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22 Feb 2019 14:48:35
Toronto gets

Carolina gets

Toronto gets

Dallas gets
4th 2019

Then put nylander on 3C next year and let spezza walk.
This shores up our defence, maybe a depth move or trade gardiner for Colin miller for your RD2.
Clears cap space for next year as well.
May have to add or what not but what are the thoughts?


1.) 22 Feb 2019 15:10:46
Probably have to dump Horton in the off-season still though.

2.) 22 Feb 2019 15:52:51
If we are moving kadri I think I’d want Hamilton or Pesce +.

3.) 22 Feb 2019 16:16:32
I like this proposal a lot Babsocks. I usually do wnjoy your trades though. I think you’ve made excellent choices in both your targeted trading partners, and all players involved. The biggest snag is finances. I don’t think Leafs can afford the Spezza trade. But there’s ways to work around that. So without taking salary cap into consideration, let’s just take this proposal for face value.

Kadri for Pesce is the trade that makes me take the biggest pause. We all know Kadri is one of the best two-way centres in the league and has a very team friendly contract to boot. Not exactly the type of guy a team with cap issues wants to trade. But, then again, we have Nylander and Marleau both who can step up and play that position if necessary. And a proper 3C is cheap to acquire (Kadri is more like a 2C or even a 1C, and is way overqualified for his position) . As far as the contract, Pesce too has a long term team friendly contract, and is in an even more coveted and premium position at 1RHD. He would be a vast improvement over Zaitsev and Hainsey. So it makes sense and offsets Kadri’s contract.

The Dallas trade I really like because we are dumping Zaitsev. Gurianiv has not exactly lived up to the expectations that warranted such a high draft pick, and despite being a point per game player in AHL at 21 years of age, has not been able to translate that into any kind of NHL success. (As an aside, that may make some guys who are big supporters of Bracco take pause) . I like his size, and he is showing real potential. But at this point, I got to think he’s only about the same level as Bracco. Probably at best a middle six player. But it’s a cost saving manoeuvre for next year, and I have a feeling this trade is more about the cap than our fourth line depth.

In general, I think you have a couple pretty solid ideas here. These trades give us a little something for now and something for later. Pesce in particular is a player I think virtually everyone on the site agrees is a valuable commodity that would really help Leafs.

As always Babsocks. I really liked reading this one. I love how you keep it fresh and roll out different suggestions regularly rather than just tweaking the same proposals slightly every day. Lol. It makes things far more interesting when you can do that.

4.) 22 Feb 2019 16:22:17
Or add a bit and get Ferland too?

5.) 22 Feb 2019 17:37:01
@Leafs GM
You’ve nailed my thoughts right on, it’s a lot about the savings. In the spezza trade, the money almost offsets to fit this year, we would be taking on the 7.5 mill and giving 6.6. So we would spend a bit more for the 7.5 in cap next year. Giving is money to sign our RFAs and getting an RD1. I basically looked at the cost in the past with Pesce. A top 4d cost Edmonton for instance, Taylor hall. Granted it wasn’t a good trade. Kadri is not Taylor hall. You don’t win every trade at first glance. If it was that easy to commit highway robbery, we would be the best team ever.

6.) 22 Feb 2019 18:11:29
It’s not like Spezza is a terrible player. He’s grossly overpaid. But his stats are in line with what you would expect for 3C. Heck, if he would re-sign for less than $3M, maybe Leafs could even thing about it. He’s older, but still a capable depth guy and would be good to have for insurance against injury or if Nylander doesn’t perform well at center. A one year contract for a couple bucks isn’t the worst idea.

I like how you put together this trade with a keen eye to the cap here. You did an outstanding job breaking down the numbers. It seems like you are one of the few guys on site that really have a good head for numbers. Always important when putting together a realistic proposal. You get straight A’s for this one Babsocks. I love it. I really do.

7.) 22 Feb 2019 22:59:15

Yes Spezza is terrible player. Slow as molasses. I'll bet Polak could beat him in race. But you think he may be a good pickup for short period of time? Teams won't sign him for the league minimum. Yet you have written off Gurianov after bout 20 NHL games? Seriously?

You write off Bracco so soon? He has played 1 3/ 4 years of AHL hockey? Playing first line. Averaging point a game. Go to guy this year with guy like Mueller.

So you've written off two players who are 21 but you will take a 35 year old.

Wow good work by you. I love your analysis. I love it. I really do.


As an aside, I would trade Kadri for Pesce everyday of week twice on Sunday. Your Dallas trade though. uhm. nope.



