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19 Feb 2020 17:09:14
Tor trades: Kappy Dermot

Edm. trades: Puljjarvi, Bouchard



1.) 19 Feb 2020 22:01:05
How does this make any sense. Kappy is a 1st. rounder like Puljujarvi but has proven he can score and play top 6, Puljujarvi, is a bust. Then there is Dermott for Bouchard. Dermott is much further along in his development. I may only concentrate on certain players when talking trade but this is total rubbish - unless your the Oilers.

Sound familiar? This is your response to my proposal last night for Jost and Byram. So how is your almost identical proposal any better than mine? Wow. Just wow. Once again you fail to amaze me.



19 Feb 2020 12:07:52
Tor. trades: Barrie

Vegas trades: Holden, 2nd.

At least we get something for Barrie along with a RD for the rest of the season. Thoughts.


1.) 19 Feb 2020 12:20:25
If they were willing I would do it.

2.) 19 Feb 2020 13:01:41
Vegas has traded for Martinez just hasn’t been announced yet.

3.) 19 Feb 2020 14:49:09
This is the type of trade that would be good for Barrie.

4.) 19 Feb 2020 16:44:36
And this helps us how? Don’t you think if Leafs wanted to trade Barrie it would have happened already? Holden is another third line player we have enough of. Wow.

5.) 19 Feb 2020 17:01:25
Holden is a UFA this year too, so basically we make the team worse this year for a 2nd. How does this improve the team or make any sense? Wow. Another winner from the great 16. Wow.

6.) 19 Feb 2020 17:14:46
You complain when I grab headline trades and claim them for myself - which I don't do anymore than anyone else, you jump on me when I ridicule your trades, what is it you want from me. Not everyone agrees with your opinions, no different than mine, but you seem to think you own this site, hey maybe you do.
BTW I know Holden is a UFA, like I said we would at least get a 2nd, and we can't get any worse on D than Barrie has been.

7.) 19 Feb 2020 17:33:55
I don't think it improves us at all either @LeafsGm but my disdain towards Barrie since the trade makes me want it done lol.

8.) 20 Feb 2020 00:12:27
Barrie has not been great in his own end but this would be a loss for us, we can't be getting rid of talent on the back end without getting something back, as bad as Barrie is he is still the 2nd/ 3rd best we have defensively with Rielly out, Muzzin is outstanding.

I really started to like Holl but it's like as soon as he got his contract he just stopped giving a rubbish, so he's regressed, dermott is normally fairly decent, but sandin and Liljegren are to young like yea they deserve their chance and yes Sandin definately deserves to be on the team but they can't be given big defensive minutes every night there still learning the NHL level, Marincin and Ceci are just plain garbage, ceci is injured but this trade goes through now you have no choice but to play marincin.



13 Feb 2020 10:37:06
Tor. trades: Kappy

SJS. trades: Merkley

SJs are stacked on RD for a long time but are in desperate need of Young fwds. This gives us a young potential No. 1 RD alongside Sandin for a long time.


1.) 13 Feb 2020 11:22:29
Wow putting a guy who hasn’t played an nhl game to high standards.

2.) 13 Feb 2020 12:07:56
Also putting a 40 pt middle sixer to a high standard for last 2 years lol.

Remember kappy us more than enough for parayko lol.

3.) 13 Feb 2020 13:50:17
@redwing kappy has value for more than his point totals he a huge factor on special teams signed on a good deal still young with room to grow and one of the fastest players in the league put him in the right situation and he will go off.

4.) 13 Feb 2020 14:05:56
Kapanen certainly has more value than this. He is young, signed and controllable. He is a middle 6 winger who can play top 6 on most teams, just not the stacked Leafs!

5.) 13 Feb 2020 17:51:47
We already have a young, controllable offensive minded potential 1RD playing beside Sandin. Lol. Liljegren is currently better than Merkley. Liljegren has lots more AHL experience, where he has proven he can carry a top line. And now Liljegren is playing NHL and is doing well there too.

