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18 Sep 2019 19:07:54
Ghostisbehere + Hart + Frost


Anderson + Kapanen


1.) 18 Sep 2019 19:19:41
I think they would rather keep Hart than have Freddy.

2.) 18 Sep 2019 20:10:33
Hart is still so raw. Can Hart really come to toronto and handle 35 shots a night?

Remember as good offencively as toronto is they are also very defensively deficiant. Anderson is why they can play this way. Seems the more shots anderson gets the better he is. Nights like he leafs play great D and only allow 20 or less shots is also, a night anderson allows 4 goals. Shots above 35 allowed he only allows 2 maybe 3 goals. Its quite the trend he has established as a leaf.

Can Hart do this? I don't know and at this point in the leafs position i really don't feel like finding out.

The deal itself has good value depending on your bias toward vetern great goalie or a great prospect possibly with anderson upside. the rest of the deal favors philly though. Again, i could be way off on this one.

3.) 18 Sep 2019 21:49:58
@Craigger I kind of look at that differently. When Freddy allows a weak goal or two the leafs to settle down defensively and do a better job. Less of everyone jumping in on the rush and no forward coming back when Freddy has an off night. Freddy could have stolen game 6 for us. He was a beast that day but they couldn't put the puck in the net so it became all out push leaving Freddy alone.

4.) 18 Sep 2019 21:50:05
Gotta stick with Andersen. I know Binningon proves a rookie goalie can go all the way, but I feel experience matters. Forwards are comfortable with Andersen and play their style based around him in net. Changing goalies might necessitate a change in play. Not ideal.

5.) 18 Sep 2019 23:03:29
@Leafsgm agree there. I don't think Phi wants Freddy either though they probably want to see how their young goalie does going forward.

6.) 18 Sep 2019 23:50:24
Hart is 1 slump away of being just another philly young goalie. Philly has a very troubled history of having a promising young goalie only to see him within 2 years be gone. They put their young goalies on very short leashes.

Lindbergh (year of his death he got replaced shortly before as he slumped)

Just a few examples. i'm sure others can be added but it goes back 3 generations. Heck even hextall was outsted the year after he struggled. he came back eventually but still.

7.) 19 Sep 2019 03:48:59
Philly and goalies don’t seem to do well together. Even good goalies go there and suck. Not sure what it is, but Philadelphia is a black hole for goalies. That’s where careers get ended. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with their system. But you would think they would have had it figured out by now. I guess some teams it doesn’t matter who the GM is, who is coaching, what style they play, or even who the players in front are. Without a goalie, you go nowhere. And Philly basically defines that category of team.

8.) 19 Sep 2019 04:33:32
I don’t think Leafs are deficient defensively. 12th in league last year is pretty good. And with the improvements fmwe made this year, I expect a much better standing innthe rankings. We made some pretty significant upgrades on our defense this summer. I wouldn’t be too surprised if we come top 10 in lowest gaa.

9.) 19 Sep 2019 09:48:32
A lot of nights they break down defensively. They enjoy taking risks and for that they become defence deficient. that's why andersen is so valuable. They don't mean to be deficient it just happens. Without risk you have no reward. Without Andersen you have no risk. i don't want a sophmore goalie playing 55-60 games for a team built this way.

10.) 19 Sep 2019 18:00:32
Oh yeah. You got that one right one craaigger. Leafs and third period let downs is almost a given. I don’t think there is a team in the league that has blown as many third period leads as the Leafs have over the last decade. Sure don’t want a rookie/ sophomore goalie in net come playoff time. Blues got lucky with Binnington. He was the only goalie left in their system.



18 Sep 2019 17:18:28
Nutivaara + Anderson


Kapanen + Dermott


1.) 18 Sep 2019 17:59:03
I really love this deal.

2.) 19 Sep 2019 03:59:30
I don’t think there is enough incentive here for Columbus to make this deal. Only a small sample size to go on, but if last year is any indication of progress going forward for the two forwards, then there isn’t really any point in that trade. Anderson brings size and grit. He’s a good power forward. Kapanen brings skill and speed, and lots of it too. I’m not sure Anderson would be an effective replacement.

