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23 Apr 2017 07:52:09

The leafs have 24 million in cap space this is very doable

SIGN John Tavares - 7yrs/7.8 million per yr
SIGN Brian Boyle - 2yrs/2.85 million per yr
SIGN Karl Alzner - 5yrs/5.3 million per yr
SIGN Kevin Shattenkirk - 2yrs/7 million per yr
SIGN Nikita Zaitsev - 7yrs/ 4.5 million per yr
SIGN Zach Hyman - 5yrs/ 3.7 million per yr
SIGN Connor Brown - 5yrs/ 3.7 million per yr

TRADE JVR to Blackhawks for Ville Pokka and a first round pick in 2018

TRADE Tyler Bozak, Jeremy Bracco, 2018 First (Chicagos) to Colorado For Gabriel Landeskog

Landeskog 5.5mil/2021 - Tavares 7.8mil/2025 - Marner 900K/2020
Nylander 900K/2019 - Matthews 925K/2020 - Hyman 3.7mil/2022
Komarov 2.9mil/2019 - Kadri 4.5mil/2021- Brown 3.7/2022
Martin 2.5mil/2020 -Boyle 2.85mil/2020 - Kappanen 863K/2020

Reilly 5mil/2021- Shattenkirk 7mil/2020
Gardiner 4mil/2019 - Alzner 5.3mil/2022
Carrick 750K/2019 - Zaitsev 4.5/2024

Andersen 5mil/2021

Cap Total = 68.5

still another 5 million in cap space

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23 Apr 2017 13:56:50
Tavares will probably look for upwards of 9 mil in free agency if he goes. Shattenkirk may want longer term. Also Tavares isn't a free agent till 2018.

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23 Apr 2017 14:57:56
This wouldn't even work in NHL 17. Keep dreaming. Also Tavares is NOT coming to T. O those who think he's coming are the ones who said stamkos was signing.

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23 Apr 2017 15:07:47
And what happens when we have to sign our big 3 to big boy contracts?

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23 Apr 2017 15:36:18
I also doubt Tavares will come to Toronto and he'll want north of $9M for sure! Also, not a UFA until next summer.

Agree with resigning Boyle, Zaitsev, Hyman and Brown but Hyman for less than $3.7M.

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23 Apr 2017 17:25:39
How can we possibly take this seriously when you don't even know when Tavares will become a free agent?

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23 Apr 2017 18:41:37
On which planet?

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22 Apr 2017 15:36:58
Still think the Leafs can target D - R. Pulock on the Isles. He has not made the team and needs to be protected or exposed.

To NYI: D - T. Dermott

To TOR: D - R. Pulock

The Isles get a younger defenceman that does not need to be protected.

Leafs work out with Vegas to take Leipsic

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21 Apr 2017 19:46:03
2017 Leafs----- sign Zaietsev Boyle and JVR . Take a run at M Stone and Karl Alzner. 2018------take a serious run at John Taveres if he wants to play in TO

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21 Apr 2017 23:35:09
Keep JVR next season and build more assets over summer. Committing 6 years 6 million to JVR right now I say no. But you can let him play out his final season then make final decision on him.

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22 Apr 2017 15:08:33
Agree. Keeping JVR is the right thing to do as he's part of the future with this team.

If you can get him for around 6 years $36, that will fit fine with the salary cap. If he wants more, then you look to trade him.

The Leafs are no longer in the rebuild where they need to just stock up on prospects, they are a few key pieces away. Probably 2 RHD and a LW (could be filled by Kapanen or Rychel) and a LT 3rd line Centre away.

RHD is definitely the need! Mark Stone could help with 1 of those RHD spots.

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22 Apr 2017 22:02:16
David if you wait till the summer of 2018 jvr is a free agent and you risk losing him for nothing. If he is staying a leaf then it's going to be figured out this summer. Here's my issue with a 6 year contract. For the first 3 or 4 years he's worth every penny. And then what 6 million for an aging veteran who isn't producing anymore? whatdo you do with him then?

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20 Apr 2017 03:28:59
gardiner and lepsic for tyson berrie and a 2nd

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19 Apr 2017 16:35:30

Lose Leipsic in the expansion draft.

