29 Nov 2022 23:54:40
Ok folks simple trade.
Kerfoot for Kapanen.
Who bites?

1.) 30 Nov 2022
30 Nov 2022 13:23:08
Brought this up a few weeks ago. I've always liked Kappi, just have to assume there's a reason he's a healthy scratch. At the very least though, he's faster and plays with more edge then Kerfoot. He's also signed for an additional year. I would make them add a pick or prospect, to help them get rid of him.

2.) 30 Nov 2022
30 Nov 2022 14:15:40
A pick it would need to be as we have 50 contracts.

The problem in Pittsburgh is that Sullivan does not feel he is playing with energy and commitment.

He is a 3LRW player at best and he is younger and bigger.

The trade helps with Penguin PK which is already good and they get a player who plays with hustle so I see Pittsburgh saying YES.

It relieves us of Kerfoot and a bit more cap space, if nothing else.

And I still think Kapanen has something to show!

3.) 30 Nov 2022
30 Nov 2022 17:07:54
Can we send them Engvall with Kerfoot. They add a pick. Helps us with our contracts situation aswell.

4.) 30 Nov 2022
30 Nov 2022 19:10:07
There’s a reason kapanen is scratched he has the tools to be a good player but can’t put it all together at this point I think it would be hard to think anything would change with him.

5.) 30 Nov 2022
30 Nov 2022 22:43:26
The extra year on Kapanen's contract makes me cringe. I said consistency and what seems to be a sporadic engine was his problem in Toronto and nothing seems to have changed. Leafs do not need a guy who won't play hard. No one wants Nylander to go back to his old ways.

6.) 01 Dec 2022
01 Dec 2022 03:30:26
Kapanen has only played 14 or Pens 23 games this season and has been benched for the rest.
Kapanen has 1 goal - 4 assists - 5 points and is a minus 3 in those 14 games.
Kerfoot may not be getting many points but is an excellent defensive player and penalty killer.
Why would Leafs make this trade?

7.) 01 Dec 2022
01 Dec 2022 12:06:33
Apparently because everyone wants to trade Kerfoot!

I’d make the trade, especially if I was allowed to slap him in the face and call him a sissy before every game.
Maybe that would make play harder.