Even if Kapanen does land us Anderson, do you really think Dermott gets Nutivaara? I’m not convinced.



18 Sep 2019 17:13:41
Kapanen + Dermott


Pesce = Necas


1.) 18 Sep 2019 17:58:46
There is way to much bias opinions on Pesce. either he is valued as a top pairing or he isnt. If you value him as a top pairing than this deal is way off. If you value him as a second pairing than the deal is closer in value.

Necas is probably a no go either way. so my only advise would be find a lesser of a prospect and than this deal is real close in value if Pesce is valued as a 2nd pairing.

I personally think Pesce is a 2nd pairing guy but hey that's me.

2.) 18 Sep 2019 19:23:18
@Craigger I agree there it's where you stand on how good peace is. His contract makes him more valuable to a lot of teams which drives up his value a bit. This seems to be the time when all defenceman get screwed though so I'm not really seeing a huge value in him as much now.

I see him as a second pairing guy that can log 1st pairing minutes if need be. Case in point, as a leaf he would be a great top pairing D compared to what we have right now in Ceci.

Necas would cost more. Kapanen for Pesce straight up been thrown around a lot in various scenarios and I think it actually is fairly close but they won't give your Necas.

3.) 18 Sep 2019 23:01:36
Kappy does not get you pesce.

4.) 19 Sep 2019 00:24:37
I guess the thought that Kappy does get you Pesce, but Leafs say no never crossed your mind eh RedWing? Because a deal centres around Kappy for Pesce does indeed make a lot of sense. Carolina is desperate for cheap scoring wingers, but they wouldn’t want Kapanen? Sounds a little strange there’s doesn't it? Especially since it is well known that Carolina does in fact actually have a desire for Kapanen. Why they wouldn’t give up their 2/ 3 line RHD for Kapanen seems a little odd.

5.) 19 Sep 2019 03:20:08
The problem is that kappy at 3+ mil only scored 20goals put up 44 points. With a stacked team just isn't close to enough for a potential top pairing rhd.

6.) 19 Sep 2019 10:03:38
Everyone has their opinion on pesce. However, saying that kapanen at 3.4 million is part of the reason why this deal wouldn't happen and that he isn't worth that money let me give you a cap comparable

14 goals 41 points born just 6 months earlier 4.75 million dollars
Seems Ottawa likes Colin White for even more money

Guess GMs don't know how to do their jobs as they value their players higher than you would

Your arguments are so lacking.

7.) 19 Sep 2019 13:03:46
I didn't say he wasn't worth what he is getting paid. You want necas potential 1c and pesce almost a #2 top pairing defensive Dman with puck moving ability for a 40 point player and bottom 2 Dman. Come on.

8.) 19 Sep 2019 13:28:42
I said choose a lesser prospect. You didn't mention Necas until your last post. you said "the problem with Kappy at 3+ mil only scored 20 goals and put up 40 points. "

that makes it look like you are saying Kappy isn't worth his money.

again loose Necas and maybe this deal might be good depending on how you value Pesce.

9.) 20 Sep 2019 01:56:49
I didn’t mention necas or debate the prop itself directly either. So not sure why you are including this now at all. The focus by Craigger and myself was on Kapanen for Pesce. Kapanen is a 2nd line player in Carolina, while Peace is bottom pairing, unless he somehow passes Faulk, which I doubt. Carolina will be wanting to showcase Faulk for trade bait. He will get the 2nd line, Pesce likely remains 3rd line. So trading 3RHD for 2RW makes a lot of sense actually doesn’t it?

10.) 20 Sep 2019 02:35:18
20 goals and 44 points is enough to make him the leading scorer on quite a few teams. Is Keller crap too then? He led his team in scoring last year with 14 goals and 47 points, but Arizona extended him at a whopping $7M+. So Kapanens salary actually works for him, not against him. There are plenty of other examples we can go through if you like.