Draft D - C. Foote or D - C. Timmins

Exisiting team
1. Re-sign Zaitsev (7 year/$31.5M)
2. Re-sign JVR (6 year/$36M)
3. Re-sign Boyle (3 year/$9M)

1. Sign D - M. Stone (4 year/$18M)


2. Offer D - J. Schultz a contract (3 year/$10.5M) - RFA compensation would be a 2nd round pick

Line up next season

Kapanen Matthews Nylander
JVR Bozak Marner
Komarov Kadri Brown
Martin Boyle Hyman

Rielly Stone/Schultz
Gardiner Zaitsev
Nielsen Carrick


Trade deadline look to deal Bozak and Komarov.

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19 Apr 2017 17:21:09
I like it ;)

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19 Apr 2017 17:30:10
How much more does bozak have to do before people realize his value?

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19 Apr 2017 17:37:22
Bozak has been really good, great faceoff's too. He had a career year. Just not sure that at 31 now he'll be with the Leafs past his current contract.

Look at Adam Brooks in the WHL, put up 43G 87A 130PTS in 72 games this year. Hoping he can make the jump to 3rd line centre in a year from now.

Matthews and Kadri will be the 1-2 Centres and Bozak will get paid more than what the Leafs can offer for a 3rd line centre.

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19 Apr 2017 21:48:30

I would rather still have Hyman on Matthews line because he is the player that goes to the boards and dishes the puck to nylander or Matthews. He's a good compliment of grit with Matthews and nylander skill.

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20 Apr 2017 03:31:26
stop right there jvr 6 years 36 million no way
6 years 32.5 million.

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20 Apr 2017 12:03:21
So $5.4M vs $6M per season? I am sure that it can work either way.

The reason I throw Hyman down, he's one of the team's better penalty kill players and he does struggle a bit offensively. Matthews would have had more assists if he was better at finishing. But sure, let it play out in camp.

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21 Apr 2017 01:24:44
NO way pittsburgh let's Shultz go. And no way he signs for that.

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22 Apr 2017 15:16:29
Not sure what Pitt will do. Maybe the Leafs can trade them something a bit better for his rights? They do also have to protect Letang and Maata for sure and 1 of the following:

I. Cole, D. Pouliot, B. Dumoulin.

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17 Apr 2017 17:54:46



Huge upgrade here, can slot into a bottom D pairing, has the size and strength to do so. Can QB a powerplay with a cannon of a shot. One year left on his contract at 4.6 million, TB needs cap space which is why they would look to liquidate his contract. Was not used effectively on the lightning this season which is why his stats don't look very good.

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18 Apr 2017 10:45:23
Garrison is a pretty good shot concealer which is what we need. Haven't watched him play a whole lot, but Marincin is also a pretty good shot concealer. I don't mind burying Marincin as your #6 guy and let him kill penalties. He sometimes looks lost 5on5, but I think that we could sign someone cheaper, and better than Garrison for free. RHD should be our priority.

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17 Apr 2017 17:22:28
Resign JVR
Resign Boyle

To LEAFS: P.MYERS (RD) + 2017 2nd round pick


Sign FA Micheal Stone

New leafs lineups:

Hyman Matthews Nylander
JVR Bozak Marner
Brown Kadri Kapanen
Rychel Boyle Leivo

Reilly zaitsev
Gardiner stone
Neilson carrick


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17 Apr 2017 17:50:53
Sounds good! I like the re-signs of both JVR and Boyle as well. Targeting M. Stone is good as well.

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17 Apr 2017 18:22:39
Goat, are you assuming Matt Martin was Vegas' draft choice, or is he the latest tourist to visit the island?

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18 Apr 2017 10:47:05
I doubt Philly would trade prospects for a vet, they said they want to start to rebuild through the draft. I'd pull the trigger in a heartbeat though.

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18 Apr 2017 22:14:23
You don't have Myers in the D lineup?

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18 Apr 2017 22:25:35

He'll take some time in the AHL to develop.

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18 Apr 2017 23:10:18
Looks good to me then.

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17 Apr 2017 15:49:46
Just wondering could the Toronto Maple Leafs improve their defence via free agency as opposed to trading . Karl alzner is very attainable and would fit in well with the Leafs defencive core maybe then leafs could make a serious run at Kevin Shattenkirk . These two acquisitions would be costly monetarily but with some big names coming off the books this year still leaves The Mapleleaf's with ample cap space. Both players are under the age of 30
And they could continue their youth movement.

