11 Oct 2020 15:29:05
Andersen , Kerfoot to Arizona for Kuemper and 4th in 2021. Thoughts ?

1.) 11 Oct 2020
11 Oct 2020 16:26:58
Again, kerfoot going nowhere. Dubas doesn’t draft 2 Harvard’s players plus 2 Harvard commuted players in 2 drafts then trade the only ex Harvard grad. he made sure he got kerfoot in the kadri deal then signed him. He is stacking the system with intellectual and US college grads. They may never play on the leafs but Dubas wants them around to make overall IQ of leafs organization higher.

I can see engvall replacing kerfoot in this deal and leafs giving Arizona a 2nd rounder in 2021 instead of kerfoot

Andersen isn’t a Dubas guy and outside Matthews nylander and marner he has really purged out non Dubas drafted or signed guys

Rielly will be here until Trade deadline of 21-22 season at most. If a great deal is presented he will be gone

Dermott, Marincin and holl will be gone sooner than later. Heck Marincin was 1st to be dropped off leaf cap roster.

If Dubas likes Kuemper enough even if Dubas thinks Andersen is better he will do this trade just to get rid of a non Dubas guy. Only thing in way of Andersen getting dealt is Matthews. Heck due to Dubas committing the least years out of the big 4 to Matthews could Matthews be gone if right deal drops on Dubas lap lol. Dubas is very arrogant. In 2011 he completely purged sau st Marie the same way he is doing now. I see a pattern do you?

Kuemper will be a leaf by end of October lol.

2.) 11 Oct 2020
11 Oct 2020 17:57:16
We'll put Craiggers.

I agree 100%. Dubas doesn't seem to like anyone he didn't draft/ sign. For better or worse he wants only his own guys. I can forward Reilly and Dermott both leaving even though I think that would be a monumental failure.

If the plan was Bogosian and Brodie why bring in Lehtonen?

Reilly/ Bogosian
Muzzin/ Brodie
Top 4 is interchangeable but that's how it's setup in some way. Now we have;

Sandin, Liljigren, Dermott, Lehtonen and Holl all playing for the bottom pairing. Lehtonen will most assuredly have the advantage as Dubas brought him in for a reason. It isn't to sit in the press box unless he has too. He probably also wants Sandin in there. If I were a betting man I would say dermott and Holl both get traded at some point. He seems to have a large plan here. He's just waiting for it all to come together when he finds the right deals.

Either that or he plans on exposing Holl/ dermott next year if he doesn't find a taker for both.

3.) 11 Oct 2020
11 Oct 2020 21:40:34
Dubas said he wants Dermott to play the right side and make his way up around when the Brodie’s contract ends/ starts declining.

4.) 11 Oct 2020
11 Oct 2020 21:44:22
I see Lehtonen as in the top 5

Sandin plays LD 70% games Lehtonen his RD partner
Lehtonen plays LD 30% games Holl his RD partner

Baring injury of course

Dermott and Liljegren I guess are dealt now in small deals or used as adds in larger deal.

Rosen becomes 8th D again in case of injury unless he gets dealt yet again. Marincin being the 9th and hopefully unused D ever

But u never know lol.

5.) 12 Oct 2020
11 Oct 2020 23:39:37
Dubas can say whatever he wants. It doesn't mean it's reality.

6.) 12 Oct 2020
12 Oct 2020 01:58:38
Attending Harvard doesn’t mean you are smarter than everyone else. It usually just means you are richer. And being a genius doesn’t make you an elite hockey player. That takes skill. Drafting Ivy League players might hold an appeal to a certain sort, but I don’t recall a single Harvard graduate winning the Art Ross or Hart trophies. Seems like the best of best players still come from Canada and don’t ever attend major university or college at all.

Just saying.

7.) 12 Oct 2020
12 Oct 2020 02:27:23
2F 1D 1G MUST be exposed. Player must of played 40 games 20-21 season or 70 combined 19-20 and 20-21. Players must be under contract for 21-22 season by the day before the draft to be eligible. 1-2 year nhl players and unsigned drafted leaf prospects are exempt from draft

So Holl has 68 games last year and is signed for 21-22 season. Making him 2 games shy of being eligible

Dermott has 56 games last year but has no contract. Leafs must sign him 2 years minimum and play 14 games minimum this year to be eligible

Marincin has 26 games last year and isn’t signed past this year. Best case for leaf fans is he plays 40 games this year and after game gets signed 1 yr extension to make eligible then never plays a leaf game again. Problem is if he doesn’t want to head out west he simply doesn’t have to sign any deal so.

