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10 Sep 2017 16:50:32
Leafs: Rychel, Valiev, 2018 3rd
Wings: Mike Green (50% retained)

Wings are in deep dodo. Salary cap issues, bad contracts, limited prospects and a bad team. Even at 50% retained is a big help to their cap issues and some decent prospects and a pick for the rebuild.
Greens "Hero" numbers show he is still a legit top pairing defense man although 7 years removed from his 70+ point seasons he still manages to put up 35 to 45 points per on a bad team. 6'1", 210 lbs is decent size and at 31 is 5 years younger then Hainsey. RHD that shoots right with 1 year left on his contract seem like a good match for Reilly and put Hainsey on the 3rd pair with Zaitsev.
Reilly - Green
Gardiner - Carrick
Hainsey - Zaitsev

1.) 10 Sep 2017 17:44:42
Lets look Calgary defence next 3 years they are committed to 23 million dollars on defence

Leafs next two season 17.5 million

The leafs have many young defencemen coming


All will be cheap 4 a few years.

2.) 10 Sep 2017 18:57:09
Green o thanks leafs have fishing pools in water Lou visit Russian kid for next summer


Lets see what this is at camp.

3.) 10 Sep 2017 19:07:25

I see the logic behind obtaining a defender whose younger than Hainsey and whose numbers are better overall. I wonder if Green becomes a target for playoff bound teams as they approach the deadline?

Toronto was obviously ok with signing a much older Hainsey or they wouldn't have done so otherwise. Including a few veteran guys like Hainsey who have won the Cup compliments the younger core of this team.

Davidmackin, those are some interesting names we hope will make the Leafs in the foreseeable future and become everyday NHL regulars.



04 Sep 2017 10:40:35
Just a humble opinion and observation.
Unless the Leafs receive a "knock your socks off" offer for JVR (eg. atop 4 D-man and a prospect/pick) he will be with the Leafs this season. He is the type of player a contending team pays premium for and the Leafs don't have to, they already have one.

Komarov is staying. The Leafs lack solid defensive players that can kick in some offense and Leo leads a small corps for them; Brown and Hyman.That is why adding Kapanen would be such a big boost to their line-up, a defensively responsible player that adds speed and scoring.

Leafs would be best served by moving Bozak for prospects/picks or packaging for a bigger bang. He is defensively bad and taking a roster spot away from Kapanen, plus eating up $4.2M in cap space. He would be my choice to move of the 3 UFA's. Extend Leo and use JVR for a cup run.
Leafs: Bozak,Rychel, Valiev
VGK: Lindberg(C), a 3rd in 2019

1.) 04 Sep 2017 15:17:22
I agree that someone should be moved to open a spot up for Kapanen but I don't think it should be Bozak. Lindbergi assume is your replacement for him, but it's not really an upgrade and you're trading Rychel and Valiev with him in a downgrading trade. It doesn't really make sense to me. Bozak plays on a pretty much primarily offensive line, his defence isn't that bad and he's excellent on face offs.

I'm more on the trade JVR wagon, at the deadline Leafs probably won't trade anyone that helps their roster as JVR does heading into playoffs. But he would garner a big return at that time.

2.) 04 Sep 2017 15:43:30
Use JVR for a Cup run? Do you seriously think the Leafs are going on a Cup run this year? They aren't ready for that, this group hasn't even won a playoff series yet.

3.) 04 Sep 2017 19:32:24
How is bozak bad defensively? He is the best faceoff guy they have. He is key for penalties and key faceoffs in the offensive zone and defensive zone. Trading bozak would be a mistake at this point.

4.) 04 Sep 2017 21:06:07
I like the trade. Good choice on Lindberg.

But, I would also consider trading JVR. The Devils have a a glut of quality centers and it makes sense for them to move some of them.

They have just added Hishier (C), and Bodquist (C), with their 1st 2 picks; but have lost Clowe (LW) permanently and need a good LW
Note: They have tons of cap room, but can't afford to give up D.

So something like:

TOR: JVR, T. Lindberg
NJD: Mcleod, cond. 1st 2018, and 3rd 2018;

The conditional 1st is upon JVR re-signing. If not, it becomes two 2nds 2018/ 2019

JVR would finally get to play with a quality center.

and additionally, an exchange of parts;

TOR: Rychel, Sosh, lowest 2nd 2018, and Marincin (D) ;
NJD: Quenville (C), Bastian (C) ;

2 wingers, a 2nd, and a D; for 2 centers.

The Devils still have 8 NHL capable centers left (Including Hishier and and their 2nd pick) . They get a top line LW.

The Leafs get their Bozak replacement and a replacement for Moore the following year if the Goat can't do it.

They can also shift to wing if need be. All 3 centers are of good size and good skaters. Quenville and Bastian are risks, but there are signs they will produce, and I like their seasons, and playoff runs.

