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21 Aug 2018 12:26:07
Leafs and Kings

Tanner Pearson for Johnson and a 6th.

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21 Aug 2018 16:02:04
Leafs don’t have a 2019 6th right now, plus I king of want to see how Johnsson turns out, he could very much be a top 6 forward.

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21 Aug 2018 16:15:05
Seems to favor the Leafs pretty heavy. Pearson is a hitting machine and capable of putting up some pretty good numbers offensively. A first round pick who is working out rather well for LA, he is signed to a very reasonable contract with three years remaining at less than $4M per season. Of course he would make a great Leaf, and I would love to see him in the blue and white.

I can’t see LA making this trade. Johnsson has a lot of potential, and looked good last year in the handful of games that he played, but he is still unproven compared to Pearson. The 6th is nowhere near enough incentive for Kings to make this trade.

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21 Aug 2018 16:42:26
Typo: meant to say favours the kings. My bad.

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21 Aug 2018 16:44:46
Typo again: I was right the first time. Favours the Leafs. Omg. it’s too early and the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet.

No way LA makes this trade.

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21 Aug 2018 19:06:15

I think your underestimating the impact Johnson is going to have on leafs. Speak kills in NHL no way I’m trading him until I see the leafs top 9 in action

Marleau Tavares Marner
Hyman Matthews Nylander
Johnson kadri kapanan

Those three lines are going to torture opponents.

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21 Aug 2018 19:24:56
Speed kills should say


Cant we just chill out with what we have and see what October brings I don’t want to make any changes TIL end of October minimum.

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21 Aug 2018 21:30:53

I fully expect Leafs to just stand pat. Bringing in Tavares was a major off season acquisition, and I don’t expect any other big changes until closer to deadline. But kinda defeats the purpose of this whole site and kills the fun if we didn’t speculate any trades.

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21 Aug 2018 21:43:32
@Mackin that seems like how things most likely will go outside of possibly a small scale trade or two. Guys like Leivo, Pickard and Nielsen could be moved for equivalent assets but otherwise I think Dubas sticks with this team until a bit into the regular season.

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21 Aug 2018 05:27:26
Since Montreal is a hot topic last couple days, I came up with my own suggestion:

Leafs trade Gardiner, Kapanen, Carrick
Montreal trades Pacioretty, Juulsen, Lernout

Gardiner ~ Pacioretty
Kapanen ~ Juulsen
Carrick ~ Lernout

Leafs lineups next year

Hyman/ Matthews/ Nylander
Marleau/ Tavares/ Marner
Pacioretty/ Kadri/ Brown
Johnsson/ Lindholm/ Leivo

Reilly/ Liljegren
Dermott/ Zaitsev
Hainsey/ Juulsen
*Ozhiganov, Lernout.

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21 Aug 2018 05:40:31
The only reason I suggested Lernout is because he is huge, and I insist on including at least one monster player well over 6 foot and 220 lbs in all my trades. Lol.

Pacioretty is good wing man for Kadri and Brown, and can be boosted to top line to replace Hyman if needed. This lineup gives us three credible scoring lines.

The defense is a little suspect, having two rookies on the right hand side like that. But we can always slide Hainsey back over beside Reilly and adjust the 3rd line of things didn’t work out. I personally think Liljegren is ready, and Juulsen already played a handful of games last season and looked good.

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21 Aug 2018 10:59:59
If Montreal does this then get er done.

People here love Kapanen, I'm not one of them.
Juulsen is worth getting rid of him

Montreal might try to throw in a bad contract and if that happens Kapanen is off table and Bracco gets on table.

In the end people will grow to love Juulsen if this deal happens.

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21 Aug 2018 19:14:48

You can’t trade kapanan or Johnson TIL we see what they are. We already know they are both deadly on the penalty kill. Kapanan intercepting passes inside his blue line and he is gone to opposing net.

With JVR And Komarov in Toronto these two never really got full time chance.