Rosen played 12 games last year so needs to play 40 games this year and like Marincin needs to sign extension so again he doesn’t need to sign if Seattle isn’t for him

Warsofsky if it comes down to him played no nhl last year so needs 40 games this year and again needs an extension so same thing

Bogosian played 27 last year so needs to hit 40 mark this year and also needs extension. I’m guessing he signed for 1 million to keep it a 1 yr deal. 2 yr deal he would ask for a boat load to make sure Seattle wouldn’t want his cap hit. Toronto wouldn’t want to get hit with 1 year of that cap hit just to maybe be able to expose him and if Seattle doesn’t choose him now it becomes 3 years with hit. 1 yr cheap money to keep bog from going to Seattle and keeping leafs cap hit on him low on a show me full season deal so Bog won’t sign extension if 2 yrs wasn’t signed now.

Rielly is signed but needs 23 games this year
Muzzin needs 17 games and Brodie only 6 and both have full NMC for next year only and runs out just in time for leafs to make choice whether to expose or protect them. So basically they don’t want to get traded at any time next if leafs decide during year they won’t protect them thus trading them for assets. They also don’t want to be a forced protection if team truly doesn’t want them. Basically they are a get out of jail free card if left unprotected and chosen by Seattle. But won’t be used to gain assets for. Pretty simple

Sandin, Liljegren, Kral, duszak, rubins, kivhalme and all unsigned draft picks belonging to leafs who are Dmen are exempt from draft

Lehtonen even if he signs extension doesn’t have enough nhl experience as 1 and 2 year nhl players are exempt

Forward wise Boyd needs to play 40 this year and get resigned. Spezza needs only 12 games this year but needs resigned. Mikhayev if resigned 2 yrs, engvall being signed 2 yrs and Robertson ELC are all exempt due to service time in nhl. Simmonds needs to be extended 1 year and play 2 games this year but like Bog probably wouldn’t sign extension only to be exposed. Hyman needs 19 games this year and an extension before draft. Will he sign that extension without negotiating a full no movement for at least the time of signed extension until day after draft. I’m sure that’s in his cards or he will wait until after draft to sign

Kerfoot is 5 games away from being eligible. Nylander 2, marner 11, Matthews 0 but can’t be injured last 60 games of year or have career ending injury and deemed LTIR.

Tavares has NMC so he is protected automatically and takes 1 spilt on protection list unless he approves to be not protected

Malgin needs 34 games this year and extension. Anderson needs 40 this year and to sign 2 years on this deal. Petan and kossila and agostino all need 40 games plus extensions. Barbanov, Brooks, Korshkov, abrasives, SDA, hallinder and all leaf owner unsigned picks are exempt from draft

Goalie wise games played minimum isn’t required and from what I've read they need to be signed for 2021-22 season and are exempt if they are year 1 or 2 nhl players or unsigned draft picks they are exempt. If goalie has played 3 years but is RFA he must be qualified by team to qualify for draft.

Only Campbell can be both protected or exposed
Andersen needs extension and Scott and woll don’t have time requirements so are both exempt and all drafted unsigned leaf goalie picks are exempt .

So leafs must protect 7F 3D or 8 skaters and has to protect 1 goalie as well. They must expose 2F 1D 1G who meet requirements as a minimum

At this moment leafs protect
Tavares automatically
Matthews, nylander, marner no brainer
Rielly I assume
Muzzin and Brodie as well that makes 7 players

Kerfoot and holl are only 2 players eligible for the draft remaining everyone else doesn’t have term or service time.

Leafs would need to make choice between the 2 and leave other exposed just to make their 8 player minimum protection.

Now if they choose kerfoot to protect they need to Extend 2 of their existing forwards with enough nhl experience with deals running out after season and make sure they make games minimum required or sign or trade for these type of guys and also expose holl. If they can only find 1 forward they will be forced to expose kerfoot . If they can’t find any forwards then kerfoot plus 1 of the 3 youngsters will be exposed but won’t meet 8 minimum player protection requirement

If Holl is protected then leafs now need to do what I said above for 1 forward as kerfoot is exposed and either extend Dermott 2 years or extend 1 of their draft eligible D whose contract ends following season for the 21-22 season. Then both need to play minimum required games
Or trade or sign for eligible F and D to meet exposed required minimum . If they can’t find that 1 D then Holl gets exposed and if they can’t find that 1 F then 1 of the 3 you gets exposed thus not meeting the 8 required protected players
Goalie wise they must protect 1 and at least expose 1

Campbell is only eligible goalie at moment to do both. Leafs are forced to sign Anderson to a 1 year extension or to sign or trade for eligible goalie.
Then they make choose between Campbell and the option they chose to meet requirements

Dubas has done good thus far this off season but still lots of decisions need to be met just to meet requirements for the draft. Wonder what the penalties are if you don’t meet protection requirements.

There you have it.