27 Oct 2019 02:06:19
I know i'm pulling a redwings1 here but
Tor: Barrie
Stl: Petrangelo
They both have expiring contracts so i feel stl might do the deal and barrie has been rubbish over the last few games so maybe we throw in a first round

1.) 27 Oct 2019
27 Oct 2019 12:06:32
Redwing says no.

2.) 27 Oct 2019
27 Oct 2019 12:11:15
Why bother. I’d rather just keep Barrie than trade him plus a first for Pietrangelo, RedWing will tell us all how great Pietrangelo is. But the rankings and stats all show that they are very close. Unless pietrangelo agrees to an extension first, then I wouldn’t bother.

3.) 27 Oct 2019
27 Oct 2019 12:40:03
As everyone knows I can't stand Barrie. I would definitely rather have Petro. I do agree with @LeafsGm though, it isn't worth Barrie+1st. Straight swap I would do anytime.

4.) 27 Oct 2019
27 Oct 2019 16:58:07
Yeah blues say no. Keep barrie.

5.) 27 Oct 2019
27 Oct 2019 17:56:14
Barrie has been rubbish his entire career not the last few games lol. Leafs fans been in denial thinking he is some Messiah for the defence corps. Jake Muzzin is outscoring him while still playing defence. Muzzin a helluva player but he is not a scorer. Barrie should look at that and rethink the 8 mil he wants.

6.) 27 Oct 2019
27 Oct 2019 18:00:44
It’s unanimous. Leafs keep Barrie and Blues keep Pietrangelo.

7.) 27 Oct 2019
27 Oct 2019 19:18:45
The problem with Barrie is he’s soft in his own end and when he’s in the offensive end every time the puck touches his stick he’s shooting it on net.

8.) 27 Oct 2019
27 Oct 2019 21:00:20
For once I totally agree with you.