I like the idea of trading Kapanen for another RHD, and I think Merkley has a qvery high ceiling. But this trade doesn’t do anything to help us win now. Imo I don’t think Dubas does this. Merkley is at least 2-3 years from being in the NHL. It’s a one step back, two steps forward Type move, and Dubas doesn’t want to take any steps back. If Kapanen gets traded, it will be for a top 4 defenseman with multiple years remaining.



11 Feb 2020 15:28:56
Tor. trades: Barrie

Wpg. trades: 1st


Tor. trades: 1st (Wpg) + Johnsson

Ana: trades: Manson

Might be a little bit of an overpay but we get our man - signed for a couple more years and gives us Manson/Reilly 1st pairing going fwd.


1.) 11 Feb 2020 15:53:32
Why would the Jets give up a 1st for a mistake pron, soft d-man who will be a UFA in July when they can use the 1st to get Manson themselves?

2.) 11 Feb 2020 15:58:14
Whenever someone's suggests trading MNM you guys all throw a fit yet you all take the time to post near identical trades every day. I don't get it.

3.) 11 Feb 2020 16:04:56
islandjet, you got me, you convince manson to leave Anaheim to play with Wpg.

4.) 11 Feb 2020 18:16:46
Leafslife; are you comparing Barrie with MNM - all signed for next 4-5 years, all 22, 23 years old, all the core of the team. I make plausable trade options, that's it, and try to back it up. I understand this a fantasy site but I try to keep it civilized for the trollers out there.

5.) 11 Feb 2020 19:34:40
No I'm saying it's the exact same trade for the exact same players from the same 10 people everyday then when someone comes up with something original it's criticized to no end.

6.) 12 Feb 2020 06:11:26
They can’t think outside the box. Manson and Dumba have been in the news recently, so they are the players 16 knows right now. He can’t think for himself. So nothing original will ever come from him. The same two or three guys posted endlessly, no matter how unfavorable the trade is to the Leafs and despite the fact that all these trades the analysts wrote they follow all suggest Manson is worth much less. But because 16 values Manson so much, he is willing to pay up significantly, because, you know, it’s a player he lives. So focused on one stupid trade that nobody can possibly think about adding anything g new to the conversation is literally what the expression “beating a dead horse” is referring to. Maybe he’s hoping to get lucky and somehow Manson will get traded to Toro to. Even if it is for only a 3rd. He gets to say he called it, while seemingly forgetting that he didn’t call it. He read it in an article online and adjusted it to what he thinks is a “fair” price based on the players he doesn’t like.



29 Jan 2020 14:06:17
Tor. trades: Kappy, Ceci, Lilly, Hutch

Ana. trades: Manson, Miller


1.) 29 Jan 2020 14:31:46
I’d swap kapanen with Johnsson manson has been poor the past two years the only positive I see here is he plays a physical game.

2.) 29 Jan 2020 15:47:57
Take out Liljegren and swap on Dermott.

3.) 29 Jan 2020 19:01:28
Take out everyone and send a second. Kappy would be worth Manson+ himself.




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18 Mar 2020 13:46:07
The winning team would be fine, imagine the runner up - playing right till the end and having to start all over again without any breaks. Maybe hockey should be played all year anyway, spread out the season so everyone has time off. Let the players put in for holidays if they need a break - oh, yeah, they would be like us normal working joes then.




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15 Mar 2020 13:46:53
So we are trading the entire core for picks. Boy you really hate this group. And I would imagine the boys picked in these drafts would love to come here based on the way we treat our talent.
@Leafsgm: no bashing here, just comments and conjectures.




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12 Mar 2020 13:35:11
good trade, I like it.




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10 Mar 2020 13:43:18
redwing would say - and I am sure he will - f-off.




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06 Mar 2020 14:12:22
Overpay by Leafs. But I like the target.





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