13 Feb 2019 16:03:21
I know they're rare but what about a 3-way deal between Toronto, Carolina, Montreal.

Toronto gets
Pesce, Suzuki

Montreal gets
Gardiner (6x5yr), 2nd 2020 (Tor), Ferland

Carolina gets
Kadri, 1st 2019 (Montreal)

Then trade,

Toronto gets
Spezza (3 mill retained)

Dallas gets
Zaitsev, 6th 2019

Lines this yr

Johnsson Matthews Kapanen
Hyman Tavares marner
Marleau spezza nylander
Ennis Lindholm Brown

Muzzin Reilly
Dermott Pesce
Rosen Hainsey


Next yr:
Pay Johnsson 2.25x2
Pay Kapanen 2.5x3
Pay marner 10.5x7

Line 1:16.39 million Johnsson Matthews Kapanen

Line 2: 23.75 million Hyman Tavares marner

Line 3: 14.64 million marleau Suzuki nylander

Line 4:5 million Moore Gauthier brown

Forwards= 59.75

Pair 1: 9 Muzzin Reilly
Pair 2: 5 Dermott Pesce
Pair 3: 2 Rosen Liljegren

Defense= 16

Goalies=6 Andersen/backup




1.) 13 Feb 2019 16:09:30
I don’t think the leafs get enough return for what they are sending.

2.) 13 Feb 2019 16:35:42
And which team would have to add to make it worth it for the trade to be more acceptable?
Here you are trading a UFA that resigns that you can't afford, a 3rd line C to shed salary and a 2nd next year for a top 4 shutdown D and a top C prospect (cheaper 3rd line replacement next year) (drafted 13th the year before last who has averaged 100pt seasons in the OHL), while Carolina gets back a 1st and Kadri to sell Pesce and Ferland (UFA) and Montreal is giving up a top prospect and a 1st for a UFA, a 2nd and a top 4d that resigns. I guess Montreal wins a bit but What if you took the 2nd out then?

3.) 13 Feb 2019 16:47:52
I really like the Dallas even if the leafs don't trade Kadri and push Spezza to 4C. Spezza's contract is expiring after this year so I wouldn't mind taking it to dump Zaitsev's, especially if Dalls is willing to retain 3 million.

Also Bergevin has stated that he isn't willing to trade any young talented players or their 1st in case something goes wrong near the end of the season. Remember he got Suzuki in the Vegas trade so I think he would be a bit hesitant to move him.

4.) 13 Feb 2019 17:08:35
I don’t think Montreal dares trade a 1st and Suzuki for two UFA’s. Too risky.

5.) 13 Feb 2019 17:15:28
I’m with mostleaf on this one. I too really like that Dallas trade. Zaitsev is not a top 4 nhl defenseman anymore, and really, he shouldn’t even be in the league. His stats last year and this year are almost identical to Alzner, who is currently playing in the AHL, where Zaitsev probably should be as well.

6.) 13 Feb 2019 17:32:55
I was mainly referring to kadri he can easily fetch you a first a prospect and a good player yes he plays on our third line but he’s a 30+ goal scorer and plays at a premium position.

7.) 13 Feb 2019 17:33:19
As I put, it couldn’t be 2 UFa’s gardiner would have to have an extension in place to make this trade work remotely. But I can definitely see it being hard to pry Suzuki, was just a thought.

8.) 13 Feb 2019 18:25:48

If we brought in Spezza, what are your thought about re-signing him? We might very well need him after trading Kadri, as I suspect Suzuki might not be ready for next year. What would you be willing to offer Spezza?

I forgot you put in the extension for Gardiner when I posted my response. I neglected to take that into consideration. That’s my bad, and I do apologize, as it changes the whole perspective of this proposal. If Gardiner is extended first, then this trade has some legs to it. Montreal is very strong up the middle, and with Suzuki and Poehling both in the system, I can see Habs being willing to trade one of them. Suzuki would be our top center prospect, and is a good choice to bring in as a long term replacement for Kadri and, eventually, Tavares.

9.) 13 Feb 2019 20:42:52
Simple solution,

Make Nylander your third center, Babsocks,

Trade Brown + Rosen for Josh Anderson who becomes Nylander's RW.

Than bring up Bracco to replace Brown.

Dont forget to add in Kessel's salary or is that part of a trade somewhere.



15 Aug 2018 20:35:10
With sekera out for season what are thoughts on this as I truly have a gut feeling that Panarin will stay put until summer and carolina will go to season with all its D and Parayko is staying put, etc. Not saying that this is the trade that needs to happen but definitely a spot that could use a defense man like Gardiner.

Gardiner, Brown,3rd2019

Bouchard, puljujarvi, 2nd 2019


1.) 15 Aug 2018 21:17:08
That is terrible for the Oilers. They're giving up their top defensive prospect and a forward with much better potential for a UFA. It would be hard to come up with a worse proposal for Edmonton. Or are you counting on the Chia factor?

2.) 15 Aug 2018 21:17:11
Oilers are definitely high on Bouchard. Can't see them letting him go for a pending UFA and a depth forward. Let alone giving up Pulj and a 2nd rounder. I could see the Oilers going hard after Faulk with Pulj as the return. Without Sekera and the above trade, oilers D would be feasible;

Nurse - Faulk
Klefbom - Taylor Hall Downgrade
Russell - Benning

Not awful and Sekera goes to LTIR for cap relief.

3.) 15 Aug 2018 22:06:34
Ha oilers laugh and hang up the phone.

4.) 15 Aug 2018 23:23:55
I assume Gardiner signs extension first.

