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08 Aug 2017 11:03:34
TOR: JVR(50%), Leo(50%), Timashov, SJS 3rd

FLO: Petrovic (RHD), Borgstrom (LC), 2nd (1st if JVR re-signs)

We are wholesaling JVR and Leo here to make the deal palatable for the penny pinching Panthers. JVR represents the LW they need, and Leo the all purpose hitting forward. Timashov will not make the Leafs given the forward depth.

The Leafs need Petrovic as their 3rd pair RHD. He's a 6'4", young(25) solid (206 lb), aggressive hitter, who provides quality D and a little offense. He is known to look out for his team-mates. And he is a cheap 1.8M. Getting him would allow us to move Martin. Rychel can then be promoted to take his place on the 4th line. (Rychel will fight a little as well.)

Borgstrom is a great center prospect. He is what Marner needs down the road; fast, talented, and big; a thoroughbred. Florida may not give him up easily, but they already have 3 young stud centers, 4 if you include Bjugstad, and have Hawryluk, and McCann waiting.

They need wingers. The Leafs have lots of quality wingers. I would even go as far to offer Johnson in place of Timashov.

The Leafs have to upgrade via quality younger players for the vets they move out. The conditional provides a fair compensation for JVR re-signing.

I guess the question here, is will they give up Borgstrom to challenge this year. They have the centers, the D, the Goalie and all they need is the wingers. Here they get 3.


1.) 08 Aug 2017 14:02:46
I don't mind this trade but Florida I bet feels as though they have the line up to make the playoffs now, and compete. They were drug down last year by injuries, this year they will be better. Borgstrom would be great though.



07 Aug 2017 00:57:42
How about:

TOR: Bozak, Leo, about 7.3M

NYR: Nash, 1st. 7.8M

2 contracts for 1

Solves two pending FA issues for 1.

Nash may not deliver squat as his numbers are pathetic the last two years, but he's only 2 years removed from a great season. If he doesn't deliver , there are other younger players ready to replace him.

The Rangers get a center that they need and a LW/C/RW in Leo and double their point production over Nash.

They unload 7.8 M in Nash for 7.2 in Leo and Bozak; and only give up what will be a late 1st.

It puts the Leafs at 49 contracts after they sign Brown and the Rangers a 49.

Time to drink the 2nd half of the case.


1.) 07 Aug 2017 05:17:06
I don't mind it for the first, but it make us worse this year.

2.) 07 Aug 2017 15:17:02
Look at it as Leo for Nash, and Bozak for the 1st. At worst Nash will better Leo's numbers. Marleau replaces Bozak. So how are we worse than last year.

3.) 07 Aug 2017 15:35:06
So you think they should trade for someone who didn't want to sign here as a free agent?

4.) 07 Aug 2017 18:00:58
He went for the money, and the Leafs were abysmal at the time. Hard to argue with that, but maybe he wants to have a better exit resume, than 1st line pay for 3rd line stats. He's from Brampton.

If he fails then they can trade him for what they can get before the deadline; if he succeeds, he writes himself a ticket with another team for the following year (We won't be able to afford him) . Similar to the idea of the Parenteau signing, for one year and done.

Plus we get a 1st. Draft well and prosper! (Just watched Star Trek)

5.) 08 Aug 2017 01:46:05
not bad at all but the problem is that nash isn't that good.

6.) 11 Aug 2017 17:11:51
DBF is right. Money aside, Nash was never interested in coming to Toronto. I don't see why he would change his mind so late in his career. His parents postal code I don't think makes a difference.

Lab16, I don't think Marleau was brought in to replace Bozak. It's great that he has played and can play centre but I still believe he was signed for a different purpose. Plus I don't think NY is giving up their first in this deal. They need to continue adding prospects to their depleted pool. The Stepan trade is evidence of that.

Nhl98 and Captain are both right. Both Komarov and Bozak offer intangebles that wouldn't be replaced by this trade.

7.) 13 Aug 2017 20:36:32
He might just wish to for several reasons:

1) Toronto is on the rise.
2) He has really sucked in NY and I'm surprised they haven't chased him out of the building.
3) There will be no pressure in Toronto; half the fans don't even know who he is.
4) He left Nashville for the money in NY. Toronto was on his list of no trades because they sucked and had no chance of winning for a long time. (Note: That attitude is what is wrong with FA. And it's out of control completely in the NBA) .
5) The point is to get the 1st in the trade and trade Nash at the deadline if he doesn't play well.
6) What a player tried to shovel you years ago isn't the same as the dung he'll try to shovel you today.

Home always calls. Money always talks.

He'd have a chance to go out a legend as opposed to the failure he's been in NY.

Oh yeah! I guess all the movie stars didn't want to make movies in Hollywood.

All dung.

8.) 13 Aug 2017 20:50:56
Here's a task for you Ares99R

Watch the tube of all of Matthews goals.

Take a pencil and tally the direct assists on his goal (1st assists with direct plays to him, no lucky crap and no 2nd assists) . The answer will be surprising.

I watched it while hung over this morning, and should have grabbed a pencil at the start. You would have thought it would be Nylander.

