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25 Oct 2017 16:40:27
Recently saw a post by Goatson that I liked And though I'd expand.



I've been doing some thinking and looking at cup contending teams. I. e. Pitt Chi La and Nsh and have noticed none of them have a stellar Defence. except NSH but they havnt won anything. Most cup winners have a good D core and a hell of a lot of fire power. As a result I'd like to see the following.

Leafs trades
1st 2018 or 2nd 2018 + prospect
I think Vancouver wants a 1st tho.

Vancouver trades
Bo Horvat

Hyman Matthews Nylander
Jvr Horvat marner
Marleau kadri Brown
Martin Moore leivo/ kapanen

Gardiner zaitzev
Reilly Suster
Borgman Carrick/ polak


cap wise is the same, and bozak will probably be flipped for another pick or two. I know it will be hard to aquire Horvat but I think as the season goes on, Vancouver will realize somthing needs to be done.
In the end I think tbis makes the leafs a true cup contender this year maybe even a cup favorite considering what Vegas thinks the leafs will do this year. Lol



1.) 25 Oct 2017 17:56:24
Pretty sure Horvat is as untouchable as it gets in Vancouver.

This is a terrible proposal.

2.) 25 Oct 2017 20:11:13
Horvat not going anywhere, part of Vancouver's furture. Sure would love to see him as a Leaf.

3.) 26 Oct 2017 04:34:41
Thoughts after 9 games last season leafs had 7 pts this year 9 games 14 pts hold the trade talk 4 awhile. We have something good brewing leafs will get better as season moves along. The only threat in their division is Tampa. When the leafs play well they beat Ottawa most nights.

4.) 26 Oct 2017 12:54:05
I agree with everyone here. Yes Horvat may be untouchable and yes we are in a much better position then last year. The point I'm trying to make is that I think the leafs will have to upgrade through the middle if they won't get a #1 dman. The price is just to high this year, and if we could have a serious 1 and 2 up the middle we would be a great team not just good. Imagine if marner had a better Centermen to play with. The reason I'm not including kadri is because I like the 3rd/ shutdown line of marleau kadri and Leo and as much as I'd love to see kadri put up 30+ with marner on his wing, marner just can't play that tough in your face game that the third line plays. So I'll propose this question:

Who would be the best fit between marner and jvr, If there is a "possible" upgrade at center. And how much would we be willing to give up without ruining plans for the future?

5.) 27 Oct 2017 18:38:25
Kadri is a true #2. I know it's early but he's on pace for 32 again, and looks great to me. It's going to be replacing the third line. Personally I think Marner should play C.



20 Sep 2017 14:37:43
So after watching the home and home against ottawa, we have a lot of things to be happy about. One concern tho is our depth (We don't have any lol) . Aside from maybe rychel kapanen the two sweeds and maybe another forward or two we are weak. Here's what I think should happen.

If the leafs are barley hanging on to a playoff spot come the deadline:

Leivo maybe Rychel instead

1st in 2018
V. Kamenev (c) prospect 21 yrs old
J. Dougherty (rd) prospect 21 yrs old
Colorado's 4th (Owned By Nashville)



2nd round pick 2018
Maybe 3rd if he's playing well

Rychel/ bracco if we lose Rychel to Nashville

Off season

1st 2018
1st 2018 (nashville)
+ maybe a prospect depending on where in the top 5 They Trade For most likely rychel or leivo who ever doesn't go to Nash.


Top 5 pick + maybe a 3rd round but probably not.

Ps this trade doesn't happen if leafs are out of the playoffs. I'd rather a top 10-15 pick plus a 20range pick than a top 5. Hunter and Dubis will find sleepers.


1.) 20 Sep 2017 18:44:17
So you're saying you watched the games and still consider Rychel as depth for the leafs? Shows you don't watch your hockey and pretend like you know your stuff. What about Dermott or Grundstrom? They'll both be on the team by the end of next year. Learn your hockey. By the way, the trades are stupid.