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17 Apr 2017 17:36:38
Would prefer the Leafs to target D - M. Stone.

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17 Apr 2017 20:42:29
Stone would be a good target but multiple defenceman are needed.

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17 Apr 2017 21:22:47
We need to get RHD, we are fine on the left. Alzner is a LHD

I doubt the Leafs want to pay Shattenkirk's price over the term he will ask for. Probably 7M+/ yr over 7 years. His playoff numbers are not great, but reasonable. Maybe 6 M over 5 years.

I think with "patience" being the motto, the draft is the best way to go.

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17 Apr 2017 21:52:51
I agree and patience should be the motto. Signing 1 solid RHD in free agency can allow a prospect to grow properly for a few years.

Assuming the Leafs draft Foote or Timmins in the 1st, both of those players will probably need 2 or 3 years to be NHL ready anyways.

On the left side, unless the Leafs trade Gardiner, they are good for LHD prospects and players at this time. Nielsen should be up next year.

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18 Apr 2017 10:49:11
I'm all for getting Alzner and having 3 very good LHD to even out our lines (Washington-esque), but Shattenkirk is a defensive liability. Priority should be shutdown guys.

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18 Apr 2017 14:54:57
Leafs are really only one top 4, RHD away from a decent corp. A big, shutdown type ala Stone (via free agency) or Manson (via trade) to play with Reilly. Gardiner - Zaitsev seem to be a good pairing. Carrick may develop into a top 4 but he is not there yet. Makes a good 3rd pairing with Dermott or Neilson (whoever wins it in camp) that can play protected minutes. A veteran to help tutor the kids would be nice (Beiksa, Polak, Hunwick? ) in the #7 spot unless Marincin ups his game.

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18 Apr 2017 19:04:55
No thanks for alzner and shattenkirk. too much money for too little. alzner struggles offensively and shattenkirk struggles defensively. 2 solid 2 way guys would fit better. let someone else pay a kings ransom.

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19 Apr 2017 14:41:18

If the leafs try to sign Alzner it's not for his offence cause we have no problem offensively but he is a good defensive defence men we need.

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16 Apr 2017 13:23:59

I think every team has at least 20% turnover every year you ship out expensive pieces for younger better cheaper players that's how salary cap era works. Then you bring in free agents and make trades

Leafs Komarov soshnikov

Montreal 2017 pick

What do you guys think of signing

Del Zotto


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16 Apr 2017 13:31:08
Leafs few defenceman and few veterans upfront away from serious and Perenial cup run. This rebuild is a masterpiece.

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16 Apr 2017 16:23:43

Can you stop posting the exact same trades when no one agrees with them?

Also you wanted to trade Hyman who proved that he's that exact player that we need skill and grit. Why go for Del zotto? The best option is to go after:

Micheal stone
Brendan smith
Karl alzner.

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16 Apr 2017 18:22:21
Del Zotto is a LHD; we need RHD.

As for Montreal who will pick late. That is practically a 2nd. pick.

Not enough for both those two players. Look what happened at the dead line.

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16 Apr 2017 19:41:54
Don't think the Leafs are going to move anyone for a 2017 pick, possibly trade deadline for a 2018 pick.

Agree with Goatson, Micheal Stone is a RHD the Leafs need more.

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18 Apr 2017 22:38:48
I would not trade any player from the Leafs for anyone on Montreal.

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16 Apr 2017 04:42:07
Can we finally see Kapanan is going to be a player

Leafs trade Komarov soshnikov

Montreal 2017 1st Rd pick

The leafs have top 4

Mathews marner nylander kappanan

Does everyone understand now
All the people like Goatson Matthews and Ninja can finally be quiet

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16 Apr 2017 04:53:05
Fair point David don't forget the prophet Torontobuds.

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16 Apr 2017 05:12:03
Please use your senses though and stop proposing that trade. It's idiotic.

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16 Apr 2017 05:26:52

Thank you

Also the leafs have Leivo and rychel Leipsic knocking on the door. Even if leafs end up losing to Washington we can see with defenceman added off season and some other players acquired up front leafs are close to making a run. They are going to have to move out some good pieces JVR Komarov Hyman soshnikov some of those will be used as trade bait.