Now you will know why Marleau will be on Marners line. Assuming they move JVR and/ or Bozak, which should be expected.

And as an added bonus. Watch all of Marners video of his play from the time he was 4. Just amazing.

Then think about who you want to have an all purpose scorer/ play maker on what line.



21 Jul 2017 12:14:51
TOR: JVR, Bozak 8.75M

MIN: Dumba, 1st 2.5M

Minny traded for Hanzal last year and gave up a 1st and 2nd. Bozak has slightly better numbers than Hanzal.

Dumba will not be a 1st pair Dman so the Leafs are over paying here. But Bozak and JVR have 1 year left.

Minny has about 2 years to go for their cup; Staal, Koivu, Parise will begin declining if they haven't already.

A gamble for Minny; but they have lots of RHD and 15M in cap space.

Note; we could also help them re-stock their depleted farm which is void of quality prospects.


1.) 21 Jul 2017 20:09:13
If I were Lou I would be seriously tempted by this. nice post.

2.) 21 Jul 2017 20:14:06
We might aswell throw in Lou too because Minny will definitely be looking for a new GM if this trade ever went through.

3.) 22 Jul 2017 02:42:05
No from Minn.

4.) 22 Jul 2017 09:16:50

No posts, 1 reply just another jerk signing up a new account to write nonsense.

5.) 22 Jul 2017 09:36:55

Yes from Minny, their timeline is about 2 years and it's over. Taking a gamble on proven players for a year to take a shot at the cup is worthwhile.

Minny was incredible defensively last year but had average offence. This will solve that for them.

The value the Leafs get back is a 2nd pair RH Dman and a very late 1st. Not a lot for Minny to give up.

And if it doesn't work out, the contracts are gone in a year. At some point every team gambles to take a run, and this is a pretty light gamble. And if Minny will have the option to move them before the deadline, if it doesn't work out by then.

This is a gamble that the Leafs are paying for as they could easily get a mid-late 1st and a 2nd/ prospect for both JVR and Bozak.

So maybe support your point; you don't speak for Minny.

6.) 22 Jul 2017 16:09:53

I think the only s d man minny would trade is Brodin cause they can replace him with like Mike Reilly, and for LD they would have suter scandella Reilly, if they trade dumba that creates a giant hole in RD and have the leads situation with RD problems.

7.) 23 Jul 2017 16:23:00
They traded scandella.

8.) 24 Jul 2017 11:52:41

I don't think Minny will be able to afford Dumba when he gets his raise, and they have an excess of RHD similar to Florida (in June) .

They also picked up Ryan Murphy (RHD) for no reason that makes sense unless they plan to move a RHD for forward or LHD help that they need. They currently only have 1 NHL LHD (according to CF) .

To bring the most return, they would be best served by moving Dumba or Brodin, but Dumba brings the best return.

Arguably given the needs of both teams on defence; you could swap Gardiner and Dumba, but Minny needs a quality LW badly. Minnesota's window is now, and lack of LW offence on 2nd and 3rd lines is holding them back.

So if we meet both their needs (Gardiner for Dumba straight up)

TOR: JVR, Gardiner

MIN: Dumba, 1st, Vegas 3rd.

We have the players for LHD to move up for the 3rd pair and Hainsey moves over to LHD2. Dumba to RHD2. And the Leafs are in a much better situation. JVR is already replaced by Marleau, 3rd line center is the only issue. So put Marleau in between Marner and let's say Leivo on his wing.

Minny gets their LW2 in JVR and their LHD2 behind Suter.



24 Jun 2017 13:38:26
TOR: Wong, Marincin (1.25M)

CHI: Pokka (RFA), Kruger(cap dump) (3.08 M + Pokka's new deal they can't afford.)

Right now the Hawks are over the cap (1.5M). Kruger is the obvious candidate to go and can replace Boyle. Pokka fits our needs well.

Wong is a RW talent in junior but we are saturated with RW's.

This at least puts them back under the cap, and they don't have to pay for Pokka who will want a decent bridge contract. In Toronto Pokka will get his shot.

Puts us back at 50 contracts but, that's only for a week or so.


1.) 25 Jun 2017 05:05:41
Could be good for both teams. Kruger for about the same money and term Boyle is probably looking for (3M x 2yr) . Already signed and expires when the kids are due their raises. Plays the dirty areas, good team guy and maybe an up-grade on Boyle. Also younger, only 27.
Pokka is a decent prospect for the 3rd pair RHD. Decent size and brings some grit. Up-grade on Polak. RFA so maybe a 1 year, 1M show-me contract.
Hawks get their cap relief and a cheap (and flexible, plays left or right side), young option to play with Rozsival on a depleted and aging Chicago D-corps and a prospect.



24 Jun 2017 13:33:54
TOR: Wong, Marincin (1.25M)

CHI: Pokka (RFA), Kruger(cap dump) (3.08 M + Pokka's new deal they can't afford.)

Right now the Hawks are over the cap (1.5M). Kruger is the obvious candidate to go and can replace Boyle. Pokka fits our needs well.