Brown Johnson and Kapanan will all battle for third line spots I don’t see Brown on same level as the other two.

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20 Aug 2018 20:58:54
Montreal Trades

Toronto Trades
7th Round Pick 2020

Montreal will not take on any Salary in this Proposed Deal.

Before any says am I insane hear me out, Montreal is stuck with 2 huge Salaries in Weber and Price they would love to get rid of to start there rebuild, Leafs are in the Win now mode so why not Trade for one of the best out there, Weber I here won't be ready until December but for Weber it will be worth the wait.

Thoughts ?

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20 Aug 2018 21:04:22
Even though Weber is hurt, when he comes off LTIR he will be worth more, so if Montreal does trade him they will wait until he is healthy (the trade deadline)

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20 Aug 2018 21:34:12
Absolutely not.
No way Leafs need to be crippled by that boat anchor contract.

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20 Aug 2018 22:44:22
Why not throw in Price for Sparks. just kidding

I love Weber and Reilly would love him too. PK was straight up for Shes like 2 years ago. What would it realistically take to pry a Price approved and the reason Weber was brought in kind of player from the Habs.

I'll try to pull this off

Montreal would need a dman to replace Weber for next 4 years.
Nikita Zeitsev. He isn't close as a player but he has term and salary to help deal
Justin Holl . additional dman in the exchange who could make Habs
Jeremy Bracco. small skilled forward the Habs love with potential

Is this worth it for a guy who after Christmas help Leafs win cup.

Yes his contract hurts but Gardiner and Zeitsev equal his contract

So after this season and a cup the leafs go with Reilly and Weber and build a defence behind them with Dermott, Lilighren, Sandin, Ozhiganov, Rosen, Durzi, Holowell, Rasanen (wrong spelling and in 2 years)

Gone will be Gardiner to UFA after they win cup with his help.
Ron Hainsey retires with cup
Andreas Borgman for 7th rounder once Weber is good to go
Connor Carrick dealt during draft 2019 for pick

All a fantasy yes but does This make sense to get Weber?

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20 Aug 2018 23:45:58

Do you have any idea how tight the leafs are going to be for cash next season. Marleau will have to be traded no chance they can afford gardiner or any expensive defencemen. Factor in Weber is washed up or maybe injury prone now.

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21 Aug 2018 01:20:43
No way! Weber's contract is one of the worst in the entire NHL. Give your head a shake!

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21 Aug 2018 05:07:18
Along with Weber, Petry and Alzner’s bad contracts should be available too. Leafs should avoid all of them. Juulsen is probably the only defenseman on Montreal that Leafs May be interested in, but I doubt Montreal is shopping him.

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20 Aug 2018 19:20:13
To Columbus:
Eamon McAdam, Gardiner, Bracco, Borgman, 2020 2nd
To Leafs:

Ok, so I think that you all know this trade is obviously something I want to do now before another team like Nashville or Tampa offers up something better before we make an offer, do it now Dubas!!!!!

