08 May 2024 22:09:00
Toronto signs Bertuzzii 4 years @ 4 million per season
Toronto signs Lyubushkin 2 years @ 1.5 million per season
Toronto signs Domi 3 years @ 3 million per season.
Toronto signs Edmundson 3 years @ 1.5 million per season
Toronto signs Pesce 4 years @ 3.5 million per season

Toronto's forward lines
Bertuzzii /Mathews/Marner
Extras: McMann, Reeves, Dewar & Gregor, Robertson

Toronto's defensive lines
Extras: Giordano, Benoit, Niemela

Torontos goalies
Woll SG
Jones BG

1.) 08 May 2024
08 May 2024 22:55:38
Bertuzzi wants more, but Pesce especially wants 7.5 on a long term deal. He's a great D-man.

2.) 08 May 2024
08 May 2024 23:39:40
LL where did you hear $7.5M for Pesce?
I know he wants full term, but I heard $6.25M/ $6.5M, which sounds much more reasonable.

3.) 09 May 2024
09 May 2024 00:05:37
@Tags can't remember who it was suggesting 7.5, but 6.25-6.5 sounds far more likely. I also thought 7.5 was high, but assumed it was because of the poor UFA crop.

4.) 09 May 2024
09 May 2024 00:47:11
There are quite a few good right shot free agent d men available. Montour, Pesce, Roy, Tanev, Hakanpaa, Walker, Chatfield, Carrier, Myers and Demelo. That's just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. There's good left shot d men available also.

5.) 09 May 2024
09 May 2024 01:28:05
Yes, there are quite a few RHD and I think Montour signs the biggest deal from this group.
Also, I think Skjei will get the highest contract for LD.
Personally, I would first target Roy and then Montour or Tanev depending on our cap constrains.

6.) 09 May 2024
09 May 2024 02:15:31
@Tags I really like Skjei+Roy if McCabe wants too much money.

I'm really cautious about a lot of these UFA's though. Most (not all) will want term, and may end like Brodie or worse.

7.) 09 May 2024
09 May 2024 02:30:32
Tanev and Roy, Pesce or Montour would be nice. A big shot like Montour's would be nice. Also one of the top 3 guys and Hakanpaa would be great he could be signed for 3 and under and fits Treliving's mold 6 ft 6.

8.) 09 May 2024
09 May 2024 02:39:15
@LL that's the problem when we haven't drafted any up & coming defensemen.
We all know trying to build with UFA's isn't the best route, especially since they're pretty much all 29/ 30 and want term. Unfortunately, that's where we are at if Tre can't find a deal that works for us.

9.) 09 May 2024
09 May 2024 03:12:47
All of the players mentioned will want more money than you are offering!