2.) 20 Sep 2017 19:43:48
Lol @marquesmen someone is a little butt hurt by my post. Just thought I'd get some trade talk going here. Let me break it down for you tho. Sorry btw I should have emphasised maybe since you might have missed that before I named rychel. But yes there's a chance he could be depth. He's only 22 and is a big guy. Could see him playing on the 4th line (POSSIBLY) in the future, or as a call up this year toward the end of the season if we get into injury trouble. With regards to dermott sorry I missed him, didn't stand out to me. Although I know babs pointed him out in the presser. You seem to be very broad in your criticism and just kinda point out things that I didn't emphasise, but have been in the media. You should start your own site with all this original and insitful information. As for Grundstrom, I was impressed. Showed some grit and a little skill but nothing special. I think there are a couple guys in that position which is why I didn't name anyone but said "maybe one or two other forwards. "

Also please explain why my trades are stupid. I'd like to know how they could be improved by someone of your hockey IQ, or why they shouldn't happen. Considering I said they would be an option if the leafs are not in a position to go deep or even make the playoffs.

Looking forward to another insightful reply.



11 Sep 2017 17:37:11
I think our only option for a dman at this point is

Deadline deal/ midseason

3rd 2019 conditional if JVR doesn't resign


J. Demers

Fill the hole with kapanen bracco or leivo

Kapanen bozak marner.


1.) 11 Sep 2017 18:12:21
No way from leafs. If the best D you can get for JVR is an overpaid bottom pair Guy with 3+years left, then you just keep the 30 goal winger with experience for a playoff run. Trading JVR for demers makes you worse today and far worse in the future. Can you imagine when this expected cap crunch comes with marner, nylander and Matthews comes and the problem with not keeping all 3 is a 6th Dman?!?

2.) 11 Sep 2017 19:46:22
Have to agree but I'm starting to think it's the only dman the leafs can get for jvr. If I had my way, leafs would trade him at the deadline in a package to get a prospect and a 1st round pick. Forget a cup run. The leafs will not make the finals this year. Conference or cup finals that is. Their defense isn't even close to good enough. And if all east teams stay healthy. They will be battling till the end just to get in.

3.) 11 Sep 2017 20:13:35
4.5 million4 years did u ever think leafs just trade Jvr for first near deadline plus they can get more maybe and even more if they retain money . Some team is going to have problems this season I say Washington and Ottawa Carolina might bite also.

4.) 11 Sep 2017 20:50:24
@davidmackin i did think of that. That's why i said I agreed and would prefer a 1st if I had my way in the reply lol. did you not think to read on? As for the trade I said in the beginning that I think he's the only dman that would be available for jvr because most people seem to think that you're going to get lindholm or even Carlson straight up. dkm. Just trying to get people to be realistic. At no point did I say I would do it. I'm simply tryi g to point out that I think it's all that was available for JVR this season. People on this site need to pay attention and not jump the gun.

5.) 11 Sep 2017 22:03:11

Your better off with picks for Jvr Bozak and komarov. Leafs drafting position is al wys gong to b late first round now so just keep getting picks. New young cheap players have to keep coming in the most leafs want to pay a dman is what' Reilly is earning. You can see leafs pay structure when u look what each player earns.

6.) 11 Sep 2017 22:26:32
I'm in agreement with Unbiased Jim, Davidmackin and MatthewsC. All valid points. I would definitely avoid making this deal. The Leafs are better off keeping JVR if that's all they will get in a trade. But let's see how the year unfolds and what happens with other teams. You never know how quickly some players can fall out of favour on a given team.

7.) 11 Sep 2017 22:32:41
Pens D this year was really bare looking too. Leafs have a ton of fire power. I wouldn't count them out of winning a cpl rounds this year. Not saying it's going to happen, but penguins won the cup with a weak D core by playoff team standards, and preds went to the finals having the worst regular season record of all 16 playoff teams. It's a different animal and anything can happen. If leafs are in a playoff hunt, I'd rather JVR than Demers or a late first because the only teams going to trade for him will be a top team.



04 Sep 2017 03:42:53
Hey guys I read an article and had to share lol tell me what you think

Proposed trade


JVR + Dermotte + Brooks + gundstrom + 2 1st round picks 2018 and 2020

How the author justified it:
1. Players like trouba do not become available often
2. If acquired he would be the #1 dman and would give the leafs
3. Trouba is way better than Larson and no one but Matthews is better then hall right now. So a large amount will need to be given up to acquire trouba if marner nylander and Matthews are off the table.
4. We become a contender right now.


