08 Jul 2019 18:50:01
If the Leafs can get Marner signed for less than $10.5M, they will be in good shape and can manage. The year will be very tight, but manageable. If he wants more than that or signs an offer sheet, the Leafs are better off to match and trade Johnsson.

Sign Marner 6 year $9.75M AAV

If not, the Leafs will have to up the offer and or match

To NYI: F - A. Johnsson

To TOR: D - N. Dobson + 2020 3rd round pick


To NYI: F - A. Johnsson + D - J. Holl

To TOR: D - R. Pulock

The first scenario clears up $3.4M in cap, while the 2nd clears up $1.4M in cap. Both would be needed to fit Marner

1.) 08 Jul 2019
08 Jul 2019 22:50:45
Obviously no team is going to offer sheet Marner or it would have happened already. He’s been meeting with other teams trying to solicit an offer sheet and one hasn’t materialized yet. So either the other teams are not making as good an offer as Leafs already have, or no one is willing to pay the compensation for what Marner is asking.

Just like the Nylander situation last year, this whole situation with Marner is starting to turn into a fiasco. He’s it’s as greedy as Nylander. Worse. Dubas should trade him. If he traded Nylander when he held out last year, maybe Dubas wouldn’t be in the situation he finds himself currently.

2.) 09 Jul 2019
09 Jul 2019 00:25:21
I like the second trade better personally. Dobson has a higher ceiling, but Pulock is here and now. He contributes immediately and significantly, and that’s what Leafs need. He would be the third defenseman we protect along with Reilly and Dermott.

3.) 09 Jul 2019
09 Jul 2019 00:52:29
Florida is a pretty good candidate to offer sheet marner

Marner signs instantly due to no tax crap tampa and florida get to cheat with. lol

Dubas then talks with florida gm to see if getting ekblad is possible instead of 4 picks.

Ekblad, tippet, 2 of (noel, heponiemi, schwiedt, borgstrom)
Marner, ceci

I mean ekblad is a stud when healthy but concussion issues is a risk. tippet is a must then the rest are decent prospect. if u like 4 1sts then heck go with that. marner huberdau and barkov would be absolutly insane.


4.) 09 Jul 2019
09 Jul 2019 02:04:12
That Florida deal. Um. Well. It’s like this, Ekblad is the one with a history of head injuries, not Talon. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Marner too. I think he’s a top 10 player in the league. But asking for Tippett and all those other guys on top of Marner is not worth it for Florida. After all, they are doing us a favor and taking Ceci. If they offer sheet Marner, you can be sure they will part with the four 1sts rather than lose Ekblad and all those other gems.

5.) 09 Jul 2019
09 Jul 2019 03:35:21
I only said 2 of those 4.not all 4.even i'm not that delusional. lol.

6.) 09 Jul 2019
09 Jul 2019 15:14:47
Leafs gm

Marner is being silly. He has the best opportunity in Toronto to get the largest revenue from advertising. His ego is bruised if he takes less that Austin Mathews that’s all this is.

7.) 09 Jul 2019
09 Jul 2019 15:16:26
I wouldn't disagree with that logic. I don't think Dubas felt he would get to this point with Marner, but he should have been getting a good gauge of what he was looking for a long time ago.

Yeah, I do agree. I do not think an offer sheet is coming. Most teams are having to sign their own RFAs and the only teams with considerable space are not teams expected to do well.

The truth is Kapanen and Johnsson were far more vulnerable to an offer sheet than Marner.

8.) 09 Jul 2019
09 Jul 2019 17:41:53
Lol. I love how you’re always a good sport Craigger. Never offended easily. I still don’t think Florida parts with Ekblad + three very solid prospects. We could probably get one of those guys. Most people would instantly go for Tippett, but I think Noel is the guy I would gravitate to myself. Younger, bigger, and more offensive upside. Drafted second round, he doesn’t have the same “aura” as those other guys drafted first round do.