becomes wasted cap space. risky but hey team got 2-3 years on a great deal. they can always trade player before they need to qualify them if they sense no deal can be made and get something in return or just let them walk. If player ends up sucking not qualifying them for that big cap hit number is the wise thing to do.

Point and debrincat negotiating that 9 million as 1 years salary puts everything in their court. If matter goes to arbrutation the bottom number starts at 9 million. Some times valuing a player simply by his cap hit makes you foolish without knowing everything. Think any team wants that 9 million qualifying cap hit without knowing the players year and term number. Trading that players rights will be impossible.

I keep saying winnipeg will qualify laine but then he will hold out thus winnipeg will be without player and 7.5 million on the cap. Yeah his contract was a huge saving. his contract is better than nylanders. yeah. good try. teams trade for certainty and nylander with his cap hit is certain while laine is a big mystery.

You can judge leaf contracts all you want but leafs paid matthews for 1 year of ufa and 2 ufa years for marner and nylander. They never need to qualify them thus are paying extra to not have that burdon.

Others like mackinnon and barkov have amazing deals because they had rough first 3 years and didn't do a bridge deal so just took what team offered long term. so dumb

Huberdeau who most love his deal. Why is it such a steal for Florida. Well, he sucked first 3 years. Got a bridge for 3 years and still sucked. Excepted what florida offered long term then got goid 2nd year into that great contract.

Backstrom did good his first 3 years but gambled on him being even better. Signs a bridge gets better and gets paid on 3rd deal.

Most guys making under 7 million but putting up huge numbers aren't on good deals they just signed at wrong time of their careers. For every bad contract out there, there is an equal good contract. Young guys hitting their prime and career numbers 2-4 years after they signed long term deal are on great deals. Guys who signed long term after their best year and now 3 years later regressed are bad contracts now.

Aho looks like he has a great deal and he does. Montreal offer sheeted the guy to a 5 year deal with no NMC on his ufa year. Montreal did this before every rfa out of their elc deals signed. Montreal tried to set the market. He and his agent didn't know the market yet and carolina wasnt negotiating with him yet so he got scared and agreed to montreals offer. silly boy. montreal thought no way carolina would agree. they waited the full 10 days like they are allowed to wait to take montreals offer and keep him for the exact deal montreal offered since aho already agrred to that deal. or let montreal have him for the compensation. Funny thing during this 10 day wait guess who signed? Mr. Matthews. he saw montreals 5 year offer and thought hey i just put up way more goals and am a bigger threat than this great player so i get more. If aho gets 8.5 i'm going to ask for 3.1 more and for same term. This psys be large for 1 ufa year and toronto never needs to worry about qualufying me. i also want a NMC in my ufa year. his points were valid and he got paid. Carolina sees matthews money and values aho just as high in their organisation so they jump all over that deal. Hense montreal sets the market. marner follows suit. a bit better numbers first 3 years thsn aho. asks for 1 more year meaning 2 ufa years asks for NMC on those years and since getting his service extra year it costs team thst much more.10.9 million later. new bar is set. can't blame guys for negotiating smart. poor mackinnon out 30 million because he didn't want to gamble on self. great contract to all of you. dumb guy to me.

Crosby is exception to rule. he just lives 87 that freakin much

So short answer qualifying number is number of highest salary of player up to this point in his career . lol.

That was long but fun. hope you enjoyed and if you get to reading this thanks for stickin with me. lol.




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31 Oct 2020 11:24:01
Stop with the same trade. Dubas is pretty well done unless there is a steal to be had. He is not trading one of the big four this year. Tampa held on to there big time players and won. Dubas got rid of the Middle class players to reshape his time and looks like h3 has done well. Time will tell.




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22 Sep 2020 19:27:20
You do realize there both ufas Brodie and Tanev. So sending high picks not a good idea lol.




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21 Sep 2020 23:30:10
Trade Anderson to the canes for the 13th overall pick. Canes get there goalie.

Leafs draft Askrov a top notch goalie prospect and run Campbell and Askrov as 1a 1 b combo for a total of 2.6 million in net. Cap savings and I predict you are getting a star in net. He is 18 and right now it’s early 8n the khl but his numbers are unreal. 974 save percentage and . 074 gaa against men. Will be a star.




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21 Sep 2020 23:22:07
Where is Lethnon the khls best defensemen. He is on 🔥 right now and as soon as the season starts he will be playing.





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