Wong is a RW talent in junior but we are saturated with RW's. Marincin is to balance contracts.

This at least puts them back under the cap, and they don't have to pay for Pokka who will want a decent contract.





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13 Sep 2017 10:43:04

I like the trade, as Roy is a large body capable of some offense, and good at faceoffs. The Leafs could have taken the chance on Roy, but they elected for Jesper Lindgren.

He's certainly a 4th center at minimum, but to play 3rd line C or better on this team, he will have work on his skating and overall speed, so he might take a year or 2, which is fine.

Rychel is ready for the NHL, but, just not on this team. Not with so much competition from faster, younger players next season (Bracco, Kapanen, Grundstrom, Korshkov, Brooks, Johnsson, Timashov, maybe Moore and others) . Yes, Kapanen can play LW (Finland) . Bracco's roving style of play means you can put him just about anywhere.

Rychel would help the average Canes offense immediately. The others are decent depth pieces at low prices for the cost concious Canes.

So; to trade a prospect like Rychel, who will only get displaced soon, in exchange for a prospect like Roy, who has all the attributes of a 2nd line center if he puts it together; is a good gamble for the Leafs to take. Especially since we are giving up only minor pieces in addition to Rychel.

So a good deal by Dbone.

And it moves 3 contracts for one which offers better flexibility for making trades later.




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05 Sep 2017 00:25:09
I found the article and he states on the Leafs; your re-type errs there, but Marner and Nylander were also better.




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04 Sep 2017 22:08:18
Only Matthews is better than Hall?

How about the top twenty last year. All of which were better than Hall last year.

Where did you get the story from? Comedy Central?




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04 Sep 2017 21:06:07
I like the trade. Good choice on Lindberg.

But, I would also consider trading JVR. The Devils have a a glut of quality centers and it makes sense for them to move some of them.

They have just added Hishier (C), and Bodquist (C), with their 1st 2 picks; but have lost Clowe (LW) permanently and need a good LW
Note: They have tons of cap room, but can't afford to give up D.

So something like:

TOR: JVR, T. Lindberg
NJD: Mcleod, cond. 1st 2018, and 3rd 2018;

The conditional 1st is upon JVR re-signing. If not, it becomes two 2nds 2018/ 2019

JVR would finally get to play with a quality center.

and additionally, an exchange of parts;

TOR: Rychel, Sosh, lowest 2nd 2018, and Marincin (D) ;
NJD: Quenville (C), Bastian (C) ;

2 wingers, a 2nd, and a D; for 2 centers.

The Devils still have 8 NHL capable centers left (Including Hishier and and their 2nd pick) . They get a top line LW.

The Leafs get their Bozak replacement and a replacement for Moore the following year if the Goat can't do it.

They can also shift to wing if need be. All 3 centers are of good size and good skaters. Quenville and Bastian are risks, but there are signs they will produce, and I like their seasons, and playoff runs.




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03 Sep 2017 17:12:26
Neilsen has to work on his skating in a manner similar to Gauthier accomplishments last year, to help address the deficiencies Dbone pointed out.

His shot, hitting, fighting, other physical play, and his reach are attributes that Dermott can never match.

Dermott doesn't beat out Borgman and Rosen who are similarly built, but more experienced players. Neilsen's size, aggressiveness, hitting are what the Leafs are currently missing, and the lack of which is noticeable in their drafting last June.

Neilsen has already had another summer to work on his skating. I'm betting the more experienced Borgman and Rosen get the call up's this year. I don't see Dermott getting the call over those two because he had half a good season. I like Dermott, but the Leafs need Neilsen more and he will be ready within a year.

The proof of concept, is in the Leafs pursuit of the tough Russian RHD Ozhiganov (Oz) . He's under KHL contract for 1 more year, unfortunately.

Amazing how well the D is starting to fill out so fast, compared to last year at this time.

Leafs top eight D this year:

Reilly, Hainsey (Obvious matchup to set Reilly free)
Gardiner, Zaitsev (Good as is)
Borgman, Carrick (This pairing will change over the year)
Marincin, Rosen

TO start, Carrick gets the nod over Rosen because of experience with the Leafs system and Liljegren is not included yet, but you never know. Marincin is traded before the deadline. Borgman, Rosen, Neilsen, Dermott, and Hainsey, all have more talent now, than he ever will. I'm surprised he isn't already gone.

Sadly, the only capable fighter above is Marincin and that's not saying much.

Next year;
Reilly, Liljegren ( Will really open up the ice for Reilly)
Neilsen, Zaitsev ( Space for Zaitsev, finally a point shot)
Borgman, Rosen ( Hainsey may push either one down for a year)
Dermott, Carrick ( Carrick gets traded, Oz signs. )

I expect Gardiner to be moved after this seasons end. Not for his play (it has been great) ; but because the Leafs won't be able to afford him as a UFA in 2019. The cost of MM and N will require this.

Borgman will have to fight for his job over Dermott, and Carrick will lose his to Rosen who is versatile.

Only Reilly and Zaitsev will remain at the end of that season ( in two years ) from last years top six.

In 3 years, Leafs put a tree on RHD (Rasanen) .





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