19 Oct 2020 12:39:15
Trade kerfoot for cheap futures

Arizona a second or third round pick

If kerfoot and Vesey give you same production sign another Vesey type for $900k and ditch big ticket Kerfoot

1.) 19 Oct 2020
19 Oct 2020 14:05:39
If VAN traded a 3rd for Schmidt what do u think the Leafs would get Kerfoot?

2.) 19 Oct 2020
19 Oct 2020 15:05:42
Ok a seventh for kerfoot just get him gone. You find a cheaper version of kerfoot.

3.) 19 Oct 2020
19 Oct 2020 15:44:48
Kerfoot at 3.5 is fine. The issue for him on Toronto is that he is a 3rd line centre at that and we are so cap heavy on the top 4, a 3rd line centre making 3.5 is too much. He is a good player, we just can't afford him.

4.) 20 Oct 2020
20 Oct 2020 01:09:01
Someone really hates Kerfoot.

5.) 20 Oct 2020
20 Oct 2020 14:31:43
Arizona is almost 3M OVER the salary cap. in what universe does this proposal make any sense?

P. S. You're not getting a 2nd or a 3rd for Kerfooot. most cap dumps need a sweetener.

6.) 20 Oct 2020
20 Oct 2020 19:19:13
He isn't a cap dump. I'm not sure why you think everyone the leafs have is a cap dump.