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16 Apr 2017 05:38:48

Some of those players deserve a chance to play and I think a couple players will probably be moved. I just don't think saying that komarov or soshnikov don't play with grit is fair.

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16 Apr 2017 05:44:51

If you knew how to read then you would have saw that I and the guys you have listed said that Kapanen was going to be good but you were going overboard saying how he's better than superstars already and that is what started this argument. I don't care anymore, the only thing I care about is the leafs in playoffs.

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16 Apr 2017 05:47:35

Also Leivo rychel Leipsic Would be the ones to be traded. The leafs are WAY past the year down stage and you want to continue to do that? And trade proven young players like Hyman?

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16 Apr 2017 05:52:47

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16 Apr 2017 06:47:14

Lol you know what's more idiotic? Your Matthews trade to Montreal because his "character did not fit the leafs"?

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16 Apr 2017 17:11:23
I did that post in jest. You seem to remember the post but not the comments afterwards. And you wrote kapenen off. It'd guys like you that can't see pass the end of your nose that inspired me. Why the heck would you give up on this young guys before they even get a chance. You build more than you need so one or more of those prized rookies you raved about bomb out and some of them will you have someone to replace them.

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16 Apr 2017 17:34:19
Just because Kappi seems ready does not mean that you ditch guys like Sosh. The smart way to do things is what Detroit did - have a loaded system with guys having to wait 2,3,4 years before making the team. That gives you good players for injury call-ups or good pieces for trade bait that do not hurt your roster. The idea is to fully stock the cupboards, not to have them 3/ 4 full and throw pieces away.

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16 Apr 2017 19:07:30

Lol nobody said Kapanen was going to be good but when David was constantly saying how he's better than Kuznetsov. That started this argument. And we were against that not even saying kapanen is a bad player. If you said that we wrote Kapanen off without going back to all our comments about him and seeing that we said he was good but not better than superstars than you writing Matthews off before I read the rest of the comments was even worse. Leivo won't make the team even though he steps up, Babcock doesn't like him for some reason. Leipsic is just another small skilled forward and like David said we need more grit and skill. The only one so far who I think will make the team next year is kerby rychel.

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16 Apr 2017 19:10:27

Just take a look at the oilers. They have tons of vets mixed with young players.

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16 Apr 2017 19:44:44
Let's not put Kapenen on a pedestal already. always said he is a good prospect, he had a great game. Consistency will tell more, but my proposals were always just that the Leafs are really deep at RW. If he can play LW (or Brown can) then things can work out.

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16 Apr 2017 21:42:00
Thanks dbf
That was a well stated post. It's about constantly keeping fresh players learning and developing. You have to treat it like a business. You raise new people up to be leaders in this case hockey players. I also am not in favor of trading young players like soshnikov. But I do think guys like leivo and kapenen deserve a fair chance to prove their worth and not 15 games. And their guys in the ahl that should get that opportunity too. For that reason I'm ok with older veterans being moved out. Right now some of them like komarov and bozak and especially jvr will get you a return. Not that I'm sure moving jvr is the right call. I apologize for making humans like a commodity but this a business. The payment is a cup we hope. And in a world of a salary cap you do have to move players in and up and someone else leaves. The leafs are not in cap trouble yet but their will come a time when it will get tight.

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17 Apr 2017 06:08:48

If the leafs want to consistently be in the playoffs after this season then they can't keep replacing all our vets with young players. If that happened after this season then our only vets would be Reilly Gardiner Kadri not including resigning BOZAK KOMAROV or JVR and expansion draft. Look at the oilers, they have a WAY better chance then the leafs to win the cup and why? Cause of the experience from there vets to lead Connor Mcdavid into consistently winning.

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17 Apr 2017 18:51:19
Tell me what happened to Matt Martin. If anyone has looked out for the young guys it's him. I never said trade all the veterans that's asinine. But when they are taking a spot on the ice and not producing anymore (komarov) then yes it's time to move on. And please for the love of the leafs have a little sense and don't compare to the Oilers. That organization has been in the crapper so long they had to do better at some point. If you want to mark out for Edmonton management be my guest. I'm so thankful the leafs have a management team working together to build a team that will be competitive for a long time. The leafs went from last place to 95 points and that's with a lousy start to this season. I don't care if the Oilers are "closer " to the cup today. In two years the leafs will be way ahead.

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