14 Jan 2020 18:55:26
Got a lot of time on my hands today so here's another banger trade

Tor: Barrie kapanen
Pit: dumoulin Marino

The penguins I believe were interested in Barrie already and could use his offence on the blue like also they get a boost up front from there former 1st round pick leafs add a big dman and another a young rhd who has been pretty solid both have more than a year left on their current deals

1.) 14 Jan 2020
14 Jan 2020 21:18:00
Absolutely love the idea. Not sure if Pittsburgh goes for it though because Marino could turn into a #1 defenceman for sure and Letang is getting up there in age so they may need that in the future. I think you would have to add in a bit more, like one of Bracco or Timashov and a second round pick for them to take it because Barrie is on an expiring contract.

Also, I think Dumoulin is injured at the moment but it this were to happen after he comes back from injury I would be ok with it.

2.) 14 Jan 2020
14 Jan 2020 21:21:01
I think Barrie will be heavily weighed on while muzzin and reilly are gone. don't see toronto dealing him even though the deal itself is very intising.

3.) 14 Jan 2020
14 Jan 2020 22:06:17
Is Dumoulin back yet? He had a pretty serious larcerstion similar to Muzzin. He was expected to miss a significant amount of time. If he’s back and looks like himself then Leafs should definitely make this deal every time. Dumoulin is a wicked player. And that Marino kid is looking real good too. Can’t see Pittsburgh making this though. Maybe we can give them Ceci and take Galchenyuk back and it might work?

4.) 14 Jan 2020
14 Jan 2020 22:50:14
Not sure what dumoulins injury was but this deal is good for this year and years to come I’d be ok with just dumoulin and a pick.

5.) 15 Jan 2020
15 Jan 2020 16:33:17
Doubt the pens bite and would this fit under their cap?