If Edmonton’s GM feels his job is in jeapordy, I can see him start to make desperation moves like this in order to make the playoffs. McDavid is wasting away over there, and for every season Oilers languish at bottom of league, is one more year closer to McDavid pulling a Tavares and leaving at his first opportunity to play for a contender.

I don’t think Bouchard is the player Edmonton would be willing to part with for Gardiner just yet, but we could probably get a decent package out of them stillinvoloving picks and other prospects not so high up on Edmonton’s depth chart.

5.) 18 Aug 2018 01:40:33
Maybe Gardner (if he signs an extension), Kapanen (one of the few players who can skate with McDavid) and a 2019 - 1st round pick for Bouchard and Puljujarvi.



31 Jul 2018 21:56:21
Stl 4th


I read in a few blogs that it may take Kapanen and Gardiner to make the deal, but what about this....


1.) 31 Jul 2018 23:41:12
They will insist on Nylander. 100%.

2.) 01 Aug 2018 01:20:05
If St Louis is willing to part with Parayko and Kostin I would be happy to give them Gardner, Kapanen and Leafs 2019 1st round pick.
Get it done Kyle!

3.) 01 Aug 2018 04:33:44
it would cost nylander and kappy or brown would be the replacement on the cheap. Parynko exactly what the leafs need.



13 Jun 2018 17:58:04
To Arizona: W. Nylander
2018 1st (25th)

To Leafs: 2018 1st (6th) (maybe tkchauk)
K.Wood (RD)
C. Dvorak (C)

Obviously pick depends who's available at 6. Gives leafs money to spend on guys like Tavares or whoever it may be. Also a possible replacement for nylander in tkchauk, if he's available, as well as a familiar face for marner, and a big D prospect (6'5, RD).


1.) 13 Jun 2018 21:02:54
All those guys from Arizona you suggested have a lot of real potential. At least one will work out. Right? They can’t possibly all be busts?

I’m not sure how I feel about trading Nylander for picks/ prospects. Even the ones you have suggested here. This trade makes us weaker next year. Dvorak is contributing to his team, but Nylander is the superior player. Would rather just try Nylander at center.

Leafs can already afford to splurge in free agency without sending Nylander away as cap dump. No matter how I look at it, as it stands right now, Leafs have the money to sign either a Tavares or Doughty or Carlson, and still be able to sign MMN.

2.) 13 Jun 2018 22:23:34
That is risk of a trade, there are no garuntees. Nylander could wake up tomorrow with some random diagnosis, and not play another game for all we know. Not to say it happens but anything could. Without taking a risk, there’s no reward. If all 3 of those players turn out, then they hosed the coyotes, you just never know.

3.) 14 Jun 2018 01:43:52
I would not trade a proven, 22 year old, 2 time 20+ goal scorer, 60+ point, 1st line, right wing for picks and prospects.

4.) 14 Jun 2018 02:42:12
Hear hear.




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01 Mar 2019 17:21:43
You just said it. “we have to keep our younger controllable guys. Kadri will be 29 next season, not saying that that’s the reason why but, bare with me.
Kadri has another 3 yrs left at which point he will be 32 yrs of age, still not old, but in today’s game it’s not young. He is on a team friendly contract, correct, but nylander is younger, and proving that he looks like a centerman Kadri can bring a good haul from the right team, maybe even a top RHD, while nylander could as well. you are sacrificing from the future as nylander has more term (2yrs) at only 2.4 mill more. When Kadri will cost more at that point. kadris value is probably at its peak even though his production has declined slightly due to third line responsibilities, where as nylander still has growing room and may not be at peak value for a couple years. That’s my opinion anyways.




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01 Mar 2019 14:39:42
Also, there will probably be a small bonus overage, and I don’t see any mention of Horton, as he could only be placed on IR as ofpuck drop opening day, and can’t be used to pay the bonus overage.




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01 Mar 2019 14:36:58
Are you assuming Aaltonen signs back with the leafs? Sorry I just didn’t see any mention, because if I’m not mistaken, he left the lead and signed in the KHL last offseason.




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26 Feb 2019 17:20:13

There definitely is some risk involved in Ottawa’s trade for stone taking brannstrom. and yes he was taken at 15, but should’ve been a top 10 pick that year, size and late bday were a big factor in his picking at 15 instead. So far at each level he continues to out score his predecessors. Including having over 30 shots at the WJC in 5 games. In prior years, the likes of Tkachuk, Laine and such players had done it prior years. While I doubt he will be the best defenseman to play. The upside is enormous and definitely worth more than a late 20s first round pick, wouldn’t you say? As with any player time will tell, but personally brannstrom is worth more than a late first. Because Hayes basically went for a late first, a b prospect and a cons 4th.
And in my eyes, branstrom/ a depth roster player/ 2nd is definitely worth more.




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26 Feb 2019 12:55:42
I think I’m with marndaddy on this one. branstrom, basically a top 10 pic., has the skills to be the next Karlsson if developed properly. Followed him a bit in his draft year and wanted the leafs in on him.





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