Now since we are trading away Gardiner, I think we need to trade for 2 quality RD, one with 1 or 2 years left so they can be replaced by Liljgren, and one with 4+ years left so they can help cover for the offensive Reilly
Montour obviously comes to mind, and so does Pesce, however this would mean we would have to trade Zaitsev as well, and honestly with his contract I would have no problem with it even if he has a bounce back year because I still feel he would be overpaid
This is what I propose
To Carolina:
Kapanen, 2019 1st, Zaitsev, Pickard (conditional 4th), Leivo, retain $500 thousand of Zaitsev's contact (with Kessel's salary retained it's still under 2 mill at 1.7 so it's ok)
To Leafs:
Pesce, Rask (to balance out incoming Zaitsev salary), 2020 2nd
Then we flip Rask to Anaheim who could then move Henrique up the lineup, plug in Rask as the third line center and trade Kessler
To Anaheim:
Rask, Sandin, Rosen, Carrick, Neilson
To Leafs:
Montour, 2019 2nd
In my opinion Montour is like the younger RHD version of Reilly, so he will cost a lot, but he signed a bridge deal with Anaheim so it looks like he doesn't want to be there long term, which means Anaheim may want to trade him now at max value for a quality early prime center to replace Kessler, a great defensive prospect they can trade or develop, and two they can probably bring in to the NHL now or very soon to replace Shene when his contract is up. When Liljgren is ready, leafs can pass Montour off for a first and some prospects, or they can deal Pesce, but Montour will likely have a bigger cap hit so they will probably deal (and get more from) Montour
Honestly if we picked Veleno in the draft I may not make that trade with Anaheim, but we didn't so now we're stuck with even more AHL defencemen
Cap space basically evens out in these trades between given away cap and cap taken in (around the 7.5-8 mill mark for both, I think we actually go down by about 100 thousand so not bad)
2018-18 Lines
Grundström or Ennis/Lindholm/Brown
*Jooris, and if Grundström doesn't make lineup he stays in AHL to play and improve more, otherwise Ennis also in press box
Then next year
1 bye bye Marleau
To San Hose:
To Leafs:
2020 3rd
2 Liljgren
So if he is ready for top 4, we play him there and trade 1 of Pesce or Montour (likely Montour because in the long run Pesce's cap hit will be better and he is a great RHD to play with Reilly or Dermott), this MIGHT also give us space to re-sign Panarin short term to win a few more cups
If he isn't ready for top 4 (which he likely will be) meaning he is top 6, we trade the rights to Ozhiganov if he does well, if not then we trade Holl and keep Ozhiganov as 7th d to develope him more so he can move into the top 6 role when Liljgren is bumped up
So if Liljgren is able to move into top 4
To Arizona:
Montour, 2020 1st, Horton
To Leafs:
Rights to Strome (RFA), 2020 1st (likely to be very high so will cost a lot), maybe another ok prospect or pick depending on how Strome does this year
If he isn't ready for top 4 and Ozhiganov does well
To Arizona:
Rights to Ozhiganov (RFA), Korshkov, 2020 3rd
To Leafs:
Rights to Strome (RFA), 2020 7th round pick
If we keep Montour and Horton Panarin is gone, if we don't keep them, we may acutally be able to re-sign Panarin, possibly
2019-20 Lines (2 options)
Grundström/FA or Lindholm/Brown
Marincin or FA/Ozhiganov
Strome/Kadri/Brown or Grundström
Moore/Lindholm or FA/Brown or Grundström
FA(Schmidt, to help with Liljgrens development)/Liljgren

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20 Aug 2018 19:26:41
1 Well looking at this again I didn’t realize how much I actually wrote so sorry if you get a headache
2 I forgot to add in the Panarin trade to the cap thing before the 2018-19 lines, but still it basically evens out, I think leafs actually dump a little bit of cap there.

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20 Aug 2018 20:12:31
Your trying to always include Gardiner but Columbus doesn't need him. It just messes up their cap.

Bracco is the only guy in the trade that some may feel like he has potential (maybe) but it won't be next year.

So basically you've given the Jackets nothing that will help them this year. And they feel like they are good enough to make a run. And I do too.

If Panarin was this easy to snag, he would be traded already.

Think good prospects with one ready to contribute this year. Like Kapanen or Johnsson +

Trust me, this is what it will take to get a top 10 player in the league, and this is only because he'll be a FA. Or it would be more.

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20 Aug 2018 20:56:00
After Murray’s last season, Columbus needs a new LD, Savard is awesome, but he needs a proper parteber, Murray isn’t that, anyway, if we give them Gardiner that gives them 2 options
1 if they want to re-tool they can trade Gardiner for a first
2 Murray still is just getting into his prime so he will improve and likely have a bounce back year, so if they want they can trade him and a prospect for a winger that will want to play there long term (such as Silverberg, Eaves or Kessel) to replace Panarin.