5.) 05 Sep 2017 00:06:24
@ Dbone. I was actually thinking Lindberg as a 4C as an upgrade to Moore, but capable of moving up the line-up in an injury. Moore would become a depth/ injury replacement with Leivo. Nylander would move to centre between JVR and Kapanen and Marner would move up the Mathews wing. Overall, a stronger line-up both offensively and defensively. The 3rd in 2019 would almost be like a 2nd as I believ VGK will still finish near the bottom in 2 years.

6.) 05 Sep 2017 02:44:41
I am doubtful we will see Nylander at centre this year still, unless injuries make it happen I think he either stays on Matthews wing or alternatively plays with Kadri and Komarov, I think it would be wise to leave him with Matthews though. They found success last year and also, Nylander as C will only take offensive face offs, and if he puts up a 65-70 point season as a C, he will be getting paid a lot more than if he did that as a winger. I know thinking money first in that sense isn't what happens, success first obviously but, food for thought.

7.) 06 Sep 2017 00:57:46
Of all the players JVR has the most value in a trade. 2 things to consider:

Will the Leafs win the cup, I don't think so.

Will the Leafs re-sign JVR long term, I also don't think so.

Therefore you trade him for prospects and picks and you can always trade those again for help if you feel you need it.



28 Aug 2017 20:39:46
Liked and agreed with James Tanner's assessment of the Leafs as contenders (


Most of their faults can be addressed from within with one major trade.
Nylander needs to have his own line to drive with JVR and Marner flanking him. Gives the Leafs the best 1-2-3 centre combo in the league.

Kapinen is too good both offensively and defensively to leave in the minors. Has the speed to play with Marleau and Mathews and adds defensive awareness to that line.

With Brown signed the KKB line is intact to shutdown the leagues top lines and add scoring from the third line.

Martin and Hyman are a good core for a checking/hitting 4th line, lacking only a speedy, gritty centre

Rielly needs a true top 4 defensive partner.

Leafs: Bozak, Rychel, Fehr, Valiev, Timashov, Pinichi (spelling?) and a 2nd (SJS)
VGK: Miller (RHD), Lindberg (C).

Leafs add whatever they need to to make this deal happen and become ligit contenders this season without upsetting the long range plans.

Marleau - Mathews - Kapanen
JVR _ Nylander - Marner
Komarov - Kadri - Brown
Martin - Lindberg - Hyman
Rielly - Miller
Gardiner _ Zaitsev
Hainsey - Carrick

Rielly can finally fly and Hainsey unleashes Carricks potential.
Lievo, Moore, Marincin provide depth. The Marlies will rock with Sosh and the rest of the prospects.

1.) 28 Aug 2017 23:23:31
i like it but nylander at center will never work.

2.) 29 Aug 2017 03:25:54
Tanner makes some interesting points but I wouldn't get too attached to what he writes as some of his more recent articles border on ridiculous.

3.) 29 Aug 2017 13:28:40
Agree with most of what was said here.

@captain clutch can you explain why nylander will never work at center? I'm pretty sure most people on this site see nylander playing center at some point. Also in my opinion I see it happening right after he signs his next contract. That way they get a center on winger money.

4.) 29 Aug 2017 14:14:59
I prefer Nylander flanking Matthews for another year, Kadri can definitely be a 2nd line C and therefore the Leafs are on the lookout for a 3rd line C after Bozak leaves. That should not be too hard to find in FA or the draft.

5.) 29 Aug 2017 14:31:23
Nylander may work in the middle someday, there's not really a reason he would never work at centre. I think he still needs to improve defensively to be a full time centre, and if or when he converts I doubt it will be Marner on his wing, both players are mainly pass first guys. Yea they both score but they're both primarily pass first players. If Nylander moves to the middle Marner would play with Matthews.

6.) 30 Aug 2017 03:02:13
Like your idea of swapping Marner and Kapanen in the line-up Dbone. My main thought here was strengthening the Leafs down the middle and opening up a roster spot for Kapanen. He brings too much to the line-up (speed, defense, scoring) not to be in the starting line-up. Trading Bozak and a hand full of prospects for a potential top-4 D-man and a 4C seems to make the most sense. Good to see some feed back.



22 Aug 2017 16:07:49
Minor move to free contract and cap space.

Leafs: Marincin, 2018 7th
Avs: 2018 3rd

Avs have only 3 d-men signed for this year and traing camp a month away. They don't have 3 d-men in their systen ready to step into the NHL and Zadorov still unsigned. If they continue to stumble a 3rd is almost a 2nd.

1.) 22 Aug 2017 22:04:15
I like it, and if Rosen or Dermott are clearly ahead of Marincin we likely will see him moved out.

2.) 23 Aug 2017 11:53:41
I like the idea, but doubt you can trade up to a 3rd with him. Maybe a 4th or 5th at best and I would still do that.

3.) 26 Aug 2017 03:54:06
Depending on how things unfold with training camp and players signing, traded, sent down to the minors, we may need Marincin as the number 7 D when the regular season begins.

If Dermott, Rosen, et. al are not ready to ascend to the big leagues, then expect management to keep them with the Marlies where they will play a lot of minutes. Marincin is a better suited and skilled bench warmer over Dermott, etc.

Besides, Toronto looks to have opened 3 contracts spots and that's without making a trade.



