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22 Feb 2018 00:06:40
So Eklund posted today about a rumour swirling that the leafs are in talks with the rangers (surrounding Mcdonagh) with a third party involved (apparently Carolina) . Rick Nash is suppose to be part of this deal aswell. obviously you can't trust Eklund and the rumours he throws out there but I'm posting my thoughts on it purely for content.

Get: Mcdonagh
Give: JVR, 1st, Bracco, Neilsen

Get: JVR, Nash
Give: Jake Bean, 2nd, Julien Gauthier

Get: Jake Bean, Julien Gauthier, 1st (TOR), 2nd (CAR) Bracco, Neilsen
Give: Nash, Mcdonagh

*NOTE, JVR would have to agree on an extension with Carolina in order for these trades to be fair, i'm guessing it'll be a 6X6 extension.

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22 Feb 2018 00:49:13
Eklund is a joke with decent web page and mike in buffalo as his only assets.

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22 Feb 2018 00:52:49
I think that is quite abit from Toronto. Carolina and NYR win this big time.

You undervalued JVR yes he is a ufa but make it a sign and trade.

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21 Feb 2018 19:03:19
James Van Riemsdyk (LW), UFA
Roman Polák (RD), UFA

3rd Round Draft Pick, 2018
1st Round Draft Pick, 2019

Leafs shed cap space and gain an additional high draft pick for 2019. While Nashville gains a top-six winger for this years playoffs.

Matt Martin (RW), UFA
3rd Round Draft Pick, 2018
7th Round Draft Pick, 2018 (ANA)

6th Round Draft Pick, 2018 (MTL)
4th Round Draft Pick, 2019

Leafs swap reasonable draft picks with Detriot in order to have them take Matt Martin off their hands.

Josh Leivo (LW), RFA
Connor Carrick (RD), RFA
2nd Round Draft Pick, 2018 (SJS)
2nd Round Draft Pick, 2019
4th Round Draft Pick, 2019

Niklas Hjalmarsson (L-RD), UFA
3rd Round Draft Pick, 2019

Leafs secure another Stanley Cup veteran defenceman for their own playoff run. Arizona gains young prospects and draft picks to bolster the future roster.

2017-18 Playoffs:



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22 Feb 2018 01:07:19
#1. Nashville is at cap limit, so salary would have to be heading back to Leafs in order to balance the books.

#2. Martin isn’t a UFA, and Detroit doesn’t want him.

#3. Hjalmarsson isn’t a UFA, and Leafs don’t want him.

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21 Feb 2018 22:27:12
Three Way Trade Proposal

To Toronto Maple Leafs: Ryan McDonagh and Victor Rask

To New York Rangers: Tyler Bozak, Teuvo Teravainen and Kasperi Kapenen

To Carolina Hurricanes: James Van Riemsdyk, Conor Carrick and Maple Leafs 1st Rd pick in 2018

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22 Feb 2018 00:56:00
Why would you trade kapenen he is a huge part of our future we are going to need him.

Rangers have no need to Bozak

Carolina win this trade big time.

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21 Feb 2018 22:13:37
Blockbuster Trade

To Maple Leafs: Erik Karlsson

To Senators: Nazem Kadri, a 2018 1st Rd pick, Kasperi Kapenen, Leo Komarov and prospect Jeremy Bracco

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21 Feb 2018 22:24:51
No no no I want karlsson 4 almost free and I take Bobby Ryan and his 30 million left owing. Leafs can buy him out Ottawa won't.

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21 Feb 2018 23:16:24
Never going to happen.

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22 Feb 2018 00:04:45
That's up to senators but stories are on tsn Ottawa wants Ryan included with karlsson.

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22 Feb 2018 00:09:10
Nightmare Ottawa

They really bottom out next year and avalanche own their first rounder

Then what do they do with Matt Duchane

Do you resign that turkey

And the GM gets 3 year extension.

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21 Feb 2018 21:55:31
Leafs trade Jvr

Columbus first rounder protect top 8

Leafs trade Bozak leafs 3 Rd 2018 leafs own sharks 3rd

Pittsburgh 1st 2018
The marlies best line was

Johnson Aaltonen kappenen

Would that work as leafs third line

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21 Feb 2018 23:19:07
I don't see the Leafs making themselves worse by trading JVR but nothing is impossible. He's 10th on the team with minutes played and plays sheltered minutes at that. He's a defensive liability on the ice and rarely seen in the last period during a close game.