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20 Aug 2018 23:48:34
Gardiner Kapanen Bracco 2019 3rd 2020 3rd
Panarin Murray

This could satisfy everyone in this conversation plus Toronto seems to like to trade 3rd round picks for a coach and a GM so why not for a top 10 guy.

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21 Aug 2018 01:52:12
The thing is Kapanen goes to Carolina here so that doesn’t work.

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21 Aug 2018 05:04:23

How exactly does Gardiner screw up Columbus’ cap? His salary essentially replaces Panarin.

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21 Aug 2018 15:43:58
They don't need him. That's the point. They are strong on defence.

If they trade Panarin, it won't be foe a UFA whose salary is destined to rise.

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21 Aug 2018 20:48:23
Panarin’s salary is destined to rise, and he doesn’t want to stay in Columbus anyway
Do you want to win a cup or not?

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20 Aug 2018 05:47:10
Leafs Babcock should give these 3 kids strong look this Year for the. Buds

D Justin HOLL 26 age
6 3 212 USA

F Mason Marchant 23 age

6 4 207 CDN

G Garret Sparks 24 age
6 2 204 USA

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20 Aug 2018 07:04:37
I think you got Mason mixed up with Grundström, or even Bracco or Moore for that matter, I don’t think Mason is making the nhl any time soon to be honest.

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20 Aug 2018 15:53:25
Holl is worth another look, but he’s starting to get a little up there in age, and I have a hard time believing he cracks the lineup in any meaningful capacity. The signing of Ozhiganov tells me Leafs don’t have much faith in any of the Marlies defensemen making the NHL this year.

Sparks will probably be backup this year if we don’t trade him. If a goaltender dual happens, we might see Sparks eventually take Andersen’s spot in a few years. Would be cheaper.

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20 Aug 2018 18:55:00
LeafsGM HOLL ONLY 26 themostleaf33 is correct on this one. Holl right hand shot is better option than carrick so pencil HOLL IN AS 6 TH DEFENCEMEN.

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21 Aug 2018 00:00:47
I don't think mr. bigboyT88 got Mason mixed up with Grundstrom. Been hearing some credible people say Mr. Marchant is what some call a late bloomer. His training is off the charts this summer and could get a good look. With his size and improved skating he could be Martins replacement. The new NHL 4th line winger.

Sparks and Holl definetly get looks. Right side looks like a by commity effort this year so Holl will get his shot

Heard the leafs are looking to deal their 4th goalie in system. That means nothing to this conversation as Sparks is 3, just putting it out there. lol Of course Sparks gets a long look that's odvious

Grundstrom will either have a great camp and play with Kadri or gets a year with Marlies.

unless Johnsson or Kapanen are dealt only 1 of Marchment or Grundstrom make team.

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21 Aug 2018 01:22:59
I believe all 3 will come to camp, but only Holl and Sparks have a real opportunity to stick. Both should be on the opening day roster.

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21 Aug 2018 02:27:53
Remember when you were going from jr high to high school as a no name athlete only few really heard of. Then 1 magical summer of physical growth and commitment to improving your craft. Then you show up after all the commitment and growth and prove even your coaches wrong about you making the team. They had no choice but to put you on the team. Even though you still aren't the star you finally got on the team.

That's Mason Marchment this year.

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21 Aug 2018 05:02:56

The average age in the NHL last season was 27.2. So at 26 years of age, Holl is young to old men like us, but he is old for making any sort of meaningful impact in NHL. I have a hard time seeing him make the Leafs full time, even though he is a bug boy with a lot of talent, my instinct is that he will be passed over for the younger faster and skilled players that Leafs seem to be gravitating toward. At best Holl will be our 7th defenseman or call up for injury replacement.

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20 Aug 2018 05:44:11
Flames G Calvin Picard
D Andreas Borgman
F Frederick Gauthier
F Josh Leivo
F Jeremy Bracco

LEAFS F Sam Bennett
D Michael Stone
Flames 6 th rd pick 2019

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20 Aug 2018 15:54:00
Why would Calgary even consider this trade?

