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24 Feb 2017 05:10:36
Leafs and Kings have been scouting eachother for a while now, what can they be after?

Leafs: Leipsic, Polak, 2nd
Kings: Pearson

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24 Feb 2017 06:27:20
Kings and ducks don't score. Leafs need to make move they are so weak in their own end lose every battle.

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23 Feb 2017 23:27:11
T. Bozak (2yrs @ 4.2)
R. Polak (1yr @ 2.25)

M. Barzal (3yrs @ .900)
N. Kulemin (2yrs @ 4.2)
L. Soderstrom

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24 Feb 2017 04:36:59
Good trade, but they won't want to trade Bozak as he's a veteran presence on this team. Might get traded closer to the expansion draft however.

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24 Feb 2017 04:12:17
TBL gets:
2nd round pick (2017)
4th round pick (2018)
5th round pick (2018)
7th round pick (2018)
Ben Smith
Martin Marincin

TOR gets:
Brian Boyle
Andrej Sustr

(Leafs get a fourth line centre, and a top-4 D guy (His Corsi is down because of the % of D-Zone starts IMO).
(Tampa gets decent 6 they can flip for more picks, a decent 4th/AHL player, and large quantity of picks in the crapshoot that is the draft after round 3 [and a second which is almost a guaranteed future impact player for them]).

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24 Feb 2017 04:26:07
Is this NHL 17?

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24 Feb 2017 04:29:08
Lol no, the reason I did that is because it is obvious that the leafs do not want to give up their higher picks, and so I'm pretty sure they will give their lower picks so Tampa will have more Quantity in picks, and Toronto will keep their Quality.

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24 Feb 2017 04:00:44
Guys seems leafs lose every battle in their own end for puck

Leafs Bozak JVR retain 50%

Ducks Theodore first 2017 Steele Larson stoner

Leafs trade 2nd round pick

Coyotes trade Hansal [replaces Bozak]

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24 Feb 2017 04:05:56
Too unrealistic will never happen.

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24 Feb 2017 04:26:58
Don't want Hanzal to replace Bozak. No offensive upside and he's too slow for a 3-C spot. Get him as a shutdown 4-C. Too expensive as well. Get someone like Boyle, Carl Soderberg, Steve Ott, Derek Ryan, or John Mitchell. Mitchell is my favorite because he has a positive CF% Relative at even strength on a bad team, has a 54.6 winning FO%, and he'll come a bit cheap. maybe Smith and a 5th for him.

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24 Feb 2017 06:37:20

The leafs have three things they need to fix defence face offs and allowing teams to cycle and win puck battles in their own end. Two sides to this trade deadline move out Bozak and JVR. Acquire a centre stop gap if necessary. Then in off-season they can find a shut down centre good on face offs. The game on Saturday if leafs win that one in regulation it may be a back breaker for Montreal.

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24 Feb 2017 02:49:37
Gardiner, Gauthier, Leipsic, Both 2nd round picks to NYR for
Sean Day, Marc Staal, Zucarello, 1st rounder (hopefully this first can let us get a solid winger with size and physical play ie...Popugaev, or develop a skilled player like Yamamoto; Gaudreau like talent).

Jvr, Dermott and Bracco to Buffalo for Kulikov, Cliff Pu and 2ND round pick (get a D with this pick and another D with the other first rounder we have).

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24 Feb 2017 04:05:02
There is no need for leafs to do this and rangers.

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24 Feb 2017 01:55:45

To SABRES: B.LEIPSIC (LW) + 2017 2nd round pick + 2017 (OTT) 2nd round pick

BOGOSIAN would be a nice fit for Leafs. 26 years old, 6"3 and can give structure to our d. He can be the leader of the d group and help keep the pucks out of our net.


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24 Feb 2017 04:30:50
Buffalo won't trade him.
1. They're in the middle of a playoff hunt as well
2. Divisional trades will rarely happen with the standings the way they are
3. He's too important to their defense.

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24 Feb 2017 01:03:02
Erik Johnson to Toronto

Soshikov,timashov,Valiev to Colorado

Martin Hanzal to Toronto


No picks
Quantity for quality
Johnson becomes Gardiners mate
Hanzal gives Gauthier more time

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24 Feb 2017 03:39:00
Do not move Soshnikov or Carrick, just add in a second for Soshnikov and Hanzal is not really needed.

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24 Feb 2017 00:43:22

To Toronto: Duclair, 3rd round pick (2017)
To Arizona: Liepsic, 2nd round pick(2017)

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24 Feb 2017 03:19:47
We don't need anymore RW.

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24 Feb 2017 04:34:48
Good trade, get Duclair at his lowest current value.

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23 Feb 2017 18:24:53
Leafs: JVR, Hunwick
Ducks: Bieksa, Manson, Jones, 3rd

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23 Feb 2017 19:12:11
No thank you. Must give more for taking on Bieksa and giving up JVR.

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23 Feb 2017 20:27:15
BIEKSA has a bad contract.

Manson third pairing d not even good.

Jones is a good prospect but we have too many talented fowards and need more talented d.

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23 Feb 2017 23:35:33
Bieksa is the key to making a deal, but I agree with DD that Manson is not worth pursuing.

The 3rd is too low if that's the value for taking Bieksa. We are both taking his contract and his NMC so the Ducks can keep all of Hammy, Sammy, and Cammy. That's worth a minimum, a 2nd.

So you might as well ask for Montour, Jones/ Theodore, Kossila (or other midling center), and a 1st. If you fail to ask for more; you will surely get less.

The Ducks would lose no one except Bieksa from their roster and gain a stellar LW and a back up LHD vet.

The Leafs are young. The Ducks are getting old. Lou didn't use all that LTIR for nothing.

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24 Feb 2017 00:18:02
For Leafs add in a 3rd 2018 and for Ducks add in Steele. Everyone happy?

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23 Feb 2017 12:30:08
Back to the beginning. JVR for a roster player(not D), prospect(not D) and a 1st.

Leafs: JVR, Carrick, Bracco
Ducks: Ritchie, Jones and a 1st, Manson, Steel.
Bieksa and a 2018 2nd to fit the cap.

Ritchie takes JVR spot in the line-up. Swap a #4 offensive D for a #5 defensive D, a high scoring RW prospect for a high scoring C prospect. IMO Manson is a better fit with Gardiner.
P.S. JVR is the 7th highest scoring LW in the league. That puts him on the first line of 75% of the teams in the league.

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23 Feb 2017 13:03:18
Is Ritchie better than leivo I say he is not.

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23 Feb 2017 13:47:00
Way to much from Anaheim.

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23 Feb 2017 16:08:02
Never said he was better then Leivo. In fact I think both are promising, young wingers that can add size, a bit of grit and scoring to the leafs. Both are LW by trade but Leivo has shown he can do quite well on the RW also. See, both in the line-up. Get some scoring on the 4th line.
Hyman - Mathews - Nylander
Komarov - Kadri - Leivo
Ritchie - Bozak - Marner
Martin - Gauthier - Brown

@ Xcing
You lost me. Where was the "way to much? #6 defensive D for 3 year younger # 4 offensive D? The 7th highest scoring LW in the league for a middling rookie and a checking junior and a 1st (24th OA)? What is fair from the Ducks for JVR (no defense men allowed)?

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23 Feb 2017 17:20:22
The Leafs need D so why would they trade JVR for anything else?

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23 Feb 2017 17:33:16
Doesn't fix our d problem at all Manson is third pairing.

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23 Feb 2017 17:54:29
Ok Spider look at it this way. 3 firsts + a possible top 4th d man + a cap dump + a 2nd + a promising prospect for a good LW (Keep in mind his point totals since his big start at the beginning of the year on the decline), a two ok prospects. If Anaheim gives up that much they get a way better package. I would even go as far as to say the package could get a deal for Gaudreau started. Don't even try to tell me Gaudreau = JVR.

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23 Feb 2017 18:23:18
Also did you call Carrick a top 4 offensive defenseman? I wouldn't call a play with 7 points in 55 games offensive and I definately wouldn't call him top 4.

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24 Feb 2017 07:30:28
i think the leafs should keep him carrick. has promise, and he will continue to develop.

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