On the other hand he's a tough number to replace (25 goals and counting) .

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22 Feb 2018 00:15:51
Leafs path stanly cup right now

Boston Tampa Pittsburgh

Trade assets you are not really to defeat those teams.

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21 Feb 2018 17:59:02
Three way trade:

Tor: Ryan McDonagh, Justin Faulk

Nyr: Gardiner, Bracco, Carolina's 1st or 2 nd this year

Car: Rick Nash, Justin Holl leafs 2nd this year

Everyone wins here new lines in the back end

Rielly Mcdonagh
Hainsey Faulk
Zaitzev Dermott....... DANM!!!!!!

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21 Feb 2018 20:09:02
Although this would be great for the leafs, no chance the hurricanes give up faulk AND a 1st for nash, holl and a 2nd.

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21 Feb 2018 20:57:56
Idk depends on two things here one being how bad do the canes want to make it to the post season and or if they are even on Nash’s trade list.

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21 Feb 2018 23:20:10
Carolina gets fleeced in this one.

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21 Feb 2018 16:10:19
I would do this

Leafs trade 2nd 2018 2nd 2019

Ottawa bobby ryan and Eric Karlsson

Ottawa want out of Ryan contract so they give away Karlsson on the cheap

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21 Feb 2018 16:31:24
Are you high or something?

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21 Feb 2018 17:24:34
If you were the Ottawa Senators would you actually do this?

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21 Feb 2018 17:25:35
We must all stand up against guys like David Mackin
He is making a joke out of a site that some take seriously . out of control

How about

Crosby and Malkin


Leivo (leafs retain 98%) and a 4th in 2020

Come on, get your head out of the shoot!

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21 Feb 2018 18:02:25
well. if anyone thinks this deal is remotely possible they should never visit this site again.

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21 Feb 2018 18:49:39
How badly does Ottawa want to clear 30 million over next for years boot Ryan contract.

All is quiet on Johnson and aaltonan front although Johnson not play this am in marlies game

Nice lines might be

Hyman Matthews nylander
Marleau kadri marner
Johnson Aaltanan Kapanan
Leivo Moore brown

Komarov Jvr Bozak traded.

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21 Feb 2018 20:45:31
the answer is. not bad enough to make that deal lol.

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21 Feb 2018 21:24:27
Maybe your right. Sometimes a gun is at gm temple you need to make trades when gm is desperate. Ottawa owner is losing money 30 million over next 4 years Ottawa maybe be in mood to do crazy trade.

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21 Feb 2018 22:34:39
So we take on this trade, what happens when Karlson needs an extension. we're still paying bobby ryan and then Nylander marner and Matthews need extensions? You honestly blow my mind sometimes, not to mention your grammar is as poor as a first grader.

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21 Feb 2018 23:22:04
Leafs get rid of the Gleeson hit this year and the Lupul mess to pick up Bobby Ryan's contract?

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21 Feb 2018 14:27:20
Bozak C
Carrick D
1st 2018

Staal C
Dumba D
2nd 2019

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21 Feb 2018 23:23:25
No to Steal but yes to Dumba. Didn't happen before the expansion draft so it's not happening soon but even then that's a steep price to pay.

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21 Feb 2018 13:17:39
BOzak to pens for conditional 1st
Pens must make semi finals

Leafs trade carrick and jvr to Carolina for j.faulk

Leafs acquire maroon for a 2nd

Call up altonen to replace bozak

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21 Feb 2018 11:04:58
Leafs S.J 7th Rd pick 2020

S.J F Eric Fehr

LEAFS D Niklas Hjarmarsson
F Max Domi

ARZ D Connor Carrick
F Josh Leivo
F Frederick Gauthier

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21 Feb 2018 12:10:06
Don’t think the Fehr for a high draft pick will happen .

Hahaha are you trying to make people think you predicted that?

My guess is phaneuf to LA - think it could happen bignob66

Mackin .

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