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20 Aug 2018 18:26:49
Come on already!

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20 Aug 2018 05:38:36
I think this trade helps both teams which is the basis for a good trade.

To Oilers: Jake Gardner (extension signed), Kapanen, Carrick
To Leafs: Adam Larson

Gardner gives the Oilers offense from the back end and the PP quarterback they have been missing, Kapanen gives the Oilers a right wing speedster to play with McDavid. Kapanen has good offensive capabilities as well as excellent PK skills, Carrick replaces RHD depth Oilers lose in the trade.

Leafs get the RHD they covet to pair with Morgan Reilly. Larson is only 25 (same age as Reilly), a big body 6'3", 210lbs who is excellent defensively.

Larson has been unfairly scapegoated for Chiarelli's trade. Playing for the Leafs would remove the pressure of the Taylor Hall trade and allow Larson to do what he is good at, play defense without having to be a prime offensive producer.

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20 Aug 2018 15:46:14
Id rather keep kapanen and send a prospect and a pick.

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20 Aug 2018 19:25:55
Larsson is a great player. I would love to have him on the Leafs. A hitting machine, he blocks shots, clears the net, does everything that Giveaway can’t. And that’s exactly why Oilers will be wanting to keep him.

It’s been pointed out more than once that having made the worst trade since Joe Thornton went to San Jose, Oilers will be reluctant to move Larsson unless the paycheque is enormous. Having overpaid to acquire him, they will be looking for a bigger sucker, which I don’t think Dubas is.

It’s well known Oilers are looming for an offensively minded defenseman like Gardiner, but I don’t think Larsson is the player they will be looking to offer in exchange. That just puts the Oilers back into same position they were a year ago when they made the Hall for Larsson trade. Who are they going to trade next? McDavid? Lol.

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20 Aug 2018 01:35:08
To Leafs: Muzzin

To Kings: Gardiner.

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20 Aug 2018 05:00:37
Maybe, if Gardiner gets extension.

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20 Aug 2018 16:29:31

Gardiner is arguably the better player and is younger. We don’t need Muzzin and he would serve no purpose for Leafs.

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19 Aug 2018 21:47:48
To Columbus:
Gardiner, Borgman, 2020 2nd, Eamon McAdam, Bracco
To Leafs:
Panarin, 2019 6th

To Anaheim:
Zaitsev, Carrick, Leivo, 2019 1st, Horton, Sandin, Brown
To Leafs:
Kessler, Montour, maybe a low pick

Then when Kessler gets healthy and comes off LTIR
To Winnepeg:
Kessler, 2021 3rd, Pickard (conditional 4th)
To Leafs:
2018-19 lines
*Ennis, Jooris
Mcbakup to minors or claimed off waivers

Then after 1 year with Trouba and when Liljgren is ready
To San Jose:
To Leafs:
2021 3rd
To Arizona:
Trouba, 2020 1st
To Leafs:
Strome, 2020 1st, 2021 3rd

2019-20 Lines
Hyman or Strome/Tavares/Marner
Strome or Hyman/Kadri/Kapanen
Moore/Lindholm or FA/Grundström
FA (Schmidt)/Holl or Ozhiganov (whoever is better, other is depth)
Note-Strome is likely to start on the wing this year with Arizona, so we aren't technically moving him there when he comes over

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20 Aug 2018 01:21:44
Columbus deal you really want so I'll give it to you. Panarin is a passing machine and could make Matthews a 50 goal man and Nylander a 30 goal man and himself a 100 point man so if Bracco and Gardiner plus pick and throwins does this then tell Kyle to get it done.

Anihiem deal works for me except that NTC Kesler has. He has already told the world his dislike to Canada and wanted out of Vancouver because he is American through and through. So if you can convince him to waive his clause to come to Toronto then to Winnipeg then you are one convincing person.

Your deals work and make sense but it all rests on Kesler waiving that clause.