1.) 04 Sep 2017 04:54:38
Is your source the article written by James Tanner? Same article where he identifies Trouba as a number 1 defenceman? And where he states is better than any of the current Leaf defencemen and prospects? The same defence where Reilly was a top pairing defence for his team and for team North America while Trouba wasn't even in the lineup to start the tournament?

Tanner recently wrote another article how easily the Coyotes could become Stanley cup contenders this year if they used up their 20 million in cap space while flipping 75% of their useless roster into bonafide NHL talent and put their 1st round picks into play. It's that simple. right. He identified that the coyotes already have a top centre, top goalie, and a number 1 D, so all they need are the complementary pieces to contend.

Other authored articles involved trading JVR, keeping JVR, critics on why the Leafs didn't target the ancient one Jagr, Franson and Demers. I don't know if this guy is under pressure to pump out stories, but lately some of them were fantasyland.

Tanner also wrote articles on how the Leafs should be trading away their 1sr round picks now that they've turned the corner with Matthews, Marner and Nylander. As if we forgotten what's happened to this franchise for trading away it's high picks and prospects in the past.

Other articles on the Leafs maxing the cap while the iron is hot because our Stanley Cup window is only 2 years before the big contracts kick in. After that it sounds like there's no winning the cup. Just nonesense. Tell the penguins that as they've won cups with the same core spread over 7 years.

Then you have Trouba, who will be an RFA after this year. What's his asking price going to be? Does he want to come to Toronto? Will he want to play for another Canadian team? It wasn't long ago where the media were reporting that Trouba wanted to play in the U. S.

I think Toronto is better off passing on a Trouba trade of this price and choosing to be patient with what they have. As some of the other members on here, Davidmackin, Goatson, Dbone, have all identified young defence talent within the organization that are close to ascending to the NHL.

2.) 04 Sep 2017 15:46:01
Ares99R - well said!

3.) 04 Sep 2017 18:02:07
Thank you DBF.

4.) 04 Sep 2017 18:27:13
Cheaper to sign him to an offer sheet of 7 million a year (not worth it by the way) and trade JVR for picks and/ or prospects.

With an offer sheet you'd loose 1st,2nd and 3rd.

There are very few D that are worth that much if not more $$$. (Drew Doughty, PK Subban, Erik Karlsson, Brent Burns, Alex Pietrangelo, Victor Hedman, Seth Jones and in the future maybe Rasmus Ristolainen and Zachary Werenski)

5.) 04 Sep 2017 21:46:00

The majority of defence you've outlined are true top pairing guys and number 1 defencemen. Most were drafted by their own teams. The best way for the Leafs to acquire a top defencemen is by drafting one.

6.) 04 Sep 2017 22:08:18
Only Matthews is better than Hall?

How about the top twenty last year. All of which were better than Hall last year.

Where did you get the story from? Comedy Central?

7.) 05 Sep 2017 00:25:09
I found the article and he states on the Leafs; your re-type errs there, but Marner and Nylander were also better.

8.) 06 Sep 2017 00:53:24
Look James Tanner's job is to write articles and have people read them. That's it. Not all his articles have to be precise or make sense. He's written some good articles and has had some serious bad ones.

If he's done something well is open people's eyes about the pros and cons of advanced metrics. It's not easy to always be on point when churning out articles on a limited subject area.

9.) 09 Sep 2017 21:40:25
Great of you to come to Tanner's defence and I meant no disrespect to the guy. Up until recently, he was always one of my favourite bloggers.



26 Jul 2017 23:46:49
Leafs: bozak

Preds: 2nd + Maybe 3rd

Sign franzon

Move nylander to center.? .? .?


Please don't just say "nylander won't play center. " Try elaborating. Unless babs is on this site. Lol.


1.) 27 Jul 2017 00:36:53
They can get that at the deadline. Why do it now?

2.) 27 Jul 2017 14:02:42

I figure we do it now to open up some cap space: 1. To sign franzon and 2. So we can give a couple young guys a shot to make the team and maybe have them mesh with the team.

What would be the benefit of doing it at the deadline beside maybe getting another 2nd instead of a 3rd when people are going to over pay? I see the benefit to the future in acquiring maybe 1 extra pick but we need our young guys to start making the team and playing significant roles. If not the will keep playing on our 4th line.

Simply put these next couple years need to be a transition for our young up and comers if not we will just be throwing them into the mix when we are in our best window of contention.