Maybe a little research first might help with your responses. Your trying to make statements true by fiat. You probably don’t know what fiat means, and I’m not going to tell you. You can look it up while you are looking up stats that show you that a) Kapanen is a good player, and b) he has a good team friendly deal.



14 Sep 2019 18:42:16
Moore + Hollowell




1.) 14 Sep 2019 18:58:20
Back to the Crouse trades lol. I don't think there is space for anyone not on a league minimum. Even at 1.5 it's a tight fit unless Ceci is gone or Hyman/ kappy get traded at some point.

2.) 14 Sep 2019 21:54:54
the next deal the leafs make needs to have more money out than in

LeafsLife is correct

I also hope fery much Hollowell gets to develop and play as a Leaf some day.

3.) 14 Sep 2019 23:41:31
I wouldn’t give up Hollowell for Crouse. Maybe Moore, but we would have to throw in one of our too many depth defensemen (Marincin, Gravel, Holl, etc) in order to balance salaries.

Crouse adds more than any combination of Moore and those three guys listed. So for the right trade, Crouse is still an option, even if not optimal.

4.) 15 Sep 2019 11:10:01
Crouse trade again. The love in continues. Stop just stop.

5.) 16 Sep 2019 08:09:47
Guys Ike Crouse, Puljujarvi, Ritchie. You just got to believe they still can make it. One more year on a different team. You just know the potential is there. It just has to be brought out.



12 Sep 2019 00:27:50
Marner + Johnsson + Dermott


Seguin + Klingberg


1.) 12 Sep 2019 08:03:35
Marner for Seguin is a huge yes. Seguin scores more goals, and is signed long term for good price, and is a far better center than Marner or Nylander (or Kerfoot) if the need arises.

The klingberg trade I don’t think Dallas does. The loss of a Klingberg is a massive hole that Dermott can’t fill. It’s possible Dallas could run Lindell and Heiskenan top line, but then there second line of Dermott and Sekera I saw a massive drop. The offense provide by Johnsson, who would be middle six player on Dalls would be minimal.

2.) 12 Sep 2019 12:07:23
Leafs take this deal. Seguin and his tattoos are great. Klingberg is turning out to be an amazing dman.

Due to Klingberg being in this deal i'd say Dallas passes.

3.) 12 Sep 2019 17:04:43
I think Dallas would say no even if you threw in a prospect and pick. 2 elite players they need are worth more to then especially since both cost close to what Marner does alone.

4.) 13 Sep 2019 00:28:57
Can the leafs just trade Marner for Heiskanen straight up? Lol I'm a huge fan of his and predict a Norris or two in his future.




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18 Sep 2019 16:15:24
Kapanen + Dermott for Savard.




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18 Sep 2019 16:12:45
Dermott + Kapanen+ a draft pick for Klingberg. $190K difference

Bracco replaces Kapanen.




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15 Sep 2019 07:05:11

How do Leafs pay for Martinez AND Kempe. Leafs are capped out.




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14 Sep 2019 12:58:48
I agree you don't have to pay for forwards until we lose Hymen in the expansion draft next year. That would leave us with $55 MM for 13 forwards As I have been reminded we can keep 7 forwards and 3 defensemen.

After the draft I believe that we can offer first year RFA bridging Dermott- 2 year $3 MM or 1 year $1 MM. Four year Extension at $5.5 MM for Muzzin with huge front end Bonuses, that few teams would match.
Also a $7 MM x 7 years for Barrie again with front end Big Bonus monies. The defense corps will cost $21.5 MM for 7 defensemen.
Goal-tending will cost $5.8 MM + Kessel totaling $7 MM. Thus providing a team salary cap for 2020/ 21 at $83.5 MM should their be strike.
So after this long diatribe on my part, I believe for next year the salary cap of $84 MM, we will have no cap space.

I believe the salary numbers for defense are more than adequate because of the bonuses the Leafs can offer.

My question where would you invest your monies next year, if you don't re-sign Barrie or Muzzin.




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13 Sep 2019 21:35:11
Too many Honkas for me

They are no Plager Boys.





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