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20 Aug 2018 03:26:08
So you want to trade broken down old man Kessler for Trouba, then try and trade Trouba for strome? Either you think Winnipeg’s GM is complete fool, or you can’t decide how much Trouba is worth.

That Anaheim trade seems like an overpayment for Montour. I value Montour highly, but you are giving up an awful lot for a guy who is 24 years old and has only played one full season in NHL.

Trouba has more experience and points than Montour, and are probably valued about roughly the same. It seems to me that you have put a large premium on Montour.

I personally don’t like Trouba because he is greedy and prone to injury. Leafs should avoid him. Negotiating his next contract is going to be a nightmare and set bad precedent for the rest of the team. Extremely selfish, he is not a team player at all.

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20 Aug 2018 05:08:08
Exactly that’s why he isn’t worth a lot in the Arizona trade, we only take him for 1 year, maybe he cheers up after winning a cup, and then we trade him so we don’t have to deal with him and his behaviour, we just get him to win the cup
Thank you for the complements, and I completely agree, Kessler is getting old and run down, we make that trade to Winnipeg for a few reasons though
1 It Rids Winnipeg of Trouba so they don’t have to deal with his next contract, they already have Myers and Big Buff so they don’t need him anyway
2 Winnipeg is desperate for a good center right now, if they wanted to re-sign the 32 year old Statsny, so I have a gut feeling that they would be ok with having a decent center in Kessler for a few years until they figure something else out, they have the wingers to do it, and I don’t think Little is ready to be bumped up, so it makes sense for short term.

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20 Aug 2018 05:17:01
@LeafsGM, I know it seems like I’m giving a lot up for Montour, but it is also to dump so of the bad contracts we have, like Horton and Zaitsev, and even though Carrick’s, Leivo’s and Brown’s contracts are good it still gives us an extra 4+ mill in space so that's why I need to add Sandin and the first to balance it out, honestly when you look at it that way it seems balanced, or at least to me it does.

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20 Aug 2018 15:47:54
I won't comment on the other parts, but no chance you get Trouba for a garbage offer like that. Kessler has a boat anchor contract and would hold no value for Winnipeg. If you want Trouba, you would need to start with something extremely valuable.

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20 Aug 2018 16:31:24
It looks to me like your throwing good money after bad.

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19 Aug 2018 13:28:01
Montreal Trades

Toronto Trades
FGauthier (AHL)
2nd Round Pick 2019
7th Round Pick 2020

Montreal isn't going for any Cup, Petry along with Price, Weber and Patch are contracts Montreal will be trying to unload and this type of Trade helps both Teams.

Thoughts ?

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19 Aug 2018 15:13:14
The offer sounds about right. Leafs still say no. I doubt Leafs have any interest in Petry whatsoever, even if Montreal was giving him away (which in this offer, they basically are) .

How does an overpaid 30 year old with three years left on a bloated contract who has never done much his entire career until last season help Leafs at all?

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19 Aug 2018 17:09:14
Since we are talking about Montreal

To Montreal

To Toronto

Yes Toronto may overpay here but as much as everyone likes Kapanen please for 1 moment picture Kadri and Gallagher on the same line after the first 2 lines just got done dominating opponent but not scoring. I'd hate playing these 2 when I'm already tired.

Montreal I see trying a youth movement and as much as they say to their fans they are in win now, realistically they aren't. Kapanen gets the much needed ice time to develop Toronto can't do while Bracco is a what if kinda a guy and Gauthier I love his size but just not enough tenacity for me. Montreal might look at him as a fixer upper project


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19 Aug 2018 18:10:22
Absolutely not from the Leafs. Kapanen has a higher ceiling anyways.

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19 Aug 2018 18:21:36
I don’t think we are overpaying. Gallagher had a breakout year last season. Team him up with Kadri and all of a sudden we have a third line that would be first lol me on most teams.

Not sure Montreal is wanting to trade Gallagher. He has three years left on a contract paying less than $4M. Very reasonable. He might just be around for the rebuild.

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