02 Jul 2019 01:02:41
leafs: Barrie, kerfoot, 6th

avs: kadri, rosen, 3rd

I think this is a good trade

let me know your thoughts πŸ˜πŸ‘.

1.) 02 Jul 2019
02 Jul 2019 01:36:42
Kadri was never going to be more than a 3rd line C in toronto. So, why not deal him for a need in barrie. Also, getting kerfoot who is a legit 3rd C doesn't hurt

Colorado, paying half of barries cap hit doesn't hurt either


2.) 02 Jul 2019
02 Jul 2019 01:39:51
Ticks off all the boxes for the Leafs but next year there are three UFA's on the blue line. Until then this is a good trade.

3.) 02 Jul 2019
02 Jul 2019 02:11:26
Over to you Leafsgm. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ. lol.

4.) 02 Jul 2019
02 Jul 2019 02:14:26
Trying to keep the cap space situation in my head. BARRIE and KERFOOT =KADRI salary. So after Marner signs leafs should have 5 or 6 million left in cap space.

5.) 02 Jul 2019
02 Jul 2019 02:24:32

You got a crystal ball? Lol. Ok, so Leafs got Kerfoot instead of Jost. Kerfoot is a true 3C. Barrie at 50% retained is a good rental, and if we re-sign him, then it’s a good deal for leafs.

I guess Dubas agrees that Kadri and his stupid antics have no place on the Leafs. Now maybe we can get past the first round.

Gotta day, compared to this morning, I have to give Dubas an A now for this off season. It is quickly turning into a very productive one for the Leafs. Is Barrie a true 1RHD? Pretty close. Is he a big, heavy hitting defenseman like we all wanted? No. An RHD version of Gardiner, but a massive upgrade on that side over Hainsey and Zaitsev for sure.

6.) 02 Jul 2019
02 Jul 2019 10:52:58
I have referred to #43 as #43. Never a fan.

Good riddance.

Great trade.

7.) 02 Jul 2019
02 Jul 2019 12:42:04
It's been a great offseason so far. Here are the changes

Marleau gone, clears up salary cap and provides a position for youth

Barrie > Hainsey
Ceci > Zaitsev (not to mention the cap dump)
Kerfoot Gauthier.