3.) 27 Jul 2017 13:37:42
Bozak = prospect + 1st rd, considering it will be a late 1st rd. DUMB suggested proposal.

4.) 27 Jul 2017 15:16:10
Nylander’s situation will sort itself out once the forward group is sorted out. It may benefit the team more if Nylander remains on Matthew’s line. They had great chemistry together, and I can only see them building on their success.

Franson would be a second pairing guy that needs to play on the power play. Toronto has already filled their 1st and 2nd power play teams with Babcock utilizing Nylander and Kadri on the points. There are also concerns about Fransons lateral mobility; the same issues that plagued his game even when he was a Leaf. Which means, his game hasn’t improved. Franson is also a few years older since being traded by the Leafs, which means parts of his game are in decline. Franson is still capable of contributing to a team, but as a Leaf fan, I would be more inclined to see the Leafs take a chance internally and give Dermott an opportunity or Carrick a bigger role on this team. Internal competition is good for the players as well as drawing in new talents where they see opportunity (i. e. NCAA - Butcher) . Mostly likely, if the Leafs were to sign Franson, he could drop in the line up to the third pairing in which he would be taking playing time away from a young leaf. Three teams including the Leafs have already passed on giving Franson a long term deal. No other team aside from Chicago’s PTO offer have shown interest. I wouldn’t be surprised if Franson ends up in the KHL for the year.

Trading Bozak now for a couple of draft picks wouldn’t make much sense for a team that is looking to repeat its playoff appearance. Whether Bozak is traded or re-signed or let go, the Leafs still need someone to play 3C and right now, he’s the best they’ve got. Perhaps if Gauthier makes a good recovery and shows himself to be worthy of a call up and sticks, maybe then you could consider moving Bozak for a couple of picks at the trade deadline. Even then, the Leafs will need his experience and faceoff abilities for the playoffs. Not every player ends up being traded for something in return. Sometimes, greater value can be found in keeping the player for a playoff run. Consider Bozak like a rental pick up where at the end of the season, he comes off the books and gives way to another younger player for the 2018 season. Keeping Bozak also buys the Leafs more time in finding a replacement for him.

5.) 27 Jul 2017 15:27:36

Lol really a 1st and a prospect. I don't care if he's a solid #3 center. He wouldn't get you a 1st and a prospect from a top contender at the dead line. He's going to be 32 and make over 4 mill.

6.) 28 Jul 2017 14:41:03
@ MatthewsC
How do you explain Hanzel last year. And Bozak can play all 3 center roles without hurting you, let alone take faceoffs. What contender doesn't need that.

Marleau can play center. Has played it before and would be perfect for Marner.




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13 Nov 2017 13:07:44
I think marner will definitely turn it on toward the end of the season, but I see him more in the range of kadris contract if the sign him in the summer. As for nylander, you're probably right at around 7mil and hopefully they convince Matthews to not take his max. Although he deserves every penny.




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13 Nov 2017 13:03:37
I think if we trade for a dman, it's to get Hainsey off the right side.

Reilly savard
Gards zaitzev
Hainsey Carrick


Other than that I like it.




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02 Nov 2017 14:45:42
Lab16 I think we can throw Carrick in the mix also. He should get a team friendly contract this year maybe around 2mill for 3 years, and will fill out the right side. I think there's a better chance the defence looks like this in 2019.

Reilly zaitzev
Borgman liljegren
Rosen Carrick

Other than that I'd have to agree with you.




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26 Oct 2017 12:54:05
I agree with everyone here. Yes Horvat may be untouchable and yes we are in a much better position then last year. The point I'm trying to make is that I think the leafs will have to upgrade through the middle if they won't get a #1 dman. The price is just to high this year, and if we could have a serious 1 and 2 up the middle we would be a great team not just good. Imagine if marner had a better Centermen to play with. The reason I'm not including kadri is because I like the 3rd/ shutdown line of marleau kadri and Leo and as much as I'd love to see kadri put up 30+ with marner on his wing, marner just can't play that tough in your face game that the third line plays. So I'll propose this question:

Who would be the best fit between marner and jvr, If there is a "possible" upgrade at center. And how much would we be willing to give up without ruining plans for the future?




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16 Oct 2017 17:46:39
One thing I agree with is bringing kapanen up. He is a great defensive player and can skate. Think he would be good on the Martin line tho. Could give us 4 lines that have the ability to be a threat.





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