11 Oct 2020 22:00:25
To panthers liljegren
To leafs Weeger

To nucks holl
To leafs lind

To preds kerfoot petan
To leafs tolvanen

Hawryluk 700k. 4th line agitator
Weeger 3.5 per for 3 years
Mikheyev 1.2 per for 2 years
Dermott 1.2 per for 2 years

1.) 12 Oct 2020
12 Oct 2020 00:22:41
Weegar is a great pickup making this leaf team suddenly be very strong Defensively on right side. Him and Dermott would be a great pairing. Lehtonen becomes 7th D as Rosen and Sandin either be one minute men with marlies or press box guys with leafs.

Lind would be a solid 3rd line winger. Put up ok points in AHL so he becomes Johnson’s replacement

Tolvanen I’m not sold on yet. If your game is all about offence and Nashville keeps trying to find offence yet can’t make their lineup I’d be concerned he just isn’t close to his hype. KHL is his destiny if Nashville sends him packing to AHL again.

Deal wise Liljegren I’d consider good return considering it’s Florida trying to sell him to get out of paying him his next contract. Younger cheaper option like Liljegren I think they take after they have hornqvist and stralman to guide the young swede who gets 3rd pair duties on this Florida team.

Holl for Lind needs something added. Holl fills RHD need as Myers is only RHD while they are loaded on left side. Guess Stecher departure make way for a deal like this. I think if Dubas throws in 1 of his remaining non draft picks to get this deal done. Maybe a non Dubas roster player needs to be added. Adam Brooks might just get this deal done or maybe Pierre engvall. Either way 1 or even both might need to be needed to get Vancouver to part with Lind. How much more would it take to take virtanen?

Kerfoot won’t be dealt any time soon. He is what Dubas keeps drafting. Nashville doesn’t need a center and kerfoot becomes their 4th best so even if Dubas deals kerfoot he’d get better value dealing with a team needing a center.

Solid signings. Hawryluk would be a great line mate with Boyd. Perfect 4th liners good small signing

Mikhayev filed for arbritration, not the team. Why? Who knows. He got hurt after having a pretty good start to career. Due to games played and time spent on each line and special teams minutes along with points is mainly what arbitrators look at when finding a player to compare with he doesn’t have a strong case. Thing is when going into these meetings gms make low ball offer and basically tells the arbritrator why player only deserves this offer. It can be quite hurtful for player but it’s how gms get lowest cost possible for their case. Player tries to sell them self in these meeting and go with a high number they feel their worth trying to make comparison to a player making the amount they want. Team and player can sign a deal right up to seconds before decision is made and lots of times this happens. However if no deal is made then In the end what the arbitrator decides is the final number no questions. If team files Player can choose length he wants from 1-3 years at amount decided. If player files team decides length between 1 and 2. Either way if arbritrator makes a decision player is on that team 1 year minimum. So since he can’t make less than he did last year the minimum will be $925 grand. Playing the amount he did mostly on 3rd line but some 2nd line time. Not being used on PP but being a PK guy and getting the points he did but having season cut short due to injury the report spit out 2 comparable players. I forget who they were but $975 grand was 1 comparable and your $1.2 was the other. So if that’s what happens Dubas will definitely take it for 2 years. Any higher and 1 yr it will be. Mikheyev and his agent must have mire info then that report but whatever. They may come to agreement well before or during the case. It’s only filed

Dermott deal seems reasonable as he doesn’t have arb rights so has until the 1st day of the 3rd month (usually December) of regular season to be eligible to play that year with team. He becomes ufa if no deal is reached by day before ufa signings start in the upcoming offseason.

Weegar deal only works if kerfoot or 3.5 is shed from roster as 1 of Dermott or Mikheyev will put leafs close to limit.

Overall most are solid suggestions.

2.) 12 Oct 2020
12 Oct 2020 03:23:55
I wouldn’t trade lili for weeger unsigned and I think lili has more value they need to add.

3.) 12 Oct 2020
12 Oct 2020 05:55:04
Leafs had to let Mikheyev file because if they didn’t like the settlement they can walk away. If the team filed and the arbitrator awarded the verdict in the players favor, they are stuck. So they had to let him file.

I’m assuming picking up Vesey had something to do with this more than anything. Otherwise it’s a bit of a head-scratcher bringing him in.

Lots of internal competition for next year. The bottom six will likely be completely different than what we started 2019 with. So far I think I’ve counted nine player changes altogether. With more coming.

I will take this moment to repeat myself. None of these moves matter so long as Dubas continues to play Andersen in net. If Andersen chokes again next year, all these moves will have been wasted. Leafs have four years to win the cup. Four. If Andersen comes out slow again like he always does, the season will be lost before it’s even started. That’s 25% of what’s left of our window of contention. With the shortened season next year, those first ten games are more important than ever. I’ve seen Andersen choke in the playoffs four years in a row. I don’t care to see it a fifth time. He’s a 30+ pending UFA coming off the worst year of his career and has repeatedly demonstrated an inability to play the big games. Why would any contending GM want Andersen in net right now

Failing to address net will be a major indictment on Dubas this season should he chose to go with Andersen again this year.