15 Mar 2020 14:22:28
Leafs trade Marner
Colorado trades Makar

Leafs sign Hall 7x$10.5

Easy as pie. Now we got a 1RHD and we simply replace Marner with a guy almost as good.

1.) 15 Mar 2020
15 Mar 2020 16:08:08
I don't think Colorado would take this deal. It works for me but Makar is younger, cheaper and (in my opinion) better at his position.

2.) 15 Mar 2020
15 Mar 2020 19:14:51
Value is there but Colorado values makar more.

3.) 15 Mar 2020
15 Mar 2020 20:22:37
Colorado is not taking this deal. Hall contract is going to b an albatross for some team.

4.) 16 Mar 2020
15 Mar 2020 22:22:36
I wouldn't be so sure about Colorado shooting this down. They are still basically a one line team. Having Marner on the team would allow them to split up their top line and have two equally formidable lines. They would be a real powerhouse then. They still have A LOT of extremely highly talented defensemen, including some damn good ones in the pipeline. If Colorado says no, it would be more because of the cap hit than anything. Considering the sweet deal they got on Rantanen, bringing Marner in at that price would justify Rantanen asking for more in a few years when his contract is up again. Sakic wouldn't make the deal in the principle of the overpay to Marner.

If Leafs trade Marner or Nylander for a defenseman, it would have to be for someone like this. Personally, as much as I like him, Marner would be the one to be traded before Nylander, simply because of the salary.

5.) 16 Mar 2020
15 Mar 2020 22:44:31

Why do you think Hall contract will end up being an albatross? He's the same age as Tavares and has produced roughly at the same level.

I tend to agree with you. But just curious why you think this way too. Most people would laugh if I were to suggest the same thing.

6.) 16 Mar 2020
16 Mar 2020 01:25:36
Hall is an odd one. Since his breakout year he hasn't looked the same. Would be surprised if he gets Panarin money.

7.) 16 Mar 2020
16 Mar 2020 10:03:11
First off hall signing is stupid why would you sign a guy who has continuously had a negative impact on teams he has played for and sign him to that dollar and term the guy has 16 goals this year that’s not a special player for get that he won the hart 3-4 years ago that Taylor hall is gone.

As for the makar trade I think it just puts the avs in a position where they are in great shape cap wise into cap hell Their team is a cup contender now so why would they go out and make that big of a move.

8.) 16 Mar 2020
16 Mar 2020 11:22:29
Hall is a former MVP, his contract will be albatross, definitely higher than Panarin, you can bank it! Rumor is that he wants to go to Calgary, time will tell.

9.) 16 Mar 2020
16 Mar 2020 13:49:23
Not sure if I would do the Hall signing. as for the Colorado trade what if the deal was something like Marner and Dermott for Makar and Johnson. at least then the Avs are sending back some cap to leafs to offset the Marner contract. only thing I see with this though might be that the Avs don't have many other D signed for next year. I think any deal with Marner would require us to get a top D and a forward. but that cap will also have to offset each other somewhat.