23 Oct 2020 15:07:12
Okay you guys ready for a 4 way trade?

Toronto sends nylander, dermott

Tampa sends Johnson 2021 1st,

Winnipeg sends laine, 2021 7th

Detroit sends 2021 1st, seider

Leafs recieve Detroit 1st, Johnson

Tampa receives peg 7th

Winnipeg receives tampa 1st, nylander, seider

Det recieves laine and dermott.

Thoughts? Save about 2 million get a more physical player and also get a likely top 10 pick.

1.) 23 Oct 2020
23 Oct 2020 15:58:24
The Jets don't want soft, overpaid Nylander. Leaf fans really are trying to trade him.

2.) 23 Oct 2020
23 Oct 2020 16:44:20
Not sure Tampa is ready to add a 1st yet to move Johnson.
You say we get a more physical player in Johnson, are you thinking about Kilorn maybe?

3.) 23 Oct 2020
23 Oct 2020 18:00:59
Lol. Nylander is better in his own zone that Laine. He's also not overpaid based on comparables. If this was one for one Nylander for Laine, Jets jump on it.

4.) 23 Oct 2020
23 Oct 2020 18:28:27
Nylander is not overpaid. I wonder what will be said if Laine gets 9 or 10M on his next deal. I mean, its not like the Jets just traded for a guy making 6.5 who puts up 40-45 pts. And IJ calls Kerfoot at 3.5 a cap dump for putting up the same numbers. lol.

5.) 23 Oct 2020
23 Oct 2020 18:34:18
Johnson throws the body a bit but still has a scoring touch. How do the jets turn down that offer. A 1st a relatively equal player and an a- prospect.

6.) 23 Oct 2020
23 Oct 2020 19:40:13
Ahh, more physical than Nylander, but not necessarily physical. Got ya.

7.) 23 Oct 2020
23 Oct 2020 22:05:31
Dermott signed so cheap amazing.

8.) 24 Oct 2020
24 Oct 2020 00:30:28
I'm sorry but absolutely not from the Leafs. TB is going to have to pay big time to rid themselves of Johnson. The Leafs were forced to pay a 1st to get rid of Marleau.

9.) 24 Oct 2020
24 Oct 2020 05:03:01
A 1st, Nylander, and Seider for Laine and all Leafs get is a guy that was waived and nobody wanted plus a pick? I don’t know about that.

I admit that the thought of Detroit’s 1st next year is tempting, assuming it’s unprotected. But Leafs definitely take a step back by swapping Nylander for Johnson. If they want to contend this year, they would be going in the wrong direction.

I think I’d actually rather have Seider than the pick actually.

10.) 25 Oct 2020
25 Oct 2020 23:41:03
Has a 4 way trade ever happened in NHL

Heck in any league

Would be fun to see.