12 Jul 2017 01:23:06
A NYI style 5 for 1 swap(actually 6 for 3)to get some cap relief and recoup roster spots.

Leafs: Bozack, Lievo,Fehr, Timashov,Marincin, Marchenko and a 2018 2nd(SJS)

LVK: Miller, Lindberg, Theodore

3 options to replace Bozack; Lindberg, Marleau, Nylander
Clears about 6.5M in cap space and adds 3 roster spots.

1.) 12 Jul 2017 07:23:30
Sometimes I have a hard time taking posts with big spelling errors seriously. It's not that it's a horrible proposal and actually makes a bit of sense for both teams though I assume vegas says no to that as they lose two quality young defenders and another freshly signed player for a couple cap dumps (albeit Bozak has value) and second tier throw ins rather than useful pieces but spelling Bozak-a fixture in the maple leafs roster for so many years wrong makes me question whether or not it is to be taken seriously. Not a bad suggestion. Sorry for my rant.

2.) 13 Jul 2017 02:01:44
My bad. I have posted maybe a dozen different posts here and have never spelt his name like that. Don't know what my fingers where thinking that day. My brain however, was thinking to move out some contracts to free up SPC and cap flexablity and get a RHD. With the signing of Liljgren and Brown (soon) they will be at the 50 SPC limit. I like the idea of keeping JVR to have 3 scoring lines and I think Marner feeding him and Nylander will set new highs for all 3 so a trade centred around Bozak and Miller makes sense. Throw in some players with little chance of making the Leafs lineup to sweeten the deal for Vegas. Maybe take out the 2nd from the leafs and Theodore. Thanks for the feedback Leafstalk.

3.) 16 Jul 2017 18:32:33
@ Leafstalk
Those who cast ill at those who mistype (or suffer a brain cramp), should learn how to use punctuation first! And try to separate your ideas with paragraphs.

I could just as easily argue that your issue with his spelling, to which you devote a third of of your text and only a broadly applied "cap dump" as your argument against the deal, would be reason for me take your post as pompous, let alone silly, and is to be ignored.

The trade above, has all of the right targets for the Leafs, and a good number of the contractual limit implications taken into consideration. It is a little ambitious, but not by much. Vegas has a lot of holes to fill in both their NHL and AHL rosters, and volume is just what they need to get started.

Bozak is, and for a few years, will continue to be a better than NHL average 2nd line center in terms of production. He hasn't shown any decay in his abilities yet and just had a career year.

The deal is close enough as is, but if you remove Theodore and the 2nd, the deal becomes lob-sided for Vegas, as Bozak, Timashov, Leivo, and the 2nd more than pay for Miller and Lindberg.

Good deal, if Vegas is looking for a center like Bozak.




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21 Sep 2017 22:00:41
David, I believe in the suggested trade the Leafs GET a 1st. Go to the chalk board and write out 100 times, getting "1st's is good. "



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13 Sep 2017 12:34:05
Agree with Labs analysis, good trade Dbone. Could battle Moore for the 4C job this year with potential to move up the line-up if Bozak gets moved. Well done.



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12 Sep 2017 13:49:43
I think you miss a few points in my proposal. First, Green is on an expiring contract so he is a short term bridge until the guys on your list are ready to make the jump. Also, I suggested Detroit retain 50% making him the same price as Hainsey. If you compare the two on Hero (http:/ / ownthepuck. blogspot. ca/ ) it isn't even close. Green is a legit #2 or 3 D-man and would make a better partner for Reilly.

It would allow the Leafs to move Hainsey to the 6 or 7 spot where he belongs. They could also possibly move Hainsey at the deadline like Columbus did last year. I think Rychel, a player you yourself has said needs to be moved or lost, Valiev and a 3rd is a fair price. The question should be "is this enough to get Detroit to move Green"? What would need to be added for a rebuilding team?
Rielly - Green
Gardiner - Carrick
Hainsey - Zaitsev.



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10 Sep 2017 16:35:56
Based on last years Corsi numbers, Gardiner and Carrick played best when paired together. 54.8%. That is elite territory. Seem to complement each other very well. Maybe affected a bit by usage and zone starts, but still very good numbers. Suggested pairings;
Rielly - Hainsey
Gardiner - Carrick
? - Zaitsez

Agree with David and Buds. If the leafs pick up extra 1st picks for Bozak and JVR use them to get the best player available. Their defensive prospect pool has been nicely stocked and multiple 1st round picks increases your odds of getting a high quality complimentary piece which the Leafs will need. Players like Hyman and Brown that fill out your roster without breaking the bank. Go Mark Hunter.



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05 Sep 2017 00:06:24
@ Dbone. I was actually thinking Lindberg as a 4C as an upgrade to Moore, but capable of moving up the line-up in an injury. Moore would become a depth/ injury replacement with Leivo. Nylander would move to centre between JVR and Kapanen and Marner would move up the Mathews wing. Overall, a stronger line-up both offensively and defensively. The 3rd in 2019 would almost be like a 2nd as I believ VGK will still finish near the bottom in 2 years.




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