22 Sep 2020 13:10:06
2nd Round Pick 2020
4th Round Pick 2021


Ari 1st

Wild 2nd

Re-Sign Tyson Barrie 8 x 6.5

Sign Galchenyuk 1x1.5
Re-Sign Spezza 1x1
Sign Simmonds 1x1

Hyman Matthews Nylander
Mikheyev Tavares Marner
Galchenyuk Spezza Simmonds
Engvall Gauthier Korshkov

Reilly Barrie
Muzzin Holl
Dermott Lehtonen


1.) 22 Sep 2020
22 Sep 2020 13:21:55
i think pietrangelo would be better that resign barrie but everything else looks good.

2.) 22 Sep 2020
22 Sep 2020 13:31:40
Interesting ideas. First I think is possible as Wild need some youth, speed and centre ice position. Kerfoot real money is only about 2.6 per year these next 3 years.
Second-don't think Johnsson and the 39th gets you the 18th. NJ could use a solid winger like Johnsson though.
Barrie is not what we need. imo
Not sure Spezza and Simmonds can play 3rd line minutes a whole season.

3.) 22 Sep 2020
22 Sep 2020 13:31:58
What about Barrie made you think that's a guy you need for 8 more years? That's the worst signing I have ever seen. Bring me Phaneuf back before Barrie.

4.) 22 Sep 2020
22 Sep 2020 14:41:20
Your going to need a better sweetener then Johnsson to get New Jersey to give you that pick. He is likely worth a 3rd or maybe a late 2nd round pick. I think Dermott would be a good place to start as he is expendable because Sandin is likely ready for a full time roster spot.

5.) 22 Sep 2020
22 Sep 2020 16:37:29
You can't blame Barrie for Babcock misusing him to start the season. He had a sneaky solid finish to the year. Playoffs were underwhelming but that was pretty well across the board for the buds.

Pietrangelo is simply too expensive. That contract will hand cuff the team for years. The team is already in a tough spot trying to fill out their bottom 6 and depth pairings with talent. They have given away too many 1sts recently and don't have anything great in the pipeline.

Alot of hype about Robertson but he looks like a middle six prospect at best, going to Luke Schenn him with all the expectation.

6.) 22 Sep 2020
22 Sep 2020 17:00:31
Sneaky solid finish? Are you insane? His advanced stats were that of an AHL player, his defence was worse than Nylander and you want to justify it with what? He played top PP just to make him feel better when it should have been Reilly and ended with a few assists? When you don't drive play, defend worse than AHL players and have advanced stats like that saying he had